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This Faq was created by Alex Boutilier ([email protected]) for 
Gamefaqs and my site (www.run.to/altronics) All other sites seen on please e-
mail me! April 5th 2001. This was mainly created for a girl in Europe. The 
demo level is Chapter 6. Thanks for reading my Faq. You might also find this 
at Gamepower.

Prologue: A Lion in the Streets 
As soon as you gain control over April after the intro move her to the right 
and you will see an egg roll down. 
Pick up the shell from the nest, and break off the stick from the tree and 
you will have a conversation with the tree. 
Then use the shell with the stick on the stream to the right and you have 
saved the tree…talk to the tree and get ready for chapter 1 
Chapter 1: Penumbra 
Pick up the diary in your room, open it and find your work schedule, also 
pick up the monkey "Guybrush" in your closet. You can also open up the 
window, look out and untie the "clothesline". Talk with Zack before you go 
down to the first floor. Well down, take the matches from the table and look 
at the board on the wall for a pink note, which you give to Fiona for a ring. 
When you go out, take a look at the machine to your left. Use the ring on the 
loose wires, and try by using the yellow switches to get the machine working, 
(all need to be horizontal). When you are done, turn the wheel and pick up 
the Pair of Tongs (tang). Also talk to Cortez on the bench. Now get to the 
Academy, 2nd floor. Pick up the stuff you need to paint, and use the board to 
paint something to make the time pass, also notice the Holosculpture become 
alive. When you come down, pick up the glove from the trashcan. Now its time 
to go to "Cafe Fringe", on your way in, grab some of the candy that's next to 
Charlie, also have a chat with Charlie before you go into the main part of 
the cafe. When you are inside, give the timetable to Stanley to get some 
cash. Also look at the poster Charlie was talking about, pick up a free 
ticket. Have a chat with Emma and get some bread from the table, before you 
go back to your room. Look out the window and throw some bread onto the duck. 
Then pull the chain and get the clothesline. Go to cafe fringe, and right 
outside there you will find the blue duck. Get to the Subway, use your card 
to get access, and then combine the clothesline with the pair of tongs, then 
inflate the rubber duck, look at it, take away the tape and combine the 
leaking duck with Pair of tongs/clothesline to get the key. Look at your 
galley ticket to get the address to the gallery, get a train to Watertown 
Bridge, Talk to Cortez and return to Venice. 
Okay Now comes something that very cool about the game. You have two possible 
options of ending chapter one. If you said to Stanley that you could work 
this night, you go to the cafe. But if you refused, go back to your house and 
talk to Fiona. two different ends with two different movies. Quite cool.. 
Okay now for Chapter 2 
: Chapter 2 Through the Mirror 
Go downstairs and talk to Fiona. Ask about Cortez, then talk to Zack the 
asshole and you will find out where Cortez is hiding, take the subway to 
Metro Circle. Walk to the movie building. Move the trashcan, dip some candy 
into the paraffin. Have a chat with the detective and then give him some 
"Candy" Look at the fuse box, use the key to open it. Move all the switches 
to the left. Combine the glove with the tape and use it on the jammed switch. 
You can now enter the side street. But first run back a pick up the 
detectives Hat. (In the middle of the road on the previous screen)... Now you 
enter the side street, put the hat on top of the pile of boxes, put "Guy 
brush" on the bottom, open the trashcan and make a fire. Watch the dumb man 
dance.;-) Talk to Cortez inside the Movie Theatre and get ready for your 
first shift. Hey, you are in arcadia! congratulations.. Walk to the right and 
talk to the man. Choose listen when you talk to him and you will soon 
understand what he is saying. Check out Mercurial if you please. Talk to the 
mapmaker about everything, and then return to Vest rum Tobias for a tale 
about the Balance. When he returns to his post talk to him again and ask 
about Brian West house. Talk to The mapmaker about Brian (many times) and you 
will have a job. Okay, your first delivery is for captain Negev on the "White 
Dragon", give him the map, then the list. He will not sign it unless you play 
some music for him. Buy a flute at the music-ship at the city-gate and you 
have his signature. Return to the mapmaker, give him the list and you will 
have your 2nd assignment. To Brian West house. Get to West houses home, give 
him the map. Talk to him, get the watch. Use the needle with the watch to 
make a shift. But remember to get Brian's signature first. Get to Fringe 
cafe. And again, its two possible endings choose to see the concert or get on 
a date with Zack. But everything will lead to chapter 3…  
Chapter 3 Friends and Enemies 
Okay. Headache. Have a nice cozy chat with Mr. Romantic.Zack, then head for 
the subway where Hope Street is your destination, go to the Cathedral, talk 
to the priest about Warren. Building 87. Talk to warren, he will tell you he 
needs his record cleaned and his sister traced to give you the necessary 
info. Head for Metro West's see that sign over the container? Read it. Then 
press the roadblock. Enter the container. And hell! you are in the police 
station!, easy huh?.. Once you are in. click the toolbox. Get the Paper 
inside it. Talk to the service people. Give them the Paper. Talk to the 
receptionist. Look at the Paper. Talk to the receptionist. Give the service 
men the new Paper. And so on. It's easy. If you can't do it, you should be 
out playing some sport that does not need brains … when the guys start 
working. Get the screwdriver. Fake them away by using the phones. Try to go 
in the door. Look at the shelves. Talk to the receptionist to make her get 
away so you can enter the station…whoa. Too much eye? U are in the police 
station. Get a soda by using your card on the machine. Now enter the 
bathroom. Its Micelle (the detective you gave paraffin-infested candy. he's 
been at the bathroom. for 24 hours (you have slept since you gave him candy). 
fascinating. well, don't get too thrilled. talk to him. look at the lockers, 
find his. enter it, break off the piece of the mirror, get his medicine and 
talk more to Micelle and watch him loose his eye. Here, and now comes the 
question. Did you remember the Ape from pre-shifting at the movies? If not. 
Go get it back. Look at the ape, pick out his eye, turn off the lights at 
Minneola's bathroom and change the eyes. Use the eye on the eye-scan outside 
the archive. Okay. When you are in. delete the file on Warren, and print it. 
Press the colonization-number of his sister and print whatever you get there… 
Look at Jacob Mac Allen, memorize the weird marks you get, and use them on 
the archive-filer to get the cube (inside the file). Now take the printouts 
ant return to Warren…(Hope Street) Move over to the place Warren told you 
about, and talk to the Burns Flipper (knock a lot on the big gate and talk to 
him.) Give him the cube and ask about a fake ID On your way back use the 
soda-can on the paint-mixer outside the big gate. Head for the wreck with the 
fence. Use the soda on the policeman. Use the mirror on the fence and the 
screwdriver on the antigravity unit, and pick it up.. and that's what burns 
wanted. Give it to him. Return to Hope Street and the Cathedral. Talk to 
Cortez then head back to your Home for a quick chat with friends, and hey… 
you are back in Arcadia.  
Chapter 4: Monsters 
Enter 'The Journey man' and talk to the woman who owns the place. Then talk 
to Abanaxus. Now click on the party and April can fall asleep in the comfy 
chair. When you wake up, try to exit and the owner will give you some 
clothes. Now you can choose to work or not to work. If you work, you will get 
money, if you don't. You will not get money. Well when you are done deciding, 
go to the marketplace and talk to the mapmaker, give him the list so you can 
get your next delivery. Before you get to that, have a chat with Vestrum 
Tobias. He will tell you to check out the library, do that, read everything 
you can read :). When you are done, time for some gambling! head for the 
gambler and put your money on the table… use the magnetic screwdriver on the 
cups to win.. You will get. A calculator! Hum, we wanted the bird. Try to 
give the gambler your screwdriver, he will tell you to pick your prize. Since 
you cant decide, just wait. Go to the Park and talk to Abnaxus who lives in 
the midst of time. Notice his bookshelf that contains "Lord of the Rings" in 
Arcadian. Well, talk to him about everything. The important here is the "God 
who fell down to the sea". Talk to the old man on the pier about this matter 
and you will get information about fish-men. Check out the library and find 
out some more about this. Then talk with Brian Westhouse before you return to 
the library and ask to read about winged storytellers. If you learned about 
Alais you will be ready to ask Captain Nebeve about going there.. he'll tell 
you he does not let females onboard his ship.. chat with the old man on the 
small pier, he will tell you that he can get you onboard if you can get his 
bird back, easy, just give the screwdriver to the gambler and you have met 
the coolest bird around, give him to the old man (don't worry, you'll see him 
again soon). Talk to Nebeve and cash in the favor.. now you only lack to 
bring back the wind and find a Navigator. Head North (Its an option on the 
city map), go into the forrest and meet Raven again.. Go further into the 
forrest (bridge) and meet your first Banda.. Look at the bridge, go back one 
map, and talk to the old "woman" Help her up and follow her to her house. Use 
the Broom in the corner to open the locker.. Talk to the Banda, pick up the 
Skull, throw it on the window, throw the Banda out. . when the Gribbel is 
Attacking you, use the "hand" on the loose plank.. and he/she becomes 
firewood . You are a hero!, head for the Banda-camp, talk to Everybody, enter 
the Cave and have a weird nights sleep…  
Chapter 5 There and Back Again 
(ehh, anyone read "The Hobbit" too much or what? ) when you wake up, talk to 
the old-guy and you have the first piece of the plate. 3 to go… Wake up raven 
and head for the Alchemist's place, On your way make sure you pick up the 
flowers.. when you get to the place with the berries you can't reach.. summon 
raven with the flute and he will get them for you.. mix the berries with the 
flowers and you have a mix to soften up the "stoned" man.. he will help you 
up to the castle. Put money in the hands of the statue which begs, blow out 
both candles.. pun another coin in its hand and pick up the pepper and salt 
cans. As for the hourglass, just turn it and run.. make sure you click on the 
piece which moved, then it will not fall down when the hourglass turns… Knock 
twice on the stone door.. repeat the hourglass thing, Use pepper on the door 
with the face. When you meet the alchemist, use the calculator and you have 
won… Now for some alchemy, Pick up the different bottles, one is in the 
bookcase, one is behind the curtain, one is under the skull, and one is next 
to the pot (the skull after you have turned it).. Look in the mage book, make 
the potion you see listed.. I'll make it easy for you: Invisible = White 
potion+Green Potion+Blue Potion.. Go back to the mirror in the labyrinth, 
drink the invisible-potion, now mirror-April cant see you, and you can take 
the Paper. This is a page from the mage book, put it in there.. you need the 
red potion from the top of the shelf.. make a "Light as a leaf" Mixture to 
jump up and get it:  
Light as a Leaf = Yellow+White+Blue.. 
Now you can make all the other potions:  
Wind Potion = White+Red+Blue  
Potion of Explosion = Red+Red+Blue 
Magic-binder = Green+Yellow+Blue 
Now try to Use the Explosion Mixture on the Crystal.. Failure.. use the Magic 
binding mixture on the crystal.. then the exploding one.. boom!.. Now open 
the window.. summon Raven, ask him to help you spread the wind stuff.. (In 
other words, put the wind stuff in his mouth and ask him to fly).. Head back 
to Marcuria.. Chat with Nebeve who is not convinced.. give him some wind-
mixture. Now you only lack a navigator.. Walk to "Journey Man" and talk to 
the blue woman.. give her the map, and let her know that you have found a job 
for her. One more thing left before you depart.. chat with Tobias (he is 
hiding way back in the Temple-hall where you first landed in Arcadia..) get 
the talisman and head back to the White Dragon..  
Chapter 6 Chaos Storm 
Walk Under deck.. eat some of your candy, you will now have a candy-paper 
with some half-eaten candy on it.. use it on the sack where the worm is 
crawling.. pick up the worm when it gets stuck.. Now go up on the bridge and 
talk to Nebeve, then pick up an apple from the barrel on the deck.. use the 
worm on it and show it to captain Nebeve.. Take a look at the compass on the 
bridge.. then have a chat with Tun.. ask if you can maneuver the ship for a 
while.. now that you are alone.. use the talisman on the compass. Pick up the 
talisman and Nebeve will take it.. he has hidden it under deck.. go down 
under and pick up the axe.. take a swing at the chest.. Ooops..!  
Chapter 7 A Deep Blue Mirror 
After your brief conversation with Raven, try to pick up the sea-animal-thing 
that keeps sticking its head over water.. and down we go! Look at the 
paintings in the cave.. pick up one of the blue-things off the wall .. put it 
in your moth and go for a swim, Wait!, you can sting yourself with the needle 
first to get some blood. Swim towards the shell, open it and get the pearl, 
now swim for the city.. once in pick some green stuff from the wall 
(tanyen)..mix the 3 things.. eat it, and now you can have a chat with the 
queen... Try to touch the spear and you can talk to the queen about 
"vannstilneren" (water-calmer or something like that). also show her the 
crystal that's next to the spear. Outside the city there is some sea-weed 
covering a cave.. move it and pick up the crystal.. enter the cave and pick 
up more crystals (total you should have 4).. Now comes one of the hardest 
puzzles in the game.. good thing you have this walkthrough. Half the Puzzle 
is based on opposites, the 4 rings should be placed the way that the drawings 
behind them is the opposite.. hum I am confusing myself here.. hum.. Just do 
it like this: Fire vs. Water Bird vs. Fish Mountain vs. Sea creature As for 
the crystals.. place them like this: Crystal 1: Down to the right Crystal 2: 
Up to the left Crystal 3: Up to the right And by own brainpower.. try to 
figure out where to place the last Crystal.. Now turn the crystals so they 
are facing the similar symbols on the other crystals. (You will know when you 
have placed them right) Now when the cave has been illuminated take a look at 
the carvings in the walls.. return to the queen ant tell her about your 
discovery. You will now be able to take the spear.. go and kill the big fish 
in the shipwreck.. take a tooth as proof.. enter the shipwreck and get the 
talisman. Return to the queen, give her tooth and talisman.. return to the 
cave, use the talisman on the symbol.. show it to the queen, congratulations 
Chapter 8 Reunification 
Pick up the rope on the beech.. now move to the left, use the rope on the 
small tree, enter the cave.. walk to the bottom and pick up a key from the 
junk.. now use Raven on the Jungle (beech).(summon him with the flute). Get 
to the volcano (mouth).. look at its moth, use the key in the hole, change 
symbols as you look through the telescope.. no wait you don't have to do 
that, I have already done it for you >- =Statue in an old town.. apple 
=Statue on the Ocean S =Big tree -(,,)- =Volcano grab the key and move to the 
Big tree. (you have to click the tree before you can enter that area).. Exit 
the area and enter again.. now you have awaken some tree-men.. talk to them, 
be interested in the statues and you will know the purpose of them.. also 
enter the top of the tree and ask why they cant finish building the cannon. 
Now look at the statue.. this will be your "phone-line".. set the ear 
(bottom) to S and the top to Apple (the symbol that looks like an 
apple..)..exit the area and get down on the beach, go to the right and look 
at the statue on top of the cliff, set its ear to S and its mouth to >-> 
(arrow)..go to the old city, set the ear to >-> and the moth to -(,,)- 
(volcano).. now get back to the wood men and have a yell through your phone 
.. Talk to q'aman.. Meet Q'aman and talk with him.. ask him to help the poor 
orgewool (or whatever those turtles were called) and he will…when he goes up 
on his hill, give him your candy paper as bait for his fishing. Return to the 
wood-men and tell them they can start to work again.. Return to q'aman's 
place and pick up the line and some fish bones.. use the fish bones on the 
rope (if you forgot the robe by the cave.. go get it).. get back to the 
woodmen, give them the line and use the rope with bones on the cannon. Talk 
to the Creature standing on the other side.. when you are done, drink the 
"Light as a Leaf Mixture" and use the wind mixture on the upwind.. jump over. 
Walk up to the castle, talk to the man standing guard in front of the 
entrance to the storytellers place.. he will tell you to recite 4 fables.. 
talk to all the people that you can talk to, ask them to recite their fable 
and you will find them all.. enter the storytellers place and talk to her. As 
for the "sleeping God" pick up the sand, talk to the hole and you can enter.. 
take the stone from its eye. Talk to the dark man and get the stone and map..  
Chapter 9 Shadows 
Well back in Stark, talk to father Raoul, then go back to your house and be 
ready for a surprise.. Look out the window and jump out. (click the river). 
use the invisibility potion to get past the evil man, head for the cafe… 
after your encounter with the woman you are back in arcadia..  
Chapter 10 Rebirth 
Wasn't that a short chapter?.. well, head for the weird guy in the park, 
Abanaxus, and you will get the last piece of the plate.. go to the library, 
and put the plates in their holes, use Raven to clean the dragon so it can 
melt the plates.. When its done, follow the plate down, talk to Minstrum 
first.. try to open the wheel at the bottom, talk to Minstrum about it and 
you can turn it again.. pick up the plate. Try to exit The library area and 
you will shift back.. ahh, I love these short chapters. 
Chapter 11 Kin 
You landed in your paint studio.. hum I suggest you paint a picture. Pick up 
the paint stuff and go for it!. Actually, April Tells you what to do once you 
return from the shift.. you need to find someone to examine the star-map.. 
how about Flipper Burns?.. he owes you an ID too.. Once you get the ID, give 
him the Map.. he will tell you that he can fix it soon.. in the meantime, you 
should head for The Metro Circle Elevators to try your new ID .. Once you are 
up, notice the empty pizza-box in the trashcan, pick it up.. now get some new 
clothes at the store to your left.. Take a shuttle (ferge).. Once there, ask 
the policeman about the location of the MTI building, then head for the 
street. Give the man behind the desk your empty pizza box so you can go on to 
meet Mr. Mac Allen. Try to open one of the drawers in his office and Mac 
Allen will enter. Once you regain control over April, click the control panel 
to the right.. now you can operate the door.. click it again, and open the 
door. Once out, move to the ledge at your right. Say hello to Cortez and 
discover his true self.. Now go back into the lab.. use the control panel to 
regain your plate, now go back to Flipper.. find some more death.. (I hate 
when the geeks die ;-) Well, now that you know where the portal is, sign up 
as a colonist (up the elevator, in the room next to the shuttle)..  
Chapter 12 Dreamland 
Once in the colonial-hall, try to enter the Women's-Bathroom, when that does 
not work.. do it the Masculine way. When you are inside, use your card to buy 
some futuristic-Viagra , move the trashcan, and open the Vent with your last 
coin. Enter the vent and use the screen to your right to enter the (1) area, 
when you are there, mess up the Camera and return to the screen.. now you can 
enter area (2). See that cup?, give it some manliness.. hehe, return to the 
vent and enjoy the guard having an erec.... I mean, see the guard become 
exited.. You can now access the screen in the guards room, you can boss 
around the other guards, but only one position at the time. First, remove the 
Cell department. Check the mans coat to find a key, and also check the 
computer to find out where Adrian is located. Go over to the Cell department, 
open the cell with the key and let Adrian out. Return to the control panel. 
Now move the Airslot department (luftsluse). Go over there and press the 
yellow button.. now press the centre of the capsule.. you need an oxygen 
filter. Return to the control-panel, move the storage-crew and get over there 
to look for the filter. Use the Computerterminal to find the serial-number 
for the filter.. now click the boxes in the way back to find it. Return to 
Adrian, remove the Guard with same procedure as last time.. connect the 
oxygen filter, press the yellow-button and hey.. chapter 13 is aproaching!  
Chapter 13 The Longest Journey 
Walk further into the Dessert, then towards the tower.. meet your first test, 
Chaos. use the magic binder on the talisman, and use the talisman on chaos.. 
done with that.. Next test, the sentimental one.. Use the gold-ring on your 
dad.. done with that.. Third test.. ehh that a long jump?.. First you summon 
Raven (yes really!).. use him on the tower, then on the other construction, 
and then the hole.. now ask him to fly back to the spring and get some 
water.. re-use him on the "nothing" and, whom!, you have a bridge…Cross it! 
Use your hand on the hole.. Put the plate in it.. place your hand in the 
hand... Okay, this will be your final action in the game.. do it slowly and 
enjoy it… Use the talisman on Gordon. 

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