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Stephen Cuomo’s guide to The World Is Not Enough

Warning! This game requires a memory card to save . This guide only tells you 
about the enemy’s that will surprise attack you .


How to hold the controller: 

C up= jump

C right/left =side step

C down = crouch

Start = pause 

R = aim= look

Z = shoot

Mission 1 : Courier

When you start the mission, go into a room with two smaller rooms within. Go into 
the one on your right and collect the items from the box . Now, go into the first 
room and show the guard

the appointment card . Now you’re in a room. Collect the bodyguards ammo. Now 
find a room with a safe. Take out a safe cracker and crack the safe. You’ve got a 
swipe card . Go to a door with a slot and take out your swipe card . Now take out 
the key pad decoder. Collect the brief- case . Now find a elevator and escape the 
bank . 

Complete An easy way is to grab box contents, stun the guard and run out.

Mission 2 : King’s Ransom 

At the start, you will be in front of M. Turn around and run through both doors. 
Go to a room with a hand scanner, scan your hand, go in and press B by the 
computer. Exit and lock the door. Now find a stair case. It will lead you to the 
ground floor. Find a dim room with a switch. Press the switch and run out. Find a 
hand scanner door, scan your hand. Keep moving. Activate the lock down . Find the 
lobby, scan your hand, you will hear an explosion. Just keep moving! You’ll see 
Sir Robert King. Now find the Q division .

Mission complete.

Mission 3: Thames Chase

Just run. Find hostages, release them, keep running until you see a tube station.

Mission complete.

Mission 4: Underground Uprising

First, go to platform 2. Keep moving until you see a train- jump across the 
tracks. Wait until you see the train move again . Now go to the door that is 
beside the nudge you’re in now. Just keep going until you find a mens room and in 
the last stall there is a bomb. Defuse it with the bomb disposal kit (see 
manual) . Now go through a crack in the metal wall. Use a grapple hook in your 
watch. Climb, exit and climb the string on the balloon.

Mission complete. 

Mission 5 : Cold reception

This level you’re on skis. Just take your time and shoot the gas dumps .

Mission 6 : Night watch

Take your time for this is an extremely hard level . Look carefully. I can’t 
write a guide for this because its complicated. 

Mission 7 : Midnight Departure 

Just kill Davidov asap. Go until you see a bridge. Look for two cars. The second 
one you can hop in the back and it will take you to the airport . Go into the 
tall building. See the flight controller and he will land the plane. Now get in 
the plane .

Mission complete

Mission 8: Masquerade 

First, go to the soldier- he will ask for the transport documents. Now go to 
Christmas Jones. She will also want the transport documents . Now find the 
elevator, go down and move forward until you see a switch. Press it and move on. 
Go through a tunnel and now a door. You will see Renard . Now grapple up to the 
ceiling and find a tunnel with a cart inside. Now peck off the henchmen one by 
one with the silencer . Now see Renard. Run and jump at the striped bar. Avoid 
the fire and escape.

Mission 9 : City of walkways 1 

Don’t remember 

Mission 10 : City of walkways 2

Just keep moving until you see an attack copter. Collect the AT 120 Sentinel. Aim 
the dot at the chopper and hit it three times. Go across the bridge, shoot the 
guards and enter the warehouse . 

Mission Complete

Mission 11: Turncoat 

Run until you see a ladder. Climb the ladder to get the Wolfram P2K. Keep moving 
and shooting guards. You should be in a hallway. Keep on going until you’re on a 
roof. Jump to the other side,go down a ramp, jump onto a balcony. Go through a 
door, there will be a flipped table to the right. Exit the house . Now go up a 
ramp and turn around to find a ladder. Go up and find a hole in the roof. Jump in 
and don’t hesitate move and shoot until you beat the level. 

Mission Complete 

Mission 12 : Fallen Angel

Pick up Zukovsky’s gun and go up stairs kill every guard and every camera now go 
down stairs and through to sets of double doors . Now turn around and kill the 
guard . Now go and kill a guard on a cement floor . Find a hole and drop through 
kill the guards and get down stairs . Now you should see Bullion shooting at you 
kill him and scan his finger prints . Now Make your way back up stairs feed 
Bullions prints into a hand scanner now go in . Stay behind a barrier and shoot 
the cameras or the bad guys will release a toxic gas . Now its safe to go up 
stairs find M’s cell and shoot the lock . Now kill Gabor by punching him . Make 
your way up stairs and kill Electra .

Mission Complete

Mission 13 : A Sinking Feeling 

Jump into the water when no one is looking now swim to the other side of the sub 
and climb in now kill every one and rescue Christmas Jones transport her to a 
safe place and destroy a steering console . 

Mission Complete.

Mission 14: Meltdown 

First you swim around until you find a white door hanging open press a button to 
stab Renard with the plutonium pole after grapple up until you see Christmas 
Jones .

Mission Complete

Congratulations you beat the game on agent difficulty.

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