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¦~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TOY STORY 2 WALKTHROUGH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~¦
¦                                                                     ¦
¦                          Version : 0.1                              ¦
¦                          Author : Samy                              ¦
¦                   E-mail : [email protected]                      ¦
¦                                                                     ¦
¦                          •Toy Story 2•                              ¦
¦                      Publisher : Activision                         ¦
¦                       System : Playstation                          ¦
¦                         Country : Greece                                               
     • This walkthrough is made upon the U.S version of the game•                                                                               
         I made this walkthrough having in mind that gamers out there   
needed help so I tried to be the more complete I could.I also tried to 
find a faq out there on this game who could help me but I found  nothing  
but gameshark codes (not that usefull if you want to beat    the game 
NORMALLY but I included them in my walkthrough though).So after beating 
that final boss I thought I could help...You'll be the judge of that...                     
‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡Table of contents‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡  
•In to the game                                              
 •Most important : The controls                              
 •Levels :1 to 15                                            •Semi trick                                                  
•Gameshark codes anyone...?                                  
•Thanks to                                                   
        This game is great not only for the(owesome)cinematics between each level but 
because it is well designed and thinked particularly the toy barn level...So this 
walkthrough'll(I hope)help you find the Pizzas planet tokens I've already found and by 
this mean finish the game.I'll also try to update this walkthrough as I find more 
tokens...You won't have to get the tokens exactly like me but that's how I got 
them...Also feel free to contribute anything,your help will be welcome so if you have 
any suggestions,E-mail me...           
---------------------------- In to the game ---------------------------
_______________________Most important:The controls_____________________

•Press X to jump .Press X again while in the air in order to jump higher(refered in 
this xalkthrough as "Double-jump").
•Press  to fire .Maintain the button pressed to fill a super charge depress the button 
to unleash it(Note:The super shot is MORE powerfull than the normal shot...referded in 
the walkthrough as"Super-fire").
•Press O for a spin attack.Maintain the button pressed to fill a super attack depress 
the button to unleash it(Of course this attack is MORE powerfull than the normal 
one.Also you can push the switches by pressing O while jumping...).
•Press L1 to bring out the first person view mode...You can now lock a target by 
pressing R1.

•Level one :Andy's house...

     1...The first pizza planet token can be won from your first under-boss :Tin 
         This boss is located just above Hamm(the dinosaur).You can get there by 
climbing the plant to the right of Andy's room then jump on the table and then on the 
rope .Climb some boxes to reach him.
          This first under-boss is very easy,just run around him until he stops to wind 
up,and use this opportunity to fire him(super-fire if you want).After five or six hits 
he'll explode you'll then be given the choice to either continue or to go to the next 
level ...You choose.

      2...Now go back to Hamm.Get down the stairs...to your left there's a 
door,enter.Behind the car you'll encounter the buggy.Challenge him to a race...
           The race shouldn't be too difficult:Just run,try to stay close to the car 
and avoid the bad toys...After three laps Bingo a Pizza planet token.

      3...In order to obtain the third pizza you'll have to help Mr Potato find his 
ear.Finding Mr potato ear is easy...go to the living-room and on the sofa,there press X 
and imediatly after press O this way you'll jump across the room to a shelf.The ear is 
just underneath you...But be carefull:Don't fall...
           After giving the ear to Mr Potato he'll let you use the protect shield.This 
protect shield alows you to cross the greenny thing.After crossing this thing you'll 
have to climb some boxes to gain some altitude...When you're high enough try jumping 
across the greeny thing on the shelf neer Mr potato...From there you should try to jump 
CAREFULLY on the two shelves above you...When you're on the final shelf you'll see some 
lamps .Jump from wire to wire (it shouldn't be too dificult if you use the double 
jump)in order to cross the room and arrive to a shelf with 3 boxes on it .Push those 
boxes in order to be able to jump from the small one to the big one and on the final 
shelf where awaits you a token...

       4...To obtain this token you'll have to find the five missing sheeps of the 
 The first one is in the cellar where you fought the Tin Robot,use the wood board to go 
up(you'll first have  to push a box).
 The second one is in the garage were you won the buggy just jump onto the shelfs from 
the steps in order to reach the front of the car then to the neon lamp and again jump 
from the cord of the lamp to another shelf.You'll now have to follow the shelf and jump 
some bars in order to find this sheep(don't ask me how he got there...).
 To find the third sheep you'll have to go back to where Mr Potato ear was then jump to 
a little table next to the wall and finally,after firing the bad toy,jump on the shelf 
to get it.
 The fourth sheep is located in the cave.You can get it by jumping from a high step or 
alternatively use the rope you encounter searching the fourth token.
 The final sheep can be found in the kitchen .You'll have to push a box in order to get 
on the baby chair (difficult) then cross the kitchen range,go on the fridge and jump on 
a shelf there.Push the scale.Go down and jump on the libra to reach the final sheep.
           Now go see the shepherdess on the kitchen table and she'll give you the 

       5...By now you should have obtained fifty or more coins so go talk to the piggy 
bank in the living room,he'll give you your "final"token.

two:Andy's neighborhood...

This level is fun ...enjoy it...

        1...The first token in this level is relatively difficult to obtain so maybe 
you'll want to try another token and come back here later (anyway you'll have to come 
back here LATER 'cause you can't beat the buggy right now).
              So you relly want to have it ...?Ok...,first go where the buggy is  
...You'll notice a big tree .Near this tree there's a swing double jump on it then 
climb the wire .Here there's the biggy bank (if you have the fifty coins)but continue 
and climb the tree (carefull though 'cause if you fall down now you'll have to do this 
all over again ...)untill you find a wood board ...Make this board swing so that you 
can run and jump to the branch easily...there kill the bad toy...VERY IMPORTANT...jump 
on the little wire NOT on the branch ...this is a shortcut that you'll surely need 
...You can now double jump on the little branch to arrive at a VERY DIFICULT point 
...Here you'll need to jump or double jump on the tiny little wire in order to get to 
the other branch but a bad timing and you're back down(hopefully you've opened the 
shortcut to gain some time...At this point of the game I wanted to throw my controller 
to the TV...it's so dificult ...and even if you managed to get across,the robot there 
will push you back down if you don't kill him quickly (It pushed me back down 
twice...)So I really wish you good luck...
              So lets admit that you managed by any chance to cross the gap now 
continue to go up (carefully 'cause I don't think you want to do this again)you'll then 
have to fight your second under-boss the bad kite...
              The kite isn't that difficult BUT be carefull he can throw you down (it 
hapened to me )so just stay at the center of the wood board and fire at the kite using 
the L1 and R1 buttons...

         2...After obtaining this dificult token i went to the pool (go there by a hole 
at the left side of the buggy )where I find by chance a hidden token .So you want to 
know where eh ...You surely have noticed a plastic duck by the pool...Pump it with 
the...pump(press X then O)untill the duck goes in the pool...Jump on the duck and press 
again X and O the duck will go in the pool and then jump out ,at this moment double 
jump to get this relatively easy token...

         3...The third token I tried to get was the buggy token so I chalenged him 
...He won .I then talked to Hamm and he said that I couldn't beat him right now and 
that I had to wait till I have the turbo boots .After obtaining them(level 7)defeating 
him was very easy just make sure that the bad cars don't touch you and that you jump 
across the water... 

         4...This token can be obtained by finding all the little green soldiers.
 The first one is at the start of the level,see the holes in the ground...?The soldier 
will throw red things.Just jump on that hole and press O.With the last hole closed 
he'll surender.
 The second one is on the swing.
 The third one is in the pool area .Jump on the chair near the hole by witch you 
entered then jump on the plant and go up .Jump on the fountain (kill the toy)then to 
another plant from where you have to jump to a small table(kill another toy again)then 
push the board in order to get to another plant(this acts like a shortcut in case you 
fall...).Then jump to a fountain and on some bars.Finally jump to another plant where 
the soldier awaits at the top.
 The fourth soldier is more difficult to catch...Go through a hole in the tree 
area(behind the buggy to the left).You'll see a broken red car.Jump and press the two 
red buttons in order to lower the car then get on it from the front then to the roof 
and to the back of the car.You'll then have to jump then press O to cross the area and 
arrive on a waching machine where you gotta push the board(shortcut)to get 
across...There you'll have to jump from cord to cord in order to land in the basket 
where the soldier awaits.
 The last one is on a branch of the tree after passing the piggy bank.
             Now that you've collected all of the soldiers go see the general at the 
start of the level on the stairs of andy's friend.

           5...You should,after doing all that ,have at least fifty coins so go see the 
piggy bank on the tree...

three:Bombs away...

Aha your first boss.The programers were kind with you on this boss 'cause this one is 
easy.Just change view with L1 and lock the plane with R1 then just wait until he comes 
close enough (you can charge the super fire meanwhile)and shoot at him .If you're 
lucky(like me)he will try to fire but ,if you don't move,will miss you.You're free then 
to up to the third level...

•Level four:Construction yard...

Yahou this level is big and you can go very high...

     1...The first token is relatively easy to collect ...Go from the start to the 
right ,you should find a green house ...Go in ...There you'll find the greeny thing 
like in the first level so DON'T touch it instead try jumping from gap to gap but be 
carefull .So you need to go to the table so simply use the chair...,you'll then have to 
climb a wire in order to get on the shelf...there be carefull 'cause  you'll have to 
jump on the drawers that open and close randomly ...Your target is the big desk so take 
it easy,try to take a good timing and it shouldn't take too much time...There a puzzle 
to solve awaits."Easy" puzzle cause you just have to mix different colors so they mach 
with those on the wall...Good luck...

     2...Your second goal should be the slinky dog's challenge ...He is waiting at the 
center of the construction yard,he'll ask you to find five wrenches.All five are on the 
grey thing so don't go down .Also the grey thing will slow you down if you walk 
normally so instead try to do some little jumps ...This token shouldn't take too much 
time but remember that you'll have to go see the dog after finding the five     
wrenches in order for him to give you the token.

     3...After that I went for the under-boss ...not a big deal though but just trying 
to reach him will give you some major headaches...So lets go for him.First of all you 
should try to find two swithes that unlock a shortcut I'll tell you when there's one so 
that you don't waste time.Try to find the buldozer(it should be near the house just in 
front of you at the start of the level).Just use the stairs at the back of it to climb 
on.There enter the cockpit where you should find a switch...Press it...then quickly 
jump on the other side,to the front and on the big swang(shouldn't be too 
difficult...).you should then be able to reach the construction but be carefull no 
wrong movement here or you're down and ready to do this all over again...Ok so just 
follow the "line" you should do a "circle" and find the first switch shortcut,you 
should also have found Mr Potato eye so just go see him (next to the house )in order to 
get your disk launcher that will (really )help you(a lot)for this boss...Of course 
before that you should ACTIVATE the switch ,that'll save you a lot of time just 
remember that there's something like a lift at this side of the yard.From here you 
should take a moving yellow block of cement...?(don't know really what it's 
called...)it should take you to the upper level where you should jump on another yellow 
thingy and on the construction .There you should find another switch to create your 
second shortcut.Jump some others yellow things and you shouldn't 
be too far from the "under-boss".
         This one shouldn't be too difficult if you gave Mr potato his ear...Just run 
around (you should find batteries and a disk launcher at the 
corners),target(L1),lock(R1) and FIRE ,really he should be a piece of cake (if he don't 
throw you down).

      4...The fourth token I took was the worker token .You have to find five missing 
little tikes around this level.If you followed my way you should already have fond 
  •In the house ,just don't jump on the desk from the final drawer but jump more 
high(ehhh)and up the case he should be there...
  •In the buldoser (really easy)
  •On the construction yard near Mr potato eye...(piece of cake)
  •On the top of the construction where you have to fight the under-boss ,he is on one 
of the corners...(little bit more difficult)
  So only one should be missing ...At the start of the level if you turn to your left 
you should see a brick you can push ,so just push it ,climb it and the tike should be 
there ...
  The boss worker awaits you near the house he'll give you your well deserved token...

       5...The final token will be given to you if you have collected five or more 
coins.So go see the piggy bank near the final tike(see above)

•Level five:Alleys and gullies...

Be carefull on this level ...Here's where I got my first game over screen,so move 
slowly and kill anything that moves from some distance (see the end if you want a semi-
trick on lifes ...).I have obtained all the tokens here but one ,the duck token so any 
help would be welcome...

   1...If you followed my walkthrough untill now the first token should be easy 'cause 
you got the D.L...Just walk right ahead until you arrive at a big trash can and that 
you can't go no further.Take a look around .You should find a box you can climb...A 
rope should be here somewhere from where you can go to the trash can.There is a hole on 
the wall there and you'll arrive in the market place with the piggy bank under an 
umbrella...Another box should be pushable there...You should now have acess to the 
table so climb on it(very difficult I managed to do it only twice ...try jumping on the 
leg of the table weirdly it works better there)If you managed to get on the table you 
should be able to take the disk launcher(I suggest you stay a little bit on this table 
so you collect 30 of them(-max-)and that you don't have to get up here again).
       Now go to the other box(near the airplanes)and jump on the table whith the 
vegetables.You should then jump on the shelf and make it incline so that you can jump 
to the other shelf more easily .Now try to kill the monkeything.?.?.?With your new disk 
laucher then jump where he was .There you should find a button to activate a fan so 
just do it.Now jump carefully on the table bellow...Carefully because if you fall down 
you'll have to push the box to the other side and try to jump on the table 
again(remember the disk launcher...?).Once on the table you have to catch a baloon that 
will bring you to the token...

    2...My second token ,I got it when I got the grapling hook(level 10)Once you got 
the G.H you can go up and defeat the clown ...It took me ages to go to the roof and I 
won't do it again so I cant spoil on how to get up there but can help you on how to 
defeat him...
        This under-boss wasn't that difficult when I found a way to kill him 
fast...First when you're on the ground you should fin a greeny thing that gives you the 
super fire without having to fill the super charge..THIS ITEM IS VITAL...When I found 
the clown I just kept pressing the  and he was dead in no time ...

    3...After getting the G.H and defeated the clown I had exactly fifhy coins so I 
went to the piggy bank and he gave me my token(easy one...)

    4...My fourth token took me the most of my time...First I recommend that you get 
the turbo boots(level seven)'cause they really help a lot when you fall in the water...
        To get to the Slinky-dog you'll have to turn around and push some boxes in 
order to pass a hole on the wood wall .The dog awaits you at the center of the "pool" 
with the most diffycult challenge in my oppinion.You'll have to collect all five bones 
all around you without falling in the water(waste of time).My way was getting on a wood 
board that was comming and then take the two or three bones from one side by double-
jumping and then do it to the other side but you'll fall in the water and run out of 
time so many times that you'll surely want to throw the controller at the T.V and then 
trow the T.V by the window ...(don't try this at home)

    5...No fifth token here so please help me ...

•Level six:Slime time...

    Aha another boss for you...But this one is no peace of cake like the last one 
'cause nothing and I mean NOTHING can hurt him...But after many game over screens I 
finally found his weak point ...The devellopers where really naughty whith this boss 
'cause nothing seem to have effect on him ,but it wouldn't be a game if a boss couldn't 
be beaten ehhh...?So the strategy here is simple just keep haming square repeatidly and 
you'll see him grow ...Keep pressing the button until he's dead...(I hope you have 
plenty of lives , if not look at the end of the walkthrough...)Good luck...

•Level seven:Al's toy barn...

 This level is also very fun and incredibly well designed...

    1...Here your priority is to find the five missing chicks.At the start of the level 
go straight ahead (past the trampoline...) and go talk to the egg at the end of the 
corridor...He has your two challenges...The way you solve these challenges is the same 
but your price will differ...In the first challenge you'll collect a chick(yipee) but 
in the second one you'll be given a token(hmmm...That's better).
        In order to get those prices you'll have to reach them under the given 
time...Piece of cake ...?Not.
        So speak to the egg then jump backyard on the skate who will drive you up to 
the trampoline.You should be alined with the case so just double jump on it.Now you 
think you have to jump on the trolley...Not...You can jump immediatly on the shelf (it 
will save you a loy of time).Now jump on the other shelf and on the rope...You should 
have plenty of time remaining in the first challenge but should be there just on time 
in the second one so don't forget to jump from the rope on the token immediatly...

     2...At the start of the level turn left in a corridor where basketballs fall.At 
the end of this corridor you'll find a box ,climb on it and pass the bicycle wheels 
(carefully 'cause there're some balls that fall down here)to reach the rope and then 
pass again some wheels .Jump on the shelf to get your second chick.Now get on the skate 
and he'll bring you to the mother chick...There you have to push a box and then jump on 
a shelf .Push the box down and on the other side of the corridor(kill the planes and 
the bad box first).Jump on another shelf to get the third one.Get in the ventilation 
shaft(carefull...)and back to the start.
          You have to find something and give it to Mr potato but I can't remember what 
or where so HELP........Anyway he'll unlock the turbo boots and you can now acess the 
trolley at the end of the room.So now push the switch of the riding-horse and get on 
the counter QUICKLY .Use the boots to get to the trolley(jump from counter to 
counter).Then on the candy machines.Reach the moving horse in time and you'll be thrown 
to the chick No.4.
          For the last chick you'll need the levitation boots(later on level 13)to get 
on some boxes in the room near the challenge egg.You'll then need to jump on some 
moving boxes .Then on a pile of boxes .At the top of this pile is your missing chick...

       3...The boss(under)token.In the same room as before jump to where Hamm is.A 
ventilation shaft should be there somewhere it'll bring you to another room with the 
DINOSAUR.If you have collected the super fire at the start of the level this boss 
should be easy if not...Go get the super fire NOW...Just be carefull 'cause this boss 
can throw fire...

       4...The fourth one was the coin token so go see the piggy bank on the table in 
the other room (near the egg chalenge)if you got the fifty coins.

       5...In the same room is the hiden token so jump on the little table to collect 
the D.L and shoot all three locks .Jump then on the drawers and get the easy hiden 

•Level eight:Al's space land...

This level is the most challenging...Enjoy...And the way the E.Ts say ooooooohhhhhhhhh 
is very funny...

    1...The first token will be quickly obtained.Just jump on the boxes near you then 
on the ropes so that you reach an area near the start...(on one of the ropes you'll 
find the first of the five missing E.T s so collect him and go for the boss).
        This boss shoudn't be too tough either if you've got enough lives.My strategy 
was to fire and run so that I don't get hurt.It doesn't work too well though...So 
another strategy is to fire (don't worry if you lose lives if you have enough)untill he 
explodes.After this boss I exited by mistake so I can't really tell you how to exit the 
area(there's surely a way though).

     2...My next token was the hiden one.So go in the room to your left where there's a 
lot of slot machines.Go at the end and you should find Hamm and a candy machine but 
instead of having candys this machine has  a token .So jump on the chair(use the 
plastic gobelet)to the top...
         The controls here are very simple just turn a little(face the glass thing)so 
you can see the crane from the side.Now if you push the button the crane will move 
horizontally and another push will move it vertically...So try to line up the crane 
with the token and bingo...
         Once you're here collect also the E.T in the glass thing by jumping on the 
coin-op next to you and then back to the candy-machine.You should now be able to get 
inside the thing by a hole at the top... 

     3...My third token was the challenge one...To find the spaceship (you have to 
beat)just go straight ahead from the start and climb some boxes.Hopefully you'll reach 
         The chalenge wasn't really a challenge 'cause the (kind) programmers made 
marks on the ropes so that you jump the right time (really kind).So double jump each 
time you reach a different colour  at the rope.
         After getting this token double jump on a shelf to get your third E.T.

     4...The fourth token was the E.T one.You should have three by now so only two are 
missing.At the start of the level go straight ahead (midle corridor)and jump on some 
boxes then jump on the wires to get to a shelf(some tennis balls will be thrown on you 
at this point but remember that patience is a vertue...).from here reach a shelf a bit 
higher.Now jump to the other side and then again on the other side.This is the tricky 
part 'cause you'll have to jump down immediatly after geting the cosmic shield.Then 
quickly cross all those laser beams untill you reach some boxes.Climb to the top and 
use the rope to acess a shelf.Use the other rope and jump on a pile of boxes to reach 
the fourth E.T.Jump from box to box to reach the final E.T.But don't jump down 'cause 

     5...Piggy bank wants some coins so use this opportunity to let get the token.
         And then go see the mother-spaceship(right corridor from the start)to collect 
your final token. 

•Level nine:Toy barn encounter...

 Another trophy for your "boss collection" : This toy seems to be the only boss against 
whom a strategy may work.So here was mine :All around the giant toy you'll see six 
little things .In order to kill this boss you'll have to kill each part separetely and 
then kill him.In each little things there's one or two enemies you have to defeat 
either by firing or spining .
Nah this boss neither should be a problem to you if you're prepared...

•Level ten:Elevator 

This level should be passed fairly quickly as it does not provide any challenge (to 

  At the start of the level you can't obtain any token ,you'll first have to find Mr 
potatos ear...So go in the electrical room and jump from wire to wire to reach the 
other end of the room...There remember the piggy bank for the coin token...Turn the 
other side(face the room) and jump at the top of the right cases(carefull the 
electricity)until you reach the rope there you should find next to you on the other 
case the ear and the first of the five mices...So now go see Mr potato and he'll give 
you the usefull grapling hook(G.H)...

   1...After having the G.H you can climb so ...climb...untill you reach a room whith 
the mother mouse (pass Hamm the dinosaur where there is the second mouse)there's a 
shortcut here so activate it.You have now to solve the wire puzle...(there's also a 
mouse on the roof -jump to get it-).This puzle is easy ,just have in mind that one 
buton lower a wire and higer another wire (the color of which wire is represented on 
the switch by a colored arrow...)once the wire is reconnected you'll have acess to the 
first token...

   2...After obtaining this token the elevator should be working.and your next goal 
should be to reach the top (jump from one elevator to the other).At the top you have 
three choices(three holes).The first choice I made was to go at the center hole(there's 
a mouse )and activate the shortcut.After that I went for the father mouse.He had a 
challenge for me:follow the token down the ventilation shaft.It's easy ,just remember 
to jump when there's a gap...

   3...Then use your new shortcut to go back up and jump to the other side.The under 
boss is waiting...You don't have anything to do here but to continuesly press  if 
you're lucky enough he wont even touch you(easy token).

   4...My fourth token was the mouse one.If you followed my way through this level only 
one should be missing.And this mouse was really well hiden but we haven't visited one 
area...The area behind Hamm the dinosaur so go there and on the second elevator.Wait 
there untill the elevator goes up you should find the last mouse there.

   5...Now you should have fifty or more coins in your pocket  so go see the piggy bank 
(electrical room).

•Level eleven:Al's 

Who's this "AL"?The fat man...?And why do we have to go to his penthouse eh...?
This is by far the most ecnevristic level...Really...I recomend you stock plenty of 
lifes before going through this one 'cause either way you'll be friendly with the game 
over screen...Also stock plenty of controlers (to replace the ones you'll throw at the 
T.V or at the dog...).

    1...So lets go for the first token ...The hidden one...Turn right at the corner 
then push the box to the right through the door.A big gun will throw you bombs 
regularly in this area so move constantly not to be an easy target.If you follow the 
line you should be able to push the box near a big train.Now jump on this train and on 
then on the railroads...Now basically push all the red buttons so that the little train 
stops at the dead end...Shouldn't be too difficult just experiment some combos and see 
the result.
        Now push the box that's at the end of the track so that you get at the top of 
the big train where ,by pushing the red button ,you'll destroy that ECNEVRISTIC canon 
and then collect the token...

    2...My second token was the "under-boss" one.I would recomend you to stock lives 
here also cause there's 2 other guns here for your nerves...Remember the box just 
before...?Now push it all the way back and into the other room.You'll have to climb and 
jump here to have acess to a mini-area(far-west style)where you'll encounter your boss.
        This under-boss shouldn't even be called "under" by pressing  he should be 
down quite quickly if you stay close to him but I would recommend you to push the red 
button first to destroy the gun .

    3...The third one was the chalenge token.Really challenging this one so I'll try to 
explain the way you have to obtain them.Speak to the horse at the start of the level 
and then immediatly go to the left to get the first of five horseshoes.Then go in the 
living room and to the left near the fire .The next one is at the end of the room.Then 
get on the sofa to get the fourth one ;The last one is on the table near the sofa.Now 
quickly get to the horse and he'll give you the token(you should arrive there right on 
time with less  that one second remaining).

    4...To obtain this token you have to find five critters in the house .You should 
have two by now.One from the train and the second from a shelf before fighting the 
under boss.So three more to go...
        Let's go for the most ecnevristic one.Go in the living room then on the sofa 
and on the table.Now follow the gate and hopefully ,if the gun haven't thrown you down 
'till now,you'll lend on the fire.Now jump on the table and climb on the wire.You'll be 
on a shelf (kill the bird) .And now the ecnevristic part : You have to jump on some 
wires to reach the red button (and destroy the gun).If you managed to do it jump across 
the(big) gap and hopefully you'll grip the ledge of the shelf and collect the third 
        This one is quite difficult to reach too.Hopefully you've collected the super 
fire(don't know where I got it...)so fire the lock in the living room(and the lock on 
the fridge in the kitchen for latter...)and get in the bathroom.in this area you'll 
have to fill the room with with water to reach the critter.First push the switch ON the 
bath.Jump on the sponges to reach the focet .Push the second switch and go back to the 
sponges.Now's the tricky part.You have to DOUBLE JUMP on the side of the shower door 
and GRIP .If you're talented(or just lucky)you'll manage to do it.Now push the switch 
to explode the gun and the other one so that the level of the water increase.Now jump 
CAREFULLY on the sponges ,on the cupboard and finally to the final cupboard where the 
critter awaits.
       One more to go.Go back to the kitchen (and open the fridge with the super fire 
if you haven't done it before).Now jump in the fridge and(tricky)jump on the kitchen 
set.Now see the point just before reaching the libra ...?Jump from there on the 
table(don't know what's this libra doing here...).Now jump on the fridge door and on 
the shelf(be carefull the snake...)Now jump on the chain rope but be carefull you have 
to jump immediatly to the shelf 'cause this rope has no grip and you'll slide down to 
the ground lamentably...
       Now you've got those five critters jump on the table(from the shelf) and talk to 
the cow-bow girl.

    5...Now that you surely have collected your fifty coins so go see the piggy bank in 
the bathroom for your final token.

•Level twelve:The evil emperor 

 Zurg ...ok...Emperor...Maybe...But not Evil.He is SOOO easy to win that he should be 
an under-boss...in one of the first levels...I won't write much on him ,the only advice 
I will give you here is that when he is near the ground to spin attack him...Really a 
piece of cake...

•Level thirteen:Airport infiltration...

  Here I got only three tokens so HELP READERS...

    1...The under-boss token.You must first find Mr potato's mouth .The mouth is on the 
plane after jumping on the second wing just jump on the shelfs...Mr potato will give 
you the levitation boots.You can now have access to the boss at the top of this 
room(use the boots on the cases)
        Like all the other under bosses this one is fairly easy so just kill him 

    2...The second one was the challenge token : Easy one ...

    3...The third one was the coin token so collect the fifty coins and go see Hamm (At 
the start of the level on a machine :double jump to reach him)

•Level fourteen:Tarmac 

   Haven't spent too much time on this level ...Only enough to take two tokens(HELP).So 
here we go...

    1...My first token was the coin token so just run around the ...Tarmac and 
kill/collect coins...The piggy bank should be at one corner he's not that dificult to 
    After obtaining the token I exited the level(wanted to finish the game)and find out 
that I had to collect 40 tokens to acess the final level.So I came back here to collect 
my missing token...

     2...I can't really explain how I got this one .I went to where Hamm was (truck) 
and then used the rope to go for the puzle token.I first thought that the goal was to 
turn on all the lights .I pressed two buttons (can't remind wich ones) and all the 
lights turned off and got the token...duh...Good luck for this one...

    I need help for the other three ones so E-mail me...

•Level fifteen:Final showdown...                       40 tokens needed 

 Here I would recommend you to continuesly attack either with square or O and you 
should also try to collect lots of lives before...These three won't be too difficult so 
after beating them enjoy the almost thirty minutes of cinematics (or was it final 
fantasy 8...).
 Anyway,now you've finished the game so go to the movie viewer and enjoy the deserved 
movies you've collected...

---------------------------End of walkthrough-------------------------- 

For a first walkthrough I think I've done a good job...or not..?
E-mail me for any comment,suggestion and of course HELP...


 You can't call this a trick but it might be of some help(it helped me).So let's 
imagine that(like me)you run out of lives in the midle of the game ...What do you 
do...?The lives are way too difficult to obtain now so I thinked that if I went back to 
the first level and picked up the two (easy lives) and then pressed exit I would have 
two extra lives ,so I tryied it and ... it worked fairly well thanks ...
 So where are the two lives you ask me ...?Well the first one is in the baby bed (in 
the same room you start in),you have to get on the chair then on the table from where 
you should jump on the bookcase under the window then push the board and double jump on 
the bed then double jump on the small table then on the drawer then on the top ,then on 
the wire,then (if you want there's a baterry )on the rope and down the baby bed (it 
wasn't difficult was it...?).To exit the bed just shoot the two things on either side 
of it.
 Where's the second life I hear...?Well get down the stairs and on the sofa jump to 
where Mr potato's ear was and then jump on the bookcase and on the shelf.
 After getting those lives just press start then exit and save ...

_______________________Gamesharks Codes anyone...?_____________________

 All this codes where obtained by the official GAMESHARK CODES CREATOR CLUB...go see 
them at : www.gameshark.com (maybe there're some new ones)
 NOTE:You will need a gameshark or a Pro Action Replay compatible device connected to 
the back of your Playstation .
 WARNING:Use these codes at your own risk.I am not liable for anything that happens to 
your console or game.

1 Infinite Health                                800B221E 000E
2 Have 99 Coins                                  800B2226 0063
3 Super Blaster                                  800A11F0 0040
4 Rapid Blaster                                  800A15E0 04C0
5 Infinite Cosmic Shield                         800B2220 0287
6 Infinite Lives                                 800B2222 0009
                                                 800B21C8 0009
7 Invincible                                     800B221C 002A

I haven't tryied these codes myself so I can't tell you if they work...

-------------------------------Thanks to-------------------------------

Thanks www.gamefaqs.com for allowing me to publish my walkthrough...
Thanks idragon  for the disclaimer section...
Thanks Thunder2 for submiting the gameshark codes... 
Thanks to Dim < [email protected] > for the idea (of writing a walkthrough)...
Thanks www.gameshark.com for the gameshark codes...
And of course thanks to everyone for reading my walkthrough...

Homepage : http://www.multimania.com/sam99/fantasy.html

Hey Dim my first walkthrough...


This Walkthrough is intended for privated and personal use.This walkthrough CAN be only 
re-produced or distributed with the approval of the author.This walkthroughCANNOT be 
used for profitable purposes.Anyone who has violated this agreement will be severely 
dealt with.

All copyrights and trademarks that are not specifically mentioned in this walkthrough 
are acknowledged.

"Toy Story 2"(c) 2000 Disney
"Playstation" is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
"Toy Story 2 Walkthrough"(c) Samy 2000  
Version 0.1 27/12/1999

All Rights Reserved (r)

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