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Table of Contents -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 1.0 - Introduction -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 1.1 - 
Introduction 1.2 - Twisted Metal Black Overview 1.3 - Twisted Metal HistoryBrian 
Sharp  2.0 - Gameplay -=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2.1 - Basic Controls 2.2 - Basic Techniques 
2.3 - Advanced Techniques 3.0 - Game Modes -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 3.1 - Single Player 
Modes 3.2 - Multiplayer Modes 4.0 - Pick-Ups and Weapons -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 
4.1 - Weapons 4.2 - Pick-Ups 5.0 - Characters/Vehicles -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 
5.1 - Billy Ray Stillwell/Junkyard Dog 5.2 - The Preacher/Brimstone 5.3 - Agent 
Stone/Outlaw 5.4 - John Doe/Roadkill 5.5 - Mr. Grimm 5.6 - Dollface/Darkside 5.7 - 
Bloody Mary/Spectre 5.8 - No-Face/Crazy 8 5.9 - Sweet Tooth 5.10 - Raven/Shadow 
5.11 - Charlie Kane and Son/Yellow Jacket 5.12 - Axel 5.13 - Cage/Warthog 5.14 - 
Black/Manslaughter 5.15 - Minion 6.0 - Story Mode Arenas -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-= 
6.1 - Junkyard 6.2 - Suburbs 6.3 - Freeway 6.4 - Downtown 6.5 - Highway Loop 6.6 - 
Minion's Stadium 6.7 - Prison Passage 6.8 - Snowy Roads 6.9 - Drive-In Movie 6.10 - 
Skyscrapers 6.11 - Warhawk's Rooftop 7.0 - Multiplayer Arenas -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
= 7.1 - Skyscrapers 7.2 - Mini Suburbs 7.3 - Mini Downtown 7.4 - Prison Ship 7.5 - 
Asylum Halls 7.6 - Elevators 7.7 - Power Plant 7.8 - Dog Pound 7.9 - Sewers 8.0 - 
Miscellaneous -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 8.1 - Frequently Asked Questions 8.2 - Glitches 
8.3 - Cheats/Codes 8.4 - Energy Attacks 8.5 - Twisted Metal: Black 2 (Online) 
Wishlist 9.0 - Credits -=-=-=-=-=-=- 9.1 - Credits 9.2 - Legal Information -=-=-=-=-
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 1.0 - Introduction - 1.0 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 1.1 - 
Introduction -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= So you chose to view my FAQ huh? I feel honored... 
But anyway, as you can see, this FAQ is devoted to the latest installment in the 
Twisted Metal Series, Twisted Metal: Black! I'll try to update this FAQ as much as 
possible as I unlock and discover new things in the game. So stay tuned for future 
updates! Oh, and by the way, this is the first FAQ I've ever written, but I think 
I'm getting the hang of it. (If of course, I just don't have a natural ability for 
it.) - Brandon Mitchell  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 1.2 - Twisted Metal 
Black Overview -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The ever-twisted Calypso (My hero, 
heh heh) decided to take things a step further this time around and bust out a bunch 
of inmates at the local Blackfield Asylum. Only at an extremely high cost... 
possibly their lives. In exchange for breaking the inmates out of the Asylum, they 
agreed to compete in Calypso's Twisted Metal tounrament. As with past Twisted Metal 
tournaments, the winner will be granted whatever their brave heart desires, and for 
the losers... DEATH. Welcome once again to Twisted Metal. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 1.3 - Twisted Metal History -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Singletrac released what 
would soon become a huge phenom; Twisted Metal on the Playstation. Gamers soon saw 
the bliss that this game would deliver to the Playstation, but it wasn't until 
Twisted Metal 2: World Tour came out that gamers would see this series as a 
lifestyle. The Twisted Metal series easily made it's mark in history on the 
Playstation. After the huge success that Twisted Metal had, the first 2 installments 
of the game earned their places under the "Greatest Hits" label on the Playstation. 
Eventually however, Singletrac would leave Twisted Metal to be, and Sony insisted 
that 989 Studios take over, who in most peoples' opinions, killed the series with 
Twisted Metal 3. They offered more of a realistic feel to the handling of the cars, 
which in turn, made it much more difficult to play. After the criticism Twisted 
Metal 3 received, 989 tried once more with Twisted Metal 4. Though not much of an 
improvement, it did feature some new features. Such as the ability to create your 
own Vehicle, and more interactive levels. The handling problems were still there, 
but that wasn't the worst part. They decided to create a whole new cast of 
Characters for the game as well! No more Outlaw, Hammerhead, or Spectre. Instead we 
had Rob Zombie (I mean, c'mon!), an Alien, and a Vacationing Family in a station 
wagon. And now Sony and Singletrac (Incog Inc.) attempted to make gamers forget 
about the 3rd. and the 4th. installments of the game and bring the series back to 
its roots with Twisted Metal: Black. And they did just that. They actually wrote the 
storyline(s) as if the 3rd. and 4th. games never took place. (Maybe it was for the 
better.) Now once again gamers are pleased with the series that made such an impact 
in the mid 1990's, and rightfully so.  Contributed History Information: "Just 
letting you know that Twisted Metal: Black is actually a remake of the entire 
series. This is because Incog Inc. wanted to do away with the bad reputation the 
series achieved with 3 and 4. This game actually takes place in a totally different 
game world but with similar characters. It's easy to get confused if you haven't 
read the interviews with the programmers." -  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2.0 - Gameplay - 
2.0 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2.1 - Basic Controls -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - The "Classic" 
(Default) Control Scheme: L1 Button: Cycle Weapons Left R1 Button: Cycle Weapons 
Right L2 Button: Fire Selected Weapon R2 Button: Fire Machine Guns D-Pad Left: Turn 
Left D-Pad Right: Turn Right D-Pad Up: Accelerate D-Pad Down: Brake/Reverse Square 
Button: Accelerate Triangle Button: Rear-View/Look Behind (Double-tap for Turbo) 
Circle Button: Brake X Button: Sharp Turn - The "Run n' Gun" Control Scheme: L1 
Button: Rear View R1 Button: Brake L2 Button: Tight Turn R2 Button: Accelerate D-Pad 
Left: Turn Left (Double-tap for Turbo) D-Pad Up: Accelerate D-Pad Right: Turn Right 
Square Button: Fire Machine Gun D-Pad Down: Brake/Reverse Circle Button: Cycle 
Weapons Right Triangle Button: Cycle Weapons Left X Button: Fire Selected Weapon - 
The "Control Freak" Control Scheme: L1 Button: Cycle Weapons Left R1 Button: Cycle 
Weapons Right L2 Button: Tight Turn R2 Button: Brake D-Pad Left: Turn Left D-Pad 
Right: Turn Right D-Pad Up: Accelerate D-Pad Down: Brake/Reverse Square Button: Fire 
Machine Gun Triangle Button: Rear-View/Look Behind X Button: Accelerate Circle 
Button: Fire Selected Weapon (Double-tap for Turbo) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2.2 - 
Basic Techniques -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - Try to avoid staying focused on a single 
enemy at a time. Cowardly attacks (Hit & Runs) are much more effective against 
multiple opponents at first. - Always keep an eye on your Radar! This will be your 
first sign of someone trailing you with a clear shot. - Anytime you see a pick-up, 
take it! Regardless upon whether you need it or not, take it anyway so someone else 
can't take it instead. - Never use a Health pick-up if you don't need it! - The 
camera can be changed for a reason. So pull it out when you're unsure of what lies 
ahead, or over a cliff. - Make yourself as hard to hit as possible. Never stay in 
one place for a long period of time, and never follow a straight path. - Try to 
avoid using powerful weapons on a near-death opponent. Using a Power Missle to take 
out someone with a sliver of life left would be a huge waste! - As with the Health 
pick-ups, don't use a Repair Station if it's not needed, because each one can only 
be used twice! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 2.3 - Advanced Techniques -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
=-=-=-=- - On hilly/mountainout terrains, you have a better chance of hitting an 
enemy with a weapon while driving downhill rather than uphill. If the angle is too 
steep, you'll blow a hole in the ground rather than your opponent. - Always try to 
keep a wide assortment of weapons in your inventory. You never know when a Ricochet 
or Homing Missle will come in extra handy. - One word: "Combos". Try using your 
weapon pick-ups in conjunction with your energy attacks. - If you hear a missle or 
another weapon coming your way, activate your shield to avoid taking damage. - If 
you're being agrivated by a "stalker" you won't leave you alone, lure him toward 
someone else and let the 2 of them go at it instead. - Learn the locations of 
Enviromental Weapons. Afterall, when weapon pick-ups won't get the job done, you can 
always rely on the enviroment instead. - Stay alert for Helicopters carrying pick-
ups. If you see one carrying a pick-up, shoot it out of the sky and collect whatever 
it drops. -=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=- 3.0 - Game Modes - 3.0 -=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=- 3.1 - 
Single Player Modes -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Without these, there would be no 
Twisted Metal: Black! These are the heart of the game! Though of course the real fun 
lies in being able to take-out your friend(s) in the Multiplayer game, the single 
player modes are a good way to master all the techniques and learn all about the 
twisted characters of the Twisted Metal series. Story Mode: -=-=-=-=-=- The main 
part of Twisted Metal: Black. After you select a vehicle, you'll witness a Prologue 
then battle through eight hellacious enviroments. Once you take care of Minion half 
way through, you'll see your vehicles/characters Middle Movie. Then finally after 
defeating Warhawk in the final level, you'll get to see your characters Epilogue. 
Challenge Mode: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Basically the mode to jump right in and play. Select 
a Vehicle, select an unlocked Battleground, then duke it out in that level until you 
either win, or run out of lives. Endurance Mode: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Looking for a 
challenge? (As if the game didn't provide one as is...) Then jump on into this mode. 
Here, after selecting a Vehicle and an Arena, you'll have a single life bar to 
defeat as many opponents as you can 1-on-1. Use this mode to unlock Multiplayer 
arenas as well. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 3.2 - Multiplayer Modes -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
=- Now here's something that every game should offer... The opportunity to prove 
yourself to others. The opportunity to earn bragging rights (or maybe even some 
money). So go and find a few friends, and if you haven't already, go out and buy a 
multitap and prepare to let loose in a wicked free for all (Or 1-on-1 if you choose, 
either way. But remember, sleep is essential to life... Try not to let these modes 
take it away from you. Cooperative Story Mode: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Same as the 
single player story mode, only now you have a partner with you. Only difference is, 
is that you share 3 lives. Deathmatch: -=-=-=-=-=- 2, 3, or 4 players battle it out 
in either a Free for All, or in teams. Last Man Standing: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 2 
players select their "team" of Vehicles, and battle it out in an Arena. Once a 
Vehicle is destroyed, the second one that that person selected will be taken control 
of.The first player to destroy all of his/her opponents' Vehicles will be the 
winner. -=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 4.0 - Pick-Ups and Weapons - 4.0 -=-=-=-=-=-
=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 4.1 - Weapons -=-=-=-=-=-=- How do you survive in this twisted 
competition? How else, weapons! These babies are scattered everywhere throughout the 
levels in every imaginable spot. Pick on of these things up if you want to even have 
a glimpse of a future with you in it. The amount received when picked-up varies from 
weapon-to-weapon, so don't get too cockey when you find one and blow them all right 
away. Conserve them for the perfect opportunity to strike. Below I've invluded a few 
tips for using each weapon as well, so take note. Fire Missle: -=-=-=-=-=-= Missle 
with slight power, and a sligh homing capability. The standard of all missles found 
in Twisted Metal: Black. Overall, just a basic missle. - Use basically anywhere you 
have a clear shot without any obstructions. Homing Missle: -=-=-=-=-=-=-= Just as 
the name implies, a missle with homing capabilities. Though not as powerful as the 
Fire Missle, it's homing capabilities far exceed those found in the Fire Missle. - 
Good for either long or far range. Though best when used from a distance because 
then the homing capabilities really show better. Power Missle: -=-=-=-=-=-=- Once 
again, the name speaks for itself; an extremely powerful missle. Though it has NO 
homing capabilities, it's missle for those with killer accuracy. - Best when used a 
moderately close range with a clear shot of the enemy dead-ahead. Ricochet: -=-=-=-=-
 Unlike the other missles, when this thing hits a wall or enviromental obstruction 
of some other kind, these things just bounce right off of them rather than exploding 
upon impact. Though bear in mind, after bouncing around for about 5 seconds, it'll 
automatically explode. - If you feel you have a clear shot, or a good chance of 
hitting a bank shot, go for it. But keep in mind, you can take damage from this as 
well! Gas Can: -=-=-=-= Now this is a rather unique weapon. For starters, as soon as 
you hit the fire button, this thing gets launched staright ahead of your car. Once 
it's in the air, pressing the fire button again, will send the can hurling toward 
the ground beneath it. This weapon may also be used as a "Remote Mine". By 
pressing "down, up, down" then the fire button, you will drop the Gas Can behind you 
instead. Once dropped, you can either press the fire button again to detonate it, or 
just let it sit there and wait for someone to hit it. This thing also gains more and 
more power the longer it sits there, so keep that in mind as well. - If someone is 
frozen ahead of you and you have a clear shot, fire one of these off and slam it 
down onto them, causing major damage. Otherwise, don't hesitate to drop this behind 
you and use it as a mine instead. Works espescially well in small, confined areas 
where an enemy is trying to follow you. Zoomy: -=-=-= This weapon unleashes an 
assault of 10 rapid-fire homing missles on your enemy. Also, you can hit multiple 
enemies if you change the direction that you're facing as they're firing. - 
Basically, try to keep a single enemy in your sights with these, because if all 10 
missles hit, you'll get a damage bonus. Satellite: -=-=-=-=-= When activated, an 
assault of missles are sent into above airspace. Then once the target in-front of 
you turns red, the missles fly down onto the target. Yuo can bring them down 
manually if you choose by pressing the fire button, but the longer they stay up 
there, the more power they'll deal when they rain down. - Try to keep an opponent 
right in the middle of the target so that when the time comes, you'll score every 
possible hit. Reticle: -=-=-=-= Once selected, a large box is displayed. Then as 
soon as you press the fire button, the timer begins ticking. Then, the box will 
change colors indicating the amount of missles that will be fired when you hit the 
fire button. But be sure to hit the fire button BEFORE the timer reaches zero, 
otherwise the attack will go to waste. - As with the Satellite, try to keep the 
enemy in your sights for as long as possible before the timer reaches zero to get in 
every possible hit. -=-=-=-=-=-=-= 4.2 - Pick-Ups -=-=-=-=-=-=-= In addition to 
weapon pick-ups littered throughout the levels, you will also find other pick-ups as 
well. Just as with weapon pick-ups, these are also critical to your survival. 
Enviromental: -=-=-=-=-=-=- Every level has it's own unique "traps" that can be set 
off through the use of these. Once you obtain the pick-up, it can be used anywhere 
else in the level to set off the "trap". So be sure to use these when the enemey is 
near. Turbo: -=-=-= Used to refill your turbo meter when depleted. Health: -=-=-=- 
Refills a small amount of your health meter. Repair station: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Refills 
your vehicles health, but can only be used a limited number of times. Machine Gun 
Upgrade: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Temporarily doubles the speed, and power of your 
Machine Guns. Skill-Based Pick-Ups: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- This pick-up will give you 
one of 3 different skill-based weapons. But keep in mind, you can only have 1 in 
your inventory at a time, and the pick-up will not reappear until it has been used. 
Black Cube: -=-=-=-=-=- Unlock hidden arenas when found and picked-up. -=-=-=-=-=-=-
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 5.0 - Characters/Vehicles - 5.0 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 
5.1 - Billy Ray Stillwell/Junkyard Dog -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 
Driver: Billy Ray Stillwell Vehicle: Junkyard Dog Ratings: Control - 5/10 Speed - 
4/10 Armor - 9/10 Special - 6/10 Background Information: At one time, he was a 
simple farmer who lived with his wife on a Farm. She has always been loyal to him, 
so Billy Ray thought that someday he could make it up to her... with say, a ring 
that they saw in the city. Vehicle Information: Billy Ray's Vehicle is basically a 
run-down tow truck that allows him to make some additional money in between farming. 
Special: His special attack launches a spiked ball which dangles from the trucks 
towing arm.Press the Fire button once to launch it, and a second time to slam it 
into the ground, like a Gas Can. 5.2 - The Preacher/Brimstone -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
=-=-= Driver: The Preacher Vehicle: Brimstone Ratings: Control - 8/10 Speed - 8/10 
Armor - 5/10 Special - 6/10 Background Information: Once a well-respected Preacher, 
he eventually did something to lose God's trust in him. But now he wants to gain his 
trust back by learning "The Truth". Vehicle Information: The Preacher drives a 
rusty, travel-worn vehicle which he used to use as a traveling Church so-to-speak. 
Chained in the back of the vehicle is a poor soul who refuses to answer for his 
sins. Special: His special attack involves launching a convinced follower who feels 
that death is the only option for those who refuse to believe. Once he's launched, 
if he successfully attaches himself to the opposing Vehicle, he will then sacrifice 
himself in hopes of redeeming his opponents' sins. 5.3 - Agent Stone/Outlaw -=-=-=-=-
=-=-=-=--=-=-=- Driver: Agent Stone Vehicle: Outlaw Ratings: Control - 5/10 Speed - 
5/10 Armor - 7/10 Special - 7/10 Background Information: From a family with a strong 
background of law enforcement, Stone decided to carry the legacy on by becomming one 
himself. He was one of the best marksman in school, so he was then appointed to 
become a sniper. Hailed as an angel by those who's family's were rescued by him, a 
part of him was becomming restless lways killing the bad guys. Vehicle Information: 
Agent Stone drives Outlaw, a standard issue SUV of the SWAT team. Special: This 
Vehicle actually has 2 forms of a special. If you hit the Fire button, Agent Stone 
will rise out from the top, and release a relentless assault of bullets his 
opponents way with full 360 degree movement. However, if you're able to line-up an 
opponent in his laser sight, after hitten the Fire button to pop him out from the 
top of his Vehicle, pressing the Fire button continuosly afterwards will also send a 
barrage of missles and bullets their way as well. 5.4 - John Doe/Roadkill -=-=-=-=-=-
=-=-=-=-=-=- Driver: John Doe Vehicle: Roadkill Ratings: Control - 8/10 Speed - 8/10 
Armor - 6/10 Special - 8/10 Background Information: John Doe has a big problem on 
his hands... He can't seem to remember who he is, what he did, or to whom he did it 
to. All's he known is that his body is covered in tatoos that might be able to 
reveal his past to him. But will he want to know the truth? Vehicle Information: 
John drives Roadkill, a vehicle which he has no idea about. He merely knows is that 
is equipped to win the contest. Special: His Special attack consists or a barrage of 
missles. Press and hold the Fire button to charge up his Special, and release it to 
fire off the missles. The longer you hold it down, the more missles are fired. But 
don't hold it down too long or else it will backfire, and the attack will go to 
waste. 5.5 - Mr. Grimm -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Driver: Mr. Grimm Vehicle: Armored Motorcycle 
Ratings: Control - 10/10 Speed - 10/10 Armor - 2/10 Special - 10/10 Background 
Information: Mr. Grimm was drafted along with his friend, Benny, into the Vietnam 
war at the early age of 18. However as the war progressed, they eventually came to 
see that they were bound to be killed next, as they watched their allies fall by the 
dozens. Vehicle Information: A Vehicle stolen from Mr. Grimm's Commander after 
seeing his entire Army fall to the fire of their own allies. Special: His Special is 
not only among the most powerful in the game, bit it's also among the most difficult 
to use. Pressing the Fire Button causes Mr. Grimm to launch a Scythe at his 
opponent, causing an extreme amount of damage. 5.6 - Dollface/Darkside -=-=-=-=-=-=-
=-=-=-=-=- Driver: Dollface Vehicle: Darkside Ratings: Control - 5/10 Speed - 4/10 
Armor - 9/10 Special - 7/10 Background Information: Raised in a rather disfunctional 
family, at the age of 10 it became far worse when her mother unexpectedly died. 
Afterwards, she went off to find a job where the boss seemed to be rather, corrupt. 
Vehicle Information: Dollface drives Darkside, a truck which she hijacked after 
hitching a ride on it. Special: Her Special is as simple as they come... Hit the 
Fire button, and Darkside charges fullspeed at her opponent, causing a considerable 
amount of damage. Also, her Special can be fired backwards as well, or once you 
become more fimiliar with it, try "T-Sliding" into opponents, or ramming them into 
walls, causing an even greater amount of damage. 5.7 - Bloody Mary/Spectre -=-=-=-=-
=-=-=-=--=-=-=-= Driver: Bloody Mary Vehicle: Spectre Ratings: Control - 9/10 Speed -
 9/10 Armor - 3/10 Special - 5/10 Background Information: Mary was always a shy girl 
throughout school, until one day, she gthered-up all of her courage to ask this guy 
out. Howver, he didn't really let her down easily with the harsh response he gave 
her, and shoved her into the mud there-after. Since then she has vowed to get even 
with him. Vehicle Information: Bloody Mary drives Spectre, a brand new Sports Car 
she ripped-off from one her friend's weddings. Special: Spectre's Special weapon is 
a relentless missle, which after it locks on to her opponent will stop at nothing to 
hit it. Once you acheive traget lock-on (indicated by a red Crosshair on her 
opponent) hit the Fire button to send the missle off. Once fired, it will go through 
walls or burrow underground to make contact with its target. 5.8 - No-Face/Crazy 8 -
=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-= Driver: Frank McCutcheon a.k.a. No-Face Vehicle: Crazy 8 
Ratings: Control - 7/10 Speed - 8/10 Armor - 5/10 Special - 6/10 Background 
Information: A boxer from a local Gym who's father was a champion fighter himself. 
Fight after fight, his father would knockout opponent after opponent. However No-
Face wasn't a contender for the National Title. He just fought purely for his love 
toward it. Until one fight came around that would change his life forever. Vehicle 
Information: No-Face drives Crazy 8, a car which his father won in a championship 
title match many years ago. It's rather old look hides the power which this 
Vehicle's Special attack really harnesses. Special: Hit the Fire button, and Crazy 8 
surrounds the car with an electrical field that homes in on opponents. Every time 
you press the Fire button after that, Crazy 8 unleashes another boost in it's 
electrical power. You can also charge up the electrical field my pressing the 
directional button toward your opponent (Up, Down, Left, or Right) three times 
before you press the fire button. But make sure that your opponent is within range 
of you, otherwise this attack is useless. 5.9 - Sweet Tooth -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 
Driver: Sweet Tooth Vehicle: Tasty Treats Ice Cream Truck Ratings: Control - 5/10 
Speed - 4/10 Armor - 8/10 Special - 7/10 Background Information: A serial killer if 
you will. Everytime he killed someone, he didn't even blink. He would kill people as 
well as a flourist would cut flowers. Sometimes his victims were hunted down, while 
most of the time, he would just kill someone who crossed his path. Vehicle 
Information: A truck which Sweet Tooth uses for killing his victims, and the rather 
calm look of it makes it the perfect lure for them. Special: Hit the Fire button, 
and Sweet Tooth's truck transforms into anything but. Instead you have a huge mech, 
ready to attack. Once in Mech form, hit the Fire button again to let a huge barrage 
of missle lose on your opponent. 20 to be exact. You'll stay in Mech form as long as 
you have a special selcted in your window, otherwise as soon as you're out (or 
select a different weapon) you'll transform back into the Ice Cream Truck. 5.10 - 
Raven/Shadow -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Driver: Raven Vehicle: Shadow Ratings: Control - 
7/10 Speed - 6/10 Armor - 6/10 Special - 6/10 Background Information: She got the 
name Raven because of her obsession with the Black Bird and because of the black 
make-up and clothes that she wears. Though she never really associates with anybody, 
people always tease her and her small group of friends. Until one day her friend 
fell victim to a prank gone wrong, so she aims to set things right. Vehicle 
Information: After her friends funeral, Raven stole the Hearse which was used to 
take her friend from the Funeral Home to the Cemetary. Special: Shadow's Special 
isjust that... a shadow. Hitting the Fire button fires off an explosive "shadow" 
along the ground. Once fired off, press the Fire button again to detonate it. 
Secondary Special: With "Special" highlighted in the window, press forward three 
times. Raven will then hover above Shadow, and fire a powerful Machine Gun. 5.11 - 
Charlie Kane and Son/Yellow Jacket -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-= Driver: 
Charlie Kane and Son Vehicle: Yellow Jacket Ratings: Control - 7/10 Speed - 7/10 
Armor - 6/10 Special - 6/10 Background Information: Though Charlie Kane's oldest son 
was feared throughout the neighborhood, there just seemed to be a special bond 
bewtween Charlie and his youngest son which was inseperable... not even by deatch 
itself. Vehicle Information: A Taxi Cab that Charlie drove nearly every day, and the 
one that housed his murder/death. Special: Pressing the Fire button causes Yellow 
Jacket to release 8 explosive-tipped spikes from all sides of his car, letting you 
either drive them into an opponent, or fire them off. To get the best of his 
Special, try ramming someone with the spikes while Turboing. 5.12 - Axel -=-=-=-=-=- 
Driver: Axel Vehicle: Axel's Two-Wheeled Machine Ratings: Control - 6/10 Speed - 
5/10 Armor - 5/10 Special - 6/10 Background Information: Axel primary purpose to 
enter this contest is to find the man that murdered his wife. Vehicle Information: 
After he death, we encased himself in this contraption as punishment for not 
protecting his wife. His feet grinding along the ground serve as motivation to find 
the mysterious murderer. Special: Once the Fire button is pressed, Zxel releases an 
electrical shock wave around his Vehicle in a circular pattern. Secondary Special: 
As with Shadow, with his Special highlighted in the window, press forward three 
times to make Axel encase himself between his tires, causeing even more damaage 
while ramming into somebody. 5.13 - Cage/Warthog -=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-= Driver: Cage 
Vehicle: Warthog Ratings: Control - 4/10 Speed - 5/10 Armor - 9/10 Special - 7/10 
Background Information: A Serial Killer just like Sweet Tooth. However unlike Sweet 
Tooth, he feels remrse for those he kills, though that doesn't stop him from 
killing. By entering this contest, he hopes that Calypso will be able to remove the 
part of him that feels remorse for killing others. Vehicle Information: Cage drives 
a Tank/Station Wagon combination. (Deadly combination if I do say so myself!) 
Special: Once you have an enemy in your sights, press the Fire button to release a 
huge stream of flames from Warthogs cannon. Most effective while being aimed 
directly toward a single opponent, it can also be used to engulf a large group of 
opponents in fire. 5.14 - Black/Manslaughter -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Driver: Black 
Vehicle: Manslaughter Ratings: Control - 3/10 Speed - 3/10 Armor - 9/10 Special - 
7/10 Background Information: A genetically engineered man, possibly sent by the 
Midtown Police department. He seems to have entered this contest in hopes of meeting 
with Calypso so he can kill him and put a stop to his contest. Vehicle Information: 
Just your basic Front-End Loader. Special: Pressing the Fire button causes 
Manslaughter to send the large explosive rocks in its hull tumbling forward toward 
his opponent. 5.15 - Minion -=-=-=-=-=-=- Driver: Minion Vehicle: Minion Ratings: 
Control - 3/10 Speed - 3/10 Armor - 10/10 Special - 10/10 Background Information: 
Unknown Vehicle Information: Unknown Special: Unknown -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 
6.0 - Story Mode Arenas - 6.0 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- For the time being, I'm 
only going to post hidden objects in the levels. In other words, not you too can 
unlock everything in the game. But as always, DON'T READ THIS SECTION, AS IT WILL 
IF YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY STUMPED! And keep in mind, these things can ONLY be unlocked in 
Story Mode, or 2-player Co-op Mode. 6.1 - Junkyard -=-=-=-=-=-=-= - Unlock Level 
Icon: To unlock the Warhawk level in Deathmatch mode, go to the top of The Crusher. 
(The big round thing that slams down over and over again) To get onto it, first you 
need to make yourself a ramp though. To do this, shoot the big green Pizza Man(?) 
statue within the viscinity of The Crusher with a Gas Can or two which will send him 
crashing to the floor creating a ramp leading to the top of it. Wait until the 
crusher reaches it's peak height, turn AWAY from the Warehouse, and fly off of the 
crusher at full speed toward the Black Cube. If you don't collect it, atleast you'll 
see exaclty where it is so you can make a second attempt at it. - Hidden Vehicle 
Location: The big plane circles around the level for a reason you know. When you 
have a clear shot at it, shoot of either a Homing Missle, or a Fire Missle at it. 
Though keep in mind, make sure nobody is around you, otherwise the missle will 
target them instead. If you hit the plane, you'll start to see it smoking. Then head 
to the lower area of the level (behind the Warehouse), and you'll notice that 
there's a new tunnel there. Drive through tunnel picking up all the weapons and 
health. You will then see the hidden Vehicle on the pedestal. Shoot the control 
panel attached to the central area and low and behold, you'll lower the pedestal 
with Yellow Jacket on top. 6.2 - Suburbs -=-=-=-=-=-=- - Hidden Vehicle Location: 
While in the carnival area, look towards the trailers. You should see a Gas Can pick-
up on the top of a slight hill, with a smokestack off the the left of it. Drive 
toward the pick-up at full speed and fly over the edge. Now, launch yourself off the 
edge of the warehouse building and land on a rooftop with a Homing Missle, and 
Health pick-up. Then simply shoot the vents on top of the rooftop, which will then 
blow a hole in the roof. Drop down to the inside, and you'll see another vehicle in 
a fenced-off area. Simply shoot the console in front of it, and Warthog is your for 
the keeping. - Unlock Level Icon: Follow the same basic procedure as you did while 
obtaining the hidden Vehicle, only now turn toward the downtown area, drive across 
the gaps, and stop on the third rooftop. Now slowly turn toward the ocean and look 
for a Power Missle on top of the narrow roof nearby. Now on the side NEXT to the 
slightly elevated area of the rooftop you're currently on, you'll see a narrow area 
you can use a "take-off" runway so-to-speak. (The ledge is on the side of the 
elevated area nearest to the building which you jumped from to get to this one.) Use 
this area to get up to a decent speed, and jump onto the other narrow rooftop with 
the Power Missle. After you pick-up the Power Missle, shoot the vent on top of the 
building to obtain the Black Cube and unlock Prison Passage. If you still have 
questions on obtaining this Cube, I don't know what else to tell you. Sorry, but 
this might help a bit more. 6.3 - Freeway -=-=-=-=-=-=- - Hidden Vehicle Location: 
This is probably the toughest out of all of them to obtain! In between doding fire, 
head to the contruction site. You'll see two carnes on the left and right. One of 
the cranes is holding a concrete pipe, while the other is holding a crate. Find a 
hillside in the area that will allow you a clear shot at the crane holding the 
crate. Now, don't aim for the crate itself, but rather the control room on the 
crane. If you are able to hit it (and it is a hell of a difficult shot), the crane 
will swing over a bit, and drop a crate. Drive on over to the base of the crane to 
see a crate lying on the ground. Blow the crate open to have Axel at your disposal. 
Alternate Strategy: "Use a gas can in order to obtain Axel instead. After an hour of 
blasting away at the control box on the crane with machine guns and missiles I had 
no luck blowing it up. I used a gas can and got it with one shot."  6.4 - Downtown -
=-=-=-=-=-=-= - Unlock Level Icon: First of all, drive to the Skyway Tower building 
that is the closest to the Atom Bank. Now, take the elevator in the Skyway Tower to 
the upper-level. Carefully drive over the dge of the corner near the walkway that is 
furthest away from the Aqueduct. SLOWLY drive over the dge, which should land you on 
anther ledge below. Look for the Coffee cup billboard in the corner. Then simply 
destrory it to reveal the Black Cube which will open up Minion's Stadium. 6.5 - 
Highway Loop -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - Unlock Level Icon: This one is actually rather 
easy, but relies heavily on luck. Find the area with the two bridges slanted upward 
a bit. Turn toward the wall to see several large spheres. Now simply target them 
with either a Gas Can or Satellite and one should roll over the edge and up the 
bridge. Now here's where the luck aspect of it really comes into play. Make sure 
that no one drives into the sphere, otherwise it will blow-up, and you'll have to 
start over again. Just let the ball roll, and it will eventually hit the wall inside 
of the tunnel, blowing open a passage. Drive into the passage to find some pick-ups, 
and the Black Cube in the opposite side of the room with the other pick-ups. This 
cube unlocks the Elevators level in Multiplayer mode. 6.6 - Minion's Stadium -=-=-=-
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= No secrets in this level... So instead I'll give a few tips for 
defeating Minion. As you'll notice as soon as you begin fighting him, he's shielded. 
So how do you go about removing the shield? If you fire a missle at him, you might 
see a message "??? Panel Hit" on the top of your screen. That's your first hint at 
defeating him. In order to remove his shield, each panel must be destroyed. This 
isn't too difficult with the Front, Right, and Left panels, but the Back one is 
something else. If you're able to destory a panel, you'll see another message 
displayed on the top of your screen saying "??? Panel Destroyed". Just do that to 
all four panels, and the toughest part is over, and ALWAYS keep moving and circling 
the Stadium for the pick-ups. If you're caught standing still, don't say I didn't 
warn you, because he has a badass special! From there on out, basically avoid 
getting caught in his special, attack at every (good) opportunity, and keep moving!. 
Eventually, you will destroy him, but it may take a while, espescially when it comes 
to destroying the back panel. Good Luck. Alternate Strategy(s) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 "Ride around the arena on the upper level collecting bullet upgrades once you get 
60 tirn towrds minion and go invisible. Shoot up his front panel and probably one of 
his side panels (since he cannot see you). Rinse and repeat. For his backside, all 
you have to do is charge at him and go invisible approximately 3 minion car/truck 
lengths before you cross paths. Do a 180 and hope he did not turn around so you can 
shoot up the last panel. NOTE: I found that upgraded bullets work much better at 
destroying his shield panels than missiles do..." "At the start of the battle, run 
in with shields, and use your machine guns and special (Darksides works very well). 
As soon as the shield is gone, get him to run after you, and drop mines. About 40% 
of the time they will hit. This makes it an easy victory."  6.7 - Prison Passage -=-
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - Hidden Vehicle Location: Once the ship docks on land, and opens 
up 100%, drive to the under area of the bow of the ship. (In the rather shallow 
water) Look for the Health Pick-up on top of some crates in a corner, but it's 
unreachable. So target your guns or a missle toward the crate FURTHEST from the ship 
right next to the Health Pick-up. This should create a ramp for you to drive up to 
the level that the Health pick-up is on. Once on top, turn toward the side of the 
ship. After shooting the area in front of you (where the Health pick-up was) a 
secret area should open up. Once open, drive inside and you'll see a Vehicle in a 
caged area. Now simply destory the control console, and you can slaughter things 
with Manslaughter. (Yes, I know, that last line SUCKED!) ;-) 6.8 - Snowy Roads -=-=-
=-=-=-=-=-=- - Unlock Level Icon: Just beyond the barriers toward the cliff in the 
area with the Restaurant, on the southern side of the level (To your right if you're 
facing TOWARD the road in front of the Restaurant) is where you'll find the Black 
Cube in this level. Just carefully follow the dge of the level to obtain the Black 
Cube and unlock the Power Plant level. 6.9 - Drive-In Movie -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= No 
secrets in this level either. 6.10 - Skyscrapers -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= - Unlock Level 
Icon: This one requires an extra life to be on-hand, as getting the Black Cube 
requires death in return. On the tower with the wrecking ball swinging back and 
forth, you'll see a billboard on the northern end of the tower. (In other words, the 
only other spot on the tower with a building next to it besides the one with the 
wrecking ball path) Once there, shoot the billboard down to form a bridge. Then, 
once on top of the newly fallen bridge, turn to face the large building to the side 
of it. Then fly almost directly in between the two buildings on your left and right 
to find the Black Cube. You'll just have to get the proper speed to get it depending 
upon your Vehicle. this Black Cube unlocks the Sewer level. 6.11 - Warhawk's 
Rooftop -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Not only does this level host arguably the toughest 
boss Twisted Metal has ever seen, but it has a rather difficult Black Cube to obtain 
that may require a few attempts to get it. So first, finding the... - Unlock Level 
Icon: While fighting Warhawk, you should see a Tanker come off of a Rooftop from 
afar. This is your first clue to finding the Black Cube. (If you don't know where 
the Tanker came from, I don't really know how to describe the position of the Black 
Cube then, sorry...) Basically, all you really have to do is drive full speed 
straight off the dge toward the center of the building. Repositioning the camera 
also really helps in lining yourself up with it. So once you're airborne, basically 
hope that you hit the Black Cube, and of course if you miss, then you'll know where 
to adjust your Vehicle to get it the next time. And as I said earlier, this may 
require multiple attemps. This final Black Cube unlocks the Skyscrapers Level. Now, 
as for FIGHTING WARHAWK... You will see two Bunkers to the sides of the Helipad... 
use these, as they will seperate you from winning or losing. The Bunker can 
eventually be destroyed, but they can withstand a lot of punishment. Now, as for the 
shield surrounding Warhawk... This will obviously be your first task in defeating 
him, as with a shield, your weapons as harmless against him. As the battle 
progresses, eventually a rather weak, but large Tanker will fly off of a neighboring 
rooftop, and onto Warhawk's rooftop. so now, direct all of your weapons toward the 
Tanker instead. Once it's near-deatch, a message on the top of your screen will say 
that the Tanker has been disabled. Don't destroy it! Wait until Warhawk is within 
range of this Tanker, then finish it off. It should say that Warhawk's shield has 
been damaged. Follow the above procedure 2 more times (3 total) and it will 
eventually say that Warhawk's shield has been destroyed. S-U-C-C-E-S-S, that's the 
way you spell... possible defeat...? Now with Warhawk's shields down, you can now 
begin attacking him. But don't be so stupid as to try and duke it out with him face-
to-face, because he will rip you a new one (if your lucky) to put it loosely. 
Instead, if the bunkers haven't already been destroyed, continue using those as 
cover, and as Warhawk ends his little onslaught, then take a shot at him with a 
Homing Missle. However if they have been destroyed, your only other option is to 
KEEP MOVING! If you stop even for a second, a barrage of missles will nearly take 
you out. That's really the only advie I can give (for now) so try to keep the above 
in mind while battling him. Alternate Strategy(s) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- "Very 
beginning, just camp out in a bunker and wait for the truck to fly down. Once it 
comes, shoot it with your fire and/or homing missiles all the while emptying bullets 
into it (you should still be in the bunker when doing this). Once disabled, use the 
radar to help you out. If the red dot goes near the yellow dot, shoot the truck with 
a bullet. Once the truck is gone, go out and collect 1 or 2 missiles preferrably 
fire missiles and camp out in the other bunker. repeat until the shield is down. Now 
comes the easiest battle ever. Once the heli circles around twice, quickly position 
yourself in the very center of the landing pad. The heli will come down allowing you 
to shoot its nose provided you stay right under it so that its projectiles dont hit 
you. BTW Darkside's special takes 50% off the HP on warhawk if you manage to hit 

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