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Hello It's me again. Yep, I'm All-Knower. I'm back with an walkthrough on one of 
the new games out "Paper Mario - The Thousand Year Door" If you just got this game 
and haven't played it yet and don't want to ruin the many suprises in the game (The 
one in Chapter 8 is my favorite), don't read this. it is a good game and is an RPG 
to get.

Table of contents:
I. Storyline
II. Partners
III. Walkthrough: Prolouge
IV. Chapter 1
V. Chapter 2
VI. chapter 3
VII. Chapter 4
VIII. Chapter 5
IX. Chapter 6
X. Chapter 7
XI. Chapter 8

I. Storyline

Once upon a time, There was an ancient city. It was one of the most beautiful 
sights one could ever see. But one day, calamity fell upon the city. It was 
destroyed, but there was an ancient treasure to be found. A millenium later, our 
damsel in distress, Princess Peach, comes across a magical map that leads to the 
crystal stars, the 7 objects that are the only way to open the thousand-year-door, 
which the treasure is behind. Only when the chosen one holds the magical map aloft 
at the thousand-year-door, will the location of a crystal star be recorded on the 
map. Of course, Peach thinks it will be too dangerous for her to go and find the 
crystal stars herself, so she sends Mario a letter that reads: "Dear Mario, I am on 
vacation traveling in the Mushroom Kingdom. In my travels, I have come across a 
magical map that points to treasure. It is to dangerous for me to go alone, but I 
have sent the map inside this letter so you can come and help me search. I will be 
waiting in Rougeport for you, which means you must come. Love, Princess Peach 
Toadstool." And so our story begins...

II. Partners

Like the original Paper Mario, there are a slew of new partners. In this game, 
there are seven of them. These are your partners:
  Goombella: If you remember Goombario from the first Paper Mario game, Goombella 
is just like him. Goombella wants to be an archeologist someday. Her means of 
attack is headbonking the enemy. She can also tattle on enemies, making their HP 
visible. In the field, she can tell you about people, places, or objects. She joins 
you in the prolouge.
  Koops: Koops is a character similar to Kooper from Paper Mario. I almost mistook 
his father as Kooper because he also had a blue shell. Koops is a shy koopa who 
wants to beat the dragon Hooktail and avenge his father, who he thinks is dead. 
Koops means of attack is hidng in his shell and flinging himself at enemies. He can 
also attack multiple enemies at once, but it costs FP. In the field, Koops is good 
at hitting switches that are impossible to hit. You can even hold his shell in 
place while you position yourself in any spot. Koops joins you in chapter one.
  Flurrie: Flurrie isn't like any partner in the original game. She is a movie star 
that moved to Boggly Woods to get some rest. Her means of attack are crushing 
enemies using her body slam attack. She can also blow enemies away from battle. 
(You still get their star points :P) In the field, she can blow air and find secret 
passages. She joins you in chapter 2.
  ???: I like this partner the best. It's a newborn Yoshi that you get to name. A 
unique partner. He is a vital addition to your team. The Yoshi's means of attacks 
are pounding the crud out of enemies with his ground pound attack. He can also defy 
enemy defences with the gulp attack. In the field, Mario can hop in him for extra 
speed, and he can travel some distances by holding down "A". The Yoshi joins you in 
chapter 3.
  Vivian: She is like Bow from Paper Mario. Funny thing, Bow makes an appearence in 
this game, wierd. Vivian is one of the villain group, the shadow sirens. She is 
always being pushed around by her sister Beldam. Of course, she quits them, and 
joins Mario. She can attack enemies and burn them with shade fist, and hide Mario 
for a turn using veil. In the field, she can hide Mario under the ground, and avoid 
some enemies. She joins you in chapter 4.
  Mrs. Mowz: Another unique character. Mrs. Mowz is a badge theif / badge shop 
owner. Go figure. She can slap enemies silly, or steal their items. I'm not sure 
when you get her exactly, but when in the trouble center, look for the elusive 
badge trouble.
  Bobbery: A lonely bomb-omb, who refuses to leave his house because his wife died 
while he was away at sea. (The story brought a tear to my eye.) He is just like 
bombette from the original Paper Mario. (No, Bobbery's wife was named Scarlette.) 
He can attack one enemy with his bomb, or attack multiple enemies the next turn 
with time bomb. Bobbery joins you in chapter 5.
  This time around, your partners have their own HP, and they can be powered up. 
You need three shine sprites to power them up once. After you get Bobbery, and find 
the up arrow in Hooktail castle, you can upgrade them again for another three shine 
sprites. There are 42 shine sprites in all.

III. Prolouge

Mario arrives at Rogueport, and already has to save a goomba gal in need of help. 
This big guy named Lord Crump is interrogating her and she just wants to be left 
alone. Mario's first battle takes place here. After he takes 5 points of damage, he 
is beaten. So, he'll call in some reinforcements. Mario and Goombella escape. 
Goombella takes Mario to her old professor's house. He explains the magical map's 
power to Mario and Goombella. They head for the thousand year door, where Mario 
holds the map up and the crystal star location is recorded. Mario is this legendary 
hero that was in the storyline. Of course, Peach has been kidnapped and is being 
held at the location of the last crystal star.

IV. Chapter 1

Petalburg is where this starts. To get the crystal star you nees two stone keys 
inside Shhwonk ruins. After getting them, you can go to Hooktail castle. On the way 
there, Koops joins you. After navigating through the castle, Hooktail waits for you 
on the top floor. You need a sound fx badge to beat him. He has 20 HP. Once you 
beat him, he'll offer you some stuff. Don't believe him! Soon enough, he'll eat the 
audience and reagain ten HP. Beat him and he is done. Koopley, Koops's father, is 
inside him and Hooktail spits him out. Koopley gives you the crystal star.

V. Chapter 2

The next crystal star is in Boggly Woods. This is where Flurrie joins you. You have 
to beat the shadow sirens first. In the tree, you have to navigate through with a 
group of punies to get the star. Of course, Lord Crump steals it. You need to beat 
him in his machine the Magnus von Grapple. When you do beat him, you get the 
crystal star.

VI. Chapter 3

The next crystal star is in Glitzville. To get there, you need a blimp ticket from 
Don Pianta. To get the ticket, talk to him, and solve his problem. Francessa and 
Frankie are on the dock. Go back to Don Pianta and tell him where they are. They 
will appear and Don Pianta will give you a blimp ticket. In Glitzville, join the 
fighting. Listen to the messages of X and follow her instructions. When King K 
tells you about the egg, go get it. The next time you fight, the egg hatches. the 
Yoshi comes out of it when you get back from the fight, and you name him and he 
joins your party. When you become champ, follow X's instructions. When Grubba 
leaves his room, look in his drawer to find the blueprints for his machine. He 
keeps himself alive by using the machine. Grubba was the one who sent the threat 
messages. After beating him, Jolene (X) appears and tells you about her brother, 
Prince Mush. Mush hops out of the machine. Jolene gives you the crystal star.

VII. Chapter 4

The next crystal star is in Creepy Steeple in Twilight Town. Inside, when Mario 
beats the guy on top of Creepy Steeple, he steals his body and name. Mario can't 
attack him, and vice versa. You need to find his name. You have no partners at this 
point. Vivian joins your party and you go in the well. Push the wall slighty and 
use Vivian's power. Sneak through and dissapear when you are next to the parrot. He 
will say the ghost's name: Doopliss. Go back to him and he will run back to Creepy 
Steeple. Go to where you found him at first. You must fight him. If you battle him, 
Vivian finds out that you are Mario. Then she joins you anyway. When you beat him, 
your party rejoins you and you get the crystal star.

VIII. Chapter 5

Off to Keelhaul Key. You must get Bobbery's help. Float on Yoshi on the east side 
to reach the roofs. Roll up to get into Bobbery's house. He will say "I'm not 
going." Go to Podley at the inn. He will give you a letter. Give it to Bobbery. He 
will go to Keelhaul Key. When there he will join your party. In the Pirate's 
Grotto, navigate through until you go to fight the pirate ghost Cortez. If you beat 
him, he will give you the crystal star. Lord Crump attacks the island. You have to 
fight him after borrowing Cortez's ship. Then you can leave the island.

IX. Chapter 6

The next star is in Poshley Sanctum. Speak with Don again. He'll give you a pass if 
you find Francessa and Frankie on Keelhaul Key. Get them and you get a ticket. Ride 
the Excess Express. When you get to Poshley Sanctum, Examine the locked door. The 
owner will appear and open the door. The shadow Sirens (Beldam, Marilyn, and 
Doopliss) steal the fake star. Mario must navigate through to find a pipe that 
leads to where the star is.

X. Chapter 7

The next star is on the moon. I won't explain how to get there, ask Merluvlee. When 
inside the X-naut fortress, navigate through to find Lord Crump in the Magnus von 
Grapple 2.0. When you beat him, you get the last crystal star. Go to TEC. He will 
unlock the door to get out of there. 

XI. Chapter 8

No time to tell you how to navigate through here, but here is who you need to fight:
Gloomtail- Hooktail's sibling, but much stronger.
The Shadow Sirens- I think you know them by now.
Grodus- X-naut leader. Don't jump on him.
Bowser and Kammy Koopa- Gonna take a rocket scientist to figure out who these two 
Shadow Queen- The evil demon behind the Thousand-Year-Door. Possesses Peach and you 
get to kick the crud out of her.

This is it. I'll be back with a new FAQ soon.

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