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WarioWorld Walkthrough for Gamecube

FAQ version history:
1.0 - Entire level walkthrough (100%) + Intro. All Item locations. Most 
of 'Important


"Ah, ha ha ha! I've finally done it!" Wario chuckles to himself as he does some
exploring up his nose. Why does he chuckle, you ask? Because he's finally 
construction of his beloved castle!

"So, whaddya think? Pretty sweet, eh? The sparkling golden walls, the luxurious
chandeliers... And how about these marble floors? It's a wonderfully gorgeous 
for wonderful and gorgeous me. Hey, and by the way - and this is secret - the 
floors are brimming with jewels and treasures that I've pilfered from all around 
world! What? You wanna take a peek? No way! They're mine, all mine! ... As if I'd
actually let you put a single grubby finger on any of my treasures! Please! I'm 
even gonna let you look at them!"

Yes, Wario is feeling pretty fine. However, unbeknownst to him, something 
terrible has
happened to his jewels. Sleeping buried under all of his treasures is a black 
jewel that
all but wiped out civilization long ago. And now, on an evening where a red moon 
the evil black jewel awakens.

"Huh? What's all that noise downstairs?! I was just getting ready to floss the 
gunk out
of my toes! Gah! I HATE distractions!"

When Wario finally notices that something strange is happening, it's already too 
The evil black jewel downstairs has managed to engulf many of the other treasures 
is rapidly growing larger and larger! And not only that - it's churning out 
as well! Yes, that's right! It seems that the curse that this jewel carries turn
treasures into monsters. To make matters worse, the black jewel has decided that 
wants to build a kingdom of it's own and is changing Wario's world into quite a 

"Whoa! What the heck's going on here?! My castle's going nuts! Who did this? Who 

After yelling this, Wario begins angrily stomping his feet. He's come completely 
But then, somehow, he subdues his anger, and while thoughtfully prospecting his 
he gets ahold of himself.

"Using my brilliant brainpower, I think ... Wait! That must be it! This is the 
work of
that weird, black-coloured jewel! I thought there was something off about that 
the first time I laid eyes on it! Why, that arrogant little PUNK! It actually 
it could outwit the great Wario! Somehow, someway, I'm gonna take back every last
treasure it stole from me! Then I'll smack that thing 100 times!! 

Once Wario gets angry, absolutely nothing scares him. And so, after stuffing four 
heads of garlic into his mouth, he stomps out in a furious rage to meet the 

For those of you who have read my previous FAQ for Ty The Tasmanian Tiger, you'll 
that I enjoy this type of platformer action. Hopefully, if you found the system 
of just
the facts and item locations without spoilers useful last time, you'll be in for 
same kind of help and advice. I won't insult your intelligence (too much) by a 
step-by-step guide, but the less obvious puzzles and tricky bits will be covered -
with tactics for dealing with those devious bosses.

Important Stuff

Wario's Moves
Can't do much without knowing how Wario works. It's all covered in the manual, 
but here's
a quick rundown of the big guy's powers:

* Punch: Press B for a normal punch. Good for smaller baddies and for clearing 
or opening chests. All purpose, really.

* Jump: Again, obvious benefits include getting higher then you previously were 
avoiding ground-based attacks like shockwaves. Press A to jump.

* Ground Pound: A necessity for getting into normal trapdoors and pressing 
Press A to Jump up and R to perform the move in mid-air.

* Hyper Suction: Good for collecting coins quickly, use Wario's lungs for a clean
Kirby-esque sweep of goodies.

* Dash Attack: Good for those stubborn barriers that a normal punch won't solve. 
up with B button or simply press the R button to perform a charging attack.

* Corkscrew Cork: One of the more complicated moves, use a Dash Attack and jump 
(with A)
for a nifty somersault move.

* Throw + Super Throw: When you stun one of the bigger enemies, pick him up with 
B and
press B again to throw it around. It also works with various objects, such as 
heads and pillars. Hold B down while holding something to throw it helluva far.

* Piledriver: A cool move, piledrivers are useful for a massive downward attack,
especially useful against those steel trapdoors that are immune to Ground Pounds. 
hold an enemy and jump (with A) and press R to pull it off.

* Wild Swing-Ding: While holding an enemy, spin the control stick around 
clockwise or
counter-clockwise to perform this baddie-clearing move. This is good for hitting 
baddies (who require many hits to KO). Also useful for opening gates with a 
switch. Press B to throw your enemy and stop spinning.

Look out for these on each of the eight stages. I'll try to make sure you get 
them all.

TREASURES: Littered on each level are 8 switches and platforms of different 
The idea is to find the switch and hit it, and then locate the treasure chest that
appears on a platform of the same colour. You should then punch open the chest 
and grab
one of Wario's much beloved treasures. 8 to collect. For every level you collect 
all the
treasures for, you unlock a minigame for the GBA link-up feature (see later).

RED DIAMONDS: The most important thing are these babies, and you can find one per
trapdoor. Usually, you need to solve some kind of puzzle or test to find it. 8 to 
per level, and you need at least three to open the boss room.

GOLD STATUE: You need to find all eight pieces of the statue for Wario to 
increase in
heart pieces (health). 8 to collect per level, and they're usually with the Red 
in the trapdoor levels.

SPRITELINGS: Something good will happen if you free all the Spritelings, but for 
now just
free them for their handy hints. 5 to collect per level, in five distinct colours 
of Red
Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple (in that order, usually).

STAMPS: When all goal requirements are fulfilled, you will get a Stamp saying 
that level
is complete in the eyes of Wario. There are three stamps: One for killing the boss
('Boss'), one for collecting all the treasures ('Treasure') and one for 
collecting all
the statue pieces ('Heart').

GOLD: Not a required pick up, but you do need as many as possible so don't miss 
out any
valuable deposits such as chests, enemies or breakable blocks. You need 100 to 
continue a
game after you run out of hearts (which increases per world), and varying amounts 
Garlic Dispensers.

GARLIC: Often found in chests instead of gold, Garlic will replenish your health. 
Buy them
at the various Garlic Dispensers in the world if you're desperate.

Bosses + sub-bosses and how to beat them will be dealt with in the Walkthrough 
itself. The
names in brackets are those I'm not sure about (they're not given in the game, 
that I know of)
so please e-mail me if you know a source for the names (like a webpage) or the 
names themselves.

Magon - Simple fodder who appear on many of the stages. Just punch away. The 
bigger ones
need throwing about. Type A enemy (you'll find one like it in each world)

Cractyl - Knock these out of the sky by chucking enemies at them, or wait until 
within range and grab them. They're weak but annoying if you're trying to jump 
platforms. Type B enemy (you'll find one like it in each world)

Ankiron - These armored turtles are fairly easy to sneak by. If you're trying to 
kill one,
avoid his shell cannon and defeat it before it goes defensive. Type C enemy 
(you'll find
one like it etc. etc.)

(Triceratops) - These guys are basically tough dudes with sticks. After so many 
blows, they
lose the stick and move on four-legs, using their charge as a weapon. A few more 
hits and
a Super Throw is required to take 'em out. Type D enemy (you'll find one like it 
yadda yadda).

Old Red-Mug - Not really an enemy, punch these guys in the face three times and 
collapse, making a bridge to a new area.

Unithorn - Ubiquitous, unkillable and unbearable; Escape them by exiting their 
domain as
quickly as possible. If one grabs you, you're going to lose coins rapidly until 
you shake
it off.

Crystal Towers - These things trap you into their own little globe and use beam 
attacks to
kill you. Grab one of it's underlings and throw it at them three times to knock 
it unconscious.
At which point, the forcefield drops and you're free to defeat it.

Battle Rings - These aren't enemies per se, but they appear frequently and you 
need to fight
as many foes as you can before a minute is up. The bodycount results in more gold 
at the end
of the timer.

more to come...

The walkthrough will work by bulletpoint, where I shall point out things as you 
the level. It should be in some kind of order which you can follow, try to not to 
off the path. For example, if you decide to go to a nearby trapdoor instead of 
my suggestion of going left up a ladder. Of course, feel free to deviate from the 
just don't complain about being lost later :)

To collect:
TREASURE:[treasure name]
[colour] SWITCH (for above treasure chests when the levels get more complex)
(The colours are: Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Green and Light 
'[name of stamp]' Stamp

Excitement Central - Greenhorn Forest
First level, and things are predictably simple. No colour-coding for chests here, 
find them easily enough.

* Climb the first ladder you see for the first switch + chest 
combo 'TREASURE:Diamond'
* Moving along, automatically free SPRITELING(Red)
* Jumping on the log platforms, pick up 'STATUE PART A'
* Climb the ladder after the log jumps to collect 'STATUE PART B'
* Collect more treasure near the Magon crowd 'TREASURE:Ruby'
* Drop into lower area here for the switch to unlock a chest above. Use the 
pillar to get
	it 'TREASURE:Opal'
* After the climbing pillars, free another SPRITELING(Yellow)
* Down the trapdoor near the Garlic Dispenser, grab the 'STATUE PART C' + 'RED 
* Another trapdoor with another 'STATUE PART D' + 'RED DIAMOND 2' combo
* Use the Bunny Spring to free another SPRITELING(Green)
* Drop down nearby trapdoor for 'RED DIAMOND 3'
* Head up and left and down the next trapdoor for 'RED DIAMOND 4' and 'STATUE 
* Head left, remembering the treasure platform. Hit the switch once you reach the 
	of the left path and return to platform mentioned. 'TREASURE:Amethyst' is 
* Back up the tree and head right for 'STATUE PART F'. Hit switch and head back 
	tree for 'TREASURE:Amber'
* Over the rock in the pool is another 'STATUE PART G'
* Hit the switch up the next ladder for 'TREASURE:Sapphire', coming up over the 
* Down the trapdoor, get 'RED DIAMOND 5'
* Free the little SPRITELING(Blue) up next.
* Down the trapdoor for 'RED DIAMOND 6'
* Before the boss room, is the last SPRITELING(Purple). Don't fight the boss yet, 
continue on.
* Hit blue switch for a chest later on
* Down the trapdoor for 'RED DIAMOND 7'
* Go up and left, making sure to hit the purple switch by jumping off and 
punching it.
* When up the ladder, head down the last trapdoor for the final 'RED DIAMOND 8' 
	'STATUE PART H' ('Heart' Stamp)
* Grab the 'TREASURE:Topaz' in the blue chest. Jump down for the 
purple 'TREASURE:Emerald'
	('Treasure' Stamp)
* Back to the boss trapdoor and head down after depositing Red Diamonds.

- Hurt him by punching him like normal
- When he turns red, run away from the immediate berserk attack until he calms 
- When he is stunned, throw him off the edge and repeat process twice more to 
beat him.

'Boss' Stamp + 1/2 Heart are yours once you leave the level.

Excitement Central - Greenhorn Ruins
A little more maze-like, with the trapdoor puzzles a little harder to figure out. 
Keep on
your toes.

* Instead of smashing the first block which you appear next to, climb it and hit 
Red SWITCH. Then feel free to smash the block and collect 'TREASURE:Porcelain Urn'
* Smash all the blocks for the Yellow SWITCH and chest for 'TREASURE:Fine China'
* Free two SPRITELINGS(Red+Yellow) almost next to each other
* Hit the GREEN switch before heading past the urns
* Grab hold of one of the enemies that pop out the urns, and piledriver the metal 
* Free the SPRITELING(Green) before heading up the Glue Globes
* Climb up Glue Globes and head down trapdoor at the top left, watch out for the 
	balls and get 'RED DIAMOND 2'
* Head south (towards screen) until you find the green chest and 'TREASURE: 
Ceramic Vase'
* Head right to fight a mini-boss, use the previous piledriver/wild swing-ding 
tactics to
	defeat it and continue on.
* Knock down the thwomp lookalike 'Old Red-Mug' to head back after hitting switch 
	collect 'TREASURE:Teapot'
* Use the Glue Globe bridge to get 'STATUE PART B'
* When you reach the bottom of the Glue Globe platforms, go left and use another 
set to
* Hit the blue SWITCH down here and the Red-Mug to head back 
to 'TREASURE:Precious Pot'
* Hit the light blue switch behind the Ankiron for 'TREASURE:Vase', back on those 
	Globe platforms you went past earlier.
* Behind the Ankiron is another trapdoor, go down for 'RED DIAMOND 3'
* Free the SPRITELING(Blue) and head down the nearby trapdoor for 'STATUE PART D' 
* Piledrive the next metal trapdoor for another 'STATUE PART E' and RED DIAMOND 5'
* Instead of smashing the next set of blocks, climb them for a Blue SWITCH
* Smash the blocks now, hit the purple switch and use the trapdoor for 'RED 
* Head up and go left at the Ankiron to find 'TREASURE:Lucky Figurine'
* Head behind the Ankiron for another trapdoor with 'RED DIAMOND 7' and 'STATUE 
	Find the Diamond under the far left rock head on the second row down to 
	time. The Statue Part is under the rock head directly above the escape 
	Of course, the locations might change each time, so don't be surprised if 
	not where they should be.
* Grab the next 'TREASURE:NES' (Yeah, that's very subtle of you Nintendo...) 
* Free the last SPRITELING(Purple)
* Down the last metal trapdoor for final 'STATUE PART H' + 'RED DIAMOND 8' 
('Heart' Stamp)
* Finally, go down the boss trapdoor

- Hurt him with Punch and Dash Attack, he should take so much damage then turn 
- He alternates between his two berserk attacks; one involves coming at you with 
scythe-like arms and the other involves him going to the centre and spitting 
spike balls
at you. He's invincible both times so just dodge the attacks by jumping and 
running around.
- After five rounds of attacks, he gives up his cash and you walk away victorious.

'Boss' Stamp and 1/2 Heart are yours after you leave the level.

Excitement Central - DinoMighty's Showdown
The first big boss looks like a tough one, but you should notice two things right 
away -
The band-aid on the stomach (those of us in the know call this the 'King Hippo 
and the Glue Globe on his tail.

- First off, either aim several punches or Dash Attacks on he stomach are to 
knock him over.
- Alternately, grab onto his tail (careful to avoid his swings) and wait until he 
around for you. Then, Ground Pound his head from your vantage point.
- Both manoeuvres above should stun him for a while. So pick him up and Piledrive 
him into
the concrete to knock off a hit point. Five times ought to do the trick.
- Avoid the following attacks:
* Stomp (dangerous if near his stomach, he raises his legs for a warning)
* Eye Lasers (dangerous if away from him at any time, just run closer while 
* Swing (after grabbing onto his tail, stay put to avoid falling off)
* Ground Pound (after recovering from a Piledriver, jump to avoid the shockwaves)
* Triple Ground Pound (as above, only he does it three times quickly, happens if 
knocked off enough hit points)

Congrats. The first Huge Treasure Chest Key is now yours.

Spooktastic World - Horror Manor
Shades of Luigi's Mansion in this level. It's starting to get difficult. Remember 
to fill
up before a boss or a hard bit when you come to a Garlic Vendor.

* Right away, you can bust open the first SPRITELING(Red)
* Defeat Big Bone-Fist by Ground Pounding it after it comes down from a Slam 
	Watch out, it has other attacks too.
* Hit the Red SWITCH and see it appear above you, walk around to 
get 'TREASURE:Candlestick'
* Use the ghostly Glue Globe to go left and find a Yellow SWITCH. Also, find a 
trapdoor and
	go down it to find 'STATUE PART A' and 'RED DIAMOND 1', jump through 
holes in the
	middle of the structure to do so.
* Down the path until you meet another crystal mini-boss like in Greenhorn Ruins. 
	appear lots of times in this game and the strategy is always the same.
* Right after picking up the miniboss, use him to turn the Swirl Slab to grab 
	PART B'. Do so by performing the Wild Swing-Ding while holding it.
* In the graveyard area, pick up 'TREASURE:Silver Candlestick' from the Yellow 
* Down the trapdoor here for SPRITELING(Yellow) + 'RED DIAMOND 2'
* Another Bone-Fist enemy, same tactics as before.
* Hit the Green SWITCH. You can see the chest, but don't worry about it yet.
* Use another Swirl Slab for another 'STATUE PART C'.
* Down the trapdoor for 'RED DIAMOND 3'
* Climb the Gazebo/Tower structure and go left when you reach the second floor. 
Take the
	leftmost Glue Globe to go further left and get 'TREASURE:Forest Painting' 
	the Green chest. Down the trapdoor is another jumping puzzle. Make sure 
you only
	jump as the platforms flatten out, otherwise you could get tossed off. 
* Climb the Tower again, going all the way to the top. Fight another Crystal 
miniboss (just
	'Crystal' from now on) and hit the Blue Switch when you're done.
* Jump onto the balcony with SPRITELING(Green) and continue through into the 
mansion by
	destroying the door knocker (avoid it's beams and punch it lots).
* While up here, get the 'TREASURE:Crystal Ball' when the beams stop. Also hit 
the Green
	SWITCH. Get past another door knocker while up here and free SPRITELING
* Get past the new and improved silver door knocker and descend down the trapdoor.
* Avoid the lasers and grab 'RED DIAMOND 5' and the Garlic if you want.
* Continue on into the manor until you reach the hole in the floor. Go left to 
	'STATUE PART E' first before dropping down...
* ...Into a battle ring! Afterwards, go right and get 'TREASURE:Castle Painting' 
	avoiding the beams.
* Go left under (or over) spike traps until you reach that trapdoor you saw going 
	Down the trapdoor is 'STATUE PART F' and 'RED DIAMOND 6'.
* Down the next metal trapdoor is another 'STATUE PART G' and 'RED DIAMOND 7' 
* After you go up the Glue Globe cogs, keep going right until you hit the Purple 
	After that, go as left as you can above the cogs until the screen turns 
	you, and carry on round to find the purple chest and 'TREASURE: Knight's 
* Go back round to pick up 'TREASURE:Gladiator's Helmet' from the blue chest. 
	walking back along the walkway to the blue chest, drop off the end to 
land on a
	raised area with a steel trapdoor. Descend it for 'STATUE PART H' 
('Heart' Stamp)
	and 'RED DIAMOND 8'.
* When you come out, go right and press the Purple SWITCH. Use a Wild Swing-Ding 
to escape.
* Grab the last SPRITELING(Purple) and the last chest when beams 
stop. 'TREASURE:Ornate Bag'
	and the 'Treasure' Stamp are now yours.
* Nothing left but the boss, so go down there and show him who's #1!

LEVEL BOSS: Brawl Doll
- Usual tactics, find a quiet bit and pummel it to death. Super Throw or 
Piledrive to
	damage it.
- Each time you hit it in mid-air with normal punches, it'll try to slap you so 
avoid it.
- Each time it is damaged, it will fire a laser volley at you. It starts with 
three beams
	but increases with each point of damage. They can also fly in different 
	so be ready to dodge each time you hurt him.
- Smack him up five times and he's toast.

'Boss' Stamp and 1/2 Heart once you leave.

Spooktastic World - Wonky Circus
Bizarre circus world. There's always a spotlight on our favorite anti-hero here. 
getting tougher so watch out.

* Head left and collect what's on the three platforms in the background. 
	and Red SWITCH are your main concerns.
* Further left on more platforms, collect 'TREASURE:Bugle' and 'STATUE PART A' 
and go down
	the trapdoor for 'STATUE PART B' and 'RED DIAMOND 1'.
* To beat the Electric Clown Fence, throw clowns at the floating target three 
times to
	bring it down.
* Down another trapdoor for 'RED DIAMOND 2'.
* Before using the trampoline, drop down and fight Crystal again. Use it or the 
clowns to
	drop down the metal trapdoor.
* This huge turning platform looks intimidating, but if you hurry to the far end, 
you can
	stay on as it flips over and jump off where the coin trail starts (use 
the overhead
	camera to aim yourself down). Collect 'STATUE PART C' and 'RED DIAMOND 3'
* Run (or Dash) into trampolines to be sprung in the opposite direction. Use this 
to get
	acroos the other side and hit the Yellow SWITCH you find. Spring back 
with the
	higher up trampoline to get 'STATUE PART D'.
* Use the Glue Globe to go right to pick up SPRITELING(Yellow).
* Continue into the tent on the left. Here you can play a game of target 
practice, but
	you'll only get money so it's up to you. Aim the bombs at the pins in the 
* Use the Glue Globe to go up, and pick up 'TREASURE:Tambourine'.
* Go down the next trapdoor for 'STATUE PART E' and 'RED DIAMOND 4'.
* Use this Glue Globe to hit the Green SWITCH and run away from the clown 
missiles to hit
	another switch. Back to the Glue Globe again, go right to collect
* Go up the ladder in the last tent, and beat the two snake charmer enemies 
	Clarinet'. Back down the ladder, hit the glowing trapdoor (make sure it 
is the
	correct one, which is on the left and metal) for 'RED DIAMOND 5'.
* Try going down the other trapdoor, and you'll appear in a new area. Go right 
and find
	another metal trapdoor for a spring puzzle. Let go just before it stops 
and it
	should propel you to SPRITELING(Green) and 'RED DIAMOND 6'.
* Wait until the fire stops and jump up off the Glue Globe to hit the Blue SWITCH.
* Go left and jump up off the Glue Globe to find SPRITELING(Blue).
* Carry on going left until you're above the start of the area. 
Get 'TREASURE:Trombone'.
* Hit the side-targets on the weird blue platforms to make them rise up.
* After encountering another battle ring, go up the left Glue Globe for a Blue 
	up the right one for 'STATUE PART F'
* Continue on and get 'TREASURE:Sax' from the blue chest.
* After jumping off and hitting the Purple SWITCH, beat the Electric Clown Fence 
	backtrack to where you were before jumping off and get 'TREASURE:Drum'.
* In the next area, use a clown to hit the Purple SWITCH while destroying another
	Electric Clown Fence.
* Go over the bridge and down the trapdoor for SPRITELING(Purple) and 'RED 
* Up and right on the Glue Globe, go down the last trapdoor for 'RED DIAMOND 8' 
	'STATUE PART 7'. When you come back out, jump off the left ledge for the 
	'TREASURE:N64' (Shameless..) ('Treasure' Stamp)
* Before heading for the boss trapdoor, head left off the Glue Globes for the 
last 'STATUE
	PART H' ('Heart' Stamp)
* OK, down the boss trapdoor we go.

LEVEL BOSS: Clown-A-Round
- Tactics haven't changed. The only time you can hit him is when he's without his 
	and showing his true head. After dazing him, pick up and Super 
- When he mounts his ball, Either follow him across using the Glue Globes around 
the ball
	or stay put. If you chose the latter, stick to one of the outcroppings on 
the side
	to avoid the explosion.
- After he throws the ball and is on your platform, he will shed two of his 
heads, which
	will attack you on their own, and try to punch you. This is your chance 
to hit him
	back. Avoid the heads or just knock them off the platform.
- As he gets hurt, he becomes faster (like most bosses) and there are less Glue 
Globes to
	hitch a ride with when he moves on his ball.
- Five successful attacks and the clown will croak.

'Boss' Stamp + 1/2 Heart.

Spooktastic World - Duel Dragon Showdown
Two heads are better than one, they say, but Wario is going to prove that his one 
better than anything with more teeth than brains.

- First thing you will notice is their shaky co-ordination. One head will barely 
just avoid
the other one's breath attack. It would be a shame if one head were distracted 
before it
could pull away...
- Stay away from the tails and the water if possible, as they hurt Wario.
- Ditto if one of the heads is about to unleash flaming death from it's mouth.
- The heads will sometimes spit out Glue Globes (so that's where they come 
from..), which
is a bad thing as Wario can get caught on them and end up in the water, or worse 
as the
other head sucks them all back in again, possibly including Wario.
- Damage the dragon by whacking the right head as the left is about to breathe 
fire (notice
the cinders around the mouth before he does so). IF done right, the second head 
will get
a buttload of napalm in the face. That's gotta hurt!
- After each hit, more fireballs fly out of the flaming breath which you have to 
- Also, the heads alternate after the third or fourth hit, so make sure to check 
cinders round the mouth and start hitting the other.
- After five such outsmarts, the dragon(s) disappear and you get another Key.

Two Keys down, two to go. But it only gets harder from here on out.

Thrillsville - Shivering Mountains
A very annoying level with many paths that can only be attempted once. You will 
need to use the ByeBye Balloon a few times to get everything on the level 
(especially the
Statue Parts on the slides). Whenever the path deviates (i.e. you miss jumping 
off the
slide onto the higher ground) the square brackets will point out what needs to be 

* First thing, use the Bunny Spring to hit the Red SWITCH.
* First slide, head to the left for a better chance of reaching the high ground 
(which is
	a series of Christmas trees).
[* At the top of the middle tree is 'STATUE PART A'. Head to the chimney 
(actually a
	trapdoor) and go down for a 'RED DIAMOND 1'].
* At the bottom of the slide is a Yellow SWITCH. Don't need to tell you what to 
do with it.
* Head down a little to get the Red 'TREASURE:Nice Glass'.
* On a little further, find the SPRITELING(Red) on an igloo.
* Fight the Angler Mangler. This guy is almost tough enough to be a full boss. 
The trick is
	to beat the little barrel ghosts until they are stunned, and then 
Piledrive them
	while under the Angler's headlight. Twice more and it's gone. Avoid it's 
ice attacks
	including the icicles blocking your exit.
[* Down another slide, head left again to pick up a 'STATUE PART B' on the way 
[* Up on the plateau, hit the nearby Blue SWITCH and collect the 
Yellow 'TREASURE:Ancient
	Chalice' over the hill (use the trees to get there). At the top of the 
left tree is
	'STATUE PART C'. Right at the top of the tree line (using the Glue 
Globes) is a
	trapdoor. Go down it for SPRITELING(Yellow) and 'RED DIAMOND 2', which is 
done by
	grabbing the edge of the blocks and then jumping instead of making Wario 
pull up.
	After you've done the above, Ground Pound the block near the bottom of 
the screen.]
* You'll enter an ice cavern, and a battle field. After the battlefield, use the 
	Mites to climb up by Piledriving them into the ground and standing on 
	backsides. Open the Blue 'TREASURE:Nice Saucer' (the chest won't be there 
if you
	missed the previous section).
* Enter the metal trapdoor ahead. Down the trapdoor, manipulate the switches 
until the five
	platforms are lined up in the center, and only the third one is moving. 
Use them to
	get 'RED DIAMOND 3'.
* Hit the Purple SWITCH as you move in the cave further.
* Use an Icicle Mite to destroy the ice block, and use the turtle you find to 
destroy the
	next one and so on.
* Find two trapdoors; one metallic, one not. The latter is along the bottom ice 
path to the
	left and involves hitting blocks in the order they flash for 'STATUE PART 
D' and 'RED
	DIAMOND 4'. The other has a SPRITELING(Green) and 'RED DIAMOND 5'.
* Use a turtle or the rock face to activate the nearby Yellow SWITCH on the wall.
* Down the tunnel you'll find a Green SWITCH which you activate in the same way. 
Go back to
	the Yellow SWITCH you just pressed and keep going left along the top for 
the Green
	'TREASURE:Ornate Decanter'.
* Going right, hit the Pale Blue SWITCH and 'TREASURE:Nice Cup' while being wary 
	Fattingtons. Go down the metal trapdoor ahead for 'STATUE PART E' 
and 'RED DIAMOND 6'.
* Head to the ladder that leads up and out of the ice cavern. Jump off the left 
ledge first
	for SPRITELING(Blue). After which, backtrack and go up the ladder.
* Up here, grab the 'STATUE PART F' and 'TREASURE:Glass Decanter'. Hit the Purple 
SWITCH also.
* Head right in the tunnel and go down the trapdoor near the exit. It should have 
	spike balls and Glue Globes. Get the 'RED DIAMOND 7' and 'STATUE PART G' 
at the top.
* Another battle field and Angler battle await you as you come out. The Angler 
now needs five
	hits with the Barrel Buster.
* Go right, and dodge the sledding Yetis. Grab 'TREASURE:Glass Bowl' before 
hitting the slide.
[* Down the slide, head right (down screen) and try to catch the 'STATUE PART H' 
as it whizzes
	by. You'll need to jump to catch it and you'll probably fail the first 
time (to your
	annoyance probably, because it annoyed me the first few times I missed 
it). You'll
	get the 'Heart' Stamp if you succeed.]
* Grab the last 'TREASURE:Jade Box' at the bottom of the slide and get 
the 'Treasure' Stamp.
	Head down the final trapdoor for SPRITELING(Purple) and 'RED DIAMOND 8'.
* Now, either use the balloon to restart the level (all buttons are still 
pressed, and all
	bosses and battle fields are still done with) and get any last items or 
you can meet
	the boss of the level for the last Stamp. He's a little weird this time 

LEVEL BOSS: Winter Windster
- Your main tactic is to throw the rocks the boss drops into the Magma Pool as he 
overhead, splattering him with hot lava. After he drops, hit him before he runs 
off the edge
and Piledrive/Super Throw him.
- Another tactic is to wait until after his powerful Magma Ring attack and beat 
him up as usual
as he rests.
- Attacks to watch out for are:
* His Ice Beam attack, which freezes you. He'll come down just to headbutt you if 
it happens,
so try to catch him unaware.
* Stare attack. His eyes turn red and you need to look away with Wario to avoid 
the attack.
* Magma Rings. He sits in one of the Magma pools and creates shockwaves to hit 
you. Jump to
avoid. As he gets more injured, the rings become harder to dodge.
- After five Piledrivers, he's a goner.

'Boss' Stamp + 1/2 Heart when you leave the snowy wastes behind.

Thrillsville - Beanstalk Way
A little easier, this fairly linear level is a nice break from the previous one. 
Still a few
things to watch out for.

* Climb up the first beanstalk by ground-pounding the bud. Recognise the swirl? 
You should know
	what to do.
* Go to the first left route and free SPRITELING(Green) and hit the Light Green 
* Use the other ground-based bud to spin up to 'STATUE PART A'.
* Head up and left (the second left branch) and find a Red SWITCH to press.
* Head right along the lower branches to find Red 'TREASURE:Nice Goblet'
* Drop into the trapdoor here for 'RED DIAMOND 1' and SPRITELING(Yellow)
* Head to the top of the beanstalk and meet the first Tree Freak. To beat him, 
punch the tree
	once to knock the fruit down. Then, ground pound the floor to make the 
fruit turn so it's
	no longer dangerous to pick up. Hurl the fruit at the bud to open it and 
quickly hurl
	another one to damage it. The first Tree Freak has only one hit point, so 
it'll die.
* Fall into the chasm here and activate the Yellow SWITCH. Head down the trapdoor 
here too.
* Grab 'STATUE PART B' and 'RED DIAMOND 2' down the trapdoor.
* Return to where you started for the Yellow 'TREASURE:Violin'.
* Get back to the Tulipatooie, and go up the ladder for another trapdoor.
* In here, use the bombs to activate the lever while standing on the block, it'll 
float you up
* Go to the trapdoor a little further along right. Aim the camera so it's 
overhead (tap C Down)
	and aim for the two platforms. Grab the 'STATUE PART D' and 'RED DIAMOND 
* Drop into battle ring, getting 'STATUE PART E' as you fall (go back with 
balloon if you missed)
* After battle, go right and pick up Light Green 'TREASURE:Earring'.
* Go down the stream's trapdoor, using the stone head if needed. Make sure all 
levers are moving
	and make your way across the gap. Collect 'RED DIAMOND 5' and SPRITELING
* Pick up a Monstrous Magnet and throw it at the metal plate you passed earlier. 
Go up to press
	Purple SWITCH.
* Use the next Magnet against the opposite walls. When you see the Green SWITCH, 
hop down and hit
	it as you drop past. You'll land near a rock block so break it and go 
* Down here, activate L.Blue SWITCH and go down trapdoor. Make your way over the 
huge object and
	collect 'RED DIAMOND 6' and SPRITELING(Blue) on the other end.
* Up the vine, and collect Green 'TREASURE:Jeweled Sword' and 'STATUE PART F'.
* Back to the Magnet jumps, continue up until you reach the slope. Avoid the 
goats or they'll
	butt you off the cliff. Climb down the first part and activate the Pink 
* Collect L.Blue 'TREASURE:Tiara' while avoiding goats.
* Head down cliff at the end and collect another 'STATUE PART G'.
* Beat another Tree Freak, this one requires two hits on the flower. Climb up to 
battle field.
* After battle, drop onto flower to fight Crystal. After that, drop down to pick 
up Purple
	'TREASURE:King's Crown'. Activate the Blue SWITCH on opposite wall and 
get back to the
	goat area for Blue 'TREASURE:Nice Scepter'.
* Go down the trapdoor and find SPRITELING(Purple) and 'RED DIAMOND 7' back in 
the current area.
* Head back to the Swirl Flower at the end of the level, and fight another Tree 
Freak on your
	left. this one requires three hits on the flower.
* After it's dead, go right and collect Pink 'TREASURE:GBA' (Surprise, surprise) 
	Stamp). Go down the final trapdoor for 'RED DIAMOND 8' and 'STATUE PART 
H' ('Heart' Stamp).
* Head left and up the beanstalk, avoiding the spike balls. Drop down the boss 
trapdoor there if
	you're ready.

LEVEL BOSS: Spideraticus
- To damage her, get onto one of the Glue Globes she fires and jump off before it 
reaches her
mouth. Hopefully, you'll pick one of the slower ones (it's random each time). 
Ground Pound her
back and Super Throw her (the webbing makes it impossible for a Piledriver).
- Stay away from the webbing as it makes you very vulnerable to the spider's 
attacks (you're
at half speed and can't jump).
- Other attacks it uses are:
	* Homing Missiles (avoid by running away, they're pretty slow)
After two hits, the Homing Missiles increase in number, and they do so again 
after 4 hits.
	* Shockwave: It'll charge up and use the familiar shockwave to knock you 
down. Jump
to avoid. After two hits, a faster, second shockwave will follow the first so be 
	* Stinger: A quick attack, it'll attempt to hit you with it's tail 
stinger. Just dodge
	* Glue Globes: Stay away from it's mouth when you get caught by these. 
Use them to
defeat her.
- 5 Hits should squish it for good.

Thrillsille - Red-Brief J's Showdown
Not a problem, keep your cool and it isn't as bad as it first appears. The name 
is the worst
part of this guy.

- The way to damage Red-Brief is to make him charge toward you, miss, and teeter 
over the edge.
Rattle the cage to nudge him in by Ground Pounding. Voila, crispy critter.
- He uses a variety of attacks, most are very similar to Warios':
	* Fireball: He sends two slow moving fireballs after you. You can easily 
avoid them.
	* Dash Attack:  He will charge power briefly and dart towards you. Run 
out of his way to
get him into a tricky situation. After each hit, his charge increases so instead 
of running at
you once, he'll run at you as many times as you've hit him, plus the original one 
(i.e. four hit
points down, and he'll dash five times.)
	* Ground Pound: He can do the same trick on you, so be prepared to jump 
once he leaves the
screen after powering up. he doesn't do it much.
	* Spin Attack: Like the Wild Swing-Ding, it's best to run like the 
dickens if you're on
the receiving end. he'll charge up with purple energy before he pulls it off.
	* Shoulder Charge: He leaps in the air and charges at Wario like a hawk. 
Also avoid.
He'll power up with blue energy before pulling it off.
- He'll do the latter attacks more often as he goes down in health.
- 5 lava dunks and he's no longer a problem.

Another Huge Treasure Chest Key! Only one left!

Sparkle Land - Mirror Mansion
Another mansion level, as if I don't make enough Luigi's Mansion comparisons. 
This level is truly
weird, as it often forces you to use your reflection as a guide for your actions.

* Jump on the first rising block to hit the Red SWITCH.
* Go down the trapdoor and get 'RED DIAMOND 1' + 'STATUE PART A'.
* When you reach the end of the moving blocks, jump onto the last one and free 
* Tilt the camera so you can see your reflection, and try to beat up one of the 
birds to enter the
	metal trapdoor. Down here, collect 'RED DIAMOND 2' and 'STATUE PART B'. 
In order to stay on,
	stay still as it turns and only jump when it slows down to switch 
* Once you come out, go up and get the Red 'TREASURE:Big Mirror'.
* Use the Yellow SWITCH's reflection to hit it.
* Punch the cardboard lion to make it move, hitch a ride and get off halfway for 
	and L.Green SWITCH.
* Beat the Terrible Picture mini-boss by the same tactics as the Angler boss. 
beat up the Barrel Busters
	and Piledrive them under it's arms. Two hits should kill it.
* Up the iron fence, get the Yellow 'TREASURE:Antique Clock'.
* Down the hole, find the trapdoor and enter. Use care with the jumps, and 
get 'STATUE PART C' and
* Use the glass floor to find the Green SWITCH.
* Walk to the end of the glass floor for L.Green 'TREASURE:Gold Mirror'.
* Get to the end of the fence and use the nearby trapdoor. Get 'STATUE PART D' 
+ 'RED DIAMOND 4' here.
* Head right after fighting the battle. While over here, press the L.Blue SWITCH, 
take note of the Blue
	square. Also, free SPRITELING(Green) and get 'STATUE PART E' and 'RED 
DIAMOND 5' down the trapdoor.
	Before leaving, collect 'STATUE PART F' on the fence.
* Head left and get L.Blue 'TREASURE:Bronze Mirror'. Hit the Blue SWITCH and use 
the Glue Globes to get
 	back. Grab the Green 'TREASURE:Stained Glass' before jumping down.
* Go back right and get the Blue 'TREASURE:Gold Clock' where you saw the square.
* Down the first hole you see going left will be a trapdoor containing 'RED 
	To get them, hit the levers in order they come down (practice the 
Corkscrew Conk which will be
	known as CC from now on in the FAQ). Use a CC to cross the gap for the 
* Go up the Glue Globes on the tall column for 'STATUE PART G'.
* Down the next hole, go right for a trapdoor. Down here, use the three Glue 
Globe launchers (remember
	last time? Just jump at the right time) for 'STATUE PART H' ('Heart' 
Stamp) and 'RED DIAMOND 7'.
* Going left, meet another Terrible Picture. Hit this one three times to defeat 
* Hit the Pink SWITCH here and go back right for the Pink 'TREASURE:Crazy 
* Drop down and hit the Purple SWITCH. Go to where the balloon is for the 
Purple 'TREASURE:Gold
	Pocket Watch' by suing the reflection ('Treasure' Stamp).
* Down the last trapdoor, use a timed CC for to get SPRITELING(Purple) and 'RED 
* Down the boss trapdoor when you're ready.

LEVEL BOSS: Mean Emcee
- Main tactic is to whup his ass until he hides in one of the cups. Play the 
shell game and hit his shell.
	He won't come out, so encourage him with a CC attack on the cup. 
Piledrive him as he falls out.
- He'll use either a Cane Swing attack to hurt you, or a charged up Spin Attack 
which you must run from.
- Each hit makes him and the shuffling cups quicker. Concentrate on the cup he 
goes into.
- If you miss the wrong cup, enemies will come out instead.
- After 5 piledrivers, he's history.

'Boss' Stamp and 1/2 Heart are yours. Only one level left now!

Sparkle Land - Pecan Sands
This huge pyramid is our last level. A little confusing - and some truly harsh 
trapdoor puzzles - make
this final stage a tough one. As if you were expecting a cakewalk anyway...

* Go ahead a little and find an enemy to pick up. Jump on the pillars at the 
start (use the edge of the
	level) for a Red SWITCH and a metal trapdoor to piledrive the enemy 
through. Use the lever to raise
	the center block and drop through to get SPRITELING(Red). Hit the middle 
lever again to rise up to
	'RED DIAMOND 1' with the middle block. The rest of the levers raise the 
pyramid, which has gold.
* Head down the start path again for Red 'TREASURE:Ancient Ring'.
* Go back to the red switch and go right for a trapdoor. Use the arrow blocks to 
position under the two
	slightly higher blocks. When the blocks go left and right, they should 
make them rise up. Use them
	to get up to SPRITELING(Yellow) and 'RED DIAMOND 2'. Just a note, I doubt 
my methods with this and
	the next arrow block puzzle are the best, so easier solutions (or clearer 
ones) would be appreciated!
* Head right along the bottom sand path until you find the Yellow SWITCH. Press 
* Go left up the ramp to get Yellow 'TREASURE:Ancient Necklace'. Jump down and 
hit L.Green SWITCH.
* Back on the ramp, jump off to the right for the L.Green 'TREASURE:Ancient 
* Go left using the Glue Globes and drop down where the wall is brown and brick-
like (FYI use the spade
	looking enemies to climb up these types of walls like with the Magnets). 
Meet an old friend down here.
* After you killed the quicksand monster (or avoided it), go south for a 
trapdoor. In here is the other
	arrow block puzzle. What I did was to lower the single block by Ground 
Pounding it, and then I knocked
	it left then right, against the pillar at the side. I then knocked 
another block (one of the pair) and
	positioned it above the previous block. I then Ground Pounded it to make 
it rise. Before it got too
	high, I leaped off and aimed for the center to get 'RED DIAMOND 3'. Like 
I mentioned before, alternate
	strategies are welcome. Also get 'STATUE PART A' here.
* Hit the strange bird statue to get blown up a level. You can get a glimpse of 
the huge level.
* Go right for 'STATUE PART B' up here.
* Jump up the descending Glue Globes to the trapdoor at the top. Another arrow 
block, but this is relatively
	simple to solve. Ground Pound the arrow blocks and quickly jump off south 
before hitting the spikes.
* Jump and hit the Green SWITCH and go right for a L.Blue SWITCH and another 
trapdoor. Down here is 'STATUE
* Backtrack for Green 'TREASURE:Small Pyramid' near the first bird statue.
* To destroy the statue, hammer at the green lights on all three layers to 
uncover the ladder once it dies.
* Up here, get the L.Blue 'TREASURE:Ancient Bracelet'.
* Go down the slide, and don't miss 'STATUE PART D' in the middle of it.
* Beat the battle field, and go left for Blue SWICTH and a trapdoor. To get 
across this puzzle, hang onto the
	edges of the spike platforms until they drop slightly, and use them to 
get onto the next platform before
	they drop too far. At the end, collect 'RED DIAMOND 6' and 'STATUE PART 
* Use the stone pillars behind the battle field to jump up to the SPRITELING
* At the fence, head towards the screen (south) to find Blue 'TREASURE:Anubis 
* Head up the left and make a few jumps to a trapdoor. In here find a very 
difficult jumping puzzle. You have
	to run onto the mallow block, and then Dash + CC combo off the block 
before it vanishes to hit the
	lever. It will take you a few attempts, believe me. Up here, dodge the 
falling blocks for 'STATUE PART F'
	and 'RED DIAMOND 7'.
* Go higher up and left to hit the Purple SWITCH. Before going up the stairs, go 
past them to find an alcove
	with 'STATUE PART G'.
* In this trapdoor is the hardest area in the game. You need to be careful as 
there are lots of jumps to make
	in this huge area of blocks. Occasionally, you'll need to make a CC jump 
to get across so be extra careful
	on those jumps. Use the tall maze-like area to get higher up. Continue 
along the platforms, and when you
	reach a dead end, look down for a platform with the last SPRITELING
(Purple) in the game. Look down again
	to find the 'RED DIAMOND 8' platform.
* Once you leave that hellhole, hit the Pink SWITCH nearby.
* Grab the last 'STATUE PART H' ever on the Glue Globe waterfall ('Heart' Stamp)
* Use the spade enemies as before to climb the wall. You'll need all three to 
reach the top.
* Finally, you've reached the top. Collect the chests, Purple 'TREASURE:Monarch 
Mask' and Pink
	'TREASURE:Nintendo GameCube' (Wario's prized possession no doubt :) ) 
('Treasure' Stamp). Destroy the
	second statue to continue up to Boss.

LEVEL BOSS: Ironsider
- The way to beat him is to beat up the hands and Super Throw them at the 
invincible head.
- Both the hands and head have an attack or two. The head will bounce around 
creating shockwaves. He'll
also do a spinning flame breath attack, which you must run around the head to 
avoid. The hands will
attack by slamming and picking you up. Jiggle the control stick to avoid the 
- After two hits, the head will use a stronger shockwave attack and the flame 
breath will be quicker and
will circle twice.
- After five hits, he's history.

'Boss' Stamp and final 1/2 Heart have now been acquired.

Sparkle Land - Captain Skull's Showdown
Penultimate boss. He's tricky, and you'll need those CC attacks now more than 

- The main tactic is to get over there and beat the stuffing out of him. How, you 
ask? Simply use the blue
spring to get up into the crow's nest, and CC over the gap to the other deck. 
After he falls down,
Piledrive him.
- After three hits, he becomes invincible. If you try to attack him head on, 
he'll use a charge up attack
on you. Pick up one of the nearby barrels and chuck it at him for a desired 
- He'll attack using his cannon arm. His three main attacks are: Laser Cannon 
(avoid it), Cannonball
(creates small balls with which to hit him if you're close enough) and Huge 
Cannonball (see
where he's aiming it - either crow's nest or deck - and not be there when he 
fires it)
- After 5 attacks, he'll return to the briny deep. Arr!

Final Huge Treasure Chest Key. Now let's go meet that Black Jewel and teach it 
not to mess with Wario.

FINAL BOSS - Black Jewel
Disappointing easy, and akin to Banjo Kazooie's boss in that one of your pick-ups 
actually comes in useful.

- To defeat the Black Jewel, dash around to avoid the flames and free the five 
Spritelings from their
crystals. After all five Spritelings have hit the Jewel, pick it up and Piledrive 
the sucker.
- Try to outrun it's main attack of Flame Beam, otherwise impenetrable fire walls 
will block you.
He'll also attack with Fireballs (slow moving) and his Rainbow Shockwaves, which 
will have eight rings
(in the eight treasure colours, interestingly).
- After 8 such Piledrivings, you smash that Jewel into next week.

Congrats! You've won the game! Sit back and watch the Spritelings give Wario his 

Spriteling Hints
Instead of my own hint section, here's all the Spriteling quotes for you for easy 

-=Greenhorn Forest=-
RED: "Press the A Button to jump! Press the B button to punch! Press the B button 
to throw
KOed monsters too!"
YELLOW: "Jump and then press the R button to do a Ground Pound. Remember to 
collect red
diamonds from sub-levels!"
GREEN: "Hold down the B button to perform a Dash Attack! Pick up a foe and hold 
the B Button
for a Mega Toss!" [NB: I called this a Super Throw in the FAQ]
BLUE: "If you fall, you'll wind up in Unithorn's Lair! If you get stuck there, 
find the Escape
PURPLE: "ByeBye Balloons take you to the Start Point! Press START/PAUSE to see 
the inventory

-=Greenhorn Ruins=-
RED: "Spin the Control Stick for a Wild Swing-Ding! Grab a foe, jump, and press 
the R button
for a Piledriver!"
YELLOW: "The Wild Swing-Ding is a spinning move! The Piledriver is a Ground Pound 
GREEN: "Jump onto walls using Glue Globes! Check where you're going and then 
BLUE: "The Battle Rings are for one-minute battles! Collect coins by knocking out 
PURPLE: "Help save my Spriteling pals! You'll be rewarded very well, I promise!"

-=Horror Manor=-
RED: "You can hit the Big Bone-Fist right after it does a slam attack!"
YELLOW: "It looks like Swirly Slabs can move! Those spiral designs really remind 
me of spinning..."
GREEN: "Use Hyper Suction by pressing the L Button to suck up large numbers of 
coins at one time!
BLUE: "Keep up the Wild Swing-Ding long enough and Autospin will kick in!"
PURPLE: "Hit flying foes with a Corkscrew Conk! Press the A Button during a Dash 

-=Wonky Circus=-
RED: "Throw things at the Electric Clown Fence with as much force as you can 
YELLOW: "Use the C Stick when you want to take a peek at your surroundings!"
GREEN: "Just press the R Button to do a Dash Attack!"
BLUE: "Garlic Prices go up! Be sure to save as many coins as you can!"
PURPLE: "When the Clown-A-Round gets on his ball and rolls away, you'd better 
clear out too!"

-=Shivering Mountains=-
RED: "Smack the Barrel Buster's head into the air to hit the Angler Mangler's 
weak spot!"
YELLOW: "Use the Icicle Mites wisely to reach high places! OK, Wario?"
GREEN: "It's safer to knock out the Fattingtons so they don't knock you off when 
you pass them!"
BLUE: "Once you clear this area, something useful will appear at the Start Point!"
PURPLE: "Fell the Winter Windster by putting something in the magma to make it 
erupt! Avoid the
red eyes!"

-=Beanstalk Way=-
RED: "Shake the ground to change the direction of the fruit tossed out by the 
Tree Freaks!"
YELLOW: "Latch on quickly to the Glue Globes spit out by the Tulipatooie before 
it sucks them
back up!"
GREEN: "Remember what Magnets do when fighting the Monstrous Magnets!"
BLUE: "The bases of cliffs sure do seem suspicious!"
PURPLE: "Use Glue Globes to approach Spideraticus! Use the Dash Attack during the 

-=Mirror Mansion=-
RED: "You'll have to use your own reflection in the mirrors to advance!"
YELLOW: "Attack the Terrible Pictures hanging on the wall by launching attacks 
from below!"
GREEN: "Fight the monsters you can only see in mirrors by peeking around the area 
with the
C Stick!"
BLUE: "Don't give up, even if the area looks like a dead end! You should find 
hints reflected
in the mirrors!"
PURPLE: "The Mean Emcee's a coward! Don't give up if he doesn't show himself when 
you hit his cup!"

-=Pecan Sands=-
RED: "Big Scorpers are so annoying when they burrow in the sand! Force 'em out 
with Ground Pounds!"
YELLOW: "Beat the Stone-Cold Statue by destroying its three blocks!"
GREEN: "Beware of the nasty Laser Jigglefish! Circle it then attack from above!"
BLUE: "The Ironsider spits dangerous flames! Use the Ground Pound to burrow and 
PURPLE: "My Spriteling friends number forty in all! How many did you save, Wario?"

I plan to put mini-game details, and any interesting info about the game here 
once I find
some. E-mail suggestions for this section. Also, if you get any alternating 
ending sequences
(like with the Gameboy games) let me know. I got the one where he has his solid 
gold castle

So far I'd like to thank:

*  Nintendo and Treasure, for making another great little game. Even if it does 
feel like Luigi's
Mansion occasionally... I'd also like to thank them for releasing the game here, 
Europe, first. It's a rare privilege to beat the Americans to something ;)
*  Anyone who read this or my other FAQs and contributed either help or thanks in 
*  I'd like to thank anyone in advance on details on the WarioWare mini-games 
as I don't currently have a way to play them yet.

E-mail contributions, extra boss advice, pleas for help or whatever you think is 
to me at " [email protected] ". Include the game name in your Subject. 
I'll try to
answer as many as I can (all of them if possible) and give credit to those that 
help out
in some way.

A Mentobahamut Walkthrough.

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