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WALKTHROUGH: Gaming In Progress

Authored by T-dogg52 (Traci Stamper)
February 2002
[email protected]
Warriors of Might and Magic
    For the Game Boy Color
Version: 1.4
Completion: 100%
Updated: February 18, 2002

Since I haven’t been able to find a walkthrough to help me when I got stuck, I 
decided to write one as I played. It takes forever to master the techniques to 
defeat each boss. The farther I get, the tougher the boss. If you get totally fed 
up, don’t give up. It takes time and a lot of patience to master this. Do you 
have what it takes? Then read on.

The game manual (if you have read it) tells you who you are (Alleron), and what 
your situation is. The proper enemies names are given in the manual, but in this 
FAQ, I’ve called them by what they look like to me. 

WEST                                   EAST


Use this small ‘map’ to understand certain directions that I give throughout this 
FAQ. So let’s begin.

Castle Dungeon
Enemies: guards, archers, bats, spiders, Boss
Hazards: disintegrating floor, boulders
Dungeon Items: hearts, a dungeon key, Sp bottles
Weapons: shield, short sword
Magic scrolls: sleep scroll
Magic spell items: sandbag
            You are locked in a cell and a knight comes to your rescue. He gives 
you a shield and disappears. Leave your cell and go southwest. Avoid the guard 
and head east. Cross the bridge. Jump to the chest to get the key that will 
unlock the cell beside yours. Go back and get the short word. Back track again. 
If you don’t cross the bridge and go south, at the end of the long hallway, there 
is another room. This room contains 2 guards, one will attack you as you enter, 
and 2 hearts. If you want to totally avoid these guards and don’t need the hearts 
as of yet, go back to the platform that had the chest. From this platform jump to 
the edge north of you.  You can use this trick to cut time down and keep your HP 
            The next room has a bat, a SP bottle, and a heart. The bat will 
attack you when you attempt to get the SP bottle. Kill it before you get the 
bottle. The next room is split into 2 hallways. When you first walk in a bat will 
immediately attack you. Try to avoid it and take the lower path first. Down the 
hall a guard will great you defeat him to get the chest. The chest contains a 
magic scroll. It gives you the ability to cast a sleep spell, but it is useless 
for now. Back track and take the upper path to the next room.
            When you enter the room you will be locked in. This room has a very, 
simple puzzle. Just push the blocks in. That will unlock the doors. The unlocked 
door on the East wall leads to a hallway with 2 archers shooting arrows at you. 
Try to walk down the hall between the paths of the arrows. This should keep the 
damage to a minimum. At the end of the hall there is an archer in front of the 
door. You can either defeat him, or squeeze past him to get to the next room.  
There is a heart in the upper right corner of the room. To get it you need to 
jump to it, but be careful, the blocks surrounding the ledge with the heart will 
disintegrate if you stand on them too long. The next room has 2 spiders guarding 
a chest inside a spiked barrier. Push the red button to lower the spikes. You can 
either defeat the spiders or pass them up get the chest and move on to the next 
room. The chest contains a bag of sand. Now you can use the sleep spell. The 
spell will only affect the guards.
            The next room is a bit tricky. You must jump around the room to 
collect a SP bottle and a heart. You must be quick though; some of the blocks 
will disintegrate the longer you stand on them. Once you survive the jumping and 
enter the next room 2 guards will attack you. Get away from them as quickly as 
possible by going up the stairs to avoid loosing to many HP’s. Once you get your 
bearings, there is a door in the southeast corner. Once you enter this room the 
castle will start to shake periodically, so keep your eyes on what task you are 
doing. 2 bats will also greet you. Dispose of them as you avoid the holes in the 
floor. In the next room you will meet your first boss.

Giant Skeleton Guard
            When you enter the room, someone cries out for help. The sleep scroll 
has no effect on the giant skeleton; it will only effect the knight who helped 
you escape. Just get up above the skeleton to avoid some major damage and just 
start cutting him down. When you defeat him, you are rewarded a heart. The knight 
thanks you and gives you some instructions, so pay attention.
            Even though you have defeated the boss, you are not out of the castle 
yet. The next hallway contains your last 2 archers. Do the same thing you did 
with the other two. The next stairwell will have boulders coming at you so watch 
it! You don’t want to start over do you? Now you are out of the castle.

The Floating City
            When you leave the castle you are automatically transported to the 
floating city. Go up to the statue in the fountain to get your SP refilled. Now 
you can explore the city. The first row of buildings on the right are locked. As 
you explore the city talk to the people that are around. Some may repeat others. 
The middle building in the second row is accessible. It is the Armour shop, but 
you don’t have any gold yet so move on. The first row of buildings on the left 
side of the city is also locked so ignore them. The farthest building in the 
second row is open. It is an item shop. You still don’t have any gold so ignore 
it for now also. There are buildings on either side of the chapel, but you can’t 
enter them so go talk to Daria standing in front of the chapel. Once you talk to 
her, she will give you 100 gold pieces. Now you can get some supplies.  You still 
don’t have enough to get any armour. The item shop sells cake and healing potion 
for 75 gold pieces each. If you need it go ahead and buy one of them.  Once you 
are finished in the city, go back to the entrance.

Snow Field
             When you leave the floating city, you are transported to a 
snowfield. Go west to the monastery. After talking to the monk guarding the 
gates, you will be thrown out. Go ahead and explore the area. 
Hazards: goats (they will push you to your death);
                running water and certain ice patches (deadly);
                there are groups of funny looking marks in the snow, don’t stand 
on them too long or you are dead;
                ice spikes that move up and down;
            Really explore the area. You will find one heart, a chest of 50 GP, 
and a SP bottle. Once you think you have explored enough, go as far northeast as 
you can go. You should see a sign. That leads to the next area.
Icedale  The only buildings accessible here is the saloon, which sells the cake 
and healing potion; and the church where you can refill your SP. You can walk 
across the big ice patch to get the heart and SP bottle if you need them, just 
stay away from the cracked corner. Now move on to the glaciers.

               The glaciers are similar to the snowfield except they are littered 
with crashed blimps.
Enemies: polar bears, bats, guards, goats, and wolves
This area is very big so have fun exploring. Just make sure you have collected 
the chests that contain a long sword, a short bow, and a quiver of flint tipped 
arrows. There is a white button that needs to be pushed. It gives you access to 
the Ice Temple. HINT: a goat will push you towards the button. You will also find 
4 hearts (2 are guarded by a moving mine), and 3 SP bottles. Once you have 
collected all the weapons, it is time to enter the Ice temple. HINT: 2 guards are 
guarding its entrance.

Ice Temple
Enemies: mines, guards, mud monsters, polar bears, zombie ice wolves, a goat
Hazards: water holes, snowflakes
Dungeon items: dungeon keys, boss lair key, hearts
Weapons: quiver of flint tipped arrows, a Warhammer
Magic Scrolls: freeze spell
Magic spell items: snowflake
Items: chest of gold
Key items: healing potion
            Through the first door you come to leads to a room with 3 guards. 
Move north. Follow the corridor to the ice. Step on it and let it slowly slide 
you to the next room. Get off the ice before you slide into the 2 water holes. 
The door is at the other end of this room. It leads to a room with 2 guards. The 
next room is mostly covered by ice that will force you to slide    north. It 
won’t let you go backwards. Be careful when you get to the other end. There is a 
snowflake moving back and forth at a fast pace. When you walk backwards on the 
ice, you won’t move, you literally will be walking in once place. Use this trick 
to safely pass the snowflake to get to the door.
             When you enter the next room, there is a door immediately to your 
right. Ignore it for now. Go west through the hallways, they lead you to another 
room. In this large room there is another snowflake moving back and forth. It 
moves slowly so it is easy to pass it. There is a small nitch in the north wall. 
It contains a switch. Pressing it will allow you entry to the room I told you to 
ignore. Go back to that door. When you were going to and leaving the hallways, 
you would have seen a row of spikes and a snowflake. They are helping guard a 
very big area of ice that pushes you in every direction. This ice patch also has 
big water holes. What is all this guarding? A chest of gold. Don’t attempt to get 
it now. You will come back to this area to get to the boss’s lair. So just move 
on to the next room. When you enter this room you will see that there were spikes 
that would have kept you form going any further if  you didn’t hit that switch. 
This room contains 2 guards and a polar bear. Go through the door in the 
southeastern corner.
            In this area there is a door on the south wall but it is locked for 
now. Travel the ice corridor until you see a button on the right, quickly get 
off. Push the button. It lowers a pair of spikes. Don’t get on the ice, just 
follow it north to get past the wall. Go east to push the next button. When you 
hit this button, the spikes behind you will go back up, but the ones in front of 
you will have lowered as well as the spikes blocking the way to a chest. Two 
mines will have also activated when you pushed the second button. Wait till one 
of them bounces out before running in to get the chest. It contains the Ice 
Giant’s lair key. Quickly cross the ice. There is another button to press as well 
as a mud monster. As long as you don’t get to close to him, he won’t attack you. 
If you still want to destroy him, just stand in front of him with some distance 
between you and use the short bow. Get back on the ice and slowly slide north. 
Quickly get off when you first before you reach the water hole, but don’t get off 
when you first see the clear area. The reason is because there is a goat waiting 
to push you back onto the ice. Go through the door there, to a large room. It 
contains 2 guards and a chest in the far southeastern corner. The chest has you 
first dungeon key. Go back and pass the goat.
            In the next room, there is a large ice patch with a mine bouncing 
around on it. There is also a polar bear somewhere around too. In the middle of 
the ice there is a heart and a chest with a second dungeon key.  The next door is 
in the southwestern corner. The ice in this room will push you in three different 
directions, depending on where you get on. Cross the ice in front of you, but be 
warned, there is a snowflake that will cross your path. The door here will take 
one of your dungeon keys. There is another ice floor that pushes you in two 
directions and two buttons to be pushed. The first one is across the ice on the 
right side. Press it and slide down the left side to push the button that was 
previously surrounded by spikes. By pressing the second button, the next room’s 
floor of spikes will be lowered. To get to this room you will have to slide 
across the ice again. There are two mines bouncing around so be careful when you 
enter. Collect the third dungeon key and press the button.  Go back to the room 
with the snowflake. Cross the ice south of where you first entered.  You should 
land at another door, and it will take another dungeon key.
            Follow the hallway through an empty room. The next room will have a 
mud monster that will attack you upon entering. If you can, pass him up to enter 
the next room. You should be in the room that had the two guards and the polar 
bear. Go back through the door in the southeast corner to the area with the ice 
hallway. Your last dungeon key should open the door you couldn’t have entered 
earlier. This room has two zombie ice wolves and a chest that contains a magic 
scroll. This scroll enables you to freeze running water. It is useless right now 
so return to the big room with the ice as most of the floor.
            If you think you are brave enough, now is the time to get the chest 
of gold. If not, time to get to the boss’s lair. You can reach it by braving the 
ice as you get the chest. The path is in the far northwestern corner. If you 
don’t want to take the ice directly, go back to the room with the first button 
you pushed. Hug the wall to keep form getting caught by the ice flow. The chest 
contains a snowflake. With this item your new spell can be used. Climb the 
stairs. At the top, use the freeze spell. Walk to the snow patch, collect the 
quiver of flint tipped arrows and use the freeze spell again. Equip the short bow.

Ice Giant’s Lair
            When you enter the lair there will be a stretch of ice between you 
and the giant. You can’t cross it. That’s why you have to use the bow. Neither 
spells have any effect on him so don’t bother casting any. If you stand in once 
spot too long, he will shoot mines at you. If you get hit he will take his hammer 
and hit the ground. You don’t want him to do that! Keep moving back and forth 
while trying to angle your arrows in his direction. If you hit him enough times 
you win! Your spoils will be a Warhammer and the healing potion that will give 
you entry to the monastery. 

Enemies: worms, bats
Items: chest of gold
Weapons: Leather Armour
            Talk to the monk. When he sees you have the healing potion he will 
grant you access to the monastery. Before you enter the well, climb the stairs on 
either side of the monastery doors. Follow the paths till they lead to the top of 
the gates. The left side has a chest of gold, and the right side has a chest that 
contains Leather armour. After you get the chests, equip the Warhammer. You can 
flatten the worms and the bats if you want, but if you want to keep up your HP 
just head for the well.

The Well Catacombs
Enemies: spiders, maggots, bats, wolves, guards, boss
Hazards: spikes, boxes, disintegrating floor
Dungeon items: dungeon keys, hearts, and SP bottles
Weapons: suit of studded armour
Magic Scrolls: exploding metal spell
Magic spell items: piece of twisted metal
Key items: silken thread
            At the end of the hallway is a sandy patch with 3 maggots. When you 
reach it a maggot will attack you. If you want to keep up your HP as much as 
possible, Use the short bow to destroy at least 2 of the maggots. Just lure them 
to the edge where you entered. That way you won’t get hurt. When you cross the 
sand don’t worry about the holes, you won’t fall through. You might need to 
squish 2 of the 3 maggots. On the stone bridge there is a bat waiting for you. At 
the end of the bridge there is a faint marked out square. DO NOT STAND ON THIS 
TOO LONG! It will disintegrate and will fall to your death. These squares are 
throughout the level so be alert of them. In the next room there is a huge hole 
in the middle of the floor with a box circling it at a fast pace. Just hug the 
wall to avoid getting hit. In the bottom right corner of this room there are 2 
doors. You can go either way to get the first dungeon key. I always go through 
the door on the right.
            In the room on the right contains 2 rows of blocks. The trick to get 
through this room is to push the correct blocks out of the way. The goal is to 
push the button to lower the 2 spikes at the south wall. For the first row push 
the second top block in, then push in the fourth block, and last push down the 
third block. For the second row push in the second to the last block, followed by 
pushing in the third block (from the top), and last push up the fourth block. 
Push the button and go to the next room.
            If you take the south door in the room with the box, on either side 
of you will be a row of spikes that move up and down. Go east. From here you are 
in the same area if you took the other route. Go to the southeastern corner. In 
the next room you have to squish 3 spiders to get a chest containing the first 
dungeon key. Go back through the door. TIP: wait for the screen to adjust, if you 
move up to much you will fall to your death and must begin the level again. Cross 
the first row of moving spikes. Go south to the next room.
            This room you must jump to around to platforms. This room contains 3 
SP bottles, but you don’t really need them. This room also contains 2 bats. First 
jump to the blocks in front of you. WARNING: the first block will disintegrate so 
be quick. Next Jump to the south ledge that has a SP bottle. A bat will attack 
you from the east, splat it. Once he is gone, keep jumping west until you see a 
door. Go north to splat the other bat, and then move on to the next room.
            This room has a wolf and 2 hearts. Go south. This room just has 2 
doors on either side. Go through the eastern door first. The next room contains 3 
guards. Get the on in the middle first. If you approach them right the other two 
will back off. Finish off the other two and continue to the next room. Be careful 
entering this room there is a mine bouncing around. There are also 2 rows of 
moving spikes and 2 moving boxes. While waiting on the spikes, hug the wall to 
avoid getting hit by the boxes. The door on the south wall will use the dungeon 
key. The unlocked room has a chest with a new magic scroll. It will enable you to 
send out an exploding ball of metal. You still can’t use it yet, so be patient. 
Back track to the room with the second door. The next room just has a stone 
bridge that leads to a door and one bat to splat. From there you will come to 
another sandy patch with 3 maggots. You will need to squish at least 2 of them to 
get near the chest at the eastern wall. It contains the second dungeon key. Back 
track to the room that has the door between the 2 rows of spikes to continue.
            Go west this time to the next room. Quickly cross the disintegrating 
floor to get the third dungeon key. Cross back and continue west. Cross the 2 
rows of moving spikes. This next part is tricky. The hallway is nothing but a 
long row of spikes. The second you push the button get moving. Jumping may help 
you get down it a bit faster. You will loose HP no matter what. At the end of the 
hallway you land on another button, just keep going to land on a third button.
            There are no enemies to worry about in the next room. First you want 
to unlock the door east of you to gain access to the chest. It contains a piece 
of twisted metal. Now you new spell is usable. Return to the previous room and go 
south. Splat the bat. Now you have to squish 2maggots to get the chest. It 
contains the Water elemental lair key. Use the last dungeon key to gain access to 
the next room.  Ignore the eastern door for the moment and go south. There is a 
pair of immovable spikes blocking your path to a button. The button will have no 
effect on the spikes. The switch will make the spikes in a future room to be 
lowered. To hit the button you will use your new spell. When you use it there 
will be a ball of fire in front of you. You will be able to move it on to the 
button and push it. After activating the button go back to the door you 
previously ignored.
            This room is a bit tricky but not hard. The only enemy here is a lone 
spider guarding a chest. In front of each column you have to pass is a patch of 
disintegrating floor. Quickly cross it, but stop immediately after you cross it. 
Awaiting you on the other side is a box waiting to push you to your death. When 
the box is pulling back to reset, get moving. Do this for the first 2 columns. 
The third has the spider and chest. Squish the spider to obtain the fourth 
dungeon key. Continue this method for 3 more columns. The last column just has 
the disintegrating floor patch and no box.
            The next room has mostly a stone bridge with many disintegrating 
floor patches and awaiting spiders. Just remember to keep moving. You might have 
to squish to spiders along the way, if not you can out run them. The door at the 
end of the bridge will take the dungeon key you just acquired. This next room is 
the room with all the floor spikes that was lowered when you used the exploding 
metal spell on the blocked button.  Here you will have to squish 2 spiders. This 
room also contains a chest. This chest has a suit of studded armour. There is a 
door in the southwestern corner. It just leads to another room that gives you 
access to the same button that you pushed earlier with the new spell. So you can 
ignore it. Down the corridor there is a button that will temporarily lower 3 sets 
of paired spikes. Once you hit it you will be able to pass over 2 of the 3 pairs. 
When you get to the third pair you will have to use the exploding metal ball to 
push the button. Now you are about to face your third boss.

Elemental Water’s Lair
            This boss is quick so stay on your toes. He also changes between 3 
forms. One is a walking man of water, another looks like a wave, and the last is 
a watery tornado. You won’t see it when you first walk in. Use the freeze spell 
to freeze him in place. It won’t last long so be quick. Try to get behind him and 
use the hammer to shatter him. You have defeated water! Afterwards you are told 
you need 2 keys to get the book. You are then rewarded with a silken thread. When 
you pass the well and go through the door you are transported to a village.

Magic scrolls: speed spell         
            The first row of buildings is locked. At the end, you see a tavern. 
It sells cake and healing potion. There are 2 people by the well. If you approach 
them they will attack you. There is a building with open doors by this well. Talk 
to the person in front and he will give you a magic scroll that gives up a boost 
of speed. You can’t enter the building. The church will replenish your SP. There 
is nothing more you can do here. To exit the village there is a cave on the 
eastern wall.

Enemies: maggots, dragonflies, lizard men
Hazards: gas pockets
Items: bag of 10GP
Course rewards: decent time: 500 GP; record time: compound key
            When you leave the village, you enter a forest. Explore it, you can 
find a bag of 10 GP. There is a hole in a big log in a western part of the 
forest. Once you enter you must complete an obstacle course. You will encounter 
many maggots and dragonflies. Just out run them. In one part of the course there 
is a rock blocking your way, JUMP OVER IT OR YOU DIE! If you get a decent time, 
you will be rewarded 500 GP. If you want to go faster use your new speed spell. 
When you finally make a new record, you are given a compound key to talk to the 
commander.  Once you obtain the key you are automatically taken to the commander.

Lizard Men Commander
            You must defeat him to continue. He becomes transparent and flicks 
his tongue at you to inflict damage. Just move around and use your hammer. To 
keep ahead of him, use the speed scroll. Watch your strength bar; if it depletes 
you know you are hitting him. After defeating him he takes you and the priest to 
his home, Periac.

Enemies: maggots, dragonflies
Items: SP bottles       
Key items: firefly in a bottle
            When you arrive in the Lizard man village, talk to the priest. He 
tells you he no longer has the key you were looking for. You can’t leave the 
village yet so explore. There are small buildings on the ground. You can’t enter 
them. The only accessible buildings are the ones on the plateaus.  The buildings 
are an Armour  Shop (still can’t afford anything new); an Item Shop, they sell 
thunderbugs, firefly, and Dasher eggs; an Herb Shop were they sell the cakes and 
healing potions; and a building that is empty (for now). Go to the Item shop. 
When you attempt to purchase something, the shopkeeper will be interested in your 
silken thread. She wants to swap it for a rare firefly. Say yes. She gives you a 
firefly in a bottle. Now go back to the first building on a plateau nearest the 
city’s entrance. When you enter, you will over hear a conversation between 2 
lizard men. After they leave, the priest will come get you.
            You are taken back into Duskwood. Go south to reach the maze. You 
will encounter lizard men along the way. As you reach the maze you will come 
across 2 bags of 10 GP each. The maze is easy to get through. Before you enter 
the hideaway, you will collect a quiver of flint tipped arrows.

Dasher Hideout
Enemies: maggots, lizard men, dragonflies, monkeys, and spiders.
Hazards: jumping (some platforms disintegrate, always varies), spike (you can 
walk through these, but receive major damage), floor webs (slow you down)
Weapons: Morningstar
Dungeon items: dungeon keys, hearts, SP bottles, and Lieutenant’s key
Magic Scrolls: fire spell
Key items: jar containing a thunderbug, library key

            The entrance room has a room full of eggs. Go north. Usually when you 
first enter, there will be only one maggot. You can easily avoid it, or get a 
distance between you and use the bow. Go through the western door. The second you 
enter start swinging your hammer away because two lizard men will attack you. The 
next enemy in this room varies. It will be a cocoon or a dragonfly. Even if it’s 
just a cocoon destroy it. Going north leads you to a hallway that will be 
blocked. Use the exploding metal spell to push the button. Get the chest that 
contains the first dungeon key. Backtrack. There might be a second maggot now. 
You can still out run it. Go north. There is a puzzle to solve to lower the 
spikes. The solution pattern does light up to show you, but if you weren’t paying 
attention it is: circle, square, triangle, moon crescent. Go downstairs.
            The room you enter is mostly empty. There is a locked door east of 
you. Unlock it and enter. Zigzag around the spikes. Squish the pupa (or 
dragonfly) to get the chest. It contains a Morningstar, a new weapon. You can 
ignore the other dragonfly. Go west to the next room. You will come across 2 
spiders, a dragonfly, a lizard man, and webbed floor. You will need to squish the 
2 spiders and the dragonfly. If you stay close to the southern wall, you can 
avoid the lizard man totally. After you squish the second spider, a heart will 
appear. Push the block onto the button to lower the spikes. Go downstairs.
            Go through the western door. Defeat the lizard men as you go south to 
the other end of the egg room. At the end of the room there is a chest. It 
contains a new magic scroll that will let you burn certain objects. Backtrack. 
The last lizard man you defeated will have left a heart behind. As you leave (if 
you want to) use the fire spell to burn some of the eggs. Go through the other 
door to a maggot room. Keeping going south, passing them all up. Now you need to 
do some major jumping. I noticed that the platforms would sometimes slightly 
disintegrate. When you survive this round go east to the next obstacle. If you 
want to refill your SP quicker, jump north, defeat the lizard man, and obtain the 
2 SP bottles. Then head back. Continue east. 
            This room has a web across the floor. There is a door north, but 
ignore it for now. Continue east. This next room is big and contains 4 monkeys. 
One of them will drop a heart after defeating it. Continue east. Pass the square 
of spikes. Time your move carefully next, since the spikes move one at a time. 
Continue north. Eliminate the lizard man and still go north. Jump the gap to get 
2 hearts and a chest that has a second dungeon key. Go back south to the square 
of spikes. East of them is a locked door. Unlock it and enter. Press the button. 
There is a heart south of you. Go north. You will come across a webbed floor and 
many lizard men among the eggs. One of them will leave a heart behind. At the end 
of the room will be a chest. It contains the Lieutenant’s key to his quarters. If 
you want, you can use the fire spell to burn some more eggs. Now do a major 
backtrack to the room that has the web stretching across the floor. Go north. 
Squish the 4 worms, unlock the northern door and enter. 
            Lieutenant Lizard Man To defeat him, just smack him good with the 
Morningstar and you win. Go north to get the chest. It contains a jar with a 
thunderbug. You also get the needed library key. Go north.

            You return to the village (not the lizard village). Go back to the 
building with the open doors (you still can’t enter it). Talk to the person there 
to get instructions. Go to the well to enter the next dungeon.

Underground Mine
Enemies: spiders, maggots, wolves, bats, gas bubbles, monkeys, sludge monsters, 
Dwarf wizard, boss
Hazards: pickaxes, moving spikes, holes, boulders, gas rooms
Dungeon items: dungeon keys, hearts, SP bottles, Dwarven warrior’s lair key
Weapons: suit of magical chain mail armour, magical Dwarvensword
Items: chests of 50 GP
Key items: Canary in a cage
Magic scrolls: lightening bolt spell
            Go south down the stairs and down the path. Along the way you will 
come across maggots and a monkey. Be careful of the holes, some holes you won’t 
fall through but you won’t know which ones. So try to avoid them all to be on the 
safe side. Down the path you will come across a chest. It contains a canary in a 
cage. Continue south. You will come across a spider and a pickaxe flopping around 
it. Go west. You will encounter another spider and pickaxe. There is a chest at 
the end of the room. It contains the first dungeon key. Backtrack. Go up the 
stairs and turn west. Follow the mine car tracks. The track branches off to dead 
ends so keep going. The track finally goes north to another dead end, so keeping 
going west. You will be attacked by a wolf. After defeating it, go north through 
the door. The hazards here are pickaxes and moving spikes. The next room has 
floating gas bubbles. You can pop them with the Morningstar. The northern hallway 
contains a pickaxe; there is something you do here that will help you in a future 
room. Look for the spider in the room next door. Use the exploding ball spell 
twice to eliminate it. I will tell you why later. The next small hallway has a 
dangerous puzzle. 
            For a few seconds I see a moving floor square and the next thing I 
know I’m dead. This room is a gas chamber. The moving floor tile is giving you 
the puzzle’s answer. You must walk the tile’s path right in order to open the 
doors and empty the room of the gas. Here is a small representation of the path 
you must walk. There might be a few more squares in the path’s width and length, 
but the tile moves too quick for me to be 100% sure. Follow the path given in 
alphabetical order: Exit
            G F
        C D E
        B A
You might not get it on the first try. Once the puzzle is solved, the doors will 
unlock and the gas will be gone. My game has a slight bug in it. When I solved it 
once, I had to go back to the entrance and keep repeating the puzzle (once you 
solve it once in the same game play, the gas is gone for good) just to try to go 
through the exit door. It was a pain. I hope you don’t have the same bug in your 
game. The next room has holes in the floor and 2 rolling boulders. Once you 
survive this room, you have a choice of where to go next.  The first choice is to 
brave another gas room to get a chest with 50 GP. The route to it is this: the 
next door to go through is right next to the once you just passed through. This 
door leads you to a room with a gas bubble and a monkey. The next room is a gas 
room. You must quickly jump to the other side and get the chest of 50 GP to 
eliminate the gas from killing you. If you didn’t destroy the spider with the 
exploding ball spell earlier, the spider keeps you from jumping to the chest and 
you will die from either suffocating or falling. 
            The second choice is to keep up your HP by leaving the chest alone 
and continuing. To continue, pass the boulders and head for a path in the 
northeastern corner. You will need to make a couple of jumps along the way. After 
you make the second jump, down the path you will come across a sludge monster. If 
you use your weapons to destroy it, another takes its place, so use the sleep 
spell to get past him. Before you get to the end of the path, you will encounter 
2 more of them. Just put them to sleep as well. Collect the chest with 50 GP and 
go down the ladder.
            The room you enter has 2 bats at the other end. A door is just south 
of you when you enter. You have another room that makes you jump around. There is 
a pickaxe in front of the exit. The next room has 2 sludge monsters and a door. 
Use the sleep spell on the monsters if you want. From there you will encounter a 
gas bubble, and a spider. Go up the stairs, and cross the bridge to the next 
room. There is a button to push. It lowers the row of spikes east of you. There 
are 2 gas bubbles and a spider. They are guarding a heart and a SP bottle. The 
exit is by the button.
            Now you are in an entrance area where it branches off into several 
directions. The room up the stairs just has a row of spikes and 2 monkeys. Go 
south. Going east from here just lets you follow the track in a big circle around 
most of this dungeon. You can find new areas, but I found them to be dead ends. 
So go west instead. Follow the track. You will come to an area left of the 
tracks. The door north of this area will be unlocked by the dungeon key. It has a 
wizard that will cast a spell that will push you away from him, if you get to 
close. Go north to the small room to get another chest with 50 GP. Go back and 
try to hit the wizard once or twice and he will be defeated. You are rewarded 
with a chest. It contains a suit of magical chain mail armour! Exit this room the 
way you came in and go south. BE CAREFUL! This is another gas room that has 2 
rolling boulders and 2 gas bubbles. Use the speed spell to cross the room and get 
through the next room. You will be attacked by 3 monkeys. There is another button 
to push. It lowers the spikes around the chest. It contains a new magic scroll. 
It lets you throw lightening bolts. On to the next room.
            This room has disintegrating floor panels. There is a ladder to climb 
in the southeastern corner. It takes you to a hallway. You will find a SP bottle 
and 2 sludge monsters. The door is south of where you just entered. Push the 
button to lower the spikes and go west. You will collect a heart when you cross 
the bridge. The room you enter next will have 3 mines packed in. Use your new 
spell to get rid of them one at a time. This spell uses a lot of SP. You might 
have to wait a while before using the spell to finish off the mines and to 
            The next room has 2 bats to splat before you can get to the door. The 
next room has 2 spiders near the entrance. If you have enough SP, use the 
exploding ball spell twice for each spider. That way you can enter safely. There 
is a third spider that is out of sight until you enter. Go east. Get the chest. 
It contains the key to the Dwarven warrior’s lair. Go north. You are back at the 
track maze. Follow the track east and then take the south branch. You should have 
passed under the bridge where you got a heart at earlier. Follow the track south 
and then west to face the boss.
 Just hit him once and you win! You are rewarded a chest that contains a magical 
Dwarvensword, your ultimate weapon!

When you leave the room, you are taken back to the monastery. There are guards in 
the yard this time. Go unlock the church and enter. You are greeted by Ragloth! 
He takes the tome! The priest then takes you to his airship.

Enemies: bats, mud men, spiders, bandits, invisible men, eyeballs, gas bubbles, 
guards, worms, monkeys, lizard men
Hazards: boulders, escalators, electric walls, spikes, broken floor tiles
Dungeon items: dungeon keys, hearts, SP bottles, Command center key
Weapons: quiver of flint tipped arrows
            Go north. There are guards and an electrical switch. Go to the switch 
to deactivate the field around the High priest. Talk to him to learn your 
mission. There are doors on either side of this room. Go west. Defeat the guards 
on the way. You enter a room with 3 guards and an escalator. If you don’t get too 
close to the guards, they won’t attack you. Get on the escalator. On the left are 
3 SP bottles and a gas bubble. On the right are 2 hearts, a chest containing the 
first dungeon key, and a gas bubble. The next room has a spider and a mud man. 
Remember, you can use the sleep spell on the mud man, but you will have to defeat 
the spider. Get the chest. It contains the second dungeon key. Go west. 
            Either use the sleep spell or defeat the bandit. Unlock the western 
door and enter. Again you can use the sleep spell on the bandit or defeat him. 
Follow the escalator south. There is a chest guarded by 2 more bandits. It 
contains a third dungeon key. Go back to the previous room. If you defeated the 
bandit before, he will have returned. This will be the case through out this 
level. Go south. This room has a floor of spikes, and 2 worms at the other end. 
You must wait until the spikes are totally lowered before crossing. If you don’t, 
you will receive damage. There are floor tiles where you can wait in between the 
spikes as they lower and raise. Just don’t land on a broken tile. You will fall 
through and die. The next room has an invisible man. All you will see is his 
outline. Defeat him and go to the next room to either defeat or put to sleep the 
mud man. Unlock the door and enter. This room has guards and lizard men. The 
sleep spell will affect no one. Find the electrical switch. Enter the cell to 
speak to and free the engineer. He will tell you the Chief engineer is in another 
room. Backtrack to the single bandit room. Pass him to get to the northern door.  
Defeat the eyeball and unlock the door. There is another electrical switch to 
find. Enter the cell to free the engineer. The Chief is in another room. This 
room has more guards and lizard men. Go back to the previous room and go east. 
Put the mud man to sleep and pass the spider to the eastern door.
            You will be attacked by an invisible man. There are 2 more towards 
the other end of the room. There is a chest along the southern wall. It contains 
the fourth dungeon key. Defeat the spider in the next room. Go south. This room 
is has an escalator. There is a chest on the left between 2 eyeballs. It contains 
the fifth dungeon key. Go back to the previous room. Defeat the spider again and 
go east. Use the sleep spell on the 3 guards. You will have to defeat the middle 
one to get the chest. It contains the sixth dungeon key. Go south. BE CAREFUL! 
This room has an escalator with boulders bouncing on either end. To cross the 
room, go down the right side. Time it right to pass the boulder safely. The next 
room has 2 bats. You can easily pass them up. The next room has a mud man. Either 
defeat him or quickly put him to sleep. Unlock the door and enter. There are 3 
bandits in this room. The first is near you when you enter. Use the sleep spell 
to avoid him. The second is on the escalator, and the third is at the other end 
by a chest. It contains a quiver of flint tipped arrows. On either side of the 
escalator are 2 hearts, for a total of 4, and a chest with more arrows, for a 
YOUR HP. When you are satisfied with your HP, leave the bandit/heart room and go 
south. This room has 3 broken floor tiles, so avoid them, and a gas bubble. 
Unlock the door and enter. Find the electric switch to free the engineer. Again, 
you still haven’t found the Chief. Backtrack through the boulder/escalator room 
again. Take the left side to go back through. You might have to defeat the 3 
guards that were guarding the chest you collected earlier. Go north. The last 
dungeon key will unlock the door. This room has the Chief engineer. When you free 
him, he will give you the Command room key.  
            Remember the room where there was a chest between 2 eyeballs. Go back 
to that room and go south on the escalator. The next room has guards and bandits. 
Go west. Defeat or pass the guard in the next room. You should have made a 
humungous circle and returned to the main room where you first freed the high 
priest. The command room is on the northern wall. This room is an electrical 
maze. You have to be patient here. You must wait until you can see the electric 
currents between the units. If you don’t, you will get a good shock. Within the 
maze are 2 SP bottles. There are 3 paths. Two will take you to the SP bottles and 
the other will take you to the control panel. When you reach the control panel, 
you will deactivate the electrical field that was blocking the northern wall in 
the invisible men room. Return to that room to defeat Ragloth.
Ragloth          Be careful! After he talks to you, he will start throwing 
lightening bolts at you. Hit him at least once with your own lightening bolt and 
he is totally defeated!!!!!!!!! You are rewarded with the Tome!!!!!!

            When you retrieve the tome, you are taken back to the floating city. 
IF you want go to the statue to replenish your SP (HINT). Go to the chapel and 
enter. Give the tome to Daria. OH NO! The tome is too much for Daria to handle. 
You must defeat her!   Daria Before you can defeat her, you must defeat her 
obstacles. They are given in order: bats, spiders, maggots, and finally guards. 
Then walk up to Daria and hit her with your sword.    You are then given the 
option to either read the tome or not. If you choose not to, the game ends.       
But if you choose yes, you will have healed the Priestess. She will then tell you 
that your adventures with her have just begun.     
You have now totally completed the game!!!!!!!! You win!!!!!!!!

One reason to play again:
By this time I had collected about 230 GP and I still did not have enough to get 
the Insect Scale Armour. I did buy some cake a few times in the game, and missed 
a couple of chest to avoid getting any more damage. I don’t know if it is 
stronger than the magic mail or not. I’ll let you decide.         GOOD 

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