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Wave Race: Blue Storm

Title: Wave Race: Blue Storm
Platform: Gamecube
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Type: Jet Ski Racing
1-4 Players
Rated E for Everyone

Table Of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Contact Information
3. Controls
4. Game Modes
5. Characters
6. Hints + Codes

1. Introduction

Wave Race: Blue Storm for the Nintendo Gamecube can be a very addictive game. I have 
stayed up for hours playing this one, Wave Race: Blue Storm is the best game in its 

2. Contact Information

If you need to contact me for any reason please e-mail me at [email protected] , 
please only e-mail me questions that have not already been answered in this 
walkthrough already, if you do I will only tell you to re-read the walkthrough. If 
you would like to see all of the FAQ’s and walkthroughs authored by me you may want 
to check out my website at www. Geocities.com/codeworld1, and click on Strategy 
Guides, while you are there don’t forget to vote.

3. Controls

The controls for Wave Race: Blue Storm are as follows:

Throttle- A
Steer- Control Stick
Tight Turn- Press the diagnol of the side you wish to turn
Lean- Press L or R depending on which way you want to lean
Turbo- Press the Z button
Crouch- Press B to crouch

4. Game Modes

Listed below are the game modes and a short description of each mode.

Championship- Earn the most points after racing on all of the courses to win the 
championship title.

Time Attack- Try to set a new course record

Stunt Mode- Rack up points needed to win by performing extreme stunts

Multi-Player-  Have up to 4 players race against each other

Free-Roam- Pick a character and course and you’re off!

Tutorial- Learn tricks and the controls of Wave Race: Blue Storm

5. Characters

David Mariner-
Top speed- 12 of 12
Acceleration- 3 of 12
Maneuvering- 3 of 12
Stunt Skill- 4 of 12
Strength- 10 of 12

Akari Hayami-
Top Speed- 3 of 12
Acceleration- 12 of 12
Maneuvering- 6 of 12
Stunt Skill- 11 of 12
Strength- 3 of 12

Nigel Carver-
Top Speed- 6 of 12
Acceleration- 8 of 12
Maneuvering- 12 of 12
Stunt Skill- 9 of 12
Strength- 6 of 12

Ayumi Stewart-
Top Speed- 8 of 12
Acceleration- 7 of 12
Maneuvering- 8 of 12
Stunt Skill- 7 of 12
Strength- 7 of 12

Rob Haywood-
Top Speed- 11 of 12
Acceleration- 4 of 12
Maneuvering- 5 of 12
Stunt Skill- 5 of 12
Strength- 12 of 12

Ricky Winterborn-
Top Speed- 4 of 12
Acceleration- 10 of 12
Maneuvering- 7 of 12
Stunt Skill-  12 of 12
Strength- 4 of 12

Serena Del Mar-
Top Speed- 7of 12
Acceleration- 9 of 12
Maneuvering- 11 of 12
Stunt Skill- 8 of 12
Strength- 5 of 12

Ryots Hayami
Top Speed- 9 of 12
Acceration 6 of 12
Maneuvering- 9 of 12
Stunt Skill- 6 of 12
Strength- 8 of 12

6. Hints + Codes

Go to the options menu and pres Z, X, and Start at the same time, go to the password 
screen and enter the following codes…

Dolphin Mode- DLPHNMOD
Dolphin Park Stunt Track- 463YWN3
La Razza Canal Time Track- MJV8LKL6


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