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World in conflict walkthrough

 Table of contents  
1) About the game
2) Controls/Game basics
3) Your guide to your enemy/ and their abilities 
4) About command points and fortifications
5) Mission Walkthroughs
> Invasion
> Reunion
> Battle for pine valley 
> Into the mountains
> Last Stand 
> Seeing the Elephant
> Deep Strike 
> Lair of the bear
> Liberty lost
> Aftermath 
> Once more unto the breach
> Before the storm
> One last Fight
6) Tips  
7) A quick thanks
8) Copyright

1) About the game
World in conflict is based on the 1989 invasion of 
America by the Russian army, you will play the role 
of the Americans over the single player campaign to 
make the Soviets back out of America and to end the 
war, Now is the chance to prove yourself a good
commander and save America.

2) Controls and game basics
W – Move camera forward
A – Move camera left
D – Move camera right
S – Move camera backwards
Left click – places your drop zone and add the 
reinforcements to the order list you have asked for 
and lets you use the special abilities  
Right click – Tells your units where to move.
The game basics are the tactical aid menu, the 
reinforcement menu and Combat 
? Tactical aid menu – If your units are in a 
fire fight call in some tactical aid e.g. Tank buster 
to lighten the enemy’s strength in that area 
? The reinforcement menu – If you’re low on 
units and desperately want to overpower your enemies, 
and if you have some spare reinforcement points call 
in some reinforcements to boost your power in the 
? Combat – What this game is all about basically
but some combat with enemy heavy tanks can wipe
all your units out if your not careful and 
don’t reinforce a lot, its not just about killing the 
enemy its about capturing command points and 
completing Main objectives and Secondary objectives.

3) Your guide to the enemy and their abilities
Your enemy can be a combination of light tanks, 
medium tanks, heavy tanks, anti-tank infantry and 
armoured transports plus some heavy support like 
artillery, heavy anti air, repair vehicles, plus 
some air support like heavy attack helicopters, 
medium attack helicopters, scout helicopters and 
transport helicopters.
Heavy tank
Offensive ability – heat shell
Defensive ability – smoke screen
Medium tank
Offensive ability – Frag-high explosive 
Defensive ability – smoke screen

Light tank
Offensive ability – AT-4 Spigot 
Defensive ability – smoke screen

Armoured transport
Offensive ability – AT-5 spandrel
Defensive ability – smoke screen

Amphibious armoured transport
Offensive ability – HEI rounds
Defensive ability – smoke screen

Heavy Attack helicopter
Offensive ability – AT-6 spiral
Defensive ability – drop flares

Medium Attack helicopter
Offensive ability – Vympel R-73 missile 
Defensive ability – drop flares

Scout helicopter
Offensive ability – IR scan
Defensive ability – drop flares

Transport helicopter
Offensive ability - None
Defensive ability – drop flares
Infantry squad
Offensive ability – grenade launcher
Defensive ability – sprint

Anti-Tank infantry
Offensive ability – anti-tank
Defensive ability – sprint

Offensive ability – None
Defensive ability – sprint 

Demolition engineer
Offensive ability – demolition charge
Defensive ability – sprint
Troop transport
Offensive ability – Armor-piercing bullets
Defensive ability – None

Transport truck
Offensive ability – None
Defensive ability – None

Heavy anti-air
Offensive ability – Heat-seeking missile launchers
Defensive ability – smoke screen

Medium anti-air
Offensive ability – Ground support
Defensive ability – None

Heavy artillery
Offensive ability – deliver smoke screen
Defensive ability – None

Medium artillery
Offensive ability – Incendiary rounds 
Defensive ability – None

Repair tank
Offensive ability – Emergency repairs
Defensive ability – None

4) Command points and fortifications
Command points are fairly easy to capture. As the
number of command points increase the difficulty also
Fortifications should be built quickly in case of a 
counterattack e.g. if your objective is to take and 
hold a town then defend it from a counterattack you 
would need to build up your fortifications quickly as 
possible, otherwise the counterattack might be more 
than your units can handle and you might have needed 
the fortifications.

5) Mission Walkthroughs


Recon the harbour to find where the Russians came 
from This first objective is easy just navigate your 
transports through the street and place them on the 
command point, then a little scene shows you the dock 
and that the Russians must have used the civilian 
freighters that are either sunk or undamaged.

Secure the supply depot/ save Sgt Hanson’s men
This objective is easy take your Bradley transports 
to the location where Sgt Hanson’s men are under fire 
by two Russian troop transports, then when you have 
destroyed them you will gain control of the infantry 
place the squad into one of the Bradley transports 
you have and then move your units into the command 
point to capture it.

Scout the route to the Kingdome/ repair the Bradley
Firstly take your transports to the location at the 
beginning of the street, destroy the enemy then you 
will be able to use tactical aid (precision artillery 
and heavy artillery) to clear the route for your 
troops and transports to make it through once you 
have reached the end a damaged Bradley will appear 
then an American troop transport will arrive, take 
control of the troop transport and repair the Bradley.

Destroy the Anti-Air defences in the area
Take the units you have and use them to assault the 
Kingdome square to wipe out any units you may 
encounter then destroy the anti-airs which will let 
reinforcements drop, then a cut scene will come on 
and the civilians inside the Kingdome will evacuate 
just before enemy artillery destroys the Kingdome.

Rescue Sgt Hanson’s men
Take your units press z to turn your units formation 
into box formations to easily navigate through the 
streets then you will come up to the first set of 
apartments where some of Sgt Hanson’s men are, 
destroy the enemy to rescue them and the move your 
units down the street to your right until you reach 
some more apartments where more of Sgt Hanson’s men, 
you might want to try taking some units around the 
side to flank the units at the apartments once 
cleared your next objective will appear.

Secure the 1-90 under pass/ capture secondary point 
for reinforcements For this objective I would 
suggest doing the secondary objective so you can call 
down reinforcements to help you clear the I-90 
under pass, you also get to use tactical aid same 
as before heavy artillery and precision artillery I 
would recommend you use heavy artillery because it 
is wide spread and it catches most units in the 
area of fire but if you don’t want to use precision 
to wipe out units on the spot, once you have all 
your reinforcements assault the under pass.


Dig in at the freeway entrance
When the mission starts quickly load your infantry 
into vehicles then move them speedily to the command 
points and then put two units in one point and two in 
the other then wait for the fortifications to be done,
use offensive and defensive abilities on your units 
if you have to, at least your stopping the enemy.

Rescue the civilian evacuees
When the bridge has been secured and fortified the 
command points will disappear and you will then be 
told to send a couple of units to rescue the 
civilians at the school buses.

Save the Levinson family
Click on the units you used to clear the enemy near 
the school buses to go to the Levinson house and 
destroy the enemy there once done a cut scene will 
come on showing the Levinson family being loaded into 
a Bradley armoured transport.

Hold the bridgehead
Take your units that you used to save and move them 
back to the bridge where you took them from and when 
you get the chance to call in some light tanks and 
don’t forget you can use the troop transports to 
repair any damaged vehicle you may have, then just 
wait for a cut scene then your position will have 
moved to the southeast bridgehead.

Defend the southeast bridgehead
Lots of action will go on here so be sure to have 
all of your units repaired, the control points are 
already fortified so don’t worry about them when 
you are able to call reinforcements down call some 
light tanks in and any repair vehicles you can, 
Shortly after that a secondary objective will come up 
to repair the anti air units do that to stop 
helicopters from attacking you cannot move the anti 
air but they still will be useful, completing the 
secondary objective allows you to order one medium 
tank use it well.

Evacuate the hospital
When this objective comes up split your units into 
2 groups send one group to one command point and the 
other group to the other command point once you have 
fortified all you have to do is wait for the 
civilians to evacuate, but a secondary objective 
comes up it is quiet simple really just use precision 
artillery to destroy the houses before the airborne 
troops can get together.

Assist Bannon and Charlie Company
This objective is hard but you don’t have any units 
of your own to look after so you can keep 
concentrating on assisting Bannon and Charlie Company, 
I would advise using the heavy air support because it 
doesn’t target friendly units so you can place it 
over Bannon’s units without them being damaged and 
the heavy air support doesn’t only strike once it 
strikes a couple of times soon after a secondary 
objective appears called Scorched earth when this 
objective appears use the tactical aid to destroy 
the marked out places, after you have completed 
that a couple of minutes after Bannon pulls his units 
back and you have completed the mission.


Secure the gas station/eliminate the sniper
Firstly order some units and then eliminate the sniper
, after that split your units up and take them to both
of the command points it won’t be easy since there is
infantry and a couple of light tanks will arrive to 
make the task harder also there are some armoured 
transports there as well as infantry so be careful 
once the points are captured you will get tactical 
aid points and you will be able to order 5 light tanks.

Clear the way into pine valley/ clear the strongholds 
Using the light tanks you have called in by tactical 
aid as well as the rest of your units assault the 
strongholds quickly one at a time so you don’t suffer 
many losses for the first 2 but when you get to the 
third split your units up and flank from behind them 
and in front of them, they will be stuck by fire from 
both sides if you get into a bit of trouble deploy a 
smoke screen. If you have any repair vehicles repair 
any unit that needs it.

Secure the TV station/ eliminate the forward observer
Split your units up and take them down separate 
streets to cover more ground and to attack from 3 
different points, take one group around the outside 
to kill the forward observer then attack the Russians 
from behind to capture the TV station.

Defend the supermarket/assist Bannon with repairs
Get your units to the supermarket quickly then set up 
defensive points, when you receive the secondary 
objective take a repair vehicle to repair Bannon’s 
tank, then you should be able to order a heavy tank 
from the reinforcement menu use it for better defence.

Retake the southeast approach
When you hear the captain calling out about the 
artillery that is going to destroy the supermarket 
group your units up and take them to the southeast 
approach and capture the command points then wait 
while the points fortify don’t forget to call in new 
units when you can.

Hold the southeast approach/destroy the enemy mortars
Not very hard but it is hard in a way because you have 
continuous Russian units coming at you, but you will 
get some tactical aid (artillery, tank busters etc) 
when the secondary objective appears use the tactical 
aid to dispose of them instead of weakening your front 
line at the command points, hold the area for a bit 
if you complete the secondary objective you will gain 
the ability to use daisy cutter bombs which can take 
out a few units in the area you can use it in forests 
to wipe out pesky infantry, after dealing with the 
heavy assault your new objective will appear.

Defend the town square/ assist the artillery
This is the hardest part of the mission because you 
have to pull your units back to the town centre and 
defend the 3 command points take some units to the 
location of the artillery and then some units will 
appear at the side of the building, destroy them to 
gain control of the artillery units they might be 
able to help in the battle ahead. When the enemy 
starts to come it will be in small groups then the 
groups will turn to large groups, after a while the 
USS Missouri gets in position then you will gain 
control of the USS Missouri artillery cannons after 
a few minutes of you launching artillery at the Ussr 
units they will start retreating then you have 
completed the level.


Secure the 2 river fords/secure both fords ASAP
To do this order light tanks and some infantry if you 
can, take the infantry into the trees and move them 
to the lodge house at the ford on the left side and 
split the tanks into 2 groups 1 goes to the left ford,
the other group goes to the right side, once they get 
taken over you have to wait for the fortification to 
be done.

Secure the bridge/the bridge must not be destroyed/
Hold the bridge and wait for Bannon 
When you receive the extra reinforcement points use 
them all and quickly move to the bridge and capture 
it, you will need to order reinforcements because 
soon the planes won’t be leaving the ground so you 
have to get last orders in. When you capture the 
bridge fortify it then the Russians will come, a 
secondary objective will appear to destroy the 
Russian artillery on the hill aside the bridge, send 
a couple of units there to destroy the artillery then 
go back to the bridge position and wait for Bannon to 
arrive just before he arrives a lot of tanks will 
move into position watching the bridge not long after 
Bannon and his tanks arrive behind the enemy spare a 
few of Bannon’s units by using tactical aid on some 
of the tanks.


Secure and hold the east bridge.
Firstly deploy some armoured troop transports and some
light tanks, ince they reach the drop zone split the 
units into two groups, place one group at the left
command point and the other group at the right command
point, hold both points for a while until your next
mission objective appears.

Secure and hold the west bridge
Leave two or three units behind at the east bridge to
defend the east bridge while you take your other units
to secure the western bridge, capture the command
points then a few moments after lots of enemy units
will attack yours and Bannon's units, if you hold out
long enough and wait to be told to move to the north

Secure and fortify the north bridge
Once you have your units at the north bridge, move
some units across the bridge to capture the command
point on that side, you will at this point be able
to order an anti-air vehicle, the fight is mostly in
the town don't destroy lots of units because a carpet
bomb will arrive to lighten the enemy strength.

Retake the town center
Push all your units into the three command points,
then you will see a timer appear it shows you how
long you have to fortify the command points once
the fortifications are done a radio message will
tell you about to many enemy tanks are coming and 
that a nuclear strike has been authorised then you
will have to retreat to the high school, once there
Bannon will give you the coordinates for the nuke
drop it on the tank with the green circle above to
end the mission.


Secure the soviet firebase
Firstly order some units then as you advance towards
the firebase, if you have any spare units leave them
at the vineyard and continue advancing towards the
firebase, once you have destroyed the artillery units
and all other units capture the command points then
when the secondary objective appears kill the 
infantry with napalm bombs.

Clear out the village defenders
At this point you should be able to call in 2 heavy
artillery units use them to clear most of the enemy
at the defence points and if you saved the anti-air
units you can use them later in the mission. Take
your tanks into the village and destroy the remaining
enemy that your artillery didnt destroy.

Hold the village
Place tanks into the positions marked with orange
markers and wait for the fortifications to be done,
then bring your anti-air into the village to destroy
enemy helicopters. Basically all you have to do is
sit and wait for the russians to stop attacking then
you have completed the mission.


Secure the bridges
Deploy some units preferably infantry and transports
because tanks will have a hard time getting through
the narrow streets, use medium artillery to destroy 
the fortifications, place the transports into the 
command points after defeating the enemy 
(spawn tanks to take care of this)then use tanks on 
the second bridge and wait.

Clear out the town defenders
Once you have sorted the bridges out you might want
to order scout helicopters to fly around the town 
spotting targets for tactical aid you can call in
the best tactical aid you should use is carpet bomb
because it has can drop bombs in a long line so it 
can destroy the houses russian infantry have took
over, clear out the 5 points and place a unit in
each one so the circle disappears.

The church must stay unharmed
When you have cleared the town head up the hill to
the church and place three units in each command
point, once the church has been taken over an enemy
counterattack will come where you first spawned
before attacking the bridges if you have enough
tactical aid points get 3 carpet bombs to destroy
most of the enemy vehicles then use tanks to finish
the rest off.


Secure the perimeter
take the rangers and move them through the forest 
killing any infantry that try to kill your infantry
, when you reach the crash site you will see lots of
enemy units use the rangers artillery ability to
destroy them when you have secured the crash site 
head down the hill but stay in the forest until you
reach the anti-air on the left side, destroy it and
then move on to the anti-air on the right side.

Hold the crash site
Deploy some vehicles quickly at the crash site 
because the enemy will attack in a minute be sure to
order 1 or 2 anti-air units because Bannon will ask
for anti-air help because enemy heavy helicopters
are attacking his tanks you will also be told to
destroy the powerplant as a secondary objective
this objective should be easy if you call in some
transport trucks to transport the infantry to the
power plant.

Search the train station
Take your units towards the forest near the train
station and wait for the napalm to clear a gap to 
move you units through towards the train station, use
tactical aid to clear the command points and then 
move your units in while they destroy the patrolling
units, when the next objective appears leave some
units behind to destroy enemys trying to take the 
train station over.

Search the apartment complex
Gather your units and move them to the first circle
in the apartment complex to begin the search hold
the circle for abit then you will have to move onto
another circle and continue the search, hold out
again until the circle gets changed again, for this
block of apartments you will need anti-air in the 
area to destroy the incoming helicopters that will
rip your units apart without anti-air, after atleast
200 rooms have been searched the pilots will be found.

Clear the extraction route
Put any infantry you have in the forest to ambush the
enemy while your armoured transports attack at this 
point if you lose units reinforce quickly to make
sure you still have the upper hand in the battle try
a flanking move send some units up the road towards
the command points and send some units near the power
plant to attack from that side then the enemy will be
gridlocked in battle which will probably defeat them
quicker once the points are captured and fortified
you have completed the mission


Secure submarine one
order some tanks and a repair vehicle if you need 1
also if you want to take care of the infantry at the
beginning spawn some infantry to wipe them out, as
soon as you reach your objective place the units in
both points but put more units into the first point
you come across for faster fortifications then once
the fortifications are done at that point move the
units from the first point to the second point

Secure submarine three before it leaves
When you get your new objective move to the third
submarine, when you get the message about helicopters
either use tactical aid or take units to destroy the
airfield when you get to submarine three send your
heavy tanks to kill the enemy then move in your
repair vehicles to repair your damaged tanks.

Hold submarine three
When your extra reinforcement points arrive order
a heavy tank or whatever you want but heavy tank will
be best, just remember to repair your vehicles and
call in tactical aid to destroy some if your units
have low health and you want to stop the enemy from
destroying the repair tanks that are trying to repair
the tanks. Hold out abit and then your next objective
will appear.

Secure the residential area
When you reach the residential area and if you have
infantry don't use them in this battle the buildings
are already full with enemy infantry and the tanks
will run your units over, when capturing the points
start with the one furthest up the map because that
point will be harder to get then secure the other
two points and wait for the fortifications.

Hold submarine one
Go back to the first submarine and place tanks in a
row so no tanks can get to the other command point
aswell as your tanks you will have tactical aid you
can use, this objective is mainly just waiting and
repairing vehicles while dropping tactical aid hold
the command points till the timer runs out and you
have completed the mission.


Assist in securing Ellis island south
If you like controlling helicopters you will love
this mission as it places you as the air support
to the assault of Ellis island south, when you gain
control of the helicopters fly them to the command 
point and destroy the enemy around the area and wait
for Vance's units to take the command point over.

Assist in securing Ellis island north
This objective is the same as the first fly over the
command point destroy anything that will try to
destroy the APCs that are vital for capturing the
command point.

Help secure a beachhead
When Vance sets his units for the mainland place your
units over his APCs for cover, as his units arrive at
the mainland fly your helicopters to the enemy units
and destroy them to minimise Vance's loses but you
have to keep your air units safe from anti-air
because you will get a secondary objective to keep
your helicopter loses low.

Destroy the harpoon launchers
If you want you can attack the harpoon launchers with
your helicopters or you can save the helicopters
and use tactical aid because there is anti-air units
placed around some of the harpoon launchers, once
you have destroyed eight of the launchers your next
objective will appear.

Destroy all enemies on Liberty Island
Use your choppers to take the anti air units first
then use the rest of the minutes destroying the
enemies before the timer runs out you have to look
for infantry in the buildings at the other end of
the island once saved return to Governers island.

Take and defend fort Jay
Be careful at this point of the mission because the
enemy has set up anti-air fortifications so use 
tactical aid to destroy the fortifications at the 
command points then send in your helicopters, dont
give them time to rebuild fortifications once clear
wait for Vance to secure the fort with his APCs.

Help defend fort jay
This objective should be easy as most of the 
counterattack is APCs and infantry napalm the
infantry and use your choppers to take care of
the vehicles.


Keep your units alive/link up with Webb at the Ford
This objective is easy just go to the position that
Webb is located if you have repair vehicles repair
Webb's vehicles, all you have to think about is
repairing Webbs vehicles

Repair all units at the rally point
when Webbs units are finished fighting send a repair
vehicle to repair the units that are white then when
that is done Webb will have control of the vehicles

Repair all the abandoned vehicles
Take your repair tanks and vehicles but leave a
repair vehicle behind for Webb's units send in your
attack vehicles to destroy the enemy near the vehicle
you are going to repair then repair the vehicles that
attacked the enemy to keep them alive, as you move
futher on the enemy will get harder at the last two
vehicles are the hardest as there is a heavy russian
tank at the top of a hill so send a small attack
force to flank it then once it is destroyed repair
the last vehicles

Repair all vehicles at the rally point
This objective is the same as the others but you can
set up an artillery position with the heavy artillery
you have just repaired, when you get to the vehicles
split your repair vehicles up to repair most of the
units at once, most of the units you wont be able to

Follow Webb to the rally point
This objective should be easy because you only have
to take your units up to Webb's units position but
then Webb will start to retreat

Follow Webb to a safer location
When this objective starts follow Webb to the
destination but you wont stay there for long as there
will be artillery dropping on your position soon so
quickly move away from there.

Clear the riverbank of enemies
When you get told you have to destroy the enemies at
the riverbank you will be able to call in heavy
artillery so use it for the quick easy kills also you
might use your heavy artillery unit.

Fight off the soviet counterattack
As soon as the riverbank has been cleared Webb will
move to it and attack the enemies across the river
use tactical aid to destroy them but soon after that
more units will arrive and you will be able to use 
tactical aid like daisy cutters and carpet bombs
use the carpet bombs for the top of the hill and use
the daisy cutters for the units close to the river
and it should be easy to do from there as long as
you remember to repair alot.


Secure the soviet outpost
Choose your units wisely for this i would recommend
3/4 heavy tanks, 2 medium tanks and a repair vehicle
but if you want you can include medium artillery 
before you get to the church stop and use tactical
aid to destroy the anti-tank fortifications before 
sending in your tanks once captured move your units
away as there will soon be artillery dropping on the

Secure the southern part of town
This objective will prove to be hard as there are 
heavy tanks in the area so if you have enough
tactical aid points use a daisy cutter for the heavy
tanks, once the daisy cutter has defeated the units
move your vehicles in to capture the command points
once the command points have been captured the
soviets will counterattack but if you place all your
units into the command point closest to the town 
bridge they will have a hard time defeating your 
units because they will be close together and the
repair vehicle will repair at any point if it is not
destroyed. Once the counterattack has ended capture
the points you didn't have any units in.

Secure the sawmill ASAP
Head east across the bridge and keep your units close
to the repair vehicle use tactical aid to destroy the
heavy artillery or if you dont want to use your
medium artillery if you ordered some when the heavy
artillery has been destroyed move your units up the
hill to the first command point then send some units
to the second command point wait for the available
fortifications to be built.

Break through the soviet lines
After you have secured the saw mill call in the heavy
artillery that you can because you may need them but
this objective wont take long if you use your tanks
and move them forward and leave them at that point
destroy a few enemies while you wait for the soviet
lines to be broke.

Secure the town square
For your current objective now there are 4 command
points to capture, if i would recommend anything
it would be to take them 1 at a time once they are
all captured wait for the russians to try to take
over and detroy them all and that is the mission


Destroy the AA emplacements ASAP
Use your 4 amphibious transports vehicles send two to
the AA emplacement to the left and 2 to the right
when they get near unload the anti-tank infantry to
destroy the anti-tank fortifications, then send the
amphibious vehicles in to finish the enemy inside
the circle off. On the right you have to do it twice
on the left only once.

Capture both ASM-lauchers
On top of the hills there are two anti-ship missile
launchers, you need to capture the two command points
at the launchers before they get destroyed as soon
as you get near one a timer will appear at the top
of the screen with 17 minutes to capture both anti-
ship launchers if you can capture them quickly do it
otherwise you might have to destroy some more enemies
than you want to.

Secure the russian main camp
After you have captured both ASM launchers be
prepared for little counterattacks while you move
some units down to the main camp to secure it in
this objective you will need to capture three command
points which won't be easy so call in for some
airborne troops so they can use artillery to destroy
some of the ground forces then send in your assault
force and capture the command points and fortifiy


Save seattle
To be able to save seattle you have to complete all 
the objectives in 45 minutes, so start by deploying
1/2 repair tanks 2/3 heavy tanks and a heavy 

Destroy the soviet guard post
This is easy to do use your atillery laucher to fire
a barrage then send your tanks in to finish the rest
of the units off once done return to the diner.

Protect the diner
this will take 3 or 4 minutes to do, stick your tanks
in a circle shape around the repair vehicle and heavy
artillery unit to make sure they stay in good form
you also get help from Webb, if you have enough
reinforcement points order another heavy tank for
useful purposes like your units destroy enemy tanks

Clear the way to the harbour
Use your atillery to destroy the enemy in the command
points for the objective you have to clear 3 command
points so use artillery then send your tanks in, this
will be easy for the first two but the last 1 has a
heavy tank stationed at it if you get any tanks close
the anti-tank fortification will be firing at your
tanks aswell as enemy tanks and infantry.

Secure the harbour
There are 4 command points in the objective which are
hard to capture because there are alot of enemy units
in the area, also i would recommend capturing the 
points 1 by 1 because the first 1 you might have 4/5
tanks at your useage to destroy the enemy then you
might have 4/3 for the second point 3/2 for the third
1/2 for the fourth so capture them 1 by 1, if that is
hard use tactical aid and your heavy artillery unit
to soften them up.

Secure the soviet main base
For this you need enough tactical aid points to call
about 5 laser guided missiles because there is
infantry in the guard towers and there is 1 tower
inside the base, once they are out of the way use
tank busters to destroy the fortifications then move
your tanks in if your tanks are on high damage repair
them before you move them to attack as you will most
likely lose 2/3 of your heavy tanks also dont forget
to use your heavy artillery unit aswell.

Survive the soviet counterattack
You will now be faced with the task of defending 3
command points from the soviet counterattack you will
now also gain 3/4 new units from Webb split your 
units into equal groups for each command point and 
when the russians come dont forget you can use 
tactical aid like heavy barrages so use them often
and keep repairing your tanks the fight will be
difficult but keep calling in heavy artillery 
barrages and keep repairing for a few minutes

Bringing it home
When you get to the point when Sawyer gets in contact
with the airforce you will be able to order
reinforcements again and you will be able to call in
tactical aid like carpet bombs and daisy cutters
hold out for abit longer then Cpt wilkins will arrive
with units behind the enemy and destroy them at this
point you have finished the game.

6) Tips

First tip be sure on the artillery missions you have
somewhere to place the artillery so they can fire on
the destination from a distance so they dont get

Second tip use combinations of units instead of all
heavy tanks or all medium try a mix of light, heavy
and medium.

7) A quick thanks
Hi i just want to give a quick thanks to cheathappens
for giving me the idea to write walkthroughs
i also want to give a thanks to massive and sierra
entertainment for a brilliant game.

8) Copyright
This walkthrough will be copyright to any website 
what it goes on either ask me or the website admin
can you copy this up but by no way can you edit it
to the way you want it if you have any suggestions
or anything like that pm me Thedeadrising only on 

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