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WWF: Road to Wrestlemania
Title: WWF Road to Wrestlemania
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Developer: THQ
Released: 2001
Rated E for Everyone


1. Introduction
2. Legal Stuff
3. Contact Information
4. Controls
5. Characters
6. Match types

1. Introduction

WWF: Road to Westlemania is a Game Boy Advance masterpiece, yet one of the many 
masterpieces made by THQ. This is the only World Wrestling Federation video game for 
the Game Boy Advance and unfortunately will be the only one, now that the WWF is now 
the WWE. (World Wrestling Entertainment) 

2. Legal Stuff

Please do not copy or sell this strategy guide, you may print out this guide but do 
not sell them. Remember copying is illegal and you can end up in big trouble!

3. Contact Information

You may contact me via e-mail at [email protected] Only e-mail me questions that 
haven’t already been answered in this guide, also e-mail me any mistakes or 
suggestions as well. If you want to see all of the strategy guides that have been 
done by me please visit my website at www.geocities.com/codeworld1, while you are 
there don’t forget to vote, and sign my guest-book!

4. Controls

Menu Controls- 

A- selects the highlighted option
B- goes back
Control Pad- Highlights options

Game Controls-

Control Pad- Moves wrestler
Down- climb down from turnbuckle
A- grapple
A + button command- Grapple moves
B- kick
enter + exit ring
      climb turnbuckle
L- release grapple
L + Control pad- Tag partner
L- change camera angle
R- runs
Start- pause

Grappling moves-

A- minimum damage move
Up + A- Medium damage move
Down + A- Maximum damage move
B- minimum damage attack
Up + B- Minimum damage attack 
Left or Right + B- minimum damage attack
Down + B- minimum damage attack
L- release grapple, pin, or submission hold
R- Headlock
R + control pad- change to grapple from behind

Back grappling controls-

A- maximum damage move
Control pad + A- Maximum damage move
B- Medium damage attack
C- Control pad + B- Medium damage attack

Running moves-

R- runs
A (while running)- grapple move
A (opponent running)- counter move
B (while running)- attack

Ground moves (opponent on back)-

A (near head)- force opponent to his feet
A (near feet)- flip opponent over
B- Hit/ submission
L- pin

Ground moves (opponent on stomach)

A (near head)- Flip opponent over
A (near feet)- Force opponent to his feet
B (near head)- attack
B (near feet)- submission move

Finishing moves 

NOTE: Your special meter must be full in order to perform finishing moves.

A + B (while grappling)- signature move

Hardcore Match moves-

L (outside ring near apron)- get weapon
L (outside ring near apron)- change weapons
B (with weapon)- weapon attack
L (with weapon)- drop weapon

Cage Match moves-

B + control pad- climb cage
Up/down (While climbing)- climb up or down
A (while on cage) elbow from cage
B (while on cage) elbow from cage
A + control pad (opponent on cage)- shake cage

5. Characters-

You can choose from 24 WWF superstars, listed below are the superstars and their 
finishing/signature move.

Stone Cold Steve Austin- Stone Cold Stunner
The Rock- Rock Bottom
Triple H- Pedigree
The Undertaker- Last Ride
Kurt Angle-Angle Slam
Chris Jericho- The Walls of Jericho
Chris Benoit-Crossface
Billy Gunn- Sleeper Drop
Rikishi- Rikishi Driver
Edge- Downward Spiral
Bubba Ray Dudley- Neck Breaker
D-Von Dudley-Super Snap Powerbomb
Jeff Hardy-Twist Of Fate
Matt Hardy- Twist Of Fate
Bradshaw-Clothesline from Hell
Eddie Guerrero- Powerbomb Pin
Raven- DDT
Hardcore Holly-Falcon Arrow
X-Pac- X-Factor
William Regal- The Regal Stretch

6. Match Types

In WWF: Road To Wrestlemania there are many different types of matches that can be 
played. Each type of match and any match options are described below.

 Match Setup Screen

At this screen you select the type of match, 

Single Match- this is a simple one-on-one match.

Tag Match- this match is a two-on-two match where partners must tag each other 
t        to fight.

Triple-Threat Match- 3 WWF Superstars, every man for themselves, first pin-fall or 
submission wins.

Handicap Match- One-superstar v.s. two superstars.

Cage Match- The only way to win is by escaping the cage before your opponent does.

NOTE: These match types are the basic ones, the advanced match types are coming 


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