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:::Path of the Wizard:::
-Helm's Deep
Pretty simple, just a tutorial really. Follow everything the screen tells you to do 
and you'll have no trouble

-The Road to Isengard - coming soon

-Minas Tirith, Top of the Wall - coming soon
-Minas Tirith, Courtyard - coming soon

:::Path of the King:::
-Paths of the Dead
Um... A path really.. Kill the dead people when they bring the bones back to life, 
and stay alive so you don't become one of them.

-King of the Dead
Pretty hard if you don't know what you're doing. The King of the Dead will fly at 
you swinging his sword. Parry. Alot. After he's done with his series of attacks 
press the Y button alot until he decides he wants to attack again. When that 
happens start pressing the B button alot again to parry. Kill the people he summons 
when he does summon them. When he does the little "Wind of the Mountain" thing and 
goes "I will huff and I will puff and I will blow that rock away" in between his 
huffs and puffs come out from behind the rock and lay your projectile weapons on 
him (In other words SHOOT HIM!! Arrows or axes either way just do it.) and when he 
does huff and puff get behind the rock or ur in for osme major damage.
:::Checkpoint Time:::
After you kill him you get a checkpoint then you have to run back the way you came -
 killing dead people on your way. Beware you do have a limited time to kill them so 
don't lolligag around unless you want to be crushed by rocks.

-The Southern Gate
At the start of the level it will appear deserted. Run on the bridge and a troll 
will appear. Then run off the bridge and to the left of the screen (you will haveto 
run a tiny bit) there will be some catapults. Launch them both. Then run to the 
rubble created by your little catapult-launching and climb up it. Once you get to 
the top kill the troll (I suggest using arrows or throwing axes from behind the 
wall) and the orcs. Then there will be an elephant type animal. Shoot arrows at it 
until it explodes. (Parry arrows that fly at you so you don't get too much damage, 
also attack the orcs that attack you during this but try your best to ignore them) 
There will be a sort of cut scene and you will see a crank. Don't use it yet it 
will do you no good (well it won't do bad either so I guess you can but you won't 
get anywhere with it) go to the pots of lava junk and dump them on the head of the 
troll below until he dies then go to the crank and use it to open the gate below 
then climb down the rubble again and go through the gate.

-The Pelennor Fields
Stay to the edges of the fight because if you don't YOU WILL DIE VERY QUICKLY. 
Fight anyone that comes near you. You will have to kill 60 people to move on to the 
next part. Lucky you. Everyone who is on your side (the good guys) all of their 
kills count towards the 60 you need. Once you get the 60 you'll have to beat an 
elephant thing again (yay..) and so you'll appear on a cliff with a bunch of giant 
crossbow looking things. Use them if you want to (When the elephant thing gets in 
range) but i prefer using arrows. Shoot them the same way you killed the other one 
in the last level. After that there will be another one. Go down the ramp (there 
will be an arrow thing - it's white it glows - at the top of the ramp) once at the 
bottom go to the right until you can't anymore and then go down until you get to 
the other cliff across the fields. Climb that ramp and repeat what you just did. 
Then there will be one of those dragon things. Get down from the ramp and head 
across the fields (the long way) don't fight along the way you only have limited 
time. Using arrows kill the beast and then you beat the level.

-The Black Gate
This level is pretty hard it took me at least 3 hours to complete. 
First you have to beat the Mouth of Sauron. He's pretty easy. Just press the Y 
button alot and he dies.
After that you pretty much kill all the orcs and junk until the big guys with the 
bars above their heads come along. Try your best to hit them with the war pikes or 
to tip over the "cans of fire" (They must be in the path of the fire for this to 
have any effect) Then when you hit them once with anything (Y button attack, 
warpike, or fire) use arrows from a safe distance. Only go in close as a LAST 
    -To recharge the fellowship's health, go to the one that needs it the most
     and stand next to them so they are glowing and their health will go 
After all that good stuff you have to kill 3 ringwraiths. You can just use arrows 
for this they are pretty easy for all of their "I'm so tough mwa-ha-ha" stuff.
Beat 'em and you win the level.

:::Path of the Hobbits:::    -coming soon-
-Escape From Osgiliath
-Shelob's Lair
-Cirith Ungol
-The Crack of Doom

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