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******************  *      ***   
         *          ***    * *                    **
         *          *  *   ***          *      * *   *        * 
         *                 *       ***  *   *  * *   *  *** *   * *   *  *
         *                 ***      *   * *   **  **     *   *      *   *    ers


4.What I Did
 c. Gates of Moria
 d.Balin's Tomb
 e.Amon Hen
 f.Fangorn Forest
 g.Plains of Rohan
 h.The Westfold
 i.The Gap of Rohan
 j.The Deeping Wall
 k.The Breached Wall
 l.Hornburg Courtyard
7.About Me
Poor, Average, Excellent

Speed of shooting arrows- Average
Amount of arrows- Average
Rating- Average
Speed- Excellent
Health- Poor
Speed of shooting arrows-Excellent
Amount of Arrows- Excellent
Damage- Poor
Rating-About Average
Speed- Poor
Health- Excellent
Speed of throwing axes- Poor
Amount of axes- Poor
Damage- Excellent
Rating-Almost average
X= Speed Attack  
O= Knock Back
Triangle= Fierce Attack
R1=Grab arrow/axe(X to release)
R2= Kills enemy that's knocked over on the ground
L2= Jump Back
Analog Stick= Move/Aim Arrow/Axe
  You get a new list of moves every 2 levels. Bane moves are good, so are swift 
terrors, war rushes and stuff. The shields give you health. Get the new arrows/axes 
also. The swords/knives/axes stink. That's about it.
________________________________**What I Did**___________________________________ 
  I started the game out with Legolas and Aragorn. I hadn't used Gimli a lot untill 
level 1 of Rohan. I used Gimli and I beat it. Ever since I used Gimli. I had beaten 
the game and then I did Balin's Tomb over and over till I got to level ten with 
every character.
   Now for the fun stuff. Here we go!

   This level is a basic tutorial for the game that puts down the basic moves. No 
 Use fierce attack to attack the Ringwraiths(only when torch is lit) and when the 
torch goes outout use fierce attack on the campfire to re-light it.
3.Gates of Moria
   Ready for the real stuff. Choose a character. Follow the path and kill the orcs. 
Go a little further and Gimli will say quickly, this way. After the cut-scene, kill 
the archers wth arrows/axes. If you don't and kill the orcs on the ground you'll 
die. Block the arrows with []. When the archers are dead kill the orcs on the 
grounnd. Follow the path again and Gimli will suggest going to the Mines of Moria. 
Archer Orcs and Orcs attack. Kill the Archers first. Afterwards kill the Orcs on the 
ground. Follow the path into the river and kill the archers and Orcs. 
THE WATCHER: If you saw the movie you might be expecting this guy. Yup, the big, 
bad... Octopus Thing! You have to fight him alone like most bosses you fight him 
alone. When he attacks you block his tentacles and then slice them with X. He will 
come up and you shoot/throw an arrow/axe. Do this pattern to beat him. Next!
  4. Balin's Tomb
Hundreds of Orcs kill Orcs. Use Feirce attack on orcs with shields. 
TROLL: Kill with arrows/axes.
When on thing move arrow/axe. Orcs come, KILL ORCS!!!!!!!!
Amon Hen: Follow the path and kill the Uruh-Kai. KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL 
KILL KILL. When on bridge KILL more with companions. Watch out for archer orcs, they 
can create fire. When the orc meter reaches 0 Frodo will be free. Do this quickly or 
Frodo will die. Go to log. 
LEADER: Avenge Boromir. Fight the Leader with arrows and axes. But he shoots fast 
too. When he picks up the sword, you can't fight him. Make him slash the statue and 
then use swift terrors. Do ths over and over again to win.
Fangorn Forest: Follow path, Kill. When you reach the orc that pops down from the 
tree do [], X. Fight Troll. Can't use arrows. Do Triangle, L1. Kill orcs. No problem

Plains of Rohan: Follow path, save people. No sweat.
The Westfold: Destroy explosives with arrows.
Gap of Rohan: If a Warg is next to you use a fierce attack. Power up your arrow to 
full blast to Kill the Wargs.
Warg: You can't use arrows. Wait for him to charge at you twice. After He charges 
twice he'll stand on his two hind legs ATTAck. Do again and again.
The Deeping Wall: Knock down the ladders and kill the orcs.
The Breached Wall: KILL.
Horn burg Courtyard: KILL.Save friend. KILL. Kill Archers. KILL. KILL Trolls.
Orcs: Easy
Goblins: Average
Trolls: Hard
Leader: Easy
Watcher: Easy
Uruh-Kai: Average
Uruh-Kai With Long Blade: HARD
Archers: Easy
Wargs: Easy
______________________________**ABOUT ME**___________________________________________

My name is Josh Coulter. This is my second FAQ. I have two dogs, a mom, a dad, and a 
little brother. I have Pc, GB, GBA, and PS2. I love Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, 
and A Series of Unfortunate Events. My hobbies are Bionicle, Computer,  baseball, 
Soccer, Video Games, and Reading.
Thanks to Orlando Blume, My mom, My Dad, My Brother(????), My dogs(???????????), 
God, Peter Jackson, Elijah Wood, PS2, Sony, The Precious, Gollum, Frodo, Sam, 
Aragorn, Boromir, Farimir, Arwen, Celeborn, The Gaffer, Hobbit Weed, Gandalf, 
Sauroman, Isildur, Balin, Durin (Lord of Moria), Legolas, Hildar, Elrond, Gimli, 
Sauron, Ringraiths, Pergerin Took, Meriodic Brandybuck, Galadriel, Treebeard, 
Theoden,Eomer, Eowyn, Shadowfax, Grima Wormtounge, Shelob, Mythril, Sting, and Thier 
Father, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.
Copyright 4/18/03 Any use of copyrighting/plagerism is strictly prohibited.

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