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Start: Saturday, January 11, 2003

                                Wang Car$

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completely finished with this thing .    

If your wondering what this is, it’s a place called Wang Car$ there are 8 hidden 
cars in area 2 that are dark blue with a number 1-8 on top, if you enter the car you 
will be transported to the car shop and here’s what happens:
Each time you get a car you get some money (I think $5,000) and when you get all 8 
you get a nice prize, in the Shop’s parking lot there will be a Fire Truck that shot 
water and fire, 4 Furor GTs, each with unique features (I think 1 with 50 machine 
gun rounds, 2 with 50 mines and 1 with 50 oil slicks), a special agent car with 50 
machine gun rounds, an armed land roamer with 20 machine gun rounds, and a tank with 
20 Bullets from what I hear.
NOTE: Directions are given as if you are in the car or if you are really the guy, 
not as it looks on the screen in less I give a specific direction like North, South, 
East, West or you will be very confused. 

Car #1
Starting from Church:
When exiting the church go north, take the 1st right, go then take the 2nd right, 
when you come to a split go left. Go in till you come to another split and go right, 
keep going and take the 1st right, keep driving in till the road ends. Go right and 
drive in between the 2 roads and stop when you see a box with a black ladder and get 
out of your car and run up the ladder and on top of the box. Jump onto the box that 
doesn’t have a dark brown SRS symbol on it. Then jump to the next box, turn right 
and jump to the next box then the next. Next turn toward where the yellow arrow with 
a green bottom should be. Then Climb up the stairs and cross the bridge, go into the 
building and then enter the blue sports car and it will teleport you to Wang’s Car$ 
and your money will go up a few thousand.

Car #2
Starting from Wang Car$
Go south, steal a car that stops somewhere on that road (needs to be at least a taxi 
or faster), go west, then north, then take the 1st left, keeps going in till the 
road ends, go right, then go left when the road ends, take the 1st right, go left 
when you can’t go no more (you may see the car #7 on top of a building) then go 
north in till you see a brown fence. Take the 1st right when you see the garage shop 
(car guns, mines ect.). don’t turn into the R.V. Opry, Instead take the very next 
turn, you will go past I trailer and a green pickup then you will go under a bridge. 
Keep going in till you can’t go no more, go right off road and cross the bridge, go 
right yet again, and over another bridge. Go Strait hit the ramp and you will land 
on a little island (that’s why you kinda need a fast car). Exit your car and then 
enter the blue car and you will teleport to Wang’s Car$ and BOOM! Mo Money!

Starting From Wang Car$
Go to the church (steal a news van and use the satellite as an arrow to the church) 
steal another car or keep your currant. Go north, take the 2nd right, then the 1st 
left. Stop when you see black stairs and a walkway over the road. Drive up the 
stairs and go right to get to the upper level. Go south, east, and north up the 
ramp, go left and stop when you see a building with an opening, enter it, then go 
left stop, then get out. Go up the stairs and go into the car to tezmoolaport 
(thought I’d try a new word) to Wang’s Car$ and beesh-beesh-boo-tagu-la you get 

This is all I’ve figured out, but I’m still looking, I’ve seen about 2 or 3 more 
cars, and I’m going around the buildings trying to find a way up, please, if you 
know of a faster way, or another car, please email me at [email protected] 
remember,  I’ll give you full credit for your help. Thanx a lot. 

This Document © 2003 [email protected]

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