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Warlocked FAQ/Walkthrough Version 2.2
By: Parker Sperry (JOJOFACE) E-mail address: [email protected]
                             AIM: Kakiriko7

----------VERSION HISTORY----------
2.3	Didn't add anything but I have a new E-mail address. 
[email protected] Bye!

2.2   Now this FAQ is on Cheatcodes.com and neoseeker.com! I'm closer to finishing 
the game, so I'll be able to update the Human Walkthrough really soon. I now have a 
BattleTanx: Global Assualt FAQ up on Cheatcodes.com, GameFaqs.com, and Cheatcc.com!

2.1   Version 2.1 is a big step. Keep up the mail! My file got erased somehow, 
probably my brother on the 10 day trip we just took. Sigh... Expect a while before I 
get some walkthroughs done... or Wizards...-JOJOFACE

2.0   Yea! Big one O Update! This is my 10th update! May 15, 2001. -JOJOFACE

1.9   I didn’t add that much, but I got some new codes and hints. Anyways,
when I started this FAQ, I had beaten the game, and had had all the wizards.

1.8   I really enjoy it when I get mail about Warlocked, so keep it going in!
I updated the Wizard Data Info, thing, stuff, um, yeah. Elsin sent in a great
Walkthrough for the Humans Home Run mission, although it is hard to understand. -

1.7   Hello. I have been updating often now! Warlocked is a great game. Added
to tips section, and Human Walkthrough. Added more Wizards too. -JOJOFACE

1.6 Sorry for the long wait. Added to the Humans Walkthrough.

1.5   Okay, just so you know, I’m changing E-mail AGAIN, to [email protected]
so update your Address Books! (Just a notice. I haven’t updated again because
of Majora’s Mask! ZELDA ROCKS!) I added to the Humans Walkthrough. Check it
out! It’s one of my favorite levels.      -JOJOFACE

1.4	Sorry! I haven’t updated in a long time, Due to the wonderful game of,
Pokemon Silver. Anyways, AOL quit on me so don’t e-mail to Candy7pls, instead
E-mail to [email protected] I added another scenario. More to FAQ section.

1.3   My forth update. And what an Update I have here. I’m quite glad that my
FAQ got on GameFAQS.com and I got a request to put it on
http://www.gameadvice.com!!! So go there and you shall see it! Added more to
the Beast Walkthrough, and Human. *-New Sections-* Codes/Hints section, Plain
old FAQ section, and a Multi-Player Scenario Section. -JOJOFACE

1.2   My third update. I finally finished making the Multiplayer section.
Added some to my tree of evil walkthrough. -JOJOFACE 

1.1   My second update.  I added Costs section which will help you buy stuff.
I added lots more wizards and added to the beast and Human Walkthroughs.

1.0   I just started on this. I love Warlocked, and just so you know, I didn’t
buy the game just for the Multiplayer.  I’m a fan of RTS (Real time strategy)
and GBC games. I know that I will mess up a ton on this Walkthrough/ FAQ. 
Please E-mail me about Misspelled words and such. (Note: I strongly suggest
that you play Human first, the missions are much easier!)-JOJOFACE


1. Version History
2. Controls
3. Races
4. Costs
5. Wizards
6. Walkthrough Human
7. Walkthrough Beast
8. FAQ Human
9. FAQ Beast
10. FAQ
11. Multiplayer
12. Scenarios
13. Armies
14. Codes/Hints
15. Thanks 
16. Legal Crap
17. Contact Me


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D Pad:	Move Cursor/Move between Menus
Select:	De-Select Unit, Select last unit selected
Start:	Pause
B:	Build Building, Move Units, and Back
A:	Confirm, Move Units, Select Multiple Units, attack


In Warlocked, There are two Races.  The Beast and the Human. Each has its own
13 Missions.  Both have their own unique wizards, that only the Race can Use.
Warriors and Knights are equal in strength, as are Archers and Skeletons.

Human- Control Knights and Archers and certain Wizards.

Beast- Control Warriors and Skeletons and certain Wizards.


This will help you Buy things. First off, farms can supply only 5 people. They
can only supply 5 people! HA! That’s Pitiful.


Grunt-			    50gc 1 supply
Knight-                 100gc 1 supply
Elven Archer-           50gc 10 fuel and 1 supply
Dragon-                 Find in Egg

Farm-                    100gc 20 fuel Supplies 5 Men
Barracks-                100gc 40 fuel
Tower-                   100gc 40 fuel


Goblin-                   50gc 1 supply
Warrior-                  100gc 1 supply
Skeleton Archer-          50gc 10 fuel 1 supply
Dragons-                  Find in egg

Farm-                    100gc 20 fuel supplies 5 men
Brawling Pits-           100gc 40 fuel
Tower-                   100gc 40 fuel


BombWiz- Mercenary
An expert in high explosives, BOMBWIZ is a dangerous and extremely volatile
character.  His magical powers change enemy units into flash-bombs that
explode damaging and nearby units or buildings. To cast his spell, target and
enemy unit and tap the A button.

BrickWiz- Mercenary
Tired of unskilled workers and poor quality materials? Need a Low-cost way to
improve your defenses? This Wizard could be the answer! His Magic mortar will
strengthen the foundations of your Guard Towers! Just summon him to double
your defensive strength!

ChickenWiz- Human
Deeply traumatized after being plucked and greased by a gang of hungry
Goblins, this Wizard is now under the protection of Queen Azarel and has
become an ally of the Humans, using his magical power to change enemy units
into chickens. To cast his spell target a Beast unit and tap the A Button.

Chief Zog- Beast
Fearless and cruel, he commands the beast forces in the war against the
Humans! His presence on the battlefield fills the new recruits with bloodlust.
Just summon him to speed up training of all new units.

CrowWiz- Mercenary 
This Wizard is adept in the arts of transformation and possession. His magical
power changes a friendly unit into a crow, which he can possess and use as a
winged spy! To cast his spell target a unit and tap the A button. 

ElvenWiz- Human
This master of Elven magic is from the Grey Forest of Dern and is a powerful
ally of the Humans. His magical power changes any unit into a battle-ready
Elven Archer. To cast his spell target a unit and tap the A button. 

Firewiz- Mercenary
Ideal for barbecues, FIREWIZ can turn up the heat until your opponents sizzle!
His magic causes enemy units to burst into flames and vanish in a puff of
smoke. To cast his spell, target an enemy unit and tap the A button. 

Fuelwiz- Mercenary
Old as the earth, and as green as the hills this wizard is one with Mother
Nature. His magic recycles any unit into environmentally kind energy packets
adding 10 FUEL to your resources. To cast his spell target a unit and tap the
A button.

GoldWiz- Mercenary
Greedy for riches, this wizard has spent years learning the art of alchemy.
His magical power transmutes any unit into a sack of Gold, adding $50 to your
treasury. To cast his spell, target a unit and tap the A button.

IceWiz- Humans
How cool am I? When the action gets too hot to handle, this wizard will help
you chill out! His magical power changes enemy units into snowmen, who quickly
melt into a puddle of slush. To cast his spell, target an enemy unit and tap
the A button. 

MudWiz- Mercenary
Yuuuuuuuukkkk! Master of all that oozes. MudWiz is from the bogs of Nid! His
magical power changes enemy units into mudmen, who quickly sink into a pool of
slime. To cast his spell, target an enemy unit and tap the A button.

PoisonWiz- Humans
Once the apprentice of ToxicWiz, this young and studious wizard has applied
his talents to the research of deadly poisons! His magic venom will add a
lethal sting to the tips of your arrows. Just summon him to double your
archers attack power against enemy units!


----------WALKTHROUGH HUMAN----------


-Gather 100 Fuel
-Mine 500 Gold
-Build 3 Farms


At the beginning, Select two of your grunts, and tell them to gather wood. 
With the other two, go straight right and get the treasure chest.  After that,
go to the upper left corner and get the other chest, then have them mine
(Note: I know there is a chest at the upper right hand corner, Don’t bother to
get it). By the time you get to the mine you should at least have 70 Fuel.
Since a farm costs only 20 fuel, you can build all 3 of them, right now. Pull
a grunt from chopping wood and tell him to build a farm where he has cut. 
Tell him to build another.  (Note: Each Farm Costs 100 Gold) Finally build a
third, right next to the First and second. When that grunt is done, tell him
to continue with chopping wood.  When you get 500 Gold or 100 Fuel (Whichever
you get first) Tell the other Grunts who have finished with their tasks, (Fuel
or Gold) to get the other Mineral. Congratulations! You have finished the Fist
Level in the game!

Try to beat this:
JOJOFACE: Score: 2500
          Time:  0h02m18s


-Wipe out the Beasts


First of, Assign two grunts to explore North.  And when you encounter Trees,
chop them with all your might! Haha, Just Kidding. Just chop them down. Take
the remaining two Grunts and explore to the North. When you encounter a Mine,
mine gold.  The mine has 1500 Gold. When you get your first shipment of gold,
build a Grunt.  COST: $50.  Tell him to mine.  After your Forest is gone,
build a Barracks in the clearing.  The Forest has 100 Fuel in it, So it won’t
take long.  After your Barracks has been made, send the grunt to mine.  Build
3 Knights and 1 Archer. Your on a rescue mission. You are going to get your
First Wizard.  Select all your troops, and tell them to go to the upper right
hand corner.  You will encounter 2 Warriors.  Take them one at a time.  When
you lose a Knight or Archer, Make him again and send him to help again. Stand
next to the wizard and you have got him!  Take him and your army to the upper
left hand corner. Use the Wizards powers to get you there. Put the wizard
safely in the temple and Slaughter the Remaining Warriors.  If you want a good
army, get the Treasure chest above the temple before finishing the level.

Try to beat this:
My Friend Steven:	Score: 12250
                  Time:  0h03m24s


-Destroy Guard Towers
-Destroy Tree Lair
-Return Wizard to Temple

At the 
¿ÿÿ’ö¿ÿÿ’ö¿ÿÿ’ö¿ÿÿ’ö¿ÿÿ’ö¿ÿÿ’ö¿ÿÿ’ö¿ÿÿWizard is at the top left. Buy another Grunt 
at the time, and
tell him to mine. When you get around $200-250, buy two Knights and an archer.
Before, build a Farm to support them. After the Archer, Build Knights till
your farm is full.  You should have 6 knights and 1 archer. Now, Select all of
your men, and go above the mine. There is a Warrior there. Slaughter him. If
you get the hint near by, you will know a Wizard is being held captive around
here. To the left of the Beast Warrior is a path between the trees. Follow it
al the way to the Top-Left hand corner. Select the wizard and click on your
temple (Near your base). Now move your men to the right.  Hurry up now.  Near
the hint will be another Beast Warrior. Get rid of the little pest and keep
moving right.  Eek! Beast Towers! Okay, calm down.  Attack the warriors first.
When you killed two of them go after the tower. It shouldn’t take long for it
to collapse. Try to kill as much men as possible before your men retire for
good. Start building up for another attack. Mostly knights. For this attack
take your two archers from the beginning and add them to your grand army. You
should have 4 knights and 3 archers.  Now attack from the path of trees to the
right of your base (Where you found the first beast warrior). At the least
they should have one Beast tower, and two warriors.  Of course, go for the
warriors first. Now for the final battle. Tell all men to attack the Tree of
Evil. You shouldn’t lose much men attacking it. Mission completed . . . You
are victorious!

Try to beat this:
JOJOFACE:         Score: 12500
                  Time:  0h04m57s


-Destroy The Ice Lair

1st way:
First, assemble your grunts as necessary. The mine is upper left. Lucky for
you, you have a Barracks and a Farm already made for you! Just FYI: Right
below your barracks is an enemy tower and almost 5 Skeletons + a Barracks.
With your two Knights, get the Scroll next to the Barracks, and wait until you
have enough stuff to make another farm. Then, make a Knight. When he’s done,
he’ll explore one more square down. In that area, you will notice the Tower.
Don’t freak out. Make 2 more knights and 2 more Archers. (Yes, this includes
building another farm.) When done, charge the Tower. The skeletons will
attack, so kill them. The barracks sometimes churns out guys. When done, let
the farms turn to dust. The castle to the left of you, is really a wall. You
can get the Skeletons from the bottom. Explore down to uncover the rail. Take
one healthy knight to lead, and to follow a good archer. Go and kill the
Skeleton archers and come down from the other side. Doing this will uncover a
Temple. Now you can summon wizards! Don’t move. To the right of you is the Ice
Lair. There are at least 11 guys including 3 towers. Just abandon all things
here and go to base. You should have tons of money. Build a fleet of about 3
knights, and 2 archers. When done, Explore to the right of your base. You will
encounter A tower, and one Warrior. Chose either first. Then destroy the
farms. You’ll notice something familiar around. It’s the wall to the north. To
the left of it is treasure, so get it before going up. Don’t pause go up and
get the wizard! For me it is Windwiz. Very strong. Now abandon these guys for
a while. You are going to make a grand army! Build 2 more farms, and as much
people as you can. Move this army down. Move him past the walls, where you
first left your guys, next to the Temple. Yes, you’ll use all these guys. Your
ready for your first wave. Grab as many guys as you can and attack. Wait, take
the guys at the top, where the wizard was (You should have put him back.) and
take them and attack from the top. When you’ve slaughtered all that get in
your way, go for the towers. When you have little guys left, do as much damage
as possible to the Lair, Their Main building. Yes! We destroyed it! We beat
the level! Um, if you didn’t blow it up, go back and make another huge fleet.
It shouldn’t be hard. Remember all those guys you had at the beginning? It
took all those guys, plus some, to penetrate that hard base. It was a long,
hard fight.

2nd way:
For speedsters, notice on the objectives, it tells you only to destroy that
base? Make a fleet from the beginning and destroy the Lair!!

Try to beat this:
JOJOFACE:         Score: 15050
                  Time:  0h05m10s


-Rescue Queen Azarel


You’ll be here a while if you don’t read this and play. In the beginning take
the grunts to the right and order them to chop wood. Take the other two
peasants and explore to the left. You will find a useful mine. Enter and press
select to deselect them. You will see a skeleton archer on a wall. Don’t get
too near. When you get the resources, build a grunt. When he’s finished in the
castle, tell him to mine. When you get the money and wood, make a barracks
below your main hall. While your waiting for the resources, take one knight
and explore down-left. Stop when you find an opening in the wall. If you read
the hint, it says to build a tower near the wall. Do so, on the right and left
side. Build your barracks first. The towers will kill the skeleton archers on
the walls, and thwart any attack the enemy might take. Whoops. I just noticed,
but when you send your grunt to build at the left, he dies. Don’t build one on
the left. If you made the mistake like I did, build another grunt. Train a
Knight. When done, take the three warriors(3 of them are from the beginning)
and attack through the opening.  Ignore any and all skeletons on the wall.
Your attack should fail, and you should have killed both warriors. Nice work,
you have turned the key. Train more knights and archers. About 5 knights, 3
archers.  Build farms if need be.  Attack through the same chasm as before.
Get rid of the pesky archers now, or later. As the scroll states, the middle
of the enemy’s base is the perfect place for a barracks. Do so. Also build a
farm there. When your mine explodes, its time for wood. Throw your hatchet at
the forest.  Build tons of Archers, And tons of Knights.  Before attacking,
attack to the right of your barracks to wipe out a tower and a warrior. Then
proceed back. Go up and left, up the two staircases, and attack the tower. The
‘Grand Staircase’ is very useful for all these guys.  Preserve your archers
and use them against the dragon. You should understand by now, that archers
are the only things, other than towers and other dragons, to attack dragons.
Key word: Preserve. If you have smithwiz, get him out. He makes your knights
have better armor. And, if you have Poisonwiz, get him out to make your
archers more powerful. About 5 archers should do it. Distract the dragon with
a knight and hit him with surprise with your archers. When killed, it should
make easy access to the queen. Get a huge group of Knights and get to her.
Bring her to the temple, and kapow! You win!!! Nice job! 

NOTICE: From the beginning, if you go left, you will find a Blue scroll, a
multi-player map. Beware of a tower and some men though…

Try to beat this:
JOJOFACE    Time:	 0h08m38s
            Score: 13700

-Return to Main hall
-Destroy Ice Lair


1st way (JOJOFACE)
This mission is very fun! Alright, here is the real walkthrough. Notice you
have limited guys. Move up until you get the scroll. Tell your grunt to repair
the stairs. DO NOT GO LEFT! There is a tower accompanied with a handful of
guys. But, there is a Wizard there, but that will be later. When the stairway
is completed take your guys up it. 2 at a time. When you get up with your
first pair, turn right. When done, explore with one guys up a little. Go to
the very end, where the stairs meet with the ground. Take everyone up to that
point, but do not fire an arrow at the beast! Take one guy and walk to up one
square. You will see a beast warrior. If you hug the trees, and walk past, you
should get there, no problem. Do that with everyone of your guys. One at a
time. When you get there, take your knights and explore right. You will find a
dragons egg! Walk next to it for it to hatch. Take him with your clan on your
quest to save the Human race! Ready for that one at a time basis again? Yep.
On your left, you will see part of a staircase. Sneak past the guards and go
up it. Take 3 guys at a time and explore left. Then go straight down the wall.
Select a grunt and repair the staircase. Take all your guys to your base and
have your grunts enter the mine. You have 3 barracks, so use them. Tell your
dragon to enter your main hall. Summon Queen Azarel and make a few guys. Then
go right of your base with the guys you started with. Blow the farm on the
way. Rescue the crying wizard and take him to your temple. Take your dragon
and have him trace his path back up the castle wall. Have him take care of the
farm and barracks. The rest of this one is up to you. Use the dragons powers.
Make a huge army of men and destroy the Beast Ice Lair!

Try to beat this:
Elsin       Time:	 0h10m33s
JOJOFACE    Score: 13650

2nd way, sent in by Elsin

On Home Run I got a 10min and 33sec time with a 13264 score. What I did was at
the start I took my guys up and left I sent a grunt to get the Icewiz(Or
whatever is there) and my guys made a distraction for the Grunts and Wiz to
get through(I moved them all at once). Then I got to my Temple, summoned the
queen and SweatWiz, at which point I stockpiled fuel. I went the shortest way
to get the dragon egg and hatched it in my main hall. Then I stockpiled the
gold. I was using my Icewiz to defend. Then I built a barracks and started
making knights 5 at a time. I saved enough gold to get 10 archers. Then I got
rid of my SweatWiz and summoned a QuakeWiz. I sent him out to the left to kill
everything and worked him up to the top. I took my 50 or so knights and
attacked the lair to the north. I took the 10 archers and went dragon hunting,
and I did this without repairing any steps. I also gained like 30 knights 5
archers IceWiz 1 dragon and 10 grunts(give or take 10 for everything except
Wiz and dragon). 

Are you thinking of another game? Why did you build a barracks? You start with 
three? Oh well.


----------WALKTHROUGH BEAST----------


-Build 3 Farms
-Mine 500 Gold
-Gather 100 Fuel


First, Assign two Goblins to Chop Trees.  Tell the other two to go to the
bottom Right hand side to get a chest of 200 gold.  Then tell them to go to
the top left-hand side to get another 400 Gold.  You should have 60 Fuel at
least when you get here.  Then, Tell them to mine further right.  Don’t do
anything until you have 160 Fuel.  From there tell 1 goblin that was getting
fuel to mine, and the other to build 3 Farms.  After that, mine until you have
500 Gold.  Basically you finished the level!

Try to beat this:
JOJOFACE    Time:	 0h02m35s
            Score: 2800


-Wipe out the Humans


First, take one goblin and get the fuel below your base. Take the other two
and explore to the left. You will find a farm and under the farm is a Mine.
Tell the two to mine. Whoa! On the bottom left you notice a Human Knight. You
can’t see him but next to him is another. When you build a Brawling Pit, he
will be your first target. The mine has $2500. Enough to build 25 warriors.
But, on this mission you won't build 25. Haha. When your goblins come with
their first shipment of gold, you should have at least 20 fuel. On the second
shipment of gold you should have 40 fuel. Build a Brawling Pit. There is only
enough fuel to make 1 brawling pit and an archer. In other words, 60 fuel.
When the goblin is done making the pit, tell him to mine. Make two Warriors to
start. When the two are finished go ahead and make two more warriors, and 1
Skeleton Archer. Remember the first target on the bottom left corner? Go for
him. Kill the two knights, its should be pretty easy. You shouldn’t have lost
any men. Keep going further down and you will find a wizard! Tell one man to
go and get him (By standing next to him). Now, take all of your men and move
to the right. There are three Knights next to a Temple. Kill all the knights.
There is also a chest of gold. Get it. Yeah! You have beat the level! 

Try to beat this:
JOJOFACE:   Time: 0h03m47s
            Score: 12000    


-Build Brawling Pit
-Train Soldier Units
-Capture the Wizard
-Destroy the Humans Main Hall


Tell one of your Goblins to get some fuel, right below your base. Send the
other two north west to find a mine. Of course, send them in. Take your
Skeleton Archers and explore to the right. Eventually you will fall a pon a
treasure chest and an archer. Kill the archer and get the gold. Keep exploring
further north. Whoa! Look at all those Grunts! Easy targets huh? No. Don’t
even think about attacking the grunts. If you read the hint, it says, “We Must
Be Careful … The enemy will swiftly avenge these unarmed workers if we harm
them.” In other words, don’t kill the grunts. Further north you see a farm
and, what’s that? A Wizard? Yes it is. Not so fast. The grunts are guarding
the Wizard. Before you destroy the farms to get to the wizard, there is a
barracks at the top corner. It may take a while but tell your Skeletons to
attack it. Now back to your base. Yes, you do have a lot of money. With that,
pull a grunt (any grunt) from work and tell him to build a Brawling Pit. Maybe
next to the farm north of your main hall. When he’s done tell him to work
again. You can build 3 warriors before needing a farm. So build a farm. Now
your skeletons are done. Destroy the farm. Be careful though, because if too
close the archers will attack the grunts right after demolition of the farm.
Move them after you destroy the farm. Take one skeleton and stand next to the
wizard, after you see what he is, run. Use the wizards powers (In my case,
bombs)to destroy the grunts. Destroy the other farm now. Your Farm is done now
and tell the goblin to work. Continue to build Warriors. Not archers,
warriors. Send them with your skeletons. Return your Wizard to safety now. Now
where your archers and everyone else is, move left. You will see two Human
Towers, two knights and an archer. Go for the Towers. Maybe a knight or
archer, but concentrate on the towers. Okay, you lost all your guys. (Wipes a
tear) Now build you army to normal size. Okay, not as much as last time. 7-8
warriors. This time when you attack, destroy the Main Hall. Notice in the
objectives it doesn’t say, Wipe out all Humans. Just the main hall. The end!
Try to beat this:

JOJOFACE:   Time: 0h04m41s
            Score: 13200


----------FAQ HUMAN----------

Q: What is the difference between Beast and Human? 

A: Name, What Wizards they can use, and missions.

Q: What happened to Chief Zog?

A: Chief Zog is only for Beasts.  Queen Azarel does the same thing that Chief
Zog does, only she is for human.

----------FAQ BEAST----------

Q: What is the difference between Beast and Human?

A: Name, What Wizards they can use, and missions.


Q: Where can I buy Warlocked for Game Boy Color?

A: I bought mine at Target. Shop around. Wal-Mart is good.

Q: How do I get into VS Mode? 

A: Make sure you are both on the main menu. Whoever clicks VS first will be
Human. The other Person is Beast. 

Q: I can’t find ElvenWiz!

A: Look around in Human. If you still can’t find it, Each pack has different
Wizards. Trade with a friend or something.

Q: I don’t have any maps! Or, not all of them.

A: Look for blue scrolls in the regular missions. Hey, I haven’t found all of

Q: Are there two save slots? Or only one?

A: One for each race, so save often.


GOLD RUSH- I like this map. There is a dragon egg in the top left hand corner.
But first you have to cut through tons of trees.  One problem though. There is
only one mine. What you should do as quickly as possible is build a tower next
to the mine. Mine the most gold.
-Both players start with 3 workers

CASTLE SIEGE- Beast players, try to get the dragon egg, before the humans do.
The dragon egg is just right of your base, and down a bit. If you are human,
try to get the egg, and position archers on the walls as defense. 
-Human gets 500 fuel 3 workers and 4 archers.
-Beast gets 4 workers and 4 archers.

MINE FIELD- There are 5 mines. And the mine in the middle, right above the
little wall, has way more money than the others so try to get it as soon as
possible. There are two eggs. One to the left of the beast players, and to the
right of the Humans. 
-Both players get 3 Workers and 3 Knights

DUST TO DUST- There are tons of trees in the middle. Try to get them as fast
as you can. There are two Dragon eggs. Top left, and bottom right. Very good
-Both players get 4 workers

TREASURE FORTRESS- There are no mines. No trees. Just treasure. Make as much
men as you can with your resources, then look for more treasure. If you
summoned Queen Azarel or Chief Zog, then you should train fast. Attack as
early as possible. 
-Both 500 fuel 500 gold, 4 archers

CASTLE SIEGE 2- In this Siege map, the beast have the castle. Use towers as
defense from the repeated attacks by the Human. If you are human, there is a
Dragon egg at the bottom left hand corner. Beast, to the right of your castle.
Humans, build towers to attack the Archers on the walls. I haven’t found this
map yet…
-Human 3 workers 2 warriors
-Beast 3 workers 3 archers

FARMING FRENZY- Great map. Each of you gets his own mine. Each of you gets
there own set of trees, both of which hide an egg. If you get grunts into your
opponents mine, he won’t notice. His mine will eventually deplete very fast!
And, try to get both of the eggs. If you have both, you are indestructible.
Defeat your opponent, or make 8 farms to win.
-Both 3 workers

LAVA ISLANDS- This map is my favorite. You are both on islands. You can get to
the opponents island only by repairing the bridge. Beasts, there is a Dragon
egg to the left of your base. Human, To the right.
-Both 3 workers and warriors

UNDERWORLD- There are two dragons. Lower left hand, and upper right hand.
There are 3 mines, try to take them all. Position towers next to each mine, as
soon as possible. Other than that, this is an average map.
-3 workers 2 warriors


Here are some scenarios me and my friend made up. Send in your own too. They
are Pointless Fun.

Scenario 1: Farm around the Workers
Level- Dust to Dust

Part I
What you first have to do, is have a Poxwiz, and build a ton of grunts. Don’t
attack each other. Get all the wood in the center so it is clear. Do not build
a barracks. Build as much grunts as you can with the resources. When there is
no more wood, make Farms around the Perimeter of where the Trees were. Make
the same amount of farms for each side, making a circle. Beast make 5 human
make 5, or whatever. Send in all the grunts in the center. Both Beast and
Human. Send all Grunts/Goblins to the center of where the trees were. 

Part II
Both Beast and human get dragons. Move your dragon to the first Enemy Farm.
When you both are ready, you attack the farms at the same time. First to blow
up all the enemy’s farms (in the circle) will get first dibs on
grunts/Goblins. Send your dragon after the grunts/Goblins. Now at this time,
send your Poxwiz and Get an enemy Worker Poisoned. It spreads over all the
Workers eventually. 

Part III
When all the Workers are done for, Dragon VS Dragon. If one dragon wins, you
win the scenario. If you lost, you lose. Kinda pointless huh? But it is fun! 

Scenario 2: Mission Impossible
Level- Farming Frenzy

First one to get both the eggs wins! A fun way to play it is…
Make a couple towers and position some troops around an unopened egg. Try and
make your opponent get it! (Pointless fun.)


After you finish each level, the remaining People from the end, will be put
into your Army stocks.  From there, you can put them into armies and test your
army against a friend!  This option gives extra replay value to a game that
has more replay value than Mario! Here is a good Technique to get tons of
guys.  Have your friend make a team of 200 guys. What I mean is, 200 knights,
200 dragons, 200 Human Towers, and 200 of whatever. And then, just match his
weaknesses, and kill his army. When you trade, you should know you will win. 
And if you know you will lose, than just Delete his file. You can use that
technique or this if you are low on wizards . . . 
Have your friend make a team of 5 wizies (Preferably ones that you cannot get
in your game).  Have him trade you it 5 times. You take a powerful army, and
destroy it. You get the wizards each time you defeat them. Don’t forget to
‘Absorb’ the army! :)


Hint 1- If you want archers, without paying the hefty fuel price, listen up.
Build a grunt or Goblin. 50gc right? Now take your ElevenWiz or Necromancer
and use his magic to turn it into an archer. Also use this against enemy units
and turn them into one! I founded this one.

Hint 2- Play Human First. They are much easier.

Hint 3- Trade with friends via link cable to get all the Wizards!

Hint 4- When on the last level of Human (Zog’s Fortress) attack the right base
and destroy the barracks. Then get the baby dragon.

Hint 5- Attack early on Multiplayer! It will decide who is the master! If you
don’t attack early, you’re either going to lose, or it will be one long

Hint 6*- If you get a crowwiz early in the game, use its powers and explore
the map.

Code 1*- Enter ncqffy  at the code screen for all the levels.

E-Mail me with more Codes/Hints.
*=From Larry Stone


I would like to thank JunoGem, for all the help on telling me what to do in a
FAQ/Walkthrough.  And thanks to Steve Brown for everything!
I would also like to thank Nintendo Power, for telling me about the game and
for the great game guide, especially in the multiplayer area. 
And thanks to Bits Studios for making such a great RTS game for Game Boy! You
did the best possible job to make a Kid Happy! :-)
Thanks to CJayC for posting this on GameFAQS!
Thank you Elsin for sending in that Walkthrough.
Thanks to Larry Stone for the codes and hints!
Thanks to Cheatcodes.com and neoseeker.com 
Thanks a ton to Dave at www.Cheatcc.com! I'm on his website now!

----------LEGAL CRAP----------

I made this FAQ/Walkthrough all by myself. With the help of Nintendo Power and
my friends, all of which I put in the Thanks section.  This Is Copyrighted
2000 © All rights reserved by Parker Sperry. Do not post this Walkthrough on
your site unless I say that you can. If you see this FAQ on any website other
than http://www.gameadvice.com, www.cheating.de,  www.the-n.8m.com, 
http://www.gamesdomain.co.uk, www.cheatcodes.com, www.neoseeker.com and
http://www.gamefaqs.com beat the crap out of the people who put it there  or
tell me. And then beat the snot out of them.

----------CONTACT ME----------

E-mail Address: [email protected]
AIM: Kakiriko7
Please E-mail me Misspelled words, and if you have more info on the game, or a
better score or time on any levels, E-mail me.  Please have the subject
WARLOCKED FAQ or something to do with Warlocked. Whenever you send something
in, don’t worry about spelling, I fix them before putting them into the FAQ.

Thanks for Reading the FAQ! 

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