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by: jetjak24
email:[email protected] (more info in "More about me" section) 
Real name: Reuben Reyes
              VERSION HISTORY
June 20, 2005 Version 2.0 Added many helpful suggestions to FAQ.

June 14, 2005 Version 1.1: Added download info and details

May 28, 2005 Version 1.0: Working draft of FAQ is made.

A. Introduction
1. Benefits to being a warrior
2. Downsides to being a warrior

B. About the game
1. Where to download the game
2. In-game and technical problems 
3. About MapleStory

C. Starting off as a beginner
1. Getting your stats right
2. Basic controls
4. Quests (Maple Island)
5. Training your beginner
6. Bigger and better places.

D. On your way to become a warrior
1. WELCOME TO VICTORIA ISLAND (quests not mentioned, too many)
2. To Perion!!!
3. The warrior within.

E. Training your warrior
1. 1st job adv. skills
2. More about the warrior
3. Skill chart (optional)
4. Stat chart (optional)
5. Building yourself up. (recommended training places)

F. Choosing paths
1. The second job advancements
2. Skills of the fighter
3. Skills of the page
4. Skills of the spearman
5. Benefits of the fighter
6. Benefits of the page
7. Benefits of the spearman

G. Equipment (COMING SOON!!!)


I. Credits

J. More about me


     So you want to become a warrior. You've come to the right place, young 
grasshopper. I will teach you how to become a strong and fierce warrior who can 
conquer enemies in 1 blow. Just read the FAQ please.

1. Benefits to being a warrior

   OK first of all, warriors have awesome physical strength, which you should 
already know. They also have amazing stamina and defensive capabilities, so you can 
count on that to support you in a battle. Warriors' attacks may be fairly close 
ranged, but they can do massive damage. There are even skills that increase the 
damage you do in a battle! Well, thats all you need to know....for now....

2. Downsides to being a warrior

    To me, the only downsides to being a warrior is their attacking range. All of 
the other classes, especially magicians, excel in ranged attacks. Warriors are the 
only class of players in Maple Story that do not used ranged attacks.
B. About the game

1. Where to get the game
    If you already have the game in you hard drive, ignore this section and go on 
with the rest of the FAQ. If you want to get more info about Maple Story, read this 
    You're probably wondering, "How do I get this so called 'game' onto my 
computer?" Well my friend, www.mapleglobal.com is the place to get the game into 
your computer. Yep. Every single kilobyte of precious 
technical entertainment comes from that website. My IGN (in-game name) is 
xxminorityxx, and i just signed up for official MS on July 26, 2005. I play in 
Scania, so if you want tips just contact me. 
     How do you sign up? Well, www.mapleglobal.com is the place, once again. Just 
click "Sign Up" and enter all your personal shiat and there ya go. You're signed up.
But! You have to verify your account. Just click login, (once you have your 
account) click "verify", and click "re-send verification code". Now, click "home" 
on the lil toolbar and find an email saying "Maplestory Verification" or something 
like that. Click the link, enter the code, and walah. No. Its not complicated at 
all. Ok, now you know where to get the game. ON WITH THE GUIDE! 

2. In-game problems

     Some problems with MapleStory (MS for short) that I've experienced (but do not 
any more, thanks to my new computer) may happen to you, so heres a in-guide guide 
to help you fix them.
     Maybe you can't see teh game but you hear the music. Your graphic card driver 
is probably not up-to-date or you're just blind. I can't really remember what you 
need to actually see the game on the computer so go to mapleglobal.com for that ^_^.
     Well that's all, hehe.

3. About the game
    MS is a mario-type hack n' slash game with side scrolling 2-D graphics. Sounds 
pretty boring, huh? WELL ITS NOT!!! It has plenty of action. You need brains and 
digital simulation experience to master this game. Heck you can make it to the high 
scores if you're good enough!! Look for a review at gamefaqs.com for further 
details. On with the guide pplz.

1. Getting your stats right

   WELLLLLLL, to be a warrior you have to have the right stats!!! I'll tell you how 
your stats should be in this section.

OK there are 4 stats, STR (strength), DEX (dexterity), INT (intelligence), and LUK 
(luck). The only stats you're focusing on are STR and DEX. Don't mess with the 
other stats unless you're willing to screw your warrior. When you create your 
character, choose the look, name, etc., you have to roll your stats according to 
your desired job. Fot the warrior, try to get some points on STR and DEX. Here's an 
example of a poor roll: STR: 4 DEX: 6 INT: 8 LUK: 8. The STR and dex aren't too 
high, and INT and LUK, required for magicians, are fairly high. A good roll would 
be this: STR 7 DEX 8 (or vice versa) LUK and INT: doesn't matter. The STR and DEX 
are pretty high and I didn't even mention the INT and LUK. since they don't matter.
Basically, what I'm trying to say is, get your STR and DEX somewhere above 7.

2. Basic controls

You can pretty much go to mapleglobal.com for this one. 

    Ahhh....Maple Island, a small little island where beginners start their 
adventure...I miss it already....lol. Anyways, when you create your character, 
you're gonna start off at Maple Island.

4. Quests (Maple Island)

Borrowing Sera's Mirror
Difficulty: N/A
Description: Oh no! Poor little Heena is getting sunburned! Oh what ever shall she 
do! Awww, pshaww. She's asking you to get a mirror from her sister, Sera, who is 
BARELY that far away from where she is. (lazy little....) Anyway, just walk over to 
Sera, get the mirror, listen to her make the same opinion i just did, and talk to 
Heena. You completed the quest. Yay.
REWARDS: 1 exp, transported to next map

Roger and the Apple (just making up names here....)
Difficulty: N/A
Description: Roger teaches you how to use inventory items. Talk to the dude with 
the long hair on the platform and he'll blab about some stuff and cut your health 
in half. No worries, as he gives you a nutritious apple to recover! Although he 
teaches you something, I'd really like to come back to Maple Island and kill that 
idiot with my axe pole arm!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
REWARDS: 2 exp, transported to next map

Sen and the Mushroom Soup
Difficulty: N/A
Description: Nina's little brother, Sen, is really hungry. Just talk to Nina, get 
inside the house, talk to Sen, and BAM! Quest done. (I think Nina's just as lazy as 
REWARDS: 3 exp, transported to next map

Leaving Maple Town
Difficulty: 0.5
Description: Jump the lil obstacles and talk to Peter. Sounds easy, eh? Well 
sometimes you can miss the obstacles, but barely.
REWARDS: 3 exp, transported to next map (where you finally fight some monsters!!)

Delivering Maria's Letter
Difficulty: 1
Description: Maria needs to get a letter sent to her friend, Lucas, in Amherst, but 
she's pretty busy. Talk to Maria, get the letter to Lucas, come back to Maria, and 
get a pretty good reward (for your level). 
REWARDS: 10 exp, red, green, yellow, blue, or black headband, or brown, 
red, or green skullcap. (red is only a 10% chance of getting, since it has an 
accuracy boost) Lvl limit for all: 5

Biggs' Collection of Items
Difficulty: 3
Description: For some reason, sailor Biggs wants you to bring him 10 orange 
mushroom caps and 30 blue snail shells. This shouldn't be too hard, unless you ask 
him at an early level.
REWARDS: Fruits dagger (50%), or Razor-header dagger (50%)

5. Training your Beginner

    Okay, now that you've got the info on the quests, its time to start building up 
your beginner. Here's how it should be. Your STR, (e.g. you had 10 str) should be 
the first to go up. You get 5 AP (ability points) for each level you gain. To open 
up the stats menu, see the controls on mapleglobal.com. So anyways, once you first 
level up to lvl 2, put 5 points in your STR Do that until lvl 6. So by lvl 6, your 
STR should be 35. As you level from there, put the rest of your points into your 
DEX until level 10. Now you're ready for Bigger and better places.....

6. Bigger and better places.

    Once you're ready, you can head to South Perry and sail to Victoria Island, the 
island in Maple Story where you get the 1st and 2nd job advancements. It's also a 
whole lot bigger. The dungeon in Victoria has a lot of powerful monsters (im 
starting to sound like a tour guide lol), so watch out unless you think you're 
ready to fight them. Anyways, good luck!
D. On your way to become a warrior.

    Now that you're level 10 with 35 STR and at least 20 DEX (I hope), you can 
become a warrior! Here are some tips before i get to the rest of the guide:

1. Feel free to switch around between what weapons you use. The weapon you like 
best will determine what your 2nd job will be.
2. REMEMBER TO LEVEL UP YOUR DEX!!!! You may have STR, but what's it good for if 
you're as clumsy as a skeleton?
3. Try to fight monsters your level or a little below your level (e.g. you're level 
8, so fight tree stumps.).
4. Remember, IT'S JUST A GAME!!! If you die, no big deal. You lose some exp. If you 
die and you were about to level up, it's just a game. Just calm yourself down with 
a shower or watch TV or chat online.

OK now that those lil tips are done, on with the rest of the guide.


    Yes, you're at Victoria Island, the place to become a warrior. Remember that 
you're gonna need 35 STR and you have to be at least lvl 10. You should also have 
at least 20 DEX just to back you up when you fight. If not, no worries. There's a 
nice training spot nearby just outside Lith Harbor, where you land when you travel 
to Victoria. Once you're ready, head to Perion via cab. At the very left of Lith is 
a ticket booth which actually takes you to 4 of the 6 places in Victoria, excluding 
Lith Harbor of course. Now head to Perion for the small fee of 100 mesos (you'd 
better not get used to it), and talk to Sitting Bull (Dances With Barlog, as he's 
called in the game) and...I should save this for the next section.

2. To Perion!!!

    Ok as i mentioned before, head off to Perion for only 120 mesos, and head to 
the top of Perion, until you see a large door, and press up on it. You should be in 
the so-called Warrior's Sanctuary, where you become a warrior.

3. The warrior within.

    Now that you're in the warrior's sanctuary, Dances With Barlog should be right 
in front of you. Talk to him, he'll blab about some stuff, and ta dah, you're a 
warrior (unless you don't have the right stats)!
E. Training your warrior

    This is where it gets fun. Now that you're a warrior, you gotta get him (or 
her) good training.

1. 1st job adv. skills

    Ok before i tell you the skills heres a lil info about them. The warrior's 
skills make good use of their awesome physical strength and they also focus on the 
warrior's great deal of HP. I believe I haven't mentioned mana points yet, so 
here's the deal. Mana points are points used to use skills. Simple, eh? But some 
skills don't require mana points because some of them are passive skills. The 
master level of skills is the maximum level they can be leveled up to. SP is the 
term used for skill points. You get 1 SP when you become a warrior, and 3 SP as you 
level. Without any further delay, here are the 
(didadididadididadididadidiDAAAAAAAA!) SKILLS OF THE WARRIOR!!

Master level: 16
Description: You recover more hp while standing still.
Level up?: You should max this one out 2nd, because hp is precious for any class of 
Type: passive

IMPROVING MAX HP (or somehtin like that)
Master level: 10
Description: You gain more hp as you level up (don't put any AP in hp! Its a waste!)
Level up?: Max this one out first. put some points into hp recovery (you need at 
least 3 hp recovery to put SP into this skill), and dump your SP into this skill 
until it's maxed out.
Type: passive

Master level: 8
Description: Recover HP while hanging on a rope or ladder (normally you can't)
Level up?: Its just a decent skill, but it's always possible to find safe land 
where you can stand. Put 2 or 3 SP into this one.
Type: Passive

Master level: 20
Description: Temporarily increases you're weapon def.
Level up?: Its not really a good skill, because you're wearing a metal suit! Your 
weapon def should be high enough, so don't touch this skill.
Type: Assign to specific key

Master level: 20 
Description: Hit an increased amount of damage on your enemy
Level up?: HELL YEAH!! After you max out HP recovery, Try to max this one out along 
with slash blast.
Type: Assign to specific key

Master level: 20
Description: Hit multiple enemies in one swing of your sword (or axe, mace, spear, 
pole arm, etc.)
Level up?: Yup. After u max hp recovery, max this one out along with power strike.

2. More about the warrior.

    Ok now that you learnd the skills and all, it's time to learn even more about 
the warrior. As i said b4, warriors have awesome physical strength. Their attacks 
are close range, but they're deadly. OK thats all i have to say (kinda the same as 
the introduction, eh?).

3. Skill chart

I have no exact way of teaching you how to level up your skills, so go wild.

4. Stat chart

I have no exact way of teaching you how to level up your stats, so go wild.

5. Building yourself up (recommended training places)

    You'r prolly really eager to level up, huh? Well lucky for you, I have a lil 
chart made for you.

10-15: Henesys hunting ground 1, 2, and 3
How to get there: go to Henesys via cab and go 1 map west of Henesys. Walah. You're 
in Henesys hunting ground 1. Climb the ropes to teh very top of the map to get to 
hunting ground 2 and 3
Monsters: snails, blue snails, red snails, slimes, tree stumps, orange mushrooms, 
green mushrooms.

16-20: Same as above

21-24: Pig beach
How to get there: Go to Lith harbor. go 5 maps right of Lith harbor. Once you're on 
the 5th map, (3-way road split) climb the first LADDER you see. not rope, ladder. 
go right until you see a little flower patch. you should see a rock stuck onto a 
ledge. Step onto the flower patch, under the rock on the ledge, and press up. 
Tadah, you're in pig beach.
Monsters: blue snails, red snails, pigs, ribbon pig, and 1 iron hog (LVL 40 

25-30: Party Quest (PQ)
How to get there: Go to the bottom left hand corner of Kerning City, where you'll 
find a girl named lakelis. Now just call out "LOOKING FOR PQ!!" or "JOINING PQ!!" 
or something like that. Eventually, someone will invite you to a party, and you'll 
be able to PQ. NOTE: the level limits of pq are level 21-30. Refer to a Party Quest 
FAQ for more info on PQ.
Monsters: ligators, curse eyes, jr. neckis, horned mushrooms, green mushrooms. 
BOSS: King Slime.

25-30 (alternative) Land Of Wild Boar or Tree Dungeon IV
How to get there (land of wild boar): Go to Perion, take the north-east teleport, 
go all the way down until you see double doors, and press up on them.
Monsters: Wild Boars, Jr. Boogies, Dark Axe Stumps.

How to get there (Tree Dungeon IV): Go to Ellinia, take the southwest teleport, gp 
3 maps west of ellinia, and press up at the tree with an entrance and a "danger" 
sign on it. 
Monsters: Slimes, Blue Mushrooms, Horned Mushrooms, Green Mushrooms.
F. Choosing Paths

    Once you're level 30, you can talk to Dances With Barlog again to take the test 
for the 2nd job adv. Well, he'll give you a letter to take to his apprentice. To 
get to him, go a map west of Perion, and take the TOP teleport! not the left! 
TOP!!!! and follow the teleports from there. Once there, talk to the job 
instructor, follow his instructions for the test, and take the proof of the hero he 
awards you to Dances With Barlog. Now you can choose between 3 jobs: Fighter, Page, 
or Spearman.

1. Skills of the fighter

    The skills of a fighter focus on their speedy attacks. I don't have any further 
comments lol. So here they are! (I will only mention the stat names and 
description, so go to maplesea.com for further details.)

Description: Increases the mastery and accuracy of a sword. Only works with a sword 
in hand.

Description: Same as above, only axe instead of sword.

Description: With a certain success rate, deliver a killer blow after using an 
attacking skill. Only works with a sword in hand.

Description: Same as above, only axe instead of sword.

SWORD/AXE BOOSTER: (two seperate skills, i just got tired of writing them all over 
again. Ill do this for the following jobs.) Temporarily increases the attacking 
speed of a sword/axe.

Description: Temporarily increase the weapon attack of you and your party members 
on the same map. Also decreases wepn def.

Description: Recoils damage back to enemy.

2. Skills of the Page

    The page's skills focus on...uhh....affecting other monster's stats? Here 
they are....

Description: Increases the mastery and accuracy of a sword/mace.

Description: With a certain success rate, deliver a killer blow to your enemy after 
using an attacking skill.

Description: Temporarily increases attacking speed of sword/mace

Description: Decrease the wepn attack and weapon def of every enemy in the map 

Description: Recoil damage taken from the enemy back to the enemy.

3. The skills of the Spearman

    The skills of the spearman take the place of shields, since spearmen can't use 
shields. Here they are.

Description: Increase the mastery and accuracy of a spear/pole arm

Description: With a certain success rate, deliver a killer blow to the enemy after 
using an attacking skill.

Description: Temporarily increase the attacking speed of a spear/pole arm

Description: Temporarily increase the weapon def and magic def of you and every 
party member in the map.

Description: Temporarily increase the max HP and MP of you and every party member 
in the map.

4. Benefits of the Fighter

    The fighter's attacks aren't the strongest, but they sure are fast. The fighter 
has amazing speed (for a warrior at least). The fighter can use either a 1 handed 
sword (e.g. a cutlus) or a two handed sword (e.g. a highlander/lionheart). They can 
also use 1 handed axes (e.g. a buck) or 2 handed axes (e.g. niam).

5. Benefits of the Page

    The page's attacks are the same as the fighter's.. The page has a reasonable 
speed, but the fighter is still the fastest. Their attacking strength is just in 
the middle, with the spearman being the strongest. Pages can use 1 and 2 handed 
swords or 1 handed maces (e.g. fusion mace) or 2 handed maces (e.g. aluminum bat)

6. Benefits of the Spearman

    The spearman's attacks are deadly, but they are the slowest warrior class (or 
just a class in general) in the game! Their weapon def isnt anything special 
either, but they have defensive skills to take care of that. The spearman can be 
slow in attacking, but their attacks are by far one of the most powerful in the 
game. Their attacking range is also the longest range close range attack in the 
game (that didnt make much sense >_>).  Spearmen use pole arms (e.g. The Nine 
Dragons) or spears (e.g. Zeco) This is near the end of the guide, but we all have 
to move on.....*sniff sniff* ILL MISS ALL OF YOU WHO READ THIS 
FAQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE ALL SO KIND AND...and.....*SLAP* thank you.

G. Equipment 
I'm too lazy to do this lol. A FAQ for equipment will come soon young grasshoppers.


    I've heard these question asked many times in the game, so here they are, with 
the answers, of course.

Q: Can you switch jobs?
A: No, sorry. If you want to play like that, play runescape at www.runescape.com

Q: Why can't I become a warrior? I have 35 STR/am level 10
A: Sorry buddy. You have to be level 10/have 35 STR to become a warrior.

Q: Why can't I hit this monster?
A: You probably didn't level up your DEX, or you have the right DEX, but the 
monster has a high avoidability, which means you should get a little stronger 
before fighting it.

Q: Where can I get the 3rd job adv.?
A: This job advancement will NOT be availible until late august-october. But it is 
rumored that you will be able to get it through different dimensional teleports 
throughout Victoria Island and Ossyria.

Q. Where can i get the 4th job adv.?
A: This job advancement is not yet availible in either version. Although I'd like 
to see myself doing dark magic with a dark knight (final advancement of the 
spearman)!! Muahahahahahaha!!!

Q. Why can't I log into the game? 
A. Maybe it's because you're temporarily or permanently banned, or your computer is 
overheated, or maybe Wizet is patching (updating) the game, or if you play beta, 
one of those stupid rollback excuses are going on o.O.

Q. Where can I get the 2nd job adv.?
A. Lucky for us, the 2nd job adv. is availible in the beta test and the official 
version. Just talk to the person who gave you your first job, follow his 
instructions to his apprentice, take "The Test", and take the letter he (or she) 
gives you back to your original instructor.

Q. This player is annoying me!! What should i do?
A. Either threaten him by saying "I will defame you if you don't stop", or report 
him for harrassment. Or you could just do both.
I Credits

Special thanks to Wizet, for creating MapleStory, 
Asiasoft, for partnering with Wizet to make MapleStory better,
Steve Jenkins and the rest of the staff, for creating cheatcodes.com,
My dog, for lying beside me, "supporting" me while I wrote this FAQ,
And Microsoft for creating Microsoft Internet Explorer, which Maple Story runs on. 
J. More about me

Real name: Reuben Reyes

Email me at: [email protected]

If you want to e-mail me, if it's about the FAQ, put IHateJon on the subject line 
just so i know.

I WILL REPLY TO AND/OR ADD TO THE FAQ: Stuff to add to the FAQ, more questions and 
answers, stuff in the FAQ i should fix, and comments.

I WILL NOT REPLY TO AND DELETE: (or even report as spam): Insults, threats, and 
suggestions already covered in the FAQ, and anything else that is unrelated to the 
FAQ with IHateJon on the subject line.

My maplestory characters:

XxMinorityxX:: lvl 1X fighter-in-training, SCANIA. (just joined scania July 26)

My little piece of art for all of you readers who read this FAQ. Its not much, but 


Thanks for taking the 
time to read the FAQ!!!  

Copyright, 2005   

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