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 Hello, this is marjo5858, I'm here to tell you some big secrets about the game, as 
they may help you to 
 Party Mode 
 When you are in the settings before the game, you know the part where it asks you 
to give a player/team a handicap?  Well, the handicap is stars.  Set it to everyone 
playing alone, and when you get to the handicap, set it to nine, the highest.  At 
the end of the game, you should get at least 36 stars added to the star 
 Solo Mode 
 If you have trouble getting to the rare mini-game space, this may solve your 
problem.  When the dice block is spinning, turn on your mic and say the number you 
want to go.  Example: say the rare space is five spaces away.  Say into the 
mic: "five."  Then hit A on the dice block.  If you spoke clearly, you will be 
taken to that 
 Another way to do it is if you are brave, get a cursed mushroom if the rare space 
is one to three spaces away.  The dice block will be numbers one to 
 A good way to get stars is to go to Bowser's Brutal Tower board.  Land on a 
question mark in the middle of a platform, and a Chain Chomp will send you back to 
start.  Do this lots of times by using the listed Solo Mode tricks above to get to 
that spot.  Since you will have taken longer, and won more mini-games, and gotten 
more coins, this equals a jackpot of 
 Mic Mode 
 In the mic mini-game Word Herd, say Ukiki into the mic.  A Ukiki will come and 
throw a berry at the walking players and will stun them for a few seconds, giving 
you more time to move the Goombas 
 In the mic mini-game Fruit Talktale, say the name of a character (Mario, Shy Guy, 
etc.) and the game will randomly choose a fruit.  This is a good way to fool 
 Star Bank 
 You cannot get the Epilogue of the Miracle Book until you buy and see all twenty 
pages and the 
 Mini-Game Mode 
  To change a mini-game from daytime to nighttime, just press X in the instructions 
place for that game (*NOTE*: only some mini-games can change from day to night.  
Some can only stay in the day.  None are only available at 
  In the one Vs. three mini-game Snow Brawl, the player alone in the day has Ukikis 
for partners, and at night they have Shy 
 In order to get the rare game Dunk Bros, get to the rare space in Solo Mode on the 
Thirsty Gulch board.  To get the rare game Lab Brats, get to the rare space in Solo 
Mode on the Bowser's Brutal Tower board.  If you want the rare game Block Star, 
reach the rare space in Solo Mode on the Astro Avenue board.  The last rare game, 
Seer Terror, is available at the Star Bank for only fifty 
 The mini-game Strawberry Shortfuse has a trick to it.  In the beginning of the 
game, keep your eyes on a monkey with cake.  When you go to pick him, the monkey 
should have the cake.  This trick also works with other shuffling mini-games such 
as Trick-or-
 Do you think that is enough?  I will try to update and add more for Party Mode and 
include something for Option Mode.                        

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