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                                                         Created by : TheRealVampiro
                                              Contact me at [email protected]
                                                        Last Edited: 10/23/2005
                                    Doom 3 
                            Weapons And Descriptions


Pistol: Not very powerful. Slow rate of fire and no error exception. Ok to us 
against zombies and other weak enemies (  Lost Souls, Cherubs). 12 rounds in each 

Shotgun: Most widely used weapon. Ok rate of fire and wide range. Reasonably 
powerful. Good for Imps, Wraiths, and even HellKnights. 8 shells and then you have 
to reload. (Takes a while to fully reload)

Machine Gun: Good against most enemies. Great rate of fire but lacks some power. 
Good against imps and the occasional wraith. 60 shots to a clip.

Chain Gun: Effective against all enemies. Slower rate of fire than the machine gun 
but makes up for it with power. Works best against larger enemies ( HellKnights, 
Mancubus,) Also good for Whip Commandos when farther away. 60 shots till you have 
to reload ( Reloads pretty fast for such a powerful gun)

Rocket Launcher: Very powerful weapon, but is too slow for practical use. Mainly 
only effective on Mancubus. There is not much else you can do with it. 5 rockets to 
a pack. Moderate reload time.

BFG 9000: Very powerful weapon. Should not be used on the average enemy. Instead 
ammo should be stock piled for the greater monsters (HellKnights, Mancubi) and more 
importantly the boss battles. Does come in handy at end of Hell and the last 
battle. Hold trigger to charge shot. Holds 4 shots.

                                 Physical Weapons
Flashlight: Should not be used as a weapon. Very little damage. Fun for killing 
zombies though.

Chainsaw: Very Powerful Weapon. Great against all monsters, except the ones with 
projectiles. Great for hordes of zombies. Pretty fun watching them get shredded to 

Grenades: Very Powerful. Great for surprise attacks or when your outnumbered. BE 
CAREFUL. Grenades can kill anything including you. Do not use in confined areas. No 

                                  Soul Cube
VERY POWERFUL. Can destroy any enemies. Must kill 5 enemies to use. You will hear a 
voice that says “ Use Us” . Cycle through weapons or put on D-Pad quick equip. When 
enemy approaches push the trigger button. Soul Cube transfers enemies health to you 
while it kills it. May not kill monster on first try. Great to use when low on 
health or ammo. Found after Guardian is defeated in hell.


                                 Monster Descriptions

Throughout this guide I use the names of the monsters as I have learned them. I 
have put this section here in case I have wrong names and in case you would like to 
know what the hell some of those things are.

Zombie: First enemy experienced. Not very fast or intelligent . Not very powerful 
either. Looks like a human but is usually gory. You will know it is a Zombie by the 
outstretched arms while walking. Sometimes carries a monkey wrench to beat you 
with : )
Z-Sector : Undead that wears armor and uses firearms instead of wrenches. You can 
usually hear the radio chatter coming from them before they attack. Not very hard 
to kill but they do combat rolls that makes them hard to shoot. 

Flaming Zombie: Just a regular Zombie that’s on fire. It is stronger than a regular 
zombie and the flames also hurt when at close range.

Imp: A very reptilian looking creature. Muscular and has 10 eyes. Pretty quick and 
can throw plasma balls. Can also do a leap attack from far range that is very 
powerful. They love to sneak up on you.

Maggot: Stronger than the imps, but without the plasma projectile. Also the maggot 
is much faster than the imp and can easily catch you off guard because they make 
virtually no warning noises.  A creature that travels on all fours, it has green/ 
gray scaly skin. But the most distinctive trait about the maggot is the two heads. 
Both heads have bloody faces and each moves separately. 

Tick: A small spider like demon, this creature is pretty weak. But do not be fooled 
by its weakness. They tend to swarm you, creating much unneeded damage if you are 
not wary.

Trite: Larger than the tick, but just as weak. These demons also tend to swarm. A 
rapid fire weapon, such as the machine gun ,deals with them quickly.

Pinky Demon: Strong and fast, this is definitely a worthy opponent. Can damage by 
ramming you. Can also use its claws. It will try to corner you, and if it can it 
will inflict some serious damage. Resembles a bear with no hair, no eyes, and 
humongous teeth. Easiest to kill with the chainsaw.

Wraith: More powerful than the imp and the maggot and much more deadly. These 
demons have the ability to teleport to your position. A large, upright standing 
creature. It looks similar to the imp, but it has large hooked blades as arms. Fast 
moving and pretty strong. Has two glowing yellow eyes.

Revenant: Very Fast and very powerful. You should not underestimate this demon. It 
can fire heat sinking rockets from long range. It also has powerful melee attacks. 
It looks like a skeleton with armor and rocket launchers on its shoulders. It 
actually has flesh but it is all transparent. No muscle is visible, but don’t let 
that fool you. It definitely packs a punch.

Lost Soul: These demons are particularly weak, but are hard to hit. They have the 
advantage of flying, so physical weapons are practically useless. They are really 
flying, flaming heads. They inflict damage by ramming you. They also come in 
swarms, and are particularly annoying when on cliffs. Use of a shotgun is suggested 
because of its wide range of fire.

Cacodemon: These demons can be particularly annoying. Very tough to kill and they 
shoot powerful fireballs from their mouth. They resemble giant floating heads, 
though they are not human heads

HellKnight: A very large creature, and also very powerful. It isn’t slow (despite 
its size) and its melee attacks hurt. Also throws a blue plasma ball that has a 
powerful splash radius. This demon looks about 10 feet tall and muscular. You will 
know it when you see it. 

Cherub: Very fast and very annoying. It only has physical attacks and they don’t 
really hurt. A couple shots from the pistol do away with them easily. It looks like 
a half-baby half-fly creature. 

Commando Zombie: These can be tough to kill, and with the chain gun they can 
inflict heavy damage.
These are also the Whip Commandos, only instead of a chain gun they have a more 
powerful tentacle as an arm. These demons are fairly agile and can be summoned by 
the Archviles (see below). They are zombie soldiers with only a helmet and army 
issue camo pants.

Chainsaw Zombie: moderately powerful, these enemies do not pose a problem unless 
they are at close range. Just a chubby zombie with red pants and shin guards.

Mancubus: These monsters are very slow but pretty powerful. They are also very hard 
to kill. It takes about 5/6 shots from a rocket launcher to kill them. They have 
arm mounted plasma rockets that are powerful and have a fast fire rate. They look 
like humongous fat people that are naked , but has a tentacle face. 

Archvile: These demons are VERY powerful. They have many different ways to attack, 
and they can summon other demons to their aid. Resembles a naked human with giant 
claws for hands and their head is swelled.

 ***  This guide is copyrighted by TheRealVampiro. Please do not copy or take 
anything from this guide without my permission or I WILL COME TO KILL YOU L. just 
kidding. Everything in this is my own work. If you would like to add this to your 
page then email me at above listed address. Feel free to send me anything you think 
I should change about this guide. I am always open for criticism. That is what 
allows me to create this guide. ***

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