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               MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMM     MMiiMMMM     
             MMMMMMMMMMMM            MMMMMMMMiiiiiiiiiiiM   MM  MiiiiMM     
           MMMMMMMMMM                     MMMMMMiiiiiiiiMMMMMM  MiiiiiMM    
         MMMMMMMMM                           MMMMaiiiiiiMMMM   MMiiiiiMM    
        MMMaMMM                                MMMMiiiiiMMM   MMMMiiiMM     
       MMMMMMM         MMMMMMMMM                 MMMMiiiMM  MMMMMMiiaMM     
     MMMiMMM           MMMMMMiiMM                  MMMiiM        MiiMM      
    MMiMMM            MMMMMMMiMMM                  MMMiMMMMMMMMMMiMMa      
   MMiMMM                  MMaiMM                   MMaiiiiiiiiiiMMM       
  MMMiMM                    MMiiMM                   MMiiiiiiiiiiMM        
 MMMiMM                     MMiiMMM                  MMMiiiiiiiiMM         
 MMiiMM                    MMMiiiMM                   MMiiiiiiiMMM         
 MMiiM                    MMMiiiiMMM                  MMiiiiiiMMM          
MMiiiM                   MMMiiaaaiMMM                  MiiiiiiMM           
MMiiiM                  MMMiiMMMMiiMM                  MiiiiiMMM           
MMiiiM                 MMMiiMM  MMiMMM                 MiiiiMMM            
iMiiiM                MMMiMMM   MMiiMMM                MiiiiMM             
 MaiiM               MMMiMMM     MMiiMM                MiiiMM              
 MMiiMM             MMMiMMM       MMiMMM              MMiiMMM              
 MMiiMM            MMMiMMM        MMMiMM     M        MMiMMM               
  MMiMMM          MMMiMMM          MMiiMMMMMMM       MMiiMM                
  MMMiMM         MMMiMMM           MMMiMMMMMMMM      MMiMMM                
   MMMiMM       MMMMMMM             MMMMMMMMMMM     MMiMMM                 
    MMMMMM     MMMMMMM               MMMMM         MMiMMM                  
     MMMMMMM                                     MMMMMMM                   
      MMMaMMM                                   MMMiMMM                    
       MMMMMMMM                               MMMMMMMM                     
         MMMMMMMM                           MMMMMMMM                       
          MMMMMMMMMM                    MMMMMMMMMMM                        
            MMMMMMMMMMMMMM         MMMMMMMMMMMMMM                          
A little note, the ammo will be wrote down as "Ammo in chamber/Max. ammo".

 Ammo: N/A
 Hotkey: 1
 Description: This is the famous Half-Life weapon, although you won't use it
 all that much. You'll mainly using it to break stuff, and to keep Man Hacks
 away from you.

Gravity Gun
 Ammo: N/A
 Hotkey: 1
 Description: The most fun gun in the game. You can play with gravity, by
 grabbing objects, and putting them down, or just throwing them away. The 
 primary attack button will shoot things away, the secondary attack button
 will grab things. At the end of the game, you'll get a much stronger version
 of the Gravity Gun, which'll be able to kill enemies and carry even heavier
 stuff. Sadly, you won't have it for long.

 Ammo: 18/150
 Hotkey: 2
 Description: You'll be using this gun the most until you get the SMG. It's
 a pretty nice weapon anyway.

 Ammo: 6/12
 Hotkey: 2
 Description: This weapon will blow your enemies away, literally. Most enemies
 will also die from one good shot with the Magnum.

Sub Machine Gun (SMG)
 Ammo: 45/225 + 3 Grenades
 Hotkey: 3
 Description: I won't make the Sarah Michelle Gellar joke again, see my Doom 3
 guide for that. Instead, let me just tell you this is a pretty good gun, 
 which you'll get early in the game, and you'll love it for a while. It shoots
 pretty fast, so enemies will die faster too. The primary attack button fires
 the SMG, and the secondary attack button fires a grenade.

Pulse Rifle
 Ammo: 30/60 + 3 Cores
 Hotkey: 3
 Description: This is a quite a good gun, but it can't hold much ammo. The
 primary attack button will fire, the secondary will fire a core. The core
 will take out large groups of enemies, but it's also possible to kill 
 yourself or allies with it.

 Ammo: 6/30
 Hotkey: 4
 Description: My favourite weapon from Doom 3 for it's power. This isn't Doom
 3 though, it's Half-Life 2. Still, this weapon is great for taking out 
 enemies quickly. The primary attack button fires one shot, and the secondary
 attack button fires two shots.

 Ammo: 1/10
 Hotkey: 4
 Description: The only weapon that has a zoom-function. Use it, because this
 weapon is great for taking out enemies from a distance. The primary attack
 button will fire, and the secondary attack button will zoom in.

 Ammo: 5
 Hotkey: 5
 Description: Well, what to say? Don't wait too long, or you'll blow your hand
 of, and be sure to actually throw the grenade, not just the pin. This is a 
 nice weapon if you need to take care of large groups of enemies, or when you
 find a Combine behind a turret. The primary attack button will throw a 
 Grenade, the secondary attack button will roll on.

 Ammo: 1/3
 Hotkey: 5
 Description: A Rocket Launcher. It's the only weapon that can take the 
 Gunships down. Also good for taking out big groups of enemies.

 Ammo: N/A
 Hotkey: 6
 Description: This "weapon" will summon Antlions, and let them attack for you.
 You'll get it after the Antlion Warrior battle. The primary attack button
 will throw the thing away, and the Antlion will go there, and kill anything
 they can find. The secondary attack button will call them back to you.

Drones - Flying enemies, that come in various forms. Most of the time, the
Gravity Gun works fine against them.

 Scanners - In the beginning of the game they might be harmless, after a short
  time they'll become annoying machines that'll blind you and find you, so the
  Combines can easily spot you.
 Man Hacks - These are updated version of the Scanners. Not only do they fly,
  but they also have a small blade spinning around, which isn't nice at all.
  Just keep slashing it with your Crowbar to take it down. The Gravity Gun
  also works fine against them.
 Drones - Flying things, that'll drop Hoppers down.
 Flashers - They are annoying little things. They'll move towards you, and try
  to blind you. If you just look away from them, you're fine though.

Civil Protection - The enemy you'll battle most. They are some sort of super
human (Über-menschen (the army Hitler wanted to create back in WW2), perhaps?
Who knows.), and are available in various tasted and smells.

 Combines - These are the guards of City 17, and are the main enemy throughout
  the game. They are dressed in black, and appear to be human, but who knows.
  Sometimes they are only equipped with a stun-stick, others are equipped with
  heavy weapons. There are various of these Combines, ranging from the city
  version, to the prison version. Not enough difference to discuss, though.
 Combine Snipers - You'll notice them by the blue laser. Take them out by
  tossing a grenade in their hideout.
 Super Combines - White Combines, that are stronger than any other Combine you
  encounter in the game. They are the only Combine that'll use the secondary
  attack of the Pulse Rifle.

Headcrabs - The annoying enemies from the original Half-Life. Most will die
from one hit with a Crowbar, though.

 Headcrab - Annoying little creatures. They are small, and will jump at you as
  soon as they see you.
 Black Headcrab - These Headcrabs are poisoned, and when they hit you, you'll
  get poisoned too. When you got hit, just stand still until the suit healed
 Super Headcrab - They move faster, and can jump further. You can identify
  them by their long legs.

Civil Protection Equipment - The vehicles and other unfriendly things the
Combines will use against you.

 Missile Tanks - These tanks will shoot missiles at you. Just keep moving and
  you'll be fine. Fire at the missiles, so they'll miss you, when you really
  need to.
 Helicopter - These guys are a pest, and they know it. They'll shoot at you
  with a gun, but some will also drop mines. Take them down as soon as you're
  able to.
 Gunships - These are even more annoying than the Helicopters. They'll fly
  around and shoot at you. Only the RPG can take them down. They require 6
  rockets before they go down.
 Strider - Big creatures, that have long legs. You probably know them from
  various Half-Life 2 screenshots or movies. They require 6 rockets, before
  they'll go down. This means you'll need to find one of those boxes with
  unlimited rockets in them.
 Sentry Guns - Turrets you can just pick up, place somewhere, and they'll
  shoot the enemy. You can easily take them down with Gravity Gun, or by
  throwing something towards them.
 Pop-up Turrets - Once you touched the blue lasers, they'll pop up and start
  shooting at you. And they do quite some damage... The only way to destroy
  them is by rolling a Grenade inside their little hideout.

Zombies - Huuuuuuuuuuuuuh... that's the sound they make. Some are slow, others
are fast. Shoot them in the head, if you can.

 Zombies - These poor guys got attacked by a Headcrab, and turned into 
  Zombies. They'll throw things at you, so be sure to watch out. When the 
  Zombie died, the Headcrab might still live, so watch out.
 Leapers - These aren't your average Zombies, they are way faster, and are
  able to climb. Take them out with your Shotgun.
 Piggy Tail Zombies - Even stronger Zombies. These guys have a load of Black
  Headcrabs on them, and won't hesitate to throw them at you. Take it down 

Mines - What needs to be said? Step on them, and get yourself killed.

 Roller Mines - Strange enemies, and easy too. Pick them up with your Gravity
  Gun, and shoot them as far away as possible.
 Laser Mines - See the red beams? Don't touch them, because a mine will
  explode if you do.
 Hopper - An advanced type of mine. They'll only attack enemies. However, if
  you pick them up with your Gravity Gun, and place them back on the ground,
  they'll work for you.

Antlions - A mix between an ant, and lion, as the name suggests. They just 
keep coming, and coming, and coming.

 Antlions - Like the name makes you suspect, this is a mix between a lion, and
  an ant. They'll fly, and attack you. They'll keep coming, so move away from
 Antlion Warrior - This is the advanced version of the Antlion. They'll summon
  Antlions and rush at you, trying to hit you.

Barnacles - You should know these enemies from the first Half-Life. They just
hang at the ceiling, with their tongue out of their mouth. As soon as they
feel something touched their tongue, they'll slowly move the object towards
their mouth and try to eat it.

allies:    Barney Calhoun - The security guard from the original Half-Life. 
Although you
 saw many of his clones, in this game, there is only one Barney, and he seems
 to remember you ("Hey Gordon, it's me, Barney, from Black Mesa"). Barney
 dressed up as Civil Protection (a Combine), but he's your friend, really.
Dr. Isaac Kleiner - Another old friend from the original Half-Life. This time,
 there aren't clones, but just one Dr. Kleiner. He has a pet, Lamarr, and he 
 seems to care more for her, than for his own life.
Lamarr - The pet of Dr. Kleiner. It's a Headcrab, but harmless. It's not less
 violent though.
Alyx Vance - The daughter of Eli Vance (more about him in a few seconds). She
 helps you in the game at various points, and see seems to be a better shooter
 than most other allies (perhaps Grigori is even better at shooting). Also,
 many gamers have a crush on her. Losers.
Dr. Eli Vance - The father of Alyx Vance, as stated above. He has a strange
 leg, but he's friendly, so don't worry. He and Dr. Kleiner invented the 
 teleporter you'll be using a few times.
Dog - The pet of Alyx Vance. It's not a real dog, but a robot. It's extremely
 strong, and eventually it'll even fight for you.
Dr. Judith Mossman - For the first part of the game, she's friendly. However,
 this'll change soon enough.
Father Grigori - You'll meet him in Ravenholm. He's a bit crazy, but he won't
 hurt you. He'll even help you by shooting at Zombies, and giving you a
Rebels - They contain the most stupid A.I. of the game, but it's still better
 than nothing, right? You can take up to 4 with you, and they'll aid you by
 shooting enemies, and giving you health (the medics will do this, obviously).
Vortigaunts - They were enemies in the original Half-Life, but that's because
 they were slaves of Nihilanth. Since you saved them, by defeating Nihilanth,
 they are friendly now, and will even help you by powering you up, or powering
 vehicles up.

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