Alone in the Dark

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Weapons Guide

David Judd
version 1.0
last edited March 23, 2005

A     L   O   N   E      I   N      T   H   E      D   A   R   K
                          WEAPONS GUIDE

(1)	Revolver
(1.0)	Revolver
(1.5)	Ammunition
(2)	Shotgun
(2.0)  Shotgun
(2.5)     Ammunition
(3)   Crossbow
(3.0)  Crossbow
(3.5)    Ammunition

              Chapter 1, the revolver
The weakest weapon, the revolver, is the weapon you start with at a new game. It is 
easy to use, fast shooting, and comes in handy when your enemies are close by.


	 Though the weakest, it is also the most common ammunition to find in a 
fight scene or on a table. It takes two hits to kill a weak monster (spiders, 
larva, etc.) with this.

		Chapter 2, the shotgun.


	The semi powerful, yet slowest weapon, the shotgun is very handy at long 
ranges, and is slightly more powerful than the revolver.


	It is semi hard to find this ammunition, but can kill a mediocre monster
(dogs, fire dogs, etc.) in three hits.

		Chapter 3, the Crossbow


	This weapon is more powerful than the shotgun, yet faster than a speeding 
bullet, from the revolver of course. It come in very handy at close and long 
ranges, and is the last weapon to find.


	The ammunition for this, to spell it out plain and simple is RARE! It can 
only be found in certain places, and is the most powerful of all weapons.

   Thank you for reading my guide, I hope you found it useful, and have fun playing.

pmĀ©2005 David Judd

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