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Your Guide to Weapons

Created by Master_Chief3000(but written/edited by his sister!)

Campaign/Co-op guide to weapons(for Xbox system)

1.0 Human weapons

1.1 M6D Pistol
1.2 MA5B Assault Rifle
1.3 M90 Shotgun
1.4 S2 AM Sniper Rifle
1.5 M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
1.6 M9 HE-DP (Frag) grenade

2.0 Covenant weapons

2.1 Plasma Pistol
2.2 Plasma Rifle
2.3 Needler
2.4 Stationary gun
2.5 Plasma Grenade
2.6 Fuel Rod Gun*

3.0 Vehicles

3.1 M12 LRV (Warthog)
3.2 M808B Scorpion MBT
3.3 Ghost
3.4 Banshee
3.5 Wraith*
3.6 Covenant Dropship*

4.0 Other
4.1 Melee attacks
4.2 Marines

*Note* The little *'s at the end of the name of whatever means that it is not 
available to play/use in Halo:Combat Evolved. The one exception is the Fuel Rod Gun, 
which is playable in Halo for the PC.

Here's my guide to weapons, vehicles, and other stuff. The things written in here 
are in my perspective, so don't be offended if I dis one of your favorite things. If 
I've missed something, I sorry! Well, here we go:


1.0 M6D Pistol
This weapon is a powerful little package. Praised by Bungie itself, it can take out 
a Grunt in a single headshot. With 2x zoom and high clip size(12), this is an all-
around good weapon against the Covenant. Though it is not the best way you can kill 
an Elite, if you are fast enough you can kill one quite easily. If you dodge a 
charging Hunter, spin around quickly before he turns around. If you hit the orange 
fleshy part of its back, you can kill it within one or two shots. A head shot is 
twice as effective as a regular body shot. Power of each bullet is greater when 
zoomed in. 
Good against: Hunters, small Covenant, Elites(with caution)
Bad against: Flood
Clip size:12
Ammo count:120

1.1 MA5B Assault Rifle
This weapon, if not hugely powerful, is extremely useful throughout the game. Use it 
whenever you can. This weapon is the deathbringer for the Flood Infection Forms. By 
using short bursts, it has a high accuracy rate; greater than just holding the 
trigger. Use this when surrounded by Grunts to make them panic and scatter. Do NOT 
use against Hunters unless you are shooting at the vunerable orange flesh on their 
back and neck. Even so, try to do this at a distance. Though the Ammo count is high, 
do not waste ammo by firing randomly. Only use that 'technique' against invisible 
Elites to scrounge them out.
Good against: Flood Infection Forms, Covenant, Sentinels
Bad against: Hunters
Clip size:60
Ammo count:600

1.2 M90 Shotgun
This weapon is one of the most powerful human weapons in the entire game. Clip size 
is average, but one close shot can kill an Elite. Do NOT waste ammo. It is very 
valuble and hard to find, so try to use the melee attack on smaller enemies. It is 
extremely good against Flood Combat Forms and Flood Carrier Forms. It's wide range 
of fire can take out a wave of Flood Infection Forms, but only use when desperate. 
This is a sure-fire way to lose ammo quickly. With this, have an Assault Rifle as 
your second weapon. This is a killer combo against flood and nearly every other 
enemy. Use this weapon WHENEVER possible. Like the pistol, if you get a back shot on 
a Hunter, they usually die within one shot.
Good against: Elites, Flood Combat Forms, Sentinels(if you're close)
Bad against: Smaller enemies
Clip size: 12
Ammo count: 60

1.3 S2 AM Sniper Rifle
This weapon is useful, but use with caution. With up to 10x zoom, you can easily 
pick off enemies from a distance. DO NOT USE AGAINST FLOOD. It passes right through 
Flood, so don't waste your ammo; it's hard to come by. If used in packs of enemies, 
it can kill many with one shot, but it is not accurate at all; another surefire way 
to lose ammo. Do not use around Marines; they're stupid and get in your way of fire. 
When zoomed in, press the 'white' button to activate Night Vision. This is very 
useful in the Truth and Reconciliation, the third level on Campaign.
Good against: Covenant(from a distance)
Bad against: Flood
Clip size: 4
Ammo count: 24(64 on third level)

1.4 M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
This is the strongest hand-held human weapon in the game. With 2x zoom, you can 
easily pick off huge packs of enemies from a distance. Horrible in close range; you 
can accidentally catch yourself in the explosion range. With it's small clip size 
and ammo count, use sparingly. Only use this on tough enemies or from a distance. 
When against Hunters, if you are accurate you can kill them with one shot. But be 
warned, if they charge as you are shooting, you're screwed. Do NOT fire directly at 
a fast moving target from a distance. The rockets are fairly slow, giving your enemy 
a good 4 seconds to dodge. Keep a strong, versatile weapon on hand, like a Assault 
Rifle or Pistol; in small, close groups of enemies, you shouldn't waste a rocket.
Good against: Hunters, slow moving/nearby vehicles
Bad against: Close-range combat, small Covenant
Clip size: 2
Ammo count: 8

1.5 M9 HE-DP (Frag) Grenade
This grenade is a killing machine for 'round-the-corner enemies, like that annoying 
Golden Swordsman Elite in the Silent Cartographer(level 4). These aren't good for 
close-packed groups of enemies, because the grenades bounce away harmlessly. Do NOT 
use against normal Elites; they jump out of harm's way. Use this against all 
flood, 'cause they're too stupid to dodge. 
Strengths: Wide explosion range makes this good for taking out small, annoying packs 
of Grunts and such. Explodes fairly quickly.
Weaknesses: Frag Grenades bounce; don't use for close combat.


1.0 Plasma Pistol
This is an all around good Covenant weapon. It's powered-up can knock an Elite 
senseless and kill a Jackal's shield. With two or three shots, it can kill a Grunt. 
It loses power quickly. However, thankfully Grunts always seem to carry a nice, 
strong one. Though it's not as good as some other Covenant weapons, and doesn't have 
the automatic firing of it's Rifle counterpart, this is a good starting-out, 
reliable weapon. All Covenant weapons are wicked good against Sentinels. One charged 
up Pistol blast can short-circut a Sentinel. When playing on more difficult 
settings, be sure to follow this with a few more basic blasts. When charged up, 
target an enemy. This makes the blast have slightly homing qualities.
Good against: Elites, Grunts, Jackals, Sentinels
Bad against: Hunters, Flood Infection Forms
Battery power: %100

1.1 Plasma Rifle
This is pretty much has the same qualities as the Plasma Pistol, save for a few 
improvements. One of them is the automatic fire. This is useful for persistent 
enemies, but watch out. Doing this too long will cause the weapon to overheat, 
making it impossible to shoot for a good 4 seconds. With no charging ability, it is 
less accurate than the Plasma Pistol. Try to save the battery; this is an uncommon 
weapon to find. This isn't the best weapon to use, overall, but it is an awesome 
weapon against Sentinels for its fast rate of fire.
Good against: Sentinels, small Covenant
Bad against: Flood, Hunters
Battery power: %100

1.2 Needler
This is the only Covenant weapon with actual ammo. Problem is, you end up using a 
lot of the hard-to-find ammo too quickly. It has a high clip size, so if you use 
sparingly, you can save ammo. Firing ten or more shots at one enemy causes them to 
explode in a blast of pretty pink light. Very amusing weapon. Targeted shots home in 
on the enemy. Very useful against Sentinels for this quality.
Good against: Sentinels, Covenant
Bad against: Flood Infection Forms
Clip size: 20
Ammo count: 80

1.3 Plasma Grenade
One of the most amusing things to do to an enemy. Ever. The 'sticky' quality of this 
grenade is a fun way to make your enemies explode. For example: Have a pack of 
Grunts and an annoying Elite on your hands? Throw one of these babies on a Grunt and 
watch him scream in panic, and run towards his buddies for help. Then, at least half 
of your problems disappear in poofy blue light. Also, though you're not supposed to, 
throw one on a Marine(preferably on the back). They scrabble to get it off and 
babble incoherently until the grenade explodes and sends them into the stratosphere. 
Here are some fun phrases you hear the condemned  victim yell:
Grunts: "Oh, not again!", "Nooooo-ooo...!", and "Getitoff getitoff!!!"
Marines: "Ahh! Aaahh!", "Oh God, no!", and "Help meee!"
Strengths: Very powerful, and sticks to just about anything.
Weaknesses: The enemy has three seconds before they blow up. This gives them time to 
run toward their buds, or you. Beware.

1.4 Stationary Gun
This automatic standing gun is very helpful. Kick out any enemy that parked it's 
slimy butt there and use it yourself.
Strengths: Automatic, semi-powerful fire can blow up vehicles easily.
Weaknesses: Hard to find, very vurnerably to enemy fire.

1.5 Fuel Rod Gun*
This gun, which is always toted by Hunters, is only available on Halo for the PC. A 
sad fact for Xbox gamers. This gun can easily overturn a vehicle, so watch out. 
Grunts in the 5th and 10th levels carry these babies. After you kill them, RUN. 
Their guns explode after about 3 seconds. Banshees also have these guns.
Strengths: Extremely powerful, can easily overturn moving vehicles.
Weaknesses: Has a 5 second recharge after every blast. Keep on the run while its 
powering up. 


1.0 M12 LRV(Warthog)
This fast moving, three person vehicle is a deathbringer to all who stands before 
it. Watch out for Elites, they jump nimbly out of your way before you can run them 
over. That's where your passenger and gunner come in. The Passenger(Marine or a 
friend in Co-op) can gun them down or toss a grenade at enemies from where they're 
sitting. Enemy Plasma Grenades bounce off windshield, but beware. They easily stick 
to your tires and other parts of the Warthog, which nearly kill you, and usually 
kill your Marine buddies. The gun on the back is an M41 LAAG, just about the most 
powerful weapon in the game. It's like a pistol with infinite ammo, firing 450-550 
shots per minute. The best way to use this id just to fire randomly. Aim at packs of 
enemies to take 'em out quickly. This is good against EVERYTHING; vehicles, enemies, 
Strengths: Fast moving, powerful automatic gun, and three passenger vehicle makes 
this an all around good vehicle. One of the few vehicles that doesn't blow up.
Weaknesses: Feeble armor makes it easy for enemies to take out your buddies and you. 
Drive about quickly to try to keep this from happening.

1.1 M808B Scorpion MBT
This slow moving vehicle kicks so much butt, yet is only found in one level. Which 
is too bad. It has a machine gun, a little like an Assault Rifle, but weaker and 
worse accuracy; and a rocket-type blast. The rocket gun takes five seconds to 
recharge, so keep firing with the machine gun. This rocket can easily destroy a 
Wraith. It can hold 4 passengers, so you have lots of back-up help.
Strengths: Powerful, can hold 4 passengers. The two different guns provide help for 
every situation.
Weaknesses: Extremely slow, nearly no protection for passengers. Machine gun has 
very low accuracy.

1.2 Ghost
These fast flying hover-vehicles are quite useful on the levels you get them. They 
can glide over other vehicles without harm(which can be good or bad). Unfortunately, 
being lightweight, they flip over easily. While in midair, tap 'A' to make the 
Ghosts nose lift up. It helps you land easier, and just looks cool. The automatic 
dual plasma guns paralyze vehicles, making them move slower and die quicker. Sadly 
these guns aren't very strong normally. The Ghost is one of the fastest vehicles in 
the game, good for covering a lot of ground. This is the only vehicle that can strafe
(kind of a sidestep movement).
Strengths: Fast, paralyzing guns.
Weaknesses: Feeble armor, easily flipped over, weak guns.

1.3 Banshee
One of the coolest vehicles in the game; it's the only one that actually flies. They 
have high power guns(paralyzing dual guns, Fuel Rod Gun), can do a 360ยบ in air, and 
are decently fast. In the 8th level(Two Betrayals) watch out for Flood Combat Forms 
with Rocket Launchers. They can shoot you out of the sky, blowing up your Banshee 
and killing you. Overall, they have good armor and health, and are wicked fun to 
play around in.
Strengths: Flight, Fuel Rod and paralyzing guns
Weaknesses: Are you kidding?

1.4 Wraith*
These big boys are tough. They have unbelievable amounts of armor and have huge 
glowing blue blasts that can take out your shield and a lot of your health. Easiest 
way to kill 'em is to shoot them with your Rocket Launcher a few times or pick 'em 
off from the skies with your Banshee. They are impossible to take out with a normal 
gun. A slower way to blow them up is to continually shoot them with the Machine Gun 
on the back of your Warthog. These aren't available to play.

1.5 Covenant Dropship*
These guys you learn to hate early in the game. Right when you think you're done 
with the battle, a big, purple ship of death comes floating down from the sky, 
carrying Covenant reinforcements. To add extra annoyance, you can't blow them up, 
and they shoot at you. Thankfully, they go away, and the blasts aren't very strong, 
but come on! These guys are low.


1.0 Melee attack
One of the most useful attacks in the game. With a single melee attack to the back, 
you can take out anything save for the Flood and the Sentinels. A normal attack will 
take out a Grunt or a Jackal. Also, if you're fast, you can hit and destroy a Flood 
Infection Form with an attack, but that's just for fun. When jumping or running, 
melee attack is more effective.

1.1 Marines
So they aren't a weapon or a vehicle, but I thought I should put them in here. 
Marines, to be frank, are pretty darn stupid. They jump in your way when your 
driving, and chuck grenades at the enemy that is two feet away from you. Yes, they 
can be useful as gunners and passengers, but in plain combat, you're really better 
off alone. Be warned: If you kill more than two Marines, the rest of them shoot at 
you, calling you a 'Traitor' just because they're too stupid to jump out of the way 
when you're driving in a Warthog. They are exasperating, but amusing. Try driving 
off a small cliff with them as your passengers and hear them scream like little 
school girls.

Thus the end of this guide. Hope you use my info, and figure out some of your own. 
Everybody has their weapon and vehicle preferences, figure out yours. May the force 
be with you. Take the controller in your hands and fight.

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