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Animal Crossing: Wild World
A Guide to the basics.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Hi, what's your name?
Chapter 2: Nook's many jobs...((Updated!!!))
Chapter 3: Planning for the inevitable.
Chapter 4: All of the expansions!
Chapter 5: Just like in the original, Nook expands too!
Chapter 6: Town Hall, Able Sisters, and more!
Chapter 7: All of those collections!
Chapter 8: K.K.; Where us he? What are his songs?
Chapter 9: Costumes!


Chapter 1: Hi, what's your name?

Welcome to the new Animal Crossing! When you first start out in the game, you 
are in a cab and the driver is none other than Kapp'n! When you start out, 
Kapp'n will ask you some questions, and depending on how you answer them, will 
see the outcome of your character's looks. After answering the questions, you 
will go into Town Hall and you will talk to Pelly or Phyliyss (her name is 
confusing) and they will ask you a question with two answer choices; "I'm 
moving in" and "I came by cab!" It doesn't matter what your answer to these 
questions is, you'll be given a map of your town and where your house is. You 
can roam around and talk to the natives of [insert name here] and see whether 
you like them or not, or you can go see your house and not talk with the 
natives. After seeing your (empty) house, you talk to Tom Nook, the shopkeeper. 
He will tell you to go see him at his shop to do some jobs for him. You don't 
have to go right away, but if you do (and didn't talk to any of the natives) 
you will have another job to take care of.

If you decided to talk to the natives before/after you saw your house, you'll 
have to talk to Tortimer and tell him who you respect the most out of the 
choices he gives you. You can only talk to Tortimer after you start Nook's 
Jobs. This will be expliained in Chapter 2.
Chapter 2: Nook's many jobs...

As soon as you get to Nook's after seeing your house, he will tell you to put 
on a Work Uniform. After you put it on, you will start your jobs.

Job 1:
Your first job is to plant flowers and trees around Nook's Shop. Easy task, and 
since the old Racoon isn't watching you, you don't HAVE to plant them around 
his shop. You can plant them just about anywhere. As soon as that's over, go 
back into Nook's Shop (I don't know what your Nook's is unless you're starting 
out for the first time. Then it's Nook's Cranny)

Job 2:
To tell the truth, this isn't really a job. It's more of a, Go-around-and-
introduce-yourself thing. This is where you can talk to all the natives in 
[insert town name here], and Tortimer. When you talk to Tortimer, he will ask 
you a question with four answers. This is his question:
"Out of these, who do you respect the most?"
You can answer:
"The Mayor"
"The Mailclerk"
"The Police Cheif"
Or "The CEO"
It doesn't matter how you answer the question. You get the same reaction, 
except for "The Mayor."
After talking to the natives in [town name] twice, go back to Nook's.

Job 3:
Your third job is to deliver a piece of furniture to a person in [town name]. 
You have a map, so use it. (If you said you did know how to use your map and 
you actually don't, it's the X button) After you deliver [item] to [native], 
they will talk about you working for Nook and reward you. Easy. Run back to 
Nook's to start Job #4.

Job 4:
This is one of the easiest jobs. Write a letter to [native] and send it to 
them. This is so easy, because you don't have to write much. Since Nook really 
DOESN'T care what you write, write "Shop at Nook's." and take it to Town Hall 
and send it. This is so simple, my baby cousin could do this. Onto the next job!

Job 5:
This is a job I forgot about. It's just like job 3 so...yeah. That's it. Chill.

Job 6:
Okay, now it's time for the second-to-last job. This job is to deliver a tool 
to the native who you sent the letter to. As soon as you deliver your package, 
[native] will talk about your letter. Don't worry about what they say, they're 
Head back to Nook's for the last job.

Job 7:
The last job is to write a message on the Message Board in front of Town Hall. 
You don't have to write much, heck, you don't have to write anything about 
Nook's. If you want to, write what I told you to write in Job 4. Easy. Now, 
head back to Nook's and let him talk about you being done. As soon as you 
leave, you will do a little dance. Now how do you pay off the rest of your 
Chapter 3: Planning for the inevitable.

When you start off the game for the first time, you have zip. After working for 
Nook, you pay off 1,400 bells. Leaving you with 18,400 bells to pay off. How do 
you pay this all off? Well, you could take Nook's advice and pay off, 1000 
bells a week. Or you could take my advice and pay off 10,000 bells A DAY. Easy 
to pay off that first house, eh? 
Chapter 4: All of the expansions!

These are the house expansions and how much you have to pay.

Size: Small. From what I've seen, it's a 4x4.
Price to pay off: 19,800 bells

1st expansion:
Size: Medium. From what I've heard, it's a 6x6.
Price to pay off: 120,000 bells

2nd expansion:
Size: Large. From what I've seen and heard, it's an 8x8.
Price to pay off: 298,000 bells

3rd expansion:
Size: Another story that's the same size as the 1st expansion!
Price to pay off: 598,000 bells

4th expansion:
Size: A room is added to your house. The room is like 6x6...
Price: 728,000 bells

5th expansion:
Size: Another room is added to your house. The room is also 6x6...
Price: 848,000 bells

6th and final expansion:
Size: Another room is-sigh...Read the last expansion...
Price: A whopping 948,000 bells. (ouch)

The whole 1,000 bells-a-week thing doesn't really look good by the 2nd 
expansion, eh? That's why I started paying 10,000 a day. Take my advice. 10,000 
bells a day will pay off your house in no time...or at least less time than 
1,000 bells a week. I'll tell you how to pay off 10,000 bells a day in 
the "Extras" section.
Chapter 5: Just like in the original, Nook expands too!

Yes, like in the original Animal Crossing, Nook expands too. He will go from a 
small shack, to a two story mart. These are Nook's expansions and how to get 

Nook's Cranny:
You don't have to do anything. This is the Nook's you start out with.

Nook 'n Go:
Spend 25,000 bells.*

Spend 90,000 bells.*

Spend 240,000 bells* and have a wireless visitor shop at Nook's.

So yeah... That's it...
*Paying off your house is like spending bells at Nook's. All the money goes to 
the Racoon...
Chapter 6: Town Hall, Able Sisters, and more!

In this chapter, I will tell you a bit about some of the buildings in [town 

Town Hall:
This is where you Donate money to the "Boondoxians", and pay off your mortgage 
to Nook. You can also send and save letters here if you like. You also have an 
account that you can save bells in.

Able Sisters':
This is the Tailor shop. I haven't seen one that's too far from Nook's shop, 
but if you have one, tell me. You can buy, design, and display clothes here. If 
you don't feel like spending money here, you can befriend Sabel. She'll talk 
with you every day of the week.

What else could you do here? Donate fossils, bugs, fish, and paintings I 
suppose... There is an observatory where you can make, and view constellations 
you, or a friend have made. There's also a cafe downstairs, where you can drink 
coffe and some characters will be there. Including characters that Animal 
Crossing vetrans will remember.

Town Gate: Where the lost and found is, and where you invite guests, or travel 
to other towns. That's basically it...

So there's the major [town name] buildings... Yeah...
Chapter 7: All of those collections!

Collections, collections, collections! How many collections are there? A lot. 
I'm not gonna spend too much time on this Chapter... let me sum it up for you...

Fish: 40 species
Bugs: 40 species
Gyroids: 43 different kinds. 3 of each kind.
Paintings: 20 paintings
Furniture: Loads...
Tools: 11 counting Golden ones...
Fossils: 52 fossils.
Chapter 8: K.K.; Where us he? What are his songs?

K.K., the little white dog that was near the Train Station in the first game, 
is now in the Museum's cafe duiring the new one! He is there from 8:00 pm, to 
like...11:00 pm. He plays many different songs. To give his list, it's like 

Agent K.K.
Aloha K.K.
Café K.K.
Comrade K.K. 
DJ K.K. 
Forest Life 
Go K.K. Rider! 
I Love You 
Imperial K.K.
K.K. Aria 
K.K. Ballad 
K.K. Blues 
K.K. Bossa 
K.K. Calypso 
K.K. Casbah 
K.K. Chorale 
K.K. Condor 
K.K. Country 
K.K. Cruisin' 
K.K. D & B 
K.K. Dirge 
K.K. Dixie 
K.K. Etude 
K.K. Faire 
K.K. Folk 
K.K. Fusion 
K.K. Gumbo
K.K. Jazz 
K.K. Lament 
K.K. Love Song 
K.K. Lullaby 
K.K. Mambo 
K.K. Marathon 
K.K. March 
K.K. Metal 
K.K. Parade 
K.K. Ragtime 
K.K. Rally 
K.K. Reggae 
K.K. Rock 
K.K. Rockabilly 
K.K. Safari 
K.K. Salsa 
K.K. Samba 
K.K. Ska 
K.K. Song 
K.K. Soul
K.K. Steppe 
K.K. Swing 
K.K. Tango 
K.K. Technopop 
K.K. Waltz 
K.K. Western 
King K.K. 
Lucky K.K. 
Marine Song 2001 
Mountain Song 
Mr K.K. 
My Place
Only Me 
Rockin' K.K.
Señor K.K. 
Soulful K.K. 
Steep Hill 
Surfin' K.K. 
The K. Funk 
To the Edge 
Two Days Ago

Yeah...that's a lot of songs...I only have like...4 or 5...I have a lot to go...
Chapter 9: Costumes!
I figured out that you can buy/recive different clothes and accesories that 
make you look like a different person! You can get clothes and accesories at 
Able Sisters. So here's what I know.

Look like Hitler:
Hat: General's Hat (I don't know the name of this one)
Accesory: Mini mustache
Shirt: General's Uniform

Look like Mario or Luigi:
Hat: Little/Big Bro Hat
Accesory: Little/Big Bro Mustache (Nose? I have no idea. I'd have to look at it)
Shirt: Custom shirt made to look like Mario/Luigi clothes

If anyone else has figured out any other costumes or the names of my current 
costumes, e-mail me.

Okay, so, this is where I tell a few of my secrets...and things, people could 
care less about...

Q: How do I pay 10,000 bells a day?
A: Simple. Go find a rock. Dig three holes behind the rock, and hit the rock. 
If money comes out, hit the rock as fast as you can. You can earn 8,500 bells 
by doing this. In order to get the other 1,500 bells, sell stuff. Like, shells, 
Or, if you want to, and your museum already has it, sell fossils, bugs, and/or 

Q: I'm running out of room in my pockets! What do I do?
A: If you have 10 letters, stuff the junk in there. You can also buy a drawer 
to put all your stuff in. You can put like, 15 items in each drawer! And you 
have 6 drawers! Easy putting away junk you want to sell in the future! You just 
can't put living creatures or turnips in there...

Q: How do I get the golden tools?
A: There are different ways to get the golden tools.
Golden Shovel: Bury a shovel for a day.
Golden Net: Catch all the bugs
Golden Fishing Rod: Catch all the fish
Golden Slingshot: Hit 16 ballons down.
Golden Watering Can: Keep your town perfect for 2 weeks.

Send me more questions, and I'll answer them!

Yeah. Yeah. You know the drill. No one can use this FAQ except Cheatcodes.com 
and those with my permission. Animal Crossing is © by Nintendo. If you have any 
comments or quesions e-mail me at [email protected] So...bye.

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