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You need to go see the chocobo trainer. She is ontop of a chocobo at the very edge of
the cliff. Go ask her if you can train a chocobo. Do the tasks she gives you. You
will get prizes. Now every time you go talk to her, say "Let me ride a chocobo". Now
you can go around the calm lands, faster and safer. 

You need a chocobo to get to Belgamine at the Remian Temple. There wil be a destroyed
bridge. You should see a chocobo feather. While on the chocobo, press X by the
feather, and you will fly across the bridge and now you will see a path. Go in the
path and you will reach The Remian Temple. Go inside and you will see Belgamine, she
will explain the tremple and show you her secret. You can also battle her aeons.

After three classes of chocobo training, you will have a chance to race the chocobo
trainer. Go as fast as you can, from the entrance to Macalania to the east side of
the Calm Lands. Run through baloons and avoid baloons for a better time. 

At the remian temple, before you enter, turn left and you wil see a shpere, listen to
it and it wil tell you to go to the right side and get on the chocobo. Race to the
bottom of the temple and hitting the glowing poles and opening tresure chests, which
is optional. You will get a cloudy mirror for winning.

You'll need the cloudy mirror. In the macalania forest, find the woman and her son at
the entrance to the Thunder Plains. They want you to find the Father. Go find him
where you had your campsite, after ditching bevelle. Then go see them again. Talk to
the woman twice. She'll tell you her son ran off. Go on the glowing ice path go to
the path that seperates upward. When it says "use the clouded mirror?" say "yes" and
it will clear up the mirror. You now have the Celestial Weopon. 

to get Kimahri's celestial weopon, Spirit Lance, go to the Thunder Plains. Remeber
the Cactuar Statues? Go look at all the glowing statues, the press square, you will
pray. There are a lot of statues, but you'll only need to pray to three of them. They
will glow Cyan. After praying to them, go to the south of ther Thunder Plains
(Guadosalam area) and look for te Cactuar Ghost. Go follow him to a ruined Lighting
Tower. Pray to the tower and a chest will apear. Use the celestial weopon and it will
give you the spirit lance. 

To get Tidus' celestial weopon, you neecd to get rid of ther guard blocking the
caladbolg. Look on the map, there is a little walkway in the north-west calm lands
its hard to see. But it looks like a tail... kind of. Anyway, there is a guard with a
red robe there. He wont let you back there so go to the Chocobo trainer. Do a
training lesson and win or lose. The guartd will be amazed by the lesson and will
leave his post. Go down the path and there will be a square in the wall. And then use
the celestial mirror. That gives you the Caladbolg.

to get the Nirvana, Yuna's celestial weopon, you need to get all 9 fiends in the calm
lands. Talk to the old guy in front of the arena. He will give you a chest. Use the
celestial mirror to open it.

To beat Defender X (the titan blocking you from Mt. Gagazet) you need ALL your
overdrives. First, use all your aeons. If hes still alive, use Aurons "Banishing
Blade" overdrive, it can do 9999 damage as long as the weopon you use has Peircing (i
recomend Shimmering Blade with Strength +10, Strength +5, Peircing) If you havent
killed him yet use use Mental Break, and Armor Break and use Lulu's -aga fury. I waas
able to beat Defender X before he uses Mighty Guard or Slowga like this. 

This si needed to make the Masrusume, (FF7's Sephiroth's sword)(looks like cloud was
wrong when he said "only sephiroth can use that sword.") Anyway, after defeating
Defender X, Go to the Valley, (Lulu will tell you what that is) and keep going until
you see a training crusader. Behind him, across the path is the rusty sword, lying in
the ground. Just go to it and press X.

I hated acieving this. Go into the cave, right by the save sphere in the valley. Keep
going until you see the summoner that Lulu was first a guardian to. Fight her Yojimbo
and win with aeons and magic. Bahamut's Mega Flare works fine. After Yuna sends the
spirit, go use the warp pad into the chamber of faith into the chamber of faith. Tell
the spirit you want his help training as a summoner and he'll make you pay, up too
300,000 gil or higher for his servises. I hated it because, i was low on gil i had to
sell a lot of weopons. 

Beat Belgamines's Bahamut to get the Flower Spectrum and go to the glowing door.
Press X and say you want to use the item. 

use Lancet on Chimira Brains for Aqua Breath. (u can also use it on Chimiras in the
Macalania Forest.) Use it on a Malboro to get Bad Breath (confuse, poison, darkness,
silence effect.) And stone breath on the Black Baskilisks. (i forgot what there called)

Go back to the broken bridge leading to remian temple. Under it there are two trasure
chests. One holds 5000 gil and the other holds 10000 gil.

The center of the Calm Lands hold one of Rins stores. You cant rest heere so just use
the tavellers shpere to refill your life and magic (whether you save or not.)

You should go to the Al Behd. It took a while to find him, so go leave the central
and run around it till you see an Al Behd man inside. That will make it easier to
find him. Go speake to him. He will say (english translation) "I have a message from
Cid, He Said, 'Once we left you in Bevelle, we sent for repairs. Until then, keep
Yuna safe, or you'll be sorry, bud!'" Talk again and he will say, "After dropping you
off in bevelle, we let all summoner off. Then whent for repairs." or something like

Next to the Al Behd there is one of those blue screens that lets you see your
tutorials. Go to fiend info and fight a Bashura. It is powerful so you will fill your
overdrive gauge when yourcharacters on "stoic." If there on "Worrior." Then fight a
Malboro. (Change your overdrive mode by going to the menu and selecting overdrive.
Then select Worrior or Stoic. This also includes Ally, Healer, Victor, and Slayer.
You can read up on those.) 

Go to the fiend arena (green square on the map) in the Eastern area. Buy Taming
Sword, Beastmaster, and Taming Staff. Those are the only weopons you really need. It
would be a lot easier if you had all of them bt that would be too exspensive. 

All the tougher fiends in the North-Western area. 

!!!!thats all you need to know about the calm lands!!!!

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