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                   Where to Buy Poke Balls

        1.Everybody knows what to do with poke balls; you use them to catch 
Pokemon.  You probably also know that there are many different kinds of poke 
balls.  In this guide I will show you where to buy each one.

        2.    POKE BALL
               Every store except Pretty Pedals Flower Shop, where you can get 
Flutes, and the Treasure Hunters House.
               GREAT BALL
               Great ball can be found in every store(with the same exceptions 
poke ball along with the stores in Oldale, Petalburg, and Rustboro)
               ULTRA BALL
               Ultra ball can be found in Fortree, Lilycove, Mossdeep, 
and Ever Grande stores.
               TIMER BALL
               Timer ball is available only in Rustboro*.
               NET BALL 
               Net ball is only available in Rustboro*.
               DIVE BALL
               Dive ball is only available in Mossdeep.
               NEST BALL
               Nest Ball is only available in Verdanturf.
               LUXURY BALL
               Luxury ball is isn’t available in stores.
               MASTER BALL
               Master Ball isn’t available in stores.
               PREMIER BALL
               Premier Ball can't be bought. But go to any Poke Mart and buy 
               Poke Balls. The Clerk will throw in a premier ball.
        3.Ok, now you know where to buy each different ball. I hope you like my 
guide!  Next up: Pokemon Contests!
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