Where to find (and defeat) bosses: Part 1 - Guide for Pikmin

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Here is a list of some the holes i have beaten and there bosses.
Emergence Cave: No boss... but you meet the purple Pikmin

Subterranean Complex: Man-at-Legs
BOSS: Man-at-Legs:(1)You kill it just like a beady long legs BUT it has laser capabilities. (2)The laser 
will not harm you... it just locks on a target and fires bullets for a bit.

Frontier Cavern: Empress Bulblax and Bulblax larva.
BOSS: Empress Bulblax: (1)Hopefully you already know this but its only attack is to roll around but this 
time you HAVE to kill a lot of larva unless you want to die. (2)Call your Pikmin off of it when it stops 

Hole of Beasts: Empress Bulblax
BOSS: Empress Bulblax (no larva) (1)Find a nice place in the wall where you can retreat to and start 
throwing your Pikmin on it side. (2)When it wakes up it SHOULD squirm but if it roars once call back 
your Pikmin and retreat to the crevice in the wall. Wait till it stops rolling until you throw your Pikmin 
back on.   (3)When you throw your Pikmin back on it will squirm and grunt. When it stops squirming 
call back your Pikmin and get back into the crevice while it rolls. (4)Repeat step three.

I will right Part 2 later but for now I'll stop    

Zach Ponath 
[email protected]

P.S. Hope this helps! 

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