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Many people have wondered this question: what cart should I use on each track? Well 
I have the answer. Now remember, when I say a heavy kart try to get a person thats 
heavy with a good special and the same with medium and light.





1.Mushroom Cup
   Luigi Circuit: medium because It doesn't really have any super fancy stuff.
   Peach Beach: medium or heavy becuse there are a few sharp turns.
   Baby Park: heavy becuse there are sharp turns.
   Dry Dry Desert: medium because there aren't any sharp turns(heavy) and you need 
speed (light).

2.Flower Cup
   Mushroom Bridge: medium or heavy because there are just a few sharp turns.
   Mario Circuit: Heavy because ther are sharp turns.
   Daisy Cruiser: light because you might need acceleration.
   Waluigi Stadium: All becuse theres a mix of everything.

3.Star Cup
   Sherbet Land: Heavy because it is slippery and there are sharp turns.
   Mushroom City: heavy or medium because there are a few sharp turns.
   Yoshi Circuit: medium or light because there aren't any sharp turns.
   D.K Mountain: all because there is a mix.

4.Special Cup
   Wario Stadium: heavy becuse there really sharp turns.
   Dino Dino Jungle: medium becuse there aren't any sharp turns and you need speed.
   Bowser's Castle: light can avoid the obstacles easier.
   Star Road: heavy because there are super sharp turns.

Well that's all I know. Chow!

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