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Rampage is THE ultimate game ever.  No arguments.  That's why I saved my tenth 
(yes, tenth) FAQ-thingy for this.  So read it.  Yeah.

My Name is:  Lizzy

Lizzy is based on Godzilla, and is probably the best at destroying buildings.  
She's a heavy hitter, and pretty all-around.

My Name is:  George

George is based on King Kong, and is the heaviest of the monsters.  He's good at 
bringing down buildings by jumping on them, and knocking others off.

My Name is:  Ralph

Ralph is based on the Wolf-Man, and is the fastest character.  His best move is 
kicking, and just beating the living snot out everything and everyone around him.

My Name is:  V.E.R.N.

VERN isn't a selectable character (but it'd be soooo sweet if he was), but you can 
be him.  He actually looks like a Purple Goblin that can fly.  So, when you see a 
Scum Labs factory, look around until you see a couple barels containing purple 
waste.  When you eat it, you'll be the ultimate VERN-inator for the rest of the 

My Name is:  The Head of Scum Labs-Guy

You actually this freak a lot.  Every time you destroy a Scum Labs factory, after 
the level, instead of seeing the scientist you'll see Mr.Ugly.  But he gets even 
uglier at the second-to-last level.  After you destroy the final Scum Labs, you'll 
see the President isn't there.  Where could he be?  Maybe mutating himself...Which, 
of course, he does.  So now he's super fat and bounces on his butt-looking thing 
where his legs should be.  During the level, just try to do as much damage as 
possible.  'Cause next you'll go to the Moon, and he'll tag along.  There you 
should be able to take him out, where explodes into as pile of blood and guts (and 
yes, it's as gross as it sounds).

My Name is:  Punchy the Robot

This guy's just a little Robot with an extra layer.  To get rid of its first form, 
you have to get behind it and punch away.  Eventually it will explode revealling 
its little-tike counter-part.

My Name is:  Little-Tike

Don't let what I named him fool you:  he's one tough egg to crack.  But he's easier 
to actually hit than the bigger guy.  Just get close enough and then punch or 
kick.  But watch out for its counter-attack:  flaming you.  The attack is close to 
impossible to dodge, so I suggest just letting him burn you (you have unlimited 
lives, anyway).

So, you see what they fight like, but what's the story?  Well, Scum Labs, a type of 
Nuclear-Power Plant, explodes and three of their employees get mutated.  So, to 
take revenge, Lizzy, Ralph, and George travel the globe on a conquest to destroy 
all scum labs, obliterating anything in their way.  So Scum Labs takes a stand.  
They launch Robot after Robot, and the army helps a little, too.  But who's the 
real bad guys?  The Monsters destroying everything?  Or the creators?  It sort of 
unwinds throughout the game (well, not really...) but either way, it's mostly for 
you to decide.  

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