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             Strategy Guide      Made:6/22/07
                by               Updated:6/22/07

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II.Version History
III.Shooting Range     [ShootEmTex]*
IV.Find Mii            [ComeFindMii]*
V.Table Tennis         [PingPongStyle]*
VI.Pose Mii            [MasterPoser]*
I have created this walkthrough just for Cheatcodes.com,so no one can copy 
it,except if its for private use.If anyone else uses it,they are in violation 
of copyright.

Copyright 2007. Isaiah Godfrey

II.Version History
Version 1.0(6/22/07)-Added first mini-game.
Version 1.1(6/27/07)-Added next 3 mini-games.
Version 1.36(6/30/070-Adding last 5 mini-games.

III.Shooting Range         [ShootEmTex]
This is the first game in Wii Play.Your
goal here is to get as many points as you can.
Sounds easy,doesn't it?But it gets harder as the game goes on.
Each round,you shoot different targets,and the targets get harder to shoot.
The targets are listed below in order.

Round 1:Balloon
Round 2:Regular Targets
Round 3:Frisbees
Round 4:Soda Cans
Round 5:UFOs

Round 1:This level is fairly easy.You just have to shoot balloons.

 Round 2:This level is easy,too.Don't shoot yourself or you lose 3 points.Shoot 
the gold targets to get 10 points

 Round 3:Shoot the frisbees to get either 3 or 5 points.

 Round 4:Shoot soda cans.This one is harder because the more you shoot one 
can,the faster that can gets.
 Round 5.Ah,the last round.This time you have UFOs! Shoot all the UFOs before 
they take all your Miis.Shoot the golden spaceships for more points.Each Mii 
you save is worth 10 points.You beat me if you got more than 380 points.

Tips:You get combo points if you hit targets in a row.

See those ducks flying oon the screen?Shoot them. you get points if you shoot 

IV.Find Mii                                        [ComeFindMii]
This one is easy or hard,whether how you think about it.
There are lots of tasks for this one,and here they are:
-Find the Mii you're using
-Find the odd Mii out
-Find two lookalikes
-Find a favorite Mii
-Find the sleepyhead(or sleepyheads)

My best is 35 levels.

V.Table Tennis                    [PingPongStyle]
Now,if you play a 2 player game,you have to get 10.If you play a 1 player 
game,you have to hit 100 times.Just focus on hitting the ball,and I promise 
you'll make it.

VI.Pose Mii                       [MasterPoser]
Ok,this is another hard or easy game.You press A or B to scroll up or down.
You just have to match the pose with the one in the bubble.After that,you have 
to pop the bubbles that match the pose.
So,thats it for this update.I have decided instead of putting medal 
requirements in this FAQ,I'll make a seprate FAQ for medal requirements.See ya 
next time!

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