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                                HHHH H  H         Created by:Jacob Gosche
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                          Table of contents
                           1.The story 
                         2.You're in control 
                         3.The first day 
                         4.Growing crops
                         5.Gettting girls
                         6.Making Friends
                      11.secrets and rumors
                          12.e-mail me
                          14.Honorable mentions

                                       1.The Story

 Sadly your grandpa has just passed away and when you turn on the game you will be 
at his funeral.  Everyone will try to cheer you up. The mayor will be one of the 
saddest people. The potion shop dealer will say spring is beutiful.Yu will now be at 
Grandpa's worn down farm.  You're dad will come and say that he will talk to the 
villigars.  Then your dog will run up to you.  You're dad will then tell you if you 
want to that you can run the farm.  This is where the fun really gets started. 

                            2.You're in control

Harvest Moon 64 is a great game that will teach you about a lot of things like 
taking care of animals.  It's fun too;) In Harvest Moon 64 do whatever you want. I 
hope I will help you a bit in this great game.  So sit back, relax, and read.


                         3.You're first day 

When you wake up on you're first day you will eat breakfast (What does he eat 
anyway.) You will walk outside and the mayor will be there.  He will offer you a 
tour around town.  Once you see the town you're on your own.  Try to clear some of 
the rubble from the the farm. When it gets late write in your diary.  You will save 
and it will be the next day.

                                4.Growing Crops 

Growing crops is the is important in Harvest Moon 64.  Mainly because they make you 
a lot of money. You can grow vegtables, grass, and flowers.

 ............................... Vegtables...........................................

              Corn-Corn is a great crop.  Yes, it does take a long time to grow but 
it's worth it.  You can sell corn for a lot and you can have more than one harvest.

               Tomatos-Tomatos are also great crops.  They don't sell for as much as 
corn but they are easier to grow.  They can also have more than one harvest. 

              Strawberrys-Strawberrys are the only winter crop and can be only grown 
if you have a greenhouse.  They sell for a high price but they take a while and it 
only has one harvest. 

               Turnups-Turnups grow the fastest but they don't sell for a high price 
and and they only have one harvest.  An ideal last minute crop.

                Potatos-I don't know much about potatos.  Please e-mail me 
describing them. 

                Cabbage-It does take a while but it sells for a reasonable price.

                Eggplant:It is the only Fall vegtable sells for a wimpy 60G each.  
It is quick to grow with more than one harvest but I  recommend buying a greenhouse 
and growing tomatos or corn.


                 Grass- You cannot sell grass but I reccomend growing it.  Why?  
Grass can be bought at the flower shop and can be planted on your farm just like any 
vegtable.  First of all, it doesn't require water.  Once you plant the seeds they 
will grow by themselves.  Second of all if you cut it it will make fodder.  Fodder 
can be fed to your cows and sheep when they are in the barn.  Third of all yuo can 
put cows and sheep in the grass and you don't have to feed them!  See, it is worth 
                                     Final score:5/5

                 All flowers-What's the point of flowers?  They're just to make 
you're farm look pretty.  Buy the blue mist seeds because you can get a picture for 
it (see chapter 10) but that's about it.  If you really really really want to learn 
about flowers e-mail  me.
                               final score:1/5 


                              5.getting girls

In order to beat the game you must get married to one of the five girls that have 
hearts on the bottom of the dialoge box when you talk to them.  This will cover the 
best way to get them to like you. 


                                Birthday:11th of winter
Maria the librarian is the easiest to get to like you.  She is almost always at the 
library so go there often and read books by pressing B next to the bookshelf.  You 
will tell when Maria and the mailman start to like each other when Harris will talk 
about her and Maria will give him a letter.  She likes cabbage, and insects. She 
doesn't like your dog.  If you don't look out she will easily fall for Harris. 
                               Birthday:14th of summer
                          Rival:Cliff (the guy with the bird) 
Ann doesn't do much.  She is usually hanging around in the Green Ranch.  The thing 
that is hard about getting Ann to like you is her grumpy brother.  Ann and Cliff may 
fight a lot but they will get married if you don't make you're move.  She will be at 
the church during Starry Night and at the ranch during the Firework Festival.  
Impress her by taking care of your animals and winning the horse race.  She really 
likes wool but I reccomend showing your dog to her and bringing her animals and corn.

                               Birthday:22nd of spring
                              Rival:Gray (Ann's brother)
Popuri is a cheap date.  Just bring her lots of flowers.  Make sure you don't hurt 
her feelings.  When she asks you a question always say the nice thing.  She likes it 
when you grow flowers.(I still think you shouldn't grow flowers.)  She is friends 
with Ann so you will often find her at the ranch.  Especially if she gets married to 
Gray.  That's right.  Popuri will marry Ann's grumpy brother.  Gray didn't talk 
about about Popuri at all and one day Gray invited me to their wedding.  
                                Birthday:1st of fall 
                                 Rival:Bakery Owner
Eli is usually hanging around the cake shop or right outside the shop with her 
grandmother.  Purchasing items from the bakery will make her happy.  The Bakery 
owner likes Eli so if you are married to someone else and you want Eli to marry give 
the bakery owner lots of gifts.  She will be at the Bakery during the Fireworks 
Festival and at the church during Starry Night. 

                                Brthday:29th of Winter 
Karen works at the bar so you can work during the day and go see her at night.  It's 
so easy to get her to like you.  During the night take your dog to the bar.  If 
Karen is there keep talking to her with the dog in your hands.  She will say it's 
not very smart but don't stop talking to her.  Somehow her heart will go up slowely. 
Keep doing this untill she has a pink heart.   She can marry Kai the vineyard 
worker.  Be sure to choose her as a dance partner.  She loves to dance.  If you 
don't make friends with her she will leave town.  She will be at the beach during 

                                      6.Making Friends 

In order to complete the game you must be friends with enough people.  Some are easy 
some are hard.  Try to follow my advice.  

Ann-Considering the fact that she can overeact a little at times she can be nice. 
She enjoys knitting so she likes wool.  She also likes animals and when you are nice 
to them.  

Eli-Nice.  She enjoys bakery items like eggs and milk.  

Karen-Sometimes she will get in fights or she might be rude.  She likes veryberrys 
wild grapes and strawberrys.  

Maria-Very shy.  She likes cabbage, books, and insects.  

Popuri-LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES flowers!  Must I say more?  

Midwife-She delivers the babys in the village.  She likes eggplants.  

Kai-Kai lives on the vineyard so naturally he loves wild grapes and veryberries.  

Buyer- He's the dude that picks up the things in the shipping bin.  I'm not sure 
what he likes but you can find him at the bar at nights. 

Fisherman-The name says it all.  The fisherman loves to fish.  He loves it when you 
fish too.  Bring him bigger fish and he will like you more.


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