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WWE Day of Reckoning 2 Story Mode Walkthrough 
by edgecatore

For your story mode character, I recommend someone as balanced as possible. 
Give yourself submissions, high-flying moves and high impact moves. Be able to 
target all parts of the opponent's body. Any versatility you can give yourself 
will make the whole process easier; if you can make someone tap, you'll want 
to do it at times. A big man with speed and submissions is your best bet. Try 
to improve your stats gradually and equally as you go along.

NOTE: There  are minor story spoilers all throughout this guide. That 
is to be understood. I will mark any major spoilers in advance.

To begin the story, Eric Bischoff walks to the ring, declaring the world 
heavyweight title vacant. He shows a video clip of a match between Chris 
Jericho and Triple H in which Triple H pins Jericho while tapping out. The 
crowd isn't happy with this decision. Bischoff announces a tournament to crown 
a new champion, which will culminate at Wrestlemania!

Show 1: RAW - Major problem

Now it's time to get down to business! First, you and Stacy Keibler are 
backstage, talking about the tournament and the storyline from the first DOR. 
The two of you end up kissing. How sweet. Randy Orton enters, and tells you 
your first match tonight is against him. You two talk again about DOR's 
continuity, and wish each other luck. You shake hands and it's off to the ring.

MATCH: Your created character (hereafter, CAW) vs. Randy Orton

STRATEGY: There's really not much special strategy to this match. 
You've just got to go in there and beat him. Avoid the RKO and you shouldn't 
have all that much trouble doing so. In fact, if you work over his head a 
little, try to steal the RKO (which you can do by strong grappling and then 
pressing L+R+A+B or, if you're handy, hit all four buttons simultaneously from 
standing position) for the win.

Show 2: RAW - Coming in second

Coach interviews Chris Jericho. Coach mentions that Y2J's next tournament 
match is against you. Jericho cuts him off and puts you over a bit, but then 
claims to have not lost to Triple H. Coach riles him up again; Jericho 
resolves to beat you and face Triple H at Wrestlemania, since Triple H has 
already won his semifinal match.

MATCH: CAW vs. Chris Jericho

STRATEGY: This one's a little harder due to Jericho's superior mat 
prowess, but it's really not that hard. And even if Jericho catches you in his 
special, you've got a 1 in 4 chance of breaking it. The AI doesn't always 
pick 'submit' in finishers, but it's always a good guess. Stick to striking or 
flying in this one and you should be fine.

Show 3: RAW - The Highlight Reel

Jericho invites you on the Highlight Reel - how cool is that? He puts you 
over, saying you won fair and square (which you have to have done). You then 
come out. He again congratulates you on the win, and wishes you luck against 
Triple H, asking for a title match when you beat him. Triple H and Ric Flair, 
wearing suits, then enter. Triple H puts himself over, saying everyone knows 
he'll win at Wrestlemania. You challenge Ric and Trips to a tag match. Flair 
wants to refus, but Trips talks him into it.

MATCH: CAW & Chris Jericho vs. Triple H & Ric Flair

STRATEGY: USE JERICHO! In an interesting little change from DOR, you 
control whoever is legal in the tag match, not a specific wrestler. So make 
good frequent tags to keep both of you fresh (any time your stamina is below 
your pulse bar you should tag out), but use Jericho more, since at this point 
he's got better stats. Press Z and up on the D pad to order your opponent to 
attack the legal man on the opposing team. This serves two purposes - to break 
up pins, and to keep him from tagging out. If you see yourself get whipped 
into Evolution's corner, they are planning to tag. Get your partner in the 
ring IMMEDIATELY. Try to isolate one opponent (Flair is easily the weaker of 
the two). You can also have your partner attack the illegal opponent by 
pressing Z and left on the D pad. This is very hand if you're planning to try 
a cover or a submission hold (which I would not recommend in this match, both 
have good submission stats). Use Jericho, but if your CAW has a knockout 
finisher, use him to try to get the pin.

After the match, Flair tries to attack youy with a steel chair, but Jericho 
stops him, and hits Flair with the chair himself. Ric is busted open BADLY.

Show 4: Wrestlemania - Death warrant

Triple H busts into your locker room, complaining that Jericho injured Flair 
so badly that he couldn't make it to Mania. You defend Jericho, and Trips 
threatens you, but backs off, saying he needs you in one piece to win the 
world title. Stacy runs in after a little posturing, saying Eric Bischoff is 
desperate to find both you and Trips, demanding to see you both in his office.

You both go there. Bischoff has torn his office apart and looks distraught. He 
says that the world title belt has been stolen! He says that without the belt, 
there's no championship, and without the championship, there's no match and 
Wrestlemania is ruined! You and Trips posture a bit more, and Bischoff 
continues to whine. He promises to bring down whoever stole the belt.

MATCH: There is no match!

Show 5: RAW - Prime Suspect

You, Trips, and Bischoff are in the ring. Bischoff says Mr. McMahon thought 
about firing him, but thought that would be too cruel to whoever replaced him! 
He turns to you and says you're the prime suspect in his book. You and Trips 
again put yourselves over, each saying you'd have easily won if the match had 
happened. Trips suggest a new belt be made and then have the match, but 
Bischoff refuses, since he broached the idea to Mr. McMahon and got shot down. 
You accuse Trips, saying Stacy can vouch for you, but Flair, Trips' alibi, was 
not at the show.

Muhammad Hassan's music hits, and he comes out. He insults you three, calling 
you "typical Americans." You ask Muhammad what his alibit is, and he complains 
that an Arab American is being accused of theft. You challenge both him and 
Trips to matches tonight. Bischoff intervenes, making a cage match between you 
and Trips at Backlash for, if it's found, the world title, and a one-on-one 
between you and Hassan tonight!

MATCH: CAW vs. Muhammad Hassan

STRATEGY: This is possibly the easiest match so far. Hassan frequently 
won squashes on television, but the "modified STO" isn't that potent in the 
game. Just target the body part your finisher affects and you should get this 
duke pretty easily.

Show 6: RAW - Shut your mouth

Triple H is in the ring, and he puts himself over and asserts his innocence in 
the matter of the stolen title. He accuses you, and "asks" you to bring the 
title back, saying there'll be no questions asked.

Stacy Keibler comes out, saying you were with her and had your hands full all 
evening. Triple H continues to accuse her and you.

Edge then enters, taking a look at Stacy's butt as he does. He complains about 
having been screwed out of the title before. He says he believes Stacy's 
account of what happened at Wrestlemania. Edge starts to hit on Stacy some 

You then come out and challenge Edge to a match. He accepts, but makes it a 
hardcore match.

MATCH: CAW vs. Edge (hardcore match)

STRATEGY: Use the weapons. Edge's countering ability isn't that 
high, so you should be able to use most of them effectively. Use grapple 
attacks rather than strikes to target Edge's head, then either steal the 
Edgecution or use your own finisher if it targets the head.

Show 7: RAW - Who's it going to be?

Randy Orton and Chris Jericho meet up with you in the back, saying they 
believe your account of what happened at Wrestlemania, and that most of the 
locker room does as well. You thank them and tell them you have to prepare to 
wrestle Ric Flair. Orton suggests making it a tag match, saying Trips will 
accompany Flair to the ring. Orton wants a little "Evolution reunion" and 
Jericho wants another piece of them as well. He reminds you that he saved you 
from Flair's chair shot the week before Wrestlemania.

You have a choice to make. Do you tag with Orton or Jericho?

MATCH: CAW & Randy Orton/Chris Jericho vs. Triple H & Ric Flair

STRATEGY: The match continues the same way regardless of who you 
choose. The match is a little easier with Jericho, but you may want to choose 
Orton to make use of the RKO. What's especially cool is that you walk out 
together. Anyhow, the strategy is quite similar for both matches; use the 
other man more, isolate and wear down Flair, and use whoever has the more 
impactful finisher to get the pin. Remember, Z + Up to attack the man in the 
ring, Z + Left to attack his partner.

Show 8: BACKLASH - A kiss for luck

Stacy and Edge meet up backstage. He hits on her a little. She insults his 
showing in your hardcore match. He says he only backed up her and you to get 
close to her. He says she should join up with him for the good of her career, 
since you'll be disgraced once you're found with the titl. He sees you walking 
in and leaves.

You're a little disappointed that she was talking to Edge, and you vehemently 
deny his accusations. You threaten to go beat him up. She tells you to 
concentrate on the cage match against Triple H, and gives you a little kiss 
before departing.

MATCH: CAW vs. Triple H (cage match)

STRATEGY: Sigh. The cage match is STILL escape only. No matter. This is 
still a pretty straightforward match. The only thing you really have to worry 
about is the Pedigree, and even then you might get up in time, the first time, 
to knock Trips down. Keep in mind that climbing the cage and attempting to 
leave it both use up stamina, so you'd better have a full meter or close to it 
before attempting to escape. Then the fun begins!

After the match, you're outside celebrating and Triple H is writhing in pain 
inside the cage, holding his leg.

STORY BRANCH - 1) Since the world heavyweight title is still missing, go after 
the Intercontinental title. If you choose this, go to show 9A (and continue 
with the shows numbered with an A).

2) Go after Edge and shut him up once and for all. If you choose this, go to 
show 9B (and continue with the shows numbered with a B).

NOTE: You can now use Backlash in exhibition play!

Show 9A: RAW - The number one contender

You are in the ring with Stacy Keibler. Stacy mentions that Trips is injured 
and out for several months. You say the world title is rightfully yours, but 
your thirst for gold is left with only the intercontinental title. You ask 
Bischoff for a title match.

Shelton Benjamin enters, saying he's the number one contender and has a title 
match at Vengeance. You challenge Shelton to a number one contender's match. 
He begins to accept, but Bischoff enters.

He says you need to earn your title opportunity - in a handicap match!

MATCH: CAW vs. The Hurricane & Tajiri

STRATEGY: This is probably the toughest match so far, but don't get too 
scared. These cruiserweights go down pretty easily, especially Hurricane. Just 
be sure to knock the other opponent off the apron before going for a pin, and 
you should get this done pretty quickly. This is a good match to try to win by 
submission, because if you wear down a body part, a tap-out can be gained 
quicker than a pinfall; oftentimes before the partner can even interfere.

Show 9B: RAW - How's that feel?

You find Edge in the back, and jump him from behind! You promise more of the 
same if he doesn't stay away from Stacy. And if he doesn't like it, he should 
get to the ring and do something about it!

MATCH: CAW vs. Edge (hardcore match)

STRATEGY: See show 6. It's the same match.

Use the weapons. Edge's countering ability isn't that high, so you 
should be able to use most of them effectively. Use grapple attacks rather 
than strikes to target Edge's head, then either steal the Edgecution or use 
your own finisher if it targets the head.

After the match, Christian and Orton run in. Edge wants more of you, even 
though he just lost. You promise more beatings if he doesn't stay away from 

Show 10A: RAW - La Casa de Christian

Christian enters, wearing the intercontinental belt. He says his peeps don't 
want him to defend the title against you. He says you can't steal his title.

You enter, with Stacy, and assert your innocence. You say that if you beat 
Regal this week, you get a number one contender's match with Benjamin next 
week. Stacy then says that once you're the number one contender, the title 
match at Vengeance will be a ladder match.

MATCH: CAW vs. William Regal

STRAGTEGY: This is probably the easiest match so far. Just attack him 

Show 10B: RAW - Newsflash

Edge and Christian are guests on the Highlight Reel. Edge says they're there 
because Jericho has a big announcement: he can vouch for both of them for when 
the world title went missing. Edge asks Jericho if he can vouch for you, and 
he can not.

You come out, and admonish Edge for talking trash about you after you beat 
him. You assert your innocence. Edge says even a moron like Jericho can see 
through your alibi. Jericho's none too pleased by the insult, so a match is 
set up.

MATCH: CAW & Chris Jericho vs. Edge & Christian

STRATEGY: Isolate and destroy. Christian is the slightly weaker of the 
two, but you've already beaten Edge twice, so you might have an easier time 
against him. You should still use Jericho more; he's still got better stats. 
Keep getting your partner to attack the illegal man as you go for pins or 

Show 11A: RAW - A lot to lose

You and Shelton Benjamin meet up in the back. You thank him for putting his 
spot on the line, but he thinks you've got more to lose, being a former world 
champion. He says he'll win the Intercontinental title and leap frog you to 
headline next year's Wrestlemania. He aslo says he doesn't recall seeing you 
at Wrestlemania when the title went missing.

MATCH: CAW vs. Shelton Benjamin

STRATEGY: Benjamin is one of the most balanced wrestlers on the roster. 
This is a farily difficult match. There's not a whole lot I can offer. Just 
stay away from Shelton's strengths - high flying, grappling, and striking. 
Good luck! Try to diversify your own attack as much as possible.

After the match, Christian runs in, dropkicks you and hit you with the 
Unprettier. He cuts a short promo and punches you with the microphone.

Show 11B: RAW - Alibis

You, Stacy, Jericho, and Orton meet up in the back. They are concerned that 
there's not much of a hole in Edge's logic and say that people are asking your 
alibi for when the title went missing. You get a little defensive, but Jericho 
says they're not accusing you. Orton suggests that if the title just happened 
to re-appear, all would be well.

MATCH: CAW vs. Christian

STRATEGY: Pretty straightforward. Christian's well-balanced, so watch 
out for attacks of all kinds. But all you really need to do is just attack him 
relentlessly; there's really no special strategy.

After the match, Edge runs in and spears you, then hits some mounted punches. 
You lay bleeding, and Edge asks again if you stole the title. You don't 
respond. Edge goes on to say that your match next week at Vengeance is going 
to be a first blood match.

Show 12A: VENGEANCE - Up the ladder

MATCH: CAW vs. Christian (ladder match)

STRATEGY: All I can really tell you is general ladder match strategy; 
wear down your opponent all the way, so he can't interfere with your attempt 
to climb the ladder. One important thing to note is that climbing the ladder 
and reaching for the belt both use up stamina (and any time you use the ladder 
as a weapon a sizeable amount of stamina is used up), so only attempt 
to win if you have a fair amount of it stored up.

Right as you are about to grab the belt, Edge runs in and knocks you off the 
ladder. He sets it back up for Christian, and he climbs it and wins the match.

Show 12B: VENGEANCE - First blood

MATCH: CAW vs. Edge (first blood match)

STRATEGY: There's one really quick way to make your opponent bleed. Get 
a steel chair from under the ring (may take a few tries) and grapple the 
opponent, so you do the chair guillotine. The ring bell also works well here. 
Work over the head a bit, and he'll bleed after the first or second time you 
do this almost every match.

NOTE: At this point, the story branches meet up. And you can now use 
Vengeance in exhibition play!

Show 13: RAW - Another edition

Kane and Shawn Michaels are guests on the Highlight Reel. They mention their 
collective heat, but also say that the reason they are there is to vouch for 
each other's whereabouts when the title was stolen. Jericho says he belives 
them. Kane calls you out, saying he doesn't believe you.

You enter and challenge Kane to a match.

MATCH: CAW vs. Kane

STRATEGY: This is an easy match both to win and lose. Even if you're 
dominating, Kane's momentum shift, the tombstone piledriver, can turn things 
around very quickly. His choke slam is all but assured to keep you down 
for three, so run like hell if he gets a special. Hit and run against the big 
red machine, and if you're too light to lift him, don't try! This is another 
good match to win by submission; Kane's submission stat is not very high.

Show 14: RAW - Finish the job

You, Stacy, and Shawn Michaels meet up in the back. HBK says he never meant to 
accuse you. He believes your story. Stacy thanks him and asks for his help 
with the other superstars, but you cut her off and challenge Michaels to a 
match. He accepts and walks away, reminding you again that he believes you.

Stacy admonishes you for being so defensive around him and winding up in a 
match with someone who just wanted to help. You relent a bit, kiss and make up.

MATCH: CAW vs. Shawn Michaels

STRATEGY: HBK's AI is probably the best in the game. His counters are 
intuitive. Stick with strikes more than grapples in this one, though he 
counters those pretty well too. Make use of high flying moves if you've got 
them. This is a match where you need to score a big high impact blow and 
immediately get a pin, because HBK's durability is too good try to make him 

Show 15: RAW - News good and bad

Bischoff is in the ring. He's got good news and bad news. Summerslam is next 
week, and though the world title is missing, he's got a special match for 
Raw's main event at the PPV: a Fatal Four Way cage match for the 
intercontinental title, among you, Kane, Shawn Michaels, and the champ 

Christian enters, wearing the title. He says he enjoys being the only champion 
on Raw and shouldn't have to defend his title agains the entire locker room.

Kane then enters. He says he's sick of hearing people complain about the 
missing title, and will enjoy beating Christian up in the cage.

Bischoff tells them to shut up and get ready for the tornado tag match tonight!

MATCH: CAW & Shawn Michaels vs. Christian & Kane (tornado tag)

STRATEGY: This match is a mess. Try to concentrate on one 
opponent, but the computer players will often now allow you to do that. Don't 
be surprised if Michaels scores the pin quicker than you even gain a special, 
though. If you're larger than Michaels, target Kane (unless he does). This is 
an all-out fracas; hit your highest impact moves and try for a pin or a KO. 
Michaels will normally do a good job of keeping the other man from breaking up 
your pin.

Show 16: SUMMERSLAM - Holla holla holla!

MATCH: CAW vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Kane vs. Christian (cage match)

STRATEGY: This is an extremely difficult match. You have to wear down 
three opponents to the point that none can stop you from escaping the cage. 
The best way to do this is with a running special, like a spear, or the 
clothesline from hell. Don't try to use a grapple special to wear down all 
three opponents; that will use up too much time and the stamina you need to 
climb over the top of the cage. Instead, wear them down a bit, and when your 
stamina meter is full or close to it, activate a special and try to hit the 
running special on two opponents in a catched grapple. Then hit it again on 
the third, or use a knockout grapple special if you have on. This should only 
be done if you started with close to a full stamina meter. Even then, it's a 
mad race to hit A as fast as possible to escape. Good luck, you will need it!

After the match, you and Stacy celebrate backstage a bit. When she leaves, 
Teddy Long enters. He congratulates you on your showing in the cage and having 
the gold. He says that even though you're not the most popular guy on Raw 
right now, Smackdown's door is always open to you. You thank him for the 
gracious offer but say that now that you've got the gold, you don't really 
need it.

NOTE: You can now use Summerslam in exhibition play.

Show 17: RAW - Perfect time

It's another edition of the Highlight Reel, and this time Chris Jericho's 
guest is the animal, Batista. He says he's mad about there being no title for 
him to wear. He accuses you and Triple H of stealing the title, but since 
Trips is injured, you're the only real suspect. Jericho then calls you out 
from the back.

You enter, asserting your innocence. Muhammad Hassan's music then hits and he 
says now you know how he feels every time he goes to an airport. He says he 
wants respect, and a shot at the Intercontinental title. Batista claims he 
should get the title shot  since he called you out first. Jericho tells you to 
accept one of their challenges.

STORY BRANCH - 1) I can't believe Batista would accuse me after everything we 
went through last year. It's worth putting the title on the line just to get 
him in the ring. If you choose this, proceed to show 18A.

2) This is the second time Muhammad Hassan has come out here and accused me. 
I'm going to shut his lying mouth once and for all. If you choose this, 
proceed to show 18B.

MATCH: There is no match.

Show 18A: RAW - The "Big Guy's" logic

Randy Orton is in the ring. He accuses Batista of leveling charges against you 
just to get an intercontinental title match. Batista doesn't take too kindly 
to this accusation and enters (in a suit), and says that once he beats you for 
the intercontinental title, the missing title might just show up. He also 
challenges Orton to a match.

You enter (but not to your entrance music..?) You tell Batista that you're 
moving his title match up to tonight, and Batista will face Orton at 
Unforgiven. All parties seem satisfied.

MATCH: CAW vs. Batista

STRATEGY: As in the match with Kane, be sure to hit and run. Batista's 
got devastating specials. If you've got submission holds, this is another good 
time to break them out.

Right as you're about to get the win, Randy Orton runs in with a chair, He 
aims to hit Batista, but the big man ducks and you're cut open badly.

Show 18B: Hassan loses his edge

Edge is in the ring. He says that things have gone from bad to worse. You're 
the only person with no alibi, yet you're the intercontinental champ! He 
degrades your choice to defend the title against Hassan.

Hassan enters. He admonishes Edge for his use of racial slurs. He says that 
he's Arab-American, and as American as everyone in the arena. So Edge, 
Canadian, is the outcast. They argue about who deserves the title match more, 
when you enter.

You decide to make the match at Unforgiven a triple threat. Hassan starts to 
protest, but you give him a singles match for the title tonight.

MATCH: CAW vs. Muhammad Hassan

STRATEGY: See show 5. It's the same match.

Hassan frequently won squashes on television, but the "modified STO" isn't 
that potent in the game. Just target the body part your finisher affects and 
you should get this duke pretty easily.

Right as you're about to win, Edge runs in with a chair. He tries to hit 
Hassan but hits you instead, and walks off.

NOTE: Both branches meet up at the next show.

Show 19: RAW - Open for business 24/7

Trish Stratus is in the ring. She says that with all the attention you've been 
getting regarding the missing title, Stacy's been getting a pass. She puts 
herself over and accuses Stacy of being in cahoots with you.

Stacy enters. She challenges Trish to a women's title match at Unforgiven. 
Trish accepts, provided Stacy can beat her in a non-title match tonight. Stacy 
wants the non-title match to be a bra and panties match! Trish reluctantly 

MATCH: Stacy Keibler vs. Trish Stratus (bra & panties match)

STRATEGY: Probably the only B&P match you'll ever play. It's not 
exactly rocket science. It's kind of a difficult match (Trish does have better 
stats), but just attack her relentlessly, and hit down with the control stick 
and A to try to tear off her clothes. Make multiple tear off attempts. It 
works just like wearing down a body part for a submission hold.

Show 20: UNFORGIVEN - Sad goodbyes

Backstage, Stacy thanks you for pointers for beating Trish in the B&P match. 
You say that having last week off prepared you for tonight's triple threat (if 
you picked Batista instead of Hassan at the last branch, you find out here 
that you requested the match be a changed to a triple threat involving Batista 
and Orton). You promise to be by her side for her title match. She kisses you 
and walks off.

Next, you're in Eric Bischoff's office. He shows you a picture of the missing 
title belt, which is missing one of its gold bars. And the picture was taken 
at this very arena! So someone with arena access has it. He tells you that you 
must find the belt tonight or you're fired. And maybe Stacy too.


You meet Jericho in the parking lot. You tell him what Bischoff told you about 
being fired if you don't find the title. He offers to help you look, and 
steers you toward Randy Orton...and Edge?

Edge spears you and he and Orton put the boots to you. Jericho starts to 
intervene, but then starts kicking you himself! They stole the title! They put 
the picture on Bischoff's desk.

You wander back into the backstage area of the arena. You wake up, holding 
your head. Stacy is htere, and you missed her title match. She is angry. She 
describes how Trish cheated to win. You then realize that if her match is 

Bischoff busts in. He says you missed your triple threat match and he wants 
his title back. He suspends you and strips you of the intercontinental title. 
You start to explain, but open your locker and the missing gold bar from the 
title falls out.

Bischoff and Stacy both conclude that you've been lying all along. You're no 
longer suspended; you're now fired. And Stacy dumps you, too.

MATCH: There is no match.

NOTE: You can now use Unforgiven in exhibition play! Wasn't that easy? 
Also, The Rock has been unlocked!

Show 21: NO MERCY - New tag partner

Rob Van Dam meets with Teddy Long in his office. Long has put RVD in a tag 
team title match, but since his partner was taken out by the champs, this 
match will be with a mystery partner. RVD is a little bewildered and 
concerned, but Long assures him that he'll be pleased when he finds out who 
his partner is.

MATCH: CAW & Rob Van Dam vs. Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki

STRATEGY: This is a very easy match. By now, you and RVD should have 
similar stats, so just tag out frequently to keep each other fresh. And as 
always, have your partner attack a member of the opposing team if it becomes 
necessary. This is another match where submission is a g ood idea; neither 
Dupree nor Kenzo have very good submission resistance. Of course, you could 
also work over the midsection and use RVD's 5 star. Isolate and destroy.

NOTE: You can now use No Mercy in exhibition play.

Show 22: SMACKDOWN - Lifetime contract

Teddy Long comes to the ring. He introduces you and RVD, the new tag team 
champs! He says you were wrongfully terminated from Raw and announces that 
he's signed you to a lifetime contract on Smackdown! You thank him for the 
title shot and wish Rey Mysterio (RVD's injured partner) a speedy recovery. 
You try to say something to Stacy when Eddie Guerrero enters.

He says he doesn't mind what you did on Raw, if you did it. He says he and 
Booker T should have gotten the tag team title shot when Rey went down. Long 
gives him a non-title match tonight, provided the champs approve. And if Eddie 
and Booker win, they'll get a title shot at Survivor Series. RVD says it's 
cool! Everything's cool when you're Mr. Thursday Night!

MATCH: CAW & Rob Van Dam vs. Eddie Guerrero & Booker T

STRATEGY: This one's a little tougher than the last one, but much of 
the same strategy applies. Tag frequently to keep both your stamina levels 
high, and get your partner to attack either the man in the ring or the man on 
the outside when necessary. Booker is the weaker of the two opponents, so I'd 
recommend isolating him. Again, try for a submission or use RVD's 5 start if 
you've got a clear shot for a pin.

Right as you're about to score the win, the lights go out. When they come back 
up, Eddie is lying prone in the ring with one of the tag belts next to him. 
The ref calls for the bell, disqualifying you and RVD. You shrug and stand 

Show 23: SMACKDOWN - Cheese-eater

You and Teddy Long talk in the back about the outcome of the last tag team 
match. Teddy says he has to support the ref's call. You ask Teddy for a match 
against Eddie Guerrero, but Rene Dupree interrupts your conversation. He says 
you've gotten away with the tag team titles, and wants a one-on-one against 
you. You accept his challenge, and Teddy makes a triple threat mach among you, 
Eddie, and Dupree!

MATCH CAW vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Rene Dupree

STRATEGY: Concentrate on Dupree. His stats are considerably lower. If 
you can adopt a strategy of "knock Eddie down, put a submission on Dupree," 
it'll probably be a winning one. If at any time you can throw Eddie Guerrero 
out of the ring, try a pin on Dupree. You just might get him. It is also 
pretty easy to make him tap, but you must be sure Eddie won't break up the 

After the match, Booker T runs in and he and Eddie start to double team you, 
but RVD makes the save.

Show 24: SMACKDOWN - Extra-curricular activities

You and RVD meet up backsage. He seems surprised that Eddie and Booker are so 
aggressively targeting the two of you. You tell him it's par for the course of 
being a champion. RVD has a match against Booker tonight, and you've got one 
against Eddie. You get to pick the stipulations; either a normal match, a 
submission match, or a cage match. The story continues the same way any way 
you pick.

STRATEGY: I'd recommend picking one of the special stipulation matches. 
You're bound to have some high-impact moves that threaten Eddie's ability to 
keep you from escaping the cage (or at least better moves than Eddie does). 
Also, Eddie only has one submission hold that you really need to worry about, 
the Lasso from El Paso. In the normal match, the Three Amgios and the frog 
splash can get you. If you do choose the normal match, be very wary of any 
special he acquires. The Three Amigos, in addition to being effective, is a 
long move, and will take you from any momentum high you might be on.

Show 25: SMACKDOWN - A proposition

You meet up with Teddy Long in his office. He is mulling over a proposal 
you've given him, saying he may not have power to implement it. It turns out 
you've proposed bringing Stacy Keibler to Smackdown! But there's no draft 
lottery planned, and Stacy's contract with Raw is long-term. There would have 
to be a trade for her to come over. You encourage Teddy to make a trade, but 
he admonishes you for trying to make personnel decisions. He promises to at 
least run the idea past Eric Bischoff next week at Survivor Series.

MATCH: CAW vs. Booker T (no DQ)

STRATEGY: Make use of the no DQ stipulation. Fight outside. Use 
weapons. Power bomb him through the announce table. Whatever you can do, do 
it. This match is somewhat easier than the last onbe, so you should get 
through it quickly.

After the match, Eddie Guerrero runs in with a steel chair, and he and Booker 
T beat you down. RVD tries to make the save (and hits a Van Daminator on 
Booker), but Booker nails you with the title belt after Eddie hits RVD behind 
his back. They put the boots to both of you and run off.

Show 26: SURVIVOR SERIES - This conversation is over

You, Teddy Long, and Eric Bischoff meet up in Long's office. Bischoff is 
incredulous at the thought of trading Stacy, but says it's not as ridiculous 
as Long signing you. He says no. You bet Long to keep Bischoff in the room. 
Long asks if there's anything he wants in exchange for Stacy. Bischoff asks 
for a WWE title shot for the Raw superstar of his choice in exchange for 
Stacy's contract. Long refuses, and Bischoff walks out. You whine, saying you 
can beat anyone on Raw. Long holds fast, and tells you to get ready for your 

MATCH: CAW & Rob Van Dam vs. Eddie Guerrero & Booker T

STRATEGY: See match 22. It's the same match.

Tag frequently to keep both your stamina levels high, and get your partner to 
attack either the man in the ring or the man on the outside when necessary. 
Booker is the weaker of the two opponents, so I'd recommend isolating him. 
Again, try for a submission or use RVD's 5 start if you've got a clear shot 
for a pin.

Right as you're about to score the win, Rey Mysterio runs in and hits a 
springboard dropkick on you, and a few mounted punches. Eddie Guerrero rolls 
you up with his feet on the ropes and wins the match.

NOTE: You can now use Survivor Series in exhibition play.

Show 27: SMACKDOWN - Too small

Coach (?) is interviewing Rey in the back. He says that while he commends Rey 
for his actions, many people want answers from him. Rey is better about being 
taken out of the tag team with RVD, and bitter at you for getting his title 
shot, offering only "get well soon, Rey!" You've challenged Rey to a match; 
Rey accepts.

MATCH: CAW vs. Rey Mysterio

STRATEGY: This match is more difficult than you might expect. Rey is 
adept at countering and has good durability. Try to slow the match down. Use 
high impact grapple moves and submissions to keep him from flying around the 
ring. If you get him down and slap a hold on him while he's down, you should 
be able to make him tap. Or, just target the area your finisher affects.

BRANCH POINT - 1) I taught Mysterio a lesson, but that doesn't bring back the 
Tag Team Titles. I think I'll see if RVD wants to take them back. If you 
choose this, go to show 28A.

2) Well, that takes care of Mysterio. If he wants the Tag Team Titles, he's 
welcome to them. I'm going to challenge Big Show for the U.S. Title. If you 
choose this, go to show 28B.

Show 28A: SMACKDOWN - The whole Dam show

You and RVD meet up backstage. You apologize for getting pinned at Survivor 
Series, but RVD says it's cool! You offer to go after the tag team titles 
again, but he say's he's going after Big Show's United States title. He puts 
you over, even to the point of saying he's afraid of being shown up in your 
tag team. He encourages you to go for the U.S. title as well, since he'd like 
to have someone in the title picture he can trust. You agree.

MATCH: CAW vs. Carlito

STRATEGY: Carlito's not much trouble. He is slow, not very powerful, 
and doesn't gain specials quickly. This is almost the easiest match of 
the entire story mode. Just attack him relentlessly; winning by pinfall or 
submission are equally cinchy in this match.

Show 28B: SMACKDOWN - Goin' solo again

You are in the ring. You put over RVD and say you enjoyed tag teaming with 
him, but are interested now in going for singles gold. You call out the Big 
Show for a U.S. title opportunity.

But it's RVD who comes out. He says that even though Rey interfered and Eddie 
cheated to win, it was weak of you to not even offer to try to regain the tag 
titles. RVD says that now that he doesn't have a partner, he'll go for the 
U.S. title as well. RVD says he carried you in the tag team. You challenge him 
to a match and he accepts.

MATCH: CAW vs. Rob Van Dam

STRATEGY: Keep him on the ground as much as possible. RVD is most 
dangerous when he's up and moving, and flying. The strategy is sort of similar 
to the last match, but you've got to give more respect to RVD's grapples and 
strikes than Mysterio's. You may soon find out that RVD is a good man to have 
on your side. Attack him on the mat; either try to make him tap or target 
where your finisher is effective with submission holds. If you attack his 
legs, he moves slower when vertical, so I'd suggest you focus there.

NOTE: Both branches meet up at the next show.

Show 29: SMACKDOWN - Start earning it!

You are in the ring. You put over your championship resume, and call out the 
Big Show for a U.S. title shot, even giving him the prerogative to decide the 
stipulations. He doesn't respond. You ask again, and he comes out. He puts 
over his size, saying he eats meals the size of Rey Mysterio, and that your 
championships from Raw mean nothing since you never had to beat him. He tells 
you to start earning your title contention - now!

Heidenreich jumps you from behind! Show says it'll be a no DQ match, just like 
Heidenreich likes it.

MATCH: CAW vs. Heidenreich (no DQ)

STRATEGY: Again, make use of the no DQ stipulation. Heidenreich's stats 
should be inferior to yours at this point, so just attack him repeatedly and 
you should get the duke with little trouble.

Show 30: SMACKDOWN - The Big Show benefit plan

You are in the Big Show's locker room, asking him for a title shot since you 
beat Heidenreich. Big Show says you still have to prove yourself - including 
your handicap tables match tonight!

Heidenreich and Orlando Jordan jump you from behind. Big Show orders them to 
take you to the ring and put you through a table.

MATCH: CAW vs. Heidenreich & Orlando Jordan (tables match)

STRATEGY: Believe it or not, this is one of the easiest matches in 
story mode. The illegal man in the tag team will only interfere if you place 
the legal man on a table. If you set up a table in the corner of the ring, 
Irish Whip him into it and then strike him, it counts and the other opponent 
never tries to interfere!

After the match, Big Show comes in and choke slams you from the inside of the 
ring to the floor through a table. His music plays and he walks off.

Show 31: SMACKDOWN - What about RVD?

RVD is in the ring. He says that though you've gotten most of Big Show's 
attention, he wants a title shot too. Show and Heidenreich enter. Show refuses 
to give RVD a title shot at Armageddon. Orlando Jordan then sneaks up behind 
RVD and starts to beat him down. Show tells Heidenreich to join OJ, so he 
doesn't tire himself out before his match with you.

BRANCH POINT - 1) I've got to get down there and help RVD right away! Looks 
like my singles match against Orlando just became a tag team match! If you 
choose this, go to match A and continue with shows numbered with an A.

2) RVD's on his own tonight. Besides, I've already got a singles match against 
Orlando tonight. No sense risking injury before that. If you choose this, go 
to match B and continue with the shows numbered with a B.

MATCH A: You run in. CAW & Rob Van Dam vs. Heidenreich & Orlando Jordan 
(tornado tag)

NOTE: RVD starts this match with partially injured legs.

STRATEGY: Tornado matches are never easy. Even though you and RVD 
greatly outmatch Heidi and OJ, be on the lookout for constant switches in 
attention from the opposing team. Save RVD from pins and grapple attacks and 
he'll return the favor. Be conscious of RVD's injured legs; simple submission 
holds like half Boston Crabs are now a threat. And as always, attack 

MATCH B: You don't run in. RVD receives a beat-down. Later, CAW vs. 
Orlando Jordan

STRATEGY: Man that R button! OJ does a lot of strikes. This match is 
pretty easy; OJ is one of the lowest rated superstars in the game.

Show 32A: SMACKDOWN - The largest athlete

Big Show, Heidenreich, and Orlando enter. Big Show says no one will ever take 
the title from him. Even though Armageddon is next week, it doesn't matter who 
face him; Orlando and Heidenreich will take that man out.

Teddy Long enters. He announces a fatal four way number one contender's mach, 
with the winner to receive a cage match at Armageddon for the U.S. title. The 
match will pit you against RVD, Orlando, and Heidenreich! Long advises 
Heidenreich and Orlando to take advantage of the career opportunity.

MATCH: CAW vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Heidenreich vs. Orlando Jordan

STRATEGY: As tricky as the last match was, this one is far worse! Your 
best bet is to go for a submission or a knockout, since those can be scored 
quicker than a pinfall. It will still be difficult; you need many hold to get 
a tap-out. OJ is the weakest person in this match stats-wise, but you will not 
be able to concentrate on one person. They'll all attack you, you'll attack 
all of them The most aggravating this is that if you can isolate one opponent, 
the other two will almost always move around to conduct their business 
right next to you so eventually someone will hit someone they don't 
intend to an all hell breaks loose. Expect someone to attack you while you're 
doing your finisher, even if they don't intend to attack you further. Go for 
running specials and knockout moves on OJ or Heidenreich to give yourself the 
best chance to win here. Power bombs are especially effective. They (and other 
non-special grapples) are less likely to be broken up by your opponents, 
though it WILL still happen occasionally.

As you're celebrating after the match, Orlando and Heidenreich try to kick the 
crap out of you, but RVD helps you fight them off.

Show 32B: SMACKDOWN - He's hardcore!

RVD meets up with you in the parking lot. He is pissed that you let him 
get beat down last week, You assert that you're both singles competitors going 
after the same prize. He says that not only did you not come help, but it 
seemed to some people RVD talked to that you couldn't care less!

You've gotta go prepare to wrestle Heidenreich, so you start to leave…

But RVD tells you that that match has been cancelled. Instead, you and he will 
now have a hardcore match to determine the #1 contender to the U.S. title.

MATCH: CAW vs. Rob Van Dam (hardcore match)

STRATEGY: It's not as difficult as you might think. Just go after like 
you did in show 28B, if you had that match. Here's the strategy.

Keep him on the ground as much as possible. RVD is most dangerous when he's up 
and moving, and flying. The strategy is sort of similar to the last match, but 
you've got to give more respect to RVD's grapples and strikes than Mysterio's. 
You may soon find out that RVD is a good man to have on your side. Attack him 
on the mat; either try to make him tap or target where your finisher is 
effective with submission holds. If you attack his legs, he moves slower when 
vertical, so I'd suggest you focus there.

The only change I'd make is to focus on the head and legs equally, and try 
stealing RVD's kick combo to score a knockout, if you don't have a knockout 
special of your own.

Right as you're about to win, Heidenreich and Orlando Jordan run in with chair 
and attack both you and RVD. Heidenreich gets on the microphone and tells the 
timer to ring the bell. They're declaring the match a no contest!

Show 33A: ARMAGEDDON - Locked in

Coach is backstage interviewing you. You tell him that since Big Show made 
this personal, he's got no chance against you in the cage. You say that once 
you have gold again, Stacy might return your calls. How sad.

Show comes in. He insults your pining for Stacy and puts over his size and 
power, saying this is the last time you'll be this close to the United States 

MATCH: CAW vs. Big Show (cage match)

STRATEGY: After the last few matches, this one is a breeze! Stay away 
from Big Show's specials and you'll be fine. He's better at countering than he 
rightfully should be, and you probably shouldn't try to lift him, but other 
than that, there's not much to this match.

Show 33B: ARMAGEDDON - Three-way dance

Big Show, Heidenreich, and Orlando Jordan are in the ring. Show thanks them 
for ensuring there's no number one contender.

Teddy Long enters. He tells Heidenreich and Orlando to get the hell out of his 
ring! Since they disrupted not only a number one contender's match but some 
unfinished business between you and RVD, the U.S. title will be up for grabs 
in a triple threat cage match!

MATCH: CAW vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Big Show (cage match)

STRATEGY: Thanks to the Summerslam cage match, this one seems like a 
cinch. Employ the same strategy; use running specials to deck your opponents 
and allow yourself to escape. Make sure you have a full meter when you try to 
do this. Also, grapple specials may be feasible here.

NOTE: You can now use Armageddon in exhibition play. Also, both 
branches meet up the next show.

Show 34: SMACKDOWN (but really RAW) - What's he doing here?

You are in an arena's parking lot. Edge, Jericho, and Orton see you. You say 
you're looking for Stacy and tell them to get lost. Jericho sees the United 
States title and asks if anyone has reported it missing. Edge details just how 
they stole the title; Orton distracted Bischoff, Jericho was the locker room 
lookout and Edge actually took the belt. You talk a little more, and Coach 
comes into view. The three then beat you down for appearing at a Raw arena.

MATCH: There is no match.

Show 35: VELOCITY - Pack your bags

You are in Teddy Long's office. He says he's angry that you embarrassed 
Smackdown by showing up and getting beaten down on Raw, so he's removing you 
from Smackdown this week. He tells you to pack your bags and go to Velocity 
(guess nobody told Teddy both shows are taped the same night). You protest, 
but to no avail.

MATCH: CAW vs. Kenzo Suzuki

STRATEGY: Just beat his ass. Kenzo is the lowest-ranked superstar in 
the game. KO, pin, submission - this one's practically a gimme.

Show 36: SMACKDOWN - A very special tournament

Teddy Long is in the ring. He says the Royal Rumble is next week, and the #27 
slot is up for grabs in a special one night tournament. He says that anyone 
who doesn't have a title (yet you're in it?) can sign up outside his office to 

NOTE: The following three matches take place on one show; it is not 
possible to save in between them.

MATCH: CAW vs. Chavo Guerrero

STRATEGY: This one's not too hard, but don't take Chavo lightly. His 
speed and specials can give you trouble if you're not prepared. Ground him and 
go for a submission or a high impact move for a pin.

MATCH: CAW vs. Heidenreich

STRATEGY: You've faced him many times by now. Avoid the Black Hole Slam 
and you'll be fine. If you've got a speed advantage (and by all rights, you 
should) use it to your advantage. Hit and run, but don't be afraid to slug it 
out either. Heidi's not nearly as tough one-on-one as he is in a tag or four-
way environment.

After this match, JBL will come out in his limo, saying he's your opponent in 
the finals. He says you should forfeit the match to him, and by doing so 
you'll be a winner when you've lost so much this year. He offers to defend his 
newly won WWE title against you after Wrestlemania. You tell him that even 
though he'll think you're half-crazy, you're not forfeiting. In fact, you get 
to pick the stipulations for your upcoming match - normal match, or hardcore. 
The story continues the same way regardless of which you pick.


STRATEGY: I recommend the hardcore match. Use running weapon strikes to 
wear down the Texan. Though using them takes stamina, they are so much more 
effective than wrestling holds in a regular match, which are also easier to 
counter. In fact, by using weapons, you may just get a very quick KO.

Show 37: ROYAL RUMBLE - Do you forgive me?

You meet Stacy backstage at the Rumble. Long, pathetic story short, you tell 
her who's really behind the stolen title, and she takes you back. 

MATCH: Royal Rumble match - Edge, Shelton Benjamin, and Eddie Guerrero 
begin in the ring. CAW enters next, to be followed by Chris Benoit, Kurt 
Angle, and Batista.

STRATEGY: Once you enter, gun for Eddie (unless one of the others is 
very badly beaten down). They'll all gang up on you, but getting Eddie out is 
your first priority. He is the toughest to eliminate out of any of the six you 
will face, so hopefully if you get him on the ropes someone will help you 
stomp him down. You've got to be alert at all times of attacks coming from all 
angles. Any time the others in the ring want to leave you alone, let them. 
Taunt as much as you can to gain momentum and specials. Unfortunately, the AI 
(Benjamin especially) will usually stop you if you're about to eliminate 
someone. If you manage to get alone in the ring, start taunting and don't stop 
until the next entry. As soon as that person enters, hit him with your running 
special if you have one. If you don't, just do a running attack followed by a 
grapple special. It's more effective and more difficult to counter if you have 
a running special. Oftentimes, your running special will put them on the 
ropes, and you can just push them over the top rope and kick them off. 
Otherwise, whip them out of the ring once they get up or you pull them up.

NOTE: You can now use Royal Rumble in exhibition play.

Show 38: SMACKDOWN - A break with tradition

Teddy Long is in the ring. He introduces you as the winner of the Royal 
Rumble. He asks which title you want to challenge…oh, that's right. Only one 
to choose from!  You confirm that you want a WWE title shot, but ask for it to 
happen at No Way Out rather than Wrestlemania. Long has no problem with that, 
and doubts the champion John Cena will either. You mention the plan to defend 
the title against a Raw superstar in exchange for Stacy, and Long gets 

Kurt Angle comes out, and belittles your pining for Stacy, saying he knows the 
true value of a championship. You challenge him to a match; but Angle makes it 
a submission match!

MATCH: CAW vs. Kurt Angle (submission match_

STRATEGY: This is perhaps the single most difficult one-on-one match in 
the entire story. Even if your CAW is a submission specialist and you have 
lots of holds in your move set, it will take a lot to make Angle tap. You can 
keep hold on him only very briefly (less than a second), but he keeps 
his on far longer. Be tenacious, and target a specific body part. If you've 
got a submission special that targets the legs, stay on the legs the ENTIRE 
match. Don't get discouraged even if you've suffered an ankle lock or two; 
while Kurt's submission stat is almost assuredly higher than yours, yours is 
probably pretty good at this point too. Target a specific body part and don't 
let up until Angle cries uncle!

Show 39: SMACKDOWN - The champ is here!

John Cena enters, with the WWE title (thankfully, NOT the bling bling belt). 
He says he'll defend the title against you at No Way Out. He doesn't like you 
plan to defend the title against a Raw superstar at Wrestlemania. He 
challenges you to a hardcore match tonight, and if you lose, you'll lose your 
title shot, and he'll defend the title against a Raw superstar at 

Teddy Long enters, incredulous that Cena would want to do the same thing you 
do. He sanctions the hardcore match, hoping you can beat some sense into each 
other. He also sas that the title match, if it happens, will be in a cage.

MATCH: CAW vs. John Cena (hardcore match)

STRATEGY: This match is a lot more difficult than it should be. Cena 
just doesn't die. You pretty much have to beat every part of him red and catch 
him with bad stamina to beat him. Beware of the down grapple five-knuckle 
shuffle. And, just like in real life, he can get his ass beat and still gain 
specials. Also, it's very possible for him to win because you've been 
beating him up so badly. If he uses his momentum shift while you've got mid to 
low stamina, that's it. One hit from his magic fist usually equals more than 
the sum total of the damage you've done so far in the match - and it affects 
your whole body.

Show 40: NO WAY OUT - Last Brand Standing

MATCH: CAW vs. John Cena (cage match)

STRATEGY: This match is a little easier than the hardcore match, since 
neither of you have any toys to bash your brains in with, and you should have 
the better move set and (possibly) better stats. The same strategy applies to 
this as does all cage matches; don't attempt to make your exit without a full 
stamina meter. Hit Cena with a running special, a grapple special, or both, 
then try to exit on the wall furthest away from him. Not too complicated, but 
the execution is less than simple.

After the win, you stand in the ring and ask for adulation from Teddy Long and 
approval with your plan for Wrestlemania.

Triple H comes out, and says that he's the one you'll be facing at 
Wrestlemania. Both of you find it fitting considering your history together. 
You propose it be a "Last Brand Standing" (Last Man Standing) match, since you 
two have been in pretty much every other kind of match there is.

NOTE: You can now use No Way Out in exhibition play.

Show 41: SMACKDOWN - The Deadman cometh…

You and Teddy Long are in the ring. He congratulates you on winning the WWE 
title, but he implores you to not go through with the Wrestlemania match. You 
say that you're going through with it and he can't stop you. Long agrees, but 
says that if you're unable to make it to Wrestlemania the match can't happen. 
He's sorry, but he has to do this.

MATCH: CAW vs. Undertaker (Hell in a Cell match)

STRATEGY: Use weapons, but stay inside the cell. Save your crazy HIAC 
spots for exhibition play. Undertaker's in no hurry, so use whatever speed 
advantage you have. Stay away from the turnbuckles so Undertaker can't use Old 
School, the Stinger Splash, or the front turnbuckle striking combination. And 
run like hell if he gets a special. The tombstone WILL put you down for three. 
Hit and run, as you do against most big men, but don't try to make Undertaker 
tap; his submission stat is higher than you might think. Go for high impact 
moves; if you're of a mind to, target the head and steal the tombstone for the 

Show 42: RAW - Confrontations

You meet Stacy backstage at Raw. She wonders what you're doing there. You tell 
her whatever Bischoff does to you can't be worse than what Long is planning. 
She says Triple H seems more determined than ever to beat you at Wrestlemania. 
You part, as you head to the ring. Stacy seems confused.

You head to the ring, again asserting your innocence in the matter of the 
stolen title. You're about to finger Orton and Jericho when Triple H enters.

He puts himself over and degrades you, saying Bischoff made the right call 
when he fired you. He thinks that the title will magically re-appear so, for 
two years in a row, you don't have to face him at Wrestlemania. You again try 
to call out Orton and Jericho, but the lights go out and they jump you from 

MATCH: CAW & Triple H vs. Randy Orton & Chris Jericho (tornado tag, no 

STRATEGY: Tornado matches are never easy…I believe I've said that 
already. This one is the hardest of them. Orton and Jericho switch their 
attention often, so be on the lookout at all times for attacks by other one. 
Trips is a potent partner, so don't be too concerned about your pin attempts 
getting broken up. In fact, he'll often adapt to you, switching opponents when 
you do. As always, try to focus on one opponent and beat him senseless. This 
match is all about chaos and brutality. Again, don't be surprised if Trips 
scores the pin sooner than you might think. You've beaten everyone in this 
ring before, so, though it might take a while, this match should fall fairly 
simply. Use weapons if you feel like it; you may not need to. A KO is the 
quickest way to win this match; getting one with weapon attacks to the head is 
pretty quick.

Show 43: WRESTLEMANIA - Redemption

Edge is in the locker room with the world title, caressing it and calling it 
pet names. He plans to come forward with the title tonight and frame you as 
the thief. He puts the title in his locker, and you jump him from behind! You 
take the title back out of his locker as Ric Flair enters the room. You give 
him the title, trusting he'll keep it safe. You drag Edge off to the ring, 
with plans to beat him senseless.

MATCH: CAW vs. Edge

NOTE: Edge starts this match with an almost-fully injured head.

STRATEGY: Not much. This is pretty much a warm-up before the LMS with 
Trips. Edge doesn't even counter or strike much in this match. Just beat him 
within an inch of his life and move on. If you've got heavy grapples that 
attack the head, use them now.

After the win, Triple H immediately enters.

MATCH: CAW vs. Triple H (last man standing match)

STRATEGY: Use weapons! You must knock Triple H out to win. Even if you 
have KO moves in your arsenal, weapons are quicker. Use both, obviously, if 
you have them. The Pedigree is a potent KO move, so run and hide if Trips goes 
on special while you've got low momentum or stamina. This is a difficult match 
to win, but it's also a difficult match to lose. There must be lots of 
punishment doled out before a winner is determined.


After you defeat Triple H, Stacy runs in and jumps into your arms. Ric Flair 
comes to the ring with the world title belt and hands it to you. You turn to 
Triple H and hand it to him. With newfound respect and as champions of your 
respective brands, you shake hands! What a swerve! Triple H turns face! You 
and he hold your belts up as Flair struts around the ring and the credits roll.

NOTE: You can now use Wrestlemania in exhibition play. And Hulk Hogan 
has been unlocked.

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