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 CAPCOM VS SNK: MILLENIUM FIGHT 2000 -------------------------------------------------
 Yamakazi FAQ ------------------------------------------------------------------------
 __________________________________  _________________   ___
 \ \  / /   |  \     /  |   \  |  | /  /   \_______  |   | |
  \ \/ / /| |   \   /   | |\ \ |  |/  /| |\ \      / /   | |
   \  / /_| | |\ \-/ /| | |_\ \|     | | |_\ \    / /    | |
   / /  ||  | | \   / | |  ||  |  |\  \|  ||  \  / /_____| |
  /_/___||__|_|  \_/  |_|__||__|__| \__\__||___\/________|_|

 Version: 0.4
 Last updated: 4/30/01
 By: SiLeNT J


 This faq is copyright © 2000-2001 SiLeNT J.
 By reading this FAQ, you agree to the following :

 1) First of all, SNK has copyright to all of its characters,
  and Capcom has copyright to all of its characters, in no
  way have I tried to take credit for any of their creations,
  as my own.

 2) I, am not in any way responsible for ANY harm that anybody
  "thinks" came from this FAQ. Examples of this harm include
  physical ones (getting the crap kicked out of you because of
  something found in this FAQ), "emotional scarring", computer
  problems, etc.

 3) This faq is free, plain and simple.

 4) Give credit. I don't care if you use stuff from this FAQ,
  just please give me, or whoever I may have credited, full
  credit, for whatever you take. Yes I'm talking to you.

 5) Last of all, if you are not willing to agree with any or
  even a little bit of the above, click off this FAQ, and read
  another one.
 Version History   \_______________________________________________

 3/09/01 - 0.1 - The first appearance of Yamakazi's FAQ.
 Includes basic information on Yamakazi, taking the basic 
 format of, both my other FAQ, and Beta's MvC2 FAQs.

 3/16/01 - 0.2 - Fixed typos. Edited strats.

 4/21/01 - 0.3 - Corrected a few more typos. Added more
 to my strategies, and to the "MISCELLANEOUS" section. 

 4/30/01 - 0.4 - Corrected even MORE typos (I think that's
 all of 'em) .       

 Credits           \_______________________________________________

 David da Rosa, aka Beta ([email protected]) -
 This entire FAQ combines the format of both my past FAQ,
 and his MvC2 FAQs. I've also used, and edited, his, move 
 rating system, and introduction to fit this FAQ.
 CJayC of GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) - 
 For providing a place to put this FAQ. The latest up-
 dates to this FAQ can be found there.

 ReCharred Sigh ([email protected]) -
 The guy who talks online to me about CvS/MvC2 more than 
 anyone else! He gave me the idea of Yamakazi being an
 "anti-scrub" character, and some information concerning 
 Yamakazi's strategies, and the EX version. I've also used 
 one of his throwing tactics in this FAQ.

 - TABlE OF CONTENTS -----------------------------------------------------------------

 Chapter 1  - Introduction
 Chapter 2  - Abbreviations
 Chapter 3  - Basic Attacks

 Chapter 4  - Special Moves (Normal)

 Chapter 5  - Special Moves (EX)
 Chapter 6  - Desperation Attacks
 Chapter 7  - Partnering up Yamakazi
 Chapter 8  - General Strategy     
 Chapter 9  - Beating Yamakazi
 Chapter 10 - Miscellaneous
 Appendix A - Game Basics 
 Appendix B - Notations

 [1] INTRODUCTION --------------------------------------------------------------------

 This guide is intended to teach players how to use Yamakazi, at least
 effectively, in Capcom Vs SNK. It also includes some miscellaneous in-
 formation in it, such as costume colors, win quotes, etc. The basics
 of the game are located at the end of the FAQ (for beginners). If you
 need more background information of the characters, storylines, stats.,
 etc., there are more good quality general FAQs at GameFAQs.
 Yamakazi has a single purpose in this game: reversing and countering,
 or as some like to call it, "Dealing with Scrubs." He is probably the
 best "Anti-Scrub" character in this game, because of the fact that
 using him actually requires some skill. His offense kind of sucks, so
 you should primarily play defensively with him. He can counter
 ANYTHING that is thrown at him (fireballs, physical attacks, etc.),
 so here you have another reason for playing defense. His walking and
 dashing speeds are a bit slow, but his reversal attacks do good damage,
 so be sure to utilize them to your advantage.

 [2] ABBREVIATIONS -------------------------------------------------------------------
 Jab       - LP
 Short     - LK
 Fierce    - HP
 Rounhouse - HK

 LP - Light Punch
 LK - Light Kick
 HP - Heavy Punch
 HK - Heavy Kick

 QCF - Quarter Circle Forward
 QCB - Quarter Circle Back
 HCF - Half Circle Forward
 HCB - Half Circle Back
 FCF - Full (360) Circle Forward

 Charge - Hold a button down
 Hold - Hold this button down (obviously) 

 (Dreamcast Version)
 LP - X
 LK - A
 HP - Y
 HK - B

 [3] BASIC ATTACKS -------------------------------------------------------------------
 Yamakazi really isn't a combo freak, as he was really
 only meant to play defensively. However, some of his
 basic attacks do have some use. 

 Standing Attacks \___________________________________________

 Jab - Your standard jab. From about one step
 away, Yamakazi hits the upper body area, by
 punching straight out. Up close, he aims at
 the hip area. An ok poking move, but not as
 good as the standing LK. Can be used to start

 Short - A basic front kick. From about one
 step away, the aim is more at the stomach 
 area. Up close, the target is the opponent's
 shin area. This move has really good speed,
 and reach, for all it is. Use this to poke
 at your opponent with, or to start combos.

 Fierce - Yamakazi swings his front arm, per-
 forming a boxing style type body punch. Up
 close, it is an uppercut. The speed of this
 move is kind of slow, but the damage is OK.
 It seems to have good priority, so use it to
 trade hits with your opponent. You can chain
 a Serpent Slash afterwards.

 Roundhouse - As Yamakazi spins around by piv-
 oting his front foot, he swings his back foot
 around, and performs what looks like a com-
 bination between a spining heel kick, and a
 donkey kick. The speed is slightly quicker
 than the standing HP, but still just a tad 
 slow. Up close, it is a two-hit combo, in
 which the first hit, is a knee to the abdomen,
 and the second is a kick to the head. Like 
 the standing HP, it too has decent priority,
 and range, so it can be used either to end
 combos, to poke at your opponent, or to trade
 hits with them.

 Crouching Attacks \__________________________________________
 Jab - The crouching version of the standing LP.
 Usually better if used in combos.

 Short - The crouching version of the standing 
 LK, except with  less reach. Usually better if
 used in combos.

 Fierce - Yamakazi stands and performs a backhand
 strike with his front hand. Not very much horiz-
 ontal range at all. The priority is better than
 the animation may suggest, but not THAT good.
 Perhaps your best chance against an ultra-close
 range jump-in.

 Roundhouse - The crouching version of the standing
 HK. This move is a sweep that knocks opponents off
 their feet.
 Jumping Attacks \____________________________________________

 Jab - The jumping version of the standing LP, except
 aimed at a downward angle. A decent jump-in move,
 and combo starter.

 Short - When you jump straight up, it is exactly the
 same as the standing version, but aimed almost
 straight down. While jumping up, and holding either
 forward, or backward, Yamakazi simultaneously turns
 his back, and performs a front kick with what used
 to be his back leg (before he turned around). Think
 of it as the kicking version of the jumping LP.

 Fierce - A jumping uppercut with good vertical range,
 but almost no horizontal range. Not very good for
 really anything. It could be used as an anti-air on
 the way up, but it's not reccomended that you do that.
 Don't try fight air to air battles while playing as
 Yamakazi, 'cause you'll almost always lose. You've
 got a ton of defensive attacks, and reversals anyway,
 so there's really no reason to.
 Roundhouse - When you jump straight up, Yamakazi will
 perform a jumping side-kick, usually aimed at the head.
 While jumping up, and holding either forward, or back-
 ward, Yamakazi simultaneously turns  his back, and 
 performs a stomp, aimed at a diagonally down-forward
 angle, with what used to be his front leg (before he
 turned around). This is Yamakazi's best bet for jump-
 ing-in. It's quick, aims at the perfect angle, and
 has decent priority. The only weakness of  this move,
 is its lack of horizontal range.

 Throws            \__________________________________________
 Punch Throw -   
 Motion: Forward, or Backward (Hold), + Punch
 (when close, and grounded)
 Yamakazi grabs the opponent by the head, using his
 front hand, and slams it into the ground. Looks kind
 of nice, and is unblockable, but since it is a throw,
 you must be very close to connect with it. Try get-
 ting under your opponent, and nailing them with it
 as they land.

 Kick throw -
 Motion: Forward, or Backward (Hold), + Kick
 (when close, and grounded)
 Yamakazi grabs the opponent by the head, using his
 front hand, and hurls them accross the screen. Un-
 blockable, but because it is a throw, you must be
 very close to connect with it. Try nailing your
 opponent with it as they land.

 [4] SPECIAL ATTACKS (NORMAL VERSION) ------------------------------------------------

 The normal version of Yamakazi has moves that the
 EX version does not. A lot of their moves are shared,
 but some of them may have a different button command.
 Hydra's Judgement  \______________________________________________
 Motion: Forward, Down, Down/Forward + LP, or HP
 (when grounded)
 Yamakazi, pulls a knife, and slashes with it, once for the LP
 version, and twice for the HP version, as he charges forward.
 The start up of this move is slow, and it's not really combo-
 able. Use it only to capitalize on your opponent's recovery.

 Serpent Slash     \_______________________________________________

 Motion: QCB + LP, HP, or LK
 (when grounded)-{can be charged}
 Yamakazi, throws a punch with his free hand and yells, as a
 streak of energy, that looks sort of like lightning, shoots
 in a certain direction. Depending on what button you pressed,
 the attack, will aim at a certain angle. All three versions
 have seemingly poor priority, and will not beat out, but in-
 sted trade hits, with almost any attack in the game. It also 
 counts as a physical attack, and can be reversed by characters
 equipped with reversal attacks (such as Yamakazi, or Geese).

 -The LP version is a poorly prioritzed anti-air
  counter. It shoots up almost vertically, with
  almost no horizontal range. An OK anti-air, but
  there are better ways to take  care of jump-in

 -The HP version is a poorly prioritized special
  move poke, that goes about 1/2 of the way accross
  the screen, and shoots out horizontally, in an
  almost straght line. Good for poking, or for
  tempting your opponent to attack you. Does good
  damage, if it connects. Best used at medium range.

 -The LK version seems to have better priority
  than the other two. This version shoots at a 
  perfect diagonally down angle. Use against char-
  acters that like to perform low attacks, just
  try to keep some space in between the two of you.
 Taunt and Counter  \______________________________________________
 Motion: HCF + LK, or HK 
 (when grounded)
 Yamakazi leans forward, and sticks out his tounge. If he is 
 hit with an upper body attack, during this time, he automat-
 ically performs a counter attack. This doesn't counter low
 attacks, but it is excellent as an anti-air counter! There's
 really no difference between the LK, and HK versions.
 Double Return     \_______________________________________________
 Motion: QCF + LP, or HP
 (when grounded)
 Yamakazi takes his back hand out of his pocket, and swings
 it in an uppercut motion, while this purple energy forms on
 it. This move can reflect projectiles! Try to time it to where
 Yamakazi's hand hits your opponents projectile. If done cor-
 rectly, Yamakazi will absorb the projectile, and shoot an ex-
 tremely quick purple projectile back at the opponent. If
 you're close enough when he does so, you may even get a phy-
 sical hit out of it. Don't try this on any kind of desparation, 
 or physical attack.

 Poision Tentacles  \______________________________________________
 Motion: Back, Down, Back/Down, + LP, or HP
 (when grounded)-{can be charged}
 Your basic charging attack. Yamakazi brings his back hand out
 of his pocket, rears it back, as some kind of purple energy
 forms on it, and lunges forward. Can be charged to increase
 damage, but the start up is slow, even if not charged. Like
 the Hydra's Judgement, should only be used to capitalize on
 your opponent's recovery.

 Flight of Tempering  \____________________________________________
 Motion: Forward, Down, Down/Forward + LK, or HK
 (when grounded)
 A devestating over-head attack is performed, as Yamakazi brings
 his foot up, and slams it into the ground. Best used to hit
 opponents in a crouching block. Could also be used as an anti-
 air, but not reccomended.

 [5] SPECIAL ATTACKS (EX VERSION) ----------------------------------------------------

     The EX version of Yamakazi has moves that the
 normal version does not. A lot of their moves are
 shared, but some of them may have a different button
 command. EX Yamakazi has a couple of moves that are
 different from the other version. His moves in gen-
 eral, have easier move commands. He has all of the
 moves of normal Yamakazi, but with the following ex-

 Bomb Bopper        \_____________________________________________
 Motion: HCB, Forward, + LP, or HP
 (when grounded)
 For EX Yamakazi this takes the place of "Poision Tentacles".
 This is an unblockable throw. If it connects, Yamakazi grabs his
 opponent by the head, and gives them an explosive headbutt. Does
 good damage, and kind of easy to connect, considering it can't
 be blocked.
 Sand Scattering    \_____________________________________________
 Motion: Forward, Down, Down/Forward + LK, or HK
 (when grounded)
 For EX Yamakazi this takes the place of "Flight of Tempering". 
 Yamakazi performs sort of a front kick with his back leg, while
 laughing insanely, as some sand shoots up from the ground, and
 at his opponent. This move is quick, and can be comboed after 
 a light attack, preferably an LK of some sort.

 [6] DESPARATION ATTACKS -------------------------------------------------------------
 Guillotine   \__________________________________________________
 Normal version -
 Motion: Forward, Back, Down/Back, Down, Down/Forward + LP, or HP
 (when grounded) requires 1 energy level
 EX version -
 Motion: QCF, QCF + LP, or HP
 (when grounded) requires 1 energy level
 Yamakazi leaps through the air with a jumping attack. If it
 connects, he slams his fist in to the opponent's skull, brings
 them down, drags them, and finishes his "combo" with a double
 return. This is mainly an anti-air counter. The start up is 
 very slow, so it probably won't connect, on the ground, unless
 you are trying to capitalize on your opponent's recovery, or
 the move stun from one of your other moves. 

 Drill        \__________________________________________________
 Normal version -
 Motion: FCF + LP, or HP - then press LP, or HP rapidly
 (when grounded) requires 1 energy level

 EX version -
 Motion: HCB, HCB + LP, or HP - then press LP, or HP rapidly
 (when grounded) requires 1 energy level

 This is a Desperation Throw. If it connects, the opponent is
 picked up by the head, and thrown into the air, when they hit
 the ground, they lay there for a moment, and are then hit with
 a combo. The damage is pretty, good, but it has ultra-short
 range. Since this is a throw, you must be close when you use
 it. It is unblockable, and has invincible start up, so use it
 to counter grounded, physical attacks.

 [7] PARTNERING UP YAMAKAZI ----------------------------------------------------------
 Yamakazi's Ratio   \______________________________________________

 CvS is a game full of characters of different ratios. In CvS, a
 player is allowed 4 raitos per team. Each character is a different
 ratio. The ratios for each character vary from 1 - 4. Teams may
 not always be even. For example, a team can have as many as 4
 ratio 1 characters, or as few as 1 ratio 4 character. Yamakazi
 is a ratio 3 character, meaning he can only be paired with 1
 ratio 1 character. Characters of a ratio higher than 1, can not
 be paired with him in this game. 

 How He Pairs Up   \_______________________________________________

 Pairing up Yamakazi, all depends on your "style". If you like
 playing offense, use a good offensive character. Offensive char-
 actres, when paired with Yamakazi, add lots of balance to the
 team. If you really like to play defensively, choose a good def-
 ensive charcter as your partner. Either make Yamakazi start, to
 weaken the opponent's team for your ratio 1, or have him go sec-
 ond to finish what your ratio 1 starts. Also, try to balance out
 members on your team, to the members on your opponent's team,
 whenever you select your team's order.

 Ratio 1 Characters  \_____________________________________________

 You can pair any one of these characters with Yamakazi. These
 characters usually have low vitality, and weak attacks, but they
 are the only ones able to partner up with Yamakazi in CvS. Try
 to balance out your "buddy" with Yamakazi.
 |  BENIMARU   | 
 |  BLANKA     |     
 |  CAMMY      |
 |  DHALSIM    |
 |  KING       | 
 |  SAKURA     |  
 |  VICE       |   
 |  YURI       |

 [8] GENERAL STRATEGIES --------------------------------------------------------------
 Whenever you use anybody in CvS, you should mainly "play along"
 with your opponent's strategy. Do so when using Yamakazi. Watch
 your opponent, and use one, or both of these two strategies,
 depending on what they do.

 General Offense Strategy  \_________________________________________
 Yamakazi seems to be very weak on offense. If you are playing
 him correctly, offense really won't be very a big part of your
 strategy. The only time you will ever go on offense, is if time
 is running out, and you're losing, or if you are trying to knock
 back your opponent with some of Yamakazi's close range poking
 attacks. On offense, try using lost of pokes as well. If one
 breaks through, then hit your opponent with a simple two, or
 three hit combo. Try to pressure your opponents, by inching
 your way closer to them, and stalking them with the Serpent
 Slash. Also, use the roll to get through your opponent's pro-
 jectiles, and/or their basic attacks. Most opponents tend to
 crack under pressure, and will attack you, so be ready to per-
 form a counter of some sort. Here's some tips:

 - Roll ALOT. Yamakazi is very slow, compared to most
   of the other characters in the game, and this will
   help you open up your opponent to a combo.

 - Yamakazi's Ground HK attacks have VERY GOOD range.
   Almost as much as Vega's HP attacks. The priority
   is good also. Even better than his Serpent Slashes!
   Use them for poking, just be careful, the start up
   and recovery are just a tad slow.

 - Yamakazi doesn't need long lengthy combos to win.
   When you pull of a combo with him, you will notice
   that the count is unusually low, but the damage is
   actually pretty decent.
 - EX Yamakazi seems to be better than the normal
   version. 5 Bomb Boppers can kill a ratio 2! 

 - If you gotta have combos, use only simple 2-4 hit
   ones. I'm not gonna list 'em, but just try comboing
   stuff like Hydra's Judgement, and Sand Scattering, 
   after weak attacks.

 General Defense Strategy   \_________________________________________

 This is where Yamakazi shines. To play defense with him, simply
 stay back, and wait for your opponent. If they throw a projectile
 at you, knock it back at them. Aggresive players can easily be
 taken care of, with a Taunt & counter, or a Serpent Slash.
 However, if they get too close to you, you may not have time to
 perform a special. If this happens, use a block and counter strat-
 egy. This basically means, blocking your opponent's attacks, and
 striking them, with a basic attack, and/or a 2-3 hit combo. If a
 super is used against you, either jump it, roll it, or block it.
 Here's a few defensive tips:

 - To counter low attacks, your best bet is either
   ducking HK's, or Sand Scattering if you have the
   EX version. Low Serpent Slashes should only be
   used from a couple of steps away.

 - Yamakazi's attacks have decent priority and range.
   This means he is pretty good at poking. Keep that
   in mind when fighting grounded close range battles.

 - The recovery of the Taunt and Counter is absolutely
   horrid. If you miss, Yamakazi spends a long time in
   recovery, and is left open to stuff like, low
   attacks, and projectile type supers. Pop it out
   when the opponent least expects it.

 - Use the Serpent Slash to lure your opponent towards
   you, then punish them with a throw of some sort, or
   Taunt and Counter. Just don't get too predictable,
   or you will be punished with a roll-attack counter. 

 - The best way to counter long/medium range anti-airs,
   is by using the Guillotine. That's pretty much its
   only use. It does very good damage when used at
   level 3.

 - If Yamakazi starts, choose the SNK groove. For De-
   fensive characters like Yamakazi, this allows easy
   supers. However if Yamakazi goes last, choose the
   Capcom groove. Use your ratio 1 to get you charged
 - Master the Tech. Hit. If you ever get thrown this
   will help you.

 [9] BEATING YAMAKAZI ----------------------------------------------------------------
 Vs Yamakazi Strategy  \_____________________________________________

 As you probably already know, Yamakazi can real pain if correctly
 used. Since he can counter just about anything that is thrown at
 him, you mainly want to capitalize on his recovery on his
 special/heavy attacks. Most of his moves will leave him open, so
 look for a chance to attack. Try to force him to go on offense,
 and always be looking for something to counter. The Serpent Slash
 does not have very good priority, and will neither beat out or
 lose out to most basic attacks, so trade hits with it, if you're
 feeling bold. When, or if, you play aggresively, mix up your
 game well. At ultra-close range, use low attacks, Yamakazi cannot
 counter these, so his only  choice, is to block, or roll. Speak-
 ing of rolling, try rolling alot to get him crossed up, and/or
 opened up to an attack.

 [10] MISCELLANEOUS ------------------------------------------------------------------
 Costume Colors      \___________________________________________________

 The costumes chosen with two buttons, must be unlocked. Beat
 the game once with Yamakazi, to get them available in the
 "Secret Shop". They are in slot 22, and cost 200 vs. points.
 X = Light Punch
 Y = Heavy Punch
 A = Light Kick
 B = Heavy Kick

 | BUTTON(S)| OUTFIT/GLOVES/HAIR 1 | SHOES/BELT | HAIR 2 | SKIN      |           
 |    X     | Dark Grey            | Brown      | Yellow | White     |
 |    Y     | Greenish/Black       | Brown      | White  | White     |
 |    A     | Purple               | Brown      | Pink   | White     |
 |    B     | Yellow               | Brown      | White  | White     |
 |   X+Y    | Light Grey           | Brown      | Yellow | Light Tan |
 |   A+X    | Royal Blue           | Brown      | Yellow | White     |
 |   B+Y    | Brown                | Brown      | White  | White     |
 |   A+B    | Bright Red           | Brown      | White  | White     |

 Win Quotes        \_____________________________________________________

 After the match, the winning character will say one
 of their win quotes. Every character has some. These
 are Yamakazi's: 

 - "What? What makes you believe I will forgive you if you apologize?"
 - "Ha, ha, ha! You look better now, than you did before!"
 - "You had better apologize to me for being so weak! Or else!!"
 - "You won't understand how stupid you are until I beat it into you!"
 - "Hey wait! You can't quit yet!! I still have more for you!" 
 - "What? Was I fighting unfairly? Do you think I really care about
 - "Look at my shoes! They got dirty! Lick them! I said lick my shoes

 Animations        \_____________________________________________________

 Win Poses:
 - Yamakazi kicks dirt on the opponent, using his back leg.
 - Yamakazi turns his back. He then takes his back hand out
   of his pocket, and clutches his shoulder.
 - Yamakazi quickly reaches out with his front hand, grabs
   the opponent by the head, and raises them into the air.
   He then smiles, and says something in Japanese, while
   holding them there.

 - Yamakazi simultaneously puts both hands in his pockets,
   looks at you, shrugs his shoulders, and says something
   in Japanese.

 EX Differences   \_____________________________________________________

 Beat the game twice with Yamakazi (SNK groove) to gain access
 to EX Yamakazi.  He is in slot 55 of the "Secrets Shop". 

 You should have read about some of them earlier on in this
 FAQ, so I won't go on about them. However I will say this:
 EX Yamakazi has better comboability than Normal Yamakazi.
 He can even chain a Guillotine after a sweep!

 [Apndx. A] NOTATIONS ----------------------------------------------------------------
 Usefulness Chart:
 * means 1 grade. 1 being the lowest, and
 5 being the highest.
 [*----] - This move is useless. Avoid.
 [**---] - An OK move. You may have to use it in combos anyway.
 [***--] - A decent move. Should be used a bit more often.
 [****-] - A useful move. Use it whenever situation allows.
 [*****] - This move rocks! Use it and abuse it, but don't get

 [Apndx. B] GAME BASICS --------------------------------------------------------------
 Dash         - Forward, Forward
 Back Dash    - Back, Back
 Super Jump   - Tap: Down, Up
 Fake Stun    - While down, hold LP + HP.  
 Evasive Roll - X + A, goes through ALL projectiles, and most attacks
 Taunt        - Start (or LK + Start for DC)
 Tech Hit     - Forward or Back + any button when being thrown
 Charge energy meter (SNK groove) - Press and hold HP + HK.


 FAQ (c) 2001 by SiLeNT J
 End of FAQ

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