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                 CCCCCCOOOOOOntents dudes!    




A.2Like, aim
A.3Combine to be the best!!!!



B.2Some other things....

B.3Really, REEEAAAAlly inportant

C.0My review





      Well, if you want to be good, you must know the basics.  Now the main thing is 
the A button.  This is how you shoot.  But, you dont just tap it and you get the 
best of your aim.  Now down at the bottom of your screen is a meter.  Press the A
button once and tap it again when it hits the end.  The closer you line is to the 
back line, the better shot you get.  Then, do the same thing for the front.  But,
in the front, dont do it close to the front, but close to the place you started at.
Oh, and for more on aiming, go to section D.
     There are other not so important but usefle controls.  B button, L button, and
START button.  The B button can select the power for the club.  Sometimes if you get 
a perfect shot and you had the POWER on, youll do the farthest shot you can make.
But power shots only have 6 shots.  So I eithier would say to get perfect shots 
which will not take any shots away, or using them in the hardest situations.  But 
dont worry about the putting power, thats unlimited.  There is two other power point 
to go to.  One is normal power, and the other is low(or chipping mode). Low mode is 
used for not so far away shots.  Normal is just plain used for regular shots.  But L
is used for the aiming and where you want to hit the ball.  Just hold it down and use
the control stick to aim.  There is a ball with a dot in the middle.  Thats how 
simple it is. But remember that you must shoot with the L button pressed down!  Oh, 
and R button can be used to ascess the map of the course.  Just move around with the 
control stick and exit by simply pushing the R button again.
Like, aim!

      Hello, this is not very much info on all the aiming so you could go to section
D and get more info.  But on the other hand this can be very useful. 
      Now,the first thing you need to know is just where you want to shoot to.  Pick
a spot and use the control stick to aim and shoot and the lanth you want to go.
But its not that simple!  Use the ball rotation, maps,power,and diferent clubs. So
combining shots and diferent tools is usful for the best shot.  But dont:
1.Hit the bunkers
2.Hit out of the course
3.Do the worst shot in the world!
4.shoot over the green.
This is the best advice from me about this.  Oh, and dudes, please contact me about 
any cheats or hints on this game.  Qestions are also good.  I will give you the 
cheat by e-mail.


      Hello, in this you can learn how to get perfect shots.  Here are my steps to 
the best shot:
1.Choose power-press B to choose

2.Choose club-use control stick(up-down)

3.Aim-use control stick(right-left)

4.Choose where you want to hit the ball-hold L,and aim(optinal)

5.shoot-press A

But, sometimes you need to do all of these things at once.  So, do these things in 
order and youll get a good shot.    


     Hellllllo! Do you wish you had some other charecters which were acully good?
If so, youll be getting luigi first.  Beat him in GET CHARECTER MODE and win the 
match.  I suggest plum or baby mario.  But there is nothing I can tell you that will 
get you these charecters just like that.  But I can suggest that I tell you the 
charecters names and there strenths.  So this is the biggest part of my guide.
NOTE:not all charecters are listed here!

7.Donkey Kong-read!

    Luigi is the first character you can get.  So get plum or Baby mario and do all
the lessons in section A.  Or, go to section D and get more on aiming.  Luigi is a 
very easy character to get.  So mabey he shoots farther but hes weak at all 
techniqes.  So aim good and strike it ritch.  


    Yoshi is similar to luigi.  But he will get some very lucky shots!  So you have 
to get good and face him like a pro.

    Wario knows what golf is about!  So if have any other charecters like yoshi, go 
to plum or donkey kong.  Wario is different from all other charecters in one way,
he has a very powerful power shot.  So use power to keep up with him!


    Not all can defeat mario and his RRRRAAAPPPHHH!  So you might use Wario(Not that 
you have to!)and use the power alot.  Thats how I won.  Mario resembles Wario in a 
way, but diferent.  He has a fire ball power shot when he gets the perfect shot.  
Thats a very far shot.


    WHAAAAAT!  You want Bowser?!?!!!!!!  Well prepare yourself.  If you have last 
gotten mario, Bowser is way ahead of that shot range.  Cuz if you were doing a 
regular match(like Luigi v.s Yoshi)the Yoshi dude would be just a little bit of 
behind his shooting range.  But bowser is much more powerful than Mario, so you 
better be good and if you read all of this stuff, YYYYOOOOUUUU might make it!

6.Plum-Helps you alot!

    Now, if you want someone good and fast, get plum.  She shoots straight and 
even   shoots farther than Yoshi.  But to get her, you must go to ring shots and 
defeat some rings.  But....I mean alot when your doing ring shots!  You might have 
to get some more courses before you can get more levels for ring shots.  Defeat 
about half and you get plum!

7.Donkey kong-Very usful!

    Hears the coolest part of INFO section.  Go to ring section.  I hope you read 
plums info becuase you need to get alot of the stages!  Thats how you get him and 
this is just how good this gets.  Hes better than Mario!  But, he shoots far away 
from straight.  So aim carfullyyyyyyy.  Use him to defeat Bowser.

Get these charecter and you rock!


Hey man!  Like this is a list of stages:


KOOPA course

DESERT course 

YOSHI course

MARIO course

I suggest that Bowser could be defeated in the MARIO corse.  
TIP:Use Donkey Kong to go into each new courses tournament and get first place if 
you can.  Youll get tons of points whitch will probaly open up the next course.


These are REEEEEEEELLLy important tips of game:

1.Speed golf is easy for earning points

2.There is practice mode for many different typs of practice
3.Aim for the hole

4.Get Dk at the begging of the game so you can whip oponents butts!

5.Plum can also be got at the begging of the game ofthe game!


      Hello, I think the game can be fun for anyone!  I like it.  The charecters are 
nice.  But it has musch more to it than that.  You can go to practice and make the 
wheather, wind, and direction of the wind to make it easy, or hard.  My dad likes 
that game alot.  But my little brothers use baby mario.  Like you notice any thing 
about that?  There both babys!  Mario golf really brings golf to a hole ne level.
I like there courses too.  And its RRRRATING............7!!!!!!!!!


   Now adding wind is the toughest part of this.  Now lets get right to it. 
Which ever way your charecter shoots is where it will land, right?  WRRRONG!
The wind and derection of the wind make the game very challenging.  But, wind is no 
prob.  Cuz just shoot at the direction of the flag but dont shoot!  Just look at the 
wind. Now the wind will pull your ball alot or mabey not even a budge.  Now tip the 
direction of your shot.  Move it alot if the wind is going fast.  And not very much 
for a little wind.  Oh, and watch out for trees.


    Putting is fun when its just flat ground, but on hills, not easy!
Now hills are just like wind.  And, you also choose your power just like with 
hitting far.  But when going up a hill, your ball will be slowed down.  So give it 
more power than a flat ground put.  But down hill is diferent.  Choose a slow power.
Dont hit it fast!  Oh, and if you hit it to hard, youll bounce over the hole.

            BY:Zach THANKU FOR YOUR READ

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