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A.YOUR FARM: How do you do it all?

1. Gettin Started

2. Crops

3. Animals

B.YOU: How does YOUR FARM help YOU?

1. E-Z Money

2. Money the harder but more effective way

                YOUR FARM

Gettin started...
You start out with a cow a dog and 2 m-t fields.
Get animals:
Buy cattle, sheep, and chik-ns from the order form.
Buy a goat from Van.
Get free ducks when u getta pond.
Get a cat from Romana l8er in the game.
Buy seeds, fertilizer, etc. from the other farm.
Get chiken feed from the order form.
With soma this u can start a real farm, not just some big m-t property.

Different crops grow in differents seasons and die in others.
Use the 2nd field more---it has better soil.
Trees grow yearround.
Dont plant anithing rite next 2 a tree or itll die.
Save some crops and ship others.
Water crops more in the summer.
You hardly need to water trees at all.

You will make the most money frome cows.
Feed cows good fodder to make better milk.
milk your cow 2ce a day.
New cows need to have a baby to give milk.
Wash your sheep alot for gold wool.
You can sell or hatch fertilized eggs.
Take good care of your chicken to get gold eggs.
Save up medicine in case an animal suddenly gets sick.
Its healthy for your animals to be outside on sunny days.
When inside, make sure the animals have food.
Only give them good fodder for treats.
Brush and wash the animals often.


E-Z Money...
Sell Extra crops.
Sell Milk.
Sell Eggs.
Sell flowers and excavated stuff to Van.
Sell gold wool, wild plants and fish to Van.

Money the harder but more effective way...
Invest in:
Seed maker.
Food processing room.
Tip: Dont get milking room or chicken yard.
Make milk into the more valuable butter and cheese with the food processing room.
Make one crop into 2 seed paks withe the seed maker.

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