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Ok are you just starting this game and need some tips or info. well this is your 
place to be (moving along.)

There are three possible brides to marry.You must marry one of them before the end 
of the year or your game will be first theres,Celia: She is a very down-to-
earth kinda girl. She knows alot about farming and crops,so if you marry her she 
will most likely help you out by feeading or/and watering the crops.To win her 
heart you must give her a gift every day.You could give her some flowers.She likes 
flowers alot.Her diary is on her bed. Next there is Muffy: Muffy is a very pretty 
girl that works at the blue bar.She knows very little about farming and crops.To 
win her heart she likes flowers and big huchep fish. Her diary is in the lamp at 
the blue bar.And finally there is Nami: Nami is the smartest of your three 
potential brides.To win her heart give her autumn flowers ,or fossils and statues. 
If you don't marry her she will move away.Her diary is on the desk in her room at 
the inn.

Well after marriage you will get a son. You must influence him into a career
Ok Celia's son is just like her he is very down to earth like his mom.He has one 
weakness ANIMALS. He is very afraid of animals. He likes ducks kinda though.He is a 
real cutey.He bahaves well to. He might walk around the farm a couple of time.
Muffy's son is a real trouble maker. You have to watch him during the day alot.He 
is probaliy not likely to inherit the farm business.
Nami's son is very behaved.He as he gets older will probaliy go sneak out to see a 

Influencing your son into a career:
You will have to influence your son to a career.He could be and artist or musician 
or farmer,or athlete it all depends on you.To get him to be an artist visit cody.To 
get him to be a musian visit gustafa. To get him to be a farmer show him crops and 
animals. To get him to be an athlete visit wally and buy him a ball. he will soon 
grow up and decide on his career

Getting Old:
You,your,wife,and neibors will grow old and move away in later chapters.Yor son 
will grow to love you or hate you. To see look in his diary,and it might say what 
kind of job he is interested in.He will also become married to either kate or 

1)Dig at the digsite by the waterfal and find fossils and statues. you can sell 
these or give to nami.

2)Befriend romona and carter and they will give you a pet. Befriend daryl and he 
will give you a seed maker.


Q:Do i have to marry either ceila,muffy or nami?
A:Yes you do 

Q:My son hates me and i don't know what i did wrong.I give him gifts.
A: It isn't all about the gifts. Talk to him and be there for his bedtime and 

ok thats all for now if you have any questions email me at [email protected] thx for 

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