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Hello. My name is Richard Fucci and I will tell you how to beat the 2 Los 
Muertos bosses and the locations of the first six supply points.

Table of Contents

1. The Agency
2. Los Muertos
  a.Supply Points
      Pacific City Bank
      Radio 410 Tower
      Garcia Point
      Royal Vista
      Hillside Housing
      Social Security
  b.gang bosses (Last Names)

1. The Agency

The Agency is the startpoint of your X Box adventure. This garage contains 
three agency vehicles- The Supercar, The SUV, and the Truck Cab. It also 
contains tunnels for you to reach each of the three gang districts.

2. Los Muertos

Supply Points

1. Pacific City Bank- This will be the first supply point to capture and you 
will have it shown on your Hud when you start.

2. Radio 410 Tower- You can find this supply point in the Mountains in the 
North area of the north island.

3. Garcia Point- This supply point can be found next to the giant statue in 
the mountain area.

4. Royal Vista- This supply point can be found in the North-Eastern tip of the 
southern isalnd.

5. Hillside Housing- This supply rests on top of a housing unit in the North-
Western portion of the southern island.

6. Social Security- This supply point is found on top of a building in the 
southern side of the Southern island.

Gang Bosses

1. Guerra- You can find Guerra hanging out back, behind his nightclub, in the 
North-Eastern tip of the south island. Use the large gated entrance as cover 
and shoot all the gang members in front of his club. Once you have cleared the 
entryway bust down the gate in the middle and climb the stairs, which lead 
behind his club. Once in the rear you will find Guerra in one of two places: 
beneath the canopy on the balcony, or on the bottom floor bemeath the balcony. 
If he is on the balcony, throw in some gernades to take out his minions, then 
run in and melee him to death. If he is on the bottom floor, you should kill 
most of his minoins before approaching, and clear each floor. once you get to 
the bottom floor and can see him, chuck a few gernades in, then go for the kill

2. Martinez- Martinez is on the top floor of a big blue building, so you van't 
miss it. Throw a gernade or two to kill the guards standing by the passageway. 
Continue up the stairs killing all the enemies you see, head across the 
floorway overlooking the streets and climb the stairs. You will see Martinez 
on the other side of another floorway. Kill him anyway you want.

Well now you know how to play Crackdown. Congratulations. 

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