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                                 The Legend of
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                            S K Y W A R D  S W O R D

\| Made by: Banjo2553                 /\                      Copyright 2011 |/
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 | Welcome to my walkthrough for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, for the |
 | Wii. This game utilizes full motion controls for almost everything in the |
 |   game, and requires either a Wii Motion + accessory or a Wii Remote +,   |
 | which is basically a Wii Remote with Motion Plus built-in. As with all my |
 |   Zelda guides, this will have a main walkthrough detailing how to get    |
 |   through not just the story, but also how to get 100%. Along with that   |
 | will be a Spoiler-Free Walkthrough, for those who don't want the story to |
 |  be spoiled and would rather solve the puzzles themselves but still want  |
 |  to get everything. Finally, for those who want to know how to get stuff  |
 | but don't want to wade through a pile of text to find what they're after, |
 | there's sections below all of this detailing every item in the game with  |
 | descriptions of where they are and how to get them. So with that said, on |
 |                              with the guide!                              |
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   T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S |X
|                                  |\

I. Legal Notices [LEGAL]
II. Controls [CONT]
III. Walkthrough
  a. A Hand-Carved Legend [WALK_1]
  b. Wooded Search [WALK_2]
  c. Fiery Determination [WALK_3]
  d. Present Meets Past [WALK_4]
  e. Burning Desire [WALK_5]
IV. Spoiler-Free Walkthrough [SPOIL]
V. Piece of Heart Locations [HEART]
VI. Gratitude Crystals [GRAT]
VII. Goddess Cubes [CUBE]
VIII. Items [ITEM]
  a. Inventory
  b. Equipment
  c. Adventure Pouch
  d. Bugs
  e. Treasures
  f. Bottle Items
  g. Common Pick-Ups
IX. Enemies [ENEM]
X. Bosses [BOSS]
XI. Credits [CRED]

Current Version: 3.0    \

- Updated the walkthrough up to past the fourth dungeon, covered the 
 sub-sections up to that point as well. A few more updates and this guide 
 should be finished!

You can warp to any section on this guide by hitting Ctrl + F and then putting
the bracket tag to the section you want to see!

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/'\ ____ ___             |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\    \  _/¯¯)(      ____
   (    )   \__/`\_ /'`\ \                             |     )/|  (_| __  (
    )  (    (      ;    \ |  L E G A L  N O T I C E S  |¯¯¯¯¯/(      /  ¯¯¯)
¯¯¯¯|   |  ('      (     )|                           /     /` ¯¯¯¯¯¯)    (
   (    ')  /¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯  \                         |    ('  /¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                \  /¯\____               |     ¯¯¯
                             ||       \____/¯¯\     /
                             |;                \  /¯                    [LEGAL]
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My e-mail address is [email protected] . You can email me for questions, 
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                           /¯\ . . ..__| . | | | +  | ),    )        _/    \___
/'\ ____ ___             |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\    \  _/¯¯)(      ____
   (    )   \__/`\_ /'`\ \                             |     )/|  (_| __  (
    )  (    (      ;    \ |      C O N T R O L S       |¯¯¯¯¯/(      /  ¯¯¯)
¯¯¯¯|   |  ('      (     )|                           /     /` ¯¯¯¯¯¯)    (
   (    ')  /¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯  \                         |    ('  /¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                \  /¯\____               |     ¯¯¯
                             ||       \____/¯¯\     /
                             |;                \  /¯                     [CONT]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - \/- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This section's all about teaching you the controls of the game, as well as some
pointers for how to avoid getting some bad calibration issues. So first up, the
controls! This game uses a Wii Remote Plus (or Wii Remote with Motion Plus
accessory) with the Nunchuk attached, just to get that out of the way. If you
don't have a Nunchuk or any kind of Motion Plus, you can't play this game. 
Kinda similar to how some N64 games required the Expansion Pak in order to play
them, like Zelda: Majora's Mask and Donkey Kong 64.

Shake: Various actions
Control Stick: Move around
C Button: First-person mode
Z Button: Center camera/lock on

Remote itself: Sword combat, various other things
D-Pad Up: Take out harp
D-Pad Down: Contact Fi/Re-center aiming
B Button: Switch item (hold), equip/de-equip item (tap)
A Button: Dashing, various other things
- Button: Choose Adventure Pouch item (hold), equip/de-equip Pouch item (tap)
+ Button: Map screen
1 Button: Quest Status Screens
2 Button: Help

The big thing this game was marketed for is the 1:1 motion controlled sword
combat, so that's basically most of what the motion control is. You can make
Link swing his sword in basically any direction. However, the hits register to
only eight actual directions: left-to-right, right-to-left, up-to-down, 
down-to-up, and even diagonal directions. You can even make him do thrusts, 
horizontal spin attacks, and vertical spin attacks. To do spin attacks, simply 
move the Wii Remote AND the Nunchuk at the same time. You can take out your 
shield by shaking the Nunchuk. The motion that Link does when you do this (even 
when he already has his shield up) is called a shield bash, and it can be used 
to deflect projectiles. Or, if you're pretty good with timing, you can parry an 
enemy attack. Finally, you can still do jump strikes. Just Z-Target an enemy,
move forward and press A to jump. Flick the Wii Remote downwards during the 
jump to do the jump strike. This, like the spin attack is powerful enough to
knock enemies onto the ground so you can use your fatal strike maneuver.

Once you have the Goddess Sword (gotten before the first dungeon, so that isn't
spoilerific), you can use Skyward Strikes. Simply point Link's sword in the air 
and energy will build up. Once the sword is glowing, you can then release the 
ring of energy horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or by thrusting. You can 
even make the spin slash more powerful and have more range if you use the
Skyward Strike with it. Also, when you have the Goddess Sword, dowsing becomes 
available as an option when looking around with C. Simply hold C and you can 
choose what to dowse for. Dowsing is a real term, and in this game is basically 
pointing your sword out and finding treasure. The more your Wii Remote rumbles, 
and the more intense the beeping is, the closer you are.

But, the sword combat isn't the only thing affected by the motion controls,
practically everything except basic movement uses it. You use motion controls
for looking around, for swimming (thankfully you don't have to actually do
swimming motions, lol), for basically any B item you get, for menu selecting...
pretty much everything. Specifics will be given as the situations come up in
the walkthrough. So...if you hate the idea of motion controls, then sadly this 
game might not be for you. I'd still recommend a rent anyway, I've seen some 
people's opinions saying they hate the idea of motion controls but still found 
this game enjoyable. So who knows? Can't hurt to try it, assuming you have 
access to Wii Motion Plus in any fashion...

A few big things they changed is the interface and Link himself. There's no 
assignable item buttons anymore, at least not in the same vain as other 3D 
Zelda games. But, they streamlined it and made it work in real-time. No more
pausing the game to pick out what items you need. You just hold the B Button 
and point the Wii Remote cursor to whatever item you want. The great thing is
that the items are always in the same place in the Inventory, so you can change
items on the fly if you know where to point.

Another major thing they changed is Link himself. Mainly, how he moves. He is
the most athletic Link in a Zelda game yet (...well, Majora's Mask Link is 
close just because of his crazy flip jumps), being able to run, run up walls
for about a second, jumping places when he's climbing vines and ladders...it's
just so much more easy and fun to move around in this game. However, all these
actions (including using other actions like carrying heavy objects, pushing or
pulling heavy objects, using spin slashes, rolling while dashing by shaking the
Nunchuk) use up stamina. Whenever you do these actions, the stamina meter that
appears near Link starts to decrease. If it completely empties, Link gets 
really slow and tired and can't perform many maneuvers for a short while until
he catches his breath. Thankfully, the stamina meter refills, and fast.

The - Button brings up your Adventure Pouch. This is another thing they kinda
revamped. This is where various other items that aren't the dungeon weapons go,
like Empty Bottles, shields, bomb bags, quivers, and seed satchels. However,
this time there's limited inventory space. You start off with four spaces when
you get the Adventure Pouch, but can slowly upgrade it to eight slots. Saying
this, you can't fit every item you find into the Adventure Pouch. You'll have
to use the use the Item Check at the main town's bazaar to store items you 
won't use or will be taking with you. This can either be a good thing or a bad
thing, depending on the person. It either adds strategy to the game so you can
figure out what equipment goes well in the upcoming area, or it's a needless
restriction to make the game hard when it shouldn't be. Personally, I don't 
mind it, I just think the Adventure Pouch should've had more slots.

As I mentioned shields in this game, yes there are multiple shields in this 
game. Each one has different attributes and are better against some 
environments or worse in others. Such as, the Wooden Shield can burn up really
easily against fire, but the Iron Shield also doesn't do a good job of 
protecting against electricity. Aside from the attribute weaknesses, each 
shield has a set durability, shown as a meter below the heart meter. This 
basically shows how much punishment your shield can take before it outright
breaks and disappears from your Adventure Pouch. So shield wisely...or you can 
master the shield bash, as that technique is so broken when mastered properly. 
Using that never depletes the durability. That said, you can increase the 
durability of shields by upgrading them at the Scrap Shop in the main town's 
bazaar. So be careful with a shield you've spent a lot of time upgrading, as if
you lose your shield, you lose the progress you've spent upgrading it.

Which segues into my next point. They added an upgrading system in this game.
Bring various random treasures you find, as well as a bit of money and the item
you want to upgrade, and you can upgrade it. These are basically optional. You
can clear the game without upgrading a thing. However, some of the upgrades you
can get, aside from better shield durability, is making the Beetle item faster;
making the Bow more powerful; giving scattershot capability to the Slingshot;
all kinds of things like that. You can even upgrade potions to have better
effects, and these use bugs, but they only work on the potions you already have
bottled. You don't permanently upgrade these potions, unfortunately.

With all that said...I think that's everything major to cover about the game
up-front, aside from saying that the Hint button is used to tell you what 
actions you can currently do in your current situation. (Like when holding a
Bomb, it tells you how to overhead throw or roll it.)

Back when the game was still completely new, a user on GameFAQs by the name of
alcabcucu shed some light on how some of the controls worked, which hopefully
would lead to less confusion/frustration about calibration. Here's what he 

"Now, when you press the button to access the aiming function (entering in 
first person view or when using certain items) the game will consider you're 
pointing at the center of the screen, taking as reference the position of the 
wiimote when you pressed the button. So, if you press the button when your 
wiimote is pointing to the floor, the game will "think" the floor is the center 
of the screen.

Pressing the down arrow button will reset the central position, taking the
position of the wiimote in that particular moment as reference, and giving the
false impression that you need to recalibrate the wiimote all the time.

This is easily solved by pressing the "aiming" button (c or B -only with
certain items-) RIGHT AFTER you aim at the center of the screen with your

Hopefully with that tip right there, that should solve some, if not most, 
issues with motion control. It's not perfect, but when it works, it's pretty
dang good I find. Oh! And just to clarify, when aiming with items, the game 
does NOT use the sensor bar pointing that you may be accustomed to. Instead,
you have to tilt the Wii Remote to move the pointer. It's not as odd as it 
sounds, actually. If you keep that in mind, it'll become second nature. At 
least that's the way it was with me. Also, try not to sit too close to the
sensor bar, because it can screw up the controls somehow. Not always, though.

So with that, this lengthy (longer than usual for my guides) controls section 
is done with. Good luck dudes!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                 ~          _|___|__
             ~                         #   |  ¯¯¯   |        ~
                                      ###  |  _     |(¯¯¯¯¯\           ____
                           /¯\ . . ..__| . | | | +  | ),    )        _/    \___
/'\ ____ ___             |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\    \  _/¯¯)(      ____
   (    )   \__/`\_ /'`\ \                             |     )/|  (_| __  (
    )  (    (      ;    \ |   W A L K T H R O U G H    |¯¯¯¯¯/(      /  ¯¯¯)
¯¯¯¯|   |  ('      (     )|                           /     /` ¯¯¯¯¯¯)    (
   (    ')  /¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯  \                         |    ('  /¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                \  /¯\____               |     ¯¯¯
                             ||       \____/¯¯\     /
                             |;                \  /¯
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - \/- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As you boot up the game, you'll get...quite an interesting little intro about
what happened before the game started. Enjoy it. Afterwards, you'll get the
game's title screen! From here, you can press the - Button to view an 
instructional video on how Motion + works, or just press A to get to the file 
select. Once at the file select, choose a file by moving the cursor with the 
Wii Remote itself, then name the file. Whatever you name it, that's what the 
main character (Link) will be referred as by the characters, as usual in a 
Zelda game. I like leaving the name as Link, heh. Afterwards...it starts.

|- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 \  A HAND-CARVED LEGEND            [WALK_1]
\ \_________________________________________
It's a dark and eerie forest...suddenly, the ground shakes and splits, and up
rises a huge, frightening beast! It walks a bit, and then makes a disturbing
roar! Fade out...the next scene shows two birds flying around gracefully in the
sky...Loftwings. A scene shows some people jumping down and landing on these
Loftwings. Must be their way of travel up here! Suddenly, a beautiful voice is
heard singing...who could it be? A blue Loftwing approaches her, and she gives
it a letter before it flies off.

The next scene shows a bleak darkness. A teenage boy suddenly appears. It's
Link! But not in the traditional green clothes... He looks around, bewildered.
Then, the giant beast seen before roars at him, threatening him! Suddenly a
light appears overhead.

"Rise... The time has come for you to awaken... You are fated to have a hand in
a great destiny, and it will soon find you... The time has come for you to

The beast roars, getting progressively less loud. Link looks, and a blue 
Loftwing's head is right in front of him! His lazy self has fallen off his bed.
He looks around, and sees a blue Loftwing popping its head out of his window.
It then spits out the letter onto Link. After getting up, Link reads the 
letter. It's a letter from Zelda! Ah, that girl must be Zelda...and the two 
seem to be close friends. Well...time to get ready for the Wing Ceremony today.
Promised to meet her first before it started though, so...yeah.

Sorry about that. I won't usually have cutscene descriptors like that, I just
wanted to set up the scene here. Anyway, if you head up to your closet, you can
find a Blue Rupee. Nice way to start off. Using the + Button, you can see a map
of your dorm, which is the Knight Academy. There are a few locked doors, which
is obvious since they're other people's rooms...but anyway, exit your room.
Looking to your right, you'll see the classroom, a stairway leading up, and 
Pipit, who is wearing a yellow tunic. You won't be allowed to head upstairs
right now, since the lock for the upstairs exit door is stuck at the moment.
You can talk to other people around here to familiarize yourself with Link's
roommates/classmates, but your priority is to go see Zelda.

However, if you talk to Fledge over by the Restroom and Kitchen, you can help
him carry a barrel over to the Kitchen to get a Red Rupee. Just approach one of
the barrels he's trying to lift and hit A. While carrying the barrel, you can
place it with A, or point the Wii Remote up and flick it downward to throw.
Obviously you won't be throwing it, so carry it to the kitchen. As it's heavy,
it'll use up your stamina, so you may want to put it down about halfway and let
Link rest briefly. After delivering the barrel, talk to Fledge for that Red
Rupee. Now exit through the double doors nearby.

Now you're outside, to the beautiful island in the sky, Skyloft. There's gonna
be some gates to keep you from exploring the majority of the town, so don't
worry about getting lost right now. Up ahead is a bird statue. These are your
save points. Approaching one and pressing A will allow you to save, save & 
quit, or cancel. They get other uses as you go on through the game. In the
meantime, walking along, you get called by someone up on a roof. He teaches you
about Z-Targeting and talking to people from far distances. Typical for a 3D
Zelda game.

Then he asks you to get up to where he is, and tells you that you can run up
that stack of blocks there. Yep, you can run up stuff briefly. Just hold A
while moving to run. Run towards a wall (or stack of blocks) and Link will run
up briefly and catch the edge. Climb up, jump across, and talk to Horwell. 
After letting him know you're going to visit Zelda, he says that headmaster 
Gaepora, Zelda's father, has his cat missing, and it's actually up on the roof
of the Knight Academy. He asks you to go get it, so accept it.

Now see the wooden notch that extends to the south side of the building? Run up 
to it and grab it, then edge along it to the left. You can flick the Wii Remote 
while moving to have Link move a bit quicker at the expense of extra stamina. 
Once there, climb up the vines. Again you can flick the Wii Remote to make him 
climb faster. Once up there, you'll notice that the part of the roof the cat is
on is a bit too high to run up, but there is a block nearby. Get next to it and
hold A to grab it, then move to push or pull. Get it up against the side, and
run up. Grab Mia, then head back to Horwell and set the cat down beside him.

He tells you that Zelda can be found over at the Statue of the Goddess, which
is just nearby. You can hit the + Button again for the map. As you notice, you
use your cursor by tilting the Wii Remote. If the cursor or aiming for anything
feels off-center, you can hit down on the D-Pad to re-center. The 1 Button lets
you look at your gear and other things you might collect in your adventure, and
the 2 Button gives you control help on what you can do at your particular
situation. Also, if you see a yellow thought bubble above a character in the 
game, that means they usually have something useful or interesting to say.
Anyway, enough control jazz, follow the path up to Zelda (hey look, another 
bird save statue).

Watching the scene, you'll notice that Link has been...quite lazy with training
for the Bird Ceremony, and Zelda doesn't have too much faith in you winning.
Plus the fact that, for some reason, Link can't call his Loftwing. You also
noticed that when Zelda asked you how she looked in her dress, you had three
choices. Yeah, this game has multiple choice answers for certain dialogues in
the game beyond just the basic "Yes" or "No" answers. Aside from initial
responses, they change nothing in the story, so don't worry about that. ANYWAY,
we need to find Instructor Horwell and tell him to speak with Gaepora and delay
the Wing Ceremony just a little until we find where Link's Crimson Loftwing
went. Just run on back to the Knight Academy over to where you talked to 
Horwell. The green fruits are Stamina Fruits which restore all your Stamina 
when you pick one up, so you can get a continuous run over there. He says you 
won't have to worry about it, just go find your Loftwing.

So with that said, it's time to look around and see who knows where the 
Loftwing is! The gate that was in front of you when you first exited the 
Academy is now open, so you can have access to basically the rest of Skyloft!
Most of the people like to gather over at the plaza on the south side, so why
not head there? On the way, you might notice a kid running and then rolling at
a tree to try to knock something down. This demonstrates that you can roll into
trees to maybe knock stuff down. To do that, start running and then shake the
Nunchuk. A stag beetle will fly out and the kid will chase it. At any rate, 
head to the plaza.

You'll meet Groose and his two followers, who seems to be your typical bully.
He picks on Link a bit, and then Zelda comes to the "rescue." Hah, Groose has
the hots for Zelda. At any rate, the three leave, and then Zelda goes to help
search for your Loftwing. So where's the next place to check? Well, the girl
a bit north of here doesn't have a clue of where to find your Loftwing, but she
does suggest going to the Statue of the Goddess and looking around with C, so
head over there. On the way there, someone will call you. It's Pipit! He's over
in front of the Sparring Hall, so head over there. The game's camera should
point out the direction, but you can also use the map. Once there, he says he
got information on the whereabouts of your Loftwing from Fledge, as he 
overheard Groose and his gang about their plan to trap it near a waterfall. The
way over there is dangerous though, so you might need a sword. Good thing we're
right in front of the Sparring Hall! Enter it.

Talk to the Knight Commander and he will say that the Practice Sword is in the
__________  ________  back room if you want to practice your sword techniques.
|         |/       |  Head back there and open the chest to get the Practice
|  PRACTICE SWORD  |  Sword! Exit the room. Now, as this game's sword combat is
|      FOUND       |  dramatically different from other 3D Zeldas, I actually
'\                 |  recommend you practice using the sword here. You can do
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and thrust attacks all by
swinging the Wii Remote in those directions, spin attacks by swinging the Wii
Remote and Nunchuk together (can be both vertical and horizontal directions),
and the fatal blow by knocking down an enemy and swinging both the Wii Remote
and Nunchuk downward. After learning the ropes, attempt to leave and the Knight
Commander will try to keep you from leaving since it's only a Practice Sword.
However, after telling him the situation, he decides to let you borrow it.

Back outside, make your way to the east side of Skyloft, over to where the
waterfall is. On the way though, you get stopped by a sudden Sheikah Stone. It
tells you that if you're ever stuck, it can give you video hints on how to get
through something. So you're probably wondering why I'm bothering with this
walkthrough? Well, the thing is, these things are RARE. Only like two in the
game, so they're kinda out-of-the-way. It's easier to just take a quick look
here. That, and the Sheikah Stones don't really help that much with sidequest
stuff, which is another purpose of this guide. So yeah. At any rate, heading
towards the waterfall... Jump across the stone platforms along the lake and 
follow the path to the waterfall cavern. It's kinda blocked off though. Just 
chop down the stakes with your sword until they're whittled to nothing. Enter.

Inside are your first enemies: Green ChuChus and Keese. They're pretty basic
enemies. As your Practice Sword is really weak, even these basic enemies will
take more than one hit to kill. The Keese are the flying bats, so use sword
strikes that aim high, like vertical or diagonal ones. The ChuChus can't be
damaged with thrust attacks. If they latch on to you, shake them off by shaking
the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Anyway, continue along the path, taking note of the
fence to your right. When you see a break in it, walk there to find a lower
ledge. Jump down to the ledge on the other side of the path (which is where you
would be if you continued normally) and open the chest for a Red Rupee. Drop
down and run up the steep incline to get past that. The way forward is linear,
but to the left are some vines you can climb for another Red Rupee if you wish
to grab that. Follow the cave, run up the wall, and you'll see outside. However
there is some grass to the right. Slashing it down, you'll notice a crawlspace.
Approach it and Link will automatically get on his fours and you will get to
first person. You can move around at any angle, and can even move faster at the
cost of stamina by holding A. Inside are two Red Rupees you can collect. Crawl
back out and exit.

You'll end up at a lower ledge in Skyloft. Follow it a bit and Zelda will 
arrive on her Loftwing. After a bit of talking and a weird sound that she seems
to hear (not the Loftwing), she will follow you. Just follow the path on this 
ledge to find your Crimson Loftwing! It's barred behind some tied-up wooden 
planks. The wood's too hard to cut, so use horizontal and vertical strikes on 
the ropes to make the wood fall. Watch the scene. She will...act a bit weird,
claiming that she keeps on hearing messages like she's being called out to, but
no-one's there. Wonder what that's all about. She also wonders what's beneath
the clouds. People say there's either nothing there, or is just a barren, 
inhabitable wasteland. Uh, don't get all philosophical on me now Zelda. At any
rate, it's time to learn how to control our Loftwing up in the sky! To start
flying, do a running jump off any designated spot in Skyloft (the wooden piers)
and, while skydiving, press down on the D-Pad to call your Loftwing.

As you follow Zelda on her own Loftwing, she teaches you the ropes. Tilt the
Wii Remote to move around, including downwards to descend and go faster. Press
A for a quick boost (can do up to three times consecutively, the uses restore
after a few seconds) and flick the Wii Remote upward and hold the position to
fly higher. Note that you have to keep your speed, because if you ascend too
much, you'll lose a lot of speed and your Loftwing will be struggling to stay
aloft. You can also press B to slow down as well. Other things will be 
explained later. For now, the bell for the Wing Ceremony has rung again!

Wing Ceremony
Back on Skyloft, Zelda goes to tell her father that we've found our Crimson
Loftwing. Groose then walks in and starts picking on Link again. Afterwards, he
starts loudly fantasizing over his moment with Zelda that he'll have after he
wins the Wing Ceremony and gets her Sailcloth as a gift up on top of the 
statue...Zelda then walks up behind him. He then tries to fast-talk his way out
of it, then leaves.

At any rate, now starts the Wing Ceremony! When the signal goes, run off the
pier and call your Loftwing. What you have to do is follow the yellow Loftwing
carrying a small statue and attempt to grab it. If you do, you win the Wing
Ceremony and will graduate to the next class towards knighthood. With that 
said, once you're off on your Loftwing, keep an eye on that yellow Loftwing and 
catch up to it, using the speed up tricks with ascending and then descending to 
pick up speed, along with the A button for quick boosts. The moment you get 
close to it, press A and Link will start reaching for it. However, Groose and 
his other minions decide to play a little unfairly and start throwing rocks at 
you in an attempt to slow you down. You'll just have to stay away from them at 
this point and attempt to swoop in as the yellow Loftwing turns. A second 
attempt and the statue is yours!

As Link flies back, Zelda decides to jump down to him in his arms. Aw, how
sweet. Then they fly up to the top of the Goddess Statue to continue the 
ceremony. Link hands the statuette to Zelda as an offering, then Zelda plays
the Ballad of the Goddess. Link then kneels down as Zelda  __________  ________
blesses Link on behalf of the Goddess. Then Zelda takes    |         |/       |
off her...Sailcloth that she made and hands it to Link.    |    SAILCLOTH     |
You got the Sailcloth! Its sturdy design helps to smooth   |      FOUND       |
landings from high places! ...It smells nice, too.         '\                 |
...But uh! Enough goofing around. Zelda then says, we're     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
still not done. With her hands held behind her and a bit bashful, she says
there's still one thing left to do... *gulp* Uh... Yeah...

You jump off the top of the Goddess Statue and try out the Sailcloth! What did
you think it was going to be!? While skydiving, you can actually move around by
tilting the Wii Remote. You're supposed to be landing on the circle in front of
the statue and hit the B button for the Sailcloth just before you land. If
successful, the ceremony is finished! Zelda then decides to fly around together
on a sort of...date. They do so, and just as Zelda is about to tell Link
something's she's been wishing to say for a while, a sudden black tornado
appears and sucks her in, down past the clouds! Link tries to help her, but
gets knocked back and off his Loftwing.

A vision...Link sees blackness, and a shining light above him with a strange
figure emerging from it. The figure claims that Link is ready to awaken as a
hero...he then sees Zelda, falling towards the clouds. He reaches for her, but
she is devoured by a nightmare-ish beast. He then wakes suddenly in his own bed
in the Knight Academy. After explaining what happened with Gaepora, he tells
Link to rest until daybreak, as flying around in search of Zelda at night is
too dangerous. Shortly after he leaves...Link hears a strange sound just 
outside his door...

A Great Legend
Open Link's door and you'll see a strange figure beckoning you. Follow her up
the stairs and out the double doors. Keep following her as she leads you toward
the Statue of the Goddess, then takes a quick turn down some side ledges. Soon
you'll come to a cute Remlit like the one you rescued at the beginning. It soon
becomes apparent that Remlits at night are not very friendly...dodge it as you
follow the figure. You'll have to shimmy along a stone ledge, but there's a
chest containing a Red Rupee below if you want that first. Along the path this
figure leads you on, you'll encounter more ChuChus, this time they're bigger
and split apart when struck. Here, avoid using horizontal strikes, as though it
splits them, they immediately reform. Use vertical and diagonal strikes to
seperate them as you split them.

She will eventually lead you to the front of the Statue of the Goddess, 
magically opening a way inside. Follow her...inside, you'll find a sword stuck
to a pedestal. The figure emerges from the sword, and calls herself Fi. She is
the spirit of the Goddess Sword, and she will accompany you in your role of a
great destiny...she asks you to pull the sword from its pedestal. She explains
that your strange dreams, her sudden appearance, and Zelda's disappearance all
have something to do with this great destiny set before you. She assures you
that Zelda is still alive and well. In the name of her creator, draw the sword
and raise it skyward.

__________  ________  Approach the pedestal and press A. Ready your stance by
|         |/       |  pointing the Wii Remote downward. Hold A to grab the
|  GODDESS  SWORD  |  sword, then move the Wii Remote upwards to pull the sword
|      FOUND       |  out! Now, raise the Wii Remote and point it skyward, as
'\                 |  the sword draws energy! You now have the Goddess Sword!
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  It is bathed in divine light... Fi is now Link's 
master... After that, Gaepora arrives and sees all that has happened. As Fi
explains the true prophecy, she reveals that there is indeed a land below the
clouds. To do this, one must pierce the cloud barrier to   __________  ________
reach the surface world...thus, Fi materializes a tablet   |         |/       |
piece to insert behind her. It is the Emerald Tablet! To   |  EMERALD TABLET  |
do that, perform a Skyward Strike on the crest. Raise the  |      FOUND       |
sword skyward much like you did before so energy gathers   '\                 |
within the sword. When it does, slash to send a spiral beam  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
of energy forward at the crest! It will make a pedestal rise. Place the Emerald
Tablet, and a green beam of energy will shoot out from the Goddess Statue onto
the clouds below. The cloud barrier will split open in that area, and a green
beacon shines from it.

Dawn draws near, and it's time to set off on your adventure. But...your current
clothing does not befit a hero. Gaepora and Link return to the dorm and Link
puts on his specially-made knight costume! There's the trademark green tunic
__________  ________  and cap! However, you're still not quite ready, as you're
|         |/       |  under-equipped. Exit your room and Fledge will speak with
| ADVENTURE  POUCH |  you. After commenting about your new knight's outfit and
|      FOUND       |  what you're going to do, he gives you his self-made
'\                 |  Adventure Pouch! You can hold four items in here to take
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  with you on your adventure. Of course, it's empty right
now. These items can be bought over at the bazaar in the center of town, so
why not head over there now? Head out the double doors down here and, outside,
you'll find Instructor Owlan.

Talk with him and he will help you out by giving you a     __________  ________
Wooden Shield to help defend yourself with! This goes in   |         |/       |
your Adventure Pouch, so to access it, hold the - Button.  |  WOODEN  SHIELD  |
Move the cursor by tilting the Wii Remote to the desired   |      FOUND       |
item you want and release the Button to equip it. Once     '\                 |
you've done that, you can quickly de-equip/equip the item    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
by tapping the - Button. So go ahead and equip your nice new Wooden Shield. As
soon as you equip it, you'll see a shield meter appear below your hearts. This
is its durability. It depletes as attacks hit it, and if it depletes 
completely, it breaks and you'll have to buy a brand new one. Be careful with
shields in this game. You can head over to the Sparring Hall to test out your
shield on the swinging log if you are so inclined. Keep in mind you can bring
up your shield by flicking the Nunchuk forward. This action is also called the
shield bash, and it can be used at the right times to deflect projectiles and
parry melee attacks! The good thing about the shield bash is that it doesn't
deplete the shield meter.

At any rate, your next stop is the bazaar. It's down the road from where Owlan
is, over to the left. It's easily found on the map. On the way, Fi will get
your attention and say that if you look at your Gear screen, you can now change
the Heads-Up Display interface. The hearts, shield meter, and Rupees stay 
there, but if you change the interface, the other buttons start to disappear.
Standard is what you've been seeing until this point. Light gets rid of the
Wii Remote and Nunchuk outlines surrounding the buttons, as well as removes
some of the buttons. It looks kinda similar to the Wii version of Twilight
Princess's HUD. Pro gets rid of all those, leaving only the important things on
the upper left corner of the screen, as well as what current item you have
equipped. No, you don't have this option until at this point in the game. At
any rate, once at the bazaar...you can visit all kinds of shops. The 
restaurant...really isn't too important since I don't think you can buy 
anything there, but the other shops are...

- Scrap Shop. You can go here to upgrade items and shields by using the 
 treasures you've found. Of course, it doesn't go without a Rupee fee as well.
 You can also fix shields that may be damaged--you don't need treasures for
 that service.

- Fortune Teller. This guy's magical eyeballs see all, even what you ate for
 dinner, judging by the spot on your shirt. In all seriousness though, he tells
 you various things at a small fee, such as what you need to do next, what 
 kinds of treasures you can find where, and other things.

- Item Check. Any excess items you have that you can't store in your Adventure
 Pouch goes here. You can send in and take back items at your leisure. The best
 parts? It costs nothing, and if you get an Adventure Pouch item when the Pouch
 is full, it goes straight to the Item Check!

- Goods Shop. You can buy a number of items here, from shields, to quivers, to
 seed satchels and ammo bags. His stock increases as the game goes on, so be
 sure to keep checking!

- Potions Shop. Here you can buy a number of different potions. At first, only
 the red, purple, and white potions are available, which restore hearts, hearts
 + shield meter, and temporary double damage, respectively. Later on the green
 and blue potions become available. After purchasing potions, you can upgrade
 them to make them more effective. To do that, you need to use bugs that you
 find. Yeah...kinda not too pleasant to think about.

__________  ________  So, with that said, head over to the Potion Shop and talk
|         |/       |  to the lady. She says you'll need an Empty Bottle in
| EMPTY  BOTTLE #1 |  order to use potions, and as a nice gesture, she hands
|      FOUND       |  you a free Empty Bottle. Very nice! Go ahead and fill it
'\                 |  with the purple Revitalizing Potion, as you don't have
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  very many hearts right now for the Heart Potion, and
shield restore is always a plus. At any rate, exit the bazaar after you've
gotten that. From the bazaar's north exit (which you likely took since it's
near the potion shop), if you head east and drop, you'll find a wooden crate.
Push it towards the wall so you can have a bit of a shortcut to the Knight
Academy from here. At any rate, if you notice your map, it starts marking 
places you've been to, so for easy reference later on when sidequests start
opening up, I suggest visiting every house and location so the map can mark and 
name those places. Examining bird statues (don't necessarily have to save) also
marks them on the map. That bit is important, you're going to need to be doing
that. You'll see why later.

At any rate, it's time to leave Skyloft. Find a wooden pier, run off it, and
call your Loftwing. There are some places you could go around the sky, but I
think we've fooled around long enough up here. When flying, you can dismount
at any time and start skydiving by pressing down on the D-Pad. You can also
view below you by holding Z. With the remaining flying controls out of the way,
fly towards the green beacon, dismount when prompted, and start skydiving to
the surface...

Prelim. Note: Equipment counts anything dealing with items you can use, but
 aren't put to the B button. This includes how many Heart Containers and Heart
 Pieces you have.

Inventory is the items found in dungeons or elsewhere and are used with the B 
Button, though it does not keep track of optional upgrades.

Quest Items include items collected from the main quest or from sidequests, but 
not bugs or treasures.

Adventure Pouch counts anything in the Pouch or at the Item Check, but does not 
include duplicates aside from Bottles and medals, or upgrades.


- Goddess Sword
- Small Wallet
- Sailcloth
- 0 Heart Pieces (0/4)
- 6 Heart Containers

Quest Items:

- Emerald Tablet


Adventure Pouch:

- Wooden Shield
- Empty Bottle

|- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 \  WOODED SEARCH                   [WALK_2]
\ \_________________________________________
Sorry for the rather long and wordy intro section. Things should be a little
more straightforward from this point on. At any rate, as you arrive on the
surface world, you'll land at the Sealed Grounds, a place just outside Faron
Woods. This place has a rather odd gaping hole in the ground with a spiral path
leading down to the bottom. Either way, there's a Sealed Temple just a bit up
the road, blocked by Deku Babas. These Babas have different mouths, and 
depending on how they open, you have to slice them along their mouths to kill
them. So it's either horizontal or vertical strikes depending on the Baba's

While Z-targeting an enemy or person, you can press down on the D-Pad to have
Fi give you information on the enemy or person. If it's an enemy, she can also
tell you how many of that enemy you've defeated and how well you do against
them. Pressing down on the D-Pad at any other time also summons Fi so she can
give you tips and various stats about your adventure. Anyway, just thought I'd
get that mentioned. Once you arrive in the front of the Sealed Temple, Link
looks down below...and suddenly something breaks out from the ground down below
and eats Link up!

...Turns out it was just a random daydream. Weird. Head up to the door of the
Sealed Temple and you will find (or rather, Fi will tell you) that it's blocked
with some kind of magical seal. Guess you can't enter, so...I guess head down
to the bottom. It was a daydream, but you gotta be curious as to what's down
there. You can either run down or jump down with the help of the Sailcloth. Fun
fact, if you look at the walls at the bottom here, you'll find the ink blot
paintings shown on the start-up intro. Cool! At any rate, the stake at the
bottom is emitting a darkly mist, and a strange unearthly sound is coming from
it. A voice tells you to use the Skyward Strike on it. Gather your energy and 
send it off onto the stake in any form, whether it be horizontal, vertical, 
diagonal, or thrusted. Note that if you spin slash with it, you get a wider
ranged spin attack. Pretty neat.

Anyway, by hitting the stake with a Skyward Strike, the darkly mist disappears,
and gusts of air start blowing from some holes, giving you a shortcut back up.
Fi also introduces the concept of dowsing, and suggests to use it to locate
Zelda. You can access your dowsing options by holding C, and tilting the Wii
Remote to the desired object you want to dowse for. The top slot is always for
the main quest, the left slot is always for sidequests, the down slot is just
for looking around without dowsing, and the right slot is for hearts, unlocked
when you're low on health and you respond to Fi's call. With dowsing, when you
are closer to your objective, the Wii Remote rumbles more and more and the
beeping goes at a faster rate. You can also move around while in first-person/
dowsing mode, I forgot to mention. So that's cool as well!

With dowsing explained, head back up to the Sealed Temple and the door shall
open. Enter.

Sealed Temple
Head up and you'll see an old woman wearing a really large pointy hat. Talk to
her. She tells you that Zelda is at work with her destiny, but she arrived in
an unexpected manner. Fearing that an evil work may be at hand, she asks you to
find and accompany Zelda. She then points to where you may find Faron Woods, 
and gives you the ability to set beacons. Once you open your map, you can set
beacons by pressing C wherever your cursor is at. You can remove beacons by
pressing C while hovering over a placed beacon. You can only place one beacon
at this point.

She tells you to take the contents of the treasure chest in here, and unlocks
the side door here to Faron Woods. Beside the old lady,    __________  ________
there is a chest like she said. Open it to get another     |         |/       |
Bottle, this one filled with Revitalizing Potion. So now   | EMPTY  BOTTLE #2 |
you have two bottles of those! Exit to the path to Faron   |      FOUND       |
Woods. Once out there, you'll notice the blue beacon you   '\                 |
placed reaching out to the sky. Follow the path here and     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
you will come to a small clearing. A Goron is there, and surrounded by 
Bokoblins! Come in for the rescue! Bokoblins usually like to block your attacks
with their weapons, so you'll have to either trick them by moving your sword
around and slashing in a direction they're not guarded, or shield bash them 
when they attack and parry.

After they're gone, you'll speak with Gorko, the Goron. You'll learn that he's
recently bumped into those Bokoblins as well as one of "our kind"...that must
be Zelda! He also points toward the bird statues. He's researching ancient
history about the surface world and the Isle of the Goddess (that's Skyloft),
and he says whenever you find these bird statues, examine them to keep track of
landmarks. That is a really good idea actually, because with examined bird
statues, you can actually choose where to land up in whenever you skydive back
onto Faron Woods or any other place you've been to before. That said as well,
bird statues are the only method to return to the sky, as well as save. Examine
the bird statue there, the one at the Sealed Grounds right where you landed is
already marked.

However, look around here to find some vines leading up to a cave. Climb up 
there and enter the cave to exit back out to the Sealed Grounds. Push the log
and you'll have a way to the path to Faron Woods without having to cut through
the Sealed Temple. It's...kind of a shortcut. Head back to the Faron Woods path
and continue along it to the actual woods that I've been talking about. Roll a
log against the wall and climb up to enter.

Faron Woods
After a preliminary cutscene and Fi talking to explain the area, you'll see a
bird statue. (I'll make a note of where a bird statue is so you can go up to it
and investigate it with A to add it to your map. I won't keep saying to 
investigate them though.) Up ahead is a rope. Jump to it, and swing to the 
other side by flicking the Wii Remote back and forward, using the Control Stick
to change direction, and A to jump off. On the other side, notice the spiky
things? They can stick to you and will explode momentarily if you don't shake
them off by rolling or spin slashing.

Up ahead are some thin trees blocking the way. Cut them down, and move ahead
for a couple more Bokoblins. These ones seem to be harrassing some other 
creature. Once they're gone, talk to the cute creature. Unfortunately the 
little guy gets scared of you and runs off up a ramp. Fi mentions that it's
weird your dowsing responded towards the Kikwi, so follow it up the ramp by
running up it. Follow the path and you'll find the Kikwi again, and it'll run
off...again. Jump down to see a bird statue to your right.

The Kikwi will be hiding behind a mushroom, as detected by your dowsing. Slash
the mushroom to startle him and make him move off behind another mushroom, this
time to the right of the path. Slash that one and he'll move off to the end of
this little grotto. Move down there. Notice there's a couple of pathways to the
right as well as an opening blocked off by rocks. Hm. Either way, follow the
path to the west now and talk to the Kikwi. You'll finally convince it that you
aren't a bad guy.

He says that someone who kinda looked like Link (human) arrived and was with
the Kikwi elder. So that explains why dowsing is picking up Kikwis and not
Zelda...time to continue searching for her. The Kikwi, Machi, does tell you
that he's sure this Zelda of yours is safe, and would like you to find the
Kikwi elder and tell him that he (Machi) is safe. So that's a second guy to
find. Next to you is a log you can push over the ledge for a shortcut from the
pathway to Sealed Grounds. There is an Amber Relic under it, which is one of
the game's treasures. You may have been getting other types of treasures from
defeated enemies...none at all if you're unlucky.

So now for those two paths you saw that led toward the east, with one of them
being a ramp. The ramp has a Deku Baba in the way, so that's already shot.
Climb up the ledges next to the cracked wall. You can head either up the ledge
with the help of the log, or a bit to the right to reach a clearing. Either
way, on the west side of this clearing are some new enemies: Octoroks. These
pop out of some bushes and spit rocks out at you. Use your shield bash to
deflect them back at them. Now, at the north end, there's a slightly hidden
crawlspace to reach the north side of the Great Tree, but ignore that for now.
Look just west here and down the ledge a little to see a log you can push. Do
that for another shortcut from the Sealed Grounds pathway.

Up here, look for a way a little higher. It can be from the roots or just
climbing up the nearby ledges. Either way, once up there, follow this south
root over to the side of the Great Tree. You'll see a peculiar heart-shaped
item on a platform, with a tightrope separating you from it. Get on the 
__________  ________  tightrope and move the Wii Remote in an upright position.
|         |/       |  Tilt it left/right to keep balance as you move along with
|  HEART PIECE #1  |  the Control Stick. At the other side, pick up the item to
|      FOUND       |  get a Piece of Heart! These items help increase your life
'\                 |  meter, but you need three more to do so to complete a
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  Heart Container. Jump down. South of here is the ramp
with the Deku Baba below, and a rather large Kikwi lying down on the ground
across the way. Can't jump across, so get on the east side of the ramp, and
throw down a rock at the Deku Baba if you wish. Be careful of the Guays. If 
they crap on you, shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to shake it off. No...I'm
serious. They can crap on you.

At any rate, head south down from this ramp (under the stump of a smaller tree)
to go along a spiral path up to a large lake. That serves no importance right
now. Along the way you can find a little raised waterfall basin. There may be
a treasure lying in the water, so climb up the log to find out. There is also
another log to your right that can be pushed for another shortcut, as well as
reveal another Amber Relic. Anyway, at the top, there's a passage going down
just a bit, and a bit of an open spot with a stump. This stump can be sat on,
and while sitting, you can restore hearts. You can do this on anything Link can
sit down on, so they're kinda brief resting spots.

At the bottom of that small grassy passage mentioned, you'll see a Deku Baba 
and a rope tied to the ground behind it. Cut the rope so it'll hang over. Swing
across, then go over and talk to the large Kikwi. It is Bucha, the Kikwi elder!
He says that his tribe seems to be missing due to the recent monster 
infestation, so he wants you to find his timid little pals. For saving them and 
getting his mind off of worrying about his tribe, he may be able to remember 
where Zelda went. Fi also adds the Kikwis as a dowsing target. So now it's time
for a Kikwi search!

\ Finding Kikwis:
- Remember the southwest of the clearing where you went up to get a Heart 
 Piece? There is a hole up on the ledge where that south root connects. You can
 head over there easily by rolling into the nearby grey tree where Bucha is, as
 it will unfurl a vine you can use for quick access up here. Once there and you
 find that hole, drop down there. Follow the passage and you'll find the Kikwi, 
 Oolo. Attempt to pick him up.

- Head back up to the Kikwi elder. There is a crawlspace in the larger tree 
 next to him, so climb in, climb up the vines, and emerge to find a tightrope. 
 This time there's those spiky thorns. To get them off, lean on the tightrope 
 until Link falls and grabs on with his hands. Flick the Wii Remote to jostle 
 the tightrope so that the thorns fall off. Link may also jostle by just 
 flicking downward while standing. As for balancing, you can balance pretty 
 well by slightly tilting the Wii Remote left/right, alternating with each step 
 that Link takes. Walk across when the stickers are jostled off to reach the 
 eastern clearing. A Red Bokoblin leader is there, so take him out before the 
 others so he doesn't keep spawning more. Once they're gone, the Kikwi named 
 Lopsa will be spotted on top of a tree. Roll into it to knock him down.

- In the process of knocking Lopsa down, a vine unfurled from the tree as well.
 Use the vine to get up out of this clearing by swinging. Push the log down to 
 create a shortcut to this area from the northern clearing. Drop down to this 
 clearing. See the structure northeast of the tree? Get up to the top of it to 
 find a bird statue. From this vantage point, the last Kikwi can also be seen 
 more clearly. Head to the north side of the Great Tree, past the Guays, and
 you'll see some vines on the cliffside just above one of the Great Tree's
 roots. Climb up onto the vines and get onto the ledge. You'll have to leap
 from one set of vines to the other. You'll find the Kikwi, Erla, up here 
 trying to hide in the grass. Cut down all the grass then talk to it.

That should be all the Kikwis! Now we should head to the Kikwi elder. Keep note
of the jumbled up rocks up here on this ledge, similar to the one you saw near
where you found Machi. Head up to the Kikwi elder. You     __________  ________
can head over there by dropping down and going through     |         |/       |
the crawlspace that links to the southwestern clearing.    |    SLINGSHOT     |
Swing across and talk to him. As thanks for finding his    |      FOUND       |
tribe and finding out they're safe, he gives you the       '\                 |
Slingshot! You can use this to get up to the temple where    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Zelda is! Climb up Bucha's body to grab it. You can use the Slingshot by aiming
the cursor by tilting the Wii Remote, and press A to fire a Deku Seed. It is a
B item, so hold B to bring up the item wheel, move the Wii Remote so your 
cursor is on it, and release to equip it. Now head up to the northern clearing, 
up to behind that structure. Look for a curled vine and hit it with a Slingshot 
seed to unfurl it. Swing up to the entrance to the Deep Woods and walk 
through...a mysterious figure who was right behind you was watching...

Deep Woods
Up ahead are some more Bokoblins. Again, take out the leader first. Once gone,
you'll notice a tree surrounded by grass. There is also a hornet hive. You can
actually get Hornet Larvae from there if you knock the hive off the tree with
the Slingshot. Anyway, follow the only path you can take and you'll get to a
place where there's a bottomless pit surrounding most of the area. Thus,
tightropes are going to be a must going through here. Shoot down the hive above
the first tightrope before crossing (make sure you're far away so the hornets
don't come after you).

Once past there, you can take a left up some stair-like ledges and push a log
at the end for a bit of a shortcut. Continue north to see the temple up ahead,
but the bottomless gap is in the way. Look east and shimmy along the ledge. 
Next up is a tightrope, and there are not only spiky stickers, but also a 
Bokoblin on the other side. He'll start walking towards you along the 
tightrope. Just jostle off the stickers and lean from one side to another in an
attempt to make the Bokoblin lose its balance and fall over. You can also hang
from your hands and jostle that way.

On the other side, you'll find a bird statue. Swing across with the rope, and
follow the narrow passage. Fight the Quadro Baba (his weakness switches from
horizontal slashes to vertical slashes) and get to Gorko the Goron. How'd he 
get here? He's looking at an odd cube. He says he read about these, that they 
were placed by the Goddess to help the chosen hero. He calls them Goddess
                             Cubes, so that's what I'll call them. To activate 
+-------------------------+  these Goddess Cubes, use a Skyward Strike on it.
| GODDESS CUBE #01 STRUCK |  Doing so will turn it into energy and will shoot
+-------------------------+  up towards the sky. What does that mean? We'll 
                             find out later. Right
now, just head north towards the temple. There is   +-------------------------+
a log you can push down for a shortcut up here.     | GODDESS CUBE #02 STRUCK |
You will spot another Goddess Cube, so Skyward      +-------------------------+
Strike that one. Up ahead is a bird statue, and
the entrance to Skyview Temple. The entrance door is locked, but the "key" is 
the jewel switch right above it. Shoot it with the Slingshot and head inside...

SKYVIEW TEMPLE                 |
As Fi mentions, in here you won't be able to dowse when in here. So you're left
to explore. Another thing to note is that there are bird statues throughout the
dungeon to save your progress. However, these ones you can't warp to since...
they're inside. However, at any bird statue, you can choose to warp out of the
dungeon if you so wish. Anyway, follow the path down. You'll end up seeing some
rather large spider webs. You can cut them down with your sword, which you'll
have to do since if you get caught in them you'll have to shake them off by
shaking the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. You'll also see some thin trees blocking 
the way and some Keese.

At the bottom, you'll see a closed door, and a vine wall blocked by thin trees.
Cut them down, but don't climb just yet, as the Deku Baba up there will knock
you off the moment you get close to the top. Shoot it with the Slingshot to 
stun it, then climb up and kill it. Slash the jewel switch and the door will 
open, so head through. In this room, the next door is closed and there's an eye 
above it. Oddly enough, you don't shoot this eye. Rather, it follows your sword 
wherever you move it around. Move the sword in a circle (doesn't matter if it's 
clockwise or counter-clock) until the eye gets dizzy and disintegrates, leaving 
the door open. Enter.

There's some stickers strewn about the floor here and some Deku Babas hanging
from the ceiling, so be careful when walking through here. Once there, you'll
see a bird statue. Looking behind where you entered and up, you'll see some
vines with Walltulas on them. Pick them off with the Slingshot and climb up to
the opening above. Slash the wood in the way to create a shortcut to this room.
Now, there are three doors here, one of which has a lock on it, and the others
are closed with portcullis gates. Kill the Green Bokoblin here. The east door 
has a jewel switch above it, but ignore that for now. Drop down, and look 
around the west side to find another jewel switch in an alcove below the west 
door. Hit that and the west door will unlock, so climb back up and head through 
that door.

In here, kill the Bokoblin. You will also see a Skulltula on its web. You can't
kill it from here, so ignore it and don't get close to it or else it'll snare
you. Shake the controller if that happens. Anyway, to the right of the 
Skulltula you may see two furled vines. Hit them with the Slingshot to unfurl
them, and swing across to the other side. (Jump from one vine to the other, 
then onto the other side.) Enter the door here. Back in the room you were just
in, get on the tree branch and open the chest for the Dungeon Map! Now, these
items are really cool compared to other Zelda games. They combined the Map and
Compass's function together for the Dungeon Maps in this game. It will show
treasure chest locations as well as the location to the boss door. Not only
that, but the maps are a lot more helpful now, showing the contents of each
room instead of just the shape of the rooms. It also puts an X on important
parts of the map. With that said, you no longer find the Compass item in 
dungeons in this game. At any rate, return through the door you just went 
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              |   DUNGEON  MAP   |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
Now that you're on the other side of those Skulltulas, stab their weak spots
to kill them, then cut away their webbing. Look into an alcove to the west to
find a jewel switch. Hit it and the water will rise a bit. Head back to that 
center room, hit the jewel switch above the east door to open, and head 
through. Cut down the webbing and approach the stone tablet to have a Skulltula
get in your way. This one's hanging from a web strand, so to kill this one, hit
it with a horizontal strike to make it spin, and stab its weak spot when it
gets close. Drop down once it's defeated and look east for a crawlspace. Crawl
through, shoot the jewel switch above to raise the water more, and climb the
vines to reach a crawlspace to get out.

There's nothing else you can do from here, so head back to the center room and
look towards the east wall. There's some vines there, and with the log there 
they look reachable. Pick off the Walltulas first and climb up to reach the
southeast door. Enter. Kill the hanging Skulltula same as before, and position
yourself so that you're between the two eyes that are beside the chest. Make
sure they're both open, and move your sword in circles until they get dizzy and
open the lock to the chest. Open it for a [[SMALL KEY]]. Return to the middle
room and finally open the locked door to the north to enter the REAL central

There seems to be a lot going on in this room. First and foremost though, we
need to enter the structure in the center. Hit the jewel switch above the door
ahead to open it, and walk in to fight a mini-boss! This is a Stalfos. This
enemy positions its swords in such a way that only certain directional strikes
can hit. It should be fairly obvious to read. You can also wait until the
Stalfos attacks and shield bash just as it hits to literally disarm it so you
can slash it senseless. For beating the Stalfos, a chest appears containing the
Beetle! With this remote-controlled machine, you can launch it with A and tilt
the Wii Remote to make it fly, much like when flying your Loftwing.
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              |      BEETLE      |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
The door's still locked though. Notice this structure has a hole on its side,
next to the door? Aim the Beetle there and launch it. Once outside the 
structure, turn it right and hit the jewel switch to open the door back up.
Exit. Now, in this central chamber, the way forward is to the east, but the
door is locked. So, head to the west side. (The zoomed-out map gives proper
directions.) As a few notes, you'll notice that there are lots of holes in the
walls around this central chamber. You can fly the Beetle through those holes
to get various Rupee prizes. Might as well, since Rupees are used a lot in this
game. Your limit right now is 300, by the way.

Anyway, the west door is locked, but there are holes on the walls beside the
door. Fly the Beetle in there to find a jewel switch. Hit it to open the door
and head in. Inside, just head forward and go through the next door, where you
will be locked in with a three-eye puzzle and a Skulltula to suddenly drop 
down. As this one's on its legs, you'll have to use an upward vertical strike
to flip it over, then use the Fatal Strike. Now for the eyes. The third one is 
a little too high for this to work right now, so look around for some vines and 
climb them. You'll see a block hanging. Cut the string it's hanging from by
flying the Beetle into the string, then push the block down, then push it 
around the center. If positioned right, all three eyes will open once you dash 
up on top of the block. Move the sword in circles until they open the gate to 
the chest. Open it for another [[SMALL KEY]].

Head back through the door. Now how to get back into the central chamber? Fly
the Beetle up to the parts up above, dodging around the Skulltulas over to the
jewel switch. This will raise the water level so you can get up there and drop
to the door. Kill the Skulltula, cut the thin trees blocking the crawlspace,
and crawl to the door. Back in the central chamber, go to the north side and
look around to see a Piece of Heart locked up. To open it, fly the Beetle up
__________  ________  high, towards the top of the structure. If positioned
|         |/       |  right, you can JUST get the Beetle to hit the jewel
|  HEART PIECE #2  |  switch up there as it runs out of juice. Heh, Beetle
|      FOUND       |  juice. Get it? Eh...anyway, grab your Heart Piece and
'\                 |  move to the east side. The hanging crate above contains
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  a health-restoring Fairy, if you wish to bottle one. 
Well, if you can, that is. Just touching it though immediately restores health.
At any rate, the locked door is ahead, but you have to cross a tightrope with
Deku Babas hanging from the ceiling. Use the Beetle to cut their stalks and 
make it safe to walk across.

In the following room, slash the wooden barriers to break them and find a 
Staldra. This is a three-necked lizard with skulls for heads. Cutting their
skull heads off separately does no good, as it immediately regrows the head.
You'll need to decapitate all three of its heads. To do that, wait until it
moves its heads perfectly horizontal or perfectly diagonal. Keep in mind that
it will also attack when it does this, so you need to be quick. One slash 
across all its heads will completely decapitate it and kill it. Continue on to
the final room where the boss door is. Kill the Bokoblin and use the Beetle to
cut the Skulltula's strand, and hop across.

Hit the jewel switch up and left to open the gate to the central chamber as a
shortcut. Now, look right to see a long tightrope and again, another Bokoblin
ready to intercept. This time you'll suddenly have another Bokoblin right 
behind you. Just jostle them off. On the other side, you can look west to see
a small chest with a Red Rupee inside. To the right of the boss door, you can
see some vines to climb up, so do so. At the top, cut the rope from whatever
it's tied to, and jump to it. Turn and swing to the tree branch and jump to it.
Climb up, follow the branch to the other side, and unfurl the vines with
Slingshot seeds (or the Beetle). Swing across them to the chest and open it for
the [[GODDESS CARVING]]. This will be used to unlock that big door.

Climb up the vines here so you can jump out of this alcove. Walk along the
tightrope again, and press A in front of the big door. You'll have to hold A
and tilt the Goddess Carving around with the Wii Remote until it lines up with 
the lock indent, then press A to place it. Not much I can really do to describe
how to do it exactly. Once the door is open, you'll head in and face a...rather
weird character. He's apparently also searching for Zelda, and she's behind a
door he can't break open. He decides to toy with you a bit, and decides to
battle you.

BOSS: Demon Lord, Ghirahim
He starts off the battle completely unarmed, and moves his hand in accordance
with how you move your sword. The thing is...he blocks your sword wherever you
strike, and holds your sword in place. If you're not careful in trying to shake
the sword away, he will take it, look at it a bit, and use it against you! If
he does that, he will soon afterwards throw it at you. Dodge it and run to pick
up your sword again before he picks it up again.

What you're supposed to do is to trick him. Move the sword in different places
until he stops moving his hand. Then strike anywhere where his hand isn't near
to deal damage. Do a combo of strikes until he jumps back or dodges. Repeat the
process until he goes into his second phase, where he summons a sword for him
to use. Here he definitely dodges any strikes you perform on him. If you get
close to him, he starts slashing with his sword. If you're far away, he does
one of two things: summons a group of darkly daggers and sends them toward you
that you have to slash along to send them back (vertically, horizontally, or
diagonally), or starts a rushing attack. If he does the rushing attack, wait 
until he's up close, and then shield bash as he swings his sword. You'll knock 
him back a bit and will be able to counter with a combo of strikes. You can 
also counter his rushing attack by slashing him at the right time before he's 
able to swing his sword.

Finally, sometimes Ghirahim warps to someplace beside you, holding his sword in
a certain manner. If you're quick, you can turn, re-target him, and start
slashing him before he strikes. Make sure you strike where his sword isn't,
otherwise he will counter-attack immediately. After some more hits, Ghirahim 
decides he has enough, and says that he will let you go since he can no longer 
sense Zelda here. But the next time we meet...you're dead.
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              | HEART  CONTAINER |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
For defeating him, a Heart Container will appear. Grab it to gain another heart
for your life meter! Enter the door to arrive at Skyview Spring. Zelda was
apparantly here and left during our battle. Head up to the altar. You'll see a
familiar crest, but before doing that, hop down
and look back behind the crest's altar to see a     +-------------------------+
Goddess Cube. Skyward Strike it, then head back up  | GODDESS CUBE #03 STRUCK |
and Skyward Strike the crest. For doing so, you'll  +-------------------------+
get the Ruby Tablet after Fi beautifully relays a
message from the gods of old. You'll need to bring this to Skyloft's Statue of 
the Goddess. So with that said, you'll be taken just outside the Skyview 
Temple's entrance after a save prompt...


- Goddess Sword
- Small Wallet
- Sailcloth
- 2 Heart Pieces (2/4)
- 7 Heart Containers

Quest Items:

- Emerald Tablet
- Ruby Tablet


- Slingshot
- Beetle

Adventure Pouch:

- Wooden Shield
- Empty Bottle
- Empty Bottle

|- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 \  FIERY DETERMINATION             [WALK_3]
\ \_________________________________________
Exiting the Skyview Temple, you'll see a Kikwi. He'll ask if you found Zelda,
which is an unfortunate no. But, thanks to the message from the gods at the
Spring, we were told that she was headed to the province of Eldin. So with the
Kikwi heading off, it's time to return to the sky. Approach the nearby bird
statue, examine it, and say that you want to head to the sky. You'll be 
magically sent back up to the sky and automatically call your Loftwing!

Fi will most likely mention energy readings similar to when you struck the
Goddess Cubes with Skyward Strikes, and that the results can be found on the
islands around the sky. But before doing that, let's go ahead and drop 
ourselves off at Skyloft.

Ah...back at home town. Head up to the Statue of the Goddess from here, enter
it, and head up to where you inserted the Emerald Tablet from before. Insert
the Ruby Tablet and a red beacon will shoot out from the cloud barrier. So now
a new province is opened up. Let's get some things done first however. Once you
exit the Statue of the Goddess and head towards this island's bridge, you'll
see Wyrna worrying about her little girl, Kukiel. Apparently the girl has been
kidnapped! Some say it was a man with a scary face, others say it was a 
monster! Oh dear. Let's agree to help find Kukiel.

So where should we go? Well, let's talk to other people and get them to start
searching. You can talk to Fledge who's just outside the Knight Academy's upper
door. He'll mount a bit of a search-and-rescue. Now head over to the Plaza and
talk to Gully. Ask him about Kukiel and he'll say that the last time he saw her
she was at the graveyard yesterday. Head over to the east side to find Orielle.
Talk to her, say that a monster might've taken Kukiel, and she will mention
about an old man who speaks such odd things like that. He's over at the Lumpy
Pumpkin, so we've got a place to go! First though, let's offload our Rupees.

Flying around town is Beedle's Airship. To get inside, ring the bell with some
sort of impact. You can use the Slingshot or the Beetle. So find it (use the 
map to help), ring the bell, and grab the rope he sends down. He'll pull you up 
so that you can enter the Airship. Inside is a bunch of expensive goods you can 
get. Available now, he has an Adventure Pouch upgrade, a Life Medal, an Extra 
__________  ________  an Extra Wallet, and a Bug Net. Go ahead and purchase the
|         |/       |  Bug Net for 50 Rupees. Okay, that's actually kinda cheap.
|     BUG  NET     |  The Adventure Pouch upgrade is 300 Rupees, and the Life
|      FOUND       |  Medal is 800. Ouch. However, the Extra Wallet is 100, so
'\                 |  definitely buy that. You'll be able to carry an extra 300
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  Rupees with that. Exit his shop. (Funny thing, if you
enter his shop, look at his inventory, and don't buy anything, he will open a
trapdoor below you and force you out.)
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              | EXTRA  WALLET #1 |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
So with shopping at Beedle's place done with, let's head over to Pumpkin
Landing. It's the kinda big island to the east of Skyloft. To make flying a 
little faster, there are certain islands with holes in the middle. If you fly 
through them, you'll get a HUGE speed boost. Once you get there, try to skydive 
onto the south awning on top of the pumpkin-shaped building, as there's a 
Goddess Chest there, activated because of one of the Goddess Cubes. Open it to
get a Gold Rupee, worth 300 Rupees. Aren't you glad you bought that Extra 
Wallet? All that money would've gone to waste had you opened that with a full
wallet. Anyway, drop down, and you should see ANOTHER Goddess Chest. Open that
one to get an Adventure Pouch upgrade! Now you have a fifth slot to put 
something! With those taken care of, enter this building, the Lumpy Pumpkin.
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              | POUCH UPGRADE #1 |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
Lumpy Pumpkin
Welcome to the Lumpy Pumpkin country bar, home of the famous Lumpy Pumpkin 
soup! Wait...oh my God, is that a Piece of Heart on top of the chandelier? 
Hnnng, so tempting...but they say not to shake the chandelier. Eh...we're here
for the old man, so find him and talk to him about Kukiel. He says he saw a
monster over at the graveyard at night. He walked by the tree and saw "it" hit
the gravestone nearest the tree, and the gravestone lit up! It pushed the 
gravestone and the door to the storage shed opened up all by itself...yeah,
alright old man, I believe ya. Before we leave back to Skyloft, you can 
purchase some Hot Pumpkin Soup for one of your bottles if one of them's empty.
It cools in five minutes, but it's a neat heart-restoring item.

Anyway, back outside, get on your Loftwing and fly west towards the next chest
marker. Might be a good idea to set a beacon there too so  __________  ________
you don't have to keep checking the map. Once there, open  |         |/       |
the Goddess Chest there for another Piece of Heart! One    |  HEART PIECE #3  |
more to go until you complete a Heart Container! Head up   |      FOUND       |
to Skyloft now and humor the old guy. Find a bed (you can  '\                 |
use the one in your room at the Knight Academy) and sleep    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
until night. Exit the Knight Academy through the second floor, and head over to
the graveyard on the east side. Careful of the enemies on the way over there.
Now once at the graveyard, notice the tree? Roll into the gravestone nearest 
it. It will glow and form a demonic-looking shape. Uh...huh... Push the stone
and the nearby door will open. Okay, so the old man wasn't lieing...pretty sure
it wasn't a demon he said he saw, right? Follow the path that was opened to get
to a lone house normally inaccessible. There's a scream? Enter.

OH MY GOD, IT IS A DEMON! TAKE OUT YOUR SWORD AND...huh? It's cowering? Okay...
I guess this is actually a nice demon. This Batreaux dude would like to become
a human again, and to do that, he needs Gratitude Crystals. Gratitude Crystals
form when you make someone happy, so guess what that means? We unlocked the
method of getting those crystals, and sidequests should start showing up over
the course of the game. Oh, and that scream, Kukiel and Batreaux were just 
playing a game of "scream as loud as you can". No, seriously. Talking to 
Batreaux again, he says that Kukiel will be back safe with her mother by
morning, and would like to have five Gratitude Crystals. With that, I guess 
it's time to head back to bed and sleep 'til morning. Oh, and no, you can't
fly around on your Loftwing at night, if you were wondering. That means no
night exploration on the surface world either. Kinda sucks, but eh. As soon as
you enter your own room, you'll notice something hovering over your desk. Pick
it up, as it's a [[GRATITUDE CRYSTAL]]! Cool, already found one. Now sleep...

Back in the morning, head over to Kukiel's house on the west side of the lake.
Wyrna will be so glad that her little girl is back, and you will get [[FIVE
GRATITUDE CRYSTALS]] in return! Well, we've already got enough for Batreaux!
Hey, um...don't these Gratitude Crystals look familiar...? Eh, must be 
imagining things... Anyway, head down to Batreaux's place (thankfully doesn't 
__________  ________  have to be at night) and, as thanks for giving him five
|         |/       |  Gratitude Crystals, he gives you the Medium Wallet! You
|  MEDIUM  WALLET  |  can hold 500 Rupees now! With the Extra Wallet, that
|      FOUND       |  makes 800 Rupees you can carry now! If only you had
'\                 |  enough to buy that Life Medal now...but that'll have to
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  wait I suppose. Next, Batreaux's gonna want 10 of them. 
Thankfully the ones you "gave" him aren't subtracted from your total, so you
really need four more. Exit Batreaux's place and climb the ladder back up.

Head to the plaza and you'll notice Parrow's worrying about someone else. Talk
to him and he'll say that his sister told him she was wanting to check out the
"colorful island" out there, but hasn't come back in a worrying long while. 
Time to search for her. Get on your Loftwing and fly west. Zoom in the map.
Notice there's a multi-colored island there. Fly in that direction, but look
around it. You'll see a thin sky island with someone on there. That's her,
Orielle! Land and talk to her, and she says that her Loftwing is injured. 
Loftwings heal through special mushroom spores, and says her brother might have
some. Return to him, tell him of the situation, and he will give you a bottle
(your third bottle!) with Mushroom Spores inside! Take this back to Orielle and
heal her bird. She will be thankful and give you [[FIVE GRATITUDE CRYSTALS]].
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              | EMPTY  BOTTLE #3 |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
Return to Skyloft and talk to Parrow and he will thank you for helping Orielle
back home! You get [[FIVE GRATITUDE CRYSTALS]]! Wow, you're getting them left
__________  ________  and right, aren't you? Since we've already got the 10
|         |/       |  Batreaux needs, head back to him and he will reward you
|  HEART PIECE #4  |  with a Piece of Heart! Awesome, we got a new heart! Next
|      FOUND       |  Batreaux wants 30 Crystals. Alrighty. Hey, you know what?
'\                 |  I never showed you how to use the Bug Net! It's really
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  simple actually, just use it like you would your sword!
Just move it around with the Wii Remote, and move it quickly in a direction to
catch a bug. You have to be slow, silent, and not make sudden movements,
otherwise the bugs will fly/run off! What are the bugs used for? Selling to 
Stritch at night or for upgrading potions at the Bazaar! I won't be mentioning 
bugs in the walkthrough, but you can check the bugs sub-section in the Items 
section for location tips for each bug!

Speaking of the bazaar, head there now. Let's get some real preparation done
for our next visit. We won't be heading there just yet, but might as well get
something important done aside from sidequests. Anyway, at the Bazaar, you can
look to see if you can upgrade anything if you've been picking up treasures,
and check the shop for new items: the Iron Shield and Small Seed Satchel. You
can purchase these for 100 Rupees each. You should have enough provided you got
that Gold Rupee from before. Overall, you should come equipped with at least an
Iron Shield, as the place you're going, your Wooden Shield won't stand up to
the heat.
                  __________  ________   __________  ________
                  |         |/       |   |         |/       |
                  |   IRON  SHIELD   |   |SMALL SEED SATCHEL|
                  |      FOUND       |   |      FOUND       |
                  '\                 |   '\                 |
                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
If you head over to the Item Check, Peatrice will notice that you seem to be
the most frequent customer she's had...and then wonders if you're there just to
see her. Go ahead and say yes, you sly dog, you. She doesn't believe you at
first, but she will think about it later on...and yes this is a kind of 
sidequest. Anyway, after preparing (bring an Iron Shield at least), it's time
to head off Skyloft. Now, I'd say that you'd head to Eldin Province now, but
that Heart Piece up in the chandelier in the Lumpy Pumpkin has been bugging me
to no end. Head over there! Roll into the walls upstairs to shake the 
chandelier. Keep doing it and you'll be able to knock the Heart Piece off 

We're in for it now...the chandelier fell and broke...     __________  ________
head downstairs and pick up your Heart Piece, and talk to  |         |/       |
Pumm. Needless to say, he's pissed, and he's gonna be      |  HEART PIECE #5  |
having you pay for that priceless chandelier by doing      |      FOUND       |
work for him. He's gonna start right off. He wants you to  '\                 |
deliver soup to Eagus, the Knight Commander. Eagus doesn't   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
like cold soup, so you'll have to hurry before it turns cold! You'll need an
Empty Bottle for this, so if you don't have one...get one. Empty one if you
have to. You know where Eagus is, right? He's the guy at the Sparring Hall. Fly 
to Skyloft, talk to him to give him some o' that pumpkin soup, then fly back to 
Lumpy Pumpkin. Talk to Pumm and he will think of something else that needs to 
be done. He needs time, though.

So with that done, it's finally time to progress the story. Fly to the red
beacon and skydive off to arrive at Eldin Province...

Eldin Volcano
After arriving, you'll get an introduction to the area, and Fi will say that if
you catch on fire, you can put it out by rolling or doing spin slashes. Right
                             here's a bird statue. Head forward past the Red 
+-------------------------+  Chuchu to get to a fork in the road. The left
| GODDESS CUBE #04 STRUCK |  passage is blocked right now, but the right one is
+-------------------------+  free. However, before moving, look behind you and
                             off to the side just a bit. A Goddess Cube! Strike
it and move on. Follow the pathway to the southern part of this area, but not 
without encountering a new creature type: Mogmas! I love these guys for some
reason. Past them a bit, you may spot some foliage popping out from the edge on
the left. Drop down there for a Red Rupee. Climb back up and continue. You'll
get to a sorta cave with a bunch of Fire Keese flying around. Take a left, 
since there's nothing of importance on the west island.

Inside is a cave with bomb flowers being grown! Talk to the Mogma and, whether
or not you know already, he'll tell you how to use bomb flowers (and 
subsequently, just regular bombs). Pick up a bomb flower. Once you have one in
hand, press A to place it, or toss it by pointing the Wii Remote up and then
flicking it downward. To roll bombs, point the Wii Remote down, and then flick
it upward. Before rolling one, you can actually put a spin on it by twisting
the Wii Remote to the side left or right. Use these bomb flowers to test them
out and all their uses. Eventually one cracked wall opens the way forward, so
take that path to eventually emerge back outside.

There's a bird statue here for Volcano East. Follow the path just a bit and you
will have three ways to go. Left, there's a crawl-
-space blocked with rocks and nearby bomb flowers   +-------------------------+
to roll them into. Past the crawlspace is a chest   | GODDESS CUBE #05 STRUCK |
with a Red Rupee. North is another Goddess Cube,    +-------------------------+
and right leads further down. Follow the path past
the Mogma until you find a Pyrup. It'll retreat into a hole, and if you try to
get past it, it'll breathe fire you can't pass by. Bomb flowers are nearby, so
roll one in to his hole to kill him. Continue along, kill the Bokoblins, and
keep going to meet more Pyrups, this time hiding under skulls. Toss bomb 
flowers into the holes on top of the skulls to kill them.

__________  ________  There's a bone bridge across lava, and some ledges to
|         |/       |  climb northward. Climb those, and follow the path around
|  HEART PIECE #6  |  south, back west. You'll see a Piece of Heart on a ledge
|      FOUND       |  below! Grab it and head back to the bone bridge. Run
'\                 |  across the bone bridge to speak to a Mogma. He says some
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  weird guys started appearing from the hole over there
that was near our fifth Goddess Cube, and decided to plug up the lava flow so
that more bad guys wouldn't show up. That plugged up lava flow is right next
to you, and needs to be blown up. Run back across to some bomb flowers. Now,
you can't run when carrying these, and you do need to run fast to get across.
So, what you do is you roll a bomb across the bone bridge. It should roll right
to the stopped-up lava and get it flowing again, which lowers the lava on the
other side. Now we can continue!

Run across the bone bridge again, climb up the ledge, then hop down. Follow the 
path around to some air vents, and get sent up to the inside of that hole 
                             mentioned. Do a running jump off here to start a
+-------------------------+  skydive, as it's a bit of a drop. Lean to the
| GODDESS CUBE #06 STRUCK |  upper left a bit to land on a ledge with a chest
+-------------------------+  containing treasure. Look down to see a Goddess 
                             Cube on a pillar. Run off to skydive again, 
leaning towards that Cube so you can strike it. If you missed, head up the 
upper right path and fly back up with the Sailcloth to try again. Once that's
done, head west a bit, then south to find a Mogma. He says those red guys have
moved in to take over, so let's kill us some Bokoblins!

Keep in mind though that there are some Bokoblin Leaders up on some of the
barracks, so you'll have to climb up and defeat them first, otherwise you'll
get an endless wave of Bokoblins to fight. Could be good for grinding 
Ornamental Skulls and Golden Skulls I suppose... Once you  __________  ________
have taken them all out, talk to the Mogma there again.    |         |/       |
No matter what you tell him, he'll give you the Digging    |  DIGGING  MITTS  |
Mitts! With these, just press A near any suspicious soil   |      FOUND       |
and you can dig up what's under it! You can keep on        '\                 |
digging in one spot multiple times until a tiny crater is    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
left. Anything that isn't an air vent or *something else*, you'll find Rupees, 
hearts, or Eldin Ore, a type of treasure. So it's good to dig!

At any rate, you can test these out by heading back to the room you cleared out
Bokoblins in. You might notice there's a chest on a too-high ledge. We'll get
to that. Next to the chest is another ledge, this time with an air vent you can
dig up. Do that for another dig spot for some Rupees or treasure. Exit this
room, and head back to the dig spot the Mogma mentioned, just behind him. Dig
up the air vent and head up. Take the left fork, dig up the air vent, fly up,
and climb the ladder. Kill the Bokoblin, and look at one of the walls to see
three openings. Take the middle one and you'll land on that chest's ledge. Open
it for treasure. Head back to that fork and take the right passage this time to
get to a room of pillars, made a maze thanks to the Pyrups.

Once you enter, turn left. You can dig there to unearth a Mogma if you want.
Turn right, then right, follow it to the end. There's a Pyrup's fire in the 
way, but there's also some bomb flowers. Roll one in to kill, though you might
have to curve it this time. Head east now through the tunnel, dig up an air 
vent, and fly up back to the surface. Head east from up here to find another
Mogma, says he saw a fella dressed in black just jump right over the gap to the
north. Huh, odd. Don't remember someone dressed in black...at any rate, there's
a bomb flower next to the Mogma, so take that and place a bomb on the bunch of 
rocks blocking the way. This'll open a shortcut to here so you won't have to 
cut through the underground again. Head back to the northern gap.

Suddenly the bridge will extend, and a figure in black will speak to you. She
says that Zelda is ahead and you should hurry. Huh...cross the bridge and come
across a bird statue. Bomb the west wall just behind the fallen watchtower for
a small chest with a Red Rupee. The east cavern is blocked off by rocks, and 
the bomb flowers are too far to carry one, so just head up the north cavern 
next to the bird statue. Jump across the lava and you'll be starting to ascend 
the mountain, starting with a steep sandy slope. Run up the slope to the wooden
ledge. Kill the Bokoblin there, then look back down to the west. Looking at the
map, this leads all the way to Volcano Entry, that one path that was blocked 
off from before. Run to the nearby ledge, dig for some Deku Seeds if you're 
low, and throw a bomb flower down to that blockage. That oughta be good. Now to
head up.

The only entry at the top, and there's a Bokoblin in the way, and he's throwing
down rocks. Seems simple enough, right? Just dodge the rocks and climb up to
him? Wrong. As soon as you get up there and jump to grab the ledge, he stomps
your hands and makes you fall off, sliding back down. So I'd advise to hit him
with the Slingshot while he's holding a rock and he will lose grip, making it
crush him. Hahahahaha!! As it's a fairly long range, you'll have to aim quite a
bit above your desired target due to gravity and all that. Run up and climb up 
to find a Bokoblin campsite. Take care of the ones here, and you'll still hear 
a horn. It's the one on top of the watchtower! So how to get rid of him? Knock 
the tower down by placing a bomb flower next to it!

Thrill Digger
Before moving on, you may notice some rocks you can blow apart on the north
wall...and that's actually where the bomb flowers are. Blow it up and head
inside to find Tubert, the Mogma! He's holding a minigame called Thrill Digger.
This is purely for Rupees and treasure for clearing them, but it's fun 
nonetheless. Dig up Rupees and you can keep them. The game ends if you dig up a 
bomb. If you've played Minesweeper before, that's basically what this is. You 
can get hints from a Mogma, but you have to pay some Rupees for it, so I'll 
give them out for free. Because I'm good like that.

- The color of the Rupees you dig up will tell you how many bad holes are 
 around you.
- Dig up a green Rupee, there are no bad holes around it.
- A Blue Rupee will have one or two bad holes.
- A Red Rupee will have three or four bad holes.
- A Silver Rupee will have five or six bad holes.
- A super-rare Gold Rupee is practically surrounded with bad holes. Seven or
 eight bad holes.

There are three difficulties: Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. The higher
the difficulty, the more holes you have to dig for. You have no time limit, so
feel free to take your time and strategize. As I said, this mini-game is purely
for Rupees, you don't win anything extra. A fun little thing, if you sit on the
stool next to Tubert, you can chat with him, ask him questions. For taking the
time to talk to him, he gives you a hint: all around the walls, particularly
the shining spots, are pure Rupee ore. If you "sling" something onto them,
Rupees will pop out! So you can try that, but beware of the silver ones. 
Rupoors pop out instead of actual Silver Rupees. If you collect those, you lose 
Rupees, 10 with each one. Not good. That said, Intermediate and Expert 
difficulties have Rupoors that can be dug up as well.

Climbing Eldin
Back outside, cross the now-fallen watchtower to use as a sort of bridge. Head
along and climb up the vine. Follow the path after taking down the large Red
Chuchu, jump acrosss, and you'll be at another sandy slope climb. Run up to the
wooden ledges, kill the Bokoblins, run up to the next wooden ledge and kill
those, and hit the Bokoblins up there at the top with the Slingshot, preferably 
when they're holding rocks so they'll squish themselves. Run up to the top and 
you'll see the entrance to the next temple where Zelda seems to be, but 
overhearing the conversation between the two Mogmas here, there's a key to the 
temple, and it's in shards, buried in soft soil around the volcano's surface. 
Fi adds the key shards as a dowsing option. Anyway, there's a bird statue here.

\ Finding the Key Shards:
- Look back towards the sandy slope where you ran up to here. On the east side
 beside the little pagoda building are some bomb flowers. Down below is a 
 bombable wall along the sandy slope, and judging by dowsing, a key shard is
 behind it. Toss a bomb flower over in its direction and a bit left, and it 
 should have the momentum to roll up to it and blow it up. Run down there and 
 dig up the [[PIECE OF KEY]].

- Climb back up to the front of the temple. Over to the west a bit, you'll find
 the next [[PIECE OF KEY]] hidden under some soil. Dig it up, it's next to the
 rock where the floor tiling ends.

- Over on the west side, there's a bunch of ledges and a smaller sandy slope
 to the south. First though, dig up the soil near the patch of water to reveal
 an air geyser. Bring a bomb flower and fly up to a bombable place. The bomb
 flower will fly up with you and blow it up, revealing a Goddess Cube. Strike 
 it, then jump down. Head south and toss a Bomb to the watchtower at the bottom
 of the sandy slope to knock it over, revealing a dig spot. Slide/run down the 
 slope to the bottom, and dig up the next [[PIECE OF KEY]]. There's also an odd 
 wind propeller here...
                          | GODDESS CUBE #07 STRUCK |

- Back in front of the Temple Entrance, head east to a small Bokoblin camp.
 Take down the Bokoblins and bomb the watchtower. Before crossing, look east of
 the camp. There is a Goddess Cube on the ledge next to the lava river. The
 cave entrance on the other side of the river can't be entered yet, so head 
 back to the camp.
                          | GODDESS CUBE #08 STRUCK |

- Cross the fallen watchtower and follow the tunnel. You'll get to a little
 gap you need to bridge. Over to your left you'll see a very thin ledge you can
 shimmy across, so get close to the edge, press A to drop and grab it, then
 shimmy. Climb up the left ledge, jump to the right, follow the path and jump
 to the vines. Follow it down and around until you are at the other side. Drop
 there and step on the switch to extend a bridge across so you don't have to do
 that again. Head up and Fi will tell you that you're coming to a very hot
 place and your clothes may catch on fire. You still need to get through, so
 enter and quickly run right. You'll head down a sandy slope. When you fall and
 get to another one, quickly head left and hit the air geyser to get up on a
 pillar. Just down below is a Goddess Cube, so jump down to it and strike it.
                          | GODDESS CUBE #09 STRUCK |

- Jump back north while holding A, and run over to the other side, taking the
 air geyser. The pillar up here has a Fairy you can dig up if you need some
 health. Jump down south and take the right path, ending up on the solid 
 ground. Looking left, you'll see two air geysers. Wait until the first geyser
 starts, and then the second geyser, and then jump across. Pull yourself up and
 dig up the [[PIECE OF KEY]]. One more left to go!

- Jump down and slide south to the bottom of the mountain again, this time on
 some different platforms. Jump across to the platform with the stamina fruit
 and look north to see a cave. Inside, you'll notice a bombable wall on the
 far side, a lava pool with it, a bomb flower, and a slope on the right. Logic
 dictates you need to roll the bomb flower across the slope to the bombable 
 wall, but the lava's in the way. Well, just outside is another plugged-up lava
 flow. Toss a bomb flower down there and the lava inside will lower. NOW you 
 can roll a bomb flower over there. Do so to open it up, then run over there 
 and dig up the last [[PIECE OF KEY]].

Yay! You finally have the full key needed to enter the next temple. To get back
up, head west from this cave. You'll see another cave entrance with a massive
air geyser. That takes you back up to the top, but BEFORE you do that, pick up
a bomb flower just outside this cave and use it to blow up the rocks to the 
left of the geyser. This'll allow a shortcut to the top of the volcano through
the Volcano Ascent bird statue. Take the air geyser now.

Once up there, you'll be just before the hot area. Backtrack to the Temple
Entrance, and use the key to open the temple doors...

EARTH TEMPLE                   |
Welcome to the Earth Temple...you'll be dealing with a lot of lava here. This
place does have some pretty catchy music...next to you is a bird statue. Head
forward, jump across the platforms, and dig up the soil for an air geyser. Fly
up it and open the chest for a Red Rupee. Drop down. The west alcove over there
has a few dig spots where you can get Rupees, Hearts, and a Red Chuchu if 
you're so inclined. Otherwise, head north to find some rock platforms on lava
geysers that go up and down intermittently. Time your jumps. On the other side,
you'll see two gear mechanisms. Cut the rope for each to lower the bridge, but
it's not enough. There's another gear mechanism just to the bridge's right, so
fly your Beetle there and cut the rope to fully lower the bridge. Head across

Up ahead is a Lizalfos, a new enemy. This guy likes to block attacks with its
massive iron arm. The thing is, you can't trick it like you can with 
Bokoblins. What you'll have to do is either parry its attacks or slash where
its arm is and it'll dodge, placing its arm somewhere and taunting you. Slash
then where its arm isn't and you're golden. After it's defeated, it may or may
not leave a Lizard Tail treasure. Lizalfos seem to have a high chance of 
leaving those behind. Now, see the wreckage of something up on the lava? Kinda
looks like a statue's face? There are bomb flowers on it, so hit one with the
Slingshot. If you have no Seeds, there's a soil spot where you can dig up 
Seeds. The bomb flowers will blow up, and the remainder of it, the "eyeball",
will float to you.

Hop on it and you can move around (with the Control Stick) with it. Link tries
to balance himself, so if you move too far from the center, let go the Control
Stick and Link will re-center himself on it. This will be your mode of 
transportation for practically half the temple, so get used to it. Head over to
the east side. A Mogma there says he left his Bomb Bag behind accidentally, and
would like you to go get it for him. It's just behind that rock-blocked 
passage. Will do! Notice the indent on the floor? It reaches through under the
gate, so climb under there to find some bomb flowers. Grab one and roll one
under the opening you crawled through and hit the rock blockage. In case you
have an Empty Bottle, I suggest climbing the ladder here, then going north 
along the top of the gate to some dig spots. One of them has a Fairy, so bottle
it. Climb back out and head through the door.

A portcullis will come down and lock the door behind you. Time to prepare for a
battle...up ahead are two Lizalfos. This might actually be a bit tough, which
is why I recommended the Fairy if you had an Empty Bottle. Just use the same
tactics on them with the lone Lizalfos you faced earlier, it's just now you 
have to watch for another one and make sure you don't hit the other's arm guard
and get counter-attacked. After they're gone, the door will unlock and a chest
will appear. Open it to get the Bomb Bag! Exit the room and talk to Ledd. After
some talk, he'll let you have the Bomb Bag for yourself, and be kind enough to
give you 5 Bombs to go with it after walking away a bit! Nice.
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              |     BOMB BAG     |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
As he says, if you run low, just head up to a bomb flower, pick one up, and 
press B to stash it in your Bag. With that done, get on the ball and roll to 
the southwest corner. Get a bomb flower, place it on the rock platform and jump
off. It'll explode the rocks above, revealing a chest. Head up there and open
it for a treasure. Get back on the ball and roll to the center platform where a
bird statue is. Head up the west stairs, and toss a bomb up onto the rock 
that's on the pillar ahead. Jump across to the door. Kill the Lizalfos, then
enter the door.

In this room is a bunch of platforms and a high stone platform on the other
side. Be careful in getting rid of the enemies, as there's some Magma Spumes
that may make your life hard. Well-placed bomb tosses onto them might do the
trick though. After taking them down, take the rock platform on the 
intermittent lava geyser, kill the Bokoblins, and open the chest for the 
Dungeon Map! Head back out of this room, and get back on the ball. We'll need
to get to the north side of this platform, and there are two ways to do it.
Let's do the easy way first. Go left and under where you had to jump across to
the west door, being mindful of the Fire Keese and Magma Spumes. On the other
side, you'll find what looks like a switch sticking out. Roll into it and push
it in to have part of the northern path rise. Open the chest that's also here
for some treasure.

Head back around and look around the east wall. There's a barely-visible crack
in there. Toss a couple of bombs to it to open a passage! Head through, being
careful of the lava flows so you don't get knocked around. There's an alcove to
the right where you can restock on Bombs, as you're gonna need to open up
another passage. It's on the north wall near the second lava flow. Toss a 
couple bombs to it, take care of the flock of Fire Keese, and follow the path,
chasing a Magma Spume. Continue north to a platform you can get off on. See the
gate ahead? It needs to be raised. There's a gear mechanism on the front and
back of it. So use the Beetle to cut the rope on the front gear, then send the
Beetle through the tunnel near the bird statue, make a quick U-turn when on the
other side, and cut the rope for the other one.

Continue rolling the ball northward. Wait until the lava flow stops, then head
through. Up ahead is a narrow path of lava. Be careful to not roll off! On the
other side, you'll end up in the central room you practically started in. Get
on land, kill the Lizalfos, and open the chest for a Red Rupee. Now push in the
other switch by rolling the ball into it, and you'll be able to continue 
northward! In the next room, you'll see a long steep pathway up. Yeah, in a
dungeon, that doesn't look too enticing. Run up and you'll get bombarded with
mini-avalanches! You can dodge the first set, but you'll have to jump in to an
alcove to your left to dodge the other one. Once that second one's dodged, run
up to the top.

There's another steep pathway heading west now, but the alcove to duck into is
blocked. So, climb through the nearby hole, dig up an air geyser, fly up to a
pathway with it, and follow that pathway to a dead-end overlooking the slope.
See the part of the slope that looks cracked and not part of the design? Toss a
bomb right there and it will roll in the right way to the rocks blocking that
alcove and blow it up. Head back down, start running up the slope, using that 
now-open alcove. At the top, you'll notice a giant dragon-head figure spitting
out lava that's in the way to the boss door. Head south from here, up the 
stairs and up the imposing-looking passage to the last treasure chest. Open it

Well, Indiana Jones-style, that triggered a rolling boulder trap. Start running
away, getting the heck out of there! Jumping down back to the bird statue, the
boulder will roll its way into the dragon head's mouth, blocking the lava flow. 
With the Dragon Sculpture collected, head over to the boss door and insert 
that. Doing so, that dragon head will...swallow the boulder. Okay. Head in and 
follow the passage as you watch the boulder roll down the dragon's spinal 
column...you'll eventually see shackles on the floor. Was Zelda here? Who 
rescued her...? Continue along, and you'll meet Ghirahim. After an exchange, he 
decides to bring to life that boulder...

BOSS: Pyroclastic Fiend, Scaldera
This literal ball of flaming rock with legs is fought a bit uniquely. But first
it's going to run towards you, so run up the pathway here to where there's bomb
flowers. Let it run into one of them so it'll blow up, and then will roll down.
Follow it down while readying a bomb. When Scaldera is back on its feet, it
will then start to inhale and then spit large fireballs afterwards. Toss or
roll a bomb at it when it's inhaling, and it'll explode in its mouth, revealing
its eye. At the moment there's still some rock blocking the eye, but whenever
you can, strike it! The eye moves around too.

Continue, taking advantage of whenever it opens its mouth to toss or roll a
bomb in. Each time you blow it up with a bomb, more and more of its rock body
is gone, making it easier to hit the eye. Eventually, Scaldera will attempt to
run towards you while extending its legs high. If you're not careful, it'll get
on top of you and drop right on you. You can quickly pass under it though. Just
beware of it rolling back down (towards you) when it hits the bomb flowers at
the top. Aside from that change, there's nothing much to this boss.
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              | HEART  CONTAINER |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
A Heart Container will appear in its place, so pick it up and run back up the
path to the door up there. You can re-stock here if you want to. In the 
resulting cutscene, you'll see Zelda in a new wardrobe...she looks pretty...
accompanying her is another figure, dressed in black. Looks similar to the one
we saw before. A light portal has opened up, but Zelda has been sent in before
she has a chance to say hi to Link. As Link rushes up, the woman stops him. She
says that he took far too long to rescue Zelda from here, she had to do it
herself as Ghirahim was approaching. Link has failed his duty to protect Zelda,
and she suggests him that if he wants to be the spirit maiden's guardian, he
must be more prompt...otherwise he's useless. Ouch, that really hurts...the 
woman follows Zelda through the light portal and it closes. Well, after that
stinging conversation, head up to the crest and Skyward Strike it. After 
another beautifully conveyed message of the gods, you get the Amber Tablet! We
have to take this one to the Statue of the Goddess up in Skyloft...
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              |   AMBER TABLET   |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |

- Goddess Sword
- Medium Wallet (+300)
- Sailcloth
- Digging Mitts
- 6 Heart Pieces (2/4)
- 9 Heart Containers

Quest Items:

- Emerald Tablet
- Ruby Tablet
- Amber Tablet
- Gratitude Crystals (16)


- Slingshot
- Bug Net
- Beetle
- Bombs

Adventure Pouch:

- 1 Pouch Upgrade
- Wooden Shield
- Iron Shield
- Seed Satchel
- Empty Bottle
- Empty Bottle
- Empty Bottle

|- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 \  PRESENT MEETS PAST              [WALK_4]
\ \_________________________________________
Outside the Earth Temple, it's time to get back up to the sky. Use the nearby
bird statue to do so. Fly right to Skyloft, to the Statue of the Goddess, and
place the Amber Tablet where the other two were. Now an amber beacon will shoot
up from the skies, signifying a new surface region to visit! But again, it's
time for sidequests and preparation.

There doesn't seem to be too much of note as far as actual sidequests are
concerned, but there's certainly a lot of treasures to pick up. The one in
Skyloft itself can't be reached yet though. However, why not go hunting for a
few Gratitude Crystals? Not the ones given from sidequests, but the ones lying
around. They only appear at night, so...go to a bed and sleep until night,
preferably in the Knight Academy. Once at night, head up to the 2nd floor.
There's a [[GRATITUDE CRYSTAL]] in the flowers next to the exit. Now exit the

Jump down to the first-floor entrance door, and head south down the pathway,
stopping when you get to the windmill to your right. Just before it, there's
some vines off the side you can climb down. Do so, and at the bottom you'll
find another [[GRATITUDE CRYSTAL]]. Climb back up, and head to the Plaza. Climb
the first ladder of the Light Tower, and look left to spot another [[GRATITUDE
CRYSTAL]]. Now head north from the Plaza, over to the lake. Where the stone
platforms are, take a left. Carefully walk along the wooden planks and you'll
see another [[GRATITUDE CRYSTAL]].

That's about enough Gratitude Crystal hunting for now. I mainly just wanted an
even number of Crystals...for some reason. At any rate, back at the Knight
Academy, if you walk into Cawlin & Strich's room, you'll find that Strich
actually loves bugs. He'd like to buy bugs from you at night only, but the 
thing is that he only wants three specific bugs each night. So yeah, with that
said, you can sell any excess bugs you feel you might not want. At Fledge's
room, you'll find that he's trying to do push-ups to make himself stronger...he
wishes that there was some kind of potion that would give him a bunch of 
stamina. Hm. That's another thing to keep in mind for later... Anyway, time to
sleep until morning again.

__________  ________   You can head up to Beedle's Shop    __________  ________
|         |/       |   again. You probably have a lot of   |         |/       |
|   EXTRA WALLET   |    money, so why not buy an Extra     | POUCH UPGRADE #2 |
|      FOUND       |     Wallet and an Adventure Pouch     |      FOUND       |
'\                 |   upgrade? Get those, then exit his   '\                 |
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  shop. Now, time to go searching for    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
the new Goddess Chests! As mentioned earlier, the one you see in Skyloft right 
__________  ________  now is unreachable, so head off on your Loftwing. Once
|         |/       |  at the sky, fly far to the west to the chest marker
|SMALL SEED SATCHEL|  there. Jump off to the island and open the chest for a
|      FOUND       |  Small Seed Satchel! Huh, we already got one of those. Can
'\                 |  probably send that to the Item Check. Anyway, head over
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  to the northeast skym as there are   __________  ________
three chest markers there. The east-most marker is our     |         |/       |
destination. Once there, skydive onto the upper part of    |  TREASURE MEDAL  |
the island. From there, look for the vines off the side    |      FOUND       |
and follow them to a chest. Open it for the Treasure       '\                 |
Medal! With this equipped, treasure will pop up more often!  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Oh, if your Adventure Pouch is full, it'll automatically get sent to the Item
Check, so that's good.

Next up is the chest marker a bit more to the northwest from here. Land on the
top part of the island there and open the chest for a Silver Rupee. Finally,
the last chest marker. It's on Bamboo Island. Once you land there, look behind
the building to find another Goddess Chest. Open it for a Gold Rupee! So with
that, why not enter the building? This is a Bamboo Cutting minigame held by
Peater, Peatrice's father. Basically, do your best to cut down a bamboo stalk
with as many slices as possible before it falls over. This is another mini-game
purely for Rupees and treasures, nothing truly important to be gained from
winning this. Apparently though, this game gets easier if you have a longer

At any rate, now head to Lumpy Pumpkin. There's more than likely a new job Pumm
wants you to do. Once you get there though, try skydiving to it from a high
distance. Reason why is that a bunch of colorful flying squirrels are around
here, and will form a group around you. Move around while skydiving and collect
the flying squirrels. If you collect all of them and complete the formation,
you get some Rupees. A nice mini-game, but that's all you get for it. At any
rate, once at the Lumpy Pumpkin, talk to Pumm. He says he wants you to help 
Kina pick pumpkins at the patch out back, so head through the back door here.
Once back there, talk to Kina. She will make this a little interesting...carry
five pumpkins at once without dropping them! Hoo boy.

The trick to this is to move slowly, and when the pumpkins start to lean, move
along with their lean. There's always a wind blowing to the left as well, so
keep that in mind so they don't start leaning too far to the left when you 
don't have much room to move that way. Once done, head to Pumm and he'll need
some time to think up another job, so we'll have to come back later. So get on
your Loftwing and head up to Skyloft to prepare before heading off to the next
surface region.

At the bazaar, you can upgrade your stuff if you want, get the Treasure Medal
equipped if you want, and get some potions if you want. But, it would probably
be beneficial for you to buy the Small Bomb Bag. It's also recommended to swap
your shields for the Wooden Shield again, as the element you're encountering
next, the Iron Shield won't do so great against. With your preparations done,
it's time to head off to the amber beacon!
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              |  SMALL BOMB BAG  |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
Lanayru Mine
Welcome to the region with one of the best mechanics in the entire Zelda 
                             series, in my opinion. You'll see soon. After the 
+-------------------------+  introductory cutscene of the area, climb down this
| GODDESS CUBE #10 STRUCK |  tower to find a bird statue. Behind the tower is
+-------------------------+  another Goddess Cube, so strike that one. Head
                             north now, the ledges on the sides are unreachable
right now. Up ahead, you'll find a cart in the way. Push it forward and into
the gap. Kill the Yellow Chuchus (they are electric, so be careful) and 
pull/push the cart to the other side so you can climb up and continue. Up ahead
you will spot an odd crystal. Head up to it and slash it...the area around you
will change...it will grow more colorful, the music will sound more mechanical,
and you will see that machines are working, robots are moving, and even the
minecarts are electrically powered.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Timeshift mechanic. Whenever you hit one of these
Timeshift Stones, it creates a Timeshift bubble, making anything nearby revert
to the past, where everything was a lot greener and more fit for life, and 
where the machines of the past now work as if they did thousands of years ago
here, including the robot race inhabiting this region. You'll see more and more
of this mechanic throughout the region, and it makes for some interesting 
puzzles. But enough gushing about it, this is a walkthrough! One of the 
minecarts here can be ridden on to the northern cave, where there isn't much.
Just a small chest containing a Red Rupee. Grab it and then leave through the
minecart again.

Another thing I should mention, Ancient Flowers can only be found in certain
places when in the past, so keep that in mind when searching for them. They
look purple-ish. Anyway, back east, you'll notice there's a minecart outside
the Timeshift bubble. Push the cart west until it reaches the Timeshift bubble
and it'll change. Ride it southward. In this room, bomb the rocks to find
another Timeshift Stone. Here's another thing about the Timeshift mechanic: 
only one Timeshift Stone can be active at a time. So if you hit another Stone,
like this one, the previous one will be de-activated, reverting its area to
the present. That said, there's not much point to hitting this Stone other than
to talk to the two robots here. Toss a bomb into the bowl that the statue is 
holding. It'll fall over and reveal a passage.

Inside is a room of sinksand, as Fi calls it. Simply put, you always have to
run along this sinksand or else you'll quickly get swallowed up. It also wastes
a lot of stamina...moreso than usual. So you need to plan your route before
heading off. That said, there's more statues holding bowls, so knock them over
the same way as your first one and run across. (Behind the first north statue
is a crawlspace leading to a small chest with a Red Rupee, so you can get that
if you want to.) You'll reach a larger room filled with this sinksand as well
as Electro Spumes. I recommend stunning the Spumes with the Slingshot as you
cross so you don't get attacked, and then just tossing or rolling Bombs at 

To cross, it's simple: just find the nearest platform and run to it, rest, find
the nearest platform, run to it, rest. Mostly it's just heading northeast, then
west, then northeast again to the other side of this room. Push the minecart
here across to the end of its track, then continue north. To the west is a
sinksand corridor that can't be passed, but a lot of rocks to bomb on the other
side. Just roll a bomb across the sinksand there. This will blow up the rocks
and reveal a Timeshift Stone back there! A well-aimed Slingshot seed or a bomb
roll will hit it, creating a large Timeshift bubble and turning the sinksand 
into normal ground. Walk across after killing the Quadro Baba (the Beetle can
cut Baba stalks) and head south from the Stone. Open the chest at the end for
a rare treasure. Jump down and get on the minecart here, riding it all the way
to a new area...

Lanayru Desert
Watch the introductory cutscene, you'll see a bird statue next to you. Bomb the
rocks nearby to find another Timeshift Stone. Hit it, and you'll see some vines
on the east cliff. Climb up. Look along the southern cliff to find a thin ledge
to grab and shimmy across. Do so. On the other side, follow the path to find a
weird object...can't do anything with it right now. But just below (not in the
pit) is a chest past an arch that contains a rare treasure. Head north out of
here now. There's an Ampilus (shield bash it when it approaches) enemy here.
Also, sometimes when running around this Desert area, you'll see Tumbleweeds
rolling around. This is a treasure, so use the Bug Net to catch those whenever
you see them.

Head north until you get to three cages in front of sinksand. There's a wall
south of said cages that has a chest on it. Contains treasure if you want it,
but from up here, hop onto the nearest cage, then toss a Bomb over to the cage
with the hole. It'll blow up the rock inside and reveal a Timeshift Stone. Hit
it with the Slingshot, and you'll face off against new enemies: Technoblins.
They're basically Red Bokoblins but with electric weapons...so you'll have to
be more careful. Shield bashing is your friend. When they're done with, the
cages will open. Talk to the robot and as thanks, he'll give you an upgrade to
the Beetle, since it apparently is outdated. This is the Hook Beetle, and you
can grab onto things with this thing! New puzzle types inbound!
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              |   HOOK  BEETLE   |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
So with that said, you can test it at the sinksand pit just to the left. 
There's a bomb flower on top of a tree, so you fly the Hook Beetle into it 
(I'll just keep referencing it as simply the "Beetle") and grab it. To drop a
bomb flower, hold Z for an overhead view, and then A. You can drop bombs onto
the statues holding bowls to knock them down and there's Blue Rupees behind 
them. But...the sinksand pit just to the south is where you need to go. Drop
those bombs into the statue bowls, and might as well kill the Electro Spume 
too. Run across, but be careful. There's a vulture enemy that drops boulders on
you. Yeah. You can be safe and drop bombs on them. Anyway, southwest of here is
a large pit of sinksand. You'll have to drop bombs on the Ampilus and use their
shells as resting points since solid ground is too far to simply run to.

That said, there's a Goddess Cube here, so head     +-------------------------+
over and strike it. Now continue through the        | GODDESS CUBE #11 STRUCK |
northwest path. There's another bird statue here,   +-------------------------+
though you can head back along a higher ledge and
push off a minecart so you don't have to go through that again. The next 
sinksand pit is actually moving because of the sandfall to the west. So to head
east, bomb an Ampilus and get on their shells. Once on that side, you can head
north onto solid ground again. Before heading through to a new area, climb up
to the upper path beside it here and head back to push another minecart so you
can have another shortcut. Head back and enter the new area of the Desert.

The on-screen prompt...it says Temple of Time. Huh. Anyway, prepare for a bunch
of Timeshift Stones! Oh, and another bird statue. Just north is a minecart and
a Timeshift Stone near it. Hit it with the Slingshot, and ride the minecart.
Looking west, there's a hollow tree with something glowing inside. Grab a bomb
with the Beetle and drop it into the tree for the Timeshift Stone! Ride west
now, get your Slingshot ready. Once you enter the cave, shoot the jewel switch
on your left inside to open the gate. At the other side are some Octoroks again
and Gorko the Goron, examining the collapsed entrance to the Temple of Time. He
says he saw a human from the Isle of the Goddess enter it along with another
person, and then destroyed the entrance. That must be Zelda...!

But anyway, on top of the pillars are some rocks. Drop bombs on them with the
Beetle to reveal a Timeshift Stone. Hit it, then kill the Technoblins. Talk to
the robot and he'll say he guards the Temple of Time and says there's another
entrance to the Temple of Time through the Lanayru Mining Facility. He'll also
change your map to look more...accurate...at least in their time. Thus the map
is going to be slightly inaccurate for us. But afterwards, he moves out of the
way of the minecart, so with that done, look east and shoot the other Timeshift
Stone. Push the minecart until it's affected by the Timeshift bubble, hop on,
and get your sword ready for a Skyward Strike, as you're passing a Goddess 
Cube. Strike it then move on.
                          | GODDESS CUBE #12 STRUCK |

Follow the path east back to the main Desert area. Drop a bomb on the Hrok up
there just so it won't bother you, then run up to the island there, then head
northward. You'll notice you don't sink. Fi makes note of this by letting you
look at the map. Your new "updated" map actually shows you where floor pathways
are, so you can run across those without sinking. She also allows you to set
five beacons at a time instead of 1, which is a lot more helpful. You can use
these beacons to help you find your way. Another thing said, you're looking to
reach the red x on the map. That said, from here (grab the treasure if you 
want) go southeast, up onto the wall. There's some rocks, a structure, and a
bird statue. Bomb the rocks and hit the revealed Timeshift Stone.

\ The Power Nodes:
- Talk to the robot here after vanquishing the Technoblins, and it will say 
 that this structure here opens the Mining Facility, but you need to activate 
 three remote power nodes before you can open it. So that said...another hunt! 
 But it's not "fetch quest" stuff like the previous two. So that said, the 
 different power nodes are pretty much west, north, and east from here, as 
 dowsing would point you to. Set beacons to head to the cliff-face on the west 
 side. Bomb the cracked wall to reveal a Timeshift Stone, hit it, and then toss 
 bombs onto the statue bowls to reveal your first power node. Face it, get your 
 sword out, and thrust it into the hole. Twist it, and then press A.

- That's the first power node activated. Set beacons and head back to the large
 power generator. From the bird statue, hop down. Judging by the map, there's 
 something at the north cliff, and there is a crack there, so blow it up, 
 revealing a doorway. Enter. Inside, you'll have a couple of Ampilus that will 
 always respawn after you kill them, and some sinksand with platforms and 
 rocks. Hint: the rock in the center hides a Timeshift Stone. Blow it up and 
 activate it and the sinksand will disappear, and the Ampilus will be mere 
 eggs. Kill the Technoblins and get the two small chests in here just to clear 
 them out, then carry an Ampilus egg (with the Beetle) over to the north part 
 of this building, onto what looks like a conductor. Head over there, stand on 
 the panel to raise a blockage for a hole, and knock the Ampilus egg in to open 
 a gate. There's another power node, activate it in the same manner.

- Before leaving this room though, fly the Beetle back and hit the Timeshift
 Stone. In the present time now, you'll see a chest. Open it for a rare 
 treasure. Hit the Timeshift Stone again with the Beetle and exit this 

- Once back outside, time to head southeast from here. I recommend going ahead 
 and bombing out the Hrok and Electro Spumes by using the Beetle, then heading
 over to solid ground after showing yourself the way with beacons. From here
 though, getting up onto the northeastern wall and looking northeastern shows a
 crack in the cliff-face...and the map shows something beyond there. So jump
 down there and blow it up. Follow the Chuchu-infested tunnel to a chest, where
 you can get a Piece of Heart! Nice, it's been a little while.
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              |  HEART PIECE #7  |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
- Head back, and run your way south back to solid ground. I think you're meant 
 to continue from the Heart Piece, but you don't have the proper equipment to 
 do so and since it's available right now, might as well. Anyway, you might 
 have noticed a building a bit to the south. Yep, that's where the last power 
 node is located. The door is on the south side, along with a bird statue.
 Before entering, look at the wall. There's a gate and a handle. Run up to the
 handle and hang from it to open the gate as a shortcut from the Desert 
 Entrance. Now enter the building, or Stone Cache.

- Inside is something similar to the first building that had the second power
 node: messing with Ampilus and Timeshift Stones and sinksand. Head along the
 right side, bombing rocks, and eventually unveiling the Timeshift Stone which
 is around the center. Be wary that the Ampilus don't run you over as well.
 After activating the Timeshift Stone, do some cleanup below. Once on the north
 side where the gigantic pit is, slash the Ampilus egg so it's right next to
 the central platform, west side preferably.

- Now get on top of the platform and hit the Timeshift Stone. Kill the Ampilus, 
 and ride its shell to the other side. From there, get on top of the high 
 blocks, go back south, open the chest for treasure, and push the block down. 
 Now hit the Timeshift Stone once again, grab an Ampilus egg with the Beetle, 
 and drop it onto or near the conductor. Get there, stand on the panel, and hit 
 the egg into the slot. Head in, open both treasures, then activate the last 
 power node. Head back out.

So with all three power nodes activated, it's time to head to the power 
generator. Not much I can say to it, just backtrack the way you came over here.
Once there, notice the different dials on the generator. You have to twist them
in the directions that the symbols for the power nodes are in the map. Hit the
Timeshift Stone, insert the sword into the dial, twist it exactly left and 
press A, twist it lower-right and press A, and then twist it exactly up and 
press A. Doing this, the Lanayru Mining Facility will rise up from the sand in 
the middle. That's the next dungeon...head in...

Welcome to the Lanayru Mining Facility, a place with...odd music. A bird 
statue's right next to you. Aracha, a new enemy type, is here. They basically
look like baby scorpions, but they're gone in one hit, so they're not too bad.
Anyway, on the right and left sides of the door, there are sinksand pits. Roll
bombs at the Electro Spumes to kill them and cross the sinksand. The right side
has a handle which opens an east gate for a small chest, and the left side has
a handle that opens the door ahead. For that one though, you'll have to grab a
bomb with the Beetle and drop it onto the statue's bowl so you can have a solid

In the next room, you'll face a couple of Staldras. Kill them, then head to the
northwest side of the room. Push the metal block against the ledge where the
door is, climb up, and enter. A bird statue's here, and actually...this is
already the final room of the dungeon. The thing is, it's rather large and you
still have a bunch more to do here. So yeah, pretty teasing. There's a bomb
flower here on a pillar, so what you need to do is grab it with the Beetle, and
drop the bombs on the wooden crates just to the east so you can jump across and
climb the ladder. Open the chest for a [[SMALL KEY]]. Awesome. Head back to the
Staldra room, and use the Key to open the locked door to the east.

In this room, slash the Froak away, then run across the belt. Climb up the 
vines after killing the other Froak and Arachas, then take a right to see a
ladder. To your right is a bomb flower on a pillar above where you entered, and
on top of the ladder is a wooden crate. Yeah, pick up the bomb with the Beetle
and drop it on the crate. Climb up and stand on the switch to open some cage
high in the center containing a Timeshift Stone. It'll stay open as long as you
stand on the switch. Fly the Beetle there (easier than trying to aim the 
Slingshot from that far) and hit it and the whole room will change! Now every
machine is working here and some of the things you passed are now revealed to
be enemies, such as Beamos. You can kill the Beamos by slashing horizontally
across their sections until you get to the head, then stabbing their eye.

At any rate, continue eastward. With the sinksand gone, you can head down below
to a conveyor belt. Run across it and climb up the ladder. Pull the handle to
open a gate on the north side of this room. Get back down, and run along the
conveyor belt to the north side, dodging the spiky ores and grabbing the 
stamina fruits on the way (because stamina won't regain normally when on a 
conveyor belt). Climb the ladder to your left and open the chest for a Red 
Rupee, then go back down and east along the walkway going up. You'll get to a
blocked door and another conveyor. Run along the conveyor to the south end the
same as the other one, kill the Beamos, and pull the handle to open said door.
Head back and enter.

Inside is a maze-like at the bottom and a bunch of pillars to jump along above.
You'll need to jump along the pillars/platforms as the maze below doesn't 
really get you anywhere. Over to the east is a good starting point, heading
north from there to the other side, hitting the Froak to the rocks to blow them
__________  ________  up, and then west to the north-middle platform. Climb the
|         |/       |  ladder and open the chest to get the Gust Bellows! This
|   GUST BELLOWS   |  item blows out powerful gusts...and that's pretty much
|      FOUND       |  it. It's used to blow away sand and turn propellers. Not
'\                 |  too exciting, but hey, a unique item...sorta! Drop down,
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  but not all the way. Jump along the pillars to the west
side platform of the room. Once there, push the block off to the south to have
a place to climb up to. Drop towards the chest you might have seen for a rare
treasure, then climb back up to the west ledge, climb the ladder, and blow away
the sand in front of the door to appear back at the large room.

Push the iron block aside, then jump down, jump across, and go south again. In
this room once again, jump to the east side, blow away all the sand including
the stuff around the iron block, and push the iron block onto the switch you
revealed. This will finally open the western door, so take that. In here is a
bunch of sinksand. Cross west, then head south, then to the southeastern corner
of the room. Blow away the sand pile to find a Timeshift Stone. Hit it, and
everything changes. The platform nearby has a mechanism on the top that you can
spin to make it move along its track. Get on the platform and blow on the 
mechanism to get to the other side, since there's a giant pit where the 
sinksand was.

In front of you is a gate, and just above is a propeller. Blow wind on the
propeller until the gate is fully opened, then head through. A Beamos on 
wheels! Kill it! After it's gone, head to the end, drop down, and deal with the
Sentrobe. (Shield Bash its missile, slash apart its mini sentries, then Shield
Bash another missile.) Now use the Gust Bellows to move the platform there into
reach, jump onto it, then jump east, climb up, open the chest. Now jump back
onto that platform (not the upper one, the one you used to reach this) and blow
it back to the west side so you can reach the northwest ledge. Climb the 
ladder, kill the Beamos, then blow on the propeller on the wall to open the
portcullis on the door. Head through.

Inside, you'll face two Staldras. Kill them. Now, blow away the sand on the
north side, including the stuff surrounding the iron block, and push the block
along the sandy indent so that it's against the wall. Use it to climb up. Jump
south across the platforms and blow away the sand for a treasure. Head back to
the north end and look into the small room with the chest. Blow away the sand
inside from out here to find a Timeshift Stone. Hit it with the Slingshot. The
structure at the bottom of the room will come alive. Drop down to meet it. This
is the Armos. It hops after you and is actually completely invulnerable... 
unless you turn the mechanism on its head with the Gust Bellows. It's easier to
aim it when you're Z-Targeted. The mechanism opens its mouth. When it's opened
enough, two crystals (one on each side) will be revealed. Slash or stab the
crystals to destroy them. Once both crystals are destroyed, the Armos 
self-destructs. For defeating it, you get three hearts, the way forward is
opened, and the chest you saw is now available. Climb back up to it and open it
for the Dungeon Map! About time. Exit this room through the east door.
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              |   DUNGEON  MAP   |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
Finally on the west side of this large room, step on the switch to open the
gate to the bird statue. Now, see the large sinksand pit? There's a way across
it. Zoom in to your map and you'll notice part of it shows a pathway. Just like
in the Desert area, this is a pathway just under the sinksand. However, you
can't use beacons since you're in a dungeon, so you'll have to check your map
a good number of times. Anyway, head north, and stop at the solid platform. 
Blow the sand away and enter the crawlspace, not taking any of the turns except
for the main path. At the end, open the chest for a rare treasure. Exit back,
and continue along the path in the sinksand to another crawlspace according to
the map. Blow away the sand, enter. Take a left, stay straight, then a right,
then another right to reach a new room.

This room is absolutely FILLED with sand. The door to the northeast is blocked,
so you need to find a switch, and less importantly, the chest in this room,
though it just contains a Red Rupee and is already marked on the map. The
problem is that underneath all this sand is a maze of spikes. For the sake of
making it easier on me and less wording to be involved, I'll just provide a
mini-map of this room.

D = Door
S = Switch
C = Chest
|C|         |
| | ¯¯¯¯¯¯| D
| |S ¯¯|¯ |_|
|  ¯¯¯ |    |
|---------- |
| |         |
| |  |   |  |
|____|   |__|

And there you go. Not 100% accurate, but it gets the job done. Hit the switch,
open the chest, and climb up to the door you opened. Back in the large room,
blow off all the sand to find a minecart with a Timeshift Stone in the midst of
the rocks. Stab it to activate a small Timeshift bubble around it, and the 
minecart will start moving. Time to follow it. It'll stop at a gate. You need 
to blow the propeller above with the Gust Bellows to open it, but there's a
Sentrobe, so take care of it first. Once you open the gate, follow it, and use
the minecart for protection, as you'll be passing Beamos you can't hit...
except for one which you have to destroy to get it out of the minecart's path.
At its end, blow the propeller to open the gate to the bird statue, and head
east from the minecart.

Blow the sand from the next minecart, and stab the Timeshift Stone. Follow this
one as it goes north. Destroy the Beamos as you get to it, and then blow the
propeller to your right when the Timeshift bubble covers it to open the blocked
door the Beamos was in front of. When the minecart reaches the end, stab it
twice to get it moving back towards the door. Enter it. In this room, cross the
conveyor to the east, but watch for the steam vents. They don't hurt you, but
they sure can knock you around. Blow the Arachas off the vines, then climb them
while carefully avoiding the intermittent steam jets. At the top, look at the
south wall to find some statues with bowls. Throw bombs on them and they will
fall, somehow making solid platforms to jump across. Jump to the west, blow the
sand to reveal a Timeshift Stone, and hit it.

Jump back across, destroy the Beamos, then cross the conveyors to the north of
them. Pull the handle to bring a platform over here, get on it, and blow its
mechanism to move to the west side. Get rid of the Sentrobe, then bomb the
statue bowls to reveal glowing symbols on the wall, each indent having a 
different number of them. Keep this in mind. Now, use the Gust Bellows to move
the center platform south so you can get on it, and blow it northward. Push
the block aside, head to the east, and blow this platform south, but on the
way, bomb more statue bowls. This will reveal three jewel switches. The glowing
symbols on the west wall correspond to these jewel switches. Get on the 
platform in the middle so you can have all three jewel switches in view. 
Viewing the symbols, there's one in the right indent, two in the left indent,
and three in the center indent. Saying that, use the Slingshot and hit the
left jewel, then the right, then the center.

This will open the gate to the north, so move over there (or hop down and climb
the ladder to the north assuming you pushed that block). Inside, you'll fight
two Armos. Be cautious, see if you can keep one of them active at a time to
make it easier. Once both are defeated, the gate ahead will open. Open the
chest there for the [[ANCIENT CIRCUIT]]! Now you've got the key for the boss
door. Now that you've got that, the next door in this room will open, so head
back, drop down where the ladder is, and follow the path to a conveyor. Cross 
it to the west side, being careful of the intermittent steam jets that could
knock you off, and enter the door back to the giant room.

Beside you to your left is a ladder, so climb it and follow the path to a chest
that you can open. Push the block aside for easy access, then head back north 
over to another filled minecart with a Timeshift Stone. Stab it and follow the 
minecart with no worries...as the steam jets here supposedly aren't there in 
the "past." You'll still have to get on a platform you have to blow across. At
the other side is the boss door. Twist and turn the Ancient Circuit until it
fits in the hole and insert it, then head in.

BOSS: Thousand-Year Arachnid, Moldarach
A gigantic scorpion. Epic music, but this is actually a pretty easy boss. Its
weakpoints are the eyes in its pincers, and it opens its pincers to attack
every few seconds. Slash in such a way so that the pincers don't block the 
attack. It may also attack with its tail, but a lot of Moldarach's attacks are
greatly choreographed, so they can be dodged easily. If you do get attacked by
one of its pincers, shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to break free before it
causes more damage. You can also parry its attacks to stun it for a few free 
hits. After enough hits on one of its pincers, it'll get destroyed, so focus on 
the other pincer. Once both pincers are destroyed, it goes to its second phase.

It opens its small eye on its head this time, and then hides under the sand.
Use the Gust Bellows to blow away the sand it's crawling under. You can find it
by the bulge from the sand. Just make sure you're a bit far from where 
Moldarach is, because after it's revealed enough, it'll jump out, and this 
jump-out can damage you. Once it's out, move in and stab its eye. It'll attack
with its tail, so watch out. After being stabbed, regardless of how many more
hits you deal to it, it'll go back into the sand, so blow it out again and
repeat the process until it's dead.
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              | HEART  CONTAINER |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
A Heart Container will be left in its wake, and the sand will drain completely.
Grab the container and head through the door. There's a minecart, and up ahead
in the middle of the hall near the ceiling is a Timeshift Stone. Hit it with
the Beetle, then ride the minecart to the other end, where you'll end up inside
the Temple of Time. This is kind of a big plot point, so I won't spoil it for
you. It's indeed an awesome scene though. After, you're tasked with pursuing 
Zelda once more...the old lady at the Sealed Grounds may know what to do...
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              |  GODDESS'S HARP  |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |

- Goddess Sword
- Goddess's Harp
- Medium Wallet (+600)
- Sailcloth
- Digging Mitts
- 7 Heart Pieces (3/4)
- 10 Heart Containers

Quest Items:

- Emerald Tablet
- Ruby Tablet
- Amber Tablet
- Gratitude Crystals (20)


- Slingshot
- Bug Net
- Hook Beetle
- Bombs
- Gust Bellows

Adventure Pouch:

- 2 Pouch Upgrades
- Wooden Shield
- Iron Shield
- Seed Satchel
- Bomb Bag
- Treasure Medal
- Empty Bottle
- Empty Bottle
- Empty Bottle

|- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 \  BURNING DESIRE                  [WALK_4]
\ \_________________________________________
Fi suggests to heed the advice of Zelda's companion, and to meet the old woman
at the Sealed Grounds. So let's go do that right now. Go up to the bird statue
here, up to the sky, and fly to the green beacon. Skydive.

Sealed Grounds
Link is skydiving down, and he hears something...what. What the...? Groose!?
As the two make a rough landing, Groose freaks out over what he's seeing. Link
explains everything to him. He then comes up with the best idea for naming this
surface world...Grooseland.

And he runs off to the old lady thinking he can save Zelda. You're just outside
the Sealed Temple, so follow him in. You'll butt in to the middle of their
conversation, Groose pissed that she says he's not the one to save Zelda...Link
is. Groose runs off not believing a word he's hearing, and the old lady then
speaks to Link. The news is that Zelda has run off through a Gate of Time, and
you now have her harp. The old woman will teach you how to use this harp. Press
up on the D-Pad to ready your harp, then press and hold A to strum it. Move the
Wii Remote back and forth to strum across the strings. Strum it along to the
swinging of the old woman's braid. Next, you have to strum in time with the
pulsing of the circle of light that surrounds you. When you have the timing
right, the old woman will join her voice to your harp and start singing. After
you've done it correctly (all the lights surrounding you), you learn the
Ballad of the Goddess!
   _ _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

The thing about the songs you learn in this game though, is that you can't play
them anywhere. They're strictly story purposes. But, at least you can strum the
harp while walking around, and Link will match the strums to the background
music. Anyway, for playing the Ballad, a magical stone slab rises up. This is
a Gate of Time. This needs to be powered up in order to be able to finally 
reach Zelda. But you must first need to endure many hardships before the Gate 
of Time can open. In the midst of her speech though, sudden earth shakings 
occur. The shaking...the seal at the bottom of the Sealed Grounds has been 
broken. The monster kept inside is about to be unleashed! You need to head
outside quickly and deal with it, the appearance of the Gate of Time must've
caused a reaction! Head outside, and drop down to the bottom with the help of
your Sailcloth...crap! Too late!

BOSS: The Imprisoned
The monster broke free from its seal...it needs to be fought back before it
reaches the top! This is the one that kept appearing in Link's nightmares! To
seal it, you have to drive down the sealing spike on its head. How to do that?
Well there's a couple different ways. One way is to destroy the bulbous nails
on its feet, just be careful it doesn't stomp you. With the more nails 
destroyed, the harder it makes for The Imprisoned to walk. Eventually after all
the nails are gone, it'll fall over on its back as it can't keep its balance.
Run up to the sealing spike on its head and hit it with three upward strikes.
From then on it'll get up, re-form its nails, and will also charge up its 
stomps to create darkly shockwaves as it walks.

As it's a little dangerous to approach its feet from now, try a different
approach. Use the air geysers around to get up a level above The Imprisoned, 
and jump onto its head. Drive down the sealing spike with three downward 
strikes. As you may have also noticed, after each time the sealing spike is
driven into its skull, it'll also slide up the spiral pathway, giving itself
some distance from you. There's nothing you can do to stop it, just wait until
it stops. After the second time you've driven the sealing spike, use either of
the two methods to drive it down once more and get The Imprisoned back where
it's supposed to be. Run down to the bottom, use the Skyward Strike on the
sealing spike, and follow the on-screen directional slash prompts to seal it.

Phew, that was harrowing. Unfortunately this may not be the last time we have
to deal with this monster. Groose sees how well you did, and the old woman
commends you, then telling you to head to the Sealed Temple. She says that the
Gate of Time needs to be struck with a Skyward Strike, but your sword is not
yet powerful enough to activate the Gate of Time. If you desire to reach Zelda,
you need to find three sacred flames to purify and temper the sword, and gain 
the ultimate power against evil. You also need to grow in spirit along with the
sword by enduring three trials the Goddess left for the chosen hero. The 
locations of these sacred flames have been woven into the lyrics of the Ballad
of the Goddess. You need to find someone up in Skyloft who knows well these
lyrics. After all is said, Groose acknowledges that he seems pretty worthless 
in all this. Poor guy. The old lady encourages Groose that he still has some
part to play in this, but he doesn't want to hear of it.

So with that, you've got a new part of the quest: grow in spirit and temper the
sword with three sacred flames in your burning desire to reach Zelda. So with
that said, if you exit through the main doors, you'll see Groose run off to a
corner and bang against the wall in self-pity. Poor guy...again. What you need
to do is take the side door and use the bird statue there to head up to the 
sky. But wait, Gorko the Goron is here. Talk to him. He says he found a group
of butterflies that respond to beautiful tones, but he cannot carry a tune in a
bucket. So let's help him out. Get out your harp, approach the butterflies
slowly, and strum on the harp. A Gossip Stone will appear! These Gossip Stones
can tell you various stories about the game world, much like the Gossip Stones
from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Neat. As a bonus for finding these
Gossip Stones, you get a treasure from each one. So with that bit of research
for Gorko done with, time to head up to the sky and towards Skyloft.

Fi suggested earlier that the best chances of finding the right person who 
knows about the Ballad lyrics is to look in the Knight Academy. So head in 
there. Logic would assume that the headmaster would know, so enter Headmaster
Gaepora's room in the second floor. After being asked, he recites the lyrics to
the Ballad of the Goddess. "Oh youth, guided by the servant of the goddess...
unite earth and sky, and bring light to the land. Oh youth, show the two 
whirling sails the way to the Light Tower...and before you a path shall open,
and a heavenly song you shall hear."

The Light Tower is an actual place here, next to the plaza. As for the two
whirling sails...there are two windmills here on Skyloft. It would seem to
suggest you need to point the two windmills toward the Light Tower and 
something will happen. There's a small windmill on the southwest side of 
Skyloft on the path linking the Knight Academy and the plaza, and a larger
windmill on the east side of Skyloft, reached by getting on top of the number
of houses in the residential area. Anyway, for the southwest windmill, just use
the Gust Bellows on the propeller until it faces the Light Tower, and stop
blowing. Head over to the east windmill next.

...Unfortunately, this windmill is no longer functional, and is missing its
propeller. Apparantly it fell down below the clouds, as the guy nearby it says.
He says that if we somehow find the propeller, he could fix it. So yeah. He
says that even if we did find the propeller, we can't carry it by ourselves...
he then remembers that Gondo, the guy who runs the Scrap Shop, once had a 
flying robot that could haul up stuff. That's an idea...head over to the bazaar
and talk to Gondo. He says that the robot is kinda busted up and useless, but
he can maybe get it working if he got the oil from a couple of Ancient 
Flowers...hopefully you've been picking up any you saw in Lanayru Desert! Give
him the Ancient Flowers he needs and Scrapper will be up and rarin' to go! The
robot itself isn't too grateful to Link, but will do ANYTHING for mistress Fi.
Speaking of her, she'll pop up and say you can now dowse for the propeller, and
can use Scrapper to haul it up when you find it.

Alright. Exit the bazaar, and dowsing will point toward...Eldin Province. So
get on your Loftwing and skydive down the red beacon, taking the Temple 
Entrance bird statue.

Eldin Volcano
This'll be a pretty short visit. Head west from here, then down the small sandy
slope. The propeller's right there! Have Fi call Scrapper down and he will 
carry it. Return to a bird statue, get up to the sky, and fly back to Skyloft.

You'll land right by the windmill that needs the propeller, and Scrapper will
drop it there. The guy will fix it up, and his wife will call him. Alright! Use
the Gust Bellows on the propeller here to turn the windmill and face it towards
the Light Tower. By doing this for both windmills, the top of the Light Tower
will raise, forming a little gazebo-like top. Head over to the Tower and climb
up it, strum the harp to make a little crest appear. Play the Ballad of the 
Goddess with your harp: just follow the pulsing light ring. For playing this, a 
beam of light will shoot out and pierce the Thunderhead to the northwest, 
creating an entrance. Cool stuff, let's head over there. (Don't worry, I'll get
to the sidequest stuff soon.)

Flying through the opening the beam of light created, you'll get to a stormy
part of the sky. Follow the beam of light to a special island: the Isle of 
Songs. Be careful of the dragonfly-like enemies though. Land on the platform
in front of the main isle. Here, you have to solve a bit of a puzzle to make a
bridge to the island. If you push the central mechanism, it will spin the ones
to the side, moving floating pieces of the bridge around. Of course, if there's
blockades in the way of the pieces on the ground, the bridge pieces won't move.
There's also an odd monolith with three crystals. If you slash them, the
blockades move. So with this said...

Make sure the left crystal is hit, and move the center mechanism so that the
outer piece lines up with the inner piece. Next, hit the right crystal and move
the center mechanism until all three pieces align. Hit the upper crystal and
move the pieces until one of them hits a barrier, but don't move them out of
alignment. Finally, hit either the left or right crystal, then move the pieces
one more time to complete the bridge. Walk across and crawl inside. (And no,
in case you're curious, you can't prematurely enter the Isle of Songs if you
land on the spot where the crawlspace is because...the crawlspace doesn't
appear until you place the bridge where it's supposed to be.)

Inside, use a Skyward Strike on the crest, and Fi will relay a message from the
goddess and teach you a new song for the harp in the process. This is the song
named Farore's Courage. It'll allow you to access the first trial in Faron 
Woods, which you must undertake before finding the sacred flame in Faron 
Province. The song kinda gives me a Kokiri Forest vibe...
   _ _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _
  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

With the new song learned, we can move our way to Faron Province, but let's get
some sidequest stuff done. First up, there's actually a Goddess Chest right 
here on the Isle of Songs. Get on your Loftwing and just fly to the side of the 
Isle of Songs, walk around to find the Goddess Chest. Open it for a Gold Rupee!
Hope you weren't full on Rupees or close to it. (Max right now is 1,100.) Head
to Skyloft now.

__________  ________    Since you're here, why not buy     __________  ________
|         |/       |  stuff from Beedle? Enter his shop,   |         |/       |
| EXTRA  WALLET #3 |    get an Extra Wallet and a Pouch    | POUCH UPGRADE #3 |
|      FOUND       |    Upgrade. That's the last of his    |      FOUND       |
'\                 |  Extra Wallets, but he has one more   '\                 |
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  Pouch Upgrade. 'Tis expensive though.  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Exit his shop. Now, from what Dovos (big guy) in the bazaar's cafe and Henya
from the Knight Academy's kitchen say, there's apparantly some odd moaning
coming from the restroom at night. Creepy...let's check this out for ourselves.
Head into Link's room and rest until night. Once it's night, approach the
restroom...sure enough, there's some creepy moaning. Try to enter, it's locked.
A voice will tell you that she needs paper. Ookay...sleep until morning.

When you wake up, you'll find Cawlin over by the wall near the bathroom. Talk
to him. He wants to deliver a love letter to a crush of his, but he just 
doesn't have the heart to do it. He then gives it to you in the trust that you
will deliver this to Karane. Now, there are two ways you can go about this. You
can be truthful to Cawlin and deliver this to Karane, or you can give this to
the person in the restroom at night. What happens in either? Well, if you 
deliver it to Karane, who's in the classroom, she snobs him off, but wonders
what Pipit (the boy she's really after) would think. Well, Pipit's up in the
second floor, go talk to him! He seems...really flustered. Seems like he's a
bit into Karane as well. Either way, he wants you to speak with Karane again to
make sure of her decision. So head down there, and watch the cutscene. Cawlin
gets rejected, and he runs off crying. You'll get [[5 GRATITUDE CRYSTALS]]. 

Rewind...! Now what happens if you give the letter...er, piece of paper...to
the person in the restroom at night? Well...sleep 'til night, enter the 
restroom to find it's a ghostly hand. Give her the letter, and she will thank
you. Sleep until morning, and tell Cawlin the "good" news. He'll run off crying
after telling you he hates you. Sleep until night, and you'll find that the
ghostly hand is haunting his nights by lovingly petting him. The hand will give

So either way, Cawlin gets screwed over, but either way, you still get the
Gratitude Crystals, so it's up to you how you play this sidequest out. With 
that done, remember Fledge? He's doing pushups at night to make himself 
stronger, but it isn't working out too well for him, and he wishes he had 
something that would give him a lot of stamina. Well, by now, the potion shop 
in the bazaar has green potion available, and this is for stamina. One drink 
will give you better stamina temporarily so the gauge won't drain as fast 
during that time. Purchase some, then visit Fledge at night in his room and 
give the stamina potion to him. Give him some confidence! Yeah, he says to come
back later so he can show you his soon-to-be-new self!

With that out of the way, you can head to the bazaar for some preparations...
such as upgrading your inventory, stocking up on potions,  __________  ________
and buying the new Sacred Shield at Rupin's store. You've  |         |/       |
probably noticed by now, but Peatrice at the Item Check    |  SACRED  SHIELD  |
has probably changed a little considering you've been      |      FOUND       |
visiting her a lot lately. Well, she's starting to get a   '\                 |
little crush on you. Peater, her father, also starts         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
noticing her mood change, and if you talk to him at his home at night, he'll
say that he doesn't want some lowlife trying to woo her, and asks you to take
care of the guy...otherwise he's gonna whoop the guy himself. *gulp*

Eventually, Peatrice will ask you to see her at her home at night. It's at this 
point you want two options: you can choose to dump her, or truly say you love 
her. Either way, you get [[5 GRATITUDE CRYSTALS]] from her or her dad, 
depending on what you chose. Keep in mind you may not be able to do this 
sidequest that soon, as its availability seems random (or it's decided by how 
many times you visit her). I'm just putting this out there now since that's 
when this happened to me. Also, if you want some funny dialogue if you've 
chosen to love Peatrice, Z-Target her and speak to Fi.

Anyway, head over to the housing on the east side of Skyloft, still at night.
Enter Pipit's house, which should be the bottom house facing the river. Talk
to Mallara, and she will say that her house is pretty dirty (no kidding) and
says she can't bring herself to do some dusting. She'd like for you to clean
her house for her. You won't have a broom for this hefty job, you'll need to
use your Gust Bellows! Clean up everything in her home, leaving nothing 
unclean, and as thanks for cleaning her home, you'll get [[5 GRATITUDE 
__________  ________  [[CRYSTALS]]. Anyway, with that done, you should have
|         |/       |  enough Gratitude Crystals for Batreaux. Go visit him and
|    BIG WALLET    |  he will give you a Big Wallet! Now you can carry 1,000
|      FOUND       |  Rupees, not including those Extras! A chest will also
'\                 |  appear. Approach it and he will say to not open it, as it
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  contains the dreadful evil of the Cursed Medal! If you 
carry this, it will shower you with riches by increasing the drop rate of 
Rupees...but you will not be able to use your pouch at all. No potions, no
shields, no ammo bags. Other medal effects still apply, and you can still move 
stuff around through the Item Check, though. So if you want, take it.
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              |   CURSED MEDAL   |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
With that, it should be time to head to the sky and do some various things.
Let's go! Oh, yeah, you'll need it to be daytime first.

The Sky
Let's get the Goddess Chests out of the way. Head to the   __________  ________
chest marker east of the Lanayru beacon. Land on the side  |         |/       |
of the island and open the chest for a Heart Medal! This   |   HEART  MEDAL   |
increases the drop rate of Hearts when equipped. Now go    |      FOUND       |
to the northeast sky where the two chest markers are. Get  '\                 |
to the eastern-most one, and you'll find out it's an island  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
you've been to. Land on the bottom ledge, and bomb the wall there. Open the
Goddess Chest for a Silver Rupee! Now fly to the last chest marker, and it's
the island way up high. This is actually Beedle's Island, where he rests at
night. Land on the mountain of it and open the Goddess Chest for...a Piece of
Heart! Great! That's another Heart Container!
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              |  HEART PIECE #8  |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
Next, head over to Pumpkin Landing. You can play the harp near the butterfly
group on the east side of the island to make a Gossip Stone appear. Enter the
Lumpy Pumpkin. Pumm's got a new job for ya, and is it a doozy...well, 
apparantly! He says it can only be done at nightfall, so come back at night. So 
how to get over here if you can't fly at night? Well, there's a bed here...use 
it. He wants you to do a quick little duet with Kina, since she's "quite the 
singer." He says that customers will start waving their arms as Kina sings, so 
you can use that as a guide. When customers stop, freestyle and do your own 
thing! If you did a well enough job, Pumm will be pleased and will decide that
you've done all you needed to do. As thanks, he gives you a Piece of Heart.
Now don't break any more chandeliers!
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              |  HEART PIECE #9  |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
So, after that, rest at a bed until morning to see the brand new chandelier!
Nice. Also, you can actually go back and do the jobs you've done before to earn
some pay, which would be pretty good if you couldn't afford that Sacred Shield
before. Now, fly over to the southwest part of the sky, and land at the very
colorful island, Fun Fun Island. Talk to Dodoh there. He's apparantly missing
his party wheel, and without it, he can't have fun fun! Oh dear! Well, let's go
find it! Fi calculates that, due to the vicinity of this island, the party
wheel must have fallen in Lanayru Desert. So head to the yellow beacon, 
skydive, and choose the Desert Entrance point.

Lanayru Desert
Quick visit like the one with the propeller. Hit the nearby Timeshift Stone,
climb the vines on the nearby cliff, then grab the thin ledge and shimmy across
it. Drop and follow the rim here to find the party wheel semi-lodged into the
ground. Have Fi call Scrapper to carry it up, then head back to a bird statue.

The Sky
Fly the wheel back to Fun Fun Island. Dodoh will be so grateful that he'll open
up his Fun Fun Island skydiving game, as well as give you [[5 GRATITUDE 
CRYSTALS]]. So much fun! Now talk to the guy. He will let you play his first
game absolutely free! He will also tell you the rules. First, you will be shot
out of a cannon. Next, land on a space on a rotating board. Depending on the
Rupee color you land on, that's how much you'll get. But don't land in the grey
space, otherwise he'll take some of your Rupees! While diving, Fortune Rings
and Dodoh Balls will appear. Passing through Fortune Rings increases the Rupee
multiplier as well as slowing the wheel to make it easier to land in a specific
spot. But if you hit a Dodoh Ball, it resets the multiplier. Aw. Finally, you
can't use your Sailcloth. So if you're ready, hop into the cannon! Now here's
a tip: hit all the Fortune Rings, avoid the Dodoh Balls, and land on the 50
Rupee zone. If you do, you will gain a heart-fulfilling prize...a Piece of 
Heart! That and 500 Rupees...man what an awesome prize. That's actually enough
to go get that Sacred Shield if you haven't already!
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              | HEART  PIECE #10 |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
With all that done, I think it's finally time to progress the story. Get on
your Loftwing, get yourself prepared, and head on down to Faron Woods. I know
exactly where to find the first trial, but it's actually advisable to start at
the In the Woods bird statue, due to some extra things we can do.

Faron Woods
__________  ________  Up here, follow the path north. At the fork, see the
|         |/       |  cracked spot? Bomb it. Inside is a Piece of Heart. Now
| HEART  PIECE #11 |  climb up to the foot of the Great Tree, go around to its
|      FOUND       |  west side, and crawl under the crawlspace. You'll see
'\                 |  Blue Bokoblins here, they're just stronger versions of
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  the basic Bokoblins that also attack more frequently. Get
on the Great Tree root just north of the normal-sized tree, climb the vines up
to where you found a Kikwi before, and bomb the wall. Open the chest for a rare
treasure. Now head up to where the structure is. You'll see a shining spot
where butterflies are. Strum the harp near here and a symbol will show up.
Follow the pulsing ring of light and play Farore's Courage. Approach the new
marking on the ground, press A and hold A to ready your sword, and thrust the
Wii Remote down. Link will be transported to another realm...or rather, his
spirit will be transported to another realm.

\ Farore's Trial:
- This is the Spirit Realm, a place hidden from most people. This is your first
 trial...you must collect all of Farore's Tears to grow in spirit and obtain a
 special gift from the Goddess. You cannot use your sword and any of your 
 items, including the pouch. Throughout the realm are Guardians and Watchers. 
 If they spot you, you must run to a tear and collect it, making you safe for 
 90 seconds until you find another. If you get hit by a Guardian or Watcher 
 even once...your spirit shatters and you must try again. Once you step out of 
 the protective ring you start in, the Guardians will be alerted, so make haste 
 to your first Tear! Last, but not least, there are certain fruits that, when 
 collected, make the light from the Tears shine more brightly temporarily, 
 acting as guiding beacons.

- Your first Tear of Farore is right in front of you. Step out of the ring and 
 quickly collect it.

- Your second Tear of Farore is on top of the structure where the bird statue
 would be. Go collect that. A Dusk Relic is also at the foot of the structure's
 southern staircase.

- Your third Tear of Farore is on the north side of the Great Tree, beside a
 Guardian and Sky Watcher.

- Your fourth Tear of Farore is up on the ledge nearby. Get on the Great Tree
 root, climb the vines, and grab this.

- Your fifth Tear of Farore is by the tree, surrounded by Waking Water. If you
 step into the Waking Water, Guardians and Earth Watchers will be alerted. You
 can, however, run across Waking Water without sinking. Just walk along the log
 here and grab the tear. A Dusk Relic is also here.

- The sixth Tear of Farore is just up ahead, right next to a Guardian. Crawl
 through the crawlspace next.

- The seventh Tear of Farore is up on the ledge ahead next to the tree. Be
 careful of the Earth Watcher. A Dusk Relic is behind the tree.

- The eighth Tear of Farore is up on a platform jutting out of the Great Tree,
 where a Piece of Heart was in the normal realm. Follow the southern root of
 the Great Tree, and walk along the tightrope. A Dusk Relic is below said 
 southern root.

- The ninth Tear of Farore is south of here, behind a pool of Waking Water, in
 front of a Sky Guardian, guarded by a number of Sky Watchers. Be careful. A
 Dusk Relic can be found at the end of the dirt path to the Waking Water.

- The tenth Tear of Farore is up on a ledge to the east. Climb up and grab it.
 Push the log down.

- The eleventh Tear of Farore is south of here, near a celestial gate where a
 tree trunk is. A Dusk Relic is guarded by an Earth Watcher.

- The twelfth Tear of Farore is on the sandy slope leading up to the tree 
 trunk. Just follow the path beneath the trunk's roots.

- The thirteenth Tear of Farore is on the west side of this mushroom glade.
 Waking Water sinks and rises surrounding this Tear, so wait for the water to
 subside before grabbing it.

- The fourteenth Tear of Farore is on the south side of this mushroom glade,
 an Earth Watcher on the dirt path guarding it.

- The final Tear of Farore is up on an east ledge, just near where the ninth
 Tear was. With all 15 Tears collected, you must return to the protective ring
 of light where you started. You no longer have a time limit, but you can still
 be spotted by Watchers and stepping onto Waking Water. Don't get careless.
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              |WATER DRAGON SCALE|
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
As your reward for clearing the first trial, you get the Water Dragon's Scale!
This allows you to swim deep in water, as opposed to just on the surface. You
can talk to Bucha here if you want to, but what you need to do now is enter the
Great Tree. Before doing that, from this side of the Great Tree, look up to see
two Goddess Cubes...one on a high root overlooking a pool of water, and one on
a platform connected to another by a tightrope. Set beacons for those two, then
head into the water. Press and hold A to start swimming, and you can turn by 
tilting the Wii Remote...very much like you do with the Beetle. If you want to 
swim evenly, release A and start using the Control Stick to move around. You 
automatically start swimming to the surface when you stop moving. Swim down and 
enter the hole in the tree.

Inside the Great Tree
Keep in mind that you do have an air meter when underwater. You can refill it
by surfacing or by touching air bubbles that come up. Anyway, follow the tunnel
in this tree. You'll eventually reach the center. Link will swim towards some
vines, so climb up. You'll see some hanging platforms. Use the Gust Bellows to
blow on them and make them sway so you can hop on. On the first one, use the
Gust Bellows toward the south and jump onto the southern ledge. Follow the
series of ledges west, around to the north side. Go through the tunnel over to
a branch. Kill the Quadro Baba by either cutting its stalk with the Beetle or
throwing a Bomb at it so it'll swallow it and blow up. Jump across and open the
chest for a Gold Rupee. Holy crap, awesome!

Head back to the swinging platforms, knock the blue Bokoblin off with Bombs or
the Beetle, and then swing across to the west side (unless you're already 
there) with the Gust Bellows. Head outside.

Faron Woods
Now you're on a climb up the Great Tree! First though, look down. There's a 
Goddess Cube on the west root of the tree. Jump down to it and strike it. 
Return to where you were. Start climbing up the platforms jutting from the 
tree, eventually you'll get to some vines. Snipe off Walltulas from the vines 
by using the Slingshot before starting to climb. Drop onto the platform shortly 
after hopping from one set of vines to the other, snipe some more Walltulas and 
the hive, and continue up them. Re-enter the Great Tree.
                          | GODDESS CUBE #13 STRUCK |

Inside the Great Tree
Short visit. You'll fight a Moblin up high, and the guy's pretty resilient. You
can fight him by cutting down his wooden shield and fighting him head on, or by
running at him and climbing clear over him, going wild on his backside. Er...
...yeah. After killing or bypassing the Moblin, exit out the other side. 

Faron Woods
There's a bird statue up here. Head up, kill the Bokoblins and the Keese, and
Fi will eventually call your attention to the weird noise up here. Keep going,
up the vines, and you will notice a Kikwi up here...apparently he's snoring.
Hit him with the Slingshot to wake him up. This old one's called Yerbal, and he
will ask you if you really can see him. Of course you can! Your business being
here is the flame, and he says to go speak with the Water Dragon. She lives in
Lake Floria, but the way there is locked. To open the gate, you have to channel
the power of the goddess and carve the rest of the symbol of Farore. You can
find the complete symbol of Farore as a marking on the ground on top of that
stone structure. Set a beacon there if you wish.

So yeah! Head back down to the bird statue up here. See the beacons you placed
beside the Great Tree? Head up to the first one
from the bird statue and fall down to a root where  +-------------------------+
                              a Goddess Cube is.    | GODDESS CUBE #14 STRUCK |
+-------------------------+  Strike it, then climb  +-------------------------+
| GODDESS CUBE #15 STRUCK |  up to the bird statue
+-------------------------+  again. Get to the next beacon and jump down to it,
                             cross the tightrope, and strike the Goddess Cube.
Now look over on top of the stone structure to find the symbol of Farore. It's
a circle with two crescents over it. Remember that. Now head to the south part
of Faron Woods, where that spiral path was and that lake. There's a gate there.
Approach it and gather power for a Skyward Strike. Now you'll get into a 
carving mode. See the missing spot of Farore's symbol? Yep, draw a circle where
it should be and the gate shall open. Follow the stone quay jutting out and

Lake Floria
This is pretty...unfortunately you won't be able to explore the lake itself
that much because the water current from the triple waterfall is too strong. It
sends you up a river. Eventually you will meet a new species: Parellas. A 
Parella will spot you and start swimming away. Follow it. Eventually you'll get
to a wooden blockade and it'll tell you to stop following it, then squeezing
through the blockade. You can break through that easily. Just shake the Nunchuk
to spin at it. Keep in mind this takes away some of your air, so don't spam it.
Continue to follow the Parella. It will now take you to the Water Dragon after
seeing that you have the abilities the Scale provides.

Follow it, crashing through another blockade, and you'll get to a room where
the Parella was expecting to meet up with a friend. There are some Froaks
swimming about here, and a bunch of rock blockades you can blow up. There's 
also a bird statue here, but it's not one to skydive from. Basically, to get
rid of the blockades, spin into a Froak to knock it toward a blockade and blow
it up. The way forward is north, but if you take the time to blow up the other
blockades, you can find a Silver Rupee (rock in the middle), two Red Rupees, a
Parella who tells you a secret to everybody about the Water Dragon, a Blue
Rupee, and a treasure.

Follow the Parella to another room. You'll get to a wall you can quite swim
through or break through. So what to do? Approach it as you surface, then do a
spin! If you timed it right, you'll do a spin jump right over the wall! Keep
following the Parella, making a spin jump onto some land. There's a bird statue
here. Before dropping back down onto the water, open the blue chest nearby the
bird statue for a rare treasure. From here, head south and west along the side
ledges to another Goddess Cube! Strike it, then follow the Parella once more.
                          | GODDESS CUBE #16 STRUCK |

Follow the Parella again, making another spin jump over a wall. In this room,
you'll have to deal with a new enemy: Cranioc. It's a fish that rushes toward
you when it spots you. You'll literally have to butt heads with it to kill it.
Spin attack is great! After taking it down (with probably two spins), follow
the Parella to the door to the Water Dragon's lair. He'll open it, allowing you
inside. Head inside...she's up at the top, so swim up to her. Tell her you're
looking for the sacred flame, and she will tell you to bring her some sacred
water, as she's healing in a basin and needs more of that purifying stuff. Fi
will be able to dowse for this sacred water. Excellent. Before leaving though,
get up on the southern and western ledges for a couple of chests containing a
Silver Rupee and a treasure. Now take the exit to the west, towards where the
Water Dragon pointed you back towards the woods.

Out at the Floria Waterfall, there's a bird statue and a group of butterflies
that hide a Gossip Stone. Follow the north path back to Faron Woods. Roll the
log down so you'll have a shortcut, and drop down. Dowsing seems to be pointing
toward the Deep Woods, so head over there. You should know how to do that. It's
past the stone structure Viewing Platform.

Deep Woods
I'd advise emptying out a Bottle if you don't already have one. Head up the log
behind the tree. Looking with dowsing, it seems it's pointing towards the 
Skyview Temple. Head down the stone-tiled path, climb up with the log. The 
ledge behind you has a small chest next to a small tree. There's also a group
of butterflies next to the log you climbed up, can call up a Gossip Stone. Head
inside the Skyview Temple once more...

Skyview Temple
A revisit to a dungeon. At least this'll be the only instance in the game. Fi
says that, due to her calculations, the sacred water seems to be in the deepest
part of the temple...oddly enough where you first met Ghirahim. Follow the
path down until you get to a group of butterflies. Play the harp and a strange
marking on the wall will appear. Also, a Mogma! Awesome. I love these guys.
Anyway, he says that a big stone guy tipped him off to some treasure around
here. Guess we gotta be careful. As of the wall? Well, we'll experiment with it
later. There's a lot of these throughout the world. Take the shortcut here to
the middle room.

Heading up to the north door, you'll find that the lock has been re-instated!
Crap. So where to find the key for it? Well, exploring around the surrounding
rooms, you'll get some vague clues as to where to find it from a Mogma, saying
he buried it around here somewhere, but can't seem to find it. Well, to stop
beating around the bush, enter the east room. Get in the water, swim down to
the crawlspace, and head through. Get up to the vines, climb them, and dig at
this spot here to get the [[SMALL KEY]]. Use it to open that locked door and
move on.

Here, you can just skip the central chamber room. Get to the north side and 
head through the north gate over to the boss door...just a tightrope walk away.
The problem here is Bokoblin archers. Use the Beetle to carry a Bomb over to
them and drop it. Now walk across and enter the room. Inside...you'll fight
three Stalfos at once! Huh, what a challenge. It actually shouldn't be too
difficult if you keep an eye out. After all three are defeated, continue on to
the Skyview Spring. See the place where the Fairies are gathered? That's the
spot where sacred water dwells. Go and bottle some. And no, this spot isn't
sacred water at the beginning of the game, so you can't bypass this revisit to
the temple.

Floria Waterfall
Taken back to the front entrance to Skyview Temple, it's time to head back to
the place where the Water Dragon resides. You can either cut through the
southwestern Faron Woods entry, or simply fly up to the sky and land at the
Floria Waterfall. Either way, once you're there, head up to Faron. She will
automatically lead you to the entrance of the dungeon where Farore's Flame is
kept, and will make the waterfall recede. Head in through a spin jump...

ANCIENT CISTERN                |
Welcome to the Ancient Cistern, a dungeon designed off of Buddhist symbolism...
as well as employing a bit of a Japanese short story. "The Spider String," you 
can look it up if you want to. Anyway, this central room consists of a bunch of
ledges on the side, a giant statue in the center, and water surrounding the
statue. The hands of the statue, below the water, have Silver Rupees right 
above them, but if you simply swim up to them, the hands will grab you and 
throw you. Time your spin so that you can grab the Silver Rupees and escape
before the hands clamp down on you.

Anyway, the door to the inside of the giant statue is locked, there's an x on
the map signifying an entryway in the water, but blocked by the currents of a
waterfall, and an east door blocked by a portcullis. There's a handle right 
next to it though, so pull it and it will open. Before heading in though, we
need to learn the temple's "secret order" as inscribed in the stone tablet by
the locked door that leads inside the statue. It tells you to look at the 
statue's back, then its rear, then the back of its right hand, then finally the
back of its left hand. Looking at those spots, you'll see a four-pronged symbol
at all these spots, only with one prong highlighted differently. Keep these in
mind, and in the order that stone tablet told you to look at them. Now enter 
that door that had the portcullis in the way.

Drop down and you might land on a lilypad. If you do, you'll notice that the 
force of the drop flipped it around. Keep note of that for later. Get out of 
the water, and head north, taking care of the Skulltulas. Past there, you'll
find a door with a unique lock, and the stone tablet telling you to hit the
lock in the temple's secret order. Yep, this is where you needed that. Hit the
sections of the lock in the correct order (vertical downward slash, vertical
upward slash, horizontal rightward slash, horizontal leftward slash) and the
door will open. Head in.

Inside, go ahead and cut the web strands from the Skulltulas with the Beetle.
On the southwest and southeast ends are some platforms you can climb up using
vines. One of them has a treasure. The other one you have to climb up so you
can drop down onto the lilypad just north of it, so that the spiky part of the
lilypad won't be blocking a tunnel to swim through...so go do that and swim
through the tunnel. Surface and open the door. Back in the first room (not the
central chamber), open the chest to get a [[SMALL KEY]]. Cool stuff! Drop down
and get to the water geyser to get sent back up to the door you entered this
series of rooms from. Get back to the central chamber and open the locked door.

You'll see a turn-handle, as well as an odd lock at the top of the inside of
this statue. Looks like we know where to put the key for the boss door! Since
we can't go up, the only way is down...so do that. At the bottom, you'll fight
a four-armed skeleton knight...a Stalmaster. At first, it only uses two arms,
so it's basically like a regular Stalfos right now. Then, it will use its other
two arms, limiting your choice of directional strikes to one each time. Just be
careful, it uses multiple attacks in a row. After killing it, enter the door
that opens. Pick up the chest to grab...the Whip! You can grab onto things 
using the end of this whip and pull them! You can also swing across certain
poles sticking out of the walls.
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              |       WHIP       |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
With that, exit this small room, and use the Whip on the turn-handle by 
flicking the Wii Remote at it. Flick it again to turn it, creating a water
geyser. Step in it and get taken up. Up here, ignore the door, and use the Whip
on the next turn-handle. Get taken up by the next water geyser to another door.
There's yet another turn-handle, so go ahead and turn that with the Whip to
activate another water geyser, this time to the very top where that weird lock
is. It's obvious what you need to do there though, so just head through this
upper door and jump down.

Head over to that east portcullis door, but don't go through it. Continue along
the ledges to the north until you get to a pole sticking out of the wall. 
Z-Target it, and flick the Wii Remote upward or downward to grab it and start
swinging from it. Jump to the other side, do the same for  __________  ________
the next pole. Open the chest up here to get the Dungeon   |         |/       |
Map! Awesome. There's also a Furnix up here...just kill    |   DUNGEON  MAP   |
it by using the Whip on its tail when it lowers it and     |      FOUND       |
then go for a Fatal Strike. Jump down to the west side     '\                 |
near where that waterfall is. Get on a lilypad and use the   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Whip to flip a lily that has the spike side on top. Hop on the now-flipped lily
and then use the Whip on the handle up high. This will shut up the waterfall, 
so now you can swim through that tunnel.

After emerging, go around behind the giant fishmouth that you exited from to
find a small chest containing a Red Rupee. Now head west and kill the 
Skulltula. Look through the gate to see a handle behind it. Whip it and the
gate will open. In this room, there are some Bokoblin archers, and the south
side has a Goddess Wall you can summon by playing the harp near the 
butterflies. If you gather energy for a Skyward Strike near it and draw a 
heart, you can get a whole bunch of hearts from it! This works on all Goddess
Walls. Get up where the archer was on the north side, swing across with the
Whip, and climb the vines. Kill the Deku Babas and climb on the vines on the
rotating column.

Drop on the west platform for a rest, then climb to the south side. Kill the
archer. Now, hang from the pole using the Whip, and angle yourself so that 
you're swinging towards the handle by the vines. Jump to it so you'll pull and
raise the gate up above the vines. Climb back up, and swing to the vines. Climb
up, kill the Deku Babas, and flip the turn-handle with the Whip. This will make
the water in the center of the room swirl and form a whirlpool. Time to go down
the flush! Jump down to it...and you'll be spat out in a place with a drastic
change of scenery. Grab the treasure if you want, and take down the Skulltulas
with the Beetle. This will make them land on lilypads and flip them, allowing
further passage.

The passage won't be too far though, you'll have to surface to find a locked
door within a gate, and a Bokoblin archer on the other side. What's that 
dangling from his waist...? Use the Whip to grab it...it's a [[SMALL KEY]]! Use
it to open the door. You'll look down into a room to see the chest that 
contains the boss door key! Sweet. Looks rather ominous down there though...
head down the water passage to another pipe that's sucking in water. You will
be sucked...if you go in there. Why the hell am I making weird comments? 
Anyway...just head through...

You'll appear back outside where it appears nice again. Head south and pull the
handle to open the gate leading to the central chamber. But stay in this room
for now. Go to the east side by spin jumping out of the water, use the Whip to 
flip the lily, then climb the vines. Up here, from the Quadro Baba, jump down
to the lilypad below to flip it. Swim down into the hole below that lily and
follow the Froak-infested tunnel until you surface. Follow the short stairs to
find yourself at the west side. Use the Whip to turn the handle and a water
geyser will shoot up where that lily was. Get back up to the high side of the
east, flip the lily with the Whip, then jump across. Follow the small path and
Whip the handle to open the gate.

Now you're at a previously-unreachable series of ledges in the central chamber.
Use the vines to reach a small chest right below you and to the ledge on the
west. Turn the turn-handle to turn on a water geyser as a shortcut up here. Now
continue, use the Whip on the large handle here to lower the statue. Get up to
the south side of the statue now and open the door. Drop to the very bottom and
open the door...to hell. Or something creepy at least. Up ahead are Cursed
Bokoblins, enemies that don't die (well, they do, but it's an insane amount of
hits) unless you Fatal Strike them as soon as they're down. They fear shiny 
things, so try flashing your Sacred Shield at them if you have one.

At any rate, once they're gone (or you passed them) follow the pathway around
the statue's feet, over to the right side. Keeping on following the path, you
will eventually get to a horde of Fire Keese. Take them down. Up ahead is a
Goddess Wall, and a stone tablet with a bomb flower. Another thing you can draw
on a Goddess Wall is the shape of a Rupee to get a bunch of Rupees. Nice! The
stone tablet says that you must strike gemstone within the eye to shut the 
mouth and dam the flow. Mmkay. Head back a little bit, keeping an eye to your
right. You'll see some lilypads, so jump across them, flipping the last one
over with the Whip.

On the other side, you'll notice that there's a rock that needs bombing but 
it's too far away to toss one, and the place where the cursed liquid is flowing 
from looks like a face...aha. Fly the Beetle into one of the eyes to find a
jewel switch. This will shut up the flow so you can grab a bomb flower! Get
back on the side with the bomb flower, then use the Beetle to fly it to the 
rock to the west. Now hop across the lilypads again, swing across with the
Whip, and get on the spinning column with vines. Climb up to its top, then jump
to the next spinning column. Get on the southern ledge. Follow it, jump to
some vines, climb them, then Whip the large handle by moving it to the left.
The spinning column below will start spinning the other direction. Jump down
to it and run to the ledge it takes you to.

Follow it, killing Cursed Bokoblins, and jump to the next vined spinning 
column. Follow it to a ledge, drop and follow the ledge, jump to the vines,
climb them, Whip the large handle to reverse the spinning columns again, then
head back the way you came here and get on the column over to the south side.
Kill the Fire Keese and look to see a pile of bones and a single string 
reaching up to a light. Hm. Over to the east is a turn-handle you can pull to
activate a water geyser for a shortcut back to where you entered this floor.
Now, start climbing the string. Cursed Bokoblins will emerge from the pile and
will start climbing after you. They will most likely get to you, so shake them
off by shaking the Wii Remote and Nunchuk before they pull you down. Keep
climbing and you'll eventually reach the surface. Thank goodness no-one cut the

At any rate, pull the handle here to extend a bridge. Go to its end, pull the
large handle upward with the Whip, and the statue will get back to its normal
position. Climb back down the thread. You'll see that, where the statue used to
be resting, there's the big chest! Open it for the [[BLESSED IDOL]]. This is
the key to the lock on top of the statue! ...Uh, speaking of, that statue's
starting to fall down. On top of that, Cursed Bokoblins are emerging from here
to prevent your escape. You really have no time to be fending off the Cursed
Bokoblins, you need to get out of there! After escaping from an untimely 
demise, re-enter the statue from here and ride the water geysers all the way
up to the top. Insert the Blessed Idol into the lock, and the top of the statue
will open.

Follow the stairs up, and use the Whip on all four turn-handles. The statue
will rise up really high, past the opening in the ceiling of this Cistern. Head
up the stairs...you'll find Ghirahim again, and he will animate a statue with
his power...it's time to fight. Possibly my favorite boss battle of the game as

BOSS: Ancient Automaton, Koloktos
Alright, so first off with this boss, it uses its multiple arms to attack. If
you're up close, it'll pound down with one of its arms. If you're far away, it
will throw two axes like boomerangs. What you want for it to do is to swing
down one of its arms. Dodge it, and it will get stuck to the ground. Use the
Whip, swing it downward to the arm, and then rip it off. Do the same to the
next arm. Finally, there's two arms left guarding its weak-spot. Either wait
until it moves them for one of its attacks to slash it, or wait for it to 
attack with those arms so you can rip them off, giving you pretty much free aim
to its core. It may eventually get its arms back in alignment too, so you'll
have to repeat the process.

After enough damage to its core, it will rip itself from the ground, revealing
legs. It will then cage its weakpoint and have weapons on every arm. Yeah, now
it's serious. It will do basic sword swings, spawn Cursed Bokoblins (these are
easier to kill though), and as always, swing its arms down to the ground. Dodge
those pound swings, and rip off its arms as before. However, there's an added
detail...the swords it leaves behind. You can head up to one of these swords
and pick them up. Yeah, now you're packing power! The same sword controls apply
except you can't do diagonal strikes. Wait until you have an opening, then head 
in and chop off its legs, then its arms, and then destroy the caging on its 
weakpoint. Keep at it, and it will eventually re-form. Repeat the process and
it will eventually go down.
                              __________  ________
                              |         |/       |
                              | HEART  CONTAINER |
                              |      FOUND       |
                              '\                 |
After a creepy death from the boss, a Heart Container will be left in its 
place. Grab it and follow the door to the shrine of Farore's Flame. Hit the
crest with a Skyward Strike, and watch as the flame tempers the sword, making 
it longer and stronger. It can now do twice as much damage as before!


- Goddess Longsword
  |- Farore's Flame
- Goddess's Harp
  |- Ballad of the Goddess
  |- Farore's Courage
- Big Wallet (+900)
- Sailcloth
- Water Dragon's Scale
- Digging Mitts
- 11 Heart Pieces (3/4)
- 12 Heart Containers

Quest Items:

- Emerald Tablet
- Ruby Tablet
- Amber Tablet
- Cawlin's Letter
- Gratitude Crystals (40)


- Slingshot
- Bug Net
- Hook Beetle
- Bombs
- Gust Bellows
- Whip

Adventure Pouch:

- 3 Pouch Upgrades
- Wooden Shield
- Iron Shield
- Sacred Shield
- Seed Satchel
- Bomb Bag
- Cursed Medal
- Heart Medal
- Treasure Medal
- Empty Bottle
- Empty Bottle
- Empty Bottle

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                 ~          _|___|__
             ~                         #   |  ¯¯¯   |        ~
                                      ###  |  _     |(¯¯¯¯¯\           ____
                           /¯\ . . ..__| . | | | +  | ),    )        _/    \___
/'\ ____ ___             |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\    \  _/¯¯)(      ____
   (    )   \__/`\_ /'`\ \                             |     )/|  (_| __  (
    )  (    (      ;    \ |  S P O I L E R - F R E E   |¯¯¯¯¯/(      /  ¯¯¯)
¯¯¯¯|   |  ('      (     )|   W A L K T H R O U G H   /     /` ¯¯¯¯¯¯)    (
   (    ')  /¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯  \                         |    ('  /¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                \  /¯\____               |     ¯¯¯
                             ||       \____/¯¯\     /
                             |;                \  /¯                    [SPOIL]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - \/- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                 ~          _|___|__
             ~                         #   |  ¯¯¯   |        ~
                                      ###  |  _     |(¯¯¯¯¯\           ____
                           /¯\ . . ..__| . | | | +  | ),    )        _/    \___
/'\ ____ ___             |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\    \  _/¯¯)(      ____
   (    )   \__/`\_ /'`\ \                             |     )/|  (_| __  (
    )  (    (      ;    \ |  P I E C E  O F  H E A R T |¯¯¯¯¯/(      /  ¯¯¯)
¯¯¯¯|   |  ('      (     )|     L O C A T I O N S     /     /` ¯¯¯¯¯¯)    (
   (    ')  /¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯  \                         |    ('  /¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                \  /¯\____               |     ¯¯¯
                             ||       \____/¯¯\     /
                             |;                \  /¯                    [HEART]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - \/- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Scattered throughout the game's world are these items called Heart Pieces, or
as the game calls them in the singular: Piece of Heart. Collecting four 
completes a Heart Container and adds it to your current life meter. Collecting
all of them plus the Heart Containers in the game (gotten from defeated bosses)
adds up to 18 total hearts of health, normally. Here are the list of Heart
Pieces, where to find them, when you can get them, and how to get them. There
will be checkmark boxes to keep track of in case you decide to print this 
section out or something.

Piece of Heart #1: [ ]
Location: Faron Province, Faron Woods
Requirements: None

How to get: After finding Machi the Kikwi on your first visit to the woods, you
 will climb up to the south clearing at the foot of the Great Tree. On the
 southwest portion of the clearing, climb up and follow the southern root 
 leading to the tree to see this on a platform. Walk along the tightrope to get

Piece of Heart #2: [ ]
Location: Faron Province, Skyview Temple
Requirements: Beetle

How to get: In the central chamber, north side of the center structure where
 you got the Beetle, there's this Piece behind bars. Free it from its 
 undeserved sentence by flying the Beetle up near the top of the center 
 structure where a jewel switch is that you can hit. You can hit it easier with
 the stamina upgrade for the Beetle, but it's reachable with the base Beetle.

Piece of Heart #3: [ ]
Location: The Sky
Requirements: Strike Goddess Cube #2

How to get: After striking Goddess Cube #2, head up to the sky to find a new
 chest marked on your sky map. It's on a simple small island on the south side
 of the map. Fly there and open the Goddess Chest to get this.

Piece of Heart #4: [ ]
Location: Skyloft
Requirements: At least 10 Gratitude Crystals

How to get: Batreaux will give you this Piece of Heart for giving him 10
 Gratitude Crystals. See the section below for info.

Piece of Heart #5: [ ]
Location: The Sky, Lumpy Pumpkin
Requirements: None

How to get: See the Heart Piece up on the chandelier? And how there's warnings
 to not shake the chandelier? Screw that, roll into the walls to shake the
 chandelier until it falls to the ground and breaks. You'll have to pay for
 what you've done by doing various jobs for Pumm, but hey, at least you got
 the Heart Piece on the chandelier!

Piece of Heart #6: [ ]
Location: Eldin Province, Eldin Volcano
Requirements: None

How to get: Following along the east path from the Volcano East bird statue, up 
 to the bone bridge, there's some ledges north that lead up to an upper path
 that takes you south and back west. At the end, you'll find this on a lower

Piece of Heart #7: [ ]
Location: Lanayru Province, Lanayru Desert
Requirements: Bombs

How to get: On the east side of the Desert, on the solid ground, you may notice
 on the map that there's a passageway extending from the cliff-face on the
 north-eastern side. In your actual environment, there's a crack in the 
 cliff-face in the midst of sinksand, though part of the sinksand can be walked
 on freely. Bomb it, then follow the resulting path to a chest containing this

Piece of Heart #8: [ ]
Location: The Sky, Beedle's Island
Requirements: None

How to get: Activate Goddess Cube #12 in Lanayru Province, then fly to Beedle's
 Island and open the Goddess Chest on top of the mountain.

Piece of Heart #9: [ ]
Location: The Sky, Lumpy Pumpkin
Requirements: Getting Heart Piece #5, have the Goddess Harp

How to get: After knocking down the chandelier for Heart Piece #5, Pumm will
 want you to do a chain of jobs to pay for the damages. The first job is to
 deliver piping hot Pumpkin Soup to Eagus, the Knight Commander found at
 Skyloft's Sparring Hall. The second job is to gather a stack of pumpkins to
 the shack. Slow and steady is the key to keep them balanced! The final job is
 playing a duet with Kina, following the arm motions of the customers as a sort
 of metronome, always making full motions, freestyling when they aren't waving 
 their hands. For doing all three jobs, Pumm rewards you with this.

Piece of Heart #10: [ ]
Location: The Sky, Fun Fun Island
Requirements: Finishing Dodoh's Party Wheel sidequest (see Gratitude Crystals
 section for info)

How to get: For finding Dodoh's party wheel, he will open up his fun little
 game: Dodoh's High Dive. For 20 Rupees, you can skydive from high up in an
 attempt to win Rupees! To get the Heart Piece bonus prize, you need to get a
 perfect score! How to do that? Well, dive through all the Fortune Rings and
 avoid the Dodoh Balls to get a multiplier of x10, then land on the 50 Rupee
 space (the one with 2 Reds and 2 Blues) to get a whopping 500 Rupees to go
 along with that!

Piece of Heart #11: [ ]
Location: Faron Province, Faron Woods
Requirements: Bombs

How to get: In the little mushroom glade where the "In the Woods" bird statue
 is, there's a cracked part of the wall on the north cliff, seen right in front
 of the fork in the road. Bomb it to find this Piece inside.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                 ~          _|___|__
             ~                         #   |  ¯¯¯   |        ~
                                      ###  |  _     |(¯¯¯¯¯\           ____
                           /¯\ . . ..__| . | | | +  | ),    )        _/    \___
/'\ ____ ___             |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\    \  _/¯¯)(      ____
   (    )   \__/`\_ /'`\ \                             |     )/|  (_| __  (
    )  (    (      ;    \ |     G R A T I T U D E      |¯¯¯¯¯/(      /  ¯¯¯)
¯¯¯¯|   |  ('      (     )|      C R Y S T A L S      /     /` ¯¯¯¯¯¯)    (
   (    ')  /¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯  \                         |    ('  /¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                \  /¯\____               |     ¯¯¯
                             ||       \____/¯¯\     /
                             |;                \  /¯                     [GRAT]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - \/- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Gratitude Crystals are kinda like "sidequest points." The more sidequests you
do, the more rewards you can get from Batreaux, the friendly demon hidden in
Skyloft. There are even lone Gratitude Crystals laying about the various 
islands in the sky, but they only appear at night. I'll list sidequest-related 
Gratitude Crystals first, and then the Crystals found lying around. Rewards 
from Batreaux are just below.

Five Crystals: Medium Wallet
Ten Crystals: Piece of Heart
Thirty Crystals: Big Wallet, Cursed Medal
Fourty Crystals: ???

Search for Kukiel [ ]
Activates: After placing the Ruby Tablet in Skyloft's Statue of the Goddess.

Details: After doing the aforementioned thing, Wyrna, Kukiel's mother, will be
 in front of the Goddess Statue's plaza, calling out to Kukiel. Agree to help
 her find her. Talking to people around town, you'll notice that an old man at
 the Lumpy Pumpkin saw a demon in Skyloft. Fly over to the Lumpy Pumpkin and
 talk to him. He says he saw the demon in the graveyard at night, hitting the
 gravestone nearest the tree and then pushing the stone to reveal a passage.

 So head over to Skyloft's graveyard at night (sleep in a bed), roll into the 
 stone nearest the tree and it should glow. Push it and follow the pathway to
 Batreaux's house. He says he's friendly and will return Kukiel to Wyrna in the
 morning. He also talks about Gratitude Crystals, and says to bring him some so
 he can reward you. Sleep until morning, then visit Kukiel's home by the lake-
 shore and Wyrna will thank you so much for finding Kukiel!

Reward: 5 Gratitude Crystals, enables you to find Gratitude Crystals.

Missing Orielle [ ]
Activates: After the Search for Kukiel is completed.

Details: Parrow will be seen pacing the Plaza of Skyloft. Talk to him and he
 will say that his sister has been gone for an unsettling amount of time. She
 said she'd check out the colorful island that showed up recently, but never
 returned. Fly towards that colorful island southwest of Skyloft, and you might
 see a small, thin sky island with a girl and her Loftwing on it. There's 
 Orielle! Talk to her to find out that her Loftwing is injured, so they can't
 fly back.

 Return to Skyloft and speak to Parrow. In response to this, he'll give you a
 bottle filled with Mushroom Spores: a bird medicine. Give this to Orielle.

Reward: 10 Gratitude Crystals, five from Orielle for delivering the bird
 medicine, and five from Parrow for bringing Orielle back.

Cawlin's Love Letter [ ]
Activates: After Groose leaves Skyloft to follow you down to the Sealed 

Details: Dovos from the cafe bazaar hears a rumor of a woman moaning in the
 dormitory (Knight Academy) at night, and Henya in the Academy's kitchen claims
 to hear moaning from the restroom at night. Sleep until night and approach the
 restroom to find out it's true. Attempt to open the door and the voice behind
 it will tell you to bring it some paper. Sleep until morning to find Cawlin
 next to the restroom facing the wall. After talking to him a bit, you'll get
 his love letter, in the hopes that you'll deliver it to Karane. This can go
 one of two ways.

 You can deliver it to Karane who's in the classroom, who will snob him off at 
 first, but then consider just a bit to make a date with him...but she wonders 
 what Pipit would think. Talk to Pipit and he'll act all flustered, indicating 
 he's interested in Karane. But, his do-gooder self says that you should talk 
 to Karane again and see how she makes her decision, as he isn't the one to 
 deny love from blossoming. So head down to Karane, and a cutscene will show
 between Cawlin and Karane. Just before she's able to say, Pipit barges in and
 wants her to date him. She willingly accepts, and Cawlin runs off crying.

 However, if you decide to do this the other way, then sleep until night, and
 approach the restroom. Attempt to enter and she will open the door. Enter, and
 it will appear to be a ghostly hand from the toilet. Give her the letter and
 she will thank you. Sleep until the morning and tell Cawlin what you did. He
 will be pissed and really sad about what you did. Sleep until night again and
 visit Groose's room where Cawlin is now sleeping. The ghostly hand will be
 there, haunting him. She'll thank you for letting her find her true love.

Reward: 5 Gratitude Crystals, from Pipit if you delivered the letter to Karane,
 or from the ghostly hand as she's petting Cawlin if you delivered it to her.

Misguided Love? [ ]
Activates: Randomly, though the main factor seems to be in how many times you
 visit her at the Item Check.

Details: Peatrice is a bored girl who runs the Item Check. However, she starts
 to notice you visiting her a lot, and starts getting misguided messages. She
 starts daydreaming about you and gets more lively when you're around. 
 Eventually, Peater (her father) starts noticing her change in behavior. If you
 talk to him at their house at the night (or if you speak to him at his Clean
 Cut minigame at Bamboo Island, though I haven't tried that), he says he 
 doesn't want any lowlife wooing his daughter, and asks if you could take care
 of it for a chance to talk with Peatrice...otherwise he's gonna find the guy
 and rough him up.

 Eventually, one visit to the Item Check, Peatrice will ask you to visit her 
 home at night, as she has something important she'd like to discuss with you. 
 Do so, and she will ask you questions about how you feel about her. Do you 
 like her, or is she just a simple Item Check girl? Do you REALLY like her? Or 
 do you not? It's at this point that you have to dump her or say you really 
 like her. If you dump her, she gets all depressed for a bit afterwards, but 
 will gain some confidence in herself afterwards. If you say you really like 
 her, she'll think you actually love her, and will be so happy every time you 
 go to see her at the Item Check. Your choice, I just wouldn't mention this to 
 Zelda...Fi agrees.

Reward: 5 Gratitude Crystals, from Peater if you dump Peatrice, or from 
 Peatrice herself if you say you really like her.

Lazy Mallara [ ]
Activates: Have the Gust Bellows.

Details: Mallara lives in a home on the residential region of Skyloft, and is
 the mother of Pipit. She's absolutely lazy and doesn't like cleaning. If you
 walk into her extremely dirty home at night, she'll ask you if you can clean
 her home. Accept and use the Gust Bellows to clean every inch of the home...
 the floors, shelves, windows, everything that has dust, dirt, and cobwebs on

Reward: 5 Gratitude Crystals, red Rupees on subsequent visits to clean her

Dodoh's Wheel [ ]
Activates: Have Scrapper fixed at the Scrap Shop.

Details: Dodoh, the weird...proprieter of his little Fun Fun Island in the
 southwestern sky, has lost his party wheel, and it has dropped below the 
 clouds. Talk to him and get the party wheel added to your dowsing. It will
 point you towards Lanayru Desert, so enter Lanayru, and more specifically, the
 Desert Entrance.

 Once there, activate the nearby Timeshift Stone (under a rock to blow up), 
 then climb the vines on the nearby small cliff. From up here, you'll see a
 tiny ledge extending over to a far ledge, where you can see something colorful
 over there. Grab the tiny ledge and shimmy across, then approach the object to
 find it's Dodoh's party wheel! Examine it and have Fi call Scrapper to come
 pick this up. Head back up to the sky and fly it to Dodoh.

Reward: 5 Gratitude Crystals, opens up Fun Fun Island skydiving game.

Link's Bedroom [ ]
Details: This single Gratitude Crystal is found in Link's bedroom, on his desk.
 Just walk over and pick it up.

2nd Floor of Academy [ ]
Details: This single Gratitude Crystal is in the plant next to the double-door
 exit on the 2nd floor of the Knight Academy.

Southwest Skyloft Ledge [ ]
Details: From the Knight Academy, head down the southern pathway until you get
 to the windmill that's before the plaza. Look off the edge to find some vines.
 Climb down them to a ledge with this on it.

Light Tower [ ]
Details: Next to the Skyloft Plaza is the Light Tower. Climb up its first
 ladder and you'll find this.

Treacherous Boardwalk [ ]
Details: Below the bridge just north of the bazaar are some wooden boards you
 can walk along. This Crystal is on the midway piece of land. Be careful around
 here, there's nothing below you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                 ~          _|___|__
             ~                         #   |  ¯¯¯   |        ~
                                      ###  |  _     |(¯¯¯¯¯\           ____
                           /¯\ . . ..__| . | | | +  | ),    )        _/    \___
/'\ ____ ___             |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\    \  _/¯¯)(      ____
   (    )   \__/`\_ /'`\ \                             |     )/|  (_| __  (
    )  (    (      ;    \ |  G O D D E S S  C U B E S  |¯¯¯¯¯/(      /  ¯¯¯)
¯¯¯¯|   |  ('      (     )|                           /     /` ¯¯¯¯¯¯)    (
   (    ')  /¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯  \                         |    ('  /¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                \  /¯\____               |     ¯¯¯
                             ||       \____/¯¯\     /
                             |;                \  /¯                     [CUBE]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - \/- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Goddess Cubes are grey, ornamented cubes that can be found all over the surface
world. When struck by a Skyward Strike, they turn into energy and shoot up
towards the sky, unlocking a treasure chest hidden up in the various islands up
in the sky. These unlocked chests will be marked on your sky map, so you don't
have to worry about wondering where they are. Each of these Goddess Chests that
become unlocked through struck Cubes usually have a very worthwhile treasure, 
so it's beneficial to hunt these Cubes down. I'll show the locations for Cubes
and how to reach them, then how to reach the Goddess Chests that are unlocked,
and what prize you get from them.

Goddess Cube #01: [ ]
Cube is Found: In the Deep Woods of Faron Province, up on a ledge next to a 
 stone path south of the Skyview Temple. It's next to Gorko when you can first 
 see it.

Chest is Found: At Pumpkin Landing east/southeast of Skyloft. It's beside the
 main entrance to the Lumpy Pumpkin. (Not the entrance where the pumpkin 
 patches are.)

Treasure: Adventure Pouch Slot

Goddess Cube #02: [ ]
Cube is Found: In the Deep Woods of Faron Province, in front of Skyview Temple 
 near the bottomless gap. Best warp to use is the Forest Temple one.

Chest is Found: A southern sky island, southwest of Pumpkin Landing.

Treasure: Piece of Heart

Goddess Cube #03: [ ]
Cube is Found: In Skyview Spring, at the end of Skyview Temple in Faron 
 Province. It is behind the altar where the crest lies.

Chest is Found: At Pumpkin Landing east/southeast of Skyloft. It's on the
 awning above the front entrance to the Lumpy Pumpkin. Skydive onto it.

Treasure: Gold Rupee (Worth 300 Rupees!)

Goddess Cube #04: [ ]
Cube is Found: Eldin Volcano of Eldin Province. Near the Volcano Entry warp,
 just before the branching path, below on your left.

Chest is Found: On a sky island far to the west. This one's just out, free to

Treasure: Small Seed Satchel

Goddess Cube #05: [ ]
Cube is Found: Eldin Volcano of Eldin Province. From the Volcano East bird
 statue, follow the path north past the forked road and you should find this.

Chest is Found: On a sky island far northeast of Skyloft, west/northwest of
 Beedle's Island. Found on the top part of the island.

Treasure: Silver Rupee (Worth 100 Rupees!)

Goddess Cube #06: [ ]
Cube is Found: Eldin Volcano of Eldin Province, down in the Mogma Compound at
 Volcano East. This is found on one of the pillars at the entrance where you
 have to skydive from, so just control your skydive to land on that pillar.

Chest is Found: On the Isle of Songs in the Thunderhead, on the piece of the
 island surrounding the tower portion.

Treasure: Gold Rupee (Worth 300 Rupees!)

Goddess Cube #07: [ ]
Cube is Found: Eldin Volcano of Eldin Province. At the Temple Entrance, head
 west to a little enclosure. Dig at the soil next to the patch of water to
 reveal an air geyser. Toss a bomb (flower) onto the geyser to send it up to
 the cracked wall, blowing it up to reveal this Cube. Fly up there with the

Chest is Found: On Bamboo Island north of Skyloft. It's on the opposite side of
 the island from the entrance to the building.

Treasure: Gold Rupee (Worth 300 Rupees!)

Goddess Cube #08: [ ]
Cube is Found: Eldin Volcano of Eldin Province. At the Temple Entrance, head
 east to find an adjacent Bokoblin camp. Just east of that is a lava river and
 a path leading down to it. This Cube's at the end of the path.

Chest is Found: On a sky island in the northeastern sky. Directly southeast of
 Beedle's Island. Land on the top part of the island and look for some vines 
 off the side. Climb them around to this chest.

Treasure: Treasure Medal

Goddess Cube #09: [ ]
Cube is Found: Eldin Volcano of Eldin Province, on a pillar on the long, 
 eastern sandy slope of the mountain. To get there, head east and follow the 
 path from the Temple Entrance, taking a right at the hot area. When you slide 
 down to the long sandy slope, take a left and hit the air geyser there. Jump 
 down to the lower pillar with this Cube.

Chest is Found: Inside a building in Skyloft close to the lake. To reach it,
 you must have the Water Dragon's Scale and swim along Kukiel's House to find a
 tunnel. Swim through and you'll emerge where this Goddess Chest and another
 chest is.

Treasure: ???

Goddess Cube #10: [ ]
Cube is Found: Lanayru Mine of Lanayru Province. At Lanayru Mine Entry, this is
 found behind the tower on the south side.

Chest is Found: At the northeastern sky, southeast of Beedle's Island. Land on
 the bottom part of the sky island and bomb the wall.

Treasure: Silver Rupee (Worth 100 Rupees!)

Goddess Cube #11: [ ]
Cube is Found: Lanayru Desert of Lanayru Province. Found at the southern solid
 platform in the southwest sinksand pit.

Chest is Found: On a sky island just east of the Lanayru sky beacon. It's on 
 the island's outside ledge.

Treasure: Heart Medal

Goddess Cube #12: [ ]
Cube is Found: Lanayru Desert of Lanayru Province. At the Desert Gorge warp,
 head up to the Temple of Time collapsed entrance, then start heading back east
 via another minecart. This Cube is on the ride across, prepare a Skyward 
 Strike as you get on it.

Chest is Found: Found on Beedle's Island in the northeast sky. It's on top of
 the pillar mountain, so land there.

Treasure: Piece of Heart

Goddess Cube #13: [ ]
Cube is Found: Faron Woods of Faron Province. This is on the western root of
 the Great Tree. To reach it, enter the Great Tree from the hole in the 
 southern pool of water and get out the other side. From here, just jump to the

Chest is Found: On a small island on Skyloft, on its southwestern side. To get
 to it, simply head south from the Knight Academy until you get to your first
 jump-off point. Jump from there and angle your skydive onto the island.

Treasure: ???

Goddess Cube #14: [ ]
Cube is Found: Faron Woods of Faron Province. You'll notice that there's a
 Goddess Cube sitting on top of a high root from the Great Tree, on its south-
 eastern side. To get up to that, climb up the tree to the bird statue, or 
 choose "The Great Tree" as a landing point. From there, look down and find the
 correct spot to jump down from to the Cube. Strike it.

Chest is Found: On the sky island east of the Lanayru region beacon. Skydive
 into the hole in the island. It's on a ledge inside, Clawshot to it.

Treasure: ???

Goddess Cube #15: [ ]
Cube is Found: Faron Woods of Faron Province. This is on one of the ledges
 jutting from the Great Tree on its northeastern side, facing the Viewing 
 Platform. To get to it, get up to the bird statue on the Great Tree, and walk
 along until you get to a branch jutting out. Look down to see those two 
 ledges. Jump down to the northern one, and then walk along the tightrope to
 this Cube.

Chest is Found: On a sky island northeast of the Isle of Songs, dwelling inside
 the Thunderhead. Just climb the vines after getting rid of the Walltulas.

Treasure: ???

Goddess Cube #16: [ ]
Cube is Found: Lake Floria of Faron Province. In the tunnels leading to the
 Water Dragon's lair, this is found in the room with the bird statue that can
 be skydived to. It's resting on the west side of the room, on a ledge. Simple
 to reach.

Chest is Found: On a small island at Skyloft. It is on the east side of 
 Skyloft. To get to it, face the Waterfall Cavern entrance and look off to the
 left. Clawshot to it.

Treasure: ???

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                 ~          _|___|__
             ~                         #   |  ¯¯¯   |        ~
                                      ###  |  _     |(¯¯¯¯¯\           ____
                           /¯\ . . ..__| . | | | +  | ),    )        _/    \___
/'\ ____ ___             |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\    \  _/¯¯)(      ____
   (    )   \__/`\_ /'`\ \                             |     )/|  (_| __  (
    )  (    (      ;    \ |         I T E M S          |¯¯¯¯¯/(      /  ¯¯¯)
¯¯¯¯|   |  ('      (     )|                           /     /` ¯¯¯¯¯¯)    (
   (    ')  /¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯  \                         |    ('  /¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                \  /¯\____               |     ¯¯¯
                             ||       \____/¯¯\     /
                             |;                \  /¯                     [ITEM]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - \/- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This section details all manner of items found in the game, from Inventory, to
Adventure Pouch items, to pick-ups. Some of the more important items have
checkmark boxes beside them to keep track of what you got in case you want to
print out this section, similar to the other sections above.

=====================  INVENTORY        >

This details all the items you can get from dungeons and other such areas, and
are used with the B Button. I will include upgrades from the Scrap Shop. As the
items are arranged in a fixed position on an item wheel, I'll list the items in
the order you get them in.

Description: A basic weapon that allows you to throw Deku Seeds at high 
 velocity. It kills small enemies and stuns larger ones due to their impact. Is
 designated to the bottom slot of the item wheel. To use, simply move the Wii
 Remote to move the cursor.

Gotten: The Kikwi elder, Bucha, gives this to you after finding his entire 
 Kikwi tribe in Faron Woods.

Description: A remote-controlled device shaped like a beetle. It's designated
 to the right slot of the item wheel. This is controlled by first pointing in
 a direction to launch it with A, and is then controlled from there by tilting
 the Wii Remote in much the same fashion as with flying on a Loftwing. The 
 sharp pincers help deliver impacts.

Gotten: Found in Skyview Temple, guarded by a Stalfos inside the structure of
 the central chamber.

Hook Beetle
Description: An upgrade to the Beetle, allows you to grab objects, mostly 
 bombs. Once you fly into something grabbable, press Z to have an overhead 
 view, and press A to drop it. You'll have to use that combination in order to
 drop them. You'll have to have this mandatory upgrade before you can upgrade
 it in the Scrap Shop.

Gotten: From a robot in Lanayru Desert. Hit the Timeshift Stone inside the 
 cages and kill the Technoblins.

Quick Beetle
Description: An upgrade to the Beetle, allows it to fly faster than normal! 
 Just press and hold A while flying it to speed it up! However it slows down 
 when it's carrying something...

Gotten: Upgraded from the Hook Beetle in the Scrap Shop. Bring 50 Rupees, 2
 Ancient Flowers, 2 Hornet Larvae, and 1 Golden Skull. Gondo will fix it up
 for ya!

Tough Beetle
Description: The final upgrade to the Beetle item, this keeps its faster speed
 as well as keeps it flying further than normal! This upgrade also can take out 
 most minor enemies in one hit!

Gotten: Upgraded from the Quick Beetle in the Scrap Shop. Bring 50 Rupees, 3
 Ancient Flowers, 4 Amber Relics, 1 Blue Bird Feather, and 1 Goddess Plume.
 Gondo will give it his best shot to give you an awesome upgrade!

Bug Net
Description: A simple catching net used to capture bugs. Its designated slot on
 the item wheel is the bottom-right slot. To use it, just swing the Wii Remote
 around. It's controlled similarly to the sword, except you actually have to
 make full movements to swipe.

Gotten: Is sold at Beedle's Airship flying around Skyloft. To enter his 
 Airship, you need to ring his bell with a ranged weapon like the Slingshot or

Description: Them good old explosive devices. Its designated slot is top-right
 on the item wheel. You use Bomb Flowers as ammunition, and can gather up bombs 
 for free by picking up Bomb Flowers and putting them away by pressing B. You 
 can set them down with A, toss them by pointing the Wii Remote upward and 
 flicking forward, or roll them by pointing the Wii Remote downward and 
 flicking forward, putting a spin on them by tilting the Remote before the 
 roll. Be careful when using them around fire though...they'll blow up in your
 face if they get too hot...

Gotten: Found in Earth Temple, guarded by a Lizalfos duo. You get the Bomb Bag
 from it, and talking to Ledd gives you 5 Bombs to go with it.

Gust Bellows
Description: An item that blows gusts so powerful it can actually completely
 disintegrate sand! It can also make propellers move. Yeah. It's designated to
 the upper left slot on the item wheel, and is used by pointing it around and
 holding A. Yep.

Gotten: In the Lanayru Mining Facility, an eastern room of short pillars with
 spikes on the ground below that make for a semi-maze.

Description: A whip with an odd, glowing orb on its end that can grab onto 
 almost anything. Its designated item wheel location is the left slot. To use,
 just flick the Wii Remote towards the direction you want it to go in. Some 
 times the direction actually matters, so pay attention to what you're whipping
 at. Once you grab what you want, flick the Wii Remote again.

Gotten: In the Ancient Cistern, inside the giant statue in the central chamber.
 Guarded by a Stalmaster.

=====================  EQUIPMENT        >

This subsection details all the items seen in the Gear screen in-game, 
excluding B button items, and the Adventure Pouch. I detail the dowsing options
though. These are listed from left to right.

Sword Status
Description: On the left of the Gear screen is the sword and its current 
 status. It's a tad spoiler-ific explaining this, but it shows what sword you
 currently have as well as how many of the sacred flames you have upgraded it
 with. Upgrades are below...

Practice Sword
Gotten from the back room of Skyloft's Sparring Hall. Incredibly weak, but gets
the job done.

Goddess Sword
Pulled from the pedestal inside Skyloft's Statue of the Goddess. Fi inhabits
this sacred blade infused with divine light, and allows you to perform Skyward
Strikes and to dowse for objects.

Goddess Longsword
The sacred flame of Farore has lengthened this blade, increasing its offensive
power. It now does twice the damage of the Goddess Sword.

Pieces of Heart
Description: This heart-shaped part of the Gear screen, located under the sword
 status, shows how many Heart Pieces you have. Not in total unfortunately, just
 how many you have to make a Heart Container.

Description: This is also located under the Sword Status. This is a wallet that
 holds 300 Rupees, and you start off with it. Upgrades are below...

Small Wallet
You start off with this one. It holds 300 Rupees.

Medium Wallet
Batreaux, the friendly demon of Skyloft, gives this to you for bringing him
five Gratitude Crystals. This holds 500 Rupees.

Big Wallet
You get this from Batreaux for giving him thirty Gratitude Crystals! This holds
1,000 Rupees.

Extra Wallet
This is a wallet you can purchase at Beedle's Airship around Skyloft. He has
three of them in stock, one at a time, each one costing 100 Rupees. Each Extra
Wallet lets you hold an additional 300 Rupees, and that's not counting the
upgradeable wallet sizes!

Dowsing Wheel
Description: This is shown on the wheel in the center. View it by pressing C.
 This shows what dowsing options you currently have, and are used to pinpoint
 certain things. You start off with four dowsing targets when you first arrive 
 at the Sealed Grounds, and you get four more when you get a certain sword 
 upgrade. For the dowsing options, they are placed depending on the slot, and 
 each slot is used specifically for certain things.

Top slot: Main quest
Bottom slot: Look-around without dowsing
Right slot: Hearts
Left slot: Sidequests

The right slot option is unlocked by getting low on Hearts and talking to Fi.
However, it doesn't seem to happen the first few times it occurs, so you 
probably have to get low on hearts and talk to Fi in around five separate 
occasions for her to add this. Will need research done on this.

Adventure Pouch
Description: This is shown on the wheel in the center. View it by pressing - .
 This holds equipment other than the commonly-used dungeon items, and can be
 upgraded. The initial one given to you by Fledge right after getting the
 iconic green costume has four slots initially. There are four Adventure Pouch
 upgrades, and three of them can be bought at Beedle's Shop. The fourth can be
 found in a Goddess Chest. Each Pouch upgrade gives you an additional slot.

Tablet Pieces
Description: Pieces of a tablet used to reach the different regions of the
 surface world. The Emerald Tablet is given by Fi and allows you to access 
 Faron Province. The Ruby Tablet is found at the end of Skyview Temple and
 allows you to access Eldin Province. The Amber Tablet is found at the end of
 Earth Temple and allows you to access Lanayru Province.

Goddess's Harp
Description: A harp once wielded by the Goddess herself. It was left behind to
 aid the spirit maiden and the chosen hero in their quests to seal a great 
 evil. You get this from Zelda after clearing the Lanayru Mining Facility. The
 harp is played by first taking it out with up on the D-Pad, then holding A and 
 moving the Wii Remote left and right to strum the strings. Press B to put it
 away. When playing it at any time, Link actually matches his strums to the 
 background music. Below are the songs you can learn with the harp, but the
 learnt songs can only be played through the story...they can't be played at
 any time.

Ballad of the Goddess
This divine tune is meant to be played on a harp. It leads those chosen by the
goddess to fulfill a great destiny. You learn this from the old woman at the
Sealed Grounds shortly after obtaining the Harp from Zelda.

Description: A special Sailcloth Zelda made for the 25th Wing Ceremony. Used to
 slow your descent from skydiving to prevent damage. Just press B. (Though
 sometimes it's used automatically despite having an on-screen prompt.)

Water Dragon's Scale
Description: A scale that allows the wearer to swim. Tilt the Wii Remote and
 hold A to swim, shake the Nunchuk to spin. This is a gift from the goddess,
 given for clearing the first Silent Realm trial.

Digging Mitts
Description: Equipment used for digging. Its sharp claws can usually find
 something of importance. Just press A near a patch of soft soil. Not all soft
 soil is a one-hit wonder...keep digging until you can't dig anymore! These can
 be gotten from a Mogma at the underground complex in Eldin Volcano.

Cawlin's Letter
Description: Found in the Collection screen (just flip a page from the Gear
 screen), this is the heartfelt letter from Cawlin you received. See the
 Gratitude Crystals section for more details.

Gratitude Crystals
Description: Found in the Collection screen (just flip a page from the Gear
 screen), this keeps track of how many Gratitude Crystals you collected. For
 more information, see the Gratitude Crystals section.

=====================  ADVENTURE POUCH  >

This details all the items that can be put in your Adventure Pouch. These are
listed by type. Shields come up first, then Bottles, and then any other 
miscellaneous items. Medals that share the same effect will stack, so two Heart
Medals will make hearts drop twice as often as just one will!

Wooden Shield
Description: A basic wooden shield. Gets the job done, but there are other
 sturdier shields. It protects well against electricity, but can catch fire
 really easily. Can be bought at Skyloft's Bazaar, but Instructor Owlan also 
 gives you one at the beginning of the game.

Banded Shield
Description: A wooden shield with improved durability. Still weak to fire, and
 insulates against electricity well. Upgraded from your Wooden Shield with the
 Scrap Shop. Bring 30 Rupees and 2 Amber Relics, 1 Monster Claw, and 1 Jelly

Braced Shield
Description: The best wooden shield around, though still weak to fire. Does
 well against electricity though. Upgraded from the Banded Shield at the Scrap
 Shop, just bring 50 Rupees, 3 Amber Relics, 2 Monster Claws, 2 Tumbleweeds,
 and 1 Ornamental Skull.

Iron Shield
Description: A sturdy iron shield. It protects against fire, but doesn't do a
 good job against electricity...can be bought at Skyloft's bazaar for 100 

Reinforced Shield
Description: A stronger iron shield. It protects against fire, but doesn't
 insulate electricity very well... This is upgraded from the Iron Shield at the
 Scrap Shop, just bring 50 Rupees and 2 Eldin Ores, 2 Monster Claws, and 2 
 Ornamental Skulls.

Fortified Shield
Description: The strongest iron shield available. It does well against fire,
 but...not so much against electricity. This is upgraded from the Reinforced
 Shield at the Scrap Shop. You need 100 Rupees, 3 Eldin Ores, 3 Monster Claws,
 3 Tumbleweeds, and 1 Blue Bird Feather.

Sacred Shield
Description: A rather fragile shield, but it can repair itself over time! It
 also protects well against fire, electric, AND curse-type attacks! If you're 
 careful, revitalizing potions are a thing of the past with this bad boy! 
 Available at Rupin's shop in the bazaar for 500 Rupees. A worthy investment.

Empty Bottle #1
Description: A bottle used for storing things. You can get this bottle by 
 talking to Luv, the woman who runs her Potion Shop at Skyloft's Bazaar.

Empty Bottle #2
Description: A bottle used for storing things. This is found in the Sealed
 Temple in a wooden chest. It already comes filled with Revitalizing Potion!

Empty Bottle #3
Description: A bottle used for storing things. After unlocking Gratitude 
 Crystals, Parrow's sister, Orielle, goes missing. Find her to see that her
 Loftwing is injured. Talk to Parrow after this and he will give you this
 filled with Mushroom Spores.

Small Seed Satchel
Description: A seed satchel that will hold 10 extra Deku Seeds for you. When
 put in your Pouch, your maximum ammo for the Slingshot will be 30 instead of
 20. Can be bought at Skyloft's bazaar for 100 Rupees or from a Goddess Chest.

Medium Seed Satchel
Description: A seed satchel that will hold 20 extra Deku Seeds for you. When
 put in your Pouch, your maximum ammo for the Slingshot will be 40 instead of
 20. Is upgraded from the Small Seed Satchel, just need 50 Rupees, 4 Amber
 Relics, 3 Monster Claws, and 3 Ornamental Skulls.

Large Seed Satchel
Description: A seed satchel that will hold 30 extra Deku Seeds for you. When
 put in your Pouch, your maximum ammo for the Slingshot will be 50 instead of
 20. Is upgraded from the Medium Seed Satchel, just need 100 Rupees, 5 Amber
 Relics, 3 Monster Claws, 1 Golden Skull, and 1 Blue Bird Feather.

Small Bomb Bag
Description: A bomb bag that will hold 5 extra Bombs for you when you put it
 in your Adventure Pouch. Can be bought at Skyloft's bazaar for 150 Rupees.

Medium Bomb Bag
Description: A bomb bag that will hold 10 extra Bombs for you when you put it
 in your Adventure Pouch. Is an upgrade from the Small Bomb Bag, just bring 50
 Rupees, 1 Lizard Tail, 3 Ornamental Skulls, and 1 Blue Bird Feather to the
 Scrap Shop!

Large Bomb Bag
Description: A bomb bag that will hold 15 extra Bombs for you when you put it
 in your Adventure Pouch. Is an upgrade from the Medium Bomb Bag, just bring
 100 Rupees, 3 Lizard Tails, 4 Jelly Blobs, 2 Hornet Larvae, and 1 Golden 

Cursed Medal
Description: A medal that increases the drop rate of Rupees and treasures when
 put in your Adventure Pouch, but also disables your Pouch! You can't use 
 potions, shields, or ammo bags. Additional medal effects still work though.
 This is gotten from a treasure chest in Batreaux's place up in Skyloft that
 appears after giving him 30 Gratitude Crystals.

Treasure Medal
Description: A medal that, when put in your Adventure Pouch, will increase the
 drop rate of treasures. Pretty valuable when you want to go upgrading your
 stuff! This is found as a treasure from Goddess Cube #08.

=====================  BUGS             >

Bugs are found throughout the game, and can be caught with the Bug Net. How to
catch bugs easily? Be slow, silent, and discreet. Don't make sudden movements,
otherwise the bugs will fly/run off. Bugs are used to upgrade potions or to 
sell to Strich at night in the Knight Academy. This is a list of bugs and 
where you can find them.

Deku Hornet
Description: An insect that has a painful sting. To get a good number of these,
 get near or knock down a hive, then just swing the Bug Net wildly at them.

Blessed Butterfly
Description: A very common butterfly seen in basically any area. Very 
 widespread, although if you see an unusually large group of them, chances are
 there may be something hidden...

Gerudo Dragonfly
Description: An insect that thrives in the desert, regardless of past or 
 present. If you're not too careful, it'll fly really far...too far and out of
 reach. Sneak up on it...

Starry Firefly
Description: A rare bug found in Skyloft at night, and only in the darkest
 places. I seem to have a hard time catching these even when I do find them,
 as they like to fly high.

Woodland Rhino Beetle
Description: A bug found in the forest, and is pretty easy to catch. If you
 spot one on a wall, just roll into the wall to knock it down. You're free to
 go and pick it up without the Bug Net.

Volcanic Ladybug
Description: A ladybug that dwells in the volcanic regions of Eldin. It's easy
 to catch, doesn't move around too much...unless you startle it and it flies

Sand Cicada
Description: A desert insect that is quick to fly away. Yep, pretty hard to
 catch, and it flies away before you get it knocked down.

Sky Stag Beetle
Description: An insect found in Skyloft. Can be seen crawling around trees or
 in secluded places along walls. Knock them down by rolling into the walls or
 trees, then just walk over to pick them up.

Faron Grasshopper
Description: A hard-to-catch insect that thrives in the Faron Woods. It hops
 away when in danger, so you'll have to be quick!

Skyloft Mantis
Description: A mantis found up in Skyloft. They like to hide, and they're small
 on top of that! Keep a special eye out for them!

Lanayru Ant
Description: An insect found in the desert, a lot of times found in groups.
 Easy to catch even if you mess up, as they move pretty slowly compared to 
 other insects.

Eldin Roller
Description: A rare volcano-dwelling bug that rolls a ball of unidentified
 material everywhere it goes. Yeah, beating around the bush to explain what 
 it's rolling, eh? This bug is kinda fast, but hilariously, if you misstep, you 
 can actually squish it and kill it.

=====================  TREASURES        >

There are various treasures in the game that can be used to upgrade your 
weapons and other items. You can also sell them to Rupin, the shopkeeper, at
night. They can be dropped from enemies, found lying around, or can be in some 
treasure chests. Either way, this is a list of them and some general tips on 
where they can be found. They're listed from left to right in the game's 
collection screen, starting from the top.

Hornet Larvae
Description: A precious source of protein that comes from a hive. Watch out for
 nearby Deku Hornets when harvesting these.

Bird Feather
Description: A beautiful feather that comes from the little birds that live in
 areas with abundant greenery, such as in the woods. Use the Bug Net to catch

Description: A dried plant that tumbles around the desert. Snag it with your
 Bug Net, or it will crumble to bits upon contact.

Lizard Tail
Description: A lizard's tail with a spiked ball on the end. Dropped by lizard
 monsters, of course.

Eldin Ore
Description: A rare ore usually found in Eldin Province. Can be used to make
 strong, durable items.

Ancient Flower
Description: A flower that was said to bloom in ancient times, mostly in 
 Lanayru Province. The roots yield a precious oil. Hint to finding them: Use
 the Timeshift Stones.

Amber Relic
Description: An amber-hued relic found in many places. It has a wide range of
 uses as a general-purpose material.

Dusk Relic
Description: Found in the Silent Realm (as well as rewards from some 
 minigames). Similar in appearance to an Amber Relic, yet very different.

Jelly Blob
Description: An odd material left behind by squishy foes. They say that heating
 this gooey substance turns it hard.

Monster Claw
Description: A claw dropped by some kind of flying foe. Take care not to poke
 yourself with the sharp tip.

Monster Horn
Description: A battle horn taken from a Bokoblin. It's surprisingly difficult
 to any sound out of it. If you need a tip, use the Whip.

Ornamental Skull
Description: It's part of a decorative item worn by a Bokoblin. It isn't made
 from an actual skull.

Evil Crystal
Description: A chunk of pure, crystallized monster malice. Often obtained from
 monsters who possess the power to curse.

Blue Bird Feather
Description: A feather from a particularly rare blue bird. Its bright color
 would put anyone in a good mood. These can be gotten by catching blue birds
 with the Bug Net.

Golden Skull
Description: A particularly rare skull ornament. It's rumored to be made of
 something other than gold, despite its color.

Goddess Plume
Description: A wondrous stone said to have been dropped by the goddess herself.
 Finding one of these items is an extremely rare occurrence.

=====================  BOTTLE ITEMS     >

Your Empty Bottles that you collect have got to come in use for something,
right? This shows an alphabetical list of items you can put in your Bottles.

Cold Pumpkin Soup
Description: Soup bought at the Lumpy Pumpkin, turned cold. Still a bit tasty, 
 but soup is not good when cold! Only restores four hearts when drunk.

Description: A Fairy that grants revitalizing life to those in need. Just
 touching one heals your hearts, but bottling one gives you life insurance so
 that when you lose all your hearts, you won't die!

Glittering Spores
Description: Spores from a glittering mushroom. Hit one and bottle its spores.
 You'll be able to sprinkle this magical stuff five times, and it can change
 the color of Rupees as well as confuse enemies.

Hot Pumpkin Soup
Description: Can be bought at the Lumpy Pumpkin up at the sky for a mere 10
 Rupees. This soup is meant to be enjoyed hot, so chug it up before it cools in
 five minutes! Restores about as many hearts as a Heart Potion, I believe.

Mushroom Spores
Description: Spores from a jumbo-sized mushroom. Hit a giant mushroom and 
 bottle its spores.

Revitalizing Potion
Description: This potion fully replenishes your shield gauge and restores four
 hearts. Purple in color, you usually find potions at the potion shop in 
 Skyloft's Bazaar.

Revitalizing Potion +
Description: This handy potion repairs your shield automatically when it 
 becomes broken, and also restores eight hearts. Upgraded from the regular
 Revitalizing Potion. Just need 20 Rupees, 2 Woodland Rhino Beetles, 2 Skyloft
 Mantises, and 3 Deku Hornets.

Revitalizing Potion ++
Description: What's better than a potion that automatically restores a broken
 shield and eight hearts? One that can be used twice! For 30 Rupees, 2 Woodland
 Rhino Beetles, 3 Lanayru Ants, 1 Gerudo Dragonfly, and 1 Sand Cicada, this can
 be yours, upgraded from a Revitalizing Potion +.

Sacred Water
Description: Absolutely pure water found in the Skyview Spring. The Water 
 Dragon, Faron, needs this to heal her body, as well as making it a test to
 see if you're worthy to gain Farore's Flame.

Stamina Potion
Description: This potion slows the rate at which your stamina gauge depletes
 for three minutes when drunk. Green in color, you can find this at the potion
 shop in Skyloft's Bazaar...but it isn't available immediately.

=====================  COMMON PICK-UPS  >

The common pick-ups, what you'll usually find lieing around or from defeated
enemies. Not including the random treasure drops though.

Description: Drops from some pots or other such containers. The number of bombs
 displayed tells how many bombs you get from them, with three giving you 10.

Deku Seeds
Description: Ammunition for the Slingshot. Seems to drop commonly from the
 fruits growing in trees in Faron Woods.

Description: A recovery heart. Pick up one to restore your life by one heart.
 Pretty basic.

Light Fruit
Description: A fruit found only in the Silent Realm. When collected, the tears
 shine more brightly, acting as guiding beacons. The effect only lasts 30 
 seconds, however!

Description: The currency of the game. They basically look like different-
 colored jewels. The color signifies the value: Green is worth 1, Blue is worth
 5, Red is worth 20, Silver is worth 100, and Gold is worth 300.

Description: Not all Rupees are good! This dull, grey-colored Rupee will 
 actually take away 10 Rupees if you collect one! Oddly enough, they only seem
 to be found in Tubert's Thrill Digger cave, if you hit one of the silver Rupee
 ores on the walls. They can also be dug up in the Thrill Digger's Intermediate
 and Expert difficulties.

Stamina Fruit
Description: A green, round fruit usually seen on the ground, sometimes on long
 patches of vines on walls. When collected, they restore all your stamina for
 your meter. Can be great for keeping a continuous running speed or if you're
 losing too much stamina from climbing.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                 ~          _|___|__
             ~                         #   |  ¯¯¯   |        ~
                                      ###  |  _     |(¯¯¯¯¯\           ____
                           /¯\ . . ..__| . | | | +  | ),    )        _/    \___
/'\ ____ ___             |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\    \  _/¯¯)(      ____
   (    )   \__/`\_ /'`\ \                             |     )/|  (_| __  (
    )  (    (      ;    \ |       E N E M I E S        |¯¯¯¯¯/(      /  ¯¯¯)
¯¯¯¯|   |  ('      (     )|                           /     /` ¯¯¯¯¯¯)    (
   (    ')  /¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯  \                         |    ('  /¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                \  /¯\____               |     ¯¯¯
                             ||       \____/¯¯\     /
                             |;                \  /¯                     [ENEM]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - \/- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Every Zelda game comes with enemies, so I'm gonna show you an alphabetical list
of them. Due to the game's added combat focus, I'll also give you tips and ways
to beat each enemy.

Description: A desert monster that looks like a cross between a crab and a 
 snail. It has a giant electric shell that it carries, and when it spots Link,
 it rolls after him. Can be tricked by rolling into an obstacle, which will
 make it unfurl and be dazed, ready to be killed. If there is no nearby 
 obstacle, a well-placed shield bash will have to suffice, as it's pretty hard
 to dodge them. They can also be bombed overhead through use of the Hook 

Ampilus egg
Description: A very young Ampilus, found in specific places where they're in
 the same spot as a Timeshift Stone. Usually used for solving certain puzzles
 requiring to power up things. You can hit them with the sword to move them
 around, but the Hook Beetle's much better at it.

Description: A larval monster said to live for a millenia. It mainly attacks by
 swarming Link, hopping onto him, and stinging him. They can be taken down in
 one hit though, so they're not too bad to fight. Just be careful in groups.
 The Gust Bellows can blow them around.

Arachas drop Jelly Blobs.

Description: A security mechanism designed in ancient times. When Link 
 approaches, it starts attacking by hopping towards him. The only weakpoint is
 the crystals inside it that power it up. To reach these crystals, blow the 
 Gust Bellows onto the fan mechanism on its head enough so that its mouths 
 open, revealing said crystals. One side requires a stab to hit. It is defeated
 when both crystals are destroyed, but if only one crystal is defeated, it
 becomes faster, making it a bit harder to concentrate with opening its mouths

Description: An ancient sentry machine that monitors the rooms it is placed in.
 If it spots Link, it'll charge up and shoot a beam of energy. The weak point 
 of a Beamos is its eye, and there are a number of ways to reach that. You can
 shield bash its beam to send it back to it to stun it, slash its sections off
 horizontally, use the Gust Bellows to spin them around and disorient them, or
 just shoot them right in the eye with the Bow. If you get a Beamos eye down to
 your level, you can also just use a stab to destroy it.

Blue Bokoblin
Description: A much stronger and resilient form of Bokoblin. Oftentimes the
 leader of lesser red Bokoblins as they carry horns with which to call others.
 Snatch the horn from them with the Whip! Not much to say about them, though
 they really do have more health. Knocking them down and then using the Fatal
 Strike is almost necessary.

Blue Bokoblins drop Ornamental Skulls and Golden Skulls, sometimes Monster 
Horns if it isn't taken.

Blue Chuchu
Description: An aquatic variety of Chuchu. Obviously as it says, it lives 
 mostly in the water and seems to grow huge in size, so it can't be fought
 conventionally. A simple spin attack into it will suffice, however.

Description: A fish with a huge head that terrorizes the waters of Faron
 Province. When it spots you, it turns red and rushes toward you like a 
 torpedo. Butt heads with it by using a spin attack to stun it. Then spin into
 it again to kill it.

Cursed Bokoblin
Description: A re-animated Bokoblin corpse, hobbles over to you and attempts to
 choke the living daylights out of you. Seems kinda similar to a ReDead...but
 it just isn't the same, man! They are incredibly resilient and seem to take
 forever to kill, unless you Fatal Strike them one by one as they go down. Of
 course, you can keep them away from you if you get your Sacred Shield out...

Deku Baba
Description: A vicious man-eating plant found in wooded areas, though sometimes
 in other areas. Deku Babas have hard plating on their buds, which make it hard
 to crack. For this, you need to slash along the openings of their mouths. Some
 Babas open normally, so you'll need to use horizontal slashes. Others open
 sideways, so you'll have to use vertical slashes.

Deku Babas drop Jelly Blobs.

Electro Spumes
Description: An amphibious creature living in the sinksands of Lanayru 
 Province. It conducts electricity and spits out electrified wads of... 
 something at Link. Shield the projectiles, but I wouldn't using an Iron Shield
 to do that. The Hook Beetle does well with carrying bomb flowers and dropping
 them onto these and other Spume types...

Fire Keese
Description: A Keese that lives in volcanic regions, covered in fire. They act
 much like regular Keese, but if they come into contact with you, you may catch
 on fire! Blow out the fire by rolling or spin slashing.

Fire Keese drop Monster Claws.

Description: An enemy found in the Lanayru region that floats in the air, and 
 acts like a puffer fish. When Link gets close, it expands, letting spikes 
 stick out from it. It explodes from impact to ground, walls, or ceiling, so 
 try striking it in those directions or use the Gust Bellows against them.

Froaks drop Jelly Blobs.

Description: A bird enemy that appears as a phoenix. It survives by eating
 flames, but can also go ahead and spit flames at you. Don't be wearing a 
 wooden shield when fighting this thing! As the Furnix gets ready to attack, it
 lowers its weirdly-shaped tail. Use the Whip on its tail to send it down to
 your level, where a fatal strike is in order.

Green Bokoblin
Description: A Bokoblin that has developed an underground lifestyle. It acts
 much the same way as a Red Bokoblin, in that it tries to block your strikes,
 but you can trick it or parry to kill it easily. It is a bit more resilient
 than your normal Bokoblin, however. Like other Bokoblins though, you can also 
 use the Slingshot to stun them.

Green Bokoblins drop Ornamental Skulls and Golden Skulls.

Green Bokoblin (Archer)
Description: A Green Bokoblin that has excellent archery skills...but 
 unfortunately is poor in close-up combat. It goes down extremely quickly, and
 doesn't really flee or defend itself when you get up to one.

Green Chuchu
Description: The basic Chuchu, a jelly monster. Don't let it latch on to you, 
 otherwise you'll start taking damage. If you do get latched on, shake the Wii
 Remote and Nunchuk around to shake it off. They at first come in small sizes,
 and can't be killed with thrust attacks. Larger ones, when struck, split into
 smaller sizes much like the Gels and Zols of older Zelda games. However,
 horizontal sword strikes don't seperate the smaller ChuChus and will 
 immediately reform. Use vertical or diagonal strikes to seperate them and
 whittle down the ChuChu.

Green ChuChus drop Jelly Blobs.

Description: A being that watches over the Silent Realm. Appears as a statue
 wielding a giant sword. If the protective properties of the tears being 
 collected wears off, or if you're spotted by a Watcher, this Guardian will 
 chase after you! It cannot be defeated, and if you get hit by it, your spirit 
 shatters and will have to try the trial again. There are also Sky Guardians,
 which fly overhead, not restricted by the obstacles on the ground, and wield
 double scythes.

Description: A crow that flies around the clearings surrounding Faron Woods'
 Great Tree. It will spare no time in trying to land a turd on Link's head. It
 does no damage, but it's so stinky that Link will be stuck trying to remove 
 it. Shake the Nunchuk and Wii Remote to shake off that crap. It can also fly
 down at you to damage you if it's dung tactics don't work. As the Guay likes
 to fly high from sword range, ranged weapons like the Slingshot can take it
 out. Z-targeted Skyward Strikes also work.

Description: A vulture found in Lanayru Desert. It stores large rocks in its
 gullet, ready to drop them on unsuspecting prey. You'll probably be annoyed at
 them, but drop bombs on them from afar. They'll never suspect!

Description: The weird dragonfly-like enemies that fly about in the 
 Thunderhead. They can be defeated with a well-timed aerial spin from your
 Loftwing, but it's generally best to avoid them. These are actually un-named,
 or the name is unknown right now, this is just my personal name for them.

Description: The basic bats, usually found in caverns. They like to fly in
 groups, so they can be a bit overwhelming at first. After swarming you, they
 will start rushing towards you one at a time in an attempt to damage you. Use
 vertical or diagonal sword strikes to reach these enemies more easily.

Keese drop Monster Claws.

Description: A lizard-like enemy that walks in a humanoid manner. It is 
 equipped with an arm guard made of hard iron. It uses its arm guard to block
 attacks and quickly counter-attack. It attacks with the mace attached to the
 end of its tail and can also breathe fire. You can expose the Lizalfos by
 shield bashing its physical attacks, or slashing where its arm guard isn't. It
 will dodge a direction and will then most likely taunt with an annoying sound,
 leaving its arm guard in a certain direction. Slash where the arm guard isn't

Lizalfos drop Lizard Tails pretty commonly.

Magma Spume
Description: An amphibian-like creature that dwells in lava. It spits out gas
 produced by the magma at Link. Dodge it or shield bash it to get rid of it.
 It can be stunned with the Slingshot or killed with well-placed bombs. Later 
 on, the Bow is pretty much THE way of killing them. In the Earth Temple, you
 can crush them under the weight of the eyeball...

Octorok (Grass)
Description: This monster, descended from oceanic mollusks, has developed the
 ability to spit rocks. This hides in tufts of grass, popping up when Link 
 approaches, but retreats if he gets too close. To defeat, deflect their rocks 
 with a well-timed shield bash or a REALLY well-timed and directed sword slash.

Octorok (Rock)
Description: This monster, descended from oceanic mollusks, has developed the
 ability to spit rocks. This hides under...rocks...in the desert, and spits out
 rocks at Link. Again, shield bash its rocks back to kill it, or use well-timed

Octorok (Sky)
Description: This monster, descended from oceanic mollusks, has developed the
 ability to spit rocks. These are found making their home on various round
 rocks in the sky, and spit rocks that home in on Link and his Loftwing in an
 attempt to damage him. For most of the game, you'll just have to avoid them.
 But later on you learn an attack for the Loftwing...

Description: An odd lava-creature that likes to hide in holes or in large 
 skulls, breathing fire at Link from their safe haven. Roll bombs into their
 holes or toss bombs onto the holes of the skulls to kill them.

Quadro Baba
Description: A special yellow type of Baba that has quadripartite mouth pieces.
 Thus, it can open its mouth either horizontally or vertically and constantly
 switches. It is also a bit more durable than your usual Deku Baba. However, if
 you shield bash them as they attack, you can one-shot them by cutting off 
 their now-vulnerable stem.

Quadro Babas drop Jelly Blobs.

Red Bokoblin
Description: Common mooks that have been around since ancient times. They seem
 to have a liking towards fashionable undergarments, and usually fight in 
 groups. They sport different weaponry, but they attack in much the same 
 manner. They position their sword in such a way to block your strikes. What
 you have to do is move your sword around so they'll move their weapon to block
 accordingly, then quickly slash in the direction they aren't protected. If it
 doesn't seem to work, you can wait until they attack and either slash then or
 shield bash them for a parry. After the first hit, they get stunned enough
 with each hit to go down after a few more consecutive hits.

Red Bokoblins drop Ornamental Skulls and Golden Skulls.

Red Bokoblin (Leader)
Description: A leader among hordes of Red Bokoblins. Carries his own weapon and
 attacks much like others, but also uses its horn to call out for backup. It is
 imperative to take these out first. If you have the Whip, you can actually
 steal its horn to prevent it from calling more Bokoblins...

Red Bokoblin Leaders drop Ornamental Skulls and Golden Skulls, sometimes 
Monster Horns if it wasn't taken already.

Red Chuchu
Description: A Chuchu that lives in volcanic regions. It is hot to the touch,
 and may even catch your clothes on fire. If that happens, roll or spin slash
 to blow away the flames. Other than their affinity to fire, they behave much
 like any other Chuchu. Like many other Chuchu types, if you come across a
 rather large Chuchu, a well-placed Bomb will instantly take care of it. Better
 than slowly whittling it down to size!

Red Chuchus drop Jelly Blobs.

Description: A Skyloftian cat-like creature. Timid during the day, absolutely
 terrifying and rabid at night. They attempt to jump out at you and bite you.
 Avoiding them would be the best option, but you can slash them to chase them
 off. (No you can't kill them.)

Description: An ancient, floating sentry found in the Lanayru regions. It fires
 missiles and flying bombs at Link whenever it spots him. The missiles can be
 repelled back with shield bashes. It takes two repelled missiles to destroy a
 Sentrobe. As for the Bombs, they're simple to dispatch. Just slash along the
 glowing part where they're segmented at...before they blow up, that is.

Description: A giant species of spider that has a hard carapace shaped like a
 skull. It is faced in many different ways. It either is on a complete spider
 web and doesn't budge, hangs from a string of web, or gets down on all its
 legs. Regardless of how you encounter it, its weakpoint is the same: the
 bottom of its abdomen. If on a complete spider web, get behind it somehow and
 stab it, unless there's enough room below to knock if off by cutting the
 strands. A Skulltula hanging from a web strand can be knocked down by cutting
 the strand with the Beetle, or by doing a horizontal strike on it to spin the
 Skulltula around, leaving its abdomen vulnerable to thrusts. Finally, if it's 
 walking around, do an upwards vertical strike on it to flip it over, then do 
 the fatal blow. Be careful when they're walking around, they can spit webbing
 onto Link to trap him in place. Shake it off by shaking the Wii Remote and

Description: A three-headed snake monster. You can decapitate its bone-plated
 heads separately, but they instantly grow back. The trick is to wait until the
 heads are perfectly diagonal to each other or perfectly horizontal to each
 other, and then slash across all three heads appropriately. Beheading all 
 three of the necks results in defeat. Be careful as usually when the Staldra
 lines its heads up, it's going to attack. Although, shield bashing the attack
 will stun them and line the heads up for a horizontal slash, making it easier.

Description: A skeleton soldier who uses its two swords to block attacks. It
 positions its swords in such ways that certain directional strikes can only
 get through. If it places its swords at its sides, pointing upward, then 
 vertical strikes can hit. If it places its swords sideways above and below,
 then horizontal strikes are the way to go. If it places its swords above and
 to the side, diagonal strikes depending on which swords are where work. Of
 course, ignoring all this, you can just shield bash as the Stalfos attacks to
 temporarily disarm it (literally), leaving you free to slash the heck out of

Description: An elite captain of the undead soldiers. It has four arms, and 
 when provoked, WILL use all four of them. Basically a harder and stronger
 version of a Stalfos, with the added challenge of only being able to hit in 
 one particular angle/direction at a time. It may sometimes put all its weapons
 together on all sides and prepare for a big attack...stab it then. A 
 well-timed shield bash against its attacks will disarm it temporarily though.

Description: An enemy bird found up in the skies. They carry varying colors of
 Rupees, and if attacked, you'll be able to snatch them. However, the Takkuri
 will try to hit you as well, so until you learn your Loftwing's attack...best
 to avoid them.

Description: A Bokoblin from the past (wow, they've been around a LONG time)
 with some re-inforced armor and an electric weapon. So yeah, be very careful
 with attacking them. If you want to be absolutely safe, shield bash their
 attacks. They can be found in Lanayru Province.

Technoblins drop Ornamental Skulls and Golden Skulls.

Thunder Keese
Description: Bat-like enemies that can conduct electricity to use as an attack
 against Link. They fly in swarms but attack one at a time, so when you see a
 Thunder Keese readying for an attack, prepare to shield...unless you have an
 Iron Shield. Then just dodge or time a shield bash. These are found in the
 Lanayru region.

Description: A spider that likes to hang about on vines that you can crawl on.
 You can dodge them by climbing around cleverly, but it's easier to just pick
 them off with a ranged weapon like the Slingshot.

Description: The Watcher is a being that keeps watch over certain areas within
 the Silent Realm. They come in two types: Earth Watchers float just above the
 ground, surrounded by a circle of light. Sky Watchers, which float higher up, 
 shine a light down below to the ground. Earth Watchers will chase after you if
 you get too close (and then alert the Guardians once they catch up to you),
 whereas Sky Watchers will immediately call attention to the Guardians.

Wooden Shield Moblin
Description: A massive monster that uses a shield the size of a small wall. It
 defends itself with this shield, and does things like shield bashes and pokes
 with its spear from behind. The shield isn't too durable however, and can be
 cut clean through with your sword. After enough of it is cleaved, it gets
 angry, throws away the shield, and starts going crazy on you. You can also do
 your own sneak attack by running at them, climbing clear over their shields,
 slashing like crazy at their ugly backside.

Yellow Chuchu
Description: A Chuchu found in Lanayru Province that conducts electricity. It
 will intermittently emit electricity, making it harmful to the touch. When 
 split, its individual parts will immediately do this as a defense mechanism.
 Of course, it will also shock you if they latch on to you for too long, so
 shake them off. Something I found out about Chuchus is that you CAN use
 horizontal strikes, but you'll have to time another strike before the Chuchu
 pieces land back on each other.

Yellow Chuchus drop Jelly Blobs.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                 ~          _|___|__
             ~                         #   |  ¯¯¯   |        ~
                                      ###  |  _     |(¯¯¯¯¯\           ____
                           /¯\ . . ..__| . | | | +  | ),    )        _/    \___
/'\ ____ ___             |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\    \  _/¯¯)(      ____
   (    )   \__/`\_ /'`\ \                             |     )/|  (_| __  (
    )  (    (      ;    \ |        B O S S E S         |¯¯¯¯¯/(      /  ¯¯¯)
¯¯¯¯|   |  ('      (     )|                           /     /` ¯¯¯¯¯¯)    (
   (    ')  /¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯  \                         |    ('  /¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                \  /¯\____               |     ¯¯¯
                             ||       \____/¯¯\     /
                             |;                \  /¯                     [BOSS]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - \/- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What's a game without bosses? Here I'll list the bosses in the game, and in
what order you fight them in. I will include their attacks as well as ways to
beat them.

Ghirahim, Demon Lord
Fought in: Skyview Temple

He starts off the battle completely unarmed, and moves his hand in accordance
with how you move your sword. The thing is...he blocks your sword wherever you
strike, and holds your sword in place. If you're not careful in trying to shake
the sword away, he will take it, look at it a bit, and use it against you! If
he does that, he will soon afterwards throw it at you. Dodge it and run to pick
up your sword again before he picks it up again.

What you're supposed to do is to trick him. Move the sword in different places
until he stops moving his hand. Then strike anywhere where his hand isn't near
to deal damage. Do a combo of strikes until he jumps back or dodges. Repeat the
process until he goes into his second phase, where he summons a sword for him
to use. Here he definitely dodges any strikes you perform on him. If you get
close to him, he starts slashing with his sword. If you're far away, he does
one of two things: summons a group of darkly daggers and sends them toward you
that you have to slash along to send them back (vertically, horizontally, or
diagonally), or starts a rushing attack. If he does the rushing attack, wait 
until he's up close, and then shield bash as he swings his sword. You'll knock 
him back a bit and will be able to counter with a combo of strikes. You can 
also counter his rushing attack by slashing him at the right time before he's 
able to swing his sword.

Finally, sometimes Ghirahim warps to someplace beside you, holding his sword in
a certain manner. If you're quick, you can turn, re-target him, and start
slashing him before he strikes. Make sure you strike where his sword isn't,
otherwise he will counter-attack immediately.

Scaldera, Pyroclastic Fiend
Fought in: Earth Temple

This literal ball of flaming rock with legs is fought a bit uniquely. But first
it's going to run towards you, so run up the pathway here to where there's bomb
flowers. Let it run into one of them so it'll blow up, and then will roll down.
Follow it down while readying a bomb. When Scaldera is back on its feet, it
will then start to inhale and then spit large fireballs afterwards. Toss or
roll a bomb at it when it's inhaling, and it'll explode in its mouth, revealing
its eye. At the moment there's still some rock blocking the eye, but whenever
you can, strike it! The eye moves around too.

Continue, taking advantage of whenever it opens its mouth to toss or roll a
bomb in. Each time you blow it up with a bomb, more and more of its rock body
is gone, making it easier to hit the eye. Eventually, Scaldera will attempt to
run towards you while extending its legs high. If you're not careful, it'll get
on top of you and drop right on you. You can quickly pass under it though. Just
beware of it rolling back down (towards you) when it hits the bomb flowers at
the top. Aside from that change, there's nothing much to this boss.

Moldarach, Thousand-Year Arachnid
Fought in: Lanayru Mining Facility

A gigantic scorpion. Epic music, but this is actually a pretty easy boss. Its
weakpoints are the eyes in its pincers, and it opens its pincers to attack
every few seconds. Slash in such a way so that the pincers don't block the 
attack. It may also attack with its tail, but a lot of Moldarach's attacks are
greatly choreographed, so they can be dodged easily. If you do get attacked by
one of its pincers, shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to break free before it
causes more damage. You can also parry its attacks to stun it for a few free 
hits. After enough hits on one of its pincers, it'll get destroyed, so focus on 
the other pincer. Once both pincers are destroyed, it goes to its second phase.

It opens its small eye on its head this time, and then hides under the sand.
Use the Gust Bellows to blow away the sand it's crawling under. You can find it
by the bulge from the sand. Just make sure you're a bit far from where 
Moldarach is, because after it's revealed enough, it'll jump out, and this 
jump-out can damage you. Once it's out, move in and stab its eye. It'll attack
with its tail, so watch out. After being stabbed, regardless of how many more
hits you deal to it, it'll go back into the sand, so blow it out again and
repeat the process until it's dead.

The Imprisoned, Phase 1
Fought in: Sealed Grounds, after clearing Lanayru Mining Facility

The monster broke free from its seal...it needs to be fought back before it
reaches the top! This is the one that kept appearing in Link's nightmares! To
seal it, you have to drive down the sealing spike on its head. How to do that?
Well there's a couple different ways. One way is to destroy the bulbous nails
on its feet, just be careful it doesn't stomp you. With the more nails 
destroyed, the harder it makes for The Imprisoned to walk. Eventually after all
the nails are gone, it'll fall over on its back as it can't keep its balance.
Run up to the sealing spike on its head and hit it with three upward strikes.
From then on it'll get up, re-form its nails, and will also charge up its 
stomps to create darkly shockwaves as it walks.

As it's a little dangerous to approach its feet from now, try a different
approach. Use the air geysers around to get up a level above The Imprisoned, 
and jump onto its head. Drive down the sealing spike with three downward 
strikes. As you may have also noticed, after each time the sealing spike is
driven into its skull, it'll also slide up the spiral pathway, giving itself
some distance from you. There's nothing you can do to stop it, just wait until
it stops. After the second time you've driven the sealing spike, use either of
the two methods to drive it down once more and get The Imprisoned back where
it's supposed to be. Run down to the bottom, use the Skyward Strike on the
sealing spike, and follow the on-screen directional slash prompts (down-right,
up-right, left) to seal it.

Koloktos, Ancient Automaton
Fought in: Ancient Cistern

First off with this boss, it uses its multiple arms to attack. If you're up 
close, it'll pound down with one of its arms. If you're far away, it will throw 
two axes like boomerangs. What you want for it to do is to swing down one of 
its arms. Dodge it, and it will get stuck to the ground. Use the Whip, swing it 
downward to the arm, and then rip it off. Do the same to the next arm. Finally, 
there's two arms left guarding its weak-spot. Either wait until it moves them 
for one of its attacks to slash it, or wait for it to attack with those arms so 
you can rip them off, giving you pretty much free aim to its core. It may 
eventually get its arms back in alignment too, so you'll have to repeat the 

After enough damage to its core, it will rip itself from the ground, revealing
legs. It will then cage its weakpoint and have weapons on every arm. Yeah, now
it's serious. It will do basic sword swings, spawn Cursed Bokoblins (these are
easier to kill though), and as always, swing its arms down to the ground. Dodge
those pound swings, and rip off its arms as before. However, there's an added
detail...the swords it leaves behind. You can head up to one of these swords
and pick them up. Yeah, now you're packing power! The same sword controls apply
except you can't do diagonal strikes. Wait until you have an opening, then head 
in and chop off its legs, then its arms, and then destroy the caging on its 
weakpoint. Keep at it, and it will eventually re-form. Repeat the process and
it will eventually go down.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                 ~          _|___|__
             ~                         #   |  ¯¯¯   |        ~
                                      ###  |  _     |(¯¯¯¯¯\           ____
                           /¯\ . . ..__| . | | | +  | ),    )        _/    \___
/'\ ____ ___             |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\    \  _/¯¯)(      ____
   (    )   \__/`\_ /'`\ \                             |     )/|  (_| __  (
    )  (    (      ;    \ |       C R E D I T S        |¯¯¯¯¯/(      /  ¯¯¯)
¯¯¯¯|   |  ('      (     )|                           /     /` ¯¯¯¯¯¯)    (
   (    ')  /¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯  \                         |    ('  /¯¯¯¯¯¯      ¯¯¯¯
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                \  /¯\____               |     ¯¯¯
                             ||       \____/¯¯\     /
                             |;                \  /¯                     [CRED]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - \/- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Gotta thank the people that helped with this!

The Readers - You guys, for reading my work and sending me tips and compliments
 to add to my guides. You're the ones who make this all worthwhile!

Pyrotempest, A.K.A. Shawn Naugler - For helping me find the Heart Pieces and
 Gratitude Crystals in the game.

MKaykitkats - For helping me find all the Goddess Cubes.

GameFAQs Skyward Sword board - For giving me additional tips and tricks for
 various things.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     /       \                              ## #
    /         \                           ####### #
   /           \                         ###########
  /             \     ..    .      .      | || |  |     .  ..
   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|___________  \______ _______
   ||¯¯¯¯¯\\¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|             |        \\
   ||¯¯¯|  \\________________|       E N D       ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|    ¯¯¯¯¯¯\  \\__|¯|
   | ¯¯ |   \                                     |       |       |¯¯\¯¯¯     |
    ¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

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