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Walkthrough by [email protected]
  b.Ordon Village
  c.Overworld:To Princess Zelda
  d.Forest Temple
  e.Overworld:To Kakariko
  f.Goron Mines
  g.Overworld:To Lake Hylia
  h.Overworld:To Zora Prince
  i.Lakebed Temple
  j.Overworld:Acquiring the Master Sword and Exploring Hyrule
  k.Arbiter's Grounds
  l.Overworld:To Snowpeak
  m.Snowpeak Ruins
  n.Overworld:To the Sacred Grove(2nd time)
  o.Temple of Time
  p.Overworld:To the City in the Sky
  q.City in the Sky
  r.Overworld:Tying Loose Ends and Going To the World of Twilight
  s.Palace of Twilight
  t.Hyrule Castle
  u.End Scene
11.Hidden Skills
12.Heart Pieces
15.Thanks and Contact

Ok, so I said I was going to do this a long time ago, but I had finals. So, 
I'll start on it, since it's getting late, and then I'll work more on it.

Whoops...I forgot...Hehe....^_^"

I'm really sorry! I've been away, and although I have a computer, I've been 
spending time with my family. Since we're almost heading home, we're settling 
down. Also, this part of the guide is a pain, so my motivation is low. Sorry.

I feel bad! Everytime I say something about the faq, something bad happens to 
stop me!! Sorry!! I'm going to cry, but not until I work on this baby. I'm at 
least going to finish the items section, and then work on the character 
section, which isn't too long, but the descriptions are longer...

Hee. I'm trying to do it more often, just like I told you. See, I care. 
However, I'll probably only be able to get some-all of the characters, since 
there are quite a bit...Then there are still enemies...And bosses...Oh gosh...

I'm going to finish up the enemy section. I also plan on finishing the boss 
section since I'm out early due to finals. It will be easier to do the guide 
afterward, since I prefer the walkthrough as opposed to listing things.

Ver. 1.0

Ver. 2.0

Ver. 2.5

Ver. 3.0

Ver. 3.1

Ver. 3.2

Chapter 1:Basics
Human Form:
Press A to speak to a person that is close to you...physically, not 
emotionally...But only if the game allows it.

Push the ANALOG STICK in the direction you want to move slighty to walk, and 
harder to run.

To jump, just run off of a ledge. If you move too slowly, you may just 
slightly fall off the edge and Link may hang on.

Press A when running to make Link roll. This is good for dodging certain 
attacks or traveling faster. You can also roll into certain objects to make 
objects(such as rupees, hearts, etc.) fall out.

When you are close enough to a target, a yellow arrow will appear. Use L to 
target it, and Link will focus solely on this object. Be careful when using 
this in battle with multiple enemis, as you may lock onto the wrong target. 
When locked onto something, make sure you are aware of certain command 
changes. Depending on the direction the ANALOG STICK is being pushed, it 
changes the A commands while L-targeting. This also makes missing nearly 
impossible unless the enemy is moving too quickly.

When L-targeting with your sword drawn(B), you can perforn a jump attack with 
A. This is more powerful than normal sword tactics, and can be very useful in 
defeating an enemy quickly.

When pressing B, Link uses his sword. Press it repeatedly for a powerful 
combo. Using your sword is most effective when L-targeting. When you are 
running and then start pressing B, Link can begin slashing while running. This 
is useful when hacking away grass for goods. The spin attack is executed by 
pressing B and holding it until you see a flash of your sword. RELEASE AND SEE 
YOUR ENEMIES FLY!! The only problem with this is that it takes a while to 
charge, leaving you open to enemy attacks in which you can't even use it after 
being hit.(Not like you can never use it, just that it stops charging.) If 
occurs, you'll have to charge it again. Another way for the spin attack to be 
used is by spinning your ANALOG STICK 360 degrees and pressing B, but the 
previous way seems simpler. (Unless you're good with movement.)

The Ending Blow is a Hidden Skill, but it is one that you learn no matter 
what, so I put it here. When an enemy is on the ground and vulnerable, if you 
get close enough with your sword drawn, the A command may change to FINAL, 
meaning you press A to execute this attack. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T WAIT TOO LONG, 
OR THE ENEMY MAY RISE!! Although it doesn't happen often, there is still a 
chance that you attack misses, depending on your angle. If this happens, 
Link's sword is lodged in the ground until he pulls it out, leaving you open 
to enemy attacks. SO DON'T MISS!!

You can whistle at certain types of grass to call a Hawk, which can reach 
certain things from far off, or make something drop. At another type of grass, 
you can call Epona after reaching Kakariko, and she'll take you across Hyrule 
much faster.

Wolf Form:
The abilities are pretty much the same, except Roll becomes Dash. If you press 
A repeatedly, you can quickly travel around enemies, if needed. Also, when 
Dashing, you can jump farther off ledges.

Using X allows you to Sense, or see scents and dig spots, as well as spirits. 
You will see how this helps later on.

Using Y allows you to Dig. Use X to see dig spots that either uncover items 
buried, or secret areas. You can also Dig under things, but only with Sense on.

You can use Midna to jump places you usually can't jump to. Wait to see a Z 
command which can either be here telling you something, helping you to jump, 
or warp something. When warping, you have to make sure it is going to the 
right warp spot, or she won't let you warp it. You can also target her when 
she flies off and press A. She will then help you jump to far places.

You can Howl at stones as a Wolf, as I'll tell you later. You need to get the 
right patter, or it won't work. If sung at Hawk Grass or Horse Grass allows 
you to either call the Hawk or Epona, if the game allows. They have different 
effects than whistling in Human Form. It also has a different effect at Lake 

You can speak with animals instead of people, although you can still Listen to 
people in spirit form after using X.

You can L-target and attack just the same as in Human Form, but sometimes, 
after attacking with A, it will let you continuously attack by hanging on and 
frequently pressing A until thrown off by an enemy. A spin attack can be 
executed the same way until Midna shows you the energy field attack. Enemies 
withing a certain radius will be targeted and attacked when B is let go. If 
you hold it too long, it will attack by itself.

Wolf Link also has an Ending Blow, but it only appears with Poes. I'll explain 
this later on.

There are different commands with animals depending on what form you're in, so 
just pay attention to the A command.

I must say, I love this horse. Later, I'll tell you when you are allowed the 
chance to ride her, but for now, the basics. You go to Epona's side, and when 
the A command says 'Get on', you do as it says. Of course, there is a cooler 
way to get on, too. Run from behind and time it right to jump on. This is good 
to get away, because immediately after you jump on, Epona starts running. Make 
sure there are no obstacles in front of her, or you'll crash. Epona can also 
jump over certain obstacle that are not too high, or part of the background. 
Epona, you can also use your sword, and certain other weapons.

Other Basics:
There are other things, but since I'm getting bored...I won't go into detail. 
Swim when in deep enough water; A makes you go faster. High falls can damage 
you, but you may be saved if you roll or land in water. REALLY high falls 
return to the point of falling, and bad damage. (Not really bad, but bad.) 
walking against strong winds, if it's pushing you a way you don't want to go, 
use the Iron Boots. Really hot/really cold places=BAD. Moving on.

I will write more soon, but it is late, so I will continue as soon as I can.

Chapter 2:Items

Found in pots, grass, crates, etc.

Used for Hero Bow. Attack enemies from long range. Very accurate with good aim.

So cute. Keep in bottle. Use an X/Y item to replenish 8 hearts, or revives 
hearts run out. (Still only 8 hearts.)

Replenishes full heart in heart meter.

Use to buy items that can be vital to your journey, or dally away your funds 
buying useless junk just to spend some cash....err....I mean rupees....
There's 7 types of rupees, each worth different amounts. Green=1, Blue=5, 
Yellow=10, Red=20, Purple=50, Orange=100, and Silver=200.

Used for Slingshot. Other than getting these in usual places, Deku Babas leave 
big nuts that, when broken, become these. Not really vital, though, since 
obtaining the Hero Bow, the chances that you'll be using the Slingshot again 
low to none.

(Search for a prize.)

After getting the Fishing Rod, use it in places to get fish. The fish you 
are recorded in your Fish Journal. There are six types of fish:
1)Greengills   4)Hyrule Bass
2)Hylian Loach 5)Ordon Catfish
3)Hylian Pike  6)Reekfish

Of all the fish, the Hylian Loach is the rarest and hardest to get. I'll later 
explain to you how to obtain it.

Golden Bugs:
There are 12 types of these, one male and one female, for a total of 24. The 
reason to collect these is for a little girl who calls herself Princess 
Agatha. I'll explain to you later where to find them, and what you get for 

Pieces of Heart:
There are forty-five of these in Hyrule that you have to find. Some you get 
from rewards for doing certain mini-quests. Obtain 5 to get a full heart added 
to your heart meter. I'll explain later how to obtain them all.

Heart Container:
There are eight of these, one from each dungeon. (Except the last dungeon, 
Hyrule Castle.) One of these does the job of 5 heart pieces, or it adds 
another heart to your heart meter.

Poe Souls:
Having to find 60 of these is going to be hard work, but well worth it. Unlike 
the Golden Bugs, you gather these to free a man named Jovani from an evil 
curse. I'll explain later how and where to obtain these, as well as what the 
rewards of your poe-reaping shall be.

(Found in Dungeons, either optional or vital.)

Big Key(V):
This key is necessary to get to the boss, usually some sort of obstacle stands 
between you and the key.

This shows you where certain things are in dungeons, such as chests, bosses, 
and other things you may want to check out. Don't pass this up, because it can 
be a big help.

Dungeon Map(O):
This reveals the layout of the dungeon, as well as where you've been in the 

Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr.(O):
Not only characters, but items, too. Getting these two is optional, but is a 
great help. If you need to leave the dungeon, call on these two and you will 
able to, while still being able to go back to where you were. But if you go to 
the entrance, then they'll show up there, and you'll have to do everything 
over. Ooccoo, who is the mother of Ooccoo Jr., will usually be found crammed 
into a pot, which will be wiggling. You can either pick it up, or break it to 
free her and add her to your items. But, once you go to another dungeon, 
have to find her again to get her aid.

Small Key(V):
This allows you to open locked doors. It only works in the dungeon you found 
in, and without it, you cannot progress.

(Found over time, helpful or needed for adventure.)

Ancient Sky Book:
This is obtained in the Hidden Village located in the Eldin Province. When you 
meet Impaz and show her the Dominion Rod that lost its power, she'll give it 
you. You use it to record sky characters beneath owl statues.

Ashei's Sketh:
You find this when you first enter Snowpeak in the Peak Province, and you meet 
Ashei. All you have to do is speak with her, and you can later sho this to 
Prince Ralis so he gives you the Coral Earring.

Auru's Memo:
Found in Lake Hylia in the Lanayru Province, speak with Auru to get this. This 
lets you fly to Desert Province by cannon after showing it to Fyer.

Ball and Chain:
You get this in the 5th Dungeon:Snowpeak Ruins. Defeat the mini-boss to obtain 
this. It can be used as a weapon(Wouldn't really suggest it, since it's slow 
and leaves you open for a long time.) or you can use it to smash things such 
ice blocks, or suits of armor. (Swing 2x to completely destroy suits of armor.)

Bedroom Key:
Found in Dungeon 5:Snowpeak Ruins. The final chest that Yeta marks is the one 
that contains it, and it allows you to enter the boss room.

Bee Larvae:
You can get it in multiple places that have bee hives. Shoot them down and 
scoop up the insides. You can also buy them, but that's a waste of money in my 
opinion. It restores hearts, and can be used as fish bait.

Big Quiver:
You get this in Castle Town in the Lanayru Province. If you win the first part 
of the STAR tent game, then you get this quiver. It allows you to hold 60 

Big Wallet:
Found in Castle Town in the Lanayru Province. If you give Agatha the first 
golden bug you find, she gives you this wallet. It allows you to hold 600 

Blue Chu Jelly:
You find it wherever you can find blue chus. After you defeat a blue chu, 
quickly scoop up the remains in a bottle. It replenishes all your hearts when 
you drink it.

Blue Potion:
You can get this from the young Goron in Kakariko Village in the Eldin 
Province. In order for his shop to be open, you must come at night. Just as 
Blue Chu Jelly, it restores all hearts.

Bomb Bag 1:
Found in Kakariko Village in the Eldin Province. Get in from Barnes' Bomb 
This allows you to hold different amounts of bombs, based on which bomb you 
choose to hold.

Bomb Bag 2:
Found in Upper Zora's River in Lanayru Province. You can receive it from Iza 
you help her clear the rocks blocking Zora's River using Bomb Arrows. It has 
the same purpose as Bomb Bag 1.

Bomb Bag 3:
Found in Zora's Domain in the Lanayru Province. Destroy the rock at the bottom 
of the pool in the throne room, and then speak to the Goron that pops out. He 
will give you the item. Same purpose as Bomb Bags 1 & 2.

You can get it in various stores. It can be used the same way as bombs, except 
bomblings travel to their target, though sometimes it can be hard to time.

Also purchased in various stores, but you can also find them in chests hidden 
all along Hyrule. It can be used to destory different obstacles as well as 
enemies. (Does not destroy everything.)

Bottle 1:
Found in Ordon Village in Ordona Province. Use your rod to catch a fish for 
cat, and then visit the shop of its owner. Holds various items, including 
potions, fairies, and oil.

Bottle 2:
Found in Faron Woods in Faron Province. Purchase oil from the afro guy and 
he'll let you keep the bottle. It has the same use as bottle 1.

Bottle 3:
Found in the Fishing Hole in the Lanayru Province. Fish for it on the small 
bridge on the eastern side of the fishing hole. (In the little pond on the 
other side of the bridge.) Same use as bottles 1 & 2.

Bottle 4:
Found in Castle Town in the Lanayru Province. When you get at least 20 Poe 
Souls, Jovani will give it to you. Same use as, can you guess? For those of 
who guessed bottles 1, 2, & 3, you're correct!! For those of you who didn't, 
seek medical assistance.

Found in Dungeon 3:Lakebed Temple. You have to beat the mini boss. Throughout 
your adventures, you'll find little medallions in impossible to reach places. 
The clawshot allows you to travel to those medallions as well as pull other 
items toward you. It can also be used as a weapon.

Coral Earring:
Found in Kakariko Village Graveyard in the Eldin Province. Show Ashei's Sketch 
to Prince Ralis. (The Zora Prince) You can catch Reekfish with it by finding 
their scent.

Doctor's Invoice:
Found in Castle Town in Lanayru Province. You give Renado's Letter to Telma. 
This makes Doctor Borville help you find Ilia's Wooden Statue. (Yeah, he's 

Dominion Rod:
Found in Dungeon 6:Temple of Time. Defeat the mini boss. There are certain 
statures with holes in their center that you will be able to control to a 
certain extent. (This includes owl statues, which will be essential later on.)

Double Clawshot:
Found in Dungeon 7:City in the Sky. One of my favorite items, because it just 
seems to help the most. As you can tell, it does the same thing as the 
clawshot, with the exception that if there are several medallions placed 
range of each other, you can go from one to another, allowing you to get to 
different places without ever having to get back on the ground.

Found in various places, and it can either be used the exact time you find it 
by running into it, or catching it in a bottle. Another one of my favorite 
items, because if it's caught in a bottle, you can either use it when your 
hearts are low to replenish up to eight hearts, or wait until all your hearts 
run out and it will automatically heal you.

Fish Journal:
Found in Ordon Village in Ordona Province. Catch your first fish and it's 
yours. Keeps a record of the fish you've caught. (I've never really given any 
attention to it.)

Fishing Rod:
Found in Ordon Village in Ordona Province. Return Uli's cradle to her. (She's 
the pregnant one.) Allows you to fish.

Frog Lure:
Found in Fishing Hole in Lanayru Province. Win the Rollgoal minigame, boards 1-
8. (Pretty challenging if you're not good with the controls.) Allows you to 
fish easily, and one of two ways to catch the Hylian Loach, the rarest fish in 
the game.

Fused Shadow 1:
Found in Dungeon 1:Forest Temple. Beat the boss. Allows you to later on battle 

Fused Shadow 2:
Found in Dungeon 2:Goron Mines. Beat the boss. Allows you to later on battle 

Fused Shadow 3:
Found in Dungeon 3:Lakebed Temple. Beat the boss. Allows you to later on 
Zant. (Noticing a pattern?)

Gale Boomerang:
Found in Dungeon 1:Forest Temple. Defeat the miniboss. Obtain far items, stun 
enemies, activate weathervanes (kind of like windmills), and blow out torches.

Giant Bomb Bag:
Found in Upper Zora's River in Lanayru Province. You win it by scoring 25 
points or more in Iza's Rapid Ride minigame. It's not so much an item, but 
of an upgrade. It allows you to carry double the bombs, including for future 
bomb bags.

Giant Quiver:
Found in Castle Town in Lanayru Province. Beat the STAR Tent minigame, the 
hardest difficulty. (There are only two difficulties, so of course this one's 
the hardest.) Allows you to carry 100 arrows. Yay!

Giant Wallet:
Found in Castle Town in the Lanayru Province. Catch all 24 golden bugs and 
them to Agitha. Allows you to carry 1000 Rupees. (Unless you use the Magic 
Armor often, or you need to regularly buy supplies, you'll find that sooner or 
later, this doesn't help you too much, but if you want to complete everything 
like me, you'll get it anyway. It's a curse, isn't it?)

Golden Bug Chart:
You can get it in different places, based on when you catch your first bug. 
Once you catch your first bug, it keeps track of the bugs you've caught and 
ones you've given Agitha.

Good Soup:
Found in Dungeon 5:Snowpeak Ruins. Give Yeto the Ordon Pumpkin found in the 
dungeon, and get some soup in the bottle. (If you want.) Restores 4 hearts.

Great Fairy's Tears:
Found in various places, based on what you've done on your quest. Youcan 
collect 20 Poes and give them to Jovani for one bottle, or finish the hardest 
dungeon in the game, the Cave of Ordeals, and talk to the Great Fairy. You'll 
be able to visit her at any spring and get one bottle at a time. (Except you 
can refill anytime you want.) Restores all hearts and temporarily boosts 
Another favorite.

Found in Kakariko Village in the Eldin Province. After finishing the archery 
challenge Malo and Talo give you, you can buy it from Malo Mart. You can zoom 
in on far objects, and combine it with your bow to accurately shoot far off 

Hero's Bow:
Found in Dungeon 2:Goron Mines. Beat the miniboss. Fires arrow at enemies, 
switches, explosives, etc.

Hero's Clothes:
Found in the Faron Woods in the Faron Province. Fill the Vessel of Light for 
Faron. They're clothes...you won't go nude...Oh, they used to belong to the 20 
other Links in the past as well.

Hidden Skills Chart:
Found in the Faron Woods in the Faron Province. Learn your first Hidden Skill. 
Keeps track of the skills you've learned, as well as how to use them if you 

Hot Springwater:
Found in various places, just go to a hot spring and scoop up some water, or 
buy it from the Goron Vendor in Castle Town. Replenishes all hearts, but 
unreliable, since you have to drink it before it cools, but good for a quick, 
on-the-spot boost.

Hylian Shield:
Found in Kakariko Village in the Eldin Province. Purchase from Malo Mart. 
Deflect attacks and it won't burn.

Ilia's Charm:
Found in Hidden Village in the Eldin Province. Show the Wooden Stature to 
talk to Impaz, and then show Ilia the charm. (It's a process.) Restores Ilia's 
memory, and allows Link to call Epone from anywhere that she can reach.

Iron Boots:
Found in Ordon Village in the Ordona Province. Beat the Mayor in a sumo match. 
(Don't ask.) Allows him to press heavy switches, sink to the bottom of bodies 
of water (Not until you get the Zora Armor, or you'll drown.), walk along 
magnetic walls, and beat the Goron Elder in a sumo match. (What's with all the 

Key Shards:
Found in Dungeon 2:Goron Mines. Each of the Goron Elders will give you one. 
Collect all three to assemble the Big Key, allowing you to access the boss 

Found in Faron Woods in the Faron Province. Talk to afro guy.(Coro) Allows you 
to see in dark places, light torches, burn spiderwebs, and it can scare a tiny 
amount of enemies. (Not many enemies are scared of it, so just stick with your 
weapons.) Be careful, since it uses up oil, so don't waste time!

Lanter Oil:
Purchase from shops or find in certain pots in dungeons. Allows the Lantern to 

Lent Bomb Bag:
Found in Upper Zora's River in the Lanayru Province. Speak to Iza and agree to 
clear the rocks from the river. It doesn't seem like much, but once you 
succeed, she gives it to you.

Letter Chart:
Found in South Hyrule Field in the Faron Province. Speak with the Postman for 
the first time. Keeps all of Link's letters, so you can read them whenever you 

Magic Armor:
Found in Castle Town in the Lanayru Province. Purchase it from Malo Mart in 
Castle Town. (It's too expensive in the previous shop.) It allows you to lose 
rupees instead of hearts, but it also uses up rupees as you walk. You pretty 
much become immobile after you run out of rupees, but if you got all of the 
Poes, it's no big deal. Just a pain.

Master Sword:
Found in Sacred Grove in the Faron Province. Solve the puzzle of the two 
statues that guard the sword, and just pull out the sword. Yes! The legendary 
sword from practically all the previous Zelda games is yours! It does more 
damage than your old dinky sword, and later on gets an upgrade.

Purchase from shops. Restores three hearts, and two servings are in one 
(One fairy restores more than two servings, you don't have to buy them, and 
they heal you when you die, so it's best to get fairies when you can.)

Mirror Shard 1:
Found in Dungeon 4:Arbiter's Grounds. Defeat the boss. Allows you to visit 
World of Twilight later on.

Mirror Shard 2:
Found in Dungeon 5:Snowpeak Ruins. Defeat the boss. Allows you to later on 
enter World of Twilight.

Mirror Shard 3:
Found in Dungeon 6:Temple of Time. Defeat the boss. Allows you to later on 
enter World of Twilight.

Mirror Shard 4:
Found in Dungeon 7:City in the Sky. Defeat the boss. Allows you to later on 
enter World of Twilight.

Ordon Goat Cheese:
Found in Dungeon 5:Snowpeak Ruins. Open the second treasure chest marked on 
your map by Yeta. Give it to Yeto so he can make Superb Soup.

Ordon Pumpkin:
Found in Dungeon 5:Snowpeak Ruins. Open the first treasure chest marked on 
map by Yeta. Give it to Yeto so he can ake Good Soup.

Ordon Shield:
Found in Ordon Village in the Ordona Province. Enter Jaggle's house as a wolf, 
and run into the wall to knock it down. Blocks attacks, but catches on fire.

Ordon Sword:
Found in Ordon Village in the Ordona Province. Enter Rusl's house as a wolf 
grab the sword. Allows Link to slash enemies.

Purple Chu Jelly:
You can get it when you defeat a Purple Chu and scoop up its remains. It 
makes you gain or lose hearts, you can't tell because it's random. Unreliable 
source of health gain in case of emergencies.

Found in Dungeon 2:Goron Mines. Beat the miniboss. After getting the Hero's 
Bow, you acquire the Quiver. Stores 30 arrows.

Rare Chu Jelly:
Beat a Rare Chu and quickly scoop the remains. When it says Rare Chu, it means 
RARE!! If you have no more bottles, release the least valuable item (even 
fairies) and then beat the Rare Chu. If you have the Great Fairies Tears, then 
it makes on difference, but if you have several bottles and they don't all 
the Great Fairies Tears, then GET THE JELLY!!! It also replenishes all hearts 
and raises power temporarily.

Red Chu Jelly:
Beat a Red Chu and scoop the remains. Replenishes eight hearts. (A fairy is 
still more valuable, since it gives eight hearts and revives you if you die.)

Renado's Letter:
Found in Kakariko Village in the Eldin Province. Speak with Renado after 
beating the Temple of Time. Allows you to receive Doctor's Invoice from Telma.

Simple Soup:
Found in Dungeon 5:Snowpeak Ruins. Scoop Yeto's starting soup in a bottle. 
restores 2 hearts, so it's best to wait until he improves the soup.

Sinking Lure:
Found in Fishing Hole in the Lanayru Province. Catch a bunch of different 
of fish, leave through the main door, and fish of the most northeastern band. 
Attracts many fish and allows you to catch the Hylian Loach.

Found in Ordon Village in the Ordona Province. Buy from the shop. Fire seeds 
attacks enemies and shoot other targets like Hylian Hornet nests.

Found in Dungeon 4:Arbiter's Grounds. Defeat the miniboss. Ride Spinner tracks 
to reach high or impossible-to-reach places and cross quicksand for a short 

Superb Soup:
Found in Dungeon 5:Snowpeak Ruins. Give Yeto the Cheese and scoop up the soup. 
Restores eight hearts.

Telma's Invoice:
Found in Telma's Bar in Castle Town. Talk to her after giving her Renado's 
Letter. Allows you to access Doctor Borville's Clinic.

Vessel of Light:
Given when you speak to each spirit of each province. Stores Tears of Light to 
restore each province after defeating each Twilit Parasite.

Link always has this. Holds 300 rupees.

Water Bombs:
Purchase from shops or find in chests. Use them like bombs, except under the 

Wooden Shield:
Purchase from shops. The equivalent of the Ordon Shield, but with a different 
design and shape. 

Wooden Statue:
Found in South Gate of Hyrule Field in the Lanayru Province. Defeat large 
amount of Stalhounds. Helps Ilia regain her memory.

Wooden Sword:
Found in Ordon Village in the Ordona Province. Buy the Slingshot, then go back 
to Link's house. Can defeat enemies, but only really weak ones found early on. 
(Not kept for long.)

Worm Bait:
Defeat a Bomskit and scoop its remains. Bait for fishing.

Yellow Chu Jelly:
Defeat a Yellow Chu and scoop its remains. Also found by signpost and other 
objects in the Fishing Hole. Fuels your Lantern just like the Lantern Oil.

Zora Armor:
Found in the Kakariko Village Graveyard in the Eldin Province. Speak with 
(the deceased queen of the Zoras) after taking Prince Ralis, her son, to 
Kakariko Village. Allows Link to swim, dive to the bottom of bodies of water, 
and breathe underwater. (This is where the Iron Boots are really handy.) 
Vulnerable to fire and ice attacks, though.

Chapter 3:Hints

This is just a small section about little things to do to make your adventure 
easier. However, I can't recall the hints I was going to give you all when I 
first started this faq, so until I replay the entire game AGAIN and think of 
them AGAIN, this chapter is postponed. (If any of you have any little hints 
that you think would help, I would appreciate if you sent them to me via 
I don't want to take anyone's ideas unless I have permission, and I will 
that if you send them to me, you are allowing me to publish your hints in my 
faq, though you still will get credit for them.)

The only thing I can tell you now is for those of you who love being impatient:
WATCH AFTER THE CREDITS!!! Most of you should know that many games have little 
scenes after the credits, yet the scenes at the end of Twilight Princess are 
scenes that actually seem essential to the overall plot. If you don't see 
then you're missing out on quite a bit of information.

Chapter 4:Characters

24-25 years of age, member of the resistance with Auru, Shad, and Telma. Her 
father was a soldier, which would explain her experience with combat. She is 
the one studying the strange happenings on Snowpeak and is really quiet. She 
prefers having only those who hold power in her presence.

60-70 years old and also a member of the resistance, alongside Ashei, Shad, 
Telma. The resistance was started after an ominous aura overcame the palace of 
the royal family, and he tries his best to make sure evil such as Ganondorf's 
does not once again fall upon Hyrule.

30-40 years old. He runs the bomb shop in Kakariko Village, and he appears as 
quite the coward when you first see him. He can get into a fighting mood when 
it becomes time to, however. 

8-11 years old. She is the daughter of Hanch and Sera, and though she grew up 
in Link's village, she dreams of a more whimsical life in the city. She 
considers all the other children to be immature, and also appears to be fond 

While being the only doctor in all of Castle Town, he seems to spend much of 
his time at the local bar. He appears very shrewd and tempermental, but when 
the right buttons are pushed, he can be persuaded to assist anyone.

Near the west entrance to Hyrule Castle Town, you'll meet a man asking for 
donations. Now, it's all fine if you don't like giving from the bottom of your 
heart, but even the most selfless deeds can have their rewards.

c. 30 years old. At first, he's some stuck up, suck up who runs the way-too-
expensive-for-you store. However, that changes when Malo Mart takes it over, 
which he actually becomes very humble.

7-10 years old. He is the son of Rusl and Uli, and though he is extremely shy 
and always seems to be the weakest of the village children, he has a very 
heart meant to help others. He looks up to both Link and Ilia, and always 
appears where Ilia is.

15-16 years old. He lives in a bland cottage in the Faron Woods and he gets 
along well with animals. He appears lazy, sitting outside his cottage all day 
and even his younger sister implies that he only takes the easy way. Iza is 
elder sister, while Hena is his younger sister.

30-40 years old. He's the patriarch of the Gorons. Though the other Gorons 
don't seem to be on good terms with humans when you first meet them, Darbus is 
actually friends with the shaman and other people of Kakariko Village.

The spirit bird who watches over Eldin Province from the Kakariko Village 

Link's horse, who has been with Link and even with his descendants. (Obviously 
not the same horse.) She's very loyal and obviously cares for Link a lot. (If 
you talk to her in the wolf form, she doesn't say anything interesting...)

c. 17 years old. He assists Link at the farm in Ordon, and also has great 
confidence in Link's herding abilities, especially when mounted on Epona. Many 
times he gets scolded for letting out some goats by accident by either the 
mayor or Ilia. (Usually Ilia only scolds him when his mistakes end up somehow 
injuring Epona.)

20-30 years old. Considering his outfit, it can be assumed that he worked in 
the circus at some time. He's tall and is one of the founders for a cucco 
treasure game in Lake Hylia. He is extremely cheery, probably to try to 
persuade more customers to shoot for the riches.

The spirit monkey who watches over the Faron Province from the Faron Woods 

20-30 years old. (Although he seems past his years.) He is the owner of the 
cannon firing business, and has much mechanical expertise. He doesn't seem to 
draw a crowd, considering his gloomy appearance seems more suited to driving 
them away.

The main villain in some of the most well-known Zelda games. In the past, he 
tricked Link's descendant to open the door to the Triforce, giving him power 
only rivaled by the gods. However, his evil caused the Triforce to break into 
three parts, leaving him with only the Triforce of Power. With this, he ruled 
the Realm of Light, until the Hero of Time put a stop to his madness. He 
to escape from his eternal sleep, however, and is now wreaking havoc once 

Jovani's cat and leader of the other felines of Castle Town. Despite his 
owner's great wealth, he seems displeased at the amount of money being hoarded 
by Jovani, and if you free him from his gold prison, he gives you great 

Gor Amoto:
Extremely old, just like the other Goron elders. He is the forth most powerful 
elder and is easygoing. He helps Link on his journey.

Gor Coron:
Also old, and the most powerful elder. Because of the condition of their 
patriarch, he ceased contact with humans. However, he is also a friend of 
Bo, who long ago proved his strength, albeit through cheating, to the Gorons. 
Once Link shows his power, Coron seeks the help of our hero.

Gor Ebizo:
The hunch-backed goron who is the second most powerful of the elders. He also 
helps Link on his quest, and also has some interest in the sale of items to 
travelers...Anyone else like that?

Gor Liggs:
The acient third most important elder. He is the one who calmly looks for 
solutions in life through meditation, and believes Hot Springs are the key to 
healthy mind, body, and spirit. Also an aid to Link's mission.

The rock eating brethen of past Links have returned to once again assist him 
his mission to rescue Hyrule. Though at first they are stubborn by refusing to 
take any outside help, they open up to Link after seeing his great courage and 

Great Fairy:
Though she is only an optional character, it is in your best interest to seek 
her out, especially if you're one who dearly needs the use of Rare Chu Jelly. 
She resides in the most difficult dungeon in the entire game, the Cave of 
Ordeals. While this seems like a trifle, once you reach her at the end of the 
dungeon, Link can then visit her at any spring. Not only will all the fairies 
she released earlier be there, but she will also give you Great Fairy's Tears 
as well. (One bottle at a time.)

30-40 years old. Beth's father and Sera's husband. Based on his meek 
appearance, you wouldn't expect him to be the husband of the heffy Sera, or 
headstrong Beth, however, there are times when he can summon up his courage in 
order to defend his village.

10-20 years old. Yonger sister of both Coro and Iza. Like the other two, she 
also runs a business. She has her fishing business, in which she combines a 
to make money with the opportunity to do what she loves for a living.

Hero's Shade:
A skeletal soldier who also takes the form of a ghostly wolf until Link's 
prepared to learn a new skill. In order to prevent his style of swordplay from 
dying out, he passes it on to whoever he sees worthy, which turns out to be 

Hylian Soldiers:
While some of these soldiers proved to be cowards, some remained until the end 
to protect Princess Zelda. Even after the fall of the castle, which came after 
many of their deaths, they still help Link in less obvious ways that are only 
discovered by those who have the insight to see what can't be seen...

c. 16 years old. She is the daughter of Mayor Bo and friends with all those in 
the village. She is also one of Link's best friend and highly admired by 
She loses her memory after an attack on Ordon Village, yet still maintains her 
maternal instincts to look after those in need. She also scolds Link when his 
recklessness winds up hurting Epona, and she is usually seen nursing Epona 
to full health.

c. 70 years old. She is hides in the same village where Ilia is being held, 
waiting for a certain person meant to save Hyrule. When she realizes this 
person is in fact Link, she gives him items to help him on his journey, and 
also retells him the story of how she and Ilia met. Apparently, though she is 
the last of her tribe and her village became a ghost town, she remained to 
assist the great hero she was hoping would come, just as foretold.

c. 30 years old. She is the eldest out of Coro and Hena. She runs a boat 
shop in Upper Zora's River. She is very blunt in what she says and seems very 
fit to the rugged surroundings in which her shop is set up.

c. 30 years old. The father of both Talo and Malo and Pergie's husband. Though 
he mainly farms, he can also make handy items crafted from wood. (Such as 
shields) He appears lazy, considering that many times he would prefer to take 
nap rather than work.

c. 40 years old. He sold his soul to Poes in order to obtain more riches. 
However, the Poes tricked him by turning both him and his beloved cat into 
gold! Now, he regrets ever making the deal, considering that he can't get out 
to spend time with his girlfriend anymore. Maybe there can be some sort of 
profit gained from helping the wealthy?

Kili, Hanna, and Misha:
They're all around 10 years old. They may as well be the same person, 
considering they love the same guy at the same time. At first, their love is 
conman Purlo, with his 'sexy' voice. However, whoever can beat his challenges 
is sure to make all the ladies swoon...

The spirit serpent who watches over the Lanayru Province from the Lake Hylia 

Finally! The hero and the character you play as! He's around 17 years old and 
actually is a farm boy in his home of Ordon Village. However, a curse causes 
him to become a wolf, who can only be returned to normal if he saves the 
spirits of each province. Later on, he gains the ability to transform at will 
with the help of his friend, Midna, and this greatly helps him save Hyrule, 
just as his descendants have done so many times before. He also holds a piece 
of the broken Triforce, giving him the power of the gods. He holds the 
of Courage.

She is the cat owned by Telma and remains inside the bar, constantly being 
spoiled by her cheerful master. She's not snobbish, however, and is an 
unexpected ally to Link's quest.

10-12 years old. Though she is not that much older, she takes care of the 
children when they arrive in Kakariko Village. Perhaps it is because of her 
father, Renado, that she has such a want to help children.

Madame Fanadi:
40-50 years old. Even though she is a fortune teller, she cannot recall small 
facts such as her own age. However, if you pay her, she'll tell you some 
helpful hints for Link's journey. The only thing is that you need a translator 
to get some of the things she says.

4-6 years old. Child of Jaggle and Pergie, as well as brother to Talo. Though 
he is one of the youngest children of the village, (Second to only the newborn 
child of Rusl and Uli, who doesn't come until the very end.) he speaks with a 
mature tone during the few times he actually decides to shed words. However, 
because of his tone, it always seems he is speaking to others as if they're 
beneath him and not worth his time. Many times it is even directed at Link. He 
is actually a very skilled entrepenuer, and ends up opening the well-renowned 
Malo Mart.

Remember Chudley? Well, meet Malver! Apparently wanting to shed his past 
history of rudeness, he changes his ways (and name) to pursue a much more 
cheerier life. He still works as a shopkeeper, but now it is in the easy-to-
afford Malo Mart, which has replaced Chudley's Emporium. Can anyone say 

Mayor Bo:
c. 40 years old. The father of Ilia, and obviously the mayor of Ordon Village. 
He is the one who asks Link to deliver the sword crafted especially for the 
royal family to Castle Town. Because of his habit of being foolish at times, 
is also seen taking the wrath of his own daughter, Ilia.

The little pixie looking thing from the World of Twilight. She loves being 
childish, many times seen teasing Link and even jumping on him rather roughly. 
At first, she is only mean to Link, constantly using him to her advantage, yet 
she actually becomes friends with him. When confronted by Zant, she becomes 
angered, leading to the idea that he has something to do with her fierce 
attempts to gather the Fused Shadows. What exactly happened to her, and can 
guess her true form?

A race of flying chicken looking people. Their race has been living in the 
in the Sky for many years, yet their technology is far beyond that of Hyrule. 
These are some of the creatures that ask for Link's assistance when things in 
their city go array.

c. 40 years old. She's friendly and very motherly towards Link, maybe due to 
the fact that she is a mother. She fell from the City in the Sky due to events 
caused by Zant's evil powers. She asks for Link's help in return for a great 
gift only allowed to be used in dungeons, that is, if you can find her.

Ooccoo Jr.:
Ooccoo's son who looks just like his mother. Except for the fact that he's 
a head with wings. Along with his mother, he will help Link in his quest.

The spirit goat who watches over the Ordona Province in the Ordon Village 

c. 30 years old. She is the wife of Jaggle and mother of Talo and Malo. She 
constantly works to make up for her husband's nonchalant ways and always has 
deal with her troublesome sons. She still cares for them greatly, however, and 
supports them while still keeping tough.

A friend of Trill, she is a female myna bird. She has a special balloon 
attraction in Lake Hylia, which she only lets animals play. She seems to have 
some dislike towards humans.

The trusty postman who delivers mail wherever Link is. Normally, if Link has 
new mail, he will receive it right before entering Castle Town. (Even if he's 
in wolf form. I usually only receieved it after trying to enter Castle Town.) 
There are times when those who look hard enough can see him in unexpected 
places, such as Telma's Bar, Elde Inn, Zora's Domain, the goat stables in 
Village, and even during Link's second time through the Cave of Ordeals!

Prince Ralis:
c. 10 years old. He was sent by his mother, Rutela, to deliver a letter to 
Princess Zelda, describing the misfortunes befalling the Zoras. He is stopped 
by evil forces and then saved by Ilia, who has already lost her memory. He is 
polite Zora who has a heavy burden on his shoulders. He has to deal with the 
loss of his mother, and be able to lead the Zoras in the future. Because of 
uncertainty, his mother asks Link to help Ralis find resolve.

Princess Agitha:
c. 10 years old. Though she is so young, she lives alone in a small castle in 
town and refers to herself as ruler of the insects. She drifts into her 
imaginary world of creepy-crawlies and loves to get insects as presents. She 
sent invitations to special golden bugs, yet they have not arrived, so she 
Link to retrieve them. Why not ask for a reward from the queen in return for 
your good deeds?

Princess Zelda:
c. 20 years old. She is young, yet is already the leader of a kingdom. She 
becomes the 'Twilight Princess' in order to have the lives of her people 
spared, yet whether or not this is her actually title is yet to be seen. Even 
after Zant took over her kingdom, she still believes in the chosen hero, Link, 
to save them all. She is one of the three chosen, along with Link and 
Ganondorf, to hold the Triforce, the power of the gods. She holds the Triforce 
of Wisdom, which would explain her wisdom that passes beyond her years.

c. 20 years old. He is highly confident that no one is able to win his STAR 
tent game set up in Castle Town. It is so difficult, that it has conned many 
people out of their money, making him cocky. It's time for Link to prove that 
nothing's unbeatable for a great hero.

30-40 years old. The father of Luda. He is Kakariko Village's shaman and 
cares for those who come asking for his aid. He protects the children when 
Kakariko becomes overrun by monsters, and has a real talent in caring for all 
kinds of people, especially children.

20-30 years old. He is the father of Colin and his soon-to-be-born child, as 
well as Uli's husband. He is an excellent swordsman and works hard to help out 
the village. Unbeknownst to Link until sometime near the end of his journey, 
Rusl was helping the resistance in an attempt to find the children taken from 
his village. Even after being injured, he still fights to protect, and has a 
fraternal relationship with Link.

20-30 years old. She was a beautiful and well-respected queen, as well as 
Ralis's mother. As a message to both the Zoras and all the other races, she 
ruthlessly executed. Even after death, she looks after her people and her son, 
and also helps Link on his journey.

They appear around 50 years old, yet are definately much older than that. 
were seven sages, until one was lost while sealing away Ganondorf. Though they 
can be seen, they don't actually have physical forms.

c. 30 years old. The mother of Beth and wife of Hanch. She can be strict when 
it comes to her husband's feebleness, yet she still has a cheery disposition. 
She is especially joyous when it comes to her cat, but also becomes sad when 
doesn't return home or when she thinks she scolded him to harshly. She is 
when Link needs something.

18-20 years old. A member of the resistance along with Ashei, Auru, and Telma. 
Due to a story his father told him when he was a boy, he is now searching for 
people living in the sky, who he believes could help Hyrule in its time of 
need. He does not yet know that Link is actually friends with one of the 
from the sky.

This boy is of no interest to you, unless you would like a peek at what 
Chudley's Emporium is like before it becomes Malo Mart. For a small fee, he'll 
shine Links shoes, allowing you to enter the overpriced market, only to leave 
once again after realizing it's too expensive for you, even after getting the 
Giant Wallet.

8-11 years old. Son of Jaggle and Pergie, and brother of Malo. He is not 
as mature as Malo, and he constantly nags Link to teach him fighting 
techniques. He is always seen picking on Colin for his timid personality.

30-40 years old. She is part of the resistance, along with Ashei, Auru, and 
Shad. She also runs the bar in Castle Town, which is the headquarters of the 
resistance. She is caring and is one of the people who helped Ilia after she 
lost her memory. She appears to have taken a liking to Link and Renado, yet 
seems to like Renado in a different way...

A male myna bird who owns the shop in Faron Woods. He belongs to Coro and is 
friends with Plumm. If you try stealing from his shop, he'll get mad, yet 
is a way to get around it if you know the right trick.

The race residing in the World of Twilight. Zant curses them and turns them 
into his minions. When Midna was banished, it left the Twilis helpless, so now 
Link must save them from their tragic fate.

c. 20 years old. She is Rusl's wife and Colin's mother and is currently 
pregnant. She is very caring and always has everyone's best interests in mind.

c. 30 years old. She is Yeto's wife. She lives with him in the Snowpeak ruins 
and enjoys snowboarding. She recently fell ill due to a mysterious mirror and 
needs to be returned to normal. After she gets better, Link is able to race 
to the ruins. Despite her appearance, she's one tough competitor...

c. 40 years old. He always cares for his wife and is deeply worried when she 
falls ill. He enlists Links help to make her better. Link can also race him 
later on, yet he is not nearly as skilled as his wife.

The one who banished Midna and took over the World of Twilight. He got his 
strange powers from his own 'god', which explains why Midna's powers are not 
powerful as his. The reason for his hate is that he was not named the next 
leader of the Twilis, and he seeked vengeance on those who opposed him.

They can both breathe on land and water. They were frozen by Zant as a lesson 
to the other races after the execution of their queen. Though they feel 
for their great loss, they remain strong as Ralis gains the confidence to lead 
his people. 

Chapter 5:Enemies

Difficulty Level:1-6; 1 is the easiest, 6 is the hardest


Dungeon 7:City in the Sky
Winged, flying lizard with sword and shield.

L-target it when it raises its shield and Clawshot it to the ground. Attack it 
when it's grounded WITH YOUR SWORD. Repeat until it dies.


Dungeon 6:Temple of Time
Animated armor-like statue with a hammer.

Roll behind it and attack the blue jewel. You can also sneak behind it and use 
Mortal Draw if you're skilled enough. When it glows, run from it because it's 
going to explode.


Baba Serpent:2/6
Dungeon 1:Forest Temple
Plant with a well-protected head.

Wait for its stem to be exposed, and then slash or shoot it. After the head 
becomes detatched, slash or shoot it again. If you're caught by it, spin 


Baby Gohma:1/6
Dungeon 6:Temple of Time
Small spider with huge thorax.

It only runs, so use Bomb Arrows, Clawshot, or slash it while running to 
it off. It will usually only be in large packs.


Dungeon 3:Lakebed Temple
Large jellyfish-like creature.

Use your Clawshot to drag out the main membrane and just slash it.


Dungeon 2:Goron Mines
Large laser-shooting statue.

When you get the Hero's Bow, aim at the red 'eye' and shoot it.


Dungeon 6:Temple of Time
Large laser-shooting statue.
(The reason this one is rated less than its brown cousin, is that you will 
access to the Hero's Bow when you first fight it, unlike the normal Beamos, 
which you have to avoid when you first meet them.)

Activate it, and then shoot the eye, but make sure you don't step too far from 
it, or it'll deactivate.


Big Baba:1/6
Dungeon 1:Forest Temple
As the name suggests, a giant baba.
(This one is rated less than the other babas because it is less agile than 
them, therefore easier to defeat.)

Don't be intimidated. All you have to do is shield and slash. When the head is 
gone, blow up the body.


Ordona and Faron Provinces
Blue, purple or red goblin-like creature.

Just slash it to defeat it. Use the spin attack if there are multiple enemies.


Dungeon 3:Lakebed Temple
Fish with bomb in its mouth.

It'll explode as a defense, so attack from land with your Clawshot. You can 
also attack with the Clawshot from underwater with the Iron Boots on.


Dungeon 1:Forest Temple
Mobile bug bomb.

When it's hit, it'll flash red, warning that in a few seconds it'll explode. 
However, if you're quick enough, you can pick up a flashing bombling and throw 
it at obstacles or enemies.


Hyrule Field
Little ball with eyes and legs.

It'll run from you, but don't chase it, for it drops bombs in its wake. If 
you're daring, you can avoid the bombs and slash it. If you want to play it 
safe, attack it from far off. After finishing it off, you can quickly run to 
the spot where it was killed, and scoop up some Worm Bait before it borrows 
into the ground. That's only if you want to and have an empty bottle.


Flying skulls.

You can slash them or shoot them. Don't use Ending Blow, because if you miss, 
you're vulnerable.


Flying skulls on fire.

Slash them or shoot them. If you get hit, you or your wooden shield can catch 


Flying skulls surrounded by frost.

Slash them or shoot them. If you get his, you will be frozen for a small 
of time.


Bulblin Infantry:2/6
Dungon 2:Goron Mines
Green goblin-like creature.

Shield, then use a combo. Use the spin attack if there are multiple enemies. 
There are times when it ends up on its back, which you can then use Ending 


Bulblin Riders:3/6
Kakariko Village
A Bullbo carrying two Bulblins, one of which has a bow.

On Epona, catch up with the Bullbo and slash the Bulblins. (You can actually 
ride an empty Bullbo, though it can be hard to control if you have trouble at 
higher speeds.) If you don't have Epona, it can be risky, but you can still 
in, spin attack, and then escape to try again.


Bulblin Warrior:2/6
Ordona and Faron Provinces
Same as the Bulblin Infantry.

The difference with these and the Bulblin Infantry, is the time they appear. 
When the Bulblin Warriors appear, you can use your wolf form freely, 
therefore, attack with the wolf form. It's just more fun to beat them this way.


Dungeon 5:Snowpeak Ruins
Tall enemy made of ice.

It throws a spear at you to make you vulnerable, and if there is more than 
one, you'll be in trouble. Attack from a distance with Bomb Arrows. Use them 
in succession, because Chilfos can regenerate. If you have to be in close 
ombat, then try to dodge the attacks and continuously slash it until it dies. 
The Ball and Chain works, too, but as you know, it's slow and makes movements 
sloppy. Remember, your biggest problem is if there is a group of these, which 
you'll have to face eventually. 


Jelly-like enemy that is red.

All you have to do is slash it before it jumps at you. It leaves Red Chu 
Jelly. If there are several Chus, they will join together. Once they join, 
based on how many joined together, each time you slice, it'll cut into two 
smaller ones until there are none left. Slice fast, since they can rejoin and 
end up as big as before. If there is a certain Chu that you want to scoop the 
remains of and there are several Chus, kill that particular Chu first and 
quickly scoop the remains. The reason is that if a Red Chu were to join a 
Purple Chu, it becomes a Purple Chu, nullifying the effect of the Red Chu 


Jelly-like enemy that is blue.

Just like with the Red Chu, slash it. It leaves Blue Chu Jelly. (All things 
about the Red Chu apply.)


Jelly-like enemy that is yellow.

Just like with the Red Chu, slash it. It leaves Yellow Chu Jelly. (All things 
about the Red Chu apply.)


Jelly-like enemy that is purple.

Just like with the Red Chu, slash it. It leaves Purple Chu Jelly. (All things 
about the Red Chu apply.)


Jelly-like enemy that is sparkling gold.

Just like with the Red Chu, slash it. It leaves Rare Chu Jelly. (All things 
about the Red Chu apply.) NOTICE:If you encounter a Rare Chu and have an empty 
bottle, CATCH IT. If you don't have an empty bottle, empty one that has 
of importance and get the Chu quickly. Be quick to defeat this enemy and scoop 
up the jelly, ESPECIALLY if there are other Chus around.


Chu Worm:1/6
Dungeon 3:Lakebed Temple
Scrawny green creature inside a Chu Jelly bubble.

For one, you can use a Bomb Arrow on the bubble and slash the Chu Worm. Or, if 
you want preserve Bomb Arrows, you can Clawshot the Chu Worm and then attack 
before it jumps back in.


Dungeon 6:Temple of Time
Large armored swordsman.

At first, it will be heavily armored. Dodge its attacks, and the jump attack. 
Once it sheds its armor, it becomes faster. Use the Back Slice and then use a 
combo. However, if you don't have the Hidden Skill, you'll have to take a 
riskier route. Get close after its armor is shed, then dodge when it tries to 
hit you, and then use a combo. When there are several, only handle one at a 


Deku Baba:2/6
Ordona and Faron Provinces
Plant that has a vulnerable head.

Just slice it. When it's defeated, its head contains Deku nuts.


Deku Like:1/6
Dungeon 1:Forest Temple
Large flower-like creature that swallows anything.

The only time this is dangerous is if you're jumping over it an fall. Just 
throw anything that's explosive in its mouth to beat it.


Dungeon 2:Goron Mines
Lizard that exhales fire.

You must go behind it to beat it. Attack the tail until it's defeated.


Dungeon 6:Temple of Time
Large armored lizard.

You can block its attack, and either jump attack or use the Helm Splitter. 
Also, if you go behind it and attack the tail, it can also be defeated, 
although this can be risky.


Fire Toadpoli:3/6
Dungeon 2:Goron Mines
Amphipious creature residing in lava.

It spits out fireballs that knock you down. Because it lives in lava, you 
can't engage it in close combat. It also doesn't come out until you reach a 
certain distance, so long-range combat doesn't work well, either. Use your 
shield to hit the fireball back and defeat it.


Dungeon 5:Snowpeak Ruins
Large ice creatures.

It doesn't move, but its ice breath is enough to keep you at bay, especially 
if you get frozen. Use the Ball and Chain when it pauses.


Dungeon 5:Snowpeak Ruins
Small ice creatures.

It freezes you when its touched. Slice it, defend, then finish it off. When 
it's in a group, use the same tactic, but use more caution. A Ball and Chain 
defeats it in one blow, but be swift and make sure the weight doesn't keep you 
down too much.


Kakariko Village
Large bird-like creatures.

If it's by itself, wait for its attack, defend, then slice. If it's in a 
group, do the same, but be wary of the others trying to attack you at the same 
time. The Hero's Bow or Clawshot are best.


Dungeon 3:Lakebed Temple
Small, armored creature.

You can defend against its attacks, but you still get pushed, which is bad in 
high places. You can only hurt it from behind, so use the spin attack or Back 
Slice. The Clawshot will allow you to remove the armor, making it vulnerable 
to a simple sword slice.


Dungeon 7:City in the Sky
Large, armored creature.

It knocks you down, no matter what. Target it and wait for it to charge. 
Quickly jump aside and then attack from the rear.


Hylian Hornet:1/6
Ordona and Faron Provinces
Large hornets.

They'll only attack if they're attacked. It's best to just run and wait for 
them to stop, though they also won't go in water.


Imp Poe:3/6
Ghosts carrying lanterns.

When you're a human, it just appears as a blue orb with a lantern. Like this, 
it can hurt you, but you can't hurt it. Turn into a wolf and use your sense to 
see it. It attacks with a sythe. Jump attack it as a wolf with you sense still 
on, and then use Ending Blow (still as a wolf) to retrieve the Poe Soul and 
defeat it.


Hyrule Field
Large, flying creature.

Just slice it when it gets low and then finish it. (Don't use Ending Blow 
unless you're sure it's going to hit.) Clawshot and Arrows work as well, but 
it's best not to waste Arrows on it.


Ordona and Faron Provinces
Flying bat-like creature.

You can attack it from a distance before it notices you, or you can slice it.


Dungeon 2:Goron Mines
Flying bat-like creature on fire.

You can attack it from a distance before it notices you, or you can slice it. 
It can burn you or any wooden shields equipped. 


Peak Province
Flying bat-like creature surrounded by frost.

You can attack it from a distance before it notices you, or you can slice it. 
It can freeze you.


Hyrule Field
Spinning, green, plant-like creatures.

Leevers attack in circles with other Leevers. The best bet is to execute a 
spin attack. 


Dungeon 3:Lakebed Temple
Lizard-like creature with an axe fused with its tail.

Use your shield! Be careful for its tail swipe, which will knock you down. 
Also, if you have Shield Attack, ram it and attack. You can use Back Slice, 
too. Bomb Arrows also work very well.


Dungeon 3:Lakebed Temple
Lizard-like creature with a skull on its head.

Use your shield! This has the same attack strategy as its close cousin, so use 
the same attack strategy against it.


Creatures with large mouths and lined body.

It comes up from underground to attack. Quickly pull it out with the Clawshot 
and slice it before it burrows again.


Poison Mite:1/6
Dungeon 4:Arbiter's Ground
Small bug-like creatures.

It doesn't cause damage itself, but it swarms on you with many other mites to 
slow you down. The more there are, the slower you go. This can be trouble if 
there is a stronger enemy, or if you're in a place like quicksand. Light 
scares them and you can use a spin attack to get them off.


Sacred Grove
Wooden puppets.

Skull Kid controls these to attack you. Though, they do punch, the fact that 
they attack in groups with near limitless reinforcements is the real danger. 
Find an opportunity to use a quick spin attack to finish off a group of them.


Ordona and Faron Provinces
Evil rats.

The biggest problem is just finding them in the dark. Listen for them and then 
target them so you don't lose them. You just need to slice them.


Dungeon 4:Arbiter's Ground
Undead rats.

They don't do direct damage, but they slow you down, which is dangerous when 
other enemies are present. They also won't allow you to jump over small gaps, 
causing you to fall. If you are in quicksand, they will probably cause you to 
sink. Turn into a wolf and turn on you sense. You will be able to see them and 
use a spin attack to get them off and attack.


Dungeon 4:Arbiter's Ground
Mummy-like creature with paralyzing scream.

In my opinion, the freakiest monster in the whole game. When I see groups of 
these, I want to wet my pants. (Not really, but it is creepy.) After using its 
scream to paralyze you, it uses a large sword to attack. If there is just one, 
you can just transform in a wolf and jump attack it before it screams. If 
there are multiple, then use Bomb Arrows to dispose of them quickly.


Shell Blade:2/6
Dungeon 3:Lakebed Temple
Large clam-like creature.

Do not try to slice it vertically! It does not work! When it opens, 
horizontally slice it. A spin attack also disposes of it nicely.


Dungeon 3:Lakebed Temple
Persistent fish with skeletal appearance.

You can catch these, but they don't get recorded, though you do get a heart. 
If you're on land, which is the easiest way to defeat them, use the Gale 
Boomerang, the Clawshot, or Bombs. (Don't throw the Bombs in the water unless 
they're Water Bombs. Just place them near the edge, though this isn't the most 
effective way, just because you may end up wasting bombs.) If you're in the 
water, which is the most difficult way because of their constant attacking, 
you equip the Iron Boots (they'll still attack while you're sinking), and just 
slice them.


Dungeon 4:Arbiter's Ground
Skeletal monster equipped with sword.

Appears as a pile of bones until you get too close. Get it back to a pile of 
bones and use a Bomb to blow it up so it doesn't regenerate. Bomb Arrows work 
more effectively, since you won't need to worry about it coming back.


Hyrule Field
Skeletal Dog.

Comes from below ground and attacks. Just attack it when it appears. It 
usually tends to appear in groups.


Dungeon 4:Arbiter's Ground
Small skeleton soldiers.

I always think it's funny to see how small these are. They're very easy to 
defeat and attack in groups. All you have to do is execute a well-timed spin 
attack to defeat all or most of them.


Dungeon 4:Arbiter's Ground
Skeletal soldiers.

They only appear when you fight Stallord. They don't attack you, but they do 
get in your way, endangering you of sinking. Running into them destroys them, 
but always try to avoid them if you can.


Dungeon 2:Goron Mines
Four-legged jumping spider.

They only attack by jumping at you. If there is a group of them, use a spin 
attack, otherwise, just slice it.


Dungeon 3:Lakebed Temple
Four-legged jumping spider.

They attack the same way as the other Tektite, so you can defeat it the same 


Tile Worm:2/6
Dungeon 1:Forest Temple
Large worm.

Use the Gale Boomerang to remove the tile, and then attack it. Never move over 
the tile it's under.


Dungeon 3:Lakebed Temple
Amphibious creature.

If they surround you, then they become a hassle. Use a spin attack to beat 


Torch Slug:1/6
Dungeon 2:Goron Mines
Slug-like creatures engulfed in fire.

Use sword slices. It also appears on ceilings, so attack it before it drops 
down on you.


Twilit Baba:1/6
Ordona and Faron Provinces (Only in Twilight)
Similar to Deku Baba, but with the Twilight touch.

Since it's in Twilight, you can only attack as a wolf, so find and opening and 


Twilit Bulblin:2/6
Faron Woods (Only in Twilight)
Similar to Bulblin Warriors, but with the Twilight touch.

They attack the same as Bulblin Warriors, so you defeat them the same way, 
albeit in wolf form. Use the spin attack.


Twilit Bulblin Archer:2/6
Lanaryu Province (Only in Twilight)
Similar to Bulblin Archers, but with the Twilight touch.

Jump at them to attack. These are slightly more difficult than the others, 
since you can only attack as a wolf. Defeat these first when fighting.


Twilit Kargarok:2/6
Hyrule Castle (Only in Twilight)
Similar to Kargarok, but with the Twilight touch.

Defeat it the same as a Kargarok, but you'll have to be in wolf form.


Twilit Keese:2/6
Hyrule Castle (Only in Twilight)
Similar to Keese, but with the Twilight touch.

Attack with a slice, or use a spin attack for a group.


Twilit Messenger:2/6
Large, black creature.

When there is only one, attack it as a wolf. If there are several, you can't 
leave only one standing, or it will call the others back, no matter how 
quickly you slay it. Use Midna's energy field.


Twilit Parasite:1/6
Small bug.

You can easily see signs of them. Sparks and shadows on the ground are ways. 
Use your sense and attack them. If you see shadows on the ground, dig them up, 
then attack after you use your sense.


Twilit Vermin:1/6
Dungeon 8:Palace of Twilight
Small, black creatures.

Constantly attacking, these are a hassle since they attack in large groups. 
Still, they're defeated with a slice. Only engage them on dry land and don't 
go into water when they're around.


Ordona and Faron Provinces
Spiders constantly crawling on walls.

They only attack when you're near them. Use long-range weapons. One shot kills 
them. (Don't use Arrows because it's a waste.)


Water Toadpoli:2/6
Dungeon 2:Goron Mines
Amphibious creatures living in water.

They swim quickly, but are beat the same as their flame counterparts. These 
can also be defeated by Arrows, though.


White Wolfos:2/6
Peak Province
White, snowy wolves.

They come out from the snow and attack in couples. Shield and strike or attack 
in wolf form. They don't give much trouble, so you can usually go right by 


Young Gohma:1/6
Dungeon 6:Temple of Time
Four-legged tarantula-like creature.

It leaps to attack, so just slice it first.


Zant Mask:1/6
Dungeon 8:Palace of Twilight
Large, animated version of Zant's head armor.

They attack and then teleport, making them annoying. Deflect their attacks 
with a shield, and wait for it to teleport near you. Quickly slash it and 
repeat as needed.


Zant's Hand:1/6
Dungeon 8:Palace of Twilight
Large stone hand.

You can't attack it, but it also doesn't attack you until you take the Sol 
Orb. It will chase after you and try to steal it back, making your escape with 
the Sol Orb difficult. If it manages to steal the Sol Orb, Clawshot it before 
it exits the room to grab the Orb again.

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