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   ##                  #  #  # 0   ##########   0 #  #  #                  ##
     ###               #  #  #  #  ##########  #  #  #  ;               ###
        ##              # [email protected] #  #   ########   # ## @9 #              ##
          ##            #  #  #  #    ####   ##  #  #  #           ###
            ###         0#@ #  #  @#        ##0 #  #  #          ##
               ##       9#0 0#  #@   ######   @#  #  9#       ###
                 ###      #0  #   ##        ##   #  9#      ##
                    ##     0#  ##    ######    ##  #0     ##
                      ###    #   O##       ###O   #    ###
                        ##   .#0     ####..0  0#.   ##
                           ###   0##O      O##0   ###
                              ##     ######     ##
                                ###          ###
                                   ##      ##
                                     ##  ##

                       ########   #######   ########
                            ##   ##     ##  ##
                           ##    ##     ##  ##
                          ##     ##     ##  ######
                         ##      ##     ##  ##
                        ##       ##     ##  ##
                       ########   #######   ########

                            Zone of the Enders

                             Genre:Action (Action)
                              Designed By:Konami
                               Number of Players:1

                   Recommended:280KB Memory, Dual Shock, Dual Shock2

Release Data
  Z.O.E.: Zone of the Enders Konami 3/1/2001 SLPM-65019 JP
  Z.O.E.: Zone of the Enders (Premium Package) Konami 3/1/2001 SLPM-65018 JP
  Z.O.E.: Zone of the Enders Konami 3/23/2001   EU
  Z.O.E.: Zone of the Enders Konami 3/28/2001   NA

music to play the game

if you want to give this game a bit of a bite play orgy candyass elementree/reprise cd
manly number 7 blue monday
how dose it feel
to treat me like you do

gs2 codes
A GameShark or Pro Action Replay is required to use the codes featured below.

ok man like um use these uhhhh... codes to ummm like beat the game faster unless urrrrr your like me and beat the game the fist time with out them man.

(M) Must Be On  ECB784141456E60A
Infinite Javelin  4CDF70521456E404
Infinite Geyser  4CDF70581456E404
Infinite Bounder  4CDF70561456E404
Infinite Phalanx  4CDF705C1456E404
Infinite Halberd  4CDF705A1456E404
Infinite Comet  4CDF70601456E404
Infinite Gauntlet  4CDF705E1456E404
Infinite Sniper  4CDF70641456E404
Infinite Decoy  4CDF70621456E404
Infinite Mummy  4CDF70681456E404
Press L2 = Javelin Equipped  0CDD27661456B10C
Press L2 + X = Geyser Equipped  0CDD27661456710C
Press L2 + O = Bounder Equipped  0CDD27661456910C
Press L2 + Triangle = Phalanx Equipped  0CDD27661456C10C
Press L2 + Square = Halbered Equipped  0CDD27661456310C
Press L2 + L1 = Comet Equipped  0CDD27661456AD0C
Press L2 + R1 = Gauntlet Equipped  0CDD27661456B90C
Press L2 + R2 = Sniper Equipped  0CDD27661456B30C
Press L2 + D-Pad LEFT = Decoy Equipped  0CDD27661456B18C
Press L2 + D-Pad RIGHT = Mummy Equipped  0CDD27661456B1EC
Ultimate Jehuty This code will turn your mech into the ULTIMATE fighting machine. Super health, and the ability to destroy almost any enemy with one swipe of the Jehuty's blade!!!
When this code is on, it will save to your modified Jehuty to your memory card. Be sure you want to continue playing with this code active BEFORE saving!! 3CDF70291456E70C
0 Continues Used  4CDF706E1456E7A5
0 Saves Used  4CDF70701456E7A5
9999 Defeated  4CDF706A1456089C
No Casualties-Town 2  4CE0576E145626D5
NO Casualties-Town 3  4CE0576E14562695
NO Casualties-City 2  4CE056AE14562625

k use  after u BEAT THE GAME

Refill ammunition and health:
Pause game play, then press L1(2), L2(2), L1, R1, L1, R1, R2, R1. Note your level will be penalized each time this code is activated. Note: This does not make the Jehuty invincible.

Second Ending Theme
During the end credits, if you are able to finish the game with the five 
rescue missions all rank "A", an alternate ending theme will play.

Voice Actor (Seiyuu) Speech
During your final score tally at the end of the game, if you receive an
overall rank "B" or higher, you'll hear a Voice Actor give commentary on your
score.  The overall rank appears to depend primarily on difficulty level and 
rescue level ranks, it's not clear whether or not the number of continues or
saves has anything to do with it. (This has not yet been confirmed for the US
or European versions yet; any takers?)
  Rank "B": Leo
  Rank "A": ADA
  Rank "S": Celphis

Versus mode:
Press Circle, X, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down(2), Up(2) at the "Press Start" screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Alternately, successfully complete single player mode under any difficulty setting. Complete the game a second time under any difficulty setting to unlock two more stages.

All characters and levels in versus mode:
Successfully complete the game easy mode with at least a "D" rating.

Alternate ending sequences:
Earn an "A: rank in all S.O.S. calls. New music will play during the ending sequence.

Intentionally do badly during the game by destroying all buildings and killing all survivors during the various missions. This includes completely destroying the colony shaft during the last SOS mission. Defeat Tyrant and go to the Mountain 1 level to view the worst ending.

Toget the alternate ending easily, play the game in easy mode. Once you get to the final mission, just explode all bombs except for one or two. After that, you will hear the second ending song called "A Light With The Name Of Hope".

Hint: Enemy's vital meter:
To check how much vitality your enemy has (not Bosses), check the color of its level indicator. Vitality ranges from high (light blue) to low (red).

Hint: Defeating Tempest:
In his first form, hit him with your Burst Attack (be sure to keep your distance), until he changes. Put your shield up, get as close to his head as possible, and hit him several times with Burst Attack. When he goes high in the air, do not move until you see him release the small bombs. Dash to the place where none are coming down. When he returns to the ground, repeat until he is defeated.

Hint: Defeating Tyrant:
When you first meet this Boss, Jehuty is infected with a deadly virus that causes it to die if hit just once. Tyrant also has a Lock On attack to which you cannot escape. Instead of taking him on, leave the area and return later. Obtain the vaccine from Factory 2 to get rid of the virus. Be sure to avoid all battles when obtaining the vaccine.

When Tyrant has gone past 50% damage he will start to rush you. When he reaches you, drop a decoy and fly over his head. He will release missiles which will target the decoy rather than you, and will therefore cause considerable damage to Tyrant himself. This makes the battle much easier to win. Note: This strategy should also work with other orbital frames.

Hint: Defeating Zombie Neith:
As soon as the battle starts, begin firing your gun without using your Dash Laser attack. She should use her shield. Continue firing, approaching her as you fire. When you get into close range, begin using your slash combo. She cannot use her homing energy balls if she is being shot. This also works well against level 3 Mummy Heads, who use a sort of Halberd laser attack.

Hint: City 1: Destroying the Relay Block:
During your first visit to City 1, you are required to destroy a Relay Block but there is a forcefield in the way. You also lack the necessary weapon to do so. Exit the city and revisit Town 2 for the second town. There will be new enemies you need to kill. After that, Ada will tell you some information on "porters". Destroy all the purple blocks you see to release Vector Trap. Obtain the Sniper and return to City 1. Equip the Sniper, aim for the white dots on the rotating column and fire.

Hint: Town 3: Rescue Mission:
After the first encounter with Tyrant, you will be presented with a rescue mission that takes place in Town 3. There are only three squads of enemies here. However, remember that Jehuty is infected with a virus. It will die with one hit. Use Dash to get to the sides and avoid incoming projectiles. Use your Dash Shot to slowly kill the enemies. Do not try to get in close and use your Energy Sword. You will be left vulnerable to other enemies nearby. After the mission, do not leave. Destroy the porters on top of the buildings to get a program.

Hint: S.O.S. missions: Higher rankings:
During the S.O.S. missions, engage in combat with an enemy squad, then start to fly away. This lures them away from the survivors buildings and therefore causes minimum casualties which will earn you the higher rankings. Use the Circle attack when in close combat to grab an enemy, then turn to face away from any buildings and release Circle to send the enemy flying away from any survivors and possibly destroying them at the same time.

Anubis, Bosses, and special weapons in multi-player mode:
Successfully complete the game. Go to versus mode, and select P1 vs. Com. Select Neith and set the CPU to play as Jehuty. Set your level to minimum and the CPUs to the maximum. Win without getting hurt at all. Then, do the same to Zombie Neith, but time set your level to five and the CPU to full. After defeating Jehuty with Zombie Neith, do any battle with a human (anyone vs. anyone). Both of you should get down to one more hit until you lose. Allow player one to win. Start a new file and successfully complete the game again. Now when you play versus mode, you can use Anubis and more than one move with him. Anubis is extremely effective against any other character. This will also unlock Bosses as playable. Play with Jehuty in versus mode and you can also use special weapons.

Basic Controls
                        _____                 ______
                       | L1,2|               | R1,2 |
                       -------               --------
                      /   _    \____________/        \
                     |  _| |_    ___    ___     /\  _ |
                     | |_ O _|  |sel|  |str| []    (_)|
                     |   |_|    __   __   __    ><    |
                     |         /  \ |  | /  \         |
                      \       | AL |----| AR |       /
                       \     / \__/      \__/ \     /
                        \___/                  \___/

 |  Controls:                             Action:                          |
 |                                                                         |
 | Left Analog Stick.....................Controls Movement of the Jehuty   |
 | Right Analog Stick....................Change camera view                |
 | Triangle Button.......................Acend/Rise                        |
 | Cross Button..........................Descend/Cancel selection          |
 | Square Button.........................Basic attacks/Shots/Blade attack  |
 | Circle Button.........................Sub-weapon/Grab/Throw/Confirm     |
 | L1 Button.............................Cancels lock-on/Shrinks radar     |
 | L2 Button.............................Lock-on/Change lock-on            |
 | R1 Button.............................Guard/Defend                      |
 | R2 Button.............................Dash during movement/Burst        |
 | Start Button..........................Opens and closes command menu     |
 | Direction Buttons.....................Selects sub-weapon                |
 |                                                                         |

Special Moves

Jehuty speeds up his movement. With Burst, Jehuty concentrates his energy
into an attack.

To dash or burst, simple press the Squ. Button. This is an essential move if
you plan on surviving. To dash, press the Squ. Button while moving in any one
direction. And to burst, stay still and press the Squ. Button.

Jehuty rushes towards opponent and slashes at him. It is more effective than
regular saber attacks. Or, Jehuty releases a serge of energy on the opponent.
It is also more effective than the regular salvo of bullets. Go figure.

First, get acquainted with the dash technique, which can be done by holding
the R2 button and moving in any direction. While dashing, press the Squ.
Button to unleash a "Dash attack." The type of dash attack depends on whether
Jehuty is far away or near the locked-on target. If it the enemy is out of
range, then it will release a string of laser beams (or something). If Jehuty
is in close range, Jehuty will hurtly toward the opponent and deliver a nasty

Jehuty charges up, forms an energy ball above his head, and chucks it at his
enemy. Really cool and useful! In close range, Jehuty does a 360 degree turn
swiping his saber at his enemies in the process. Cool again!

To do these attacks, remain at a stationary position (make sure you are free
from any danger). Then press the R2 button, and press the Squ. Button. This
attack takes a while to execute, so you may give your enemies a chance to
attack you. If they do, it will interrupt your attack and you will have to do
it again.

Jehuty gets a hold of your opponent and depending on where you want to throw
it, Jehuty will slam it sending him flying.

To grab and throw an opponent, you'll have to be in front of him and time it
well. Otherwise, he will counter and beat you around before you can blink an
eye. The best time is to do it while he is defending. So press the Cir.
button to grab on to him, and hold it! While holding down the Cir. button,
use the left analog stick to determine where you are going to send him. When
that is done, release the button and watch him go! It does more damage to
throw him into a building or another enemy. You will lose your grip if you
get hit by a nearby enemy.

It obviously means what it says. Jehuty escapes from battle.

To do this, cancel the lock-on command and fly to the off-screen direction.
There will be a counter, and once it reaches 0 you will have successfully
escaped. But if you get hit by that time before the counter reaches 0, then
you will not be able to escape. Pretty simple no?

Jehuty can freely explore the area without having to focus on one area or

Cancel the lock-on mode by pressing L1. Then use the right analog stick to
rotate Jehuty's camera angles. Or you can use the left analog stick. In order
to do that, have Jehuty face the desired direction, and let go. The camera
angel will automatically adjust itself.

Jehuty can flip upwards or downwards to avoid enemy attacks depending on the
directional button pressed.

This is an unidentified ZOE move which has been brought to my attention by a
reader (thanks to [email protected]). To perform this move properly, while
dashing press the ascend button (Triangle) to flip upwards, and the descend
button (Cross) to flip downwards. Actually, you must press both buttons
(R2+Tri/Cro) to do it correctly. This is a very good move to use on bosses.

Throughout the game, Jehuty's AI (Artificial Intelligence) will guide you
through your missions and objectives. She will provide hints, training
courses, detect enemy activity, and insinuate on how to pound them baddies to
the ground. But above all, she will fill you in on your mission and what not.
Pay attention to what she says.
Command Menu
Press the Start button to open the menu. It will become available to you when
you leave the hanger at the very beginning of the game. It displays the
machine's current status and inventory. Pressing the Start button once again
will return to the battle screen. Use the Cir. Button to confirm selections,
and the Squ. Button to cancel selections.

Here, you can choose to equip your sub-weapon. A list will be displayed with
the weapons you have found. It also shows the number of remaining ammunition
of that weapon. Choose to equip, re-equip, or remove a sub-weapon.

A list appears that indicates the programs that have been obtained. Programs
are needed in this game to learn new abilities or be able use sub-weapons.
Programs can be usually found at local servers, in which you will need a
passcode to unlock (See below).

A list appears that shows the passcodes you have collected and used.
Previously used passcodes will not be displayed. Passcodes are needed to open
Local servers containing essential programs needed to complete the game or
for stupid fun with enemies. Passcodes are usually found among the squad
leader in an area.

Exits current area allowing you to move onto the next or a different area. If
Jehuty cannot leave current area, AREA CHANGE will not be available to you.
This usually occurs during boss battles and important events. Remember
leaving, the area will reset everything there (i.e. enemies will return and
treasure boxes will be replaced).

Jehuty's next mission is displayed here. The text in purple gives you a hint
on how to proceed with the mission. You may refer to this when you are stuck.
It usually provides helpful hints.

Change various game settings with this menu including toggle Vibration,
subtitles, etc. This is available to you on the title screen and on the
command menu.

Save your current game status. You will be able to continue from the last
save file. This option becomes available to you only on the "colony map."

On the right of the Command Menu, you will see a rough layout of the area you
are in. The light blue triangle is you and the point of the triangle
indicates the direction you are facing. Your marker will not be the only
thing shown on the map. There will be various symbols and letters to signify
that something (like a passcode) is there. The three symbols are:

    [M] This symbol indicates that enemy party has a Metatron Ore in its
    [P] This indicates that enemy squad has a passcode.
    [B] This indicates that the enemy possesses sub-weapon ammunition.

Now, aside from using symbols and such, there are colored shapes that give
good indications on what the item is. If it is a:

    [Green Pyramid] This indicates that this item is a local server.
    [Red Cube]      This indicates that the item contains sub-weapon
    [Blue Cube]     This indicates that the item contains a Metatron Ore.
    [Red Dots]      This indicates that the object is a Porter.
The items you will find in this game are limited. There are two standard
items you will find: Metatron Ore and a sub-weapon or sub-weapon ammunition.
You can find these items through enemies and item boxes.

If you destroy an enemy squad with an item labeled next to their marker on
the map, then chances are you will get the item. If it's a Metatron Ore,
Gaunlet ammunition, or whatever, you will get it. As long, as the whole squad
is destroyed, Jehuty will surely claim the prize.

Typically, there will be either one, or two at the most, item box in each
area. Usually, it would contain a Metatron Ore to replenish Jehuty's energy
level to its fullest. There are two color coded boxes: a red and blue one.
The blue ones always contain the Metatron Ore and the red ones contain sub-
weapon ammo. Remember, they will return once you leave the area, so you can
stock up all you want.

You will find this in certain stages. The Porter's purpose is to hide an
existing item box, which cannot be seen until you destroy all the Porters.
This is called a "vector trap." The item box will only appear when _all_ the
Porters have been destroyed. To locate all the Porters, whip out your map and
point out the the smaller red dots. Those should be your Porters. Vector
traps usually hide important or useful items. I really suggest you take the
time to hunt them down.

There are typically two types of recovery items: the Metatron Ore you can
find from enemies and item boxes and the "Repair" item some enemies sometimes
drop. As you probably already know, the Metatron Ore fully recovers Jehuty's
energy level, while the Repair item only restores about a third of Jehuty's
health. Though, Repairs don't fully restore Jehuty's health, it can really
save your butt from a near-death battle against tough enemies (I battled 10
enemies at once the other day).

By obtaining programs, Jehuty can learn new abilities or obtain newer and
better weapons to use against your foes. I'd say 75% of the programs are
optional, while the other 25% is absolutely necessary in completing the game.

All programs (well 99.9% of them) are to be received from Local Servers,
which are kept locked up until you find the correct passcode for it. The
light surrounding the local server give good indications whether the server
is unlocked or not. If the light is red, then that means it's locked. If
the is green, then it is unlocked and ready for your taking.

The squad leader of the enemy squad carries the passcodes. Other times, you
can find them in item boxes. You must have a passcode to unlock a local
server. You will know if you've found the right passcode for that certain
server when the light is green.

Sub-weapons is an additional attack method. Depending on the sub-weapon used,
the attack varies in range and power. Most sub-weapons are long-range based.
to be able to use sub-weapons, you must first obtain the program which allows
Jehuty to attain the ability to use it (i.e. javelin.drvr-- Jehuty can use
sub-weapon Javelin).

Gameplay Tips

- When in a battle with an enemy squad, try to target the mummy, the fat round
  enemy, his long range attacks can cause a lot of damage. Keep hitting him
  before he fires a shot.

- Always look out for question marks in the area tags. You can find some much
  needed sub-weapon ammunition.

- I have found that close range attacks are the easiest way to destroy an
  enemy. I always boost around them while attacking them with my close range
  attack. Nothing better than boosting behind and pulling off some super cut!

- For the first 3 boss fights, move, move , move. This is the best defense.
  Some of their attacks will miss because you got the boost on and are moving
  around. Wait for your chance to attack!

- If you feel the need to level up or need some sub-weapon ammo go back to area
  you have already visited and destroy the squads.

- Bounder can be best used in closed and tight spaces

- Use halberd for destroying porters.

- Always Check out areas with "?". In harder difficulities it can get you
  that much needed ammo!

- If you don't know what to do next, try going from area to area and scan
  through the squads to see if anyone is carrying a passcode.

- If you are trying for an "A" ranking, save before you enter a Rescue
  Mission. That way if you don't get an A you can quit and reload and try

- Well here is a tip that was emailed to me so I thought I would share it
  since I need to keep everyone happy!

  Use boost and circle around him. Then use the halberd and fire right
  thru his back to the point marked with the crosshairs. The halberd
  will fire thru him and hurt like hell. After he changes form, avoid him
  until he tries to ram you. When he misses you with the ram, load up
  a stationary  burst shot (large blue energy ball) and fire it as soon as
  he is in the centre of your screen. Repeat until either one of you is dead.

  Use the boost shot (MIRV energy beams) until he dives and tries to ram you.
  Then move in and use Halberd while he's floating around. After he changes
  form, dodge like hell and fire boost shots. If you hit, move up close and
  fry him with halberd until he gets bored of getting hit and flies straight
  upwards. Repeat until either one of you is dead.

  Because she's faster than you in close combat, dodge continously and fire
  boost shots in long range. You'll spot anything she tries to fire soon
  enough and can easily dodge them. If you don't get careless you can beat
  Neith with no health loss, even on Very Hard difficulty level.

  Zombie Neith:
  Move a bit closer and start rapid-firing comets. She'll try to dodge them,
  but will eventually get hit and lose a lot of health. Because you're
  continously tapping the circle button, you'll automatically throw her if
  she gets too close.

  If you challenge one enemy at a time, the others will circle around the
  town and destroy buildings, so fire up your boosters and round up all the
  enemies to a single huge battle. If they're trying to get you, they're not
  killing civilians. Then lead them to a safe combat arena. Suitable areas
  are the parks in Town 2, the deep canal in Town 1, the canal and the park
  in Town 3.

  City 2 is easy, since the only things that can break are windows and the
  choppers. Just move quickly and finish the weak enemies off in close
  combat. City 1 can be tricky, because any unattended enemy will try to
  destroy the pillars, and they break quickly (at least in Very Hard
  difficulty level). So engage the enemies quickly in close combat, and

  DON'T do any burst slashes in the immediate vicinity of the pillars.
  If the SOS area gets any enemy reinforcements, try to get them to join
  the battle assoon as the arrive. If you've challenged all the enemies at
  once, you'llspot when the reinforcements arrive by the appearance of the radar
  circle(s) around Jehuty.

  Raptors break easily if you fire normal shots and close up on them,
  switching to a triple-hit slash combo. The raptor will get hit and fly a
  backwards, just outside close combat range. Repeat. If you're in a
  hurry, you can always do boost slashes, but beware of higher level Raptors,
  because they occassionally have time to do a burst slash or a burst shot on
  you if you're constantly in close combat. Three consecutive burst slashes
  can mean death, even on Level 8.

  Cyclopses can mean trouble, because their counter-attacks hurt. Use the
  tactic mentioned above to lower-level Cyclopses, but higher level Cyclopses
  can dodge your triple slash combo and counter-attack. Either kill them
  safely from a distance with boost shots or try boost slashing them. Just
  boost _quickly_ away from them if they dodge your boost slash, because
  you're about to get seriously hit by a counter-attack.

  Mummies can kill you in an instant if you ignore them and go fight with the
  other enemy types, because their beams and burst shots hurt. Because
  they're so slow, you can lure the other enemies away from them and kill
  them before the mummies close in. Then just fire normal shots to force them
  to keep their shields up and not firing, and close in to close combat. If
  they block your hits, immediately do a boost dodge, because you're about to
  get hit by the dual beams.


There is some fun things you can do if you get bored and need a new challenge.

-In vs. mode you can take Jehuty at lvl 1 and go against Neith at lvl 8. That
 could take sometime to beat. Try different combinations and try to win.

-Destroy everything you possibly can. Sure you will get a bad rating, but it
 can be fun and it changes the script a little. Check it out! And now I guess
 this will bring on a new ending!

-Try to go through the whole game with no sub-weapons, except the decoy and
 sniper. But the hitch is, only fight the enemies that have passcodes, that
 is it. If you are brave, destroy buildings to keep your level as low as possible.


It's AD: 2172, You are on a Jupiter Space Colony, Antilia. Looks like someone
wants to start a fight. Viola is the main antagonist who has come to raise a
little hell!

You then cut to an FMV of our hero, Leo, running and having flashbacks of him
and his friends in a bad predicament. We cut back to Leo running through
bloodied streets with bodies in his way. He flashes back to him and his friends
and you see a mech killing his friends but he has escaped.
We cut back to Viola wanting to disobey orders from her superior. Then back to
Leo running through the streets again and enters a warehouse and finds Jehuty,
the mech. Here is where our adventure begins!

You enter your first battle. Just go ahead and see how the mech works. Get
close and use your square button and you should do just fine. After the battle
you meet ADA, the onboard computer. She will now take you through a training
course on how to use Jehuty.

When done, fly over to the metatron orb to fill up your health meter. Now move
outside when you are confident of your abilities.

When you exit the warehouse you will be greeted with a series of enemies. Use
those newly acquired abilities to dispose of them. After that you will be
greeted by Viola. This could be a tough battle if you are still having trouble
using your abilities. She is fast but soon she will give up and obey the orders
to leave at once.

After the battle you will be contacted by Elena, at Atlantis. Basically you get
asked to transport Jehuty to Atlantis so it can be used in an important mission
on Mars. After a lot of begging, Leo agrees to help. Did you really think he
wouldn't? The game would be over!

ADA now informs you that you need to hook up with the local server and get the
function module. Follow her marker to the server and get the monitor.fcmd. This
will give you some new battle options. Be sure to go through some training
before moving on. You also will receive the Command Menu (Start)

-Mission 1-
Obtain the flight mode module and move to another area using "Area Change" in
the Command Menu.

After some training, go out and kick some butt. Find the squad with the
passcode. You will get pass_global. When you get that pull up the map (start)
and locate a green sphere and then head to the server and obtain the
global.fcmd. Once found kill any squads left and grab the metatron orb to
replenish your health. Then press start and choose Area Change.

Now you are flying high above the sectors of Antilia. We see that Leo's sector
is under attack!

-Mission 2-
Move to TOWN 1

Head towards TOWN 1 and press the circle button to enter. You will see a mean
looking machine in the distance blowing up buildings. You know cut to an FMV.
From this point on I will not spoil the story of Z.O.E. Sorry!

Well here is your first boss. He can be tough but here is the jist of it.

Boost around and keep hitting his helmet with the long range burst boost
attack. When his health is around 50% he will change form. He know uses three
types of attacks, fire balls, little energy needles, and jumping on you. Keep
boosting around and use your guard against his attacks. When his head pops out
attack like you were before. When it goes back down, put up your guard.
Eventually you will defeat him.

Now more squads are about to blow up the buildings in this sector. You must
quickly dispose of them before they kill innocent people. Here you will get the
pass_javelin, needed for your first sub-weapon. When you destroy all the
squads, pull up your map and locate the server. Once found you will obtain the
javelin.drvr. Now exit the area.

Now ADA will give you a detailed description of your mission. She tells you to
go back to FACTORY 1 to get the info needed to help you exit Antilia and head
for Atlantis. Here you can do your first rescue mission in TOWN 2 or go to
FACTORY 1. I am a nice guy so I will do the rescue mission. SAVE

**Rescue Mission 1**
Go to TOWN 2

Basically you need to destroy all the squads before they kill innocent people
and destroy buildings The more they kill and destroy the worse your overall
game will be. Try to only engage in close combat so as not to let a long range
attack miss and kill people. You will also find the passcode pass_phalanx. When
you have finished and received your grade, look for the server to get your
second sub-weapon, Phalanx. Exit and Save.

-Mission 3-
Obtain the info necessary for mission completion from the local server in

Go to FACTORY 1. Destroy all the squads, especially the one with the passcode,
pass_antilia. Once alone, locate the server and get the antilia.info. Now leave
the area.

ADA will now go into a detailed mission plan. Save when she is finished if you

**Rescue Mission 2**

As with all rescue missions, kill quickly without letting them kill or destroy.
Use the same battle techniques as in RM 1 and you should get a good grade. Be
sure to get any sub-weapon ammo you find.

-Mission 4-
Move to CITY 1 where the colony shaft is located and destroy the EPS relay

You find that you don't have the right weapon to destroy the relay block. Kill
any squads around to get some EXP. When done exit the area to look for the
special weapon.

-Mission 5-
Find long-distance bullet weapon necessary to destroy the relay block.

Head to TOWN 2. Here you will get your first look at porters. Basically they
open up secrets in the area. Kill the squads before you attempt to destroy the
porters. When all clear seek out and destroy the porters. Once done a red item
box will appear in the area and inside it is the SNIPER. Just what you need!
Exit the area.

-Mission 6-
Use the newly obtained SNIPER and destroy the EPS relay block.

Head back to CITY 1. Kill any squads around so you won't be disturbed in
destroying the relay block. Position yourself near the rotating column. Equip
you Sniper  sub-weapon. See the white dots, those are your targets. By using
your right analog stick place the crosshairs on the column and use the sniper
to shoot the relays as they go by. Once it is destroyed ADA will inform you
that there must be an emergency generator running the EPS. Sounds like another
mission to me! Go kill the squad with the passcode pass_geyser. Look for the
server and obtain the geyser sub-weapon. Exit the area.

-Mission 7-
Destroy the power supply facility of EPS.1 and EPS.2.

Head over to EPS.1. Destroy all the squads then proceed to destroy all the
porters to receive the pass_halberd. Head to the server to obtain Halberd
sub-weapon. Move to the satellite dish and you see that you can't destroy it.
Pull up the map and you see that there is un underground passage.

Enter the underground maintenance passage and head down the tunnel. You will hit
an intersection and enter a battle. Now keep going in the same direction. You
will enter some more battles till you reach  a big room. Fly to the far wall
and drop down. Turn around and you will see a big circle. Fore at the center
hub to destroy the emergency generator. Now exit the underground maintenance
passage. Now exit the area and save if you wish.

Notice that CITY 1 has a "?" in the tag. Stop there to get some Sub-weapon ammo,
EXP, and the Mummy.

-Mission 8-
Destroy the emergency EPS generator of EPS.2.

Head to EPS.2. Well I can see why some people say this is a repetitive game at
times! Kill all the squads. After you have done that look for the underground
maintenance passage. When you get in there you see that you cannot get past an
energy field. ADA informs you that you have to find another way. When you exit
you see some new baddies, S class baddies to be exact. You will receive the
pass_control1 from them. Now leave the area.

-Mission 9-
Obtain the necessary module to get past the EPS.2 energy field.

head to TOWN 1. Here you will find some.... bad guys. One squad has a passcode.
So fry up some enemies. The ones with the passcode are some "*" class enemies.
They have a serious attack! Read the gameplay tips to find out easy ways to
keep them from firing. When done you will receive the pass_control2. Obtain
the metatron orb to fill your health and then exit.

Now head to EPS.1. You can fight the squads if you want or head straight for
the underground passage. There is also some sniper ammo if needed. Once in the
passage go to that 1st intersection and turn right. Go to the room with the
server. Here you obtain the rapt_cntl.fcmd. Now you can operate a Raptor, that
isn't effected by the energy field, to destroy the generator in EPS.2. Exit the
passage and exit the area.

-Mission 10-
Find the uncontrolled Raptor to get past the EPS.2 energy field.

If you saw the scene when first entering TOWN 2 you saw some mechs laying on a
hill. Well one is a Raptor. Go to TOWN 2 and get it. ADA will send it to EPS.2,
then you will take control of it.

-Mission 11-
Destroy the emergency EPS generator.

Head to the underground passage with the Raptor, trying not to engage in any
battle. Head through the passage. At the first intersection fight the enemy and
then head right. Keep going till you find the sever where you will obtain the
detector.fcmd. Turn back and you will see some porters. Destroy all the porters.
When you get back to the original intersection turn right and head to the room
with the generator. You will see a wall blocking your entrance to the room.
Position your cross hairs on the box on the wall, it is a weak point. Enter the
room and destroy the emergency generator the same way you did to the other one.

-Mission 12-
Move to MOUNTAIN 1 and meet up with Atlantis.

First go to TOWN 2 and get the Sniper and Mummy ammo if needed.

There is also an SOS from TOWN 3

**Rescue Mission 3**

This is a tough one. Many squads, so try your hardest to dispose of them before
anything gets destroyed. Again use only short range attacks. I have yet to get
a good grade here!!

-Mission 12 cont.-

Head to Mountain 1. On the way FACTORY 2 is now available and ADA will tell you
it is where she was built. After that you go straight to MOUNTAIN 1. Well here
is your next boss. He is a tough one. Go ahead and try to kill it...you can't!
Here is proof!

-Mission 12A-
Avoid battle with the large Orbital Frame located ahead and move to another

This is easy...exit area!

When you exit you see that someone has emailed ADA with the snow-white and seven
dwarves virus or maybe that Anna Kournikova.jps.file! You have a new mission
now. Be aware, this virus depletes your health to the point that one hit and
you are dead!

-Mission 13-
Find the program in FACTORY 2 necessary for the repair of ADA

At this point I will ignore the SOS because of the status of Jehuty. I will
attempt this soon and put in a strategy on how to complete this RM in the next

Well here is a way that was submiited to me by Telrath.

"I just wanted to tell you of a way to beat the SOS you get while you have the
virus.. there's 3 different squads in the area.. 2 are the close range melee
guys who juss lob their missles aimlessly barely ever hitting anything.  Take
out the first one on the left.. he's the easiest since he's by himself.  Than
there are juss two groups of 2 left.  One is the same unit type and the other
is the one that tends to shoot the spray bullets n lasers.  First take out
the melee ones they should be closest to where you first entered.  Then after
you take them out you can pull in along the road to the right without having
the range units attack you.  Then you can just launch a power shot the one
where you stand still n punch the giant orb n it should hit both of them into
the red if not outright kill them.. than its just a quick shield up n when
they pause in their shootings shoot once or twice with your normal gun.
You'll eventually kill them without losing any buildings or civs if
their/your shots dont stray too much."

Go to FACTORY 2 and pull up the map. You see that there is an underground
passage! Get there with out going into battle! Ignore the metatron orb in
front of you, it won't work, trust me I tried! Head to the passage and enter.
You will see two servers but both are red, jettison up and enter a battle with
the enemy that has the passcode you need. After you beat it you receive the
pass_vaccine. Go back down to the server and get the vaccine.exec to cure ADA.
Whew! Go up and fight if you want or exit the area.

-Mission 14-
Find the module necessary to avoid the laser attacks of the large orbital frame
in PARK 1.

EPS.1 has a "?"-you will find sniper and Mummy if needed.

CITY 1 is under attack.

**Rescue Mission 5**

Same as always...you know what to do.

Head to CITY 2 and you will see on e of the squads has a passcode. Destroy them
and get pass_decoy1. Destroy all the porters in the area to obtain comet. Head
to TOWN 3 and you see that, well,...you can't see. This brings on a new
mission, exit.

-Mission 15-
Find the anti-stealth module necessary to detect the enemy in stealth.

Go to EPS.2 and go see your Raptor you earlier controlled. Find him in the
underground passage and you will have to destroy it to receive the
detector.fcmd it earlier picked up. When you exit the tunnel destroy the
porters to get the pass_gauntlet.

Go to TOWN 3 and destroy the stealth enemies and get the pass_decoy2. When done
exit and SAVE!

-Mission 16-
Find the module necessary to avoid laser attacks of the large Orbital Frame in

Yup, we are at it again. Go to FACTORY 2. Destroy all the squads and destroy
the porters. After you do this ignore the red item box for now and head to the
underground passage to input you passcodes to obtain the decoy. Exit the tunnel
and go get the decoy ammo out of the red item box. Decoy will give you the
ability to put out a decoy of yourself and hopefully the enemy will attack that
while you are attacking the enemy. Well let's see if it works. Exit and SAVE.

-Mission 17-
Destroy the large Orbital Frame in Park 1

Well head to PARK 1 and face your next boss. Make sure to have your decoy up on
the Sub-weapon indicator.

When the boss locks on use decoy and he will target that. Boost around and keep
hitting him with burst shots and use decoys when necessary. When you get him
down to 50% he changes form into a little spaceship. If the first stage of this
battle was hard...you ain't see nothing yet. He will attack by flying towards
you and kicking your butt. Try to boost around him while attacking and
guarding. When he comes towards you use a decoy if you have any left and he
will fixate on that. It will take time but eventually it you can kill it.

Nebula will  start this fight off using these
little energy beams and this big one hit K.O. laser.
Have decoy as your secondary weapon and fly around him
using your boost sidways/square technique.  When he
targets you, press the circle buton and it will stay
locked on to that.  Go around and hit him with all u
got. Keep dong this until he stops and changes form.
This is the hard part. He has different attacks in
this form which are all pretty easy to dodge once u
know how.  First is his ram attack.  he will charge up
and then shoot foward at u.  Go up and to either side
using your boost.  Then when he stops hit him with
everything. (Note: Your regular attack barely effects
him so try to avoid using it.)  Another thing he has
are these little energy homing probes that attach to u
and suck ur health. To avoid them fly around the boss
and he will run into them or shoot them. If they do
get u then boost out of it.  He will also shoot these
little missles which all u have to do is put up ur
sheiled to block them and then attack him.  Just keep
dodging his attacks and hit him when he is finished is
the main idea. He is pretty easy but might take u a
few tries. That is all on this boss.

-Mission 18-
Move to MOUNTAIN 1 and meet up with the Atlantis

PARK 1 has a "?", go there to get Mummy

You are probably low on health, go to another area to find a Metatron Orb if
you like or continue to MOUNTAIN 1.

Elana will contact you and put you through to Thunderheart. He will take the
Frame from you. I won't spoil any of the story here. You need to get to the
warehouse. Go to MOUNTAIN 1 to meet up with him.

-Mission 19-
Fly through the gully along the mountain slope and get from the dam to the

Head straight and pick up the Metatron orb if you didn't already. Then move to
pick up SW ammo. Keep following to pick up more ammo. Go to the dam and fight
the enemy and get the pass_bounder. Head up to the server to get your last SW.
Head back to the start and turn to the left. Fly to the end destroying enemies
as you do so and picking up items. Destroy the wall to get to the other
gully. Head right down the gully to the next wall. Blast through and head
left and follow it through the gully till the second intersection and turn
right. Here you will enter the room that leads to the warehouse.

-Mission 20-
Destroy the large Orbital Frame in MOUNTAIN 1

Time for another boss fight, against Nebula. This is a tough one but after a
few tries you should get him.

Nebula likes to move around a lot. He attacks with fire balls and red energy
beams. Keep moving and boosting around avoiding his attacks and to get him down
to 50% by attacking when clear. After that he will turn into a spider looking
thing. Try and shoot his head and he will expose his butt. Now attack it with
everything you got, gauntlet, comet, or a boost attack. Keep doing this till
you have beaten him. It will take time but you will conquer this Frame.

After the battle Thunderheart will contact you and tell you how to meet up with
him. You are sent to the warehouse and guess who's there.

-Mission 21-
Meet up with the civilian freighter Atlantis.

Well Viola is here. She is ready to go toe to toe with you again but she won't
be as easy. Boost attack her for a bit and then go into close range attack with
her. She will get a hold of you and ADA will ask you to eject, but what fun is
that? Eventually Leo gets free and time to finish her off. Try to do some close
combat with her and defeat her. It's more fun that way!

A whole lot of story goes on at this point but I won't spoil it for you! You
are off to HUB 1 to disable some bombs. This can be tough but a heck of a lot
of fun.

ADA will find the time bombs for you. While she is searching kill as many
enemies as you can. When she has found one she will tell you. Stop what you are
doing and target the bomb and fly over to it. When you get close enough press
the circle button and don't let go till the bomb is disabled. Watch the timer
till it reaches 0. Now go back to killing enemies till she finds another one.
Keep doing this till all the time bombs are disabled.

Now you get to fight Viola again. Just get in close and attack her relentlessly
like you would the mummies or raptors. Eventually she will fall.

There is one last battle but I don't want to talk about it because I feel it is
important to the story, and you should have no problem figuring it out. So on
that note, we are done here.


Yeah, I know I should put this section before the walkthrough, but this is
my FAQ and I can do whatever I want. So that will change in this
revolutionary document where sections get to be anywhere! Ha! XP Ahem.
Anyway, here is the cast of the characters you will meet (or in this case
already met) and learn to love as your game progresses...

  Age: 14
  Height: 5'4"
  Weight: 120 lbs

Leo is obviously the main character of the game and also the reluctant pilot
of Jehuty. He is a resident on the Jupiter-orbiting space colony: the
Antillia. Leo had been relentlessly dragged into the war after he had been
trying to escape the horrors of the battle. Jehuty and he have met
"accidentally." Leo stumbled onto Jehuty's cockpit by accident, trying to run
away from everything. Surprisingly, Leo was able to control Jehuty and win
his first battle with the giant machine. Now he finds out that he is the only
one who can save his home from the ZOE's...

  Age: N/A
  Height: N/A
  Weight: N/A

ADA is an advanced computerized system installed into Jehuty's frame. ADA can
speak her mind (if she has one) and offer helpful suggestions in defeating
the enemy. Without ADA, Jehuty cannot function properly, as proven later on
in the game. She and Leo constantly debate whether or not, ADA should destroy
the downed Orbital Frames. Although, she cannot feel any human emotions, she
grows to understand Leo as they continue their mission together.

Celvice KLEIN
  Age: 14
  Height: 5'0"
  Weight: 90 lbs

Celvice is Leo's neighborly friend. She works as a volunteer for the church;
caring for and looking after orphans. She's a very kind-hearted and a devoted
girl. Her parents had both died while trying to emigrate to the Antillia,
leaving her alone to care for herself. Celvice plays the role of the heroine
of the game. While trying to escape from an air raid in her town, Leo comes
to her aid and offers his hand. Celvice climbs aboard Jehuty and realizes
that she has now been dragged into the conflict. She helps whenever she can
to help Leo bring Jehuty to the civilian cargo ship, the Atlantis. Although,
it doesn't say that she and Leo like each other, the game gives good
indications that they do.

  Age: 22
  Height: 5'9"
  Weight: 140 lbs

Viola is the female fiend of the game. She may not look it, but she is one
nasty person. Cross her bad side, and you will get smacked! Viola, cynical
and perpetuous, meets Leo for the first time during a patrolling routine.
Immediately, Viola officially proclaims Leo as her ultimate rival after Leo
kicked her butt. She is a pilot of the ZOE military and rides the Orbital
Frame, Neith. Reckless and daring, Viola constantly seeks her grave on the
Battlefield, where she belongs.

  Age: ???
  Height: ???
  Weight: ???

First pilot of the civilian transport vessel, Atlantis. Rock won't let
anything get in his way while he tries to capture the ultimate Orbital Frame,
Jehuty. Rock seeks help from Leo, who seems to be the only one able to
control the monster. He often thirsts for adventure and his task to obtain
Jehuty seems to be the only exciting anecdote that will ever happen to him.

  Age: ???
  Height: ???
  Weight: ???

Second pilot of the civilian transport vessel. Like Rock, she too would like
to capture Jehuty. Elena persuades Leo to help them transport Jehuty to them.
Leo refuses at first, but eventually gives in on the account of his home
Being at the verge of destruction. Elena is a kind person and tends to think
things through more rationally than Rock does.


For the Basic Gamer...

 #1: When fighting enemies, take out the lower or equal levels of enemies
     first before moving on to more competitive enemies.

 #2: Level up as much as you can! Although the max level you can reach is a
     level 8, make sure you are proficient enough alongside the enemies, or
     you will get squashed!

 #3: Use Metatron Ores sparingly. You cannot use any recovery items during
     combat (besides the Mummy), unless the enemy drops a Repair or you've
     destroyed the whole squad to obtain a Metatron Ore. Otherwise, save it
     until you _really_ need it.

 #4: Learn to master dash attacks and burst attacks. Learn when to use it and
     how to use it effectively. Enemies with at a lv. 4 or higher tend to be
     evasive, so you have to be quick to get around their defense and pummel

 #5: Whenever there is a question mark next to an area's name while
     patrolling the Antilia (Area outside), be sure to head to that area. You
     will find the rare Mummy sub-weapon.

 #6: When in combat, move around like a spoiled little kid. Being agile in
     this game is the point here. This is a fast-paced game, so don't just
     stand there and shoot. Rush in if you have to.

 #7: As said above, move around! There's no reason to just stand there.
     Especially, against bosses and tougher enemes. You'd get sooo whooped!

 #8: Cyclops are the most deadliest of the 3 enemy Frames. A good thing to
     remember is to seclude the Cyclops from the rest of the squad by killing
     the other quickly.

 #9: Try not to get surrounded by 10 enemy Frames, yeah? It really gives you
     headaches afterwards. =/ Just a friendly warning from a fellow gamer.

#10: When you are about to do a risky attack (i.e. when Jehuty's health is
     extremely low). Always remember to use long-ranged attacks. If not, you
     must have a biiiiig head. =P

-=[]----------------------=(-- 03. Miscellaneous --)=--------------------[]=-


   |  Program:        Location:      Description:                        |
   |                                                                     |
   | montior.fcmd     Factory.1      Enables the Command Screen and lock |
   |   -----            -----           on ability.                      |
   | global.fcmd      Factory.1      Area Change becomes available.      |
   | antilia.info     Factory.1      EPS system data. Contains info.     |
   |*decoy.drvr       Factory.2      Enables Jehuty to summon a replica  |
   |   -----            -----           of himself.                      |
   |*javelin.drvr      Town.1        Enables Jehuty to use Javelins.     |
   |*sniper.drvr       Town.2        Enables Jehuty to use Sniper.       |
   |*phalanx.drvr      Town.2        Enables Jehuty to use Phalanxs.     |
   |*geyser.drvr       City.1        Enables Jehuty to use Geysers.      |
   |*comet.drvr        City.2        Enables Jehuty to use Comets.       |
   |*halberd.drvr      EPS.1         Enables Jehuty to use Halberds.     |
   | rap_ctrl.fcmd     EPS.1         Enables Jehuty to control a Raptor. |
   |*gauntlet.drvr     EPS.2         Enables Jehuty to use Gauntlets.    |
   | detector.fcmd     EPS.2         Enables Jehuty to detect invisible  |
   |   -----            -----           objects.                         |
   |*bounder.drvr     Mountain.1     Enables Jehuty to use Bounders.     |
   |*mummy.drvr       (Varied)       Enables Jehuty to use Mummys.       |
   |                                                                     |

   * = Signifies that program is a sub-weapon module.


 This program allows the player to activate Jehuty's Command Menu, which is
 really the player's menu. With the Command Menu available, Jehuty can also
 use his lock-on ability to target enemies. The player may switch between the

 This program activates Jehuty's transportation ability. Jehuty can leave
 area to head off to a different one via AREA CHANGE on Command Menu.

 This program contains power supply facility info., which ADA uses to locate
 the EPS energy sources with.

 This program enables Jehuty to make a temperary replica of himself to trick
 the enemy into attacking his clone instead of the real thing. You must have
 this sub-weapon in order to continue with the game. It is vital against one
 of the bosses.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Javelins. Jehuty can throw
 Javelins at the enemy provided he has enough ammunition. This is Jehuty's
 first obtainable sub-weapons.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Sniper. Based on the Earth's
 model, it's a swell long-ranged weapon. This weapon is needed to continue
 with the game. It is not recommended that you use this as a sub-weapon
 during combat.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Phalanx. The Phalanx can pump
 out consecutive shots, much like a machine gun. Of course, you would need
 enough ammunition to do so. It does fair damage and again is not recommended
 for usage against Lv.3 or higher enemies.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Geyser. The Geyser is like a
 trap of a sort where lasers go off everywhere damaging the nearby enemies.
 Works best in small areas.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Comet. Comets are huge energy
 balls that home in on enemies for a time. Has a curvy flight so it's fairly
 easy for opponents to dodge.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Halberd. The Halberd is a long
 energy sword. You cannot move around while the Halberd is out. Press O again
 to retract it.

 This program enables Jehuty to control one functionable Raptor. This program
 is needed to continue with the game. The player will play as the Raptor when
 controlled; using all of its abilities and attacks.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Gauntlet. This is one of the
 most effective sub-weapons. Controllable and powerful. This is useful
 against tougher enemies and bosses.

 This program enables Jehuty to detect previously invisible objects. This
 program is essential in completing the game.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Bounder. The Bounder is
 probably the most powerful sub-weapon. It's aim is not as good as the
 gauntlet, making it inferior to it. It's most effective in small areas.

 This program enables Jehuty to use sub-weapon Mummy. This is a one-of-a-kind
 healer sort of thing. It's also the rarest sub-weapon. Mummy can repair any
 damages, provided you have enough to do so. When Jehuty is using Mummy, fast
 movement is impossible. If you get damaged, the process will be interrupted.
 Use this when you really need it.


              |     Passcode:             Program:           |
              |                                              |
              |     pass_global           global.fcmd        |
              |     pass_javelin          javelin.drvr       |
              |     pass_phalanx          phalanx.drvr       |
              |     pass_antilia          antilia.info       |
              |     pass_geyser           geyser.drvr        |
              |     pass_halberd          halberd.drvr       |
              |     pass_control1         rap_ctrl.fcmd      |
              |     pass_control2         rap_ctrl.fcmd      |
              |     pass_vaccine          vaccine.fcmd       |
              |     pass_decoy1           decoy.drvr         |
              |     pass_decoy2           decoy.drvr         |
              |     pass_comet            comet.drvr         |
              |     pass_gauntlet         gauntlet.drvr      |
              |     pass_bounder          bounder.drvr       |
              |                                              |

                              ---Orbital Frames---

In ZOE, the giant mech robots are called Orbital Frames. Throughout the game,
you will encounter 3 different types of enemy frames excluding the bosses.


JEHUTY (you)
  Range Weapon: Semi-Phalanx (shoots 3 shots a go)
  Dash Weapon:  -Long-  String of energy Shots
                -Short- Quick Saber swipe
  Burst Weapon: -Long-  Huge energy ball
                -Short- Powerful 360 degree sword swipe

Jehuty is the Orbital Frame you control. It's technology and AI is advanced.
When it gets to the higher levels, namely Lv.8, Jehuty can be a mean-blue
killing machine, provided the player knows how to use him well. It's mobility
is highly notable.

   Range Weapon: Semi-Phalanx (shoots 3 shots a go)
   Dash Weapon:  -Long-  String of energy Shots
                 -Short- Quick Saber swipe
   Burst Weapon: -Long-  Huge energy ball
                 -Short- Powerful 360 degree sword swipe

Neith is Viola's Orbital Frame. It's one of the most powerful existing
Orbital Frames. It's power and mobility is equivalent to those of Jehuty's.
Neith can get very dangerous when at maximum level. She will be pratically
impossible to lay a finger on.

  Range Weapon: Shoots waves of fireballs at you
  Dash Weapon: ???
  Burst Weapon: ???

Tempest is one of the tougher enemy Orbital Frames you will have to face.
Although, not too great in mobility, it's power can be devastating.
Epsecially, if you are too close. To beat him, you would have to take long-
ranged shots.

  Range Weapon: ???
  Dash Weapon: ???
  Burst Weapon: ???

Tyrant is another boss you'd have to face and probably one of the toughest.
As his first form, he is extremely slow-moving and only does long-range, but
damaging attacks. You would need a certain sub-weapon to be able to get by
him. Whereas, his second form, he is quite active. Transformed into a shape
of a small ship, Tyrant can knock you around if you don't dodge.

  Range Weapon: ???
  Dash Weapon: ???
  Burst Weapon: ???

Nebula is just like every other advanced Orbital Frame you meet in the game.
Except he has a tendency to hide behind hills and surprise you with a few
shots from the back. He can be pretty tough if you're not careful. Other than
that he looks ridiculously stodgy.

  Range Weapon: ???
  Dash Weapon: ???
  Burst Weapon: ???

**SPOILER** Anubis is basically another "Jehuty." ADA says you two are not
"destined" to meet yet. A great setup for the sequel. From the way I see it,
Anubis is way more advanced than Jehuty. He looks cooler too. No fair. The
battle with Anubis is a real joke; you can't hit him and he can teleport all
over the place making him practically impossible to touch.

LEVEL: Leveling up, as we all know, is an RPG element. If you've played an
RPG, then you'll know what I'm talking about. Levels usually insinuate the
level of difficulty for the enemy, and how powerful Jehuty is for yourself.
In ZOE, the maximum level is 8. And as you might suspect, the higher the
Level, the more powerful you or your foe becomes. Bosses, however, level up
with you.

Here's a scale on how badass your opponents can become when they are at a
certain level:

  Level 1-2: Basic attacks. Bad AI. Enemies at this level usually let you
             play with them. =D
  Level 3-4: Intermediate attacks. Moderate AI. Enemies at this level tend
             to get more serious.
  Level 5+:  Advanced attacks. Better AI. Enemies at this level get nasty!
             Watch out!

SPECIAL CLASS (S)- Enemy squads marked with "S" indicates that this unit is
no pushover. Belonging to the "special" class, these elite groups can pummel
you if you're not careful. They generally carry the passcodes. So you will
have to deal with them at one point of another.

TEAM LEADER (*)- Enemy squads marked with "*" indicates that this unit is no
afternoon playtime. They are usually known as the "leader" and are generally
harder to take out than the regular encounters. They usually carry valuable
items or passcodes.

  Range Weapon: Semi-Phalanx
  Dash Weapon:  -Long-  Javelin, Geyser at higher levels
                -Short- Quick Saber swipe
  Burst Weapon: -Long-  energy ball that aims at an arc, bounder

These are the most common Frames you will have to face. They are generally
the easiest of the three types of Frames. At higher levels, they tend to go
on the defensive 90% of the time. The trick is to get in there and grab and
throw these puppies into something to kill them much quicker.

  Range Weapon: N/A
  Burst Weapon: 4-hit punch combo, punch
  Dash Weapon: -Long- Charging punch, Haymaker
               -Short- Uppercut

This Frame is probably the toughest to kill. They are comparable to a boxer.
They get exceptionally difficult to attack at higher levels. Try not to get
surrounded by these guys. You'd be in deep yogurt otherwise.

  Range Weapon: Phalanx
  Burst Weapon: retractable Beam cannon
  Dash Weapon: energy ball

While the slowest of the three, it's attack range and power is devastating.
They are extremely annoying when you are focused on something other than
them. Opposite of the Cyclops, make sure Jehuty stays far away as possible
from these guys when they start their beam cannon. It cannot be blocked, and
it does some major damage.

                             ---Rescue Missions---

Rescue Missions are completely optional and not needed to complete the game.
It merely tests how sagacious you are as a player. Plus, if you actually do
do the missions, it will look good on your completion data. =D

There are five possible grades:
  "A" – occurs when you have 100% population and less than 10% of colony
        building damage.
  "B" – occurs when you have 100% population and more than 10% of colony
        building damage.
  "C" – occurs when you have less than 100% of the population saved.
  "D" – occurs when you have less than 50% of the population saved.
  "E" – No one survived; everything destroyed.

Tip- I would undoubtedly avoid killing everything in sight. Don't think that
just because you are not in battle, the enemies aren't shooting everything.
Just a thought to get you started. =D Oh, and remember, once the buildings
have been destroyed, they _will_ remain destroyed.

"Fly High!!!
That's right,  The mummy heads all have projectiles that move on a continious
path, and flying high will ensure that thier missed shots will end up in the
skyline as apposed to buildings."

Sniper:  use to shoot at far away enemy squads causing an encounter.  They
will head for you and stop shooting buildings

--= Rescue Mission 1 =---
Location: TOWN.2

Being your first rescue mission, this should be fairly simple. To keep the
town safe and intact, draw all the enemy units to an area where there aren't
any survivors and not as many buildings. When you've done that, focus on
taking out the Mummyheads first, as they seem to be keen with shooting wildly
everywhere. Next, take out the Raptors, as they also tend to love throwing
those Javelins. Save the Cyclops for last sicne they can't do any damage to
buildings. Refrain from using any long-range attacks, and just rush them head

---= Rescue Mission 2 =---
Location: TOWN.1

They are repetitive aren't they! Unfortunately, your battle with Tempest
counts toward your grade here on this rescue mission. In other words, if the
buildings went BOOM with Tempest, this will hinder your rescue mission. It
will add up quickly. So if you'd like, you can start over and be cautious
with Tempest.

In this mission, there will be four squads patrolling the area and wrecking
havoc. To effectively engage in combat with the enemies without having them
throw any attacks at you, stay at a distance, but close enough to lock-on,
and lock-on to the enemy. When locked-on, lure the enemy unit to the trenches
and mercilessly bash them to oblivion. Apply this method to the remaining
squads. If all goes well, you should receive a fairly high grade. Good job.

If things go differently than what you wanted them to, stop and try again.
These rescue missions are difficult I know, but it takes perserverance and
the right attitude. Don't complain to me. =P

---= Rescue Mission 3 =---
Location: TOWN.3

Quote CjayC: "TOWN.3 is another insanely difficult mission until you figure
out the secret: Only one squad is actually causing damage in the beginning;
all others remain still until you wake them up."

You heard the man. Eliminate the moving squad first, then make your way to
the river. From there, use your Sniper to attract their attention and they
will start to fly towards you. Deal with one squad at a time, so you won't be
forced to stray too far from the river. Do this to all the squads you can get
from the river until you are left with only one squad to take care of. Now,
go and trash the last surviving squad. Muaha! Evvviiilll.

---= Rescue Mission 4 =---
Location: CITY.2

When you do this mission, Jehuty should be infected with the virus. Gah, not
good. Remember, one hit and you die. So how in the world are you going to be
able to pull this off? There is no universal way to get through this. Make up
your own strategy on how to avoid the enemy attacks if you want. But luckily
for you, the enemy squads here are all at a measly Lv. 1. So it's not problem

Well anyhoo, the Metatron Ore won't help, so don't bother. Start off by
destroying the nearby squad on your right. Once in combat, start dashing
backwards to avoid getting hurt. While doing that, shoot wildly at the
Mummyheads, as they are the major threat to you now. If you are far enough,
Burst attack them. Do the same for the Raptors and Cyclops. It's too risky
to attack them in close combat. Repeat this pattern until all the squads have
been confirmed dead. Stay safe and you can't go wrong. ;D

---= Rescue Mission 5 =---
Location: CITY.1

Whew, last one! There is a total of five squads. Go for the ones with the
Raptors, as they tend to like attacking the tower instead of you. There are
civilians in the tower, so be careful! The Raptors and Mummyheads post the
biggest threats, so focus on taking them out first. After the temperary act
of genocide, kill off the remaining Cyclops, which shouldn't be too much of a
problem for you.

now you have compleated the game arn't ypu happy now try to beat the mgs2 demo

the end and like all faqs this one has come to a end 
thank you:


this has been a deathwings 20 faq you now it a good faq if it has my name on it mmm mmm mmm dathwings 20
(if any of the codes do not work please email me at [email protected] or
 if you have any coments on my guide or if there is any thing you trhink sould be
 in here thankyou)
ps:all cuss word have been took out due to kids.Hi little guy although i see it
strang a kid playing a m rated game :)
and people thinking i took somthing from there faq or about to take somthing from mine
   D.THIS IS FAQ IS OVER 20 PAGES LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

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