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  • Action, Adventure
  • Game Arts
  • Working Designs
  • Teen
  • November 1, 2000


Egypt (3 AWGS)

Required: Hyper Grenades, FAE. Once the three enemys appear stand from the gate and throw the hyper granades down the tunnel, the enemys should zoom by and take the hits after they should be a little weak, this is where the FAE comes in, fire the FAE and it should destroy the the three enemy AWGS, AKA: JAGD Panthers.

Perfect Reload

Attachments: Two Super Reloads. Attach these to your AWG, and get a weapon like the NPG (New Penatration Gun) and it should have really fast firing because it won't really have to stop to reload.

Trozzle IQ

These are the only AWGS in the entire game that you get to take command of, only these for and no other suits.

1.High-Macs III
2.Type 9 AWG
3.JAGD Panther
4.Type 13
5.The rest of the medals you get will be weapons, or attachments to your AWG, and 
Yes I was dissapointed when I found out that you could only get four AWGS.

Perfect Zoom

Needed:Two Hyper Zooms. Using two Hyper Zooms attached to you, you will have a long range sight format when you Zoom.

Get More Special Boxes

Attachments: Two IG systems. IG systems make you be able to get to more special boxes, and make them more visible, so if you attach two to you then you will be able to get two more SB's.

Weaknesses (Tanks)

Tank: A tank is killed very fast when attacked from above, but one of the best weapons to use is the NPG for the Tanks, because it mainly takes them out in one hit.

Losing Points!

You can lose points in the game, mainly when your friends die, or one of your allied buildings are destroyed like in Ukraine, so if you don't want to lose any points and you want to beat a high score, then I suggest protecting your strong hold.

Ultimate Armor

Required: Two Advanced Armor M's. Attach These as your two parts, and your armor should be powerful enough to take big blast's.

Beat Guam Super Fast

Required: FAE, and anthing else you want. Destroy the first AWGS around you and then go to the middle of the big base fire the FAE and back up. All the enemys in the base and some around it will all be destroyed.

Beat Cape Canaveral Super Fast

Required: FAE, and anything else you want. When you start out destroy the enemys around you when you go up the hill where the first base is in front of you then fire the FAE when it is almost on the lowest bar, the FAE should destroy the first two bases. Then go to the third base, Destroy it by hand, The go behind the mountain, in front of the shuttle and fire the last FAE, the shuttle shouldn't be destroyed but all of the enemys around it should be Destroyed, then go after the enemys, and head Str8 for the enemys when it says --- AWGS has appeared in the location. (Doing this you should have very high points!)

Get Jumps Back Faster

Required: Two Jump Regulators. Using two jump requlators as both of your equipments you AWG Should be able to jump more quickly then before.

Protecting Your Friends

Required: Advanced Armor M, Advanced FirePower M When you have these attachments go to one of the levels when you have to protect your friends, when they are fixing to die or they are being attacked then jump in front of them and take the hits while returning the fire. The AAM should help you take the hits well while the AFP M should help you kill your enemy quick.

Start With Different Weapons

Depending on which country your pilot is from will determin which set of weapons your mech will be outfited with. Try changing your pilot's origin to equip your mech with different weapons. From the main menu select Create New Pilot. From here you can rename your pilot and change other statistics.

Get The Jagd Panther

Get (25) medals.

Get A Type 13

Get 41 medals and it will be unlocked


Accumulate 6 million points to unlock the Jagdpanther.

Type 9

Earn 13 medals to unlock the Type 9.


Extra Weapons

Enter "FEA MASTER!" as a pilot name, "Mexico" as a country, and "Female" as a sex to begin with 12 fuel-air bombs.


We have no unlockables for Gun Griffon Blaze yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Gun Griffon Blaze yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Gun Griffon Blaze yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Created by: Jon Chang and Hodaka Tsyuchida. Read the full guide...

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