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  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • Unknown
  • Sierra
  • Mature


Zombies (Hybrids)

These are the shambling humanoid creeps with long, hideous fingers that are the end result of a headcrab killing and infiltrating a human's body. These things have no ranged attack, but they have two different styles of arm swings, one of which is very fast. This makes it dangerous but possible to take them out with the crowbar if you back off quickly after every crowbar hit. (Though if you've got plenty of shells, a double-barrel shotgun blast at close range is preferable.)


These are the big, sludgy guys that are stuck to ceilings and can't change position. They just extend their long tongues down, hoping some edible prey will stumble into them. If a barnacle isn't very far up, or is over water, the best way to kill it is to whack it with the crowbar as soon as you're in range (and before it starts chewing on you). Otherwise, just avoid them or shoot them with something you have a lot of ammo for.

Alien Slaves (Lightning Lugs)

These are the slimy, one-eyed, humanoid guys that charge up and fire a painful electric blast at you. You should always rapidly damage these creatures when they're charging up so they can't fire. Either that, or duck behind something quick. Both the crowbar and 9mm handgun require many hits to kill lightning lugs, so the shotgun is the preferred basic weapon to use against them (until you get a nice MP5, anyway). An interesting thing to note about these creatures is that they often try to run away once they're heavily damaged. They'll also stop firing temporarily, but do chase them and take them down as quickly as you can. Another note is that they can fire faster on Difficult level, making them much harder to dodge.


These are the little crab-like things with big, toothy mouths that jump at you at close range. These monsters are very easy to kill, but sometimes a little hard to hit. The best strategy is to shoot them from a distance, before they come within jumping-at-you range. It is possible to knock them out of the air with the crowbar without them hurting you, but it isn't easy, and therefore isn't advised. Another way to deal with them is to sidestep them quickly when they jump at you, and then whack them with the crowbar before they can turn and jump again. Also, you can wait for them around a corner, and quickly whack them when they appear. They're very bad at turning corners quickly and can't jump sideways or backwards.


These are the stripy, bouncy little freaks that hop around and whimper like puppies until you come within range, and then start building up a sonic burst to hit you with. They're very easy to kill, even with the crowbar, as long as they aren't attacking in packs. If they are, use some dodge-and-fire tactics to pick them off one by one without taking any damage.

Secret Alien

Go to calhouns locker. If you see a box at the bottom of his locker, shoot it. It takes a while but eventualy the box will break. When it does, a short purple alien will appear.



If you want to play the game with cheat mode enabled, look in the Blue Shift folder under the Sierra folder on the Programs menu. There should be a shortcut labeled "Blue Shift Console" as well as one labeled "Blue Shift". You need to run the one called "Blue Shift Console" if you want to use any of the following cheat codes. (Note that the shortcut put on the desktop is not the Console shortcut; you may want to delete it and copy the Console shortcut there.) Even if you run the right shortcut, the cheats aren't automatically enabled. The first thing you should do after loading a saved game is bring down the Console (with the ~ key) and type "sv_cheats 1" (w/o the quote marks). If you then try the cheat codes right away, they won't work. If you load your saved game again, all the cheats except "give" will work. To get that one going, you have to wait until a new section of the game loads while you're playing. My strategy for dealing with this is to always start a new game right after running Blue Shift, type "sv_cheats 1" on the Console, wait for it to load a new area during the tram ride, and then restore my most recent saved game. That way I can use all the cheats right away, including "give", instead of having to wait. Note that this is unnecessary if invincibility is all you're interested in. It gets saved with your saved game, so you don't even need to run the Console version of Blue Shift once you have an invincible- guy saved game. And so, finally, here's the cheat code list. Always bring down the Console with ~ to type them in: god - invincibility toggle noclip - ghost toggle (fly, pass through walls, etc) notarget - invisibility to enemies toggle give - follow this by a space and one of the following terms to get the item: weapon_crowbar weapon_handgrenade item_battery weapon_9mmhandgun weapon_satchel item_suit weapon_357 weapon_tripmine item_longjump weapon_shotgun weapon_gauss weapon_mp5 weapon_egon weapon_crossbow weapon_hornetgun weapon_rpg weapon_snark You can replenish a weapon's ammo by just giving yourself the weapon over and over again, with the exception of the MP5's grenades. To get more of those, use: give ammo_mp5grenades. You can also use the "bind" command to bind one of those to a key. For instance, you could type "bind n noclip" (w/o quotes) to make the N key toggle your ghostly status. I always like using the MP5's grenade launcher a lot, so I always do a: bind g "give ammo_mp5grenades". Note that the quote marks are needed around the command that you're binding to a key if it has spaces in it. Another thing to note about the Console is that you can scroll up and down through previous commands with the up and down arrow keys on the keypad. That can help you avoid retyping a lot of identical "give" commands (as can using the "bind" command).

Cheat Codes

Start Half-life useing c:half-lifehl.exe -console 

To be used from Console Mode 
/God - Invinceable No health lost 

sv_gravity - will allow you to make yourself Jump higher. 

Impluse 101 - will give you all weapons

noclip - allows you to scan section map walk through walls/fly


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Easter eggs

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