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  • Halo 3: Recon
  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • Bungie Software
  • Microsoft Game Studios
  • Mature
  • September 22, 2009



First, go to Sandbox. Then, go to ball form (edit mode). Find a floating teleporter. Vwala. You're there.

Kill Wraith Fast

All you have to do is grab a plasma pistol, charge it and shoot it. Run to the wraith and hit the back part of it. NOTE: it's better if you keep charging your plasma pistol and shooting it so the wraith wont be able to move.

How To Kill A Brute Chieftain Fast

Sometimes Brute chieftains with hammers can be a pain in the butt. I found a way to kill them in seconds. OK, what you do is arm yourself with a plasma pistol and a rocket (if there's one). First you wait till he's in range, then you charge up your plasma pistol, fire a full charged plasma pistol at him, he will stop and his shields will be weak enough to be killed with only ONE rocket. Or if there's a vehicle on the map then you can splatter them head on and instant kill.

Map Over View

On the level sandbox go to it in forge and turn into a robot and look up in the air and you should find a 2 way node fly through it and you should find your self looking down on a grid of the map. Don't turn back into a human or you will fall and die what you need to do is drop a few things on the grid and then fly over the items you dropped and then you can turn into a human it is also fun to fill up the grid up with any thing to walk on and have fights up there.

Assembly SKULL

On the halo 3 mythic, go to forge and go to assembly and when you start go to the middle of the level and you will see a big tower and from the tower there are two pipes (one on each side)if you turn into the flying robot you can fly up to them and if you go to both of them and look on top of them you will see the skull on the pipe surrounded by orange bars.

Longshore Skull

The skull is located behind a vent by a blue fish sign. The vent overlaps the water. I recommend going in forge mode and getting to it, you might die in the process, so don't worry if you do it is hard to get behind the vent.

Sgt. Johnson

To get sgt. Johnson, you can only get him by reserving the game. When you reserve it, the store (if it participates in the event) will give you a token with a code to unlock him. This info is useless to anyone after: 9-31-09.

How To Get A Wraith In Firefight

Just start a firefight mission that has a wraith and when the mission starts find a sniper rifle or carbine or anything you can snipe with snipe the gunner this will make it easier hold on to the sniper for later. Run up to it with a plasma pistol overcharge it and put down the wraith use melee to brake open the hatch-the thing in front of the gunner seat then when you can see his head crouch down to were it doesnt say hold rb to jack then hold rb and shoot it with your sniper and voila, you have it note: if you get out it will blow up.

Aa Wraith On Tsavo Highway

Go through the level until you get to the aa wraith items you`ll need:a plasma pistol, and a br55 or ma5c take out the gunner first board it and punch it 2 or 3 times the cockpit door should be busted charge your plasma pistol and shoot it should be down for about 3 to 5 seconds crouch to where it doesn't say hold rb to board then hold rb and shoot him when he dies you should have jacked the aa wraith.

Easy Triple Kill With Laser

Go to lost platoon on campaign (put scoring on) and use the laser on the wraith and you should get a triple kill or go to firefight (u can put either team or free for all I like team) and go to either lost platoon or ONI alpha site.

Easy Both Tubes Achivement

All you have to do is when you get on the tank give one rocket launcher to a marine riding on it and the other one behind the tank to another and let them take a couple of shots. Give it to the both riding in front and you will get it faster.

Hidden Place On Sand Box

GO to Forge mode and go to sand box. Once you're in sand box there is a teleporter above the map if you go through it, you would be on top of the map. Also if you delete everything there will be a box in the ground. Delete it and go down the tunnel. Then after that you will reach the secret room. Then all you have to do is have fun.

Toggle Between Pan-Cam And Normal

During a local game hold: Left Analog Stick + Right Analog Stick and press LEFT when "Show Coordinates" is active.

It's Confidential

On the mission Tayari Plaza a little bit after you meet up with the marine they'll be one of the roadblock things with an elite dead over it. You go a bit farther and a wall says "BELIEVE" and there will be tons of dead elites. Buck will then ask DARE what's up with the elitse and she'll say it's confidential.

Another Fast Way To Kill A Brute Chieftain

Yes the brute chieftain is a pain but when it comes down to it hes not all that tuff. As he charges toward you with the gravity hammer avoid it and follow close behind and melee it in the back for a quick kill and hes out of your way as well works good for any charging enemies.

Flamethrower Location On Data Hive

On the mission The Data Hive on any difficulty there is a ice covered room. Instead of turning right to get to Dares location you go straight. Then on the right there should be the flamethrower. Then also if you kill 10 enemies you get the I like fre achievement.

Easy My Clothes Achievement

First you overcharge your plasma pistol at a brute. After that you hit be and on the side of your screen it will say "MY CLOTHES". You must get 10 in one mission to get the achievement.

Kill A Brute Chief With No Ammunition

To save ammo on the gravity hammer user kill him after you get him to swing hit him in the back to assassinate it works when his shield is on to.

Sandbox Secret Room

First and foremost do the level sandbox on forge once you have done that then turn into the robot. In the middle of the map there is a type of pyramid, inside of the pyramid there is a grav lift, the little square where the grav lift is on can be deleted [square looks like part of ground] once deleted there will be a hole where the square was, jump through. You will fall for little while then you will fall into a pretty big room then put whatever you want in the room and play like you would above ground.

Easy Kill

An easier way to kill the big guys with shields and green lasers are hard to beat, but there's a way to kill them. Any gun would work, preferably a good one. Get close to the brute and when he tries to strike you with his arm, sidestep and get around him. Once around him you shoot, or hit, him in the orange part of his back. Do this a few times and he will surely fall.


There are mongooses in most of the supply caches so look for them.

Sandbox Skull

On halo 3 mythic on sandbox this skull is somewhat hard to get. There is two methods one you can create a tube all the way out to it (by the way its out in the area where you get shot. Out on the edge of the map in a small ditch) using building materials. Another way is two set a trip mine down and set it on instant respawn. Grab it and keep throwing it down time after time until the explode overloading the map. You are free to walk in the area they shot because they don't shot you. I prefer this way because it is easier but you can try the other method if you like it.

Orbital Skull

On the halo 3 mythic, go to forge and go to the level orbital and when you start walk around until you find a corner at the end of two hallways where you will see two crates and a hallway above with glass windows and the side will have a yellow and black bar with cones in front of it. If you look over the rail you will see steam. Anyway, if you switch to the flying robot and go to the very top you will see two black platforms sticking out of the wall. If you look between them you will see the skull but you can't get to it so land and turn sideways then switch back to human. Walk around scaling the wall (it may be a little hard to do but if you keep trying you will make it) and then the skull will appear in front of you in the little corner of the black platform.


Toggle Show Coordinates

During a local game hold: LB + RB + Left Analog Stick + A + Up.

Toggle Hide Weapon

During a local game hold LB + RB + Left Analog Stick + A + Down.


Firefight Characters and Missions

"Buck" Firefight Character Complete "Tayari Plaza" on Normal or higher.
"Mickey" Firefight Character Complete "Kizingo Boulevard" on Normal or higher.
"Dare" Firefight Character Complete the Campaign on Legendary difficulty.
"Dutch" Firefight Character Complete "Uplift Reserve" on Normal or higher.
"Romeo" Character Complete "NMPD HQ" on Normal or higher.
Lost Platoon Complete the Uplift Reserve campaign mission on any difficulty.
Alpha Site Complete the ONI Alpha Site campaign mission on any difficulty.
Chasm Ten Complete the Date Hive campaign mission on any difficulty.
Last Exit Complete the Coastal Highway campaign mission on any difficulty.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Halo 3: ODST yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


My Clothes Achievement Glitch

When you kill a jackal with a shield take their plasma pistol and if more jackals are around with shields charge your pistol and shoot their shields and melee them and in the right bottom corner (i think) it will say my clothes and however many kills you got doing this. (it may not work all the time but it worked every time for me)!

Secret Room On Longshore Glitch Video


We have no guides or FAQs for Halo 3: ODST yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Full Achievements List

Heal Up: Find your first Medical Kiosk and use it to heal yourself. (5 pts)
Tourist: Access the city map and download it to the VISR. (5 pts)
Dark Times: Kill five of your enemies in VISR mode. (5 pts)
Boom, Headshot: Get headshots in any level using an automag. (5 pts)
Stunning: Use a plasma pistol to stun a vehicle and then immediately kill the drive. (5 pts)
Ewww, Sticky: Kill 5 enemies in a level using sticky grenades. (5 pts)
My Clothes: Overcharge your plasma pistol and then immediately kill 10 Brutes. (5 pts)
Pink and Deadly: Kill 5 enemies using the Needler Supercombine (any covenant). (5 pts)
Trading Down: Trade weapons with another character. (5 pts)
Headcase: Finish a level with an active Skull. (5 pts)
Tayari Plaza: Complete the Tayari Plaze level (on Normal, Heroic or Legendary). This will also unlock a Firefight character. (30 pts)
Uplift Reserve: Complete the Uplift Reserve level (on Normal, Heroic or Legendary). This will also unlock a Firefight character. (30 pts)
Kizingo Boulevard: Complete the Kizingo Boulevard level (on Normal, Heroic or Legendary). This will also unlock a Firefight character. (30 pts)
ONI Alpha Site: Complete the ONI Alpha Site level (on Normal, Heroic or Legendary). This will also unlock a Firefight character. (30 pts)
NMPD HQ: Complete the NMPD HQ level (on Normal, Heroic or Legendary). This will also unlock a Firefight character. (30 pts)
Kikiwani Station: Complete the Kikiwani Station level (on Normal, Heroic or Legendary). This will also unlock a Firefight character. (30 pts)
Data Hive: Complete the Data Hive level (on Normal, Heroic or Legendary). This will also unlock a Firefight character. (50 pts)
Coastal Highway: Complete the Coastal Highway level (on Normal, Heroic or Legendary). This will also unlock a Firefight character. (50 pts)
Completing Campaign on Normal, Heroic or Legendary: Get 100 points for each. Junior Detective: Find your first mystery-unraveling clue. (10 pts)
Gumshoe: Find your third mystery-unraveling clue. (10 pts)
Super Sleuth: Find your final mystery-unraveling clue. (10 pts)
Both Tubes: Kill 10 enemies with the Rocket on Kizingo Boulevard. (5 pts)
Laser Blaster: Kill 10 enemies with the Spartan Laser on ONI Alpha Site. (5 pts)
Dome Inspector: Get 15 headshots in NMPD HQ. (5 pts)
I Like Fire: Kill 10 enemies with the Flamethrower on Data Hive. (5 pts)
Wraith Killer: Kill all Wraiths in Uplift Reserve. (5 pts)
Good Samaritan: Don't kill any Engineers in New Mombasa at night during the entire Campaign, alone or with another ODST. (20 pts)
Naughty Naughty: Kill 10 Engineers in New Mombasa at night, alone or with another ODST. (5 pts)
Listener: Find your first Audio Log. (5 pts)
Tuned In: Find 3 Audio Logs. (15 pts)
All Ears: Find 15 Audio Logs. (30 pts)
Audiophile: Find all the Audio Logs in the game. (75 pts)
Be Like Steve: Finish an entire round making only one kill. (5 pts)
Be Like Marty: Finish an entire round without making a single kill. (10 pts)
Scoring more than 200,000 points in Firefight on Crater, Lost Platoon, Rally Point, Security Zone, Alpha Site, Windward, Chasm Ten or Last Exit: Get 10 points for each.
Vidmaster Challenge - Classic: Complete any level solo on Legendary, on LIVE, with no shots fired or grenades thrown. (25 pts)
Vidmaster Challenge - Endure: In Firefight, on any mission, pass the 4th Set on 4-player Heroic LIVE co-op. (25 pts)
Vidmaster Challenge - Déjà Vu: Complete Highway on 4-player Legendary LIVE co-op, with Iron, and no Warthog or Scorpion. (25 pts)

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