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  • Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • Bungie Software
  • Microsoft
  • Mature
  • November 8, 2001


Hidden Item Stash

On the 4th level, Assault on the control room, on the part where you cross a landbridge and get one of the banshees (if you beat the elite to it), You will most definately notice the huge structure to your left. At the very bottom, there is a piece of it that stretches almost across the whole area and kind of splits the ground open. Go down there, under the structure and there are all kinds of ammo and guns and health and stuff like that. Very helpful when you play it on legendary.

Sniper Rifle BLAM!!

When playing in a multiplayer game, go to battle creek and go to the area where the camouflage is (picking it up is optional), and go to the ladder beside it, and climb up. Up there you will see a Sniper Rifle, pick it up. Continue walking until you see a ledge (do not fall off). Turn left and look up until you see another ledge. Jump up on the ledge and when you are up there, take out your sniper rifle and look at your radar. Once the other player is in your sight, snipe him (you can do this over and over before he finally figures out where you are).

Three Guns

Talk to captain keyes on the pillar of Autumn after he hands you the gun run like hell then go the way you normally go and there would be no grunts then pick up the assault rifle and then kill a elite or two and then pick up the plasma rifle then go back to the bridge and when it says checkpoint done go back and you will see grunts press y then kill the grunts with the pistol and after that if you did it right you should have the assault rifle/the pistol/and the plasma rifle.

Assault On The Control Room No Enemies

(Requires 2 Players) On Assault on the control room, the one that says I would have been your daddy at the beginning. make your way threw the level as normal until you get to the first bridge. When you get to the bridge, kill all enemies. Now go down the stairs on the side of the bridge. When you are on the lower part of the bridge go to the walk to the end of the bridge. Look down and make sure there is a little place for you to land then walk off. After a few try’s you should be down there. now have p2 kill them selves so they will appear by you. Now with p2 with you jump of and die. You will now appear by p2 with full health. Keep walking off the ledge and trying to land on the white land below you, when you find the spot where you land and slide off. have p2 hit the exact spot before p1 respawns. if done correctly p1 will respawn where you slid off. Now with p1 just slide down the rock to the ground, there will be about 7 marines and a warthog. if you continue threw the mission there will not be any enemies, but you will find the scorpian, and you can find 3 banshees and tons of ghost this trick is not fake it will take a lot of try's.

Alternate Ending Sequence

Successfully complete the game in campaign mode on the legendary difficulty setting to view a different and longer ending sequence.

Kill A Scorpion

I played a game with my dad and he took a tank and kept killing me so I used a plasma grenade [best if used] and threw it at the scorpion and it stuck to it and killed him and he figured it work and started doing that but he had bad aim so make sure the other person doesnt know about it.

Dirty Trick

If you ever play co-op play in multiplayer, there is one dirty tricks that I know >:). In this trick I like to do it in level 2. There's a sniper rifle in one of the places where the survivors are. Let your friend get it. Then tell him to a good view where you can snipe your foes. Right when your friend is busy scoping then quickly hit him on the back.

The Pelican Flying Away While Your In It

This glitch is in the level 'I would have been your daddy. " When you get out of the pelican, it shows the words "get into the pelican seat. " Then try getting in the pelican as quick as you can before the pelican goes away by pressing the button that allows you to go inside a vehicle. When you get in the pelican, the pelican starts to fly away while your in it. Then it starts to rise up and when it rises up all the way, then you'll die.

Lunch Menu

On the pillar of autumn when you get the first Assault rifle walk up till you see a little board on the corner of your eye in black. Turn go up to it and zoom in on the menu or don't (if you have good eyes)and it'll say stuff like turkey cheeseburger, hamburger, chef's special, coffee, lemonade, hot chocolate, chef's surprise and some other stuff.

Easy Start On The Middle Of Assult Of The Control R Oom

On the part when a marine says "shhh, anybody hear that. Oh man covanant dropship in bound take cover". That part. So do you want all of those marines follow you and even the two sgt? I will show and I will give you just the 2 steps. 1 . Make sure you shoot every single covanant grunt/elite and even the hunters that you can find. 2 . Warning:don't let the grunts throw the ganades. Then keep on going to those big tubes. (Tip:don't ride the scorpin). Another Tip:don't take the camo then that way the marines can't see you that well. Then keep on going and be careful of the camo elite then when you are at the hill it will be much easier because of the marines then after that they can't go even farther so shoot the faces of them really you should. (Start the sgt first because they have snipps.)

Back Hitting

On the level the silent protogaer when you all ready open that door that was locked go in and at the end of the hall you should see a demon you know one of those big guys. Then move slowly to him and when your close enough to hit him then just PUNCH THE BLOOD OUT OF HIM! (Warning:be careful to not being spotted espeaily in LEAGENDARY.

The Hunter's Weaknees

Ever getting tired of when the hunters charge at you and it makes serious damage? Well here is how you beat them. Find a needler and MAKE SURE YOU USE ALL THE BULLETS. I mean not all the bullets I meant all the bullets out of your gun then reload. (Tip:don't shoot the blade of the hunters because the bullets will just bounce off just hit them in the back or their chest.)

Crazy Marines

On 343 guilty spark, go to the room where the flood first get guns (after the elevator ride with grunt blood on the wall). Go in the next room with marines in it. Kill the flood and save marines (don't take the camo, so they focus on you more than the marines). If you saved anyone, they'll run in circles saying crazy things!

Headless Master Chief

On pillar of autumn, get out of the cryo tube thing. Then immediately jump back in and crouch until it closes. When you see chief's body, there won't be a head!

REX In Blood

On the maw, make that big warthog jump but instead, tilt right a little to land on a platform (if you fell to your death,you went too far!). Now park the warthog against the wall and get up to higher land (if you're not there already) and go to the tunnel to the right. Written in blood, you should see "REX"!

Homemade Grenade Launcher

Making a homemade grenade launcher is easy. First get two plasma grenades then throw a plasma grenade from a medium distance then throw another in the same spot. If done correctly the first will blow and shoot the other the direction it was pointing. Thats my homemade grenade launcher!!!!!

Suicide Bomber

When playing in Capture the Flag with multiple people, it is helpful to kill the people defending the base first. Therefore, have a teamate through a plasma grenade on you then run right towards your enemy squad. Have your teamate steal the flag and be victorious. Works best when playing 4 v 4.

Suicidle Grunt!

On a lot of areas this works and it is funny.What you have to do is get a vehicle and get a covenant[flood] to jump when you are by a cliff by driving at it if you do it rite they will jump off the cliff.

Halo: Level 2

If you can't figure out how to beat this board, don't feel sad. I had a tough time too. When the objective "stay with the human survivors comes up, don't listen to it after you defeat all of the enemys. You have to walk away. Then a nav point will come up. Follow it up and around the mountain. Thats the second one. Now go away from there and look around for the third one. There are only 3 areas to find. FLASHING LIGHTS INDICATE A WAY TO A BASE. After you do all 3 bases, board the Pelican and advance to the next level. The captain is on the next level, no

Never Die In Co-ed

If you and someone else are playing in CO-OPERATE MODE, then do this to never die. When there are Covenant or Flood around that are too hard to beat, have one player go up and try to kill them while the other player stays far away out of the Covenant's or the Flood's sight. If your partner is killed by the Covenant or the Flood, he will come back to live right by you, whom is out the Covenant's or the Flood's sight, so, if you do this, you can easily kill the Covenant or Flood that are in your way at the moment without having to die and go back to your last Checkpoint. NOTE!: this ONLY works in CO-ED MODE.


¤If you use the sniper rifle a lot then you need to know how to use it. There are 3 good body parts to shoot at. When aiming at your victim the best place to take your shot is in the head. You have an 100% chance of killing him in 1-2 shots. The second best place is in the neck, and the third is in the chest. Shots in the limbs will take too many shots.

Drive In Water

On the level: The Cartographer, when you get the Warthogg, you can drive in the water instead of doing the mission. Or if you want to do the mission, do it. But after, don't get in the plane, instead fing a warthogg, and GO FOR A JOYRIDE. (You don't lose any heath either!!!)

Banshee Shortcut

On the snow level that it says "I would have been your daddy" when it says "I wish I had a super weapon" thier should be a banshee. Rush towards it and kill the Elite before he gets in it. Get in and fly to that building. If you miss the banshee here's a back-up plan. Jump on to the skinny ledge and walk up it until you think you'll lose least health falling then jump and maybe you'll get that super weapon.

Multyplayer Hint:

if someones in a ghost and there about to run you over throw a grenade in front of u then duck. when they come flying at you the grenade will explode and send them flying above you making them fly out of the ghost. then you should have an easy kill because of the damage inflicted by the grenade.

Partcail Auto Aim

On any level, with all guns (not sure about veichle guns or alien weapons) the weapon will briefly follow the enemy when locked on. You have to be standing still while your doing this. "NOTE" You have to be patient, it only works if you are moving the aiming joy stick very slowly. Example, a zoomed in sniper rifle's aim sight is slowly moving to the right and a Covenant walks throw the Targeting Reticle going left, if it turns red, the Targeting Reticle will follow enemy, lets say a grunts for a few steps. When the Targeting Reticle starts following the enemy keep your joy stick going the same direction at the same speed as you did before the Covenant walked throw "NOTE" It doesn't work all the time.

Reduce Falling Impact

When falling off of high places simply look strait down at the ground and what would normaly reduce your health greatly, only reduces it about half.

Super High Warthog, Ghost, Or Super Human Cyborg

On Co-op mode find a Warthog or a Ghost. If you can't don't worry. Kill all enemies around including the marines if they are on this level. pick up all the grenades you can. Have your partner kill you by meelee in the back. You will drop all your grenades. Now have your partner stand where you got killed. Now you kill him the same way. Now when you are both back, you may go scavenging for dropped grenades. Do this repeatedly until there are no more grenades.There will be a pile of a ton of grenades. Have one person grab A SINGLE GRENADE. The other may go get a Ghost,Warthog, or nothing if he wishes and put it over the grenade pile. If you dont want to use a car use your partner! Both of you should have P.P. (plasma pistols) Before anything else FIND A CHECKPOINT NEARBY. STAND BACK! Have the one with the grenade throw it onto the pile. It will explode multiple times throwing the vehicle at extraoridinary heights. Now you can have fun trying to shoot it with you P.P.

Faster Reloading

to reload most weapons faster, press x then shortly after that press b to melee. note: for the shotgun this will cause you to stop reloading all together

Two Betrayals Note: It Only Works On Coop Mode

Two Betrayals is the stage after the Library and before Keyes. Before you destroy the fist and second pulse generators, have one person stay in the hallway. Have them be right in front of the teleporter that you hit on the way out. After the other person destroys the generator teleport him or her so theay don't have to fight the flood or any sentenals.

Infinite Shotgun Ammo

In any level you have a shotgun,as soon as your out of bullets for 1 round,when he reloads 1 bullet for the next round,switch your weapon.Go back to the shotgun and you still have 1 bullet from the same round!! NOTE:It does not work on other weapons.But I never tried the Sniper Rifle.Try it to see if it works.

Hunter Kill Tip Barrel Shot

If you get a chance to kill a hunter with a sniper rifle and he wont turn around, wait for a good shot down his barrel and fire. This should kill him if not you can shoot his neck.

End Level 5 Fast

First get the S2-AM Sniper Rifle from beside the flipped M12 LRV Warthog after taking all the first few Covenent out. Later when the chapter "If I had a Super Weapon" opens. Enter a 2x magnification on the S2-AM Sniper Rifle before opening the door. Take out the Elite closest to the FIRST BANSHEE. Don't worry about the Elite closest to you, he won't go for that banshee. Take out the first group of Covenent troops and then go for the banshee. Ingore the other flying banshee and head to the top of the structure on your left. Land in the roofed section with the large door and exit the banshee. Open the door and quickly get into your banshee. Take out the Gold type Elite with the plasma sword FIRST!!! Take out as many of the Grunts as posible. On Heroic and Legendary it is wisest to exit the banshee when the vehicle integrity red- lines. Here is where the S2-AM Sniper Rifle comes into play again. If the banshee is out of your line of fire you can snipe all of the remaning Covenent. (Die slow)

Invincible Marines

Tired of your fellow humans dieing so easy? Here's a way to make them invincible. In the first level, Captain Keyes gives you a pistol. Go through the hallways until your pistol is taken out automatically. Then go back to Captain Keyes and kill him. You can also kill any of the crew members that are present in that room. When this happens, your fellow Marines become invincible. Unfortunately, you are trapped in the room and the Marines are after you! No matter how hard you try, you can not kill these Marines. Grenades are useless. In Co-op mode, your partner will be teleported to this room. You can hide in the window part where a ladder is located. How long can YOU survive!


In the level Assualt on the Control Room. When you are crossing a land bridge there will be two Elites guarding banshees, one behind the other.If are playing two player co-op mode or you grabbed the sniper rifle earlier you can snipe the elite and take one.If you are on co-op mode the person who grabbed the banshee go and kill the other elite.He may already grab it and fly when you grab the first one.But if he doesn't, have the pilot of the banshee go to shoot it with the other player following close behind becuase there is another elite. If you get both of the banshee's or one on one player fly toward the structure. If you land you can open the door. HINT: If you are a talented pilot there is a small ledge and you may hover and get out before the other opens the door.You can shoot the Covenentwithout them knowing from the ledge.When the Covenent are all dead you can get down from the ledge and go the the level until it is complete.

The NO-flipside

Whenever you're driving the warthog and you have a pretty good idea that it's going to flip, just rotate the camera angle 360* while still in the air,until you hit the ground and more often then not you will land on all fours. There's a bonus to, if you have marines riding with you and it's a long fall they yell some pretty funny stuff.

Flipping The Wraith Tanks

Yup, it is very annoying to get beamed by a giant ball of plasma launched from something that moves slower Than your grandma on steroids. Well, this'll help but it is not the recommended procedure. If you can manage to hit it just right, you can flip the covenant mortar tanks by ramming them with the warthog. And when you flip them over, it's really funny. It's like "Yeah you're screwed now."

343 Guilty Spark

When the video for 343 guilty spark starts hold down the grenade button when the ship lands he will throw a plasma grenade. make sure to stay on the ship dont jump off,then make sure to keep holding the button then in about 10 secs the ship will start going back up in the air you can then let go of the button the ship will fly for about 10-15 secs then it will crash land you then get out turn diretly around then run and you will soon camo to a drop were you can jump down and then go from there this will take about 10 min of the game.

How To See The Invisible

To see the invisible enemies the best thing to use is the sniper rifle. All you have to do is use night vision and it will spot them.

Big Shield/Camoflauge

If you find a clear square with a red circle inside, it's a Big Shield. If you find a clear triangle with a blue circle inside, it's Camoflauge.

Get Aliens Guns

First, kill an alien. Then walk up to his gun lying on the floor and hold X. You will pick up his gun.

Marines Fight You In Heroic

Kill two Marines in a row without shooting a Covenant. When you kill both all others in the area attack you. It is especially fun to get in the warthog and use the 50mm or a tank and fight them with the rockets and 50mm.

Perfect Snipe Point

On the second level of halo, when you have to rescue the three groups of marines, the one where cortana says something about checking the inside of the stucture before you leave. If you stay to the right as you enter the area try heading up the cliff wall there is a little crease in the wall and if you keep one of the tires of the warthog in the crease you'll be someplace the game designers didn't want you to be; above every thing. From this vantige you can ether snipe the whole covenent crew or mow them down with the warthogs gun; no place to hide.

Tank Killa

In Blood Gulch multiplayer mode the pistol is the best weapon for taking out a tank. Just zoom in and shoot people in the head. It only takes about six shots to completely take out a tank driver.


On the multiplayer level Blood Gulch, if you capture the enemies flag the other team usually goes crazy trying to get to their base to kill you. Remember patience is a virtue. When the other team has reached their base and is opening fire on you go through their teleport and run as fast as you can because they will find out what you did and might get a vehicle. Happy Hunting!

Ammunition Set Up

On the final level "The Maw" when you enter the armory room there are weapons all over the place. Dont be fooled, (its better to do this in multyplayer especily if your doing it in legendary) gather some ammo and get eiter player one or two on the right sid of the room when you first enter it and zoom in with a rocket launcher at the other end of the room where there is a locked door. Wait ther until you see camoflauged flood things running out of the door (dont stand by door) then get a good aim and blow the freaks up. Then go and stock up on rockets and shotguns and finish the lvl.

2nd Level Legendary Tips

On the second level where you crash land on Halo, I've already given alot of advice on how to clear the first are up to the part where the marines are. Well, here's how to make it farther. When you first clear the area of aliens just take off running toward the cave at the far end of the area. Stop when you get near the cliff. Of course, all of the marines will die so just chill until Cortana says "We couldn't save them blah blah." Then creep back up the hill with your FULLY LOADED pistol and snipe the Elites FIRST. Then go after the jackals, then the grunts. Here's the really fun part. Take off back down the hill and run to the far left of your position towadr the structure that launches the blue plasma beam thingy up in the air but be sure to almost hug the cliff wall. When you hear enemies babbling to each other just get behind a tree or a rock or something and peek out until it's safe. Then, run toward the crashed dropship and gather ammo for the pistol, you really should be out or almost out by now. do not hang around for the rest of the party to arrive as they may have spotted you. Gather amm, health or whatever you need and return to your position above the same hill where we started this. In other words, Never run in and pull a Rambo, just snipe with the pistol and if you have the opportunity, snatch a plasma pistol. They are the only weapons that can really take down an Elite with almost no hassel on legendary besides the human pistol.(If you haven't seen where my other tips are to get to these points on Halo, just look around on this same page and you can't miss em. Please note that these tips are for the Legenadry difficulty level and on easy and normal and heroic you really can go Rambo on them. Just charge in and blast away while running behind cover occasionally to let your sheild recharge.)

Cheap Vehicle Kill

First go to edit game type and create a new game with all the vehicles on and the suicide penelty set at it's maximum (15 Seconds). Now you can do this three ways: Wait until your opponent is going to or around the vehicle (Prefebly The Warthog) then go to the opposite side and throw a PLASMA grenade on it and if you aimed right, the vehicle will topple your opponent and count as a suicide thus giving you 15 seconds to think about your next plot!

Advice For The Needy

Ever get really tired of being killed on the first level of Halo? Well I've got some info to help you get things started a little. First, when you land and Cortana starts babbling about the dropships just run across the bridge and get behind the rock on the left on the other side. When you get there you will be able to take out a banshee while taking minimum damage, the other flies away so..... Anyway, The dropship drops 2 elites, a minor and a major along with a bunch of grunts of different ranks. Stay behind the rock but jump on top and look at the bridge, when the Elites are about halfway across, open fire on them with your pistol, they are likely to ignorantly dive roll right off the bridge and plummit to their death. Snipe the grunts while the other Elite (if you didn't manage to get him too) flee for his life. He will more than likey run and duck behind the rock on the other side of the bridge. while he is showing off his cowardliness, take out every grunt. Then fire a few shots toward the rock and say I'm gonna getcha.This is one of few exceptions to charging the enemy on legendary. Run at the elite and empty some cartrides on him from afar with the pistol and switch to the assault rifle when you get close enough and empty some more cartridges. When his sheild is gone, you should be able to introduce the butt of your gun to him a few good times and kill him. Now, you have access to a health pack, a complete reload, some plasma gernades and if you wanna, some alien weaponry. Use simalar tactics throughout the level. There is no remote possibility of even saving one marine so don't even try it. Just get what comes with the warthog and try to get a marine with a sniper rifle as I suggested in a previous hint to get in the passenger side. Finally, DO NOT TRY TO THROW A PLASMA GERNADE INTO A DORPSHIP AND RUN AWAY, YOU WILL BE KILLED BY THE OTHER COVENANT THAT JUMP DOWN.

Level Slicer

On the "assault on the control room" level, on the part where you cross a landbridge and two elites take some banshee's up in the air, you can snatch one of the banshee's and slice the level and make it shorter. Just run out and fire alot at the elite that tries for the first banshee you come to and run up to it and get in and fly to the door to your left on the ground below at the top of the structure.

How To Get The Ghost Top Of Buildings

On the level Blood Gultch get in the scorpion and park it sideways on the little building. Take the ghost and go really fast towards the scirpions side then you will go off and go really high in the air. If you the scorpion was close enough you will land on the top of the building.

Piano Music For The Killer's Soul

In The Assault on the Control Room level, in the last open area, fly in the banshee up to the middle blue-green platform (the thin part surrounding the column) above the exit to the level. To get the banshee on the land bridge (right after the 'If I Only Had a Super Weapon' title), snipe/rocket the red elite before he gets in it. Land on the platform and go to the right (facing from the bridge) side. A soft piano melody will play after a few seconds when you are in the right spot.

Master Chief... The Super Spy

On the silent cartographer, After the cut scene that introduces the "shafted" chapter, You run back to a room where you make a stealth kill smack attack on a poor unsuspecting elite. In this room it is possible to make it through the entire room and kill every funky smelling alien jabroni without firing a single shot. Ok this is gonna be a long one. After killing the elite, quickly run up the incline and smack the sleeping grunt, then quickly run back down the slope and you will soon see another grunt patroling the halls above you, when he turns around, do your thing and give him a nice tap on the cranium with your gun. Alrighty, run back down the incline and slowly creep through the door while peeping around the corner at the same time. there are two grunts walking and one sleeping grunt by the wall on the left in the main room. Smack the first grunt (the one walking behind the other) then smack the other patrolling grunt and take care of sleepy. Do not go around the structure in the middle of the room! go back to the door with green lights and head back up the incline for the last time. Your last two foes are just standing at the other side of the room waiting to be bonked over the skull.quickly run to the middlle of the first path and stop where the short wall, pillar type thingy is. now run very quickly on over the rest of the path and make sure not to stop until you are at the edge of the path. To your left is an opportunity, a grunt is standing there overlooking the room, one of two reasons I said not to go around the corner of structure in the middle of the room earlier. Take the grunt out of the game but be careful not to knock him over the side because the second reason why I said not to go around the corner of the structure in the middle of the room is waiting at the bottom of the incline in front of you. The elite is overlooking the room from the bottom floor. Run up behind him and make him realize who his daddy is. Now you have accomplished a true stealth mission.

Super Marine

On the second level where you crash land on Halo, go through the level up to the point where you are leaving from the place where you activate the light bridge. When you are leaving, go directly to the rockslide area first instead of the river head. Make the jabroni in the passenger seat get out and get a marine who has a sniper rifle instead to get in - makes life alot easier. The marine will pick off just about every enemy in the area if you can get him a good angle. I suggest getting a sniper rifle yourself and getting out of the warthog and helping him snipe, although he doesn't really need your help anyway.

Block Others On Blood Gulch+Sidewinder

Place a vehicle over a jump spot (when you go through the green portals) on the map and your opponent will be stuck there for a easy kill.

Warthog Fireworks

On multiplayer split screen mode go to blood gulch. Have as many players as possible playing. Have everybody throw plasma grenades at one of the warthogs.(make sure averybody is throwing grenades at the same warthog) The warthog will blow skyhigh and keep blowing in different directions from the different grenades. Its an awesome sight ot see.

Keep Going

At the last level, The Maw, you get into a Warthog and procede to escape from The Pillar of Autumn before it explodes. Cortona radios for Foe-Hammer to come and extract you at the first nav point. When she tells you to stop and wait for Foe-Hammer just continue driving because Foe- Hammer get taken out and you can utalize every second to get out. So when the next nav point appears follow it until you reach the spot where the red and blue barrels are on fire, then get out of the Warthog (because they barricade you) and run the dozen or so meters to the escape ship.

Don't Leave Your Partner

I will give you a fair warning. On the last level (The Maw), the last part where you must drive through The Pillar Of Autumn with the warthog before it explodes, don't leave your partner behind. It may seem funny at the time but later if you die or make a bad jump on the fall you will end up with your partner way back where you left him trying to get to the warthog! (Happy Traveling)

The Jackal's Weakness

If you have a sniper rifle or a pistol, zoom in on the hole on either side of a jackals sheild. You will see that you can pick them off very easily without having to blast through the sheild using an energy weapon. On legendary this is rather difficult to do because they shoot in damaging bursts and charge up shots, so try and be as quick as possible when doing this.

Home-Made Grenade Launcher

Any time that you can try to make your own grenade launcher. You should use plasma grenades for this. First through a grenade down in front of you and then through one right in front of that one and back up. The first grenade will blow the other one flying. You can also use a rocket launcher and a grenade instead of 2 grenades.


When playing Multiplayer mode, make sure to watch out for flying blue orbs. Those are the Plasma Grenades. If your enemy throws one and it looks like a good throw that might have stuck on to you, run up close to him so you can at least take him with you.

The Aliens With Shields

If you have like a plasma pistol or rilfle and the alien with the shields come to you, shot there shield. It should change colors until It turns red then blows out of there hand. They shake off the pain but is enough time to kill them. It is easier this way because to don't have to aim for there body. They just keep on turning away from you.

Tricky Devil Notes To Survive

Pull your aim a little high: Head shots do in all the bad guys quicker. Use the shotgun on the flood, especially the large pod type(shoot em' by other flood and the explosion will kill of his friends). If you have the oportunity/ammo shoot any flood nearby that are already on the ground to konfirm the kill. Throw; frag grenades into crouds and down hallways, Plasma grenades onto slow movers and retreating covenant. The little arm mounted shield guys are not to smart so you can get behind em' easy and one or two squirts from the A-R does the trick. Most of the small covenant are sleeping when you get to em' so just go arround quietly and club at will. Try to stay still in multiplayer cause' you don't show up on Radar. When you are still keep your aim at the walls/ground so your friends cant tell where you are. If you are retreating past a corner and being folowed throw a frag grenade into the wall in front of you. ONE- the guy behind you cant see you throw the grenade while running and will run right on top of it TWO- if you use a plasma grenade it will stop in the corner where you do not, and cut off his advance.

Marines Fight You

On the first level (Pillar Of Autumn), when you get to the bridge and the captain gives you the gun, go to him and shoot him. Then Cortana will say "The Master Chief has gone ransack , Call security ". Then a bunch of marines come and attack you. ALL exits are blocked and the marines just keep coming. They talk very bad about you and they can say some funny things. Note this is suicide because they never stop coming and theres no way out. Best place to hide from them is in the bridge under the pilots seat. Have fun killing marines :P .

Getting Your Vehicles More Places

At many points in the game, you will come to doors that open for you, but not for any vehicle that you happen to be riding. To get your craft beyond these doors, (Assuming that your vehicle will fit through the open entrance, and assuming that there is not a control pannel somewhere that you just happened to overlook.), simply ride your vehicle up against the door and quickly hop out and back into the craft. When preforming this, make sure that the door registers your pedestrian character and opens for him. When this simple cycle is completed, the door should remain open briefly, and your vehicle should be free to pass through.

How To Shoot Invisible/Camoflauged Aliens

To shoot invisible or camoflauged aliens (on the 2nd level in the Aliens Ship): Whenever you see bullets coming at you with no shooter, move your sights all around the area until the sight turns from blue to red - then BLAST away!

The Little Devils With Sheilds

Ya know those little devils with the sheilds? Arn't they annoying? Don't want to blash through their sheilds and wase ammo? Instead, you can do one of two things. You can shoot they in the arm, gun, or feet. Or you can just run up and plant the butt of your rifle in them. {Happy Hunting}

CTF Scam...

When playing CTF or any other game type that requires a flag, if you choose "SIDEWINDER" for the level (preferably CTF) when holding the flag, run to the tunnel when the cloak and oversheild are, w/ either L or R trigger you can throw the flag through the steel gate and return it from the other side witha waiting teammate! However this is highly cheap and will probably spark a few fights amongst friends.

Killin The Covinant Elites

When fighting those sometimes hard to fight Covinant Elites, and their very strong shields that just don't like to give away when you're using the human AR or the handgun. I find that using plasma weapons against them take their shields down VERY quickly, but the most effective way to do this is to use the plasma pistole, by charging it up you can take down an elites shield in one shot. This alows you to save your grinades, and after you do that if you're close enough I find using the butt of your gun does alot of damage and sometimes kills them in one hit depending were you hit them. Another thing when fighting those hard to kill yellow Covinant Elites with their energy swords repeat this but never walk up and hit them with your gun that can be fatal if you're not quick enough. (Happy Hunting)

Sneaky Move

Want to know a cruel move for multiplay games? While other players are bumbling around, pick up an Active Camoflouge pack, and stick a plasma grenade on the enemy's head! KABOOM!!! (happy day, another kill)

How To Save Ammo And Kill The Alien

Many of you gamers will discover that you can consome bullets very quickly in this game. If you walk up to an alien and push B, you will butt-end them with your gun. This works best ir you hit them in the back. On easy and normal it should kill them instantly but on higher it will take more then just a punch to the neck. Bigger guns work better.

Killing Hunters With Sniper Rifle

If you have a sniper rifle, you can kill the hunter by shooting the orange part on his back. It is the only part of the body not covered with armor. If not you can just shoot it with a rocket.


Be careful of the Hunters! You need to hit them in the head or body to kill them. They are mostly armor.

Plasma Grenade

If your going to use a plasma grenade, try throwing the grenade on the alien where it sticks onto them. It will blow up on them making sure it will kill the alien. Also the aliens will do this to you if you don't move.

Banchy Killing

On the second level, in the beginning, when you first land on Halo, two banchys will fly around shooting you. To save some ammo, just shoot one banchy down and the other one will go away. (Banchys are Covenant machines that fly).

Battling Flood

Using a combination of assault, Shotgun, and grenades works best... Warning: Only use the [sticky] grenades at a far distance, especially for the little ones. Shot gun- use on big floods, and little floods. When those little guys, that jump up at you, are all grouped together use the shot gun, it shoots out a lot of bullets at a time (you can see this if you shoot at a smooth wall, or the ground...you can see all the marks it makes). Also close to medium range range to the big guys. Use Assault rifle if the guy is standing still, if he or you are moving too much it screws your aim very badly and you waste bullets and have to re load more often and then they have a clear shot. For the grenades use them when you know something is behind a wall, or when you see a lot of flood coming at you from a safe distance. for sticky grenades you MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER to use them at a safe distance because if you shoot it on one of those little guys that follow you you will get hurt bad too because of the blast that they brought with them, same with the big guys; I have learned this because the the Master Chief doesn't run to fast so he cant out run a lot of the flood. Don't use your grenades all at once..They are to important, and sometimes rarest when you need them.

Secret Cave

In level 5, there is a secret cave at the bottom of the map entrance. It comes out on the side where they are not expecting a side attack from that side and it shall be easier.


We have no cheats or codes for Halo yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Halo yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Halo yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


3 Weapon Glitch

On the pillar of autumn level, play through normally until you get to the cut scene with captain keys. Skip it and as soon as he gives you a pistol, immediately turn around and run to where you go to play normally. If you were fast enough, there won't be any grunts to kill or you won't take out your pistol. Play through, but don't continue the level! Instead, play until you get a second gun (like a plasma pistol or plasma rifle)and go back to captain keys. Then turn back around and you should get a check point. Now the 3 grunts will be out there and you'll have 3 weapons!

Weird UNSC Ranger Glitch In 343 Guilty Spark On Co-Op

If you are playing 343 on Co-op,don't go toward the crashed Pelican,go backwards.Go through the bushed that "stops" you from getting past it and keep walking forward.You will notice a strange UNSC ranger in the middle of nowhere.If yo try and shoot him,he will not move,he'll just squirt blood.


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