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Hawgwarts After-hours

When having to sneak out of your dorm at night (with invisibility cloak)and meet Hagred after he is taken away you have to "follow the spider" (no not butterflies, not cheeseburgers and not taco's SPIDERS) after losing to the big one you spawn/spaz back to Hagred's house. Go into the school and ur free to roam about, all rooms are open except the ones that weren't before curfew (before going to hagreds and into the forbidden forest, losing to the big spider you can't roam free).

Wizard And Witches Cards Secret

In the Card Collectors Club room at Hogwarts, there are chests in the back that say "Locked" when you touch them. To unlock them, collect every Famous Witches and Wizard Cards. In a row across. It will unlock that specific categories chest, which contains a secret anywhere from full spell upgrades to secret mini-games. There is sometimes a level boost. [Once you beat the game and go back to the beginning, you'll have to touch the chests in Hogwarts again to get their effect, except for level boosts. ].

Defeat Basilisk

To defeat the basilisk in the Chamber, make sure you are at least level 30-35. You should have this status: SP 300; MP 100. Make sure your card combo "Replenish Health" and "Cure Poison" are in use at least 3 times. When you start, Fawkes will be there to help you [you cannot heal Fawkes]. Keep attacking with GG's sword. When low on SP, at least in the 60s or lower, use Replenish Health. The venom that the Basilisk has increases by 20 each time he uses it; use Cure Poison when the damage inflicted by poison is at least 60 or higher. Most of the time, the attack of the sword does 0, so be careful. It will take more than 2 tries to beat it, so good luck!


At any time in the game, press the Select button on the bottom of your Gameboy and on the bottom of the screen, your location will be written out.

Rare Card

When you get to Diagon Alley go to the Quidditch Supplies shop, when you are inside Ron will say he really wants a Chudley Cannons Jersey, buy him one and he will give you a football card, then go over to the Withces and Wizards Card shop, a kid in their says that he collects football cards, give him the one Ron gave you and he will give you a rare card.

Finding The Entrence To The Chamber Of Secrets

If your looking for the Entrance to the Camber of Secrets it's in Moaning Murtles bathroom.

Defeat The Dark Snake!

This snake boss is one of the hardest in the game. Use Incendio tro to best defeat it also use Fumos to cut off some of the damage he inflicts on you, and Mucus Adnasuseum can inflict a bit more damage on top. But the best chance to defeat it is to have lots of grand potions, Even if you've leveled up a lot, there is still a good chance he can easily kill you (recommended level: 42-50)

Experiance Points

Go to the hospital room and go in the bedpan room or Pomfrey's office and fight. That way you gain points and can be healed nearby.

Folio Bruti

The Folio Bruti is a new addition to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This book displays all of the monsters you have seen. If you use the spell Informous on a monster, you can find more detailed information such as strengths, weaknesses, and descriptions. Checked boxes are monsters that have detailed info and plain boxes are ones you have only seen. Mr. Weasley will give this to you at Ron's house, after you degnome the gardon.


Kill All Enemies

To kill all enemies (except bosses probably), press Up, Left and B.

Infinite Exp.


Infinite Money


Hermione Infinite Magic


Hermione Infinite Stamina

This is like Harry and Ron's Stamina Code

Ron Infinite Magic


Ron Infinite Stamina

This is like Harry's Stamina code.


We have no unlockables for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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