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Smush Spiders

Spiders (the really tiny kind) will chase you, grab on to you, then hang from your uniform. They don't cause any damage, but if you just want to get rid of them, walk on them, or if you want to smush them faster, jump on them. Sometimes, the spider will stop moving then vanish.

Bargain On Silver Wizard Cards!

When you go up to one of those Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans traders who trade Silver Wizard Cards, ask for a trade and then say no. Keep doing this repeatedly and the price goes up and down. Say yes when you are happy with the price. Note: The price wont go under 200 beans.

Visit The Classrooms

After you've done a lesson, visit that classroom again later. For example, after the Charms class, visit that classroom when you can. Here is what you get if you do:

Transfiguration Classroom: Bertie Botts Beans
Defence Against The Dark Arts: Bertie Botts Beans
Potions Classroom: Wiggentree Bark, Flobberworm Mucous
Charms Classroom: Wizard Card
Herbology Classroom: (Outside: Bertie Botts Beans, Wizard Card) (Inside: Nothing)


When you are in ghost mode, use the [Cursor keys] and Mouse to move around. When your view is above a place that you want to be at, press [Delete]. If done correctly, you should appear above that spot. This is very helpful in a challenge, since you can go through walls. Note: You must be in the same area. You cannot teleport from the inside to the outside.

See Mrs. Hooch Flinch

Go to the Flying Court and fly near Mrs. Hooch, the flying teacher. Fly as close as you can to her. She will put her broom up in front of her face and try to protect herself from you slamming into her.

Greenhouse: Wizards Card

After talking to Fred and George, go to the right of the greenhouse and cast Alohomora the hedge separating it from the wall. Follow the passage to a small courtyard. Cast Alohomora on the statues to get the Card.

Forbidden Forest Spiders

The spiders in the forest act as follows:

Tiny Black: Show you the path
Big Green: Jumpers (jump, run away, and jump again)
Big Red: Flingers (they spit)
Big White: Flingers (spit paralyzing venom)
Big Multicolor: Possible Jumper/Flinger mix. 

Transformation Spell

After you acquire the spell and return to the main room, use it to get across the room on the other side of the gargoyle. You will need to use the hardly visible ledges to cross. Hang off the wall ledge to escape nearing ghosts, and push down the slabs to make a bridge. Once this is done, you will have to fight the gargoyle. It is recommended that you get on the right staircase, halfway up. Then, use the spell on the last stone and the door will open.

Defeating The Giant Mother Spider 2

While fighting it, you may notice little sacks being dropped and suspended by webbing. Shoot them down with Flapendo and collect health and Bean power ups from Hedwig.

Defeating The Giant Spider

To defeat the Giant Spider in the Dark Forest, circle around him and cast Rictosempra. He will not shoot any spider webs at you.

Defeating The Washing Machine

Make sure you dodge it when it moves. When it opens its mouth, keep Flipendoing it. Note: It only gets hurt when the door is open. Repeat this and it will die down quickly.

Defeating The Giant Mother Spider

To get to it, use your Lumos spell to light the floor and follow the trail of spiders. Unlike the book, the spiders that are not normal size will try to kill you. Attack them with Incendio. When fighting the Giant Mother Spider, do not try to hurt the spider itself. Instead, use your Incendio spell to burn the web it has attached to the various trees. When done, it will fall into the pit and you will slip in after it. In here, just run around until it rears its head and exposes its soft under-belly. It is the only part that is susceptible to second level magic. Note: It is best to not charge and use rapid firing to get a little extra damage.

Defeating The Bookcase

Flippendo him in the front repeatedly until you see him fall. You will then be able to pull the box to the end. Then, jump from pillar to pillar and you find the spell book. It will allow you to destroy Green Goop-A-Goop. To avoid being hit by the Bookcase, after you Flippendo it, it will start to shake. Run behind another bookshelf and wait until you see two groups of books go by, or listen for two swishes. Then, run back and repeat the process.

Secret From Hedwig

When you see Hedwig, do Alahomara to him and he might unlock a secret. This does not always happen, but does work sometimes.

Defeating Aragog

To defeat Aragog, the final big spider, use one of the strafe keys (A and D) and the mouse. While strafing, click the Left Mouse Button repeatedly to keep hitting the spider. It will not do much damage, but you will not get hit very often.

Defeating The Whomping Willow

When the Whomping Willow starts to pound into the ground, hide in the corner where you entered its lair. The shock wave cannot reach you in here, unless you stray too far from it. Should you get hit, you should have refilled your potion Vile before you entered. Also, Hedwig will drop Cauldron Cakes and Beans for your aid. Note: Rapid firing technique is recommended. Lock on to the limbs after they finish pounding and fire a quick shot, then wait to lock onto the Willow's Eye. Then, fire repeatedly until it stops hurting him before running back to your hiding hole. When battling the Whomping Willow, Flippendo his hands when he punches them down, then run to where Ron is located and Flippend near him. He will lose some of his life bar (bottom right). Keep repeating this until he starts throwing rocks at you. Dodge them by running left. Then, Flippendo his hand very quickly and Flippendo the location near Ron. He should be defeated after that. When fighting the Whomping Willow, strike either hand with the Flipendo spell when you see the light on his hand. He will start moving his hands around. When he does. strike the eye in the center of the tree. Keep repeating this process and you will defeat the Willow. Watch the bar in the top right corner that will tell you the Willow's SP.

Personal Requests And Notice Board

The Notice Board in the Gryffondor common room usually gives a location, but higher up as you near completion they start to give vague clues, such as "Could be anywhere on grounds". With personal requests, they do not ever really give you a clue, except the first one. However, the items are near the area in about a two acre search range.

Finding Lost Items

When in doubt, check Hagrid's Hut. Many of the lost items end up there.

3 Roots Needed

Search the left side of Hagrid's Hut, by the Herbology Center. From there, they all scatter (much like Neville's china set) behind Hagrid's Hut towards the Forbidden Forest. The person that wants these will give you the key to the Confiscated Items Room (six more cards and a bag to hold 200 Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans).

Lost Badge

Found on the Broom Flying Field, towards Hagrid's Hut and the Whomping Willow (still inside the Flying Court).

Lost Newspaper Article

Search the left side of Hagrid's Hut. Note: "Left" being if you were looking from his front door towards the castle (the side next to the Herbology Center).

Lost Wizards Hat

Found in a small patch of trees towards the Quiddich Court.

Neville's Crockery

Can be found close to the Flying Court and Hagrid's Hut. Up on a roof will be a multitude of his china set. Go about a fifteen to twenty five second flying trip from Neville (heading back).

Secretive Dragon Scale Gloves

The elusive gloves are by the lake, but not on land. They can be found just outside the Broom Flying lessons field, on the lakeside. You will notice a long strip is down low. On the far end are five torches (light with Incendio to get a Wizards Card), and in the middle somewhere should be the gloves.


Located on the tower where you enter to go in the main entryway. It is on the far left.

Alohamora Spell

When you have 80 Bertie Bot Every Flavored Beans, go to the reading room where you buy things from Fred and George in the Griffindor House. Percy will try to stop you. if you try to go during the day, Fred and George will not be there, except on the last day of school. When you go in, you have to go to the opposite side of the table. There will be a book. Go up to it and Fred will say that it is 80 Bertie Botts. If you have enough, he will say you can go mostly anywhere in Hogwarts. This spell will only work on some doors and chests.

Gnome Tossing

When you want to throw a Gnome far, try to get a little close to the leaves by the pond and between a fern. It is a few of steps away from Fred and George. Start spinning, then when you are going fast, let go. The gnome should go far. Note: This may require some practice. Do not spin too long or you will get dizzy.

Hogwarts: A History Book

When you climb on the book shelves, hit the flying books two times and they will fall. You can now jump onto the next shelf. When you make it to the book, it does not matter if you die -- you will be put back up onto the ledge.

Hermione's Book Quest

After you have defeated the Book Shelf on your quest to find the book for Hermione, grab the block and take it all the way to the front of the room in front of the first book shelf in a row of book cases. When you are on the first book case, you will see flying books staying in one place. Cast the Hand spell on them and jump across.

Finding The Ghoul Book

Go through the tunnel with two star bushes that is near the flying field with Ms. Hooch. Then, fly to the left and you will find a ledge that has the book on it.

Finding The Holidays With Hags Book

Go to the door to the Whomping Willow and get on your broom. Fly in a straight line from the door and stay low to the ground. The book will be in a corner at the wall.

Key To Confiscated Items Storeroom

Look on the grounds for people ho will ask you to do things for them. After you have done something for everyone, the last person will give you the key and tell you where the Confiscated Items storeroom is located.

Fighting With Expelliarmus

When in one of the few battles with Hogwart's students (just the Slytherin Gang, all others leave you alone), let them make the first shot and bounce it back. Just as you do, use your Flapendo with a quarter to half second charge to knock them back, thus trapping them with two spells to knock back, which they can never manage. Note: Beware, just as you finish casting Flapendo (depending on distance), you will be forced to use your Expelliarmus almost instantly.

Expelliarmus Challenge

Use your spell that cuts down tapestries and ropes on the spiked ball. Walk up close to the edge and hold your trigger button, charge up for a half second and cast. Note: If you throw the imps into the fiery pits, they will die and you do not have to worry about them. Likewise, if you throw them all away you cannot put them into the cages to get out; but when all are indeed gone, they respawn from that hatch in the wall at the first ramp.

Unfair Slytherin House Cup Victory

If on the final day of term the House Points are tied, when you talk to Hermione or Ron they will say that you definitely have enough House Points to defeat Slytherin, However, when you go into the Great Hall, Dumbledore will give the House Cup to Slytherin.

Escaping The Slytherins

When you are in the Slytherin common room and need to get out, hide behind the pillar on the right side and wait for the girl to pass. Next, go into the room on your left and stay behind the door. The girl will return and look around. She will not see you. After she walks away, run and jump to avoid being captured. As soon as you exit the room, go to your left. Once there, start running to the door to avoid being captured. This may take a few attempts, as there are many people waiting by the door. Run very fast instead of creeping there -- the Slytherins do not catch on very quickly that you are there. To escape the Slytherin, you need to first open a painting in the painting room before the common room. It is the second one the left. When avoiding Slytherins, run to the library that you will find and go to the painting (behind). Open it, and it will be much easier because you will be almost at the end.

Escape Uppergraders

When you are going to get caught by an Uppergrader and he uses the Locomotomortis spell, use the shield spell to stop it and run away. If done correctly, he will say "Did any one see him?".

Avoiding Ginny And Mrs. Weasley

Once you enter Diagon Alley, there is a way to avoid Ginny and Mrs. Weasly. Stay against the left wall and you will be able to avoid them. Also, when you finish getting all of Ginny's lost things, stay against the opposite wall of where they are (opposite of Florrish and Blotts) and remain close to the wall.

Avoiding Ghosts

When you do not want to be hit by ghosts and lose all your items (Balloons, Beans, and sometimes Stink Pellets) just stand on the ledge until the specter nears you. Tap the controls so that you will fall and catch the ledge. When you are hanging, they cannot hit you and cause your items to go flying. Another way to avoid the ghosts and keep from losing your collected items is to use Lumos. Hold Down to maximize the spell. The ghosts will not hit you when the light is on. Sometimes this requires careful timing because you are trying to search and collect items at the same time.

Sneaking Around At Night

When sneaking around at night, you need to get by many of the prefects. When you need to get by them, simply crawl under the bookcase to the left of the portrait that leads to the Griffondore common room. It leads through a secret passage that takes you to the fourth floor. When sneaking around and you do not want to walk slowly, you can use various objects and spells to distract the prefects. Stink Pellets are not too reliable, but the non-explodable luminous balloons work well. As for spells, try Flapendo.

Stink Pellets

After you leave the Burrow and have finished collecting Ginny's lost supplies, go around casting Perfect Flipendo's on all of the objects you can find. Collect the Sickles, if they appear. Once you have enough Sickles, enter Gambol and Japes. Purchase a 10-pack of Stink Pellets. These can be useful when facing enemies, or if you are caught by a Prefect after hours.

Lower Bean Price

When you ask a student to trade a wizard card and he or she asks you for too many Beans, click on "No" move some steps back and ask again. The quantity of beans will be reduced.

Easy Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

When you exit of the Gryffindor Tower notice the object in the corner. Hit it with Flipendo and three Beans will appear. Go around the corner and walk at least three steps away. Return and cast Flipendo again to get three more Beans. Repeat this to get as many Beans as needed. Use the Nimbus 2000 Broomstick and fly above Hogwarts. Fly through the rings to get free Beans. A blue ring gives 10 Beans, a yellow ring gives 1 Bean, a red ring gives 3 Beans and a green ring gives 2 Beans. When you go outside of Hogwart's, go to the tree where you walk through a long hallway and Flapendo it to get as many Beans as needed. Once you get the key to the Confiscated Items room, go in there and get your six Wizard Cards and your 200 Bean Bag. After you run out of Beans or are low on them, go back to the Confiscated Items room. The chest that had the 200 Bean Bag, is closed again. Reopen the chest and you will get a refill of 200 Beans. When you have the key to the Confiscated Items room, just save and reload and the 200 Bean Bag will be back. You can repeat this every time you need more Beans. Go to the Dueling Room and walk down the stairs. There should be someone that is standing to the left of the room. Go up to him and duel him. When you have defeated him, there will be another person standing next to him. Keep defeating the people until you reach the last person. When you have defeated the last person, duel him repeatedly until you have the desired amount of Beans. If the last person is too difficult to defeat, then go to the second to last person (to the left of the last person), and duel that person repeatedly. To get unlimited Beans when you are in Hogwarts, go to the Second Floor Charms and Library area, located off the main staircase (preferably at night). As you enter this area, go into the second door on your left, then take the first door on your right (being careful of the Fire Crab). Once in here, there are three wooden boxes that release Beans when they are Flippendoed. They will release about ten from each box. When they are dry, exit this room then immediately re- enter it. Hit the boxes again. Continue doing this until you are full of Beans and return at anytime to fill up again. On the seventh floor of the grand staircase, go into the Arithmacy class and hit the small globe three times to get three Beans, Walk out and in again. Repeat this until you have enough. Then, go to Fred and George's shop and buy and Bertie Botts Bean Bag to be able to get more beans. Keep collecting Beans to afford anything desired. Note: Watch out for the ghost that haunts the class. Do go near her or risk losing some Beans. When almost at the end of the game, go to the entrance of the gate. You will see a boy there. Do his mission and you will get Beans.

Deduct Points From Slytherin

When Hermione changes you into Goyle, go out at night and try to get caught by the Prefects (the people that patrol the halls). When you do, Slytherin will get 5 house points deducted. You may repeat this process a few times, but after awhile this will stop.

Professor Flitwick's Incedio Challenge

Once you get the Incedio Spell, return to the main room and make sure the two pillars are down. Go into one of them and switch the flame direction so that the flames are both are on one side of the room. On the other side, use Incedio to light the pigs and Flapendo to point them up to lift the platform; then again on the other one. Run quickly to the switch by the exit. If successful the door, will be unlocked halfway. You will need to do likewise with the other side. Note: You do not have to charge at all -- this gives you a few extra needed seconds.

Get Wizard Cards

Head over to the Burrow. Now go to Diagon Alley. You should see chests there for the Wizard Cards. Do the games, especially Broom Racing to get the cards.

Get Bertie Beans

Exit Gryffindor Tower. Hit the object in the corner with Flipendo to get 3 more beans. Walk away and come back and do it again to get more beans.

Quidditch Tips

These Quidditch Tips with *s next to them do not work out ALL the time.

1. When the bar on the bottom right corner starts blinking red, click the left mouse button for a possible win for your house!*
2. To kick the opposing Seeker, get up next to him/her and click the left mouse button.
3. When you lose a mach, don't worry, you can always play it again. Just click on the game you just played, however, none of the games but the last one are as important as the any other.


After you have seen the dueling seen you can duel for other people's beans. The way you can duel is on some free time, go down to the Entrance Hall, if you are coming in from outside than go to the door on the right but if you are coming down the stairs than go to the door on the left. Pretend you are going to the Great Hall and stop right in front of the door. Turn to your left and you will see a boy standing there. Go and talk to him and he will offer to duel with you fo a certain amount of beans. You will work your way up to the best person. The easy way to beat them is to let them shoot a spell at you then move before it hits you about five times. Then shoot rictusempra at them. They might use expelliarmus to defend them selfs that means you have to move. If you get five-hundred beans you can go and buy Quidditch armor from George. Then you can earn more beans again.

Moaning Myrtlye's Bathroom

In Moaning Myrtlye's bathroom Myrtle hovers past a bathroom door. As she passes it, the door will open for a moment. (Like in the movie when she mentions she died in the toilet right after she unlocks the door for a boy to tell him to leave) Run over and climb up on the toilet seat and then jump up on the top of the tank. You can now jump to climb up on top of the stall. You should try turning off auto-jump for this as it may not work otherwise. Now that you are standing on top of the stall, jump from one stall to the next casting spells on each toilet. Collect your prizes. Directly across from this row of stalls is another row of stalls. To get over there you must, first, be on top of the stall that you started from (when Myrtle hovered past the door opens). Jump from the highest point here, to the highest point of the stall directly across from Harry. Repeat this process of shooting out toilets on this side of the bathroom as well. If you fall attempting this you must wait for Myrtle to open the door again.

Get Past The Basilisk Easily

If you have any Wiggenweld Healing Potion before you face the Basilisk, drink enough of them to fill all your Stamina bars. It makes it a lot easier to kill the snake.


Less Damage

This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "defuser.ini" file in the "ea gamesharry potter and the chamber of secretssystem" folder. Scroll down to the end of the file to find the following text:

You can change the values of "fDamageMultiplier_Easy", "fDamageMultiplier_Me
dium" or "fDamageMultiplier_Hard" (depending on the level you have selected) to 0.1 to get less damage

Get A Sword

If you want a sword then console the following code:swordmode. Then gordric's sword will come.

No Damage

This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "defuser.ini" file in the "ea gamesharry potter and the chamber of secretssystem" folder. Scroll down to the end of the file to find the following text:

You can change the values of "fDamageMultiplier_Easy","fDamageMultiplier_Medium" or "fDamageMultiplier_Hard" (depending on the level you have selected) to 0.0 to have no damage.

Cheat Mode

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "game.ini" file in the "system" folder. Find the following lines.

Then, change them to read as follows. 

Press one of the following keys during game play 
to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Key 
Level select [F4] 
Toggle ghost mode [Delete]  
Change game speed [Page Up] or [Page Down]  
Toggle console window ~  
Full health [F6] 
Learn all spells [F9]  

Console Cheats

To get the console like in the first game, edit the game.ini (you may want to make a backup first). Down towards the bottom you will find a section for console and debug mode. Change the words false to true. Now in the game hit the (~) key to get the console. The codes giveallcards and giveallspells work.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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We have no achievements or trophies for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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