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Extra Cards

When you finish the game, you have the opportunity to buy any cards you may have missed while playing through out the throughout the game. You can buy these cards from Fred & Georges' Shop for 30 Beans. Fred and George will not give any information about the card, so you will buy the cards without knowing which card it actually is. All they will tell you is it is one of their spare cards, so until you have purchased it you will not know what number it is.

House Points & Withches & Wizards Cards

In the notice board you find the stuff and you get house points and a card. Read the board because it gives you a hint.

Price List

The Following is a price list for all the items that you can buy from Fred & Georges' Shop.

Edgar Stroulger	Card		30 Beans
Albert Grunnion	Card		30 Beans
Bertie Bott Card	        30 Beans
Archibald Alderton Card		30 Beans
Any cards bought at the end of the game-30 Beans
Stink Pellets			20 Beans
Balloon Holster			20 Beans
Bean Bag			20 Beans
Stink Pellet Bag		20 Beans
Non-Explodable Luminous Balloons   20 Beans
Wiggenweld Potion Vial		100 Beans
Alohomora Spell book		100 Beans

Easy Berttie Bots Beans

In the classrooms go up to a desk & hit the A button & then if there is something there you will take it.

Broom Beans

Once you get the broom go outside and take off. You will see rings ( blue: 10 beans, green: 5 beans, red: 2 beans, yellow: 1 bean) fly thru them to get beans.

The Spike Things In Defense Agianst The Dark Arts

To beat those spike things in Defense Agianst the Dark Arts firs you go close so they try and get you. Then you move out of the way and their shield breaks. Right after they hit the ground use the spell with the hand thing on it. It will die. Then you keep donig that to the others untill their all gone. Note: Only hit the ones on the rigtht. Their is no need to get the ones on the left (right as in when you first go in to the room's right).

How To Defeat A Gargoyle

Once you've retrived the Expelliarmus Spell Book, you will have to defeat a gargoyle. To do this you must use your Expelliarmus Spell to reflect its atacks back at it. Repeat this theory till defeated. (there are gargoyles in all of the challenges. The most gargoyles are in the Incendio challenge.)

Getting 10 Wizard Cards

Every time you get 10 wizard cards, your stamina gets increased. This can be helpful in a bad situation.

An Easy Way To Get Past A Prefect(s)

When you have to sneak by a prefect(s) you can use your Flipendo spell, stink pellets, or non- explodable luminous ballons to distract them.

How To Beat The Womping Willow

Once you've gotten through the womping willow level, you will have to rescue Ron from The Womping Willow. Avoid all of The Womping Willow's Womps. It should lift up its arms. Cast your Flipendo spell where there is a green light on its hands. The Womping Willow should lift up Ron and uncover its "weak spot." (its eye) Now cast the same spell at at its eye. Repeat till dead.

A Rip-off Alohomora Spell Book

Once you have defeated the Basilisk,(giant snake) you can go into Fred & George's shop. Everything that you have already bought will be there again including the Alohomora spell book. If you've already bought it, DON'T BUY IT AGAIN! It does'nt do anything. All it does is take 100 beans from you.

How To Defeat The Basilisk (giant Snake)

Once you've retrived the sword and dodged all of the Basilisk's attacks, Target (with R) with the sword at the Basilisk's mouth. The snake will fall and knock the sword out of your hands. Now the snake will go in a pipe and come out another. This gives you a chance to retrive the sword again. Repeat till dead.

Lost Potion Case

In the Gryfindor Common Room there is a message board the says the there is a lost potion case. It can be found in the herbolagy greenhouse grounds by the wiggenwald potion. Return it to the message board and you will get a wizard card.

Powerful Spells

Don't cast a powerful spell just for fun at nothing. If you do, the spell will backfire and knock 5 beans out of you.

Another Easy Way Of Getting Wizard Cards

When in Hogwarts, you can walk into empty classrooms. There may be chests in them. Each one contains a wizard card. You can also swap with other students. There are a lot of students that would like to swap by the Transfiguration classroom.

How To Beat The Giant Spider

Once you have made it through the spider level and have fallen in the ditch, you must use your incendio spell to defeat the giant spider. Avoid all of the spiders attacks and he should lift up his stomach. Now is the time to cast your incendio spell on him. Repeat till dead.

Easy Points

In the Chamber Of Secrets, destroy paintings on the wall. You will open the painting and get 100 points for Gryffindor. After returning from the Whomping Willow, head deep to your right when Professor Snape finishes scolding you. There, in a corner, you will find your first Notice Board Item. You can return it to the Notice Board before or after you go to the Restroom Shop the Weasley's set up, earning you the very first 10 points in the game, and possibly a Wizards Card.

Easy Wizard Cards

Go to the Burrow and Diagon Alley. Look for chests there for Wizard Cards. Go Neville's games, especially Broom Racing, to get Wizard Cards. Note: You will have to pay Beans to participate in Broom Racing and Gnome Tossing, Gnome Dunking is free. In Ron's barn at the very beginning is a card on top of the rafters. To get it, you need to climb the chicken coop outside.

Easy Bertie Blotts Every Flavor Beans

When you exit of the Gryffindor Tower notice the object in the corner. Hit it with Flipendo and three Beans will appear. Go around the corner and walk at least three steps away. Return and cast Flipendo again to get three more Beans. Repeat this to get as many Beans as needed. Use the Nimbus 2000 Broomstick and fly above Hogwarts. Fly through the rings to get free Beans. A blue ring gives 10 Beans, a yellow ring gives 1 Bean, a red ring gives 3 Beans and a green ring gives 2 Beans. At the beginning at Ron's house is a tool chest in their barn. Every time it moves on its own means that you can shoot it with Flapendo to get more beans.

Nimbus 2000 Broomstick

On the second day of school, go to the Quidditch practice. Complete the training with a "B" or better rank to get the Nimbus 2000 flying broomstick. You can now fly anywhere around the school during the day. Note: You can only land on grass and cannot fly inside the school.


We have no cheats or codes for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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