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Full Enchantment

If you win the house cup at the end of the game, you will get the Harry Potter Wizard Card and the card combination Full Enchantment. When you play the file, you'll still have them. Get into a battle and use the combination to gain all the spells.

Christmas Gifts

When peeves steals your gifts, he will leave clues in the common room. Look at the dresser. It will tell you to brush up on your reading. Read the newspaper and it will mention the number 6. Go to the 6th floor and enter filch's storeroom. Go to the right of the barrel and look in the chest.

Battle Strategy

Some spells will only do 1 damage to enemies, no matter how powerful they are. Try using a different spell. Some enemies have special resistances, no matter how weak they are.

Boomslang Skin

To get this Ingredient, go into Professor Snape's Office and press "A" while facing the poster of the snake. This will give you the Boomslang Skin.

Beetle's Eyes

People give all these different places for getting them. That's because there's more than two!

Get The Locomotive Wibbly Spell

This spell paralyses an enemy until it is attacked, and wears off after a few turns anyway. It uses 10 MP. and can be found in the shelves in the library.

The Fastest Way To Get To Level 99

When you are supposed to go trough the trap door, My best guess is that you are on level 35- 40 before you go in so you can beat all the strong monsters and the best thing about it is that you will get around 1,000 exp., Be sure to keep on losing the potions game to gain more levels becuase you start outside the the trap door after you lose at something. Note: It only took me around two hours to get to level 99.

Plants For Herbology

When you exit the greenhouse go straight down and there will be a plant off to the left a little this will be asphodel root. Straight down form there is monkshood. Past Hagrid's Hut down the path that leads to the forbidden forest just below that is a bush for porqupine quills. from there go around the trees to the front gate and fo left from there to a clearing in that clearign is mandrake root. follow the gate back to the right just past the main entrance then head up there will be a plant with boomslang skin. go down the path just below this and follow it when you change screens immediatly head upwards and you will find a plant with bezoar stone. Head all the way right after you go back to the path and you will find unicorn horn directly down is aconite. way left of that is wolfsbane. go back up to the unicorn horn and follow the curved wall up to the path and follow that path to the next screen once there you will see a plant off to the left for snakes fangs. straight to the right a ways is octopus powder. go straight up from there but keep watch on the left for the plant with beetles eyes. head left and look for the tall grass thing with bicorn horn. In front of the school between the break between the main path and the one that veers to the right is the bush for dried nettles. straight down a bit from there is dittany.

Finding The Flying Key

To catch the flying key go all the way to the right and straight up. Then you will see a key that is not moving go all the way up to it. Note: (If you hit a key you will start to drift downward.)

Don't Get Caught In The Restricted Section

AFter the book alarm has gone off, go from the restricted section past Madame Pince up the spiral staircase. After you go up to the next floor, go out the library door. Go all the way to the left up against the staircase when passing Snape. Go up a few floors until you get to the fifth floor (the one with the old lady statue on it.) Mrs. Norris will be waiting on the stairs to get to the sixth floor, don't go that way. Instead go all the way to the right wall and goo down the cooridoor you see, (it'll be between both available doors on the right side.) After you enter, Snape and Filch will come to block the cooridoor. Go down the cooridoor, away from them, and enter into the room on the end. You'll find the Mirror of Erised and Dumbledore. After you've talked to Dumbledore, return to Gryffindor Tower.

How To Capture The Purple Rabbit Without Fighting It.

Go right behind the purple rabbit and press "A". Then look at the bottom of the screen were it should read "Purple Rabbit Received." Mind that it propably won't work every time though.

Defeating Quirrell And Voldemort

To defeat Quirrell, keep using incendio. To defeat Voldemort, use flipendo. Make sure to use the highest level of the spell that you have.


When you arrive in the first leason (Snape's) you will need to find "1 Boomslang skin, 2 Beetles eyes and 1 pair of snake fangs". First go to Snape's office (opposit his room) then press "A" on the snake poster. Next wonder around out side and fight all the creatures until you get the "Snake Fangs". Finaly go to "Hagrids Hut and search the tall grass for one pair of beetles eyes then for the second pair search the fence around the hut. Once you have them all talk to Snape and he will give 6 points but will take 1 for takeing too long so you get 5 points.

Herbologey Herbs

To find herbs look in chunks of grass and small weird trees.

The Spell Mucas Ad Naseum

To learn Mucas Ad Naseum you must find the curse book in the mugle studies classroom on the 5th floor by the tv. Fight the monster that gaurds it and get the book. Then as soon as it says you rceive: Curse Book imdeatly press start and use the book when it says your curse in cured or something like that leave the menu and at the bottom of your screen it will sayyou learned: Mucas Ad Naseum. Note(Mucas Ad Naseum takes 80 mp because it poisens the opponent.)

Rare Card

Go to the fifth floor's wizard card trading club. Search the right picture on north wall to find a rare wizard card.

How To Find Gryffindor

Start from the entrance hall. Keep going up the stairs heading up to the next floor. Go up until you see a big bubble. Go left of the bubble and you will see the fat lady in the portrait.

Get Stuck

When you are looking for ingredients for Snape, one of rons sibblings is in front of the stair case. Walk right by him just right behind him. If it is done correctley you cant escape. You get stuck and can't move. WARNING: Dont save when your stuck or you will have to restart.


When you are walking around, and there are some objects moving, go up to the moving item, and click the "A" botten, They might give you items ^_^.

Purple Rabbit

Go outside of Hogwarts, go down the stairs and turn to your left. Go to the last greenhouse on the right, the rabbit should be right there.

Troll Fighting Spell

The Verdimillious Spell is one of the only spells that can harm the Troll. Be aware it's "Verdimillious" not "Vermillious"

The Library

The library is located on the 2nd floor. If you enter any door on the right side of this hallway it will bring you into some part of the library. Be carful though because it is very easy to get lost in the rows and rows of books.

Charms Classroom

The charms classroom is located on the 2nd floor. You walk all the way to the end of that hallway and in the middle of two banners is a large brown door. Enter and you are in the charms classroom.

Transfiguration Classroom

From the entrance hall you go up the large stair case, when you reach the 1st floor you turn to your left, and walk down past a statue, the first door you come to is the transfiguration classroom.

Potions Classroom

You get to potions class by going down the stairs into the entrance hall, turn to you left, you will see a large door, enter, to your left is potions class, and to your right is Snape's office.

Talk...it Helps

Talk to everyone. They will give you helpful hints on your location, your quest, and they might give you a witches or wizard card or card combination.

Snake Fangs

All you have to do is go to Snape's office and fight the snakes and then they'll probely give you snake fangs when you beat them. To know if you got the snake fangs, when you beat the snakes you go to the screen where it tells you if you got an item.

Beetle Eyes For Potions

Go to Hagrid's house. Go to the left side of his house. Go to the boards that stick out from under his house and press the A button. The second eyes are in the room where the Egyption hall is. On the right of the room,the door on the bottom, go through the door and go down the hall. Go through the big door. Go to the white barrels and press A and there are the two bettle eyes you need.

Losing House Points? Need To Win The Harry Potter Card? Use This!

You know while you can win points, you can lose them also, but a surefire way to win is to do every deed possible. For example if you don't return the Curse Book to the library, you lose an opportunity for 25 House Points! You can also go back and forth from Hagrid to Professor Sprout by going in and out of the school and go back to each of their houses and/or classrooms to get INFINITE House Points if needed suggested). You can also chase the owl at the end of Madam Hooch's class for 15 Points, but only once.

Need House Points

When out around the school grounds, go back and forth from Hagrid's to Professor Sprout's. She should give you 1 point every time.

Unlimited Amount Of Potion Items

To get as many of a certain potion item, find one of the weird bushes when you are in Herbology class or after, not before. Press A facing the bottom of the bush. You will get the type of item that is in that one. Then Pause the game then un-Pause it. Press A again on the bush. You can do this as many times as you want.

Gain Lots Of Herbs!

When searching for Herbs, during your assingnment (only during your assingnment, or it won't work), go find an herb, collect it, press Start, get out of the Menu Screen, collect it yet again (by pressing A), and repeat until you gain the number of that herb desired. Have fun with this Cheat!

Fighting The Troll

If you die or if you are just getting there go to a room on the left side of the floor and fight the creatures and find potions and gain levels.


We have no cheats or codes for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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