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Ultamate Wizard Card

Collect all the other 24 Wizard Cards, then defeat Voldemort. Ron will give you the final Wizard Card. Its. Harry Potter! (If you need help finding all of them, check out BAD WOLF's or Azul's FAQ on Wizard Cards).

Be In Classroom During A Challenge

During the Wingardium Leviosa Challenge, have Debug Mode on. Then press (I think F5 is the button that will warp you to more than one place) an F button to operate. One place you will warp to is in the Charms classroom! Go up to the people sitting in the seats. The girl on the right will just say "Hi" or something. Draco and his "posse" won't say anything. When you talk to Hermione though, she will say, "Try the bookcase". You heard her say that when you were learning Alohamora! Flitwick will also say the same thing again about how to use Wingardium Leviosa if you talk to him.

Peeves On The Ceiling

Use the harrysuperjump code at the part where you fight Peeves after the Wingardium Leviosa Challenge. If you did it right, you will jump to the Chocolate Frog. Keep going to the room in front of you with the two girls in it. There will be a shadow on the ground, and you might notice that when you get close by it, it follows you! Look up, and you will see Peeves. Move close by the shadow while looking up, and he will move a little bit! You CAN cast Flipendo on him, but if you don't want to battle him, DO NOT CAST!

Quirrel Spacing Out

During the Lumos Challenge, when you're at the part where you're standing on the moving Lumos platform, jump to the edge. I'm not sure if there's a "way" of making it happen, but if you jump to the side a little bit, and go up to Quirrel, sometimes, he won't talk to you. Go over to the door. It will open for you, but, sadly, you can't go through! You will be in a dark area, and the door will close.

Herbology Class Hints #1

When you are trying to get to Herbology Class and have defeated ALL the bosses and got through Professor Sprouts garden, don't go in to the GREENHOUSE yet! To the right of the greenhouse there is a patch of ground that is brown or light brown. Cast the ALAHAMORA spell on it and it will fold up and show you a secret passage. At the end of the passage there are 2 stone gargoyles. Cast whatever spell which comes on it (I can't remember which spell it is) and make sure you cast it on both the gargoyles. They will turn towards each other and reveal a SECRET WIZARD.

Herbology Class Hints #2

In the VENOMOUS TENTACULA maze (the plants that keep trying to bite you) when you cast WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA on the block next to the fountain and open the gate don't go through yet. There are many secret passages in the maze where you find lots of BERTIE BOTT'S EVERY FLAVOUR BEANS. One of the secret passages is even a way out of the maze!

Nick In The Wall

In Quirrell's Flipendo challenge after you talk to Nearly Headless Nick go to where he walked in the wall and turn around. At a certain angle you will see him in the wall.

Find Characters For Scenes

If you are at the place where Ron, Malfoy, his friends, and Nevil Longbottom are but they did not appear, use the harrysuperjump code. He will jump past the location. Turn around to see Malfoy, Ron, Nevil and Malfoys friends just standing there but not talking. You may also see Professor Magonigil over by the way to Hagrid's hut. However, do not go in the forest. Use the harrysuperjump code then turn around and she will be standing there, but also will not talk.

Avoid Fighting Malfoy Or Peeves

When you are near the locations that you have to fight them, use the harrysuperjump code. He will go out the door if you are at the location where Malfoy is at, or he will get the chocolate frog and you can just keep walking in both locations.

Scatter Potions

When you get to the potions, hold [Space] during the entire dialogue and the potion shuffle. The potions will scatter.

Skip Potions

To skip the potions part altogether, simply step in the doorway and enable the harrysuperjump code. You will get almost all the way to the doorway. There will be no dialogue and no fire in the doorway -- simply walk through.

Invisible Voldemort

This trick only works for a certain amount of time. When you are at the location immediately before you have to fight Voldemort, use the harrysuperjump code to land on top of the roof. When you jump down on the right, you can walk of near the mirror and he will start talking to you. When he says "Die Potter", you will walk back and he will then walk back to the mirror and continue correctly.

More House Points

Enable the harrydebugmodeon code, then go to the main menu. Click on "Level Select", then complete an easy level such as Flying Lessons to get more points.


When you are playing Quiddich, fly through the magic hoops to gain a power up so that you will go faster (This applies to getting the winged key also)

The Bloody Baron

Even though touching the Bloody Baron will make you lose health, he can still be useful to you. Whereever you see the Bloody Baron, follow him through the gate. The areas he leads you to have Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans (lots of them) and one of them even has a wizard card (to get the wizard card, you have to Alohomora a dragon statue). To get through the gates, you have to wait for the Bloody Baron to pass through first, because the gates won't open for you.

Catching The Golden Snitch

To catch the snitch, you have to follow it until your catch bar is filled. Then you have to press the jump button when it tells you to. What i do is i memorize the trail the snitch takes around the field.

Escape From Troll

When you are being chased by the troll, jump manually. Also, jump when you pick up the pink Bertie Botts Bean.

Warping In Levels

After turning on the debug mode (harrydebugmodeon during gameplay) you can warp to different areas within a level. By pressing the F3, F4, F5, and F6 keys, you warp to different points within a level. As an addition, pressing F8 will change your view.

Mirror Secret

Use flpendo on a mirror and you can go right through.

Broom Class Secret

When you go to broom class for the first time and it says that there is a secret in the class you think "ok, this will be easy." Well it's a lot harder to find. Anyhow the secret is behind the stain glass window of Hogwarts. The card that you will receive is Merlin, it's a really cool card. If you go back to the class on the main menu then you will not be able to recieve the card.

Wingardium Leviosa

While using the wingardium leviosa spell, use the arrow keys on the keyboard instead of the mouse to move the object.

Flying A Broomstick

To make it a lot easier to fly a broomstick, go to the options menu and select the invert broom control.

Defeating Voldemort (3)

I was finally able to defeat Voldemort by 1st knocking the pillars onto him ( he has to be close). This used up almost half his stamina. After a certain amount of his stamina is used up he blows up the rest of the pillars. THen run in a circle outside the pit. You can out-run his spells! When he is facing the mirror, run in behind it. His spell wil be refelcted back at him. This takes a while but it was successful for me after I failed at the 2x flippendo up close.

Defeating Voldemort (2)

Flipendo the mirror and it will rotate, stick close to the mirror and voldemort will circle anti-clockwise to get harry. Flippendo the mirror twice each time. Keep the mirror between harry and voldemort and when he hits the front of the mirror with a blast, it will bounce back at him. If he shoots at the back of the mirror the blast will go through it and hit harry.

Defeating Voldemort

The five pillars can be pushed over onto voldemort once he has fired at them. Hide close behind them and then only push them over once he is close, nip out from behind and check he is close befor pushing it on him. The pillars alone are not enought to defeat voldemort, and the stone blocks dont do anything.


To get past fluffy you need the flute from hagrid, start with the right hand head and make sure your close enough (flute will only play if close enough) once the first head is asleap, start on the center one, then the left one. Keep returning to the previous heads to keep them asleep

Chess Board Solution

Start on the chessboard at the dark square nearest the centre, and move diagonally forward and right at each turn. 4 moves are necessary to completely clear the board of enemies.


If your up close to something and you can't cast a spell use your mouse arrow keys to bring the little sparkles down.


Quidditch League

While playing the game, type in "harrygetsabroomstick" If that dosen't work, type in "harrygetsabroom". When the code is entered, go to the main screen click on Quiditch and it should be open.


Type in harrydebugmodeon while playing the game. Then you can apperate by hitting F2, F3, F4, or F5. By hitting some of the other F buttons, you will get different features.

Level Select

When you are playing type in harrydebugmodeon.

Using Super Jump To Your Advantage On The Voldemort Level.

1. Hermione will lead you to the Face of Fire. Stand close to the edge of the top stair and type in harrysuperjump. You will jump to the other side without doing the Face of Fire.

2. Those stairs after the Face of Fire are tricky.  You could fall down.  Stand on the balcony part where you saw Quirrel and type in harrynormaljump.  Jump there safely.  Don't use Super Jump.  It's too risky.

3. Quirrel will throw spells at you. Stand close to the balcony where he stands so he won't hit you. Type in harrysuperjump to get to him.


Type any of these cheats (Some of the cheats may not work on certain places)

harrygetsfullhealth - Full Health
harrysuperjump - Super Jump
harrynormaljump - Normal Jump

Get Super Jump

To make Harry of leaping long and High, type in this code: HarrySuperJump

Get Full Health

Type in the following code to get all of your health back: HarryGetsFullHeath.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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