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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Natsume, Inc.
  • Everyone
  • June 30, 2008


What To Give Vaughn To Get More Hearts

If you really want to make Vaughn like you, and you want more hearts with him, then give him milk and mushrooms. But, once you get to move that boulder out of the way, so you can get to your rice patties, you can start making porridge for Vaughn. He LOVES that stuff.


In order to have festivals, buy the bridge to the east of town from Gannon for 35,000 gold. You will then be allowed to have festivals in the meadow. Check the calendar in your house for the events.


Shea will not have a beating heart next his picture until you marry him.

The 6 Girls You Can Marry

1: Natalie - She likes all fruits and her favorite is fruit sandwich.
2: Julia - She likes cheese and milk and loves yogurt.
3: Chelsea - Just like Mark, she likes everything.
4: Sabrina - She likes most gems but her favorite is a Pink Diamond.
5: Witch Princess - She likes Toadstools and loves rainbow curry.
6: Lanna - She likes fish and Yam Pudding.

Crop Festivals

In crop festivals, you will have to bring the crop that is the theme. I.E.: The theme is Pineapple. When the time comes for the Crop Festival, you can only bring a pineapple. You can't bring anything else. So if you cant buy the seeds yet, don't bother trying to enter a crop that's not the theme.

Julia And Elliot

Later in the game, if you don't get Julia to like you a lot, Elliot will marry her later in the game and they will have a baby!!

The Best Dishes

To make the best dish, you must have an ingredient that is of high ranking. For example: Egg soup.To make an outstanding egg soup, you need to have a high ranking egg soup. You can also find out what rankings you will get in the dish before cooking. When you select the dish, you will see the rankings on the top screen. The quality, size, and freshness. These are the main things to an extraordinary dish.

Get A Church

After you unlock the bridge that leads to the forest. Wait until fall and get a blue flower from the forest. Go to the lake that I believe is the second path on the left and put the flower inside the lake. The Harvest Goddess will then appear!! This is what worked for me, the next day a priest and a lady came and said they opened a church right next to the lake!!!! Try and see what happens.


In The spring You can collect seaweed off of the big boulder on the left end of the beach.


Vaugn is only there on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, he doesn't talk much but he loves CHOCOLATE but he wont get a purple heart until year 2!


The 6 Boys You Can Marry

1: Elliot - Likes Chocolate but his favorite is corn and stir fried veggies.
2: Vaughn - Likes mushrooms but his favorite is Porridge.
3: Shea - He likes anything he can eat, but his Favorite is a Large Fish.
4: Pierre - Pierre loves most recipes but his favorite is Ultimate Curry.
5: Mark - He likes anything. Even weeds.
6: Denny - He likes fish, but he loves sashami.


Unlock the Harvest Goddess

Throw a crop, flower, or pretty much anything that isn't a weed, log, or rock, into the spring west of town (You need to buy the bridge to the west from Gannon for 45,000). The Harvest Goddess will come out of the spring and greet you.

Shea On The Island

To unlock Shea, build the bridge to the north from Gannon for 55,000 gold. After walking up, you will meet him.

Unlockable Characters

* Alisa - Meet her with Nathan
* Denny - Catch 50 fish
* Dr. Trent - Remodel the hotel
* Eliza - Remodel your house
* Harvest Goddess - Make an offering in the Harvest Pond
* Lanna - Catch 70 fish
* Nathan - Make two offerings to the Harvest Goddess
* Shea - Build a bridge to the jungle
* Wada - Meet with Shea
* Witch Princess - Build a bridge to the mountains

Rename The Island

If you get 10 hearts with the harvest Goddess, she will let you rename the island from Sunny Island to whatever you want. Your Farm Degree must be at Duke Rancher for this to happen.

The Tower

If you get 7 hearts with Wada, you will unlock the tower. The tower gives you a random free item everyday. Once you have 7 hearts it will cut into the tower scene. Wada`s Favorite is Grilled Fish. Unlock Grilled Fish recipe by giving Luke the diner owner a meduim size fish.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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