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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Crave
  • 14 Degrees East
  • Everyone
  • March 28, 2006


Easy 50 Finger Whistle Note

Go into your house and press R(50). It does not matter if your animal is near you or not.

Easy 30 Saves Note

Go to your journal and save the game. Do not exit the save menu; just keep choosing "Yes" to save repeatedly.


Likes, turnips, veggie juice, pontonta root, girrled snapper, herbs, milk, poison mushroom. 

Theodore: potatoes, potato foods, musrooms, wood

Hank:turnip, sodas, gold ore gems

LIKES, good egg. , silver ore

likes, wood, eggs, eggplant

Anne: good clay, amethyst corn

The Real Way To Get The Blue Feather

1 . Pick a person you want to marry
2. Give them gifts and talk to them everyday
3. Give gifts and/or talk to other people everyday so you get presents from them
4. At thanksgiving if you did #3 rite you will see lots of people and gets lots of pie so you get the popular note
5. If the person you want to marry has enough hearts the mayor will be over the next day say how you should get married.
6. Do as the mayor says and you will get the blue feather after climbing mount moon
7. Give it to the person and you will get married.

Secret Way Of Getting Through Cave

Everyone knows that when you enter a cave you hold down the Z button to increase the chance to get to the next floor. Well I figured this out my self and I wasn't going to tell anyone until I gave up and wanted to help to get to the floors you want easier. Anyways, to do this what you have to do is.
1. Bring a hammer
2. Hold down Z button
(Finally)3. Go to the closes pit hole to the stairs and your chances to get through the cave will be at least 98%. This works for me but don't do to much because the game will know what you are doing and decreases your chances. GOOD LUCK.

Doctor Note

Get Alex to 4-6 hearts, and the next morning he will give you a stamina drink.

Lone-Wolf Note

To get the lone-wolf note you have to not talk to anybody for the whole day, in the morning you will get the note.

Forest Note

For the forest note you need to got the spring farm and purchase a seedling then plant where it can grow big. Then right after you plant it you will the musical note.

Easy Money In Fall

To get easy money in fall you should go to the Spring Farm and buy orange herbs. Plant them. It will take about 4 days for them to grow.

Snowy Note

If you want the snowy note all you have to do is work 10 hours outside on a snowy day.

Ponytail Note

To get this note you must first go to the horse race. There you will meet Gwen. Once you meet Gwen a shop will open. Go talk to Gwen and give her nice gifts until you have at least 4 or 5 hearts. Gwen will come over to your house and give you a gift. After that youll recieve the ponytail note.

Meet Ronald

He arrives when you plant your first fruit tree. After you plant the tree he'll arrive the next day. You'll usually find him hanging around the town square.

Meet Eve

Meet Duke at the Spring 17th Horse Race. In the Summer he should open the Moonlight Cafe. Open 6:00 p.m to 5:00 a.m closed on Tuesdays go in the first time to meet Eve and Carl.

How To Get Katie

Have Carl open the Cafe Callyway.

Blue Feather

What you have to do is get your lover up to 8 hearts. But a level 3 house, and have a double bed. A lot isnt it. Expensive too. The next day the mayor should come to your door talking about how you should get married, and about the blue feather coming from the bluebird. Then you have to climb mount. Moon (mini game) and at the top you will get the blue feather. then youll go back to the bottom and the mayor will congratulate you and then youll get the bluebird note.

Getting The Blue Feather

To get the blue feather you need to have a level 3 house and a double size bed.

How To Get The Big Bed

Get your Main house that has the mailbox to level 3. Then go to the carpenters shop the next day and they will have a lot of big beds available!

The Island

To get to the Island from land you must get 1 heart on the dolphin and then it will take you. Give the dolphin fish and say hi to it and it will take about 10 days or so.

More Properties

Get the Mayor more hearts to be able to purchase more properties at the Workshop. The Mayor likes potatoes. His birthday is Spring 3.

Get Special Milk And Shiny Wool

Get the animal up to 8-10 hearts. Brush them, feed them, then milk them or clip them. Cows are likely to produce Special Milk if they are happy. Turn it into Special Cheese to make it worth 500G! Shiny wool can become Special Yarn, making it worth 2400G!

See If Your Animals Are Hungry

Hit Z a few times so it displays names above characters. If, above your animal, the name is white, they are hungry. Feed them so it will turn green and they will be fine.

Get Strawberry

Ship 50 Cabbages.

Get Fertilizer

Ship 10 Limestones.

Get Truffle Saute Recipe

You cannot make Truffle Saute until the recipe is actually in your collection! To get it, just drop a pumpkin in the collection box in the Square. Attend the Pumpkin Festival on Fall 30, and you'll get the Truffle Saute Recipe from Gourmet! (Truffles are rare mushrooms. They are found if you till areas under Mora trees in the fall.) The recipe is: tool-frying pan; truffle; and butter.

Thanksgiving Cake

To get cake from villagers on Winter 12, just get them up to 3 hearts and talk to them on Winter 12.

Get Cafe Callaway

Meet Carl at the Spring festivals in the first year. Then, he'll move in with his cafe later.

Get Blacksmith

Ship Copper Ore, Silver Ore, and Gold Ore.

Get Paradise Orchard

Become friends with Dan and Ronald. Ronald like herbs, and Dan likes cayenne and gold ore. Dan and Ronald are at the Spring and Fall Horse Races.

Get Hearty Lyla

Put 1 flower in Spring of the first year in the town collection box in the Square. Go to the Flower Festival, meet Lyla, and she will move in later.

Get Saibara's Pottery Shop

Ship 1 good clay.

Get Maria's Library

It appears in the first summer without a triggering event.


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Owner Of Mother Nature Note

Buy Ten different properties.

Easter eggs

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