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  • Action, Adventure
  • Nastume
  • Natsume, Inc.
  • Everyone
  • July 26, 2005


Winter Sock

You can get winter sock from Elli. You have to become very good friends with her and in the winter give her a ball of yarn and hopefully she will give you the sock. Then hang it up. Thats all there is to it!!!

Upgrade Fishing Rod

Some people think that to upgrade fishing rod you need to fish 100 fish for 100% for the first level of the fishing rod, but actually you just need to got near a water and just keep pressing the B Button and you can get almost 10% a day, why 10%? because you will have low stamina and high fatigue that time, but if you want to get more then 10% i suggest you go to the clinic and make sure your rucksack have nothing in it (The items of course), Then buy [3 Turbojolt/XL] & [5 Bodigizer/XL]

Upgrading Tools

If you want to upgrade your tools, you must use them and get experience, obviously. But if you want to upgrade them a bit faster, get the tool you want upgrade and go anywhere and start using it by pressing B quickly. Make sure she doesn't pass out, though. You must do this for about 5 or 6 days. After that, the tool will reach the maximum experience, so you can then take it to Saibara for the Mystrile version of your tool.

Doctor's Affection

If you want to win the Doctor's affection, you should give him grasses, such as Blue Grass, Green Grass and even Red Grass.

Gray's Affection

Gray likes chocolate and ores. We all know that. BUT, I know what he likes more! Gray REALLY loves wine. Buy some for him and he will like it more than chocolate or ores.

Harvest Goddess

If you give the Harvest Goddess a flower for 40 days she will give you two gifts. For the first 20 days she will give you a power berry. For second 20 she will ask you who you like, a list of guys you can marry will come up. Pike the one you want to marry and the Harvest Goddess will make their heart level go up.

Winter Money

Even though you can't grow crops you can still make money in winter! The streams and ocean still have some fish. Keep a cow, a sheep, and a couple of chickens just in case. Chickens will produce eggs. Cows will produce milk. Sheep will produce wool. Buy a basket (5000g)at the market and go to the lake mine (right by the peak of Mothers Hill) and mine jewels! They help for getting money in winter, but make sure you do not pass out while in the mine. If you are on another level below ground then you might lose your basket down there!

Cliff's Affection

Cliff likes wild grapes in the summer, apples in the fall, and CHOCOLATE in the Spring and Winter.

Rick's Affection

Ok, so Rick has this real love for eggs. If you have a chicken I would suggest that you bye another one becouse then you can ship one egg and give the next egg to Rick. The higher the egg level the more he'll like it. He also likes regular eggs Spa-boiled (all you have to do is drop the egg in the spa ONCE) by the end of year one his heart SHOULD be orange (and that's only if you give him a egg every day.)

Lost Boys

If you do not get the boys quickly, they will all get married and you will be alone.

Gray: Mary
Rick: Karen
Kai: Popuri
Doctor: Elli
Cliff: Anne

HorseRace Medals

Once you have a horse that has grown up, you will be able to enter the horse race. Win: Bet as many medals on your horse as you can. Then when you race, press A as fast as you can and don't stop pressing it until you finish. Even if your horses stamina is low, keep pressing it. When you get to the finish, you win and you get alot of medals depending on how many you bet.

Cliff Is A Citizen

You must do this or Cliff will leave town and never return. Cliff stays at Doug's Inn and by doing this you can make him live there: When The Winery asks for your help, and says to bring someone else. Go find Cliff (Church, or Inn) and tell him about the job by talking to him. The next day go to The Winery at 10:00am and finish helping. Cliff will get a job there and become a citizen of the town.

Jewel Of Truth

Here are the locations of all the jewels of truth:

1. Behind your dog's house.
2. Library, 2nd floor, back-corner bookshelf.
3. Your horse stable, water tank.
4. New Year game show, on the t.v.
5. Zach's beachhouse, buy from Won for 50,000
6. Horserace, 1000 medals.
7. Streetlamp, between Rose Square and Church.
8. Calendar in your mountain cottage.
9. Take 8 to Thomas's house and check the fridge.

Want A Fishing Rod?

To get a fishing rod go to Zack's house around 12 O'clock and he will give you his friends fishing rod that he doesn't want anymore. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Aja Returns

Aja is the daughter of Manna and Duke from the winery. If you give Manna flowers everyday (doesn't matter what kind)then eventually a sub- scene will commence in Rose Square, when Manna, Sasha, and Anna are gossping (around two, two- ten) where the decide to call Aja, convincing her to contact Manna more. If you keep giving Manna flowers, then at some point Manna will tell you that Aja writes more now. If you wait long enough (and keep giving Manna gifts)Aja will come back to Mineral Town.

Gray's Affection

To gain Gray's affection, you should give him ores from the mine (bronze, silver, gold, but NOT junk ore) every day that you can. In winter, you can also give him gems from the lake mine, which he also likes. About the time you've gotten him up to a blue or green heart, he'll show up at your house and give you a brooch. Also, remember that wrapping gifts helps to raise affection.


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We have no unlockables for Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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