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  • Shooter, Shooter with Weapon Peripheral
  • Unknown
  • Activision
  • Teen


Santa Gears

Set the system date to December 25. All the Gears will wear Santa Claus hats.

Guided Weapons

These include some indirect weapons ( mortars ) and missiles ( AGM and ATM ). These are not that useful during conventional missions, unless you are a really poor shooter. However, the AGMs can be extremely useful for taking out enemy frames in the zero-G missions towards the end. It's not that easy to aim when both you and your target are moving through space.


You'll get to test this out in the mines. Powerful hand to hand weapon.

Automatic Weapons

Great for using against enemy gears in brawls ( short / mid range battles ) because these things can fire nonstop. The anti-air cannons and autocannons are similar but the anti-air cannons have a higher fire rate. The Very Heavy Autocannon ( VHAC ) does the most damage of these weapons, and is quite nice for shredding gears at short-mid range.

Rocket Packs

Good for people who can't shoot straight. Actually, these can be quite useful if you want to level out a large area ( say an enemy blockade ) and you don't want to have to pick of the infantry one at a time. Use this to fire into a crowd of bad guys.

Heavy Bazooka

This can be used as a demolition weapon. It also comes in handy when you want your target dead immediately. Because it takes a while for the projectile to reach its target, it's most useful either on stationary/slow moving targets or as a short/midrange weapon. Also useful if you want to destroy your target in as little time as possible. This can also act as a demolition weapon. This weapon is not very forgiving -- miss an enemy and you could accidently nail one of your squad mates. If you need more ammo than the heavy bazooka permits, the medium bazooka is almost as powerful, and you can carry much more ammo ( as much as you'll need ).

Rapid Fire Bazooka

Personally I prefer the Heavy bazooka but the idea of a fully automatic bazooka is too cute to go unmentioned. This weapon is fun.

Heavy Pulse Laser Cannon

This and other energy weapons are great for long distance shooting because there's no delay between you shooting and the target getting hit. The energy weapons are quite nice for sniping -- if you have a good dose of the stealth perk, you can shoot with this weapon without your target spotting you ! These weapons are not only accurate, but they are truly "stealth" weapons. The HPLC is powerful if you can shoot straight. 2 good hits will take out enemy gears/frames. If you're in a Cheetah or one of the heavy family, you only get 80 rounds of ammo. That's usually enough. If you need more, go with a lighter energy weapon.

Gatling Laser Cannon

A poor man's heavy pulse laser cannon. Use it if you're afraid of running out of ammo

Leadership -- Keeping Your Squad Alive

Sometimes, you can just let your squad mates do the dirty work, but often, you'll need to give them good support or they'll die quickly. In fact you will need to take a lead role in leveling hostiles. If you're up against a lot of bad guys, you will need to take out a few quickly before they do too much damage to you or your squad mates. If you can nail a few of them with the heavy bazooka before they hurt your squad mates too badly, then you'll have less casualties. It's a good idea to take turrets down quickly. They're easy to hit, but they hit back hard, so the sooner you nail them, the better. Of course, if you can snipe a few baddies before anyone engages, that's even better. Sometimes, it's better not to fight. In some circumstances, it's wise to order your squad mates to hold fire, so they don't get drawn into losing battles ( like attacking heavily fortified enemy bases or large patrols )

How Do I Circle-straff ?

Well in this game you don't. I mean, it's a sim, and in real life, noone runs full speed sideways. That's just silly. But what you can do is run and turn your torso, aiming to the side. And this can be used to great effect. If you are piloting the Dark Cheetah, you'll find this useful, since this gear is almost impossible to hit when it's going at full speed.

Customising Your Gear

This part is a lot of fun. One of the first things you should do when customising is strip away absolutely everything you don't need. For example, you don't need zero-G unless you are in space. Then add the features you want.

Choosing A Gear

Basically, there are three classes of gear available: light ( Dark Cheetah ), heavy ( Dark Mamba/Jaguar/Warrior ) and assault ( Dark Cobra/Kodiak ). The familes are more or less exactly the same when you're done tweaking them - - the main difference is in the default configurations which you can over-rule in the gear lab ( though you need to pay more attention when choosing squad mates ) The Cheetah is very fast but lacks armour -- basically if you get hit with a heavy weapon, you're toast. The assault gears can carry more ammo ( especially for heavy weapons ) but are very slow. The heavy family are good all-rounders. As a commander, you'll need to be able to "do it all", so my recommendation is to go with one of the heavy family.


A useful battle skill is sniping. When you are using energy weapons, if you've boosted your stealth sufficiently, you can take out targets before they can take a shot at you. Use energy weapons to do this -- the other weapons are too "noisy" and you'll get spotted and toasted if you use them to snipe. You need the "sniper systems" to do this. Use "T" to select a target, "home" to zoom in, then fire away. Depending on how close you are, you may need to get prone to avoid becoming visible. Sniping is the easiest way to take out frames as they are awfully dangerous once you get close to them. It's also a good way to take out turrets.

Space Frames

Zero-G is damn hard. You can try to snipe these guys but even with the zoom, they can be hard to hit. Your best bet is probably the AGMs. Just get a missile lock, fire several missiles, and don't lose the lock. Watch the missiles gradually swarm around the target and then wait for the big boom. These guys are tough fighters, and you will no doubt grow to despise them ! Among other things, they have AGMs. There's something distressing about having the words "Warning: enemy missile lock" in bright red on the middle of your screen ! If they get a lock on you, run for cover.

Sentry Drone

You meet these nasty little critters at the end in the space level. They are tough little bastards, and dish out a lot of damage, despite their small size. A single clean shot with a heavy pulse laser cannon will kill it, so keep that in mind -- focus on getting a single good shot instead of firing wildly at it ( you'll never score a hit if you file wildly ). Try to snipe it from a distance.


These include centurions and decurions. They are a pain because they have good sensors and good stealth. They are not very easy to take out, regardless of your weapon choice. The rocket pack is too hit and miss to reliably hit them, they move around too much to be easily hit with a heavy bazooka unless you run up fairly close to them and fire. If you have all day, autocannons and energy weapons work just fine, but the problem is that if you're fighting a swarm of them, you need them dead quickly, before you and your squad get stomped on by the other 101 floaters that you are not shooting at.


This is a small flying enemy that shoots rocket packs at you if you get too close. Try and snipe it if you can. It bobs around a lot, so you'll need energy weapons if you want to actually hit it.

Two-Legged Battlemounts

These guys aren't that easy to hit. If you can get behind them, they're dogmeat. Otherwise, try to outflank them.

Giant Two-Legged Battlemounts

You will not see these until the spaceport raid. They're large and easy to hit, so the heavy bazooka works well.


These guys are annoying because they're small and hard to spot. You can wipe out groups of them with rocket packs. Alternatively, spray the area with automatic weapons fire ( eg an anti- air cannon ). Then mop up by using the sniper zoom and an energy weapon or one of the automatic weapons ( like an anti-air cannon ). If you can spot them before they start running around, it's easy to snipe them.


Snipe em if you can. Otherwise, nail them a few times with a heavy bazooka.


These are deadly if they get close. Snipe them at a distance with an energy weapon if you can. If they get close, the anti-air cannons ( or any other auto weapons ) work well, because you can unleash a continous stream of ammo at them. If you're a good marksman or if you want them to die and die now, the heavy bazooka works well -- one hit and they fall down, and you've got an easy second ( and final ) shot.


These things are slow, but take a lot of damage. Nail them with the heavy bazooka.

Active VS Passive

Passive mode radar is good for sniping and a general default stealth setting. When there is no red in the stealth bar, you can touch the "A" key twice to briefly perform one active scan. This technique is sometimes useful for detecting hard to sense objects. You can get prone before you do this if you're really paranoid. Note that your squad use the same radar settings as you. So your gear might have stealth 7, but if you turn on active radar, then Wallice standing next to you also turns it on, and since his stealth rating is 1, he's visible even though your not, and your squad's cover is blown. This is also important because in combat, because the guided weapons require active radar. So if your radar is in passive mode, your squad mates can't use their AGMs.

Squad Mates

You will grow to love your squad mates. They have both brains and personality. Different squad mates are good at different things, and this is often reflected in the gears they pilot. Wallice and Sobec are valuable for the heavy battle missions. Mailliaux is fast, silent and deadly in his stealth-bomber, the dark mamba. But he won't last long in a brawl. Mailliaux is best at wiping out small patrols. Vesping's gear has better endurance but less firepower than Mailliaux's. Temple dies easily -- usually you need to do the stealth and speed moves yourself. She doesn't seem to realise that she's in a light Cheetah and not a Kodiak. The tempraments come into play. Mailliaux and Sobec are hot headed and charge into battle. Wallice and Vesping are a tad calmer.


Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press ~ to display the chat prompt. Then, enter one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:


Invincibility			set camti
Complete current mission	set mission


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